ali1234ok i've got a question00:03
ali1234since valve wrote source from scratch for half life 2, why didn't they FIX LADDERS!?00:04
Azelphurbecause they are valve?00:04
ali1234hl2 is kind of easier than the first one :/00:08
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Azelphurtime to not buy samsung?00:45
hamitronshould it be a problem if you format?00:56
hamitronor it embedded in the bios?00:56
Azelphurhamitron: looks like it's part of the OS, so reformat should kill it00:58
hamitronbut I guess it is the principle00:58
hamitronman, just got a free mp3 off amazon, and love io01:00
hamitronjust shows it is worth trying stuff01:01
hamitronsuppose I should get sleep soon01:12
hamitrongotta be up in just over 5 hours01:13
rbnswartzOli``` Are you around?02:10
HazRPGI'm awake honest02:22
jonsainthi all. anyone got a rough idea when the next ubuntu will be out? i know its next month but theres a lot of days in april lol07:41
hoovermornin all07:53
lubotu3Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.08:17
AlanBellmorning all08:50
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:14
DJonesCan anybody see any hardware that might be a problem with either of these two laptops http://www.argos.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ArgosComparison?storeId=10001&catalogId=1500002701&categoryId=&langId=-1&returnToURL=%2Fwebapp%2Fwcs%2Fstores%2Fservlet%2FBrowse%3FstoreId%3D10001%26langId%3D-1%26ID72%3D14419040%26c_1%3D1|category_root|Office%2C%2BPCs%2Band%2Bphones|14418968%26c_2%3D2|14418968|Laptops%2Band%2Bnetbooks|14419039%26c_3%3D3|cat_1441903909:22
DJonesThe hp looks to be broadcom wireless, can't find out what the msi is09:24
DJonesAlthough some of the hp's are atheros as well09:24
DJonesHmmh, msi looks to be ralink 6890/689109:26
DJonesratehr the 6890/6891 are the windows driver numbers09:30
screen-xmorning :)09:31
czajkowskiDoes Open Source *really* save money? London School of Economics study your chance to prove - simple form to fill in: http://bit.ly/dP74g609:39
MooDoomorning czajkowski09:47
gordi'v never really been comfortable with marketing open source as "it saves money" - just sounds like we are undervaluing what we are pushing. just tell the accountants it saves money, tell everyone else its awesome ;)09:50
oimonthere's also uptime and smooth systems rollout09:51
oimonzimbra has a TCO of around 1/3 of Exchange but that's not the only reason you would choose it09:51
nigelbgord: That sounds like a good idea :)09:51
gordaw man. pyweek is starting again - i miss taking part in those :(09:53
AlanBellgord: everyone agrees with that, however if the cabinet office say "we won't use Open Source or buy services relating to it until there are reputable TCO studies showing that it makes fiscal sense" and offer to pay half the costs of the study, then a study by the LSE will get commissioned09:59
Myrttiis it strange that I find it often easier to work with smbclient and sftp directly on the CLI instead of graphical tools?10:06
gordMyrtti, i just ssh://foobar.com in nautilus and do it all there most days10:07
MyrttiI haven't used nautilus in three or four years10:09
Myrttiotherwise a good idea10:09
czajkowskiAlanBell: my only objections is the OFE is tarred with it10:16
JamesTaitGood morning, all! :D10:17
AlanBellczajkowski: by which you mean funded the other half of it10:20
AlanBellcan't say I am a big fan of the thing, but it serves a purpose10:21
AlanBellpersonally I think TCO studies are not worth the PDF they are written on10:21
ubuntuuk-planet[Alistair McKinlay] Right to the internet - http://www.10people.co.uk/index.php/2011/03/right-to-the-internet/10:22
czajkowskiAlanBell: well they push open standards which isn't necessairyly open source10:23
BigRedSczajkowski: but it allows open source10:24
czajkowskiyes but it doesn't push or  advocate it either10:24
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AlanBellyes, this is true10:25
czajkowskiso I dont think having them associated with a survey which is looking at finding out about oss is good. just how I feel10:26
AlanBellit would have been better if fsfe had funded it, certainly10:26
czajkowskiyou could of course argue that it should be independaly funded so that either sides groups dont have a bias with it10:27
AlanBellcabinet office didn't want to fund all of it10:27
AlanBellfsfe couldn't afford it10:28
AlanBellso OFE is tared with it10:28
czajkowskiyup tis just a bit unfortunate.10:30
czajkowskifrom my point of view I can see the OFE sending it to partners and what nots who may be anti oss but open to open standards10:30
czajkowskiso that wil give the survey a slant10:30
AlanBellLSE is sending it out and is responsible for removing any bias10:32
AlanBellfinding suitable organisations to survey is non-trivial10:33
oimonwould like to fill in the survey as i use open source heavily in my org, but don't wanna get follow-up or spam from it10:36
AlanBelloimon: I don't believe the London School of Economics is going to do followup spam, or share the email addresses10:37
oimon"If so, we will be pleased to talk further about this specific case in interview."10:38
AlanBelloh yeah, they are going to do more detailed interviews with a few large organisations10:39
AlanBellbut nothing after the project as a whole10:40
HazRPGBigRedS: btw dude, I've got a guide put up about setting up an IPv6 on my blog now @ http://www.hazsoft.co.uk/2011/03/31/ipv6-under-ubuntu-10-10/ - enjoy :D10:40
HazRPGshauno: mornin dude :)10:42
HazRPGfinally did that write up of my IPv6 adventure :)10:43
czajkowskiSo does anyone have suggestions for a pub for after the BCS launch of NN if so, talk to AlanBell10:45
AlanBellI should probably email the list about that10:47
