airurando anyone know (a) when beta 1 will be out and (b) where will it be available for download?09:33
czajkowskiairurando: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule09:34
czajkowskiDoes Open Source *really* save money? London School of Economics study your chance to prove - simple form to fill in: http://bit.ly/dP74g609:39
airurandoczajkowski: saw that thanks.  I didn't realise the download link would be available from that page.09:47
ebelmorning all09:47
czajkowskiairurando: no bother09:54
airurandomorning ebel10:13
slashtomerm... 30 seconds to open a terminal when only firefox is running (Ubuntu 10.10, dual core 2.4GHz system with 4GB RAM)15:19
ebelslashtom: but you have a load of 15!15:22
ebelSince you didn't menion anything about your system, i shall make assumptions that explain things :P15:23
slashtomload of 2 or so15:23
slashtomwhich is crazy, the system is doing anything15:23
ebelswapping? what's the cpu usage like? what's io usage like?15:24
slashtom0 swap used15:24
slashtomload is continually over 1, for entire usage15:25
slashtomwithout firefox running, that's 16 seconds to open a terminal15:25
ebelwhat's using cpu? userspace? iowait? kernelspace?15:26
ebelrun "vmstat 1" to see what your CPU is using15:26
slashtomi have bloatware installed, so that's not helping15:26
ebeland then open the terminal and see if anything spikes (e.g. iowait, kernel, io etc...)15:26
slashtomthis has been annoying me for weeks (it's a secondary system)15:28
ebelyou running virtual machines? what's your file cache like?15:28
slashtomi'm going to put squeeze on here in a minute15:28
ebelno file cache? so it has to read the programmes from disk every time?15:29
ebelYou got NIS or anything funky like that?15:30
slashtomno virtual machines15:30
slashtomno NIS15:30
slashtomit's a standalone system15:30
ebelAny long running scripts in your ~/.profile, /etc/profile, ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bashrc etc etc15:30
slashtomit takes too long to find out, and i'm now trying to copy stuff off here15:31
* slashtom is going to squeeze it15:31
slashtom2 minutes 20 seconds to open a terminal (i am doing an 'apt-get install' at the same time)15:40
slashtomload: 6.03 12.03 7.1815:41
* slashtom squeezes16:29
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* ChadMcCool thinks that comment is cool!17:44
ChadMcCoolI feel the need to keep this up for as long as possible17:44
airurandoping infoturtle20:31
infoturtlehey airurando20:33
airurandohow was UHL?20:34
infoturtlejust meself and 3 cd's20:35
airurandooh dear20:35
airurandohope the cds were entertaining20:35
infoturtleha, they were a bit of fun, lucky they have wifi and skynews20:36
airurandoinfoturtle: we were chatting about UGJ at UHD last night.20:36
infoturtleoh ya?20:36
airurandoI know you were thinking of giving an intro at UGJL20:36
infoturtlea bit of one ya, making like a power point intro to explain things20:37
airurandothe idea cropped up of streaming ebels introduction.20:37
infoturtlebout 10-15 mins20:37
infoturtlethat would be great20:37
airurandodon't want to interfere with you plans though20:38
infoturtleI'm just going off what the wiki says so a bit of experience would be nice in it20:38
airurandosound like you are putting effort into it20:38
infoturtlenot at all, thats productive and would help everyone here too20:38
infoturtleI can keep mine for if two or three more come later in the dat, I don't mind20:39
airurandopowerpoint?....surely not20:39
infoturtleno but I forget what open offices one is called20:39
airurandoebel has given a few before20:39
airurandolow key20:39
infoturtlewell ebel should know were a though crowd to please down here!20:40
infoturtleso he might wana vamp it up a bit20:40
airurandowe'll see if we get it organised so.20:40
airurandoby we I mean them.20:41
airurandoI'll make the tea!20:41
infoturtleha ha, anything helps20:41
airurandoIt will be interesting to see if much communication flows between the two venues.20:42
infoturtleI've two friends with me all day and were think of doing a ustream for recording or those pondering of comming down to see what were doing20:42
airurandogreat idea20:42
infoturtleand we'l be in IRC too for the day so we should be close in contact20:42
airurandoaye indeed20:43
airurandoany plans on testing beta 1 in Limerick?20:43
airurandono experience of it at UGLD.20:44
airurandogoing to give it a go.20:44
infoturtleI would love to check it out, I'm unsure how the day will go as this is my first20:44
airurandoonly my second.20:44
airurandoI thoroughly enjoyed the first.20:44
airurandoHope this one will also be productive.20:45
airurandoI also plan on adding to our reapproval application wiki page.20:45
infoturtleI do look forward to this indeed, duno how productive we will be down here as we not great at C but we'll do the best we can20:45
airurandoinfoturtle: most important thing is to have fun.20:46
infoturtlethat part will be easy20:46
airurandobuild on knowledge for next time20:46
infoturtleI just look forward to see how the day turns out20:47
infoturtledid 091labs say if there going to Limerick or Dublin? some of the miLKlabs are comming to this one20:47
airurandohaven't heard about what 091labs are doing.20:48
airurandojust was the comment on the facebook page.20:48
airurandoinfoturtle: is citizenjonker going to attend?20:49
infoturtleI was hoping to talk to him tonight but he must have forgotten, I'll txt him in a bit and ask20:50
airurandohe would be good.20:50
airurandohe was at the last one in Dublin.20:51
infoturtlehe would, I'll get in touch with him alright, I must go fill out this important form for U:20:51
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