brightsparkjayant: packages.  including those that contain applications.  :)00:00
anotherjesseNeed help with a preseed automation question - is there a better channel for those questions?00:00
erUSULjayant: all apps in ubuntu come in one ( main + others ) packages. not all packages area complete app00:00
hossamany one here ?00:01
jayantth0r: ok..thanks a lot...the applications you named, fall under which category. I mean, how can i search for alternatives to the apps i already have?00:01
jayantbrightspark: ok thank you00:01
hossamiam use backtrack ok and have problem00:01
FlipStonEhello, can someone help me with a little banshee problem?00:02
th0rjayant: I think if you install 'xfce4-desktop' or 'xubuntu-desktop' (can't remember which it is) you will install most of what I have mentionied. Also, a lot of folks on #xubuntu can help you find 'faster' packages for older hardware00:02
jayanton #xubuntu someone told me that lubuntu is even lighter than xubuntu.....What should i go for ?00:02
th0rjayant: also, if you check the xfce homepage there is a lot of info there00:02
bastidrazorhossam: you should ask in #backtrack-linux00:02
jayantth0r: ok thank you, BTW, it's 'xubuntu-desktop'00:03
th0rjayant: you can install both xfce and lxde and see which you prefer00:03
StelpaI have a question, not about ubuntu, but about open source in general00:03
StelpaI was at radioshack the other day, and I saw under the software section a usb drive being sold simly as "software package"00:03
StelpaIt had a list of included software00:03
StelpaIt was all open source and free00:03
jayantth0r: ok...thanks you00:03
jayantthanks a lot to everyone for all the help ! :)00:04
StelpaThunderbird, Firefox, Open Office, ect00:04
StelpaIs that legal at all?00:04
StelpaThey obviously had no permission to be selling these free programs00:04
th0rStelpa: were they selling the software, or the usb drive?00:04
StelpaThey were advertising the software on the usb drive00:05
StelpaBut I am sure in court they would argue that the drive is what is being sold00:05
th0rStelpa: there is nothing in the rules that says they can't include the software on something they are selling00:05
Guest84979how can I execute more than 7 processes in the same file ? I mean I know I have to type "./process" to execute each one, but O would like to execute them in one file ! how can I do that ?00:05
StelpaHowever, even the size of the drive is not even listed00:05
StelpaIt is all about the software00:05
StelpaI mean, its called "software package"!00:05
lefty_Ok  NEED help How DO i GET right click working ON HP MINI 210-1100 SERIES?00:06
lefty_Ok  NEED help How DO i GET right click working ON HP MINI 210-1100 SERIES?00:06
alien_Stelpa: All depends on the type of licence that the software has ...00:06
mrdebis there another good image editor that's simple, besides gimp00:06
StelpaI dont know, I really think it is kind of ridiculous00:06
Polah!ask | lefty_00:06
ubottulefty_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:06
StelpaSelling open source stuff00:06
th0rlefty_: not by shouting00:06
StelpaGimp was on the list too, btw00:06
lefty_SRY FOR SPam00:06
PolahStelpa: They will argue that they are charging for the drive and packaging. Regardless of if they are charging more for the presence of such software.00:06
* Stelpa sighs00:07
Stelpai suppose00:07
Stelpathanks for letting me know :)00:07
Stelpaits a bit of an injustice, though00:07
lefty_th0r : is this better?00:07
th0rlefty_: much00:07
FlipStonEif someone could help me: banshee makes his own playlist right? but when i add my music map, where everything is in it's own directory, then banshee reorganises this in the playlist.  Can't i clear it that the playlist is the same as my music directory listing?00:07
Stelpait was probably a 2gb drive, and they were selling it for like 20 bucks because of the "state of the art software" included00:07
Stelpaits ridiculous >_<00:07
cg2916how do i make it so that the grub displays the menu on startup instead of the command line?00:08
lefty_th0r : okay so you think you can help me with this small predicament?00:08
