semiosisosmosis: sorry was afk, 'update-rc.d' is the command that performs functions similar to chkconfig00:01
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hallynSpamapS: are you the father of php in ubuntu?00:35
SpamapSgod no00:37
SpamapSphp is definitely a bastard00:37
SpamapSbut occasionally I look afte rthe little twit00:37
SpamapSwhats up?00:37
hallynwas just wondering who cares about the packages00:37
SpamapSI do .. I confess ;)00:37
hallynwell low importance, but bug 74437100:37
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 744371 in php5 "PHP5-FPM doesn't always restart on 10.10" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74437100:37
SpamapSFPM is horribly broken on all versions prior to natty00:38
hallynit's one which will fall off the radar and suddenly have 3 people complainingloudly about how ubuntu sucks...00:38
hallynthis is in natty too, judging byinit script00:38
SpamapSI see now00:39
SpamapSThats an easy fix00:39
SpamapShallyn: as soon as I get my upload rights, I'd be happy to make that my first upload. ;)00:39
hallynyeah, np for natty.  hard to justify an sru unless someone else confirms the problem00:39
hallynwhen is that projected?00:40
hallyni'm a big jealous of the fast-track you've taken :)00:40
SpamapSNot sure, whenever the DMB enacts their voting results00:40
hallynon full server suite?00:40
SpamapSI wouldn't mind having a nice well defined set of concerns to focus on like you. ;)00:40
SpamapSno they voted core dev for me :)00:41
hallynwell somehow lxc ended up not in my set.  which is a real fing bugger00:41
hallynbig time congrats00:41
* hallyn starts building up a sponsor queue to ship to SpamapS 00:41
hallynyou dont' have much else to do right?00:41
* SpamapS is quite humbled by the names of the team members00:41
SpamapSNo nothing really to do at all. :)00:41
hallynSpamapS: well, i think i'm goign to have to do another request to add lxc.  suspect they'll tell me to shove off, but...00:49
SpamapShallyn: definitely not.. I think they'll give it to you in a blink00:50
SpamapShallyn: the pain is that you have to sit through the meeting again.. I think they should have async meetings where votes/questions can be done via email.00:51
smoserjibel_, yes00:58
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ejvi need some help, im getting ABYSMAL mdadm resync performance on a brand new raid6, for a 4 x 2T array, it's taking nearly 22 hours, what is the problem? thanks.01:20
qman__ejv, that's normal01:23
qman__especially for such large disks01:24
qman__you can speed up the process a bit by changing /proc/sys/dev/raid/{speed_limit_max,speed_limit_min}01:25
ejvyea i changed those, and it didn't realy impact performance in a noticeable way01:25
ejvit's holding a steady 25MB/sec01:25
qman__yeah, that's about all you're going to get01:25
ejvwhat if i changed the stripe_cache_size in /sy/block/01:25
qman__since raid 6 is double parity01:26
ejvi just figured since they disks are empty and have no data, initializing a new array should be a quick and simple operation, not 22 hours lol01:26
qman__it has to build the entire array01:27
ejvif I bought a better CPU, could I perhaps get a boost?01:27
qman__another factor is how fast your disk controller is01:28
qman__I'm guessing all four disks are on one controller01:28
ejvcpu is a previous gen athlon ii, it's a software raid, via mdadm01:28
qman__if that controller is only PCI or only PCIe x1, that's going to be a significant limitation01:28
qman__see how high your iowait stat is, top can tell you01:29
ejvqman__: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=n8md9gB801:29
ejv(sdb-e are the md6 raid6 members)01:29
qman__not too much01:29
qman__what did you set the two values to?01:30
ejv500000 for max, 50000 for min01:30
qman__yeah, that's not high enough01:30
qman__try 2000000 for both01:30
ejvi thought that's in megabytes01:30
ejvim only seeing a resync speed of 25mb/sec01:30
qman__kilobytes IIRC01:30
ejvone moment :)01:31
ejvwill adjust01:31
qman__setting it too high won't have any ill effects on the system, it won't do more than it can handle01:31
qman__it's just set that low for in-production operations, so they won't slow you down01:32
ejvok changed the values on both01:32
ejvis this operation swap intensive, should i enable my swap (it's off right  now)01:32
qman__it's pretty much all CPU and I/O01:33
qman__also, what type of drives do you have?01:33
ejvthese are low power green drives, segates 5900 rpm01:33
qman__yeah, that's going to hurt it01:33
ejvwell how does this math work, if each drive via iostat is reporting 25mb/sec, that means my system is doing 100mb/sec of disk i/o, that's not too shabby right?01:34
ejvok lol01:34
* ejv needs to feel good about his purchase01:34
bastidrazorshould mutt update itself when a new mail in received without any user input? it appears for me i have to do some sort of input before a new mail shows01:34
qman__100MB/s isn't too bad01:34
qman__for the class of hardware you're using, anyway01:35
ejvright, older cpu, low power drives01:35
qman__you're probably being limited by the disk controller01:35
ejvyou know what01:35
ejvi didn't think of that!01:35
qman__those drives should be capable of 60-80MB/s each, but if they're all on one controller, on one PCIe lane, that's slowing you down01:35
ejvit's on a pci sata 4 port01:35
ejvSATA 150 for each port01:36
ejvman i TOTALLY didn't think of that01:36
qman__the PCI bus is shared with all other PCI devices01:36
qman__and is only 133MHz01:36
ejvthese are SATA II drives on a SATAI ports01:36
ejvwow totally didn't think of that01:36
ejvso i'm probably pushing the limits of the controller01:36
ejvall my onboard motherboard SATA slots were occupied, so I had to use the 4port SATA PCI01:37
ejvi can bet you the onboard SATA ports are MUCH faster01:37
qman__very likely01:37
qman__but 22 hours still isn't bad01:38
ejvthank you very much, you made my day with that comment01:38
qman__my last resync took three days01:38
ejva light bulb went off in my brain lol01:38
ejvyea, well here's my situation01:38
ejvi have an old raid6, 500G members, in operation since 2008, that are occupying those precious onboard controller ports, my plan is to migrate the data, and then completely phase them out01:39
ejvthen i'll move the new 2T 5900rpm discs to the onboard spots and remove the PCI controller until I need it again01:39
ejvsounds.... sane, right? lol01:40
ejvwonderful :)01:40
qman__shouldn't have any problems, as long as you actually go offline for the switch01:41
