RAOFOh, balls.  Maybe the tls issue is somewhere else.00:35
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Sarvattbryceh: so there's a regression on GT1 (desktop, server) sandybridge with that patch sitting in git, will hopefully be fixed in a few days since its holding up the mesa 7.10.2 release16:48
ubot4`Freedesktop bug 35730 in Drivers/DRI/i965 "[bisected]3 shad-interactions subcases failed" [Major,New]16:53
jcristauseems like if it causes a regression then it should just be reverted?16:55
Sarvattthat mesa hasn't been uploaded yet, figured we could just pull in the fix up when it lands. it really is needed to make unity usable :(16:56
Sarvattdang bryceh!20:55
SarvattI asked cking to file a bug so I could upstream it, went to lunch and you forwarded it already before I got back! :)20:55
Sarvattbryceh: thanks :)21:01
brycehhey, are there any topics we ought to get blueprints registered for?21:30

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