Stelpathere was a similar "games pack" which had the exact same idea00:08
th0rlefty_: haven't seen the question yet00:08
Kondrysup guys?00:08
StelpaJust a bunch of open source games being sold for 25 bucks on a tiny usb drive00:09
lefty_Ok  NEED help How DO i GET right click working ON HP MINI 210-1100 SERIES?  <-- th0r00:09
th0rlefty_: and I told you...not by shouting. I won't even bother reading a question that can't be posed in a civil fashion00:09
lefty_Ok  need help how do i get right click working on HP MINI 210-1100 SERIES?  <-- th0r00:10
brightsparkStelpa: as far as I know, you can sell the stuff under GPL if you want to.  Of course, nothing prevents potential buyers from just going and downloading it for free.00:10
th0rlefty_: what have you tried thus far? Have you attempted to get it working with another mouse? Have you checked the mouse config ?00:10
lefty_th0r i have tried mouse config and tried diff mouse00:11
th0rlefty_: http://www.google.com/search?q=hp+mini+210+right+click+linux&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a00:11
cg2916how do i make it so that the grub displays the menu on startup instead of the command line?00:12
Polahcg2916: Hold shift00:12
Stelpabrightspark: we need to go out there and put notes on the back of all those things saying that you can download them all free online00:12
Stelpabecause the packaging certainly doesn't mention that00:12
linux_is_my_herohow do i add things to my boot config after installing ubuntu if i can't get to the login screen?00:13
cg2916Polah: ok00:13
linux_is_my_herolike "nomodeset" for example00:13
brightsparkStelpa: well of course the packaging won't say that!  and I'd encourage you to read http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/selling.html00:13
Stelpathanks, brightspark :)00:15
lefty_thanks th0r00:15
th0rlefty_: np....the first one seems to be a pretty good how to00:15
lefty_th0r now i am going to boot into ubuntu but omce i get in here gimme this link http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8816327&postcount=600:16
Stelpai understand the philosophy... its just, it feels bad to know so many people out there are getting ripped off by a company selling other people's work when its out there for free00:16
brightsparkStelpa: no problem.  In fact, I think it's good that they are distributing free software more than it is bad that they charge for it.00:16
induzis anyone familair with wine door??00:17
Stelpaits like selling copied paintings, when they are out there for free on the internet in high res anyway00:17
linux_is_my_herovertical bars on startup00:17
induzis it similar to wine tricks00:17
Stelpaand thats not even a perfect analogy >_<00:17
DizzieScimtype can anyone help me?>00:17
muneebGtk-WARNING **: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/immodules/im-ibus.so: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS6400:17
DizzieScimi need some help00:17
Suhni has a problem00:17
muneebanyone can help me?00:17
linux_is_my_herodizziescim: it's not late enough00:18
DizzieScimcan anyone help me install a wireless pci card?00:18
DizzieScimoh, not late enough?00:18
linux_is_my_herodizziescim: the nerds are still playing video games and eating pizza00:18
linux_is_my_herodizziescim: they're not in here just yet.00:18
SuhnHey, i run a server00:18
Suhna minecraft classic server with monop00:18
DizzieScimare you any good at it?00:18
linux_is_my_herosuhn: you can make a lotta $$$ doing that00:18
Suhnand sometimes it just completely freezes00:19
linux_is_my_herome? I'm gunna search google and play some mw2 on my ps3.00:19
Suhnill get home and the computer has been frozen since 10 am00:19
linux_is_my_herolater 8-)00:19
brightsparkStelpa:  I get what you mean.  If this was a concern to the authors, they would probably choose to licence it under something like the creative commons noncommercial licence.00:19
Suhni have no idea why00:19
muneebGtk-WARNING **: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/immodules/im-ibus.so: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64    how do i make it use 32 bit libs?00:19
DizzieScimlinux, are you good at linux :P00:19
Kondryobviously not00:19
