Dan9186any recommendations on a simple way to do virtual machines on a terminal only install of ubuntu?06:10
wrstDan9186: virtualbox i think is not too terrible to set up, I know netritious has done it several different ways12:44
cyberangeras have I13:34
cyberangerbut unfortunately the simplest is to install virtualbox normally, it will force xorg to also be installed, but xorg will NOT run unless you tell it to13:35
cyberanger(via a command like startx)13:35
mhall119qemu can be run from the terminal only I think13:35
mhall119kvm if your hardware can run it13:35
cyberangerextra junk on the hdd, but since it's not run, that's the only extra resource (virtualbox package depending on xorg is a bug, unfortunately, the software itself does work headless too)13:37
cyberangerI loved qemu, idk why I stopped using it13:37
cyberangerwell, I sorta do, habit of virtualbox now13:37
Xpistosmorning all13:56
wrstmorning cyberanger, Xpistos mhall11914:00
cyberangerhey wrst14:24
cyberangermorning Xpistos14:24
cyberangerman today the donuts are fresher and cheaper than usual14:24
cyberanger(customer appreation day)14:25
Dan9186so aside of the cheaper, that should tell you they've been slighting you all this time?14:38
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cyberangerDan9186: naw, it doubles as loss of profit day14:58
cyberangerand I usually came near closing too14:58
Dan9186i somehow feel an immature comment is warranted there :P14:59
Dan9186wrst: yeah i considered virtualbox cause i use it a lot at work, but i was looking for something a little less uh bloated i guess?14:59
wrstyeah Dan9186 will your hardware do KVM?15:00
Dan9186guest only15:01
wrstahh i ran into that also, i've never used qemu on a server but have on a gui15:04
Dan9186i like proxmox cause it's simple, but it was being difficult to install on that system for some reason, so i wanted to venture into other posibilities15:23
vychunewhats going with your connection?19:09

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