snap-lwaldo323: You are in on irc00:47
snap-lwaldo323: You are in on irc00:48
jjesseon web chat02:43
jjessethere needs to be some standard on what "high speed" internet means02:43
jjesseQoS per quest02:43
jjesseQuality of SErvice per quest02:43
jjessedang it02:43
jjessebeen this quiet all week?02:54
greg-gpretty talkative during the day today, not sure about what though :)02:54
jjessei'm sure it was fascinating02:56
greg-goh of course03:00
rick_h_ok, keyboard seems cleaned ok04:01
Blazeixawesome! was it hard to get the keys off/on?04:08
rick_h_well, the big keys have a metal bar holding them in04:08
rick_h_so you have to pop them loose, without pulling them off the bar04:09
rick_h_so those were tricky, the main keys just pop off, it's a bit scary though04:09
widoxrick_h_: did you spill coffee on your keyboard?04:13
rick_h_earl grey with honey in it :/04:14
rick_h_not a ton though, so not a full bath04:14
widoxhow was CHC?04:15
widoxwasn't able to make it out :-/04:15
rick_h_was ok, got started on pgsql fulltext support for bookie, Blazeix did some updates to the badge/chrome extension stuff04:16
rick_h_and the other matt is having a kid in Oct04:16
widoxgood stuff then04:16
rick_h_yea, good stuff04:16
snap-lrick_h_: so is it unstuck, then?04:24
rick_h_yea, shift key seems unstuck04:24
snap-lI just found out something cool about the Squeezebox04:25
snap-lI can stream to any mp3-streamable device with it04:25
snap-ljust point them to http://lister:9000/stream.mp3, and it'll see it as another device04:25
snap-lso I have a device called "Mozilla from" along with "Happy Radio"04:26
snap-lonly problem is it takes about 30 seconds for it to buffer04:27
rick_h_ah, sucky04:27
snap-lbut I can have N number of devices streaming04:28
snap-lThough not all playing the same stream. They're all independent04:28
snap-loh, wait, they can be synchronized04:29
snap-lThe syncing is a bit off, though04:34
snap-ldepends on the buffering04:34
wolfgeris it Friday already?13:29
rick_h_not yet :(13:30
wolfgerthen I'm confused as to why we're partying13:32
brouschbecause COFFEE13:47
wolfgerCoffee Part > Tea Party13:49
wolfgerMan, I've been having a lot more problems with typos lately13:50
* wolfger wonders if mental degradation is beginning already13:50
snap-lu rgubj ura oiaauvkw13:58
wolfgerStop exercising my brain!14:00
wolfgeror should I say, "dyp[ rcrtvodomh ,u ntsom@14:00
tjagodaAnybody in here ever worked with Adtran hardware?14:01
brouschwhy does that sound familiar?14:01
tjagodaIts integrated communications hardware14:02
tjagoda3 T1's come in to it, one PRI interface is split out of it and the rest is data stream14:02
tjagodaThere is a local telco vendor which uses Adtran instead of Cisco14:02
tjagodaI do not know if I am comfortable hopping off the Cisco name14:02
brouschno one ever got fired for buying cisco14:03
wolfgerbrousch: that just makes me want to form a company and then fire somebody for buying Cisco. :-p14:07
* wolfger is contrarian14:07
snap-lI think there's a cream for that14:10
* ColonelPanic001 offers some cream14:13
brouschdid someone ask for cream? http://xkcd.com/14:13
ColonelPanic001nicely done14:14
rick_h_gah, more sticky keys today. I'm going to have to take a picture, pull all the keys, and give this thing an alcohol bath14:17
brouschrick_h_: we're talking about cream and comics with goo, and you start complaining about sticky keys?14:19
wolfgerI will not ask rick_h_ why his keys are sticky. I will not ask rick_h_ why his keys are sticky. I will not ask rick_h_ why his keys are sticky.14:19
brouschnot good. not good at all.14:19
rick_h_brousch: hah, guess I should start paying attention to you guys :P14:19
Milyardorick_h_: I have a problem more with hairy keys than sticky14:21
brouschthat is not less disgusting14:23
_stink_well done everybody!14:25
wolfgeryes it is, actually14:25
wolfgerunless the hairs are *stuck* to the keys14:25
wolfgerbut that's an "and", not an "or"14:26
wolfger_stink_: what did we do well?14:26
rick_h_waldo323: http://linuxmafia.com/~garrett/jordan/drinking-game.txt14:26
_stink_wolfger: this conversation14:27
wolfgerrick_h_: what is that?14:29
rick_h_wolfger: a drinking game built around a series of books waldo323 and I read14:29
wolfgerRJ? WoT? DFS?14:29