Tuskeranyone able to help me with chromium-browser ?00:20
DizzieScimwell you never know, i kinda just dove right in here so00:20
Kondrywhat about chronium?00:20
alex86any suggestion about mp3 player?00:20
KondryMOCP for mp300:20
Tuskerchromium-browser hangs with "kill pages", but google-chrome works no problems... was wondering how to debug why it's failing00:20
Kondryaudacity is a pile of shit00:21
Kondryuse mocp00:21
maco!language | Kondry00:21
ubottuKondry: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:21
Stelpabrightspark: ahh, forgot about that license00:21
Stelpayeah, thanks for entertaining my concerns, you helped a bunch :)00:21
Stelpathe radioshack employee had no idea what open source meant, too, lol :P00:21
alex86guys, suggest something to play music with?00:22
Kondrywhy would he stelpa?00:22
irulehow may I make ubuntu boot into text only?  I want to gui00:22
Kondryhe gets paid 4 75 an hour00:22
th0ralex86: audacious00:22
Stelpatrue :P00:22
=== lefty_ is now known as lefty|ubuntu
Kondrycan anyone help me with IRC? im trying to DDoS and my bots are listening to me, im a heckster, ik, but plz help00:23
lefty|ubuntuth0r : link please00:23
th0rlefty|ubuntu: looking for this?....http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8816327&postcount=600:23
alex86th0r: thanks. does it have radio?00:23
lefty|ubuntuYes Thank you00:23
lefty|ubuntuYes Thank you th0r00:24
th0ralex86: not sure. You might also consider using vlc since it handles streaming very well00:24
macoKondry: we don't discuss illegal activities here00:24
SuhnDo you think linux would freeze up for 5 hours00:24
Suhnjust becuase i was out of RAM00:24
linux_is_my_herosuhn: i ran a linux machine once without reboot for a year straight00:24
linux_is_my_herohow do i access the command line in 10.10 instead of booting?00:25
Suhnits so stable00:25
alex86th0r: yeah, i have it. will use for watching video00:25
th0ralex86: and you might look at miro....although I think it is more tailored to video00:25
macolinux_is_my_hero: why are vertical bars gay? i know stripes have an orientation, but i didnt think they had that sort!00:25
linux_is_my_heromaco: its just irritating, because i did a fresh install of ubuntu 10.10 and my dell doesn't like it. something about nvidea drivers :-(00:25
macolinux_is_my_hero: more seriously:  that word's not really insulting, so stop trying to pretend it is00:25
DizzieScim_hey anyone on that can help me?00:26
LoshkiSuhn: freezes (hangs) are more often than not hardware-related. In your place, the first thing I'd do is run memtest overnight...00:26
DizzieScim_memory test00:26
grumblyHey, i'm having a problem with LVM and Ubuntu as VMware Guest.  It was working then suddenly it says the UUID is no longer valid00:26
grumblyany suggestions?00:27
SuhnLoshki: is that a command in the terminal?00:27
brightsparkI installed mozplugger as per the Forums, but cannot get evince to display pdfs inside firefox.  I'd appreciate any help you can give.00:27
linux_is_my_heroanyone know how to edit the grub2 configuration file so i can disable nomodeset?00:27
Bing0Hi.  Ubuntu 10.10....mild question re: apt-get.  I ran "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" today and one of the items was urbanterror-data.  Yes I have it installed but what is the best way to find out exactly was updated in this video game?  Thanks!00:27
genii-aroundlinux_is_my_hero: sudo nano /etc/default/grub      And put the modeset line there. Then sudo update-grub00:28
linux_is_my_herogenii-around: how do i get to the tty from boot?00:28
=== FlipStonE is now known as FlipSton3
linux_is_my_heroi can't boot until i fix nomodeset, its giving me nvidea driver issues.00:28
genii-aroundlinux_is_my_hero: Should be the shift key00:28
linux_is_my_herogenii-around: when?00:29
=== denny- is now known as denny
genii-aroundlinux_is_my_hero: ( to see the grub menu during boot)00:29
linux_is_my_herogenii-around: yes00:29
linux_is_my_herogenii-around: right after boot?00:29
genii-aroundlinux_is_my_hero: Pretty much right after POST00:29
macoSuhn: it can be run from a live cd's boot menu but should also be available from your grub menu. hold shift on boot to access that menu00:30
