MutantTurkeypreferably neighbors02:34
ChinnoDogI'm with you MutantTurkey02:58
InHisNameGoot Evenin' all you wonderful people!03:49
JonathanDGood morning Pennsylvania.12:43
* InHisName in behalf of Pennsylvania say Good Morning to you TOO !13:47
bts3685|vpsguys. i am friggin' tired16:09
* ssweeny too16:09
ssweenylet's have nap time16:09
bts3685|vps@karma naptime16:10
PennBotbts3685|vps: Karma for "naptime" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.16:10
andrewthat's it?16:12
andrew@karma naps16:12
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InHisNameEveryone all rested up for the big day ?19:02
InHisNameOnly about 10 hours left, use it wisely!19:03
waltmanNational Backup Day?19:11
InHisNameTomorrow !19:11
InHisNameFool  !!19:11
waltmansorry, it's *World* Backup Day, and it's today19:11
InHisNameover slept a trifle, heh   waltman ?19:12
ChinnoDogWhat does one do on world backup day? format c:?19:12
waltmanI'll have you know I've aleady backed up all 3 boxes I'm responsible for today!19:12
InHisNameI've celebrated already.......19:13
InHisName   I've backed-up                              from my driveway.19:13
waltmanI think the idea's something like "Don't wait until tomorrow and be a fool, backup your computer today!"19:13
jedijfi need to backup19:16
ChinnoDogWorld Backup Day is for jedijf19:23
ChinnoDogjedijf: You are especially at risk. What if you drive the breadvan into a creek and it floats away?19:27
ChinnoDogFrench bread pontoons will not be enough to keep the bread van afloat.19:29
InHisNameCan jedijf still back up the van out of the creek ?19:29
InHisNameShould we all RAID his truck of all the goodies ?19:32
ChinnoDogthose puns are terrible19:33
waltmanBe careful -- if the police catch you, they'll arrest you and restore the goodies to his truck!19:44
bts3685|vpsthen you'll need intensive recovery sessions!19:48
bts3685|vps(wait, i thought we were still making data backup puns)19:48
bts3685|vpsjedijf: remember telling us about one of the breadvan drivers that got the vehicle stuck under a low-hanging carport?19:48
bts3685|vpsthat was awesome. </chris_farley></SNL>19:48
ChinnoDogThe differential on the truck after that will not be very good19:49
ChinnoDog"low-hanging carport"?19:50
ChinnoDogA concrete structure?19:50
bts3685|vpslike a square peg trying to go into a...19:51
bts3685|vpswell, a smaller square hole.19:52
ChinnoDogHow do you fix that? Deflate the tires and back out?19:52
bts3685|vpsthat's how they do it in the brainteasers19:52
bts3685|vpsjedijf: how was it fix0rzed?19:52
ChinnoDogCover the van in butter and slide it out!19:53
ChinnoDoggobble gobble20:11
InHisNametime for MutantTurkey to speak-up20:14
MutantTurkeygobble gobble20:14
InHisNameall this gobbling has got me more interested in some Roast Turkey with dressing.  Yum!20:16
jedijfok, backup is the office server21:23
jedijf2 we don't get stuck ..we have hit 3 of them21:23
jedijfdead on21:24
jedijfphila airport hilton, holiday inn runnemeade,nj and holiday inn de21:24

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