BigRedSHazRPG: Cheers! I have even less of an excuse now :)10:48
BigRedSwherebouts is this launch?10:48
HazRPGBigRedS: No problem dude :P10:48
screen-xheh, script stopped working, I was grepping out times with grep -v GMT, the output has now changed to BST :p10:48
AlanBellat the British Computing Society on Southampton Street in London10:48
AlanBellon the 28th April10:48
HazRPGBigRedS: if you run into any trouble just let me know, or ask the lovely people here :)10:48
popeyhey HazRPG useful! I have not done any IPV6 stuff, so will bookmark that10:51
X3Npopey: is sshd being oom killed?10:51
popeyX3N: i made some changes to apache config last night on recommendation from mgdm10:51
popeywhen we released the podcast the load average on that box went to 4210:52
HazRPGpopey: No problem :). I've been using miredo for years on and off and also teredo for years on windows systems... thought I'd see how hard it was to set it all up myself. Much kudos goes to MartijnVdS and shauno for all the help :).10:53
popeyX3N: its much better now10:53
diplojeesh, fairly heavy then popey10:54
diploSee you in Linux Format a couple of times popey :)10:54
diploCartoon and letter10:54
X3Npopey: I'm still getting critical alerts from nagios, 9:32am, 05:32am, 01:3210:54
oimondo some of you UUPC guys have the viglen mpc-l ?10:54
X3Ntimes at which i wouldn't have thought coincide with the load going up10:55
popeyit looks timed every 4 hours10:55
diploCartoon is ref 'Mumbuntu'10:56
popeyoh yes :)10:56
popeydaubers scanned it for me :)10:56
diploAnd the letter is ref support if i remember correctly10:56
popeyoooo, not seen that10:56
X3Npopey: maybe it's looking at the wrong port?10:57
* oimon is looking for a small form factor pc to use for digital display screen in a foyer10:57
popeyI'll ask10:57
popeyoimon: acer aspire revo10:58
popeyviglen is awful for anything graphical10:58
popeythe revo is nice and cheap10:58
popeyand has hdmi out too, which makes it useful with big tellys10:58
AlanBelldoes the revo have vesa mounts?10:59
oimonpopey: cool, i'll check it out. also have a spare mac mini here which i could stick linux on. all i need is to display a firefox page in kiosk mode10:59
HazRPGFeel free to point out any mistakes (spelling/grammar/etc), or if there's an easier/better way of doing things... those are essentially the steps I did to get IPv6 going (both for individual and for setting up an IPv6 router/advertiser)10:59
oimonvesa mounts are a plus10:59
diplopopey, been meaning to ask you.. have  a few blue ray rips to watch at the mo, 4-12GB plays fine on the revo under XP but buffers all the time on Ubuntu10:59
diploDo you have the same issues ?10:59
popeyyes AlanBell11:01
popeyi have a revo mounted on the back of a telly11:01
popeydiplo: what player?11:01
gordi find wifi isn't good enough for HD content on my revo, use ethernet11:01
diploVLC/Totem etc11:02
oimonpopey: where did you buy yours? is it the r3700?11:02
diploAll lag out11:02
diploWondering if it's not utilising the ION11:03
davmor2morning all11:03
gorddiplo, try xbmc - that will use vdpau11:03
oimonrevo looks like exactly what i will need11:05
diploah yes I do have that installed, think I need to bring it to work and play with it..11:05
diploWorks fine with anything up to a gig and a half, anything over it starts dieing11:05
popeyoimon: ebuyer, i have the older one, the 3600, single core cpu, there's the 3660 which is dual core11:06
oimonthe linux one is far cheaper i notice: http://www.ebuyer.com/product/23657911:07
popeysmaller hardware though iirc11:07
oimonseems like 160gb-250gb hard drive + windows home premium, can't notice anything else11:08
popeyyeah, the hdd11:08
popeynot a massive difference i guess for your use11:08
gordthere is a new revo out iirc - or maybe i dreamt that11:10
gordsmaller form factor11:10
oimongord: is that the RL100?11:11
oimon£185 can't go wrong. i bought a onelan box before for non-techies to manage digital signage and it cost £95011:12
oimonthose boxes run fedora11:12
gordRV100 i think11:13
gordi'm happy with my old revos though, smaller form factor would be nice but i'm not gonna replace them for that ;)11:13
BigRedSArgh. Why do people make websites, buy a cert for it, then redirect 99% of https visitors to a cleartext page?11:17
oimontoday is beta1 day isn't it?11:23
MartijnVdSI wish it was beta-quality though11:26
oimonMartijnVdS: last night we were chatting about multi-touch - does yours work?11:27
MartijnVdSoimon: only one/two-finger11:27
MartijnVdSoimon: (two finger scroll, one-finger click)11:27
MartijnVdShaven't tried anything else11:27
oimonbotted into natty and the 2 finger touch was not greyed out , so i selected it, but couldn't get it to work. - the only effect was that vertical scroll disappeared11:27
MartijnVdSoimon: you can't vertical scroll with two fingers?11:28
oimonno :(11:28
oimonmaybe i was "holding it wrong"11:28
MartijnVdSit's the same on my work laptop11:28
oimoni have a dell d63011:29
MartijnVdSDell E6500 here11:29
BigRedSWait, the launch is on the royal wedding weekend?11:29
MartijnVdSmy laptop at home is a Sony Vaio something-or-other11:29
BigRedSthat's unfortunate11:29
MartijnVdSBigRedS: only for the UK11:29
MartijnVdSBigRedS: the rest of the world doesn't care ;)11:29
AlanBellBigRedS: we booked the date first11:29
BigRedSMartijnVdS: haha, yeah11:29
BigRedSAlanBell: yeah, it's just that London's going to be a bad place to be then11:30
AlanBellit is the day before11:30
BigRedSI had plans to be quite definitely elsewhere, though I hadn't yet decided where11:30
oimonwonder if my lack of 2 finger scroll is a bug or just lack of feature in my trackpad :S11:30
AlanBellWills could come out for a drink with us as his last night as a free man11:31