SuhnSo apperently there is a memory leak with the server software im running. Could taht cause it to freeze up for good?00:30
macoSuhn: yeah00:31
macoSuhn: if its too out-of-memory to execute an out-of-memory (OOM) kill...00:31
SuhnI think its wierd the memor leak never effected me with windows00:31
Suhneven though ubuntu is twice as stable and uses half the ram00:31
macoSuhn: possibly it only exists on the linux version of the software?00:31
SuhnIts all the same software00:32
Suhnim running it with mono00:32
Suhnits c++00:32
Suhni was in the server when it froze today00:32
Suhnthe server had no lag00:32
Suhnand it suddenly just froze00:32
Suhncan these OOM just happen very fast?00:33
grumblyBetter yet, Can someone help me with Grub2 and LVM?00:33
induzwhat is wine door00:33
=== FlipSton3 is now known as Flip|SLEEP
grumblyI have a system with LVM and Grub2 (as a vmware guest) and it has stopped booting saying the uuid is not found (or something).  Anyone???00:35
Loshkiinduz: you mean this? http://maketecheasier.com/easily-install-windows-applications-in-linux-with-wine-doors/2010/02/1100:36
brightsparkI installed mozplugger as per the Forums, but cannot get evince to display pdfs inside firefox.  I'd appreciate any help you can give.00:37
RobSpectreJust upgraded from Lucid to Maverick and now getting errors that X can't find the nvidia module.00:38
RobSpectreAnyone else encounter this?00:38
induzLoshki, yes but i have already installed wine and tricks... is it the same?00:39
LittleRedRobSpectre: did you load a generic driver?00:39
RobSpectreLittleRed: Affirm.  Loads with nouveau.  It seems nvidia-current is installing itself as "nvidia-current" instead of "nvidia"00:40
RobSpectreLittleRed: Can't modprobe nvidia with it installed.00:40
chobito01When is firefox 4 coming to Ubuntu?00:40
ubottuFirefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox00:41
Loshkiinduz: Sorry, I dunno. Try asking on #winehq00:41
LittleRedRobSpectre: I had to uninstall the old one first then load current00:41
boss_mcI'm having issues with my computer locking up completely after a few hours of use.  Can anyone help me diagnose this issue please?00:41
induzhow can i install wine doors?00:41
induzits not on repo00:41
RobSpectreLittleRed: Already gave that a go.  No dice.00:41
induzis there any website for downloading wine door??00:42
chobito01th0r: Will that replace firefox 3.6 completely, or just give me a firefox 4 side by side - I would prefere the latter.00:42
th0rchobito01: I think it will give you side by side, but not sure00:42
th0rinduz: several links about installing doors in ubuntu via google00:43
Kondrydoes anyone know if you guys can run omegle.com in w3m?00:43
Loshkiinduz: check out the url I sent you above00:43
chobito01th0r: Well, if the package name was "firefox4", then maybe I could assume that, but otherwise I think it probably does a replace..00:43
th0rchobito01: once you add the ppa and update synaptic you can see if the package name is the same00:44
induzthat link is not working for downalod00:44
yeatschobito01: if you add the stable repo, it will replace ff 3.600:44
LittleRedRobSpectre: what I actually ended up doing was going back to the old version > upgrading the driver then using update manager to upgrade the version... works perfectly now00:45
chobito01yeats: Any way to avoid that? Like running 3.6 and 4.0 side by side?00:45
lefty|ubuntuth0r : What about 2 finger scrolling?00:45
th0rlefty|ubuntu: I have no idea.....don't have a mini so only know what I read in the search00:46
yeatschobito01: if you add the mozilla daily repo, you can install both, but they are less stable and don't always work with add ons00:46
Rehananyone here running ubuntu on a sony vaio?00:46
yeatschobito01: ff4 is a definite improvement IMHO, so you may not miss 3.6 ;-)00:47
th0rlefty|ubuntu: there is a package for managing the touchpad, but I can't recall the name....touchsyn or something like that00:47
genii-aroundinduz: https://launchpad.net/~rzr/+archive/ppa00:47
Patrick___Cannot connect via wireless or ethernet00:47
lefty|ubuntuth0r : >.< help me find00:47
