iheartubuntuwow, 88*F here in socal00:05
pleia272 here00:05
pleia2it's really beautiful00:05
iheartubuntuthe snow on mt. baldy is going to melt QUICK00:05
* iheartubuntu needs beer -- badly!00:15
kevin5949173mi abuela has a robot cat.  it purrs00:22
kevin5949173iheartubuntu: why?00:26
kevin5949173yeah, why do you need beer00:26
iheartubuntuwhy not should be the question :)00:37
kevin5949173i used to have a flask00:42
kevin5949173i didn't put beer in it00:42
kevin5949173it didn't help with tasks / but it sure made me a lunatic00:42
iheartubuntu( (( really?? )) )00:43
kevin5949173yes to the flask, no to the lunacy00:44
kevin5949173rats, i should have told him "basically"01:00
DarkwingDuckThis feels strange03:59
akkpleia2: LOL @ Panchromatic Villa05:39
pleia2autocorrect is great05:40
akkIt could be one of those places that uses colored/flavored tortillas, plus red or green chile ... :)05:41
iheartubuntumy sister upgraded her iphone and now ubuntu wont connect to it. apparently ubuntu wants to do something provacative, because the error message states "Ubuntu wants to mount Denise but is unable to"16:31
sn9iheartubuntu: there's a ppa that fixes that16:33
iheartubuntuoh there is?16:34
akkWhat's the issue? unsupported filesystem type?16:34
iheartubuntuthanks, i will have to check for it16:34
iheartubuntugot it working thanks sn9!16:44
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nhainesAnd thus the solution to the iPhone problem was lost forever.19:35
pleia2nah, he blogged about it19:36
pleia2it's on our planet :)19:36
nhainespleia2: good!  :)19:36
pleia2for the sake of logs: http://www.iheartubuntu.com/2011/03/ubuntu-iphone-fix-for-upgrades-to-os-4x.html19:37
nhainesThe default set of launcher icons in Unity (now that we're nearly at beta) is *much* nicer than it used to be.  :)19:38
* pleia2 refreshes email for beta announcement19:38
pleia2will unity run from a livecd?19:38
nhainesRight now it's [Home, Firefox, Writer, Calc, Impress, Ubuntu Software Center, U1 Control Panel, Workplace switcher, file lens, application lens]19:39
nhainesIt will if you have a blessed ATI or Intel card... nvidia not so much.  But to my delight, it *does* run on my desktop computer's video card once it's installed and the proprietary driver is installed.  :)19:39
* pleia2 haz blessed ATI card19:40
pleia2I'll have to give it a try19:40
nhainesNow if they just fix the broken icon and squished panel during install it'll be unstoppable.19:40
pleia2a fix for this would be nice too: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/73981219:41
pleia2for tablets19:41
pleia2but tablet support has gotten increasingly better throughout the cycle19:42
nhainesHm, that's important.  :(19:44
jonohas anyone seen MarkDude around?19:45
pleia2jono: not in a week, a few people have emailed and left voicemails, no reply yet AFAIK19:46
sn9his at&t mailbox is full19:46
pleia2he was pretty busy with life stuff last week, so I'm hoping he's just busy19:46
jonopleia2, that's concerning19:46
pleia2I mentioned it to grantbow last night, he said he'd try to call him too19:46
sn9grantbow doesn't live that far; he can go check19:47
sn9unless someone wants to try poking his grandmother on facebook19:48
jonojust tried calling, no answer19:49
sn9maybe his phone bought it19:53
sn9it was always crapping out19:53
iheartubuntui have not seen markdude since shortly after scale19:57
iheartubuntuhe was in here a few times a week or two ago19:57
iheartubuntuhad a nice chat with him and havent seen him since19:57
iheartubuntuyah he was busy with life19:58
jonoMarkDude just called me back - he is fine20:10
jonopleia2, ^20:10
pleia2jono: thanks :)20:12
iheartubuntugood good20:28
nhainesUgh, OMG!Ubuntu again.20:32
nhaines"Oh hey!  The beta hasn't been released yet... but you can trash the mirrors now!"20:32
pleia2ugh :(20:34
pleia2nhaines: thanks for your reply on that bug (the initial concern was accessibility, I subbed for the tablet angle)20:35
nhainespleia2: it just seemed like such a strange thing for sabdfl to say.  :)20:35
pleia2nhaines: the importance has bounced around a little, I suspect it came up in an internal meeting20:36