MartijnVdSoimon: I think it's a hardware thing11:32
oimonthen the ungreyed option is a bug :P11:32
MartijnVdSoimon: I think they ungreyed it because it was greyed out on lots of working hardware as ewll11:32
oimonah ok thanks11:33
MartijnVdSoimon: i.e. it's hard/impossible to detect whether it works without trying it11:33
oimonthink i have a alps touchpad rather than synaptics :(11:34
MartijnVdSoimon: that shouldn't really matter -- my EeePC had Alps and it had two-finger support11:34
MartijnVdS[    30.130] (II) AlpsPS/2 ALPS DualPoint TouchPad: failed to open grail, no gesture support11:35
oimonoh yeah, works on my eee11:38
oimonalthough nothing much else does in natty11:38
HazRPGczajkowski: they're everywhere!11:46
czajkowskijust listened to end of the show and remembered daubers mail11:46
HazRPGnow that's interesting... why has Rhythm decided to delete my subbed podcasts...11:48
directhexit hates you11:50
MartijnVdSthis is why I use Google Reader + Listen on my phone11:50
HazRPGdirecthex: :( don't say that!11:51
HazRPGMartijnVdS: I use google reader for most things...11:51
HazRPGif that counts...11:51
directhexyou considered using banshee once, now RB hates you!11:51
MartijnVdSHazRPG: do you have an Android phone?11:51
HazRPGMartijnVdS: ...oh course! :P11:52
HazRPGif its got linux on-board, I've most likely got it (or plan to get it!) :P11:52
MartijnVdSHazRPG: install Google Listen, it'll connect to your Google Reader11:53
HazRPGI'm pretty sure I have listen...11:53
HazRPGand yes... yes I do!11:54
HazRPGbrobostigon: \o/! Howdy squire!11:54
brobostigongood morning everyone.11:54
screen-xHazRPG: is that dude trying to reach his foot?11:54
brobostigonHazRPG: good morning, good blog post, :)11:54
HazRPGscreen-x: nope, that dude is trying to touch the sky! :P11:55
HazRPGbrobostigon: why thanks :)11:55
brobostigonHazRPG: you're welcome, :)11:56
HazRPGMartijnVdS: hmm... does the stuff I subscribe to on Listen show up on Google Reader?11:59
MartijnVdSHazRPG: yes, in the "Listen Subscriptions" folder11:59
HazRPGah, yeah was just about to say I stopped it11:59
* brobostigon goes to play with mumble, and tweak it.12:00
bigcalmAnybody here used PHPExcel to save as Excel 2003 XML file format?12:00
shaunooi, language :p12:02
screen-xshauno: which of those obscenities were you particularly offended by?12:03
shaunooddly, I think xml is probably the worst offender there.  but the combination was shocking!12:03
bigcalmI am but a code monkey bowing to a client's wishes :)12:04
HazRPGbrobostigon: \o/ mumble ftw!12:05
brobostigonHazRPG: :)12:05
bigcalmI think it's time to hunt down some lunch12:06
HazRPGshauno: what's wrong with xml? Most of your browsing needs are probably catered by xml :P12:06
brobostigonHazRPG: want a play?12:07
screen-xHazRPG: xml is fine, just not suitable for humans12:07
shaunoI spent a summer with xslt.  consider me scarred.12:08
willy_1977xslt... that should be on the banned list...12:08
HazRPGshauno: heh, now xslt I can agree... that's just pure evil12:08
HazRPGbrobostigon: hmm, you setup a mumble server?12:09
brobostigonHazRPG: not my own, no. its is the one we willbe using for globaljam on saturday and quiz night, mumble.libertus.co.uk , AlanBell set itup, i believe.12:11
willy_1977I think there may be another domain coming through soon too...12:11
brobostigonwilly_1977: mybe mumble.ubuntu-uk.org12:11
willy_1977still pointing at at the host  brobostigon put.12:12
willy_1977brobostigon: yeah I think it was that...12:12
brobostigonwilly_1977: it was, iwas there for the discussion.12:12
willy_1977ah yeah I remember now :) I was trying to think up jokes to make you laugh whilst sat in the living room :D12:12
brobostigonwilly_1977: yes. :)12:13
* willy_1977 has a memory like one of those kitchen implements with the holes in...?12:13
willy_1977brobostigon: that's it.12:13
brobostigonwilly_1977: :)12:13
HazRPGbrobostigon: well I'm in12:14
brobostigonHazRPG: yes, :)12:14
HazRPGbrobostigon: I was there when AlanBell was making sure he'd set it up right12:14
brobostigonHazRPG: did you hear me?12:14
HazRPGshould get more people in!12:19
shaunoalready shopping for upgrades for a laptop that hasn't arrived yet \o/12:21
HazRPGshauno: \o/12:21
HazRPGshauno: hit the mumble server up!12:21
shaunodo I have to?  I did that yesterday :p12:22
shaunospeex does pretty well at low rates12:27
HazRPGit does indeed!12:29
gordits not quite as nice as SLIK though :( but silk likes to eat a bit more bandwidth12:30
gordand at low bitrates silk *sucks*12:30
diploAnyone running Natty under virtual box on windows ?12:39
davmor2gord: yes silk is only really useful at the highest bandwidth,  in you hand right now. :)12:41
X3Nanyone know if lovefilm limits the number of accounts to address?12:46
popey"Subsequent free trials by the same person at any address, or by another person at the same address, are not permitted. You must have internet access and valid payment details to redeem a free trial offer. "12:51
tugrikdo you live in a house or a flat?12:51
X3Nah thanks12:52
popeyinteresting devices12:56
directhexpopey, looks like an efika, from the spec?12:58
popeyhowd they crowbar an efika mobo in that case?12:59
X3Nit looks like a dinner tray13:00
popeythe photo makes it look tiny13:00
davmor2popey: that is why I'm assuming it has the pig ugly sticky up bits either end13:00
popeybut it has a 10" screen13:00
popeyah yes13:00
* oimon notices that the session is now called Ubuntu/Ubuntu classic rather than Gnome classic13:01
popeyyeah, i noticed that13:01
davmor2me notices the 4px ubiquity task bar hasn't been fixed yet :D13:02
* czajkowski wallops davmor2 and goes back to work, see I'm alive! 13:03