shaosinthere is something of teamviewer00:48
shaosinfopr linux00:48
chobito01yeats: What if I download the binary from mozzila directly, and use that? I'm afraid it will trounce over ~/.mozzila/firefox00:48
th0rlefty|ubuntu: see if 'synclient' is in the repos00:48
brightsparkI installed mozplugger as per the Forums, but cannot get evince to display pdfs inside firefox.  I'd appreciate any help you can give.00:48
lefty|ubuntuth0r let me check00:49
lefty|ubuntuth0r : nope00:50
Patrick___On my netbook I installed Mint00:50
yeatschobito01: it's more complicated if you do it that way... but you can use System -> Preferences -> Main Menu to edit the FF entries to add '--profilemanager' to the end of the command, which will allow you to use a specific profile for each00:50
Patrick___No problem connecting00:50
th0rlefty|ubuntu: let me get the vm booted up00:50
Patrick___I installed ubuntu 10.4 and I cannot get coonected00:50
Patrick___netbook aspire one  D25500:51
lefty|ubuntuhave ethernet cable and a  modem/00:51
RehanPatrick___: how do you like mint?00:51
Patrick___mint immediately located need driver00:51
Patrick___I love mint00:51
Patrick___I have enthernet cable00:51
LittleRedanyone here use ubuntu as the OS for a media box?00:51
toby_hello all i booted up my system this morning and it says wifi disabled. i am on a laptop with and internal wifi card i have tried using my fn button and the wifi button on my keyboard but it didnt change anything i still cannot connect via wifi any help out there?00:52
induzgenii-around, how can i install?00:52
RehanLittleRed: that sounds interesting, are you trying to set it up as a media server?00:53
pr3nt1c3I recently bought an LG blu-ray drive... a BH10 (P/N MAY62348807, Version B)... it is not automagically recognised by nubuntu... how would I go about a) finding the device and mounting it... and b) writing a script to allow others to just run it and be done with it?00:53
pr3nt1c3haven't used ubuntu in over a year... and I'm on x64 10.1000:53
Kor9999_hi everybody, i have a problem, ubuntu turns off my wireless card every time i shutdown my laptop, suspend or hibernate. The problem is i have to turn it on every time i want to use it; and if i want to use windows, it does not recognize the wireless card. How can i leave it on all the time?00:53
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:53
LittleRedRehan: yes... just for streaming and downloads mostly..00:54
chobito01yeats: What I mean is, if I start firefox 4, the binary from mozzila, it will go into ~/.mozzila/firefox, and create a new place for ff 4 settings/profiles/whatever - it won't mess with 3.6 stuff, right?00:54
th0rlefty|ubuntu: tpconfig kcm-touchpad and gsynaptics, depending on what touchpad you have00:54
pr3nt1c3I also want to set up this box like LittleRed just described... as I'll be getting 2 new PC's soon00:54
lefty|ubuntuth0r is that sudo?00:55
yeatschobito01: I don't know.  If you add the '--profilemanager' switch to the command, it will let you explicitly choose00:55
th0rlefty|ubuntu: the three are packages in synaptics....install them like any other package00:55
toby_any help formy wifi issues?00:55
toby_for my00:55
linux_is_my_herogenii-around: how do i get it to stop freezing on updates?00:55
ariel_hello everyone00:56
chobito01yeats: Coose what - a profile, or a temporary directory where ff 4 can store all settings it needs to store?00:56
LittleRedRehan: I'm looking into what is the best video card supported by 10.10...monitor will be a sony TV. no issues there works well with my laptop but this box holds a 2 TB drive00:56
Patrick___any easy way to locate wireless driver?00:56
lefty|ubuntuth0r you have teamviewer?00:56
induzhow can i install wine door?00:56
yeatschobito01: a profile00:56
th0rlefty|ubuntu: nope, and you just crashed my vm00:56
induzI have added ppa[unsupported]00:57
Patrick___or even just connect to ethernet?00:57
Rehanwhich IRC program do you guys recommend for Ubuntu?00:57
ariel_I have done many lookups for this one issue on 10.10 and Evolution Email.  I can't get it to work with an Exchange 2010 server. Google as lots of info but nothing there has worked. Anyone have any idea on how to get this working?00:57
