pleia2ok, wikified https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Submit to some extent, but it could use soem love06:25
pleia2also we don't have the submit news thing anymore, so I ##ed that out for now06:25
nhandlerThanks pleia2.14:35
nhandlerakgraner: Any news from Canonical regarding the issues we brought up a while ago?14:36
akgranernope but let me nudge someone...:-)14:41
pleia2adding dev week post to fridge18:51
pleia2oh, dpm did!18:51
pleia2that's nice :)18:52
=== shadeslayer_ is now known as shadeslayer
pleia2anyone else working on beta announcement?22:58
pleia2this is one I really don't want to duplicate effort on :)22:58
* pleia2 starts22:59
akgranerthanks pleia2!23:13
pleia2published :)23:13
akgranerThank you so much!23:14

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