hadsHmm, it seems the GMA500 chipset drivers are dodgy00:22
hadsThat will be the video card problems you were talking about chilts00:24
ojwbnot so good00:28
hadsNo, I think that puts me off. If it doesn't work out of the box it's probably too much effort.00:34
ibeardsleemake sure you let them know that is why00:39
ibeardsleemight not be able to change the way they do things00:39
ajmitchpoulsbo chipset?00:41
hadsI will tell them, I imagine they've heard it before. I bet they got stung by it too, they used to provide Ubuntu as an option and I wondered why they stopped, that's probably the reason.00:42
hadsMan it's annoying finding pre built systems to run Linux. So often something like this comes up and throws a spanner in the works.00:43
ojwbwonder if the preinstalled mint works00:44
ojwbit'd still be useful for non-video applications, but you're probably paying extra for hardware you aren't using00:44
hadsSurely it would, though there seem to be many tales of the proprietry bits causing upgrade issues.00:45
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* thumper is upgrading laptop to natty03:41
thumperabout 16 hours remaining to download packages03:41
thumperalthough it ranges from 5 - 16 hours03:41
thumperserver however won't03:41
thumperas it thinks there is a checksum failure on the partner repository03:42
ojwbwho wants the partner repo though...03:52
ajmitchthumper: that seems a bit off03:52
ajmitcheven on a bad day I wouldn't think it'd take that long to download packages03:52
ojwbdear me, it must be close to release day03:52
ojwbhow time flies03:52
thumperbeta time03:53
thumperwell, beta RSN03:53
snailwe need a bittorrent-like protocol that works well in situations like this03:54
ojwbthere have been ideas03:54
ojwbthe tricky part is that bittorrent works well for larger files than the typical package03:54
snailbittorrent works really well for huge (>5GB) isolated files rather than collections of middling files03:55
ojwbso you could bittorrent a pack of the essential packages for a new release usefully03:57
ojwbthough if you pay by data transferred, bittorrent isn't so appealing03:58
snailojwb: oh yes it is03:59
ojwbwell, it doesn't appeal much to me...04:01
ojwbif I ran a mirror I'd feel differently04:01
snailbitorrent means would mean we wouldn't have to re-ftp a 1400MB PDF whose transfer time rivaled out network's mean-time-between-failures04:01
ojwbfor package upgrades I mean04:02
ojwbbut you can continue transfers for FTP can't you?04:02
ojwbor using PASV04:02
ojwboh MTBF, not timeout04:03
snailojwb: yes, what you say holds true for all but the largest of packages04:05
ibeardsleekarora: still heading up to mix it with the poor people?19:56
snailthe poor people?20:01
karoraYeah, I think I shall.20:04
karoraI should fit right in :-)20:04
karoraHow about you?20:04
ajmitchthat's quite a price difference20:07
ajmitchhttp://uds.ubuntu.com/ <-- what I'd like to go to in may, but would cost just a bit much :)20:09
ibeardsleesigh yeah .. must buy lotto ticket20:11
ajmitchibeardslee: as long as you promise to sponsor a few of us to go to UDS :)20:22
ibeardsleehell, I'd take the whole of #ubuntu-nz20:25
ibeardsleeor even better .. organise one for NZ20:26
ajmitchthat could still cost quite a lot20:26
ibeardsleestill be plenty of change from the $27mil20:27

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