davmor2czajkowski: I know you are just heard you on UUPC13:04
davmor2czajkowski: prod just to be sure though13:05
* oimon is disappointed to discover that it's not friday after all13:24
AlanBellI know a song about Friday13:25
oimonhas anyone tried speeding that friday song up to see if it really is justin bieber?13:26
directhexit's better than friday.13:27
DJonesoimon: Would anybody realy want to take the risk of listening to justin bieber13:28
oimonmy 7 year old nephew got introduced to bieber by his teacher. i'm thinking of complaining13:28
MartijnVdShaha :)13:28
willy_1977oimon: surely that's classed as abuse?13:29
DJonesSurely there's got to be laws against that13:29
TommehI was going to say13:29
TommehThat's creepy13:29
oimonchristmas day, he put a song called baby, baby,baby, baby,baby, baby,baby, baby,baby, baby,baby, baby, on repeat13:29
shaunoI trust you made him stand in the corner?13:29
oimonno but i suggested extra home-schooling to right the wrongs taught by the education system each day13:30
* brobostigon and shauno and HazRPG are having a little party on mumble.13:31
willy_1977this is led zepplin... jimmy page came through a number of bands... etc. etc. that kind of thing?13:32
shaunobrobostigon: trouble-maker.sourceforge.net13:32
shaunoI'm bored and want to play :o)13:32
MartijnVdSwilly_1977: "This is a record player." + 70s albums? :)13:32
brobostigonshauno: thank you.13:32
willy_1977MartijnVdS: what do you mean you've never seen a black cd that's so big?13:33
shaunothis could be terrifying.  I haven't used a RH-based distro since the end of the 90s13:34
oimonmind you, i didn't buy my first single until i was 9 : ghostbusters.13:35
popeyShaky :S13:35
popeyactually might have been Donna Summer13:35
willy_1977village people?13:36
shaunofirst album I bought was queen.  25 years later, the last album I bought was queen too.  taste ftw :D13:36
oimonwhen i was little i thought shakin stevens was actually elvis13:36
willy_1977oimon: how very dare you.13:37
willy_1977I think I went straight to albums before then I was happy listening to what other family in the house had... but my first lp was bon jovi :/13:37
oimonmy first LP: queen live magic , first CD: pixies bossanova13:38
willy_1977that's a good one...13:39
oimonglad i didn't invest much in LPs, mostly CDs13:39
willy_1977the old skeleton in my lp locker is the teenage mutant ninja turtles album... *runs off and hides*13:39
shaunoI ditched most my CDs when I started moving around so much.  I still have my vinyl hidden away tho :o)13:39
davmor2AlanBell: is it something to do with it being poets day?13:40
shaunowilly_1977: if it makes you feel any better, I think my worst offender may have been right said fred :p13:41
willy_1977shauno: oh lordy!13:41
oimoni thought it was Backups Day13:41
gordlast time i moved i ripped all my cd's and got rid of them. much happier - only buy digital content now13:41
DJonesHow many terrabytes would you need to back up the world?13:43
oimonask google13:43
davmor2shauno, willy_1977: Being as I lived through most of the 70's and all of the 80's I can tell you there are far worse lp/signles you can have than those.13:43
oimonor was than a pun DJones? terra=earth13:43
willy_1977I'm thinking of doing similar gord - but I must admit I do like putting on lp13:43
DJonesoimon: I'm that awake enough to do a pun that good13:44
willy_1977davmor2: that's true... at least I didn't go for rick astley/kylie/jason donovan etc. etc.13:44
davmor2willy_1977: Joe Dolce Shattap ya face13:44
oimoni was right, monster munch packets have got lighter :(13:45
willy_1977davmor2: oh my word, and that kept nivea by ultravox off the top slot didn't it?13:45
davmor2willy_1977: and from the 90's just to prove how god awful mr blobby13:45
shaunobrobostigon: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23042/Screen%20shot%202011-03-31%20at%2013.44.31.png13:45
AlanBelldavmor2: it is an uplifting ditty addressing the perplexing dilemma of whether to sit in the back seat or kick it in the front seat13:45
oimonis unity supported on small screens (e.g. eee 701?)13:46
willy_1977davmor2: wasn't bob the builder in 90's as well or had we reset the clocks then?13:46
AlanBellpersonally I think the young lady concerned is only just legally permitted to be in a car without a booster seat, and I am not seeing any seatbelts in use at all13:47
davmor2DJones: spaceman should be way higher than that13:48
DJonesdavmor2: I'm just trying to bleach my brain having read "Agadoo" on the list13:49
AlanBellwhich is possibly the worst ever song featuring a chicken13:50
DJonesAlanBell: Nah, Spitting Image - The chicken song must win that one13:50
davmor2DJones: what makes it worse is they haven't even touched on some of the worse songs :)   oh and I owned most of them in my time :D13:51
DJonesdavmor2: Most people have probably owned most of them, even if they've just been stuck on a compliation album as a filler13:52
davmor2DJones: don't mock.  Fling a chicken in the air, stick a deck chair up your nose, fly a jumbo jet and bury all your clothes........13:52
AlanBell"30 | Michael Bolton | Can I Touch You There?" no idea what that is, but ewwww13:52
davmor2startreking by marrs13:52
DJonesThats a great song13:52
willy_1977only going forward 'cause we can find reverse...13:52
oimoni remember buying Now thats what i call music vol 513:56
oimoni think they are at 78 now13:56
davmor2oimon: I had now that's what I call music 113:56
DJonesI've got the first few of those on vinyl13:56
oimondavmor2: first song was queen i think?13:56
oimonfirst song on now 5 was frankie :(13:57
davmor2it almost alway was in the early days :)13:57
davmor279 wet, wet, wet love is all around.  A song so annoying that the band pulled it so they still had fans :D13:58