lefty|ubuntuth0r get it  plz and how?00:57
bastidrazorRehan: irssi00:57
toby_hello all i booted up my system this morning and it says wifi disabled. i am on a laptop with and internal wifi card i have tried using my fn button and the wifi button on my keyboard but it didnt change anything i still cannot connect via wifi any help out there?00:57
th0rlefty|ubuntu: get what?00:57
genii-aroundinduz: Actually it was wrong ppa. Is actually https://launchpad.net/~rzr/+archive/rzr-tmp At any rate, you can do: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rzr/rzr-tmp           then sudo ap-get update  and after that you should be able to install by packagename of wine-doors  . If on 10.10 then change "maverick" inside of file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/rzr-rzr-tmp-maverick.list  to lucid .The 10.04 version works fine on 10.1000:57
chobito01yeats: I don't want ff 4 to "migrate" anything from 3.6, and I don't want it to modify current 3.6 settings/profiles - so I can just launch ff 4 and worry about that?00:57
lefty|ubuntuth0r temviwer00:58
lefty|ubuntuth0r teamviwer00:58
th0rlefty|ubuntu: nope. I won't hold your hand. You can install those as well as I can...if one of them works you are in business, if not, you can uninstall them and try google00:58
brightsparkI installed mozplugger as per the Forums, but cannot get evince to display pdfs inside firefox.  I'd appreciate any help you can give.00:58
Rehanbastidrazor: irssi? have you tried xchat? I am using xchat right now but for some reason can't get sounds to work on it00:58
lefty|ubuntuth0r but im confused on what to get00:58
Kor9999_hi everybody, i have a problem, ubuntu turns off my wireless card every time i shutdown my laptop, suspend or hibernate. The problem is i have to turn it on every time i want to use it; and if i want to use windows, it does not recognize the wireless card. How can i leave it on all the time?00:59
th0rlefty|ubuntu: I just gave you three package names from synpatic. Try the first one, if it doesn't work for you uninstall it and install the next one00:59
yeatschobito01: I feel like I'm just repeating myself, but 1) I don't know what FF4 will do if you install it that way - I would assume it *will* use the default profile folder, and 2) if you don't want it to use the default profile folder, you can control that with the '--profilemanager' switch -- does that help? ;-)01:00
linux_is_my_herokor9999_: get rid of windows, it will simplify things for you. then troubleshoot linux, and when you get it right, you'll laugh ever time bill gates is seen.01:00
linux_is_my_herokor9999_: the only thing linux ISN'T good at is video games, but that's what big screen tv's and ps3's/xbox/wii are for01:00
chobito01yeats: Ok, ok - sorry to bother you.01:00
yeatschobito01: no problem ;-)01:00
induzi failed to see wine door on repo after those command01:01
Rehananyone here use xchat?01:01
toby_i do01:01
fizyplanktonhow can i make it so that if say a user named "remote_user" were to SSH into my computer and login to "remote_user", and if they were to execute a certain .sh file, how can i make it pop up in a terminal window on my ("main_user")'s screen. or even better, have it create a new window in screen on a terminal running screen?01:01
_redpanther_I do01:01
Rehantoby_: do you get sound on it?01:01
toby_Rehan, no idea i am a noob01:02
Rehanmine says that the sound files are supposed to be in /home/user/.xchat/sounds but there's no /.xchat folder in my home dir01:02
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linux_is_my_heroi edit grub to include nomodeset instead of quiet flash, and everytime i reboot it changes back.01:02
ariel_Is there something like tops via the desktop gui to that can kill a program?01:02
linux_is_my_heroSOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE01:02
fizyplanktonRehan: hit ctrl-h01:02
=== Guest30647 is now known as dougl
induznow i can see wine-door on repo... thanks..lets see if that does the tricks01:02
Jarethis there any way to open a .max file in ubuntu01:02