ejvaccording to newegg, it looks like 4 port PCI SATA300 cards are really common now01:41
qman__only need a few minutes, but trying to swap it in live is usually a bad idea01:41
ejvback in 2008, they were *expensive*01:41
ejvyup i'll be shutting the server down completely, and very carefully moving everything01:41
qman__I lost three drives in one day on my last array01:42
ejvgod, what happened01:42
ejvwere they from the same manufacturing batch?01:42
qman__seagate firmware, I suppose01:42
ejvsry to hear that01:43
qman__that was a raid 501:43
ejvso that wasn't able to completely protect01:43
qman__the replacement is a raid 6 with hot spare01:43
ejvi wonder if mdadm supports hot spare01:43
qman__it does01:43
ejvok i might consider that then01:43
qman__that's what I use01:43
qman__other tip01:44
Patrickdkheh, raiding with 5900rpm drives are never run01:44
qman__set up smartctl to email you01:44
Patrickdkdamn sleep mode on them01:44
ejvyou recommend it for such large members, because of the really bad URE statistics these days?01:44
ejvsleep mode? my drives better not sleep...01:44
qman__it's built into the firmware01:44
qman__I don't buy green drives, too much hassle01:44
qman__and too many horror stories01:45
qman__but anyway, set up smartctl to email you01:46
qman__my new array has already had two drives start to fail, I RMA'd one and I'm going to RMA the other next time I get a chance to pull it apart01:46
ejvwell i did my homework the best i could, and didn't ever see any issues with the ST32000542AS drives for use in raid, i'll keep looking01:46
ejvhmm email... scary01:47
ejvdon't i need an MTA and SMTP and all that gobbly gook then...01:47
qman__all you need is postfix on the server01:47
qman__if you have a mail server you can smarthost it, otherwise you can set it up with gmail or something01:47
ejvhmm ok i'll look into doing that01:48
qman__it's not too involved and it's worth the advance notice01:48
ejvyea definitely01:48
ejvi have a mail server managed by a friend on another remote host, I imagine I can point smartctl to that01:48
ejvor sure, google like u said01:48
ejverr gmail*01:48
ejvthanks for your help again qman__01:53
ejvi shall return :D01:53
ejv1175 minutes to go01:53
qman__no problem01:54
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Doonzwould you recommend raid 10 for a high i/o's server?05:11
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linuxtechSee http://www.debian.org/security/2011/dsa-2208 Ubuntu 10.04 bind9 users might be interested in running the backport I setup at https://launchpad.net/~cp/+archive/net06:19
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draven_solif i want an encrypted raid and lvm what is the correct order for setup? ie make an lvm of 4 drives, then raid then encrypt or what order should it be in06:30
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rcconfI have a problem07:56
rcconfafter sudo poweroff the fans and cpu fan keep spinning07:56
rcconfand I know it's not an hardware problem because I have just shutdown the computer and fans with power button while I was in the BIOS.07:57
SpamapSrcconf: I've had that happen before with some hardware.. seems like some of them just ignore that final instruction to power off.08:09
rcconfSpamapS: how did you solve  it?08:10
ttxDaviey: you coming to the openstack design summit ? If not, anyone from Canonical ?08:11
rcconflifeless: shut up thanks :)08:12
SpamapSrcconf: I pushed the power button. :-P08:22
rcconfeh :\08:22
rcconfthat doesnt solve my issue08:22
ejvrcconf: I noticed that my brand new PSU doesn't immediatley power off after shutdown, it keeps running for about 15 seconds to make sure all the drives safely spin down, are you components on perpetually?08:55
rcconfejv: yes, i think so08:56
rcconfi have tried to wait like 30 minutes08:56
ejvyea that's far too long08:56
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ejvat that point i'd toggle the manual switch on the power supply08:57
rcconfejv: it does not have one08:59
rcconfejv: computer is old08:59
rcconfejv: and09:01
rcconfCPU fan is using 5300RPM09:01
rcconfspinning i mean09:01
rcconfand I cant control the speed09:01
rcconfold BIOS09:01
ejvdunno if you can complain toooo much if the box is a dinosaur rcconf :p09:09
rcconfejv: 2000 computer09:09
twbYou can push it off the roof, tho09:09
rcconfnot that old09:09
rcconftwb: if you give me another one09:09
twbassuming it's small enough to fit through the door09:09
ejva power unit from 2000... that's kinda pushing it09:10
ejvyou could prolly do yourself a favor, electric bill wise, and get a more efficient PSU :P09:10
rcconfit's some good old machine I found09:11
ejvbut is it an excuse for remaining on, of course not :P09:11
rcconfand gave it life09:11
rcconfim God09:11
twbrcconf: a binge-drinking roughneck with a penchant for turning lovers into vases?09:12
rcconfenglish please09:13
twbhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_mythology ?09:14
rcconfI dont like false gods09:15
rcconfwont read09:15
twbAll things are true and false and meaningless.09:15
rcconfsudo nano /etc/hosts twb-links09:16
twbYou should use sudoedit09:17
twbInstead of "sudo nano"09:17
Davieyttx, I'm /probably/ not. zul certainly is09:24
Davieyttx, Clashing with the release week is a mega PITA.09:24
ttxzul: did you register yet ?09:35
huatshello ttx !09:37
ttxhuats: yo09:37
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MatBoyit would be awesome to have a php based manager like webmin, but php... I know there is a php extention to the webmin pl files, but this is old10:23
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wout-lnxMr. Hallyn???10:54
wout-lnxAre available?10:54
wout-lnxhallyn I've got a question regarding your kvm spice ppa10:57
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sorenwout-lnx: It's 5:15 in the morning where he is. It'll probably be a couple of hours :)11:15
phoenixsamprasHELP!!! how to upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 ?11:20
zulttx not yet hoepfullly today11:24
rcconfphoenixsampras: sudo-apt dist-upgrade11:24
rcconfphoenixsampras: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade11:24
rcconfor release..11:25
rcconfphoenixsampras: sudo do-release-upgrad11:25
rcconfphoenixsampras: sudo do-release-upgrade11:25
JanCrcconf: IIRC there are at least 3 ways to power down an "IBM PC compatible" computer, and it sounds like linux guesses wrong about what your hardware supports...  ;)11:26
rcconfJanC: motherboard is amd pc chips m810lmr11:27
