Chloricevening guys01:47
* munz_werk yawns13:29
maxolasersquadNew verson of LO out.14:19
maxolasersquadmunz_werk: LibreOffice14:49
munz_werkOHHHH...ok, thx lol14:50
mhall119stupid weather15:48
DammitJim+1 mhall119 16:49
DammitJimdo you guys know what I can use to sort my pictures by creation date? like from the exif data?16:49
DammitJimok, jhead17:02
crashsystemsSometimes using OSX all day makes me twitch, like when I try to use apt to search for a package only to find that I'm on an OS that does not have a package manager.17:06
maxolasersquadcrashsystems: homebrew18:50
maxolasersquadHave you tried it?18:51
maxolasersquadcrashsystems: ^^18:53
crashsystemsnot yet.18:55
crashsystemsit would be nice to have wget though...18:56
maxolasersquadI've seen some of my Mac coworkers use it.  It's pretty cool IMO.18:56
crashsystemswhat would be far more useful is if I could fix how OSX handles window focus.18:56
maxolasersquadThe cool thing about homebrew is that for projects hosted in a version control system, you can select which tag/commit/etc you want to install from, as well as compile-time flags, and apply popular patches against an app.18:59
maxolasersquadAnd now if they'd just open source OSX, I'd use it. :)19:05
crashsystemsif they open sourced it, 3rd parties would improve it to the point where it would not drive me crazy19:08
maxolasersquadcrashsystems: It could be worse.  You could be in Dan's position.19:32
crashsystemswhat position is that?19:33
maxolasersquadWorking in Windows all day.19:33
dantalizingmy hands are dirty, and the stink never comes off no matter how hard i scrub!20:36
dantalizingwow. connectbot looks awesome on a tablet.23:13

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