th0rlinux_is_my_hero: shouting won't help01:02
Rehanfizyplankton: doesn't do anything01:02
linux_is_my_heroth0r: true dat.01:02
fizyplanktonRehan: are you pressing it in nautilus?01:03
bastidrazorRehan: i have not tried xchat. there is an #xchat channel01:03
toby_hello all i booted up my system this morning and it says wifi disabled. i am on a laptop with and internal wifi card i have tried using my fn button and the wifi button on my keyboard but it didnt change anything i still cannot connect via wifi any help out there?01:03
_redpanther_Rephan: I get sound on xchat01:03
fizyplanktonRehan: if that fails still, go to nautilus and hit view>show hidden files01:03
Rehanfizyplankton: yeah, i am, it seems to refresh, doesn't do anything01:03
douglhow do I install flash on 10.10 instructions I followed yeild fail to fetch error?01:04
Kor9999_linux_is_my_hero: well i actually use only ubuntu, but windows for games. can you help me with my wireless card?01:04
tomovis natty beta1 out?01:04
douglKor9999_, google wich\01:04
Rehanfizyplankton: oh ok, it probably is showing the hidden files, but i don't see any .xchat folder01:04
linux_is_my_herokor9999_: i would love to but i have to get my desktop to stop changing its own config settings01:04
douglKor9999_, google wicd01:04
fizyplanktonRehan: on *nix systems. a file/folder beginning with "." such as ".xchat" is hidden. thats how you show them01:05
xanguadougl sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer01:05
linux_is_my_herokor9999_: i edit my grub boot loader config file and then when i restart it goes back to quiet splash from nomodeset01:05
fizyplanktonhow can i make it so that if say a user named "remote_user" were to SSH into my computer and login to "remote_user", and if they were to execute a certain .sh file, how can i make it pop up in a terminal window on my ("main_user")'s screen. or even better, have it create a new window in screen on a terminal running screen?01:05
Rehanfizyplankton: oh ok, i found the directory01:05
linux_is_my_herokor9999_: :-(01:05
th0rlinux_is_my_hero: is this grub or grub2?01:05
Rehanfizyplankton: no sound files in .xchat201:05
linux_is_my_herogrub2 i think.  it ubuntu 10.1001:06
LewHi, yesterday my laptop suddenly wont boot to ubuntu it just goes black screen. There is something wrong with the hdd because I cant mount it or format it, "daemon is inhibited"01:06
linux_is_my_heroth0r: ubuntu 10.10, so i guess its grub201:06
linux_is_my_heroLew: you probably have a hardware failure01:06
fizyplanktonRehan: i have no idea. i left xchat long ago. i use irssi now01:06
LewI cant try fix or repair it just says the same thing01:06
ejvi need some help, im getting ABYSMAL mdadm resync performance on a brand new raid6, for a 4 x 2T array, it's taking nearly 22 hours, what is the problem? thanks.01:07
Lewbut its like new...01:07
toby_hello all i booted up my system this morning and it says wifi disabled. i am on a laptop with and internal wifi card i have tried using my fn button and the wifi button on my keyboard but it didnt change anything i still cannot connect via wifi any help out there?01:07
LewIt worked in the morning then when I came home, nothing01:07
douglxangua, Err http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maverick-updates/multiverse flashplugin-installer amd64
dougl  404  Not Found [IP: 80]01:07
fizyplanktontoby_: it may be a hardware driver or it may be a bios setting01:07
brightsparkCan anyone here help me troubleshoot viewing pdfs in firefox with evince?01:08
Jarethtoby what type of wifi card do you have01:08
xanguadougl change to the main server in software sources01:08
Lewhero, it says relocated sector count01:08
toby_fizyplankton,  i doubt its an bios or driver seeing as it worked before any other ideas?01:08
Lewin smart data tests01:08
douglxangua, err - looking01:08
mickster04brightspark: error messages? more details are needed01:09
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».01:09
linux_is_my_heroth0r: any ideas?01:09
xanguadougl or try the 64 bit plugin ppa01:09
cannonfodderhey you guys. how do i make a bootable windows flash drive from ubuntu...and that is my only option..please dont tell me about putting it on a disk; thank you.01:09