xampartphoenixsampras: edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and set "Prompt=normal", then do-release-upgrade11:31
phoenixsamprasthank you xampart, you are wise11:36
rcconfphoenixsampras: my command doest work?11:36
muszekhi... I'm using backupninja for backups.  I'm pretty sure when I set it up (2 yrs ago) I created config files in /etc/backup.d/.  I edited them a while back only to see that edits have no effect.  I just discovered that backupninja apparently uses files from /usr/local/etc/backup.d which appear to be copies of the files I originally created in /etc/backup.d (old versions).  Why could that be?  Should I simply edit those in /usr/local/backup.d fr11:36
muszekom now on?11:36
phoenixsamprasxampart: how to verify the ubuntu server release version?11:51
xampartcat /etc/issue11:51
xampartfor starters11:52
raphinkor lsb_release -a12:02
qman__draven_sol, raid first, then lvm, then encryption12:12
qman__rcconf, by default, LTS will only upgrade to another LTS, so to go from lucid to maverick you need to change that setting first12:16
muszekhow do I check which repository a package is installed from?12:43
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muszekn/m, found it12:45
a7ndrewmuszek: what was the answer>12:59
muszeka7ndrew: apt-cache showpkg _packagename_ (doesn't show exactly which version is installed, but lists all installable versions and some data about them, incl. the origin... which is good enough for me)13:05
hggdhDaviey: good morning13:14
a7ndrewmuszek: thanks, interesting to contrast that with what 'aptitude show' reveals. It runs faster too.13:19
bdahello, whats the best virtualization software to use?13:23
pmatulisbda: kvm of course13:25
lun0how can i log user actions on server?13:26
bdapmatulis: i thought ubuntu recommended it for reason :) would it be better than a headless virtualbox, though?13:26
pmatulisbda: try both and decide for yourself but i suppose kvm will become more and more integrated and supported in ubuntu than virtualbox13:30
pmatulisbda: so you need to think of the future a bit13:30
hallynwout-lnx: hi13:31
wout-lnxHello hallyn13:32
hallynwout-lnx: fwiw i'm not currently touching myspice ppa, bc dev-zero is going to update his and push to universe13:32
wout-lnxhallyn: Ok but dev-zero's ppa doesn't contain a spice compatible kvm bin13:33
bdapmatulis: right. thanks for your help!13:34
wout-lnxhallyn: It is my understanding that kvm in ubuntu is not spice enabled because spice libs are not yet packaged. Correct?13:35
Davieyhggdh, hello!13:36
hallynwout-lnx: yup13:36
DavieyGood news about the patch13:36
DavieyThe PPA has been updated btw.13:36
hallynwout-lnx: yes, dev-zero is going to (AIUI) use my qemu-kvm packaging13:37
hallynwout-lnx: so he'll basically end up with my qemu (quasi) package and his own updated library packages13:37
wout-lnxhallyn: Can I help?13:37
a7ndrewlun0: I guess it depends which actions you want to log. Do you mean their shell commands? If so apparently you can use the 'script' command to do it, I'm not too sure of exactly how its done though, as Ihaven't had a need.13:37
wout-lnxhallyn: Testing needed?13:37
hallynwout-lnx: sure.13:38
hallynwout-lnx: are you on gimp#spice?13:38
lun0a7ndrew: ok, will check it13:38
wout-lnxhallyn: I'm not a coder, nor a packager13:38
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wout-lnxhallyn: not yet13:38
hallynwout-lnx: ok.  well, i'm starting to think dev-zero may have gotten distracted...  (real life does sometimes get in the way if you're doing this for fun :)13:38
hallynwout-lnx: anyway the stuff i have *should* work.  kim0 has tested it13:39
wout-lnxhallyn: gimp#spice. gimp=gimpnet??13:39
hallynwout-lnx: actually maybe he never got audio to quite work13:39
hallynyou can ping dev-zero and ask him if he has new paackages he can push soon to his ppa13:40
hallynivoks: hey, od you have any currently-unused manzanita chassis which are not behind a firewall?13:40
wout-lnxwout-lnx: I got as far as running a vm with spice from cli13:40
wout-lnxhallyn: I got as far as running a vm with spice from cli13:40
hallynwout-lnx: ok,13:41
hallynwout-lnx: i've gotten redhat to boot graphically13:41
wout-lnxhallyn: running a vm using libvirt, with virt-manager with spice devices13:41
hallynwout-lnx: but i was doing funky things with the library versions anyway13:41
hallynwout-lnx: so that's another reason to use dev-zero's packages.  If he says he doesn't have time then i can go ahead and update his packages and create new ones in my ppa13:42
wout-lnxhallyn: funny thing is, I could connect to the cli vm with spice client just fine, I couldn't connect with the libvirt one.... (only got frozen screens and then client would die)13:42
hallynoh, not sure that's funny.13:42
hallynhow does libvirt do the connection?13:43
hallynIt's probably due to my not properly falling back tothe old protocol13:43
hallynwhich, again, is why we should switch back to the simple old libs :)13:43
wout-lnxWell I'm connected to gimnet...13:43
hallynwout-lnx: ok, i've pinged dev-zero several times over the last week, so he may just be on vacation.  let's see if he was just ignoring me :)13:45
PrestonConnors1Hello, is it recommended to apt-get remove consolekit on Ubuntu Server? What is console-kit-daemon used for?13:50
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sorenPrestonConnors: If it was recommended to remove it, it woulnd't be there to begin with.13:53
PrestonConnorssoren: Do you know why console-kit-daemon would consume many resources for a server with a lot of ssh connections? console-kit-daemon is consuming about 3.6GB of RAM and about 60% of CPU on these servers.13:54
sorenProbably becuase it's broken somehow.13:54
PrestonConnorssoren: When I kill console-kit-daemon it automatically restarts with normal usage and starts to linearly consume more resources over time.13:54
sorenPrestonConnors: Which Ubuntu version is this?13:55
PrestonConnors10.04.2 64bit13:55
PrestonConnorsfully updated13:55
PrestonConnorsit is across 20 servers, 16 cores 96GB ram each13:55
sorenlooks like bug 23255713:56
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 232557 in consolekit "console-kit-daemon leaks memory" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23255713:56
PrestonConnorsis there a safe way to disable console kit daemon13:56
PrestonConnorsi am killing it every day via crontab but would like a better resolution. some people recommended to apt-get remove it because it is quite buggy.13:57
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zuljamespage: im dropping the cobbler4j stuff, its no longer shipped in 2.1.x14:23