pleia2(launi is a canonical employee)20:36
pleia2he's also the one who got me involved with the PA LoCo, we were hanging out in philly one day in 2007 and I was like "hey, we should have an ubuntu team" and he said "one is starting, see!"20:40
pleia2fun times, we've all moved away from PA now :\20:40
nhaineshaha  :)20:40
iheartubuntuhi markdude21:18
MarkDudeHello iheartubuntu21:18
iheartubuntuhows the gooseberry hangin21:19
MarkDudeGood deal- garden is doing ok also21:20
iheartubuntunice. im not doing a garden it looks like :(21:21
iheartubuntuexpanding the garage and will wipe out my raised beds21:22
iheartubuntuwill have to continue the garden after everything is done21:22
MarkDudeHalf of the seeds I transplanted into the backyard were eaten overnight21:24
MarkDudethe other half were in the front yard- so they were safe21:27
MarkDudefor the moment21:27
iheartubuntuIm starting to work on a flyer I will post in different places announcing the Pasadena Ubuntu Hour. Im considering putting a QR Code on the page since most students I see have smartphones nowadays. But not sure what data I should put in the QR Code.22:13
iheartubuntuMaybe just the Ubuntu Hour wiki page?22:13
iheartubuntusince that page had ALL the data? time, date, location, etc?22:13
* iheartubuntu is NOT getting a qr code tattoo22:14
akkGo to the page for the specific UH, not the general "all ubuntu hours" page.22:17
akkIt should take people straight to a page that displays the time and location so they don't have to hunt.22:17
iheartubuntuthats what im thinking too22:18
* iheartubuntu just hopes someone doesnt draw in an extra square within the qrcode :)22:18
MarkDudeOr change it22:33
* MarkDude thinks it would be way cool to create some QR codes the same size as the posters MS uses-22:33
MarkDudemaybe to Linux sites22:33
iheartubuntuto ubuntu.com22:34
iheartubuntuive seen them stuck on light posts while waiting at a light22:34
akkThat's a cute way to get people to go to your (probably malware) site.22:35
iheartubuntufor a good time call... and then put a qr code :) haha22:35
* MarkDude needs to make some updated codes for Partimus 22:35
iheartubuntuwill Natty make use of my nvidia drivers for unity or will i need to install those to get unity going23:11
nhainesWhich drivers are you referring to?23:13
iheartubuntunvidia drivers23:18
iheartubuntuwhatever the current ones are23:19
nhainesThere are two different drivers, neither of which are installed by default.23:19
iheartubuntuwill i get the unity desktop since they arent installed by default?23:20
nhainesCurrently, it appears (on my system, anyway) that the proprietary drivers (nv) support Unity and the experimental Free drivers (noveau) do not support Unity.23:20
nhainesNo, because Unity requires 3D support.23:20
iheartubuntu(downloading 11.04 beta... 9 days to go)23:20
iheartubuntuso if a computer has no 3D card it also wont have unity?23:21
nhainesAs Unity requires 3D support, that is correct.23:22
akkFor a while they were saying there was a non-3d mode -- but that it would be fairly different from the normal 3d mode.23:23
akkWhen people were asking on ubuntu-dev* about testing unity in VMs.23:23
nhainesakk: there is Unity 2D but that is a parallel project.  It's default in the ARM builds but not installed by default in the desktop builds.23:24
iheartubuntui think thats where i got confused. thanks. and i havent kept up on the news23:24
akkUbuntu's support for the graphics chip in my laptop (Intel 945 or thereabouts) is fairly crappy and I've never figured out why.23:25
akkd has the same graphics in his netbook and ubuntu supports it, but maybe something got misconfigured in my install and there's no obvious way to test or fix it.23:26
akkHe can do tuxracer/google earth and I can't.23:27
iheartubuntuakk - have you done a fresh install lately?23:47
iheartubuntumy dad has a Dell Inspiron 1525n and did not do 3D a couple of years ago when he bought it. A recent fresh install of Ubuntu fixed that and my dad is doing SuperTuxKart and Speed Dreams no prob23:48

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