rick_h_RJ == Robert Jordan, WoT == Wheel of Time14:30
wolfgerah, ok14:30
brouschug, i think my step dad read those14:31
wolfgerI got, I think, halfway through either the second or third book before I quit14:32
brouschway too many plot threads and characters14:32
wolfgerThey were good and yet also not good at the same time14:32
rick_h_at the 3rd? That was one of the best in the series14:32
rick_h_and it was only 1/3 as large by book 3...maybe even 1/414:32
brouschgotta love it. we have a quarterly report that's been run the same way since ~1995. now they say it is wrong and meaningless. way to be on top of it!14:33
wolfgeras I recall, I was really frustrated by the main character never actually doing much of anything other than by luck.14:33
wolfgerI dunno. It's been years.14:33
wolfgerI've also got a stack of books that I haven't even begun reading.14:35
wolfgerThe existence of the internet has really doomed my book reading efforts14:36
brouschi have a physical stack and an ebook stack14:36
MilyardoThe last Arc tech article on Honycomb is pretty disappointing. Why does a Tablet need to have applications rewritten for it just because it has a different screen resolution?14:41
brouschandroid apps have defined resolutions14:45
MilyardoThis states that layouts by default of screen resolution independent, though the expected screen resolutions aren't completely arbitary14:51
Milyardo*by defualt are14:51
snap-lI have a lot of books, both physical and virtual that need reading14:52
wolfgerYeah, I know.14:52
wolfgerI'm still waiting for a book review per week from you, mister.14:53
jrwrensnap-l: do you know Regenerator?  I just listented to what I think is the original of everyone folow, but I'm more familiar with a remix, only i don't know from where is the remix.15:10
snap-lNot placing it at the moment15:10
snap-lI <3 conference calls15:59
greg-gnap time?16:00
snap-lHasn't started yet.16:00
wolfgerGah!!!! Hate CNN. Stabbity stab stab.16:08
wolfgerNot sure why I keep going there for my news. Nothing better, I guess.16:09
wolfgerWhich is a shudder-worthy thought.16:09
jrwrenwolfger: fox news.16:21
wolfgerthou shalt not utter the name of such tripe16:22
jrwrenI want to watch fox news so that when I watch Onion News Network it is funnier.16:33
jrwrenwolfger: the political blog upsetting you?16:34
rick_h_heh, fox news, or fox opinion? need to schedule correctly16:35
jcastrorick_h_: is dbo's interview out yet?16:35
snap-lwas released yesterday16:35
jrwrenwolfger: why you complain about CNN?16:36
snap-ljcastro: http://lococast.net/archives/46416:36
rick_h_jcastro: yea, last night16:36
wolfgerjrwren: I avoid reading the political blog. Upset about yet-another-radiation-scare-that's-really-not-anything-to-see-here-please-move-along16:36
wolfgerjrwren: Also a piece about "the female Indiana Jones", who is not an archaeologist, nor does she carry a bullwhip or even wear a fedora.16:37
wolfgershe's not even a professor in her non-adventuring hours16:37
wolfgerin fact, the only facet in which she is similar to Indy is that she travels to exotic countries.16:38
wolfgerI know... a horribly geeky thing to get miffed over.16:38
jrwrenits importatn!16:39
rick_h_man, sometimes it's so hard not to troll my co-worker16:50
jcastrorick_h_: listening now16:51
rick_h_jcastro: heh cool, I've not had a chance yet so hope it comes out ok16:51
wolfgerrick_h_: why avoid the temptation? ;-)16:53
rick_h_" (btw: I know I can highlight a range in VIM and do replaces in there.. but that's not exactly convenient)"16:53
rick_h_wtf, how is that not convienent?16:53
snap-lrick_h_: It requires multiple keystrokes. ;)16:53
rick_h_this is where the trolling comes in, I know the answer16:54
rick_h_"because my function is 400 lines long and involved 50 lines of a docblock comment at the start16:54
rick_h_and 400 is a good one16:54
rick_h_DBO: ping, you see the interview came out?17:10
rick_h_sorry for the delay, got it out later last night17:10
DBOrick_h_, yeah I saw :)17:12
rick_h_k, awesome17:12
brouschrick_h_: i listened to the mark ramm interview. very good17:13
rick_h_brousch: cool, glad you liked it. Thought that one went pretty well17:13
brouschi can scrape a bunch of questions out of it to ask dave brondsema on monday when he gives an allura presentation to grpug17:14