zulno this is a good thing ;)14:24
jamespageonly joking!14:24
zulso was i14:24
jamespagewhat that it was a good thing or that you where dropping it?14:25
* jamespage is really confused now14:25
zulupstream no longer ships it14:25
jamespageTBH not surprised....14:25
zulneither am i14:25
zultbh i dont think anyone installed it either14:27
sky1Has someone practical experience with Request Tracker?14:39
RoAkSoAxzul: don't forget to add python-koan :)14:43
RoAkSoAxDaviey: howdy! Hey the eucalyptus powernap config and the separation of the tools have not yet been merged into the branch right?14:44
zulRoAkSoAx: frig ill do it after beta14:45
melteris there a way to do a non-interactive install of Postfix that automatically chooses "No configuration"?14:48
RoAkSoAxzul: ok :)14:48
kpettitAnybody know how I can connect to rdp on a non-standard port using remmina or terminal server client apps?14:52
DoonzHey Everyone, What is a good virtual server platform to use on ubuntu?14:53
Doonzok would prefer something else because the stupid interface is buggy14:54
kpettitDoonz, I like Virtualbox14:55
kpettitI use that daily, and I like the RDP thing you can use on it's virtualmachines.  That's what I'm trying to connect to right now.14:55
kpettitIf I can just figure out how to change port on client.  ughh14:56
Doonzwich client14:56
kpettitI've got Remmina and Terminalserver client.  But doing ip:port doesn't seem to do the trick14:57
semiosismelter: an easy way to do it is to install postfix interactively the way you want it, then use 'debconf-get-selections | grep postfix > postfix-options.debconf' to save your interactive responses, then do to unattended installs just do a 'debconf-set-selections < postfix-options.debconf' before you install the package14:57
semiosismelter: or something close to that14:58
Doonzkpettit: may sound stupid but have you tried ip [space] port14:58
meltersemiosis: thanks14:59
kpettitDoonz, no.  I'll try that...14:59
DavieyRoAkSoAx, no.. i was going to merge and upload it concurrently... is that ok?14:59
kpettithaha, that was it.  good call Doonz14:59
Doonzwoot! /me chalks up his deed for the day14:59
RoAkSoAxDaviey: yeah that's fine :) I was just wondering15:00
Doonzi forget wich client i was using and thats how it wanted the format to be15:00
kpettitVirtualBox does this thing where you can turn on RDP to any virtualmachine.  You can see boot screen and everythign.  Very nice, espically with OS's that don't have RDP15:00
Doonzill have to install that when i get home15:00
Doonzbasically i have a quad core with 16gb ram and would like 5-8 linux servers on it to play around with carious things15:01
kpettitThe default virtualbox setup is great for desktop vm stuff.  But I use the "headless" stuff when I need to run it on a server.15:01
DavieyRoAkSoAx, looking to upload when b1 is due.15:01
Doonzyeah it will be headless so remote management features are key15:01
kpettitVirtualBox should do great for you then.  Has really good snapshot and import/export stuff15:01
Doonzdoes it allow you to mount iso's for install os's?15:01
kpettitYou can do it all CLI or through the GUI15:02
Doonzi like gui....15:02
* RoyK wonders how long it'll take for Oracle to ruin vbox as well15:02
kpettitI normally use the GUI myself.  But when I install it remotly I do the CLI stuff.15:02
kpettitIt actually did better than vmware server.  I had a couple of vmware images that kept crashing vmware, but worked with virtualbox for whatever reason.15:03
Doonzkool im a linux newb so i like to mess around with vm's so i dont hoze my system15:03
kpettitRoyK, No kidding.  Hope they don't mess with it to much like with OpenOffice or MySQL15:03
kpettitDoonz, smart.  I get too anxious sometimes trying out crap and mess up my machines frequently.15:04
kpettitI'm doing the alpha of 11.04 right now on my desktop.  Bad idea, I should have just done it in a vm15:04
Doonzyeah and when i break things that make it so my wife can do what she wants i get to sleep on the couch15:04
kpettithaha, same goes here.15:04
RoyKkpettit: I was an OpenSolaris user, but that abruptly stopped after Oracle pulled the plug - using OpenIndiana for storage now...15:05
kpettitI liked alot of the ideas OpenSolaris came up with.  Never had a chance to play with it much though15:06
draven_solqman__, thanks for providing the answer15:06
RoyKkpettit: we have ~350TB on OI atm15:06
RoyKworks well15:06
Doonzthat sounds sexy15:06
Doonzive only got like 12tb15:07
kpettitman.  that's a monster.15:07
kpettitI've got TB envy now.  I was happy to have 815:07
genii-aroundRoyK: Did you ever manage to find why firefox wouldn't run but xterm would? Just curious15:07
DoonzHostname: ss1 - OS: Linux 2.6.31-23-server/x86_64 - CPU: 4 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) (1600.000 MHz) - Processes: 162 - Uptime: 3d 18h 56m - Load Average: 0.05 - Memory Usage: 537.29MB/5976.13MB (8.99%) - Disk Usage: 4896.45GB/9745.55GB (50.24%)15:07
compdocI only have 6TB :(15:07
Doonzthats my fileserver at home15:07
kpettitI'm using one of those Drobo's.  I really like it15:07
maswanWe were moving to more ZFS storage until oracle ruined it. Now it is mostly xfs on rhel-derivatives or ubuntu (depending which subsite is managing it). Alltogether it is a few PB though.15:07
sky1Has someone practical experience with Request Tracker? /msg me15:09
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CaribouRegarding VM, any reason _not_ to use the native KVM tools on Ubuntu ?15:23
quesoWhat uses the .conf files in /etc/init/  ?15:30
Piciqueso: upstart15:31
quesoPici: How would I restart a service that has a conf file in there?15:31
cloakablequeso: service <service> restart15:32
quesocloakable: Is the service's name equal to <servicename>.conf?15:33
cloakablequeso: Think so.15:33
quesoGreat, thanks15:34
quesoman service says it runs stuff in /etc/init.d/   not  /etc/init/15:35
semiosisqueso: it does both, also check out the 'initctl' command15:36
RoyKgenii-around: haven't done any more testing15:36
genii-aroundRoyK: Ah, OK.15:37
quesoThere is a .conf file in /etc/init/ but no script with the corresponding name in /etc/init.d/  Is that script needed?15:39
semiosisqueso: try 'service <service>' if you get usage instructions then all is well, if you get 'unrecognized service' then something is wrong15:41
quesosemiosis: unrecognized service is what I get :(15:41
semiosisqueso: what service is this anyway?15:42
quesosemiosis: ispman-agent15:42
