apollo13zed: nevermind, ubuntu-fr isn't at noris ;)22:15
popeyI made a dns change to ubuntu-uk about 12 hours ago. but the change hasn't propogated yet22:17
popeythis seems sub-optimal22:17
popeyis the infrastructure okay?22:17
apollo13kinda, dns was transfered to canonical; they fucked up there22:17
apollo13not sure if the got it fixed properly by now22:17
apollo13aside from that dns changes can take a day or so22:18
apollo13what was the ttl of the entries?22:18
popeyit was a new entry22:18
popeyso not a change22:18
apollo13which one?22:18
apollo13hmm eshu knows about it, can't say much about the noris servers, that's outside of my control22:21
apollo13must be you22:22
apollo13dn1.noris.net  knows about it22:22
popeyalan@wopr:~$ host mumble.ubuntu-uk.org22:22
popeyHost mumble.ubuntu-uk.org not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)22:22
apollo13dns1 *22:22
popeythats using
apollo13why should we know what google does?22:22
apollo13dig mumble.ubuntu-uk.org @dns1.noris.net works22:23
apollo13and  dig NS ubuntu-uk.org shows dns*.noris.net as nameservers22:24
apollo13that said, I am everything else but a dns specialist ;)22:24
apollo13but I would believe you immediately that canonical introduced more problems than they solved22:25
apollo13anyways, I personally would it give till tomorrow and if it still hasn't propagated something is wrong ;)22:27
popeythanks for the advice, I'll sleep on it22:27
apollo13if sleep would solve my problems :)22:27
popey(it's not 'nuclear reactor' vital after all)22:27

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