snap-lThere you go. :)17:14
jrwrensounds like a drug.17:20
rick_h_heh, allura == new SF site17:20
jrwrenside effects include erectile disfunction, sweaty palms, coughing, uncontrollable bowls and death.17:21
jrwrendoes that include git/hg web ui browsing?17:21
rick_h_think so17:21
rick_h_listen to the interview :P17:22
rick_h_and of course, listen to the rest while you're there: http://lococast.net/tag/interview-217:22
rick_h_crap, missing tags17:23
rick_h_http://lococast.net/category/interview is better17:25
snap-lHave to say, rick_h_ is rocking these interviews.17:32
jcastrohaha man, great interview guys17:42
* jcastro just finished it17:42
snap-ljcastro: awesome. Glad you liked it!17:45
jcastroI tweeted17:46
jcastro<3 the music too17:46
jcastrothat must be craig17:46
greg-ghey, thanks for mentioning the UGJ on the lococast, guys!17:53
greg-ghahah, and I love the special appearance of mrs rick :)17:54
snap-lheh. ;)17:57
snap-lYeah, that was too precious to cut out.17:57
snap-ljcastro: You need to check out Sekshun 8, Revenge, and Wendigo. They're my go-to balls-n-chunk CC bands.17:59
snap-lAnd Sequence the Silence is definitely running up into 4th place.18:00
jrwrenwork sucks, at least there is good coffee and good tea.18:33
brouschjrwren: don't quite before sunday18:34
brouschor quit either18:34
jrwrenoh no.18:39
jrwrenSRT is awesome. the best even.18:39
jrwrenits just my comptuer being stuoid.18:39
jrwrendriving me insane.18:39
jrwrenI'd make comments about windows7 but I've had crazyness in linux too ;)18:39
jrwrenimagine trying to recompile your code while apt-get upgrading your gcc ;018:40
snap-ljrwren: Is this something that happens often? :)18:43
brouschyou compile your code?18:50
binbrainrick_h_: see your using sphinx for your bookie app, have you tried to tie your rst files into source code yet?19:01
jrwrensnap-l: almost never :)19:02
jrwrenrofl @ uncompiled code.19:02
jrwrenrofl at top comment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mk3qkQROb_k&NR=119:11
greg-gwow, I can't believe I just watched that19:14
binbrainjrwren: OMG, what is that19:14
binbrainwonder if that's Oracle's attempt at making Java hip19:15
brouschit cannot be from oracle. it mentions jerking off19:16
* greg-g nods19:16
brouschplease help me. i can't stop watching this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zn7-fVtT16k19:27
rick_h_binbrain: yea, I do that on a few projects using autodoc19:31
binbrainbrousch: that's awesome19:33
binbrainrick_h_: so I'm missing something, what do you use to embed source code from py files in your docs? viewcode?19:33
rick_h_no, so sphinx has an autodoc thing where you tell it hte module name it and goes through the module and grabs the docstrings out19:34
rick_h_when you setup a new sphinx project it's got a config flag it asks you "do you want to use autodoc..."19:34
rick_h_and then if those docstrings have doctests you can enable that as well, where it runs tests I guess on building the docs19:34
rick_h_I don't do much doctest stuff19:35
rick_h_but did use it once to try it out19:35
binbrainthe docstr part I see covered, but what about just the source19:36
rick_h_oh, actually view the source code in the docs?19:36
binbraindo you have to put the source right in your rst file?19:36
rick_h_oh no, I mean I've done that in some docstrings19:37
rick_h_Usage :: (block of code here)19:37
rick_h_but no, if you want to see source, go to the source browser19:37
rick_h_gitweb at work, github on bookie19:37
binbrainI want Usage :: <link to highlighted example.py>19:37
rick_h_hmmm, I guess I'd put those files under static, the example19:38
rick_h_but meh, going to suck since you want highlight, etc19:38
binbrainwell, if a pdf is generated and printed, a source browser of the files doesn't help much19:39
rick_h_you'll need something else for that I think19:39
rick_h_yea, you want to have a dir of code, with tests that validate they work19:39
rick_h_and then you want to run through through the highlight lib, and output .html files of them19:39
binbrainthe tests that validate that code can be totally separated out19:39
rick_h_then you can link to them under static dir19:39
binbrainman, ok19:40
binbrainthat seems like work19:40
rick_h_yea, sphinx doesn't do that19:40