=== koliz is now known as koltroll
quesosemiosis: /etc/init/ispman-agent.conf's last line is exec /opt/ispman/bin/ispman-agent nodetach  so it just runs that perl script15:42
SpamapSkirkland: so I'm giving sup a shot. What finally pushed you off sup? It looks *awesome* so far. I've waded through tons of email that I'd been ignoring already.15:52
kirklandSpamapS: well, i imported 6GB of old mail15:53
kirklandSpamapS: it crashed on me frequently15:53
kirklandSpamapS: i loved the keystrokes, and the interface, and the color coding, though15:53
SpamapSkirkland: ahhh.. I archive everything older than 1 year because that much mail seems to crash *most* mail clients. :)15:54
kirklandSpamapS: not gmail :-)15:54
SpamapSkirkland: I hear that. I'm still clinging tightly to hosting my own inbox tho.15:55
kirklandSpamapS: yup15:55
SpamapSkirkland: I was thinking of hooking up ajaxterm + sup to replace hastymail as my web mail provider actually.. :)15:56
kirklandSpamapS: awesome15:56
kirklandSpamapS: that sounds pretty sweet15:56
kirklandSpamapS: let me know how that works15:56
SpamapSprobably not as well as gmail. <le sigh>15:56
kirklandSpamapS: right15:58
SpamapSNow to figure out how to get offlineimap to use the messaging indicator.15:59
* RoAkSoAx on its way to the airport to travel to texas for the TLF16:13
kirklandSpamapS: you're running offlineimap from a cronjob?16:15
kirklandSpamapS: notify-send is the magic command16:15
kirklandSpamapS: echo foo | notify-send16:15
kirklandSpamapS: alternatively, if you're running sup inside of a byobu session, you could either a) add a custom indicator, or b) patch /usr/lib/byobu/mail to work well :-)16:16
kirklandmathiaz: hey16:19
kirklandmathiaz: i think i have an idea of what might be wrong with your update-motd ...16:19
kirklandmathiaz: update-motd scripts run as root16:19
kirklandmathiaz: i think i recall you saying that you were doing some ec2 stuff in your update-motd script16:20
kirklandmathiaz: which means you'd need to copy or link your credentials over to the root account, i believe16:20
Nafalloif you're all bored and wonder what to do, I just filed bug 746497 ;-)16:23
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 746497 in libvirt "libvirt installs firewall rules on package upgrades" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74649716:23
SpamapSkirkland: I don't want OSD notifications, I want the messaging indicator16:26
SpamapSkirkland: IMO notifications that pop up and obscure windows are reserved for extremely time sensitive information, like IM's..16:27
kirklandSpamapS: ah, whoops, i missunderstood16:28
kirklandSpamapS: okay, good luck with that16:28
zulNafallo: i assure you we arent :)16:29
Nafallozul: aw. that's a shame ;-). want to triage it at least? :-)16:31
zulsure gimme a couple of momments16:33
Nafallota ;-)16:34
Nafallomeh. I should have mentioned it is on 10.04.16:35
* Nafallo adds a comment16:36
Slyboots_Is there a "Danger" in giving users a shell?  I've created an account for services with limited access but Im going to have to give them a shell.. say Bin/bash16:50
Slyboots_Since they need to create a screen session16:50
raubvogelSlyboots_, it depends on the user and what they are supposed to do16:52
Slyboots_Run 1 service.  Calibre-server which allows read-only access to a handful of files16:53
Slyboots_right now when I start the daemon using their script it runs as root; so.. not going to do that :P16:54
raubvogelthen set their shell to only be able to run that16:55
Slyboots_Didnt realise you could do that16:55
Slyboots_Or.. how you can do that :P16:56
raubvogelThere are better ways but that should start making you think16:57
* Slyboots_ nods16:58
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uvirtbotNew bug: #746541 in tomcat6 (main) "Unable to upgrade tomcat6 (6.0.28-2ubuntu1.2) " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74654117:17
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MetaJakeis there a way to serve public webpages using ubuntu server on Vmware?17:52
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
elb0wSo I did apt-get install ntp18:08
elb0wBut the dates still off18:09
CrunchyChewieis CUPS capable of managing 6-9 printers for 88 individuals?18:09
semiosiselb0w: it will slowly adjust the time toward correctness, unless you give ntpd the -x option which will jump it right to the correct time when it starts up.  you can add that to /etc/default/ntp18:12
elb0wits ok18:12
semiosisMetaJake: apache httpd?18:12
elb0wit synced now18:12
MetaJakesemiosis, yes. by the way, vmware = vmware fusion*18:12
semiosisMetaJake: so you have apache running in the ubuntu guest OS within vmware?  can you browse to it from the host os?18:14
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
MetaJakesemiosis, yes I can browse to the ip i currently have configured... but then I realized this was just an internal network ip.. and I had confirmed that the default website could not be reached from an external client.18:16
CrunchyChewieMetaJake: what kind of networking do you have the guest on? Host only? Bridged? NAT?18:17
MetaJakechrunchychewie, pardon my inexperience at this point: What do you mean by Guest? and how can I learn what kind of network it is on from the choices you provided?18:18
=== hallyn is now known as hallyn_afk
semiosisMetaJake: the guest is the ubuntu server inside vmware fusion18:19
CrunchyChewieMetaJake: Host is the actual physical machine, guest is the VM18:19
MetaJakeI see. and how can I learn what kind of networking the guest is on? Again pardon my inexperience at this point. Thank you.18:20
bdamosHello all, is anybody here using KVM for virtualization and starting the virtual machihnes at boot? (I believe it is called running it in headless mode) I cannot seem to choose between virtualization via KVM and via VirtualBox.18:21
CrunchyChewieyou want Bridged mode so the Ubuntu guest appears as a separate machine on the network and you can access it's IP18:21
RoyKbdamos: I do18:22
bdamos-.- just noticed the kvm channel, sorry guys18:22
bdamosroyk: how are you doing it?18:22
MetaJakecrunchychewie, I see.18:22
RoyKbdamos: virtualbox isn't really made for servers18:22
RoyKbut it works well18:22
RoyKbdamos: I just start virt-manager, create the VMs, and that's it18:23
RoyKclick the 'autostart on boot' checkbox18:23
CrunchyChewieAnyone have any experience using Ubuntu Server as a printer server for ~100 people or so?18:24