oimondoes anyone in here work on compiz bugs?14:00
davmor2gord: say nothing14:01
oimon:P it seems like a one-line fix..:P14:02
oimonbug 43886814:02
lubotu3Launchpad bug 438868 in compiz (Ubuntu Maverick) "Numerous applications have focus issues after emerging from a screensaver or suspend" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43886814:02
oimonseems to be annoying a lot of people14:02
willy_1977could be their eyes?14:02
davmor2popey: did czajkowski swear once when at the house for the UUPC recording?14:03
davmor2DJones: nothing by "how to kill a hit" Crazy Frog on that list of worst hits14:05
Laneytech made me restart my computer to get the serial number out of the bios because he didn't believe the one I showed him from dmidecode was right14:10
Laneyguess what... it was14:10
popeydavmor2: no14:11
popeyLaney: mbp?14:12
Laneyno, just a black box14:12
=== denny_ is now known as denny
davmor2popey: I don't believe it (in the best victor meldrew voice)14:13
Laneydmidecode -s system-serial-number14:13
popeyblank here14:14
LaneyI guess it depends on what your bios provides14:14
Laneyjust do dmidecode -s and you'll get a list of things to query14:14
davmor2Laney: you don't understand he has to read from his script and you were trying to buck it.  Next time say I've had this issue before so I wrote down the number :D14:14
Laneyfirst he crawled around the computer on the floor looking for a number written on it14:15
willy_1977Laney: nice...as has been said it's like bucking someone on a scripted telesales call...14:17
Laneythis guy's pretty sound, I just think he could do with a bit of clue sometimes :-)14:21
oimonwhat are the chances that pc world would sell thermal cpu paste?14:50
BigRedSpretty high14:50
BigRedSI've bought it from there before14:51
oimondirecthex: any views?14:52
oimonwoops just saw popey link14:52
oimon£5 LOL..oh well needs must14:52
directhexthermal goo isn't worth worrying about. just get whatever you can that's vaguely silvery and comes in a tube14:52
* brobostigon shakes fist @ xorg15:06
brobostigonmumble kept going though after gpu lockup.15:06
davmor2brobostigon: mumble hates you15:07
brobostigondavmor2: it worked well though, it kept going, even after xorg crashed and died, so i like that.15:07
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: X didn't know the GPU crashed, I guess15:10
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: so it just kept sending commands15:10
brobostigonMartijnVdS: maybe, yes.15:10
davmor2Who just said boo on mumble?15:15
willy_1977davmor2: I forgot I had it on yesterday and popey and alan scared the living be-jesus out of me... :p (p.s. it wasn't me)15:16
popeythat would have been AlanBell15:18
popeyhe moved to another "room"15:18
popeyas i have15:18
brobostigonthe globaljam room.15:18
MartijnVdSget a room 8-)15:20
* TheOpenSourcerer looks at his server stats too see how much traffic this mumlbe stuff is using...15:23
davmor2MartijnVdS: they only set up rooms so that joke can be repeated constantly15:23
MartijnVdSdavmor2: good.15:23
AlanBellgood question TheOpenSourcerer, it shouldn't be much I think15:23
TheOpenSourcerer1/2 a Gig this month.15:24
MartijnVdS1.21 gigabits15:24
TheOpenSourcererOooh - shiny new router that might just tick all my boxes... http://www.engadget.com/2011/03/31/logitecs-new-wireless-router-is-crazy-looking-crazy-fast/15:27
shaunoMartijnVdS: did you figure out if that /run stuff was an april fools' joke or not?15:38
willy_1977shauno: on the fed mailing list?15:38
shaunoit showed up on lwn too.  don't read fedora mailing lists, for fairly obvious reasons :o)15:39
oimonaahh pc world. if you don't know the answer, maybe you shouldn't say anything15:39
willy_1977wow... seems to be the latest bun fight...15:39
willy_1977shauno: lwn? london weekend news?15:40
shaunoclose, but no cigar :)15:40
willy_1977ah ok.15:40
brobostigonhow do i change the font rendering in natty?15:40
oimonthe guy presented 2 thermal compunds - "the more expensive one offers better cooling" - i say, isn't it just a bigger tube? "no, they are the same size". when i sent him away, i loked and found one 1.5g and one 4g15:41
brobostigonthe appearence app doesnt seem to axist anymore.15:41
willy_1977shauno: honestly it nearly brought my mail server down :p15:41
shaunothermal goo doesn't present any cooling at all.  it's transfer, not disipation :/15:42
oimonshauno: they just just show me where the product is and let me make decisions rather than feed me FUD15:43
shaunoif I have to go anywhere near stores like that, I've one simple trick.  just avoiding shaving for 5 days first, so I look homeless :)15:43
oimonon the bright side i probably found the cheapest product in the store15:44
oimonand had a go on some 3d glasses - never seen 3d before15:44
* screen-x wonders if oimon has ever looked outside15:44
oimonscreen-x: yah, just keep my head down :P15:44
shaunoI still can't figure out if that /run stuff is serious or not.  think I'll just ignore it for a week and see if it goes away15:45
oimonshauno: like the ethernet device names in fedora?15:46
BigRedSOh yeah, what happened to that15:47
BigRedSdid it go away?15:47
=== christian is now known as Guest84847
oimonBigRedS: nope http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/ConsistentNetworkDeviceNaming#Consistent_Network_Device_Naming15:58
oimonnetwork device naming will be "consistent" unless you are on a vm, :P  why should i care whether my NIC is embedded or PCI?15:59
BigRedSoimon: I remember the argument about whether you care where it is or not, and there's a few use cases where people do16:21
BigRedSbut I still had hoped that idea had died a death16:21