binbrainhave you used viewcode19:41
binbrainI think it sounds sorda like it, but I'm not sure, I guess I could just try it :)19:41
rick_h_no, ah, a plugin19:41
rick_h_yea, not used that extension19:41
snap-lThat Lady Java video is awful19:42
binbrainI mean, I could probably use pygments for that19:42
rick_h_right, but that's all viewcode is doing19:44
rick_h_looking for the code for the extension19:44
rick_h_ok, I lie19:45
rick_h_no pygments there19:46
Blazeixvim can convert source code to html19:48
binbrainBlazeix, um, that's awesome19:49
rick_h_yea but seems like something that'd you just have some service with a link to a file19:49
rick_h_and it'd open it, run it through pygments, and show it to you19:49
rick_h_one file, with a directory to search in or something19:50
Blazeixyeah, you could do something like "vim test.py -c TOhtml -c wq -c q"19:50
rick_h_or since sphinx has a build step, you'd just make your script to dump a dir of code to html in to the sphinx static directory19:50
Blazeixbut it's just a neat hack, you might not want to tie infrastructure to vim19:50
rick_h_for file in $dir of code19:50
binbrainBlazeix, your my hero19:50
binbraindidn't know that19:51
Blazeixrelated: http://vpaste.net/19:51
Blazeixvim-powered pastebin19:51
BlazeixI'd like to point out that rick_h_'s route is the "correct" way. My route is the "huh, that's unique" way...19:56
rick_h_hey, that's an awesome "oh shit, I need this in color to put up"19:59
rick_h_used that myself to open in a browser link19:59
binbrainrick_h_: you have a way to link to the .html docs that works for latexpdf output? it works for include raw works for html as output, but not latexpdf... hmmm20:23
Blazeixpygments has a latex output mode, i believe20:23
rick_h_no, haven't done any latex output20:26
rick_h_only done one page rst2pdf stuff20:26
binbrainrepoze.bfg docs do what I want, way easier then I thought :)20:50
binbrainas always20:50
brouschsnap-l: the OMC logo finally popped up in my itunes20:51
snap-lYou're welcome. :)20:51
snap-lI finally figured out how to add it20:51
brouschlococast is still blank logo20:52
rick_h_brousch: yea, if you know how to fix it I'd love to know20:53
rick_h_tried posting to twitter "hey, someone tell me what's long"20:53
rick_h_the iTunes works, but not in android/etc :(20:53
brouschrick_h_: i have no clue, but apparently snap-l does20:53
brouschand i'll tell you what's long ...20:53
snap-lIt has to be embedded into the mp3 file20:54
snap-lI think that's where it gets the logo from20:54
snap-lso I need to embed the logo into the next few episodes20:54
rick_h_oh, well that would explain it then20:54
rick_h_Man, I spent hours going through the feed xml and such and never could get it to work20:55
snap-lYeah, I think that's the reason20:55
snap-lbecause I started putting in the OMC logo into the mp3 (and ogg) files20:55
snap-laround when the Enslaved to Machines interview dropped20:55
snap-lwhich was at the beginning of March20:57
snap-l(damn, time flies when you're having fun)20:57
brouschyeah, i rarely look at it in itunes so it could have happened a while ago20:57
rick_h_ok, feel better then. I thought I must be a moron and everyone else had it all figured out20:58
snap-lrick_h_: You should know by now that you're not a moron. ;)20:58
brouschnone of the other podcasts in my itunes have a logo. omc is the only one right now20:59
brouschso it's not thet rick_h_ is a moron, it's that snap-l is a genius20:59
snap-lbrousch: You're lucky I'm not drinking anything, or you would have owed me a keyboard21:00
rick_h_that's why I let him edit21:01
brouschor maybe he just intimately understands the way apple works …21:01
rick_h_now I find out he's been sandbagging on lococast :P21:01
krondorjcastro:  seen the neon skin since the 10.1 xbmc update?21:01
jcastrono, should I?21:03
jcastrois it awesome?21:03
krondorcheck it out, looks interesting to me.  http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?t=9779221:03
krondorjust got added to the official skin list, I think there was a beta of it in github for a bit21:04
jcastrooh I think I did try this21:06
jcastrothat tv grid looks awesome21:06
krondoryeah, I was going to try messing with it and Cinema plugin.21:12

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