semiosisMetaJake: according to this doc (http://rosslawley.co.uk/2010/08/how-to-configure-vm-fusion-nat-to-be.html) you can actually set up vmware fusion to do NAT in the reverse direction, to route port 80 from the host into the guest machine18:31
semiosisMetaJake: thats an alternative to switching to bridged mode18:32
MetaJakecrunchychewie I turned off ubuntu, switched the network setting to Bridged and restarted ubuntu as well as apache, unfortunately, now when I visit the ip (which used to load the default website) now, does not connect.18:32
MetaJakei ran ifconfig to make sure the ip was the same, in bridged mode, which it is.18:33
MetaJake.. semiosis, I see.18:33
CrunchyChewieMetajake: are you trying to access the website from the host?18:33
semiosisMetaJake: what the ubuntu system *thinks* is its IP may or may not actually work on your network, depending on many factors18:33
MetaJakechrunchychewie, yes I am.18:33
MetaJakesemiosis, I see.18:33
CrunchyChewieMetaJake: is the Ubuntu server and Host OS in the same subnet?18:34
MetaJakeI can post the results of ifconfig if that would help determine the actual ipaddress of ubuntu in bridged mode (?)18:34
CrunchyChewiestick it in pastebin18:34
CrunchyChewieplease do this from your host as well18:34
MetaJakecrunchychewie once again my inexperience must be pardoned: how can I learn if Ubuntu and my host OS are in the same subnet?18:35
kpettitMetaJake, compare the ip address of both.18:36
CrunchyChewieMetaJake no worries, when you do ifconfig, look at the IP address, its probably 192.168.2.xx or 192.168.1.xx or similar18:36
CrunchyChewiethat 3rd set of numbers need to be the same for it to be in the same subnet18:36
CrunchyChewieotherwise they wont see each other18:36
CrunchyChewieso if your host is and your ubuntu is, they won't see each other18:37
CrunchyChewieif it is 192.168.1.xx and 192.168.1.xx they will18:38
RoyKCrunchyChewie: unless you have a broader netmask.....18:39
semiosisCrunchyChewie: ip address + netmask determines the subnet, so it's only true that the first three groups need to be the same if the netmasks are
CrunchyChewieyea sorry I assumed the netmasks were the same, is there any reason to believe, by default, they are not?18:40
RoyKwe use for our internal hosts18:40
RoyKwhich covers
semiosisCrunchyChewie: theres lots of networks out in the wild18:40
MetaJakecrunchychewie, I see. Well here are the results of lfconfig from my host OS http://pastebin.com/fjKUVu8H ... oddly enough, I can not figure out how to copy the results of lfconfig from Ubuntu server, due to the nature of the window that it operates in via vmware fusion. .. but I can tell you that the results it is showing me, have a different subnet then my Host one which i pasted in that link.18:41
semiosisMetaJake: it will probably be simpler to go back to NAT mode, follow that tip I posted (hopefully it works) and then your ubuntu guest web server will be accessible at your mac's IP address18:41
RoyKMetaJake: OS X?18:42
semiosisRoyK: vmware fusion18:42
MetaJakeroyk yes18:42
MetaJakesemiosis, I see.18:42
CrunchyChewieMetaJake: what is your Ubuntu server IP?18:42
CrunchyChewieif it is on bridged mode you need to change eth0 to or something18:43
CrunchyChewiedo you have a server or just a router18:43
RoyKMetaJake: if you're using NATed networking, you need to configure the hypervisor to forward IP to the VMs. If you're using bridge mode, make sure you tie the VMs to the right NIC (en0 or en1)18:43
* RoyK uses bridged mode for things that he needs to access from the outside18:44
CrunchyChewieMetaJake: check left bar messages18:45
semiosisMetaJake: does your mac get its IP address automatically (DHCP) or did you set it manually (static)?18:46
MetaJakesemiosis, automatically.18:46
RoyKMetaJake: using bridged networking or nat?18:47
semiosisMetaJake: then when you switch your vmware guest to bridged, you will need to set it to use DHCP also, or get really familiar with IP addressing18:47
RoyKMetaJake: and semiosis said 'vmware fusion', but the ifconfig output looked more like virtualbox - which one are you using?18:47
MetaJakevmware fusion, royk18:48
RoyKMetaJake: I'm using vbox for my VMs on this laptop - that works - I don't know how fusion works in comparison, sorry18:49
semiosisMetaJake: and what does your mac get its IP address from, is it some kind of home wireless router/base station?18:49
MetaJakesemiosis, it is a home router, yes.18:50
CrunchyChewieguys he needs to go into /etc/network/interfaces and give eth0 a static address18:50
* RoyK mumbles something about this not being an ubuntu server issue, but rather a virtualisation issue with vmware fusion18:51
semiosisMetaJake: ok, you'll need to set up a "nat pinhole" or "port forward" on the home router as well... and you may encounter a block by your ISP that prevents you from hosting a web site (on standard HTTP port 80) as some ISPs are known to do that18:51
semiosisRoyK: yes good point18:52
MetaJakesemiosis, royk. I see.18:52
semiosisRoyK: but the goal here is for MetaJake to be running a live web server on ubuntu18:53
RoyKsure - I'll give all the help I can give, but all I know is it works well on virtualbox - I haven't touched vmware fusion for years18:53
semiosisMetaJake: is this mac a laptop?18:53
MetaJakesemiosis yes18:54
semiosisMetaJake: i.e. is portability a concern or will it always and forever be connected to this very home network?18:54
RoyKsemiosis: looks like it - it's got en0 and en1, the latter being the wireless18:54
RoyKdamn - is vmware fusion still commercial?18:55
* RoyK wonders why people would pay for what virtualbox can do for free18:55
MetaJakesemiosis, yes I use the laptop very portably, but in this case I would like to try serving from this static location18:55
semiosisMetaJake: if you use bridged mode, and set a static ip on the ubuntu guest OS, it may not work when you hook up to another network... in NAT mode, once set up correctly, the ubuntu guest os will always be reachable at your mac's IP address, everywhere18:55
semiosisMetaJake: ...on port 80 (HTTP) which IMHO is a simpler network design18:56
* MetaJake makes changes to network config18:58
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DrDetroitI am trying to make a replacement server for my very old RedHat machine. I have a ubuntu server 10.04 LTS up and running. I was thinking the best way to continue was to make a new interface and dhcpd file, then remove the working machine, and plug the new one in.19:28
DrDetroitI have pasted my proposed config fiels at http://pastebin.com/aNyJMREv would someone be willing to take a look at them and see if they look ok?19:28