shaunothat's an odd one that actually strikes me as useful :/16:21
oimonit would suck unless there were still aliases that showed eth0/1/2 etc16:23
shaunoreally annoying when you add an extra nic to a machine, and it gets numbered 0 so you have to go and clean up all your existing rules16:23
oimonshauno: that could still happen if you have 2 pci nics16:24
oimonshauno: forget that, it wouldn't16:25
oimon pci<slot>p<port>_<vf>.  is hideous and un-user friendly16:25
oimoni'm only concerned in case it works it's way into redhat. however, nearly all of my machines will be virtual by then16:26
shaunotempted to go help the missus with mario just so I don't have to keep listening to 'underground' over and over again16:29
AlanBelloimon: "eth0" is hideous and un-user friendly16:30
AlanBellwhich is why it just says "wired network" in network manager16:30
shaunomost device names are ugly; if you ever have to see them, that's the least of your problems16:30
oimoni deal with them all day long on servers16:31
oimonand regularly do ifdown eth0; if up eth0 ..you wouldn't want to think about what type of card is installed etc.16:32
oimonand on a 1 card server, you *always* know that eth0 exists16:32
oimoni'm coming from the P.o.V of someone managing a network of 200 machines.16:34
popeywhy would you up/down an interface16:35
popey<script>DisplayMessage('Application is only compatible with Internet Explorer 6 or higher versions. Please use Internet Explorer 6 or higher to proceed.');</script></form>16:37
oimonhad to do it yesterday on my ubuntu machine. networking was borked after a suspend16:37
popeythats not 200 machines16:37
popeythats your pc16:37
popeywe have 200+ machines running SAP and pretty much never down a physical interface16:38
oimonalternatively, when troubleshooting network problems and/or setting up dhcp , i run dhclient etc16:38
popeywe frequently bring up VLANs and such, but we name those16:38
popeyso they get to be called nice whacky names :)16:39
oimonbefore that, last week, i couldn't get a machine to kickstart because of lack of driver in the pxe kernel so i was playing around with the driver/net card - having uncertainty over network naming doesn't help16:40
oimonplus iptables configs...i could go on16:40
oimontype eth0 into askubuntu and you'll see it is regularly used on personal machines too - advice would then be conditional on type of interface16:43
screen-xoimon: its already dependent on the module, some give interesting names. For example ath5k called my  wifi interface wlan016:46
oimonscreen-x: sometimes they appear as ath0 too..yuck16:48
shaunowell, atleast they seem to have left an option to turn it off.  so just push that to your grub defaults :o)16:52
gordhttp://imgur.com/VJsxA - well. that is something i never thought i would see16:53
oimonarnie's looking slim nowadays16:55
Laneyi'm surprised those bikes don't have chain guards16:56
screen-xthe ones in cardiff are shaft driven16:57
oimoni think they kept shouting closer, to get boris to crash into arnie16:58
shaunoheh, that's funny.  gord's picture looked almost candid, with very few people in the background16:59
shaunothe video reveals it as a complete feeding frenzy16:59
oimonthumbs up guvnor!16:59
screen-xgrr firefox is offered as a tar.gz to linux users by default :(17:00
gordwe just.. we all have to now live in a universe where the terminator rode around on a bike with boris johnson... feels like we are a joke being told by people in another universe17:00
shaunoatleast until he gets home, to the safety of his hummer17:01
AlanBellLaney: they do have quite chunky chain guards17:01
Laneypartial ones?17:02
AlanBellyeah, all round the chainwheel and along the top of the chain17:03
AlanBellquite hard to get oil on your suit trousers17:03
shauno"This website is not responsible for the stupid comments some users may write."  I'm not sure if that just didn't translate well, or maybe too well, but I think I prefer that over the standard disclaimers :)17:24
bigcalm"Our users are stupid"17:25
shaunobesides, it doesn't call anyone stupid, just that sooner or later, a comment may be stupid17:26
screen-xits probably fair to say that all websites have some stupid users17:26
shaunoI just found it refreshingly honest, since most disclaimers point everything towards ownership (or lack of)17:27
shaunohttp://www.fsf.org/blogs/community/gmail-jstrap/   FSF making new friends ;)17:35
directhexshauno, the FSF doesn't make friends.17:38
shaunothe 'javascript trap' stuff seems like nonsense :/17:42
shaunoit's a non-free webservice.  making the client-side JS free doesn't sanitize it17:43
AlanBellit does from the RMS point of view17:46
AlanBellhe is actually fairly OK with non-free code running server side as web services17:46
AlanBellhe doesn't think you should put your data there, or do your computing on someone elses computer though17:47
AlanBellhowever something that does a transitory communication service does not need to be Free17:47
shaunoI'm not sure I'd call gmail transitory17:48
AlanBellbut if there is Javascript running on *your* computer then *you* should have the freedom to use/study/improve/share17:48
AlanBellno, gmail isn't particularly transitory, neither is google docs if you leave stuff there17:49
AlanBellbut putting a doc on google docs in order to collaborate on it with someone else would be OK17:49
popeyhttp://www.hercules.com/uk/ecafe/bdd/p/156/ecafe-trade-ex-hd-black-/ impressed that they actually break down their "13 hours battery" into what they did17:49
popeythe fact that they don't call it Ubuntu, but "Netbook Edition operating system" probably means canonical dont get an OEM cut I guess17:50
popeyI just had a horrid thought17:55