Lewlinux, do you know what relocated sector count means01:09
Lewon my HDD01:09
brightsparkmickster04: I'm using mozplugger.  When I click a link to a pdf, I get the loading icon in the tab for a second and then nothing happens.01:10
=== th0r is now known as Guest88713
induzhow can i update packages?/01:10
cannonfodderhey you guys. how do i make a bootable windows flash drive from ubuntu...and that is my only option..please dont tell me about putting it on a disk; thank you. i have a windows .iso file btw01:10
aeon-ltdinduz: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade01:10
douglxangua, how do I change to the main server in software sources?01:10
xanguadougl software centre>edit>software sources01:11
induzwhat is upgrade??01:11
cannonfodderhey you guys. how do i make a bootable windows flash drive from ubuntu...and that is my only option..please dont tell me about putting it on a disk; thank you. i have a windows .iso file btw01:11
induzI dont want to upgrade to marverick from lucid?/01:11
xanguacannonfodder: /join #windows01:12
magicianlordcannonfodder: are you in windows or ubuntu01:13
bdamoscannonfodder: stop posting the same message repeatedly. also: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/create-bootable-windows-7-usb-drive.html01:13
* yangzhiwei2 is ok01:13
induzwine -ddor has some problem how can i correct the install/01:14
douglxangua, not available on main server.01:14
induzhow can i remove it and re-install it??01:14
mark49@search "the time pit"01:14
linux_is_my_heroth0r: you there?01:14
th0rlinux_is_my_hero: yeah....got dropped01:14
linux_is_my_heroth0r: its grub201:14
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub201:14
pr3nt1c3repost::::  I recently bought an LG blu-ray drive... a BH10 (P/N MAY62348807, Version B)... it is not automagically recognised by nubuntu... how would I go about a) finding the device and mounting it... and b) writing a script to allow others to just run it and be done with it?01:14
mickster04brightspark: well i can't help i was just asking for more info incase anyone els can01:15
pr3nt1c3there's nothing online01:15
pr3nt1c3and wine doesn't want to install the drivers01:15
th0rlinux_is_my_hero: you can't edit the config in grub2 like you did in grub01:15
th0rlinux_is_my_hero: I haven01:15
linux_is_my_heroso im fucked then?01:15
xangua!language | linux_is_my_hero01:15
ubottulinux_is_my_hero: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:15
th0rlinux_is_my_hero: I haven't worked much with it, but the ubuntu links have a pretty good description of how it works.01:15
GraphicHow do I isntall a Lenovo s10's wireless card at the command line?01:16
linux_is_my_herosometimes i wish i stayed with 9.10...:-(01:16
pr3nt1c3lol @ linux_is_my_hero :: same here01:16
th0rlinux_is_my_hero: a lesson most of us learn at some point...if it works...don't improve it01:16
linux_is_my_heromaybe ill just buy a 3000-dollar desktop cpu from system3201:16
xanguapr3nt1c3: you don't install drivers with wine, it doesn't work that way01:16
linux_is_my_herothen a custom triple monitor setup01:16
MediarockerUgh My grub failed too01:16
MediarockerJust now01:16
mark49Is there a fix for "lost mouse pointer after suspend bug" in Lucid?01:16
linux_is_my_heroand 7.1 surround with subwoofer01:17
pr3nt1c3I know xangua ... but I figured I'd try it anyway...01:17
nickals#pugbot needs TWO to start NOW! come .join TODAY!01:17
pr3nt1c3can't find the source files anywhere01:17
linux_is_my_heroth0r: 10.10 is faster though01:17
linux_is_my_herothen anything ive ever had (9.04, 9.10, 10.4)01:17
th0rlinux_is_my_hero: so is a cray, but I don't need either01:17
Mediarocker10.10 is slick. It fixed my Radeon issue01:17
linux_is_my_heroim running on 6 year old hardware and i can still boot in under 30 seconds ;-)01:18
linux_is_my_heroTRY THAT WITH WINDOWS!01:18
FloodBot1linux_is_my_hero: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:18
MediarockerLinux, dude chill man masking is just as bad01:18
johnjohn101anyone using 11.04 yet?01:18
bastidrazorjohnjohn101: those in