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
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mok0DrDetroit: can't you just test it?19:37
DrDetroitmok0: I can but if it doesnt work then I will have to undo it all to make it work again19:38
DrDetroiti was just hoping someone had a few min to look it over and give their opinion19:39
DrDetroitthis is my first ubuntu server19:39
DrDetroitand i am unsure about things19:39
mok0I can't see anything wrong with it19:39
DrDetroiti figure if i can have internet and dhcp working, then if the old box fails i can just replace it, make a few changes and be ready to rock again19:40
DrDetroitthen i could configure a firewall19:40
mok0DrDetroit: Right19:40
DrDetroitnot sure now the ip forwarding will work with this config19:40
DrDetroiti dont see it anywheres, and i think it belongs in the firewall19:40
DrDetroitcurrently i  run min e in the old box from iptables, but I am afraid my iptables wont run on this new box19:41
mok0DrDetroit: It should run19:41
DrDetroitreally? its a old file from 200219:41
DrDetroitmy main box has been extraordinalrly reliable since i started it up19:42
mok0DrDetroit: iptables has not changed AFAIK19:42
mok0at least not the configuration19:42
DrDetroitmok0: thank  you, i will give this configuration a try as soon as I am able19:42
mok0DrDetroit: You should get the new box to work before you kill off the old one19:43
DrDetroitmok) right, that is why i am trying now, the old box is long in the tooth a Rh 7.319:43
DrDetroitbut works perfectly19:43
DrDetroitnever had a problem with it19:43
DrDetroitbut i do want a replacement "just in case"19:44
mok0DrDetroit: yeah19:44
DrDetroitit does my NAT firewall, mail and web servers19:44
JasonMSPIm installing open-dkim to work with postfix and this error pops up and won't allow opendkim to start:19:44
JasonMSPdkimf_db_open(): Invalid argument19:44
JasonMSPany thoughts?19:45
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
MetaJakesemiosis you still around? I finished the tip on that link for giving my VMware Fusion an Incomingtcp of 80.19:55
semiosisMetaJake: yeah howd it go?19:55
MetaJakei also poked a couple holes in my router, through port 80. but... still having trouble loading up what i BELieve to be my ubuntu-server's static IP.19:55
=== hallyn_afk is now known as hallyn
MetaJakethe vmware fusion reconfig went well I think. The reboot went ok. and I'm running in NAT mode now.19:56
semiosisMetaJake: why mess with the ubuntu server's IP?  it worked fine before when it was probably using dhcp (which i believe is the default out of the box config in ubuntu)19:56
MetaJakeindeed. I'll go change that back. heh. sry. thanks for getting my brain gears going again19:57
DrDetroitmok0: my old iptables is v1. running on a rh7.3 machine, do you think it will run ?19:59
zertyuii setup postfix server20:04
zertyuibut i can't able to send/receive mail20:04
zertyuiwhat i have to check ?20:04
=== MetaJake_ is now known as MetaJake
MetaJakesemiosis, mind checking this address to see if a webpage loads for you? if you can.20:14
JasonMSPzertyui:  i recommend that you go to #postfix for help.  There is a long list of things that you might need to check.  They will help you there but follow the guidelines and make sure you check your error log and try yourself first using google.  You will get a lot more help if you know your stuff.20:15
MetaJakesemiosis, scratch that. Apparently its still getting hung up. :\20:16
bearly230Hello all, I've got I hope a quick and easy question. I'm running a Ubuntu 10.10 network and need to sync data files with a remote server. I've tried rsync over ssh and that works but only 1 way. What I'm looking for is a 2 way solution. Any suggestions?20:22
MetaJakebearly230 I'm new to ubuntu but from the sound of it, syncing files might be accomplished from a version repository software of some sort. maybe GIT or SVN?20:23
MetaJakeor are you working with content outside the scope of a version repo's function?20:23
bearly230MetaJake I havn't heard of those. I've been using ubuntu for quite a while but I'm no expert.20:24
MetaJakeversion repository's are virtual copies of file systems. its not like file transfer like rsync or ftp..20:24
MetaJakeexamples are GIThub.com ... and a popular one called Subversion20:25
bearly230MetaJake: no idea how those work. I'll take a look at it. Would nfs over ssh be an option?20:25
MetaJakeupon establishing a database with their service though, they let you sync up files between locations.20:26
bearly230I've got to much data to use an online service.20:26
MetaJakei'm not familiar with nfs .20:26
bpgoldsbDoes anyone know if I can make the alternate installer (netboot) pull udebs from a local server instead of a standard debian mirror?20:26
bearly230Does anyone have any experence with nfs over ssh or somthing simular?20:27
CrunchyChewiebearly230: how much data we talkin20:27
bearly230CrunchyChewie, about 350 gb atm. Once synced won't be much to transfer but will need to keep everything synced.20:28
hggdhhallyn: available for bit?20:29
CrunchyChewiebearly230: 2 way sync?20:30
bearly230CruncyChewie: Thats what I'm wanting. I've got 2 users working from different locations. And we need to keep our data synced between our servers.20:30
hallynhggdh: would like 5 misn to finish this test20:31
CrunchyChewiebearly230: thats a bit, what type of files20:35
hggdhDaviey: involving hallyn, OK?20:36
bearly230CrunchyChewie: All kinds. We don't have a lot of new files every day. But they do add up over time.20:36
hallynhggdh: here?20:36
hggdhhallyn: no, when you are ready, we will open another channel20:37
CrunchyChewiebearly230: ever thought of s3 or something?20:37
bearly230Whats s3?20:37
hallynhggdh: ready20:39
bearly230CrunchyChewie: Whats s3?20:41
Davieyhggdh, yes, hallyn is the best person20:42
Davieyfor *everything*20:42
CrunchyChewiebearly230: amazon cloud storage20:42
bearly230Can't afford that. Not in the budget. (20:42
hallynDaviey: no no, i'm useless.  i hear SpamapS is the bomb20:42
semiosisMetaJake: i was afk, back now, that IP address you mentioned is private, i wouldn't be able to connect to it20:45
MetaJakesemiosis, yes. my mistake. .. still working on it over here.20:46
semiosisbearly230: rsync <local> <remote>, then do rsync <remote> <local>, to get the two-way sync... read through the rsync manual (man rsync) to get familiar with the options, you'll probably want some of them20:46
bearly230semiosis: Thanks I'll keep digging20:49
Davieyhallyn, SpamapS is soooo yesterday... you are about to make me really happy :)20:49