popeyMy first PC video card was made by Hercules, before the author of http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/03/hercules-unveils-ecafe-netbook-series-runs-ubuntu-netbook-remix/ was born!17:55
denny...a recruiter just contacted me about a job at Canonical17:56
* denny tries not to fanboi while replying.17:56
dennyI'm quite amused by the long paragraph explaining who Canonical are17:56
dennysurely if you don't already know, then you're not the right person to be working there17:56
popeyGood luck! (assuming you go for it)17:56
dennyI'm very tempted17:57
dennyalthough not sure they'll want me, my experience is all tied up in Perl and I don't think they use it17:57
dennyI do have my own company ticking over atm, but I could be tempted away from that for the right place and the right money17:57
gordCanonical - slowly converting #ubuntu-uk into #canonical one user at a time17:58
AlanBellgord: I sent an email trying to tempt a #canonical person into #ubuntu-uk earlier18:07
shaunohere's some fun.  gnu's dd wants bs=1M, rejects 1m as an invalid number.   bsd's dd wants bs=1m, rejects 1M as an invalid number.  so you can't use the same command on both :(18:26
KrimZonI heard when you join canonical they give you a new name18:26
MartijnVdSshauno: no18:31
shaunohaving fun explaining the difference between MB & MiB.  apache shows a file as being 1M, but wget says it downloaded 977K.  I thought this mess would be sorted out by now :o)18:36
MartijnVdSit won't be sorted out I think :(18:46
BigRedSno, not enough people care18:48
HazRPGcrap crap crap crap crap...18:53
* HazRPG makes sure he's /sort/ of ready for the meeting18:54
shauno\o/ my laptop's in poland!18:54
shaunoI almost want to work for UPS.  this is a pretty epic trip.18:55
BigRedSis that where it's supposed to be?18:55
BigRedSah, I suspect not, then :)18:55
shaunoit was in kazakhstan when I woke up this morning, so it's closer :o)18:55
BigRedSahh, well, that a bonus of sorts18:56
shaunohttp://dl.dropbox.com/u/23042/ups.jpg   for some reason I didn't expect it to come off the plane between china and the EU18:58
HazRPGshauno: \o/18:59
shaunohell, I'm not sure I expected that to be a 3-stop flight.  but it was funny to wake up and find my laptop in kazakhstan :o)18:59
shaunothat is pretty good progress tho.  I'm hoping it'll be here before wednesday, so entering the EU tonight is a plus19:00
daubersMeeting at 9 tonight!19:01
* BigRedS moves the mug so it stops obscuring the '1' on his clock19:05
KrimZonwtf, firefox 4 just popped up some random video from god knows where19:14
BigRedSI keep hearing of this sort of thing...19:16
* BigRedS notes that middle-click-paste-and-go doesn't work in FF319:16
BigRedSmaybe it does in FF4 and this is confusing people?19:17
BigRedSespecially people who, like me, thought it worked in 3.x19:17
YaManicKilloops sorry19:18
ali1234what is middle click paste and go?19:18
YaManicKillwrong window :-P19:18
* HazRPG pokes AlanBell, popey & BigRedS for advice in #ubuntu-uk-meeting19:18
HazRPGI'm just making sure I've got everything down19:19
KrimZonit wasn't even a url I'd visited or copied to the clipboard19:21
BigRedSali1234: highlight a URL with your mouse, as per normal middle-click-paste19:21
BigRedSbut paste it into a new tab, in the bit that would be showing the contents of the page19:22
BigRedSit used to have the same effect as pasting into the URL bar and hitting enter19:22
BigRedSthinking about it, I can't say for sure if I've seen it since Mozilla19:22
KrimZonit may or may not have been linked somewhere in what I was browsing, but I definitely didn't have any text selected19:22
AlanBellBigRedS: just middle click a URL, it opens in a new tab19:23
BigRedSHazRPG: Ah, I'm not generally going to be of much use. I've only seen a couple of these meetings19:23
BigRedSAlanBell: possibly, but ff3 does that so I'd have thought ff4 users would be used to that?19:23
BigRedSthe middle-click paste-and-go is pure speculation on my part, though. I've seen FF4 but not actually used it19:24
BigRedSI just suspect that might be the source of all these pages I keep hearing people seeing open for no apparent reason19:24
KrimZonI did get annoyed by middle click paste and go, I forget how exactly and I disabled it19:24
KrimZonor something like it in 319:24
BigRedShm, I don't have it in this 3.x19:24
AlanBellBigRedS: actually I am not sure what you are on about, I can't middle click paste onto a new tab page19:25
BigRedSAlanBell: is that in FF4?19:25
BigRedSAh yeah. I'm wondering if FF4 does behave that way, and so people are accidentally doing it, not realising it's a 'feature'19:26
KrimZonI've had it with images and videos, so I'm wondering if it's trying to open content that should be inline or is linked in some way19:26
BigRedSsince Mozilla worked like that but I don't remember if early Firefoxen did.19:27
BigRedSAnyway, I've got to wander off for a bit, I'll see if I can be more descriptive on my return, if anyone's still interested :)19:27
AlanBellhttp://www.favbrowser.com/firefox-4-receives-paste-and-go/ this?19:28
BigRedSAlanBell: nope19:28
BigRedSliterally: 1) highlight a URL 2) open a new tab 3) middle click in the page of that tab19:29
BigRedSand then you go to that URL19:29
BigRedSI'll see if I can find its actual name...19:29
BigRedS(when I get back :)  )19:29
* HazRPG panics a tad lol19:30
KrimZonas far as I can tell, I didn't click anything in the moments before the tab opened19:30
KrimZonit could be an evil extension19:32
KrimZonexcept it's not particularly spammy stuff, just content type stuff rather than whole pages19:34
KrimZonI'll try not closing tabs, then next time it happens searching the whole source for the url that opens19:34