semiosisbearly230: and by the way, you can use option "-e ssh" to have rsync do the ssh itself (any other way to do rsync over ssh is unnecessarily complicated)20:50
Davieyactually, SpamapS... i did want you.. :)20:51
bearly230semiosis: Thats what I've been doing. Just hoping I wouldn't have to turn around and reverse it. But guess I will20:51
MTeckSo... I have a vmware virtual machine. Someone added some space to the virtual hard disk. LVM sits on top of that. How can I get that virtual disk grown?21:07
MTeckI'm guessing the first step is to get linux to see that the physical disk has changed21:08
guntbertalcuadrado: no need to be sorry, but here you will get better server specific help21:10
alcuadradohi there! I've just removed the old kernels from a server (because /boot had no more space available) and then rebooted it, now it doesn't start :s21:10
alcuadradoyes, I see guntbert, thanks :)21:10
guntbertalcuadrado: what happens when you boot it?21:11
alcuadradoI don't have it here, that's the problem21:11
alcuadradoI've asked for a hardware reboot right now, just in case it's some bug in the housing panel21:12
guntbertI doubt that, can you look at the boot process? Can you get to the grub menu?21:13
semiosisMTeck: is your virtual disk partitioned so that the LVM pv is just one partition, or is the LVM pv the whole disk?21:14
alcuadradolet me check that21:14
=== MetaJake_ is now known as MetaJake
alcuadradoit's working now guntbert :)21:15
alcuadradodon't know how it took so much21:15
MTecksemiosis: partition21:15
semiosisMTeck: then your expanded disk probably has new unpartitioned space at the end, beyond the end of your existing partition21:16
guntbert!yay | alcuadrado21:16
ubottualcuadrado: Glad you made it! :-)21:16
alcuadradoyeah, I was kind of mad about that haha21:17
alcuadradoit's a sever of a client I'm leaving21:17
semiosisMTeck: so you can create a new partition from that free space, create a new LVM pv in your vg, then expand your lv, then fsck the lv, then resize2fs the lv21:17
alcuadradotake a look at this: http://pastie.org/174093221:18
alcuadradois that normal?21:18
MTecksemiosis: when I do fdisk -l /dev/sdb I see the size of sdb1 which is using 99GB and reports the disk size is 107.3GB.. but 500GB was just added21:18
MTecki can look at vmware and see that there's 600GB allocated to it21:19
semiosisMTeck: i'm not sure about this, but i suspect something needs to get reset for it to see all the extra space, maybe detach/reattach, maybe a reboot, hopefully someone else more familiar with vmware can sort that out21:20
guntbertalcuadrado: no quite - use aptitude (interactive mode) to resolve it21:21
alcuadradook, thanks :)21:21
MTeckit looks like maybe it was added as a third hard disk21:21
alcuadradoa dist-upgrade solved it :)21:21
MTeckbut fdisk -l doesn't see that disk21:21
semiosisMTeck: oh thats nice21:22
semiosisMTeck: wait, how do you see it added as a third disk if fdisk doesn't report it?21:22
MTecksemiosis: vmware vsphere (client interface)21:23
MTecki can look, but can't actually manage anything there21:23
MTecksemiosis: is there any way to just probe for new hardware?21:30
semiosisMTeck: reboot?21:35
RoyKMTeck: non-hotpluggable hardware won't be seen until a reboot21:36
RoyKso if you jam a pci card into your system while it's running, you (a) won't see it and (b) may fuck up the motherboard badly21:37
semiosisRoyK: in case you missed it, he's running in vmware vsphere, trying to get the system to recognize a new virtual disk21:37
RoyKsorry, I missed that21:38
RoyKI don't know vsphere21:38
RoyKlinux (including ubuntu) supports hotplugging devices21:38
RoyKbut then, if vshphere doesn't deliver an api compatible with linux, you'll need a reboot21:39
RoyKlast I checked, vmware only supported redhat, so that may be an issue21:40
MTecksemiosis: RoyK: echo "- - -" > /sys/class/scsi_host/host0/scan21:41
semiosisMTeck: cooool!21:42
ejvqman__: you available? :)21:45
ejvthat raid6 initialization/resync we discussed yesterday, well looks like im getting some read errors21:46
ejv(dmesg output)21:51
zertyuihello there22:11
zertyuiwho knows about postfix with mailutils ?22:11
ejvis it possible to mark a drive as failed in mdadm, during a resync? so that the raid6 can function with 3/422:20
zertyuianyone know about22:20
zertyuipostfix ?22:20
zertyuii configured postfix with mysql22:21
zertyuii create user etc ...22:21
zertyuibut using thunderbird the password not working22:21
zertyuiwhat to do ?22:21
zertyuihello anyone there ?22:27
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EvilPhoenixzertyui:  be patient22:34
EvilPhoenixzertyui:  if someone has a solution, they'll answer22:34
EvilPhoenixzertyui:  in the mean time, did you check in the postfix channel/22:34
zertyuithere is no one there22:36
zertyuido you know on post fix ?22:36
DelemasAnyone know what could cause sudo to delay 3 minutes before running a command? DNS is working properly.22:38
zertyuiwho know about my sql ?22:45
KMFroghigiez, does ubuntu server support SSD trim?22:45
ignarpsKMFrog, linux kernel > 2.6.33 should have trim support22:47
KMFrogignarps, thanks, do I need to use a specific file system?22:48
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
KMFroggoogle says Ext4 and Btrfs, that will do. thanks for your help ;]22:51
ignarpsKMFrog, xfs as well22:53
ignarpsstill waiting on md raid support for TRIM though :(22:56
DelemasIt seems it might have been a ldap issue. Thanks anyways...22:57
ignarpsDelemas, nscd can help cache some ldap stuff for you if your ldap server times out from time to time :)22:58
sparcHmm, if we want a backport of something like Puppet, from Maverick to Lucid23:28
sparcthat isn't already a backport23:28
sorenHow do you figure that?23:28
sorenIgnore me.23:29
sparcdoes it seem like it might be possible to get the source deb, and try to build it and install it23:29
* soren can't read.23:29
sparcor maybe that's Madness, and I should be just repackaging something from reductivelabs23:30
* sparc doesn't know "How it's Usually Done"23:30
kirklandzul: hey, did you end up fixing https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cobbler/+bug/741661 ?23:35
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 741661 in cobbler "Web UI does not work from default install (2.1.0~bzr-2009-0ubuntu1)l" [Medium,Fix released]23:35
kirklandzul: i'm looking at the code now23:36
kirklandzul: and it looks like at least part of it is fixed23:36

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