jacobwCopy and paste from FF4 to other GTK applications doesn't work properly19:35
jacobwActually, I'll revise that, copy and paste from the URL bar in FF4 to Pidgin's message composer doesn't work properly19:36
AlanBellmeeting in 50 minutes in the #ubuntu-uk-meeting channel people20:09
BigRedSdammit. Now I've started to miss that Netscape paste behaviour :(20:12
gordcopy paste from anything to xchat is a giant pain20:12
gordxchat likes to put its own stuff in the copy buffer if you click anywhere that isn't the text entry20:12
BigRedSI keep doing that with whatever terminal it is I have open at work20:15
BigRedSclick to move the cursor, and in the process inadvertently copy nothing at all20:15
BigRedSs/move the cursor/change focus/20:16
KrimZonthe worst is right-click paste of multiple lines in a terminal20:17
zeroXtenany ideas on how to get X to output on a second monitor (vga on webbook).. xorg.conf has to be edited due to device weirdness so autodetect doesn't work20:26
zeroXtenin fact, not a second monitor as such, but switch X output to the VGA. Currently other ttys are mirrored on both screens20:26
BigRedSI can't remember the precise incantation, but IIRC its man page has enough examples to let you know what it is you want20:29
* zeroXten takes a look, it sounds vaguely familiar20:30
BigRedShttp://www.manpagez.com/man/1/xrandr/ if you're asking what I think you're asking20:30
zeroXtenhmm, looks like I only have one output20:36
zeroXtenaka 'default'20:36
HazRPG15 mins guys and gals :) *points to: #ubuntu-uk-meeting*20:47
* HazRPG presses the BIG RED panic button20:54
* BigRedS looks a bit concerned...20:55
HazRPGits fine, I have a whole list of lolcats to post :)20:56
AlanBellmeeting is over in #ubuntu-uk-meeting peeps21:06
AlanBellhi Biglesp, all set for u^3?21:06
BiglespAlanBell: oh yes 57 attendees booked in!21:06
=== airurando is now known as mrod
AlanBellfull of win21:06
AlanBellBiglesp: take photos21:07
BiglespAlanBell: we've got a flickr group, hash tags, video cameras, the works ;)21:07
=== mrod is now known as airurando
AzelphurIs there any way to get a twitter RSS feed that doesn't include @Replies?21:07
jacobwget it and filter out the @replies?21:19
popeyevening all21:22
dauberspopey: #ubuntu-uk-meeting :)21:24
Azelphurhaha, I just had a fun little issue with my game server :D21:34
hamitronAzelphur: how many "steam staff" you ban?21:36
Azelphurhamitron: none :P21:36
AzelphurI wrote an automated donation system, the players go in game and type /donated paypal_txn_id and the server activates extra stuff for them, I register adsense as donations too so they get tracked on the website, with a null transaction ID21:36
Azelphurso some guy just dropped by and said "Hey I typed /donated and it announced I donated $120 and gave me premium for the next few years"21:37
Azelphuryea lol21:37
Azelphurfrom adsense payout xD21:37
hamitronwhat was he suposed to donate?21:37
Azelphurhe claimed an adsense payout as his own donation by accident basically21:38
Azelphurbecause the transaction id on an adsense payout is null21:38
Azelphurand he just typed /donated without a code xD21:38
CyberJacobdo the team meeting logs go to http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/03/31/21:38
Azelphurhamitron: patched it and gave him 3 months free for reporting the issue lol21:38
Azelphurfunny little issue to come up, though :P21:39
hamitronreporting bugs for freebies is probably a good way of making players "accept" bugs21:40
lubotu3Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/21:42
popeyAlanBell: http://www.noob.us/entertainment/i-bet-you-didnt-know-this-about-chickens/21:54
AlanBellmeeting over, anyone want to set up mumble and join in?22:09
an0keyMeeting over, was it not due to start at 22:00?22:10
popeyhullo an0key22:11
AlanBellan0key: no, they start at 21:0022:11
AlanBellan0key: never mind, there will be minutes22:11
an0key"21:00 UTC (21:00 GMT)" = 22:00 BST22:11
AlanBellbother, you are right22:12
popeywhere does it say that?22:12
an0keyoh well, I'll pop along for the next one then.22:12
suprengrUTC = Ubuntu-uk time zone ;)22:12
BigRedSwhat was the mumble address?22:13
=== AlanBell changed the topic of #ubuntu-uk to: Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! http://ubuntu-uk.org | This channel is publicly archived http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Mailing List http://tinyurl.com/uukml | Support Guidelines http://tinyurl.com/uuksupport | Meeting 14th April 21:00 BST #ubuntu-uk-meeting http://tinyurl.com/uukmeet | Quiz: 16th April 21:00 | We're jammin' http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/globaljam2011
suprengrUTC = Ubuntu-UK Time Controlled ;)22:14
zleapno idea what happened there22:14
AlanBell Meeting 14th April 21:00 BST #ubuntu-uk-meeting22:14
* suprengr bows to the great time controller aka AlanBell 22:17
* AlanBell steps back into the Tardis22:17
* an0key goes back to revision =[ 22:19
ubuntuuk-planet[Jamie Bennett] Linaro 11.05 Beta Ubuntu images available - http://www.linuxuk.org/2011/03/linaro-11-05-beta-ubuntu-images-available/23:22
phonex01guys i need help23:56
hamitronwhat with?23:57
phonex01im using HSPA+ internet service on my ubuntu machine23:57
phonex01and im using virtualbox23:57
* brobostigon-g1 screams and shouts athe top of his voice23:57
phonex01my virtual machine can only bridge eth or wlan but not HSPA connection23:57
hamitrongood one brobostigon-g1 ;/23:57
phonex01so how can i use internet on my virtual machine ?23:58
hamitronyou sure it can't "share" the same ip as the host OS?23:58
brobostigon-g1hamiron :'(23:58
shaunois bridging the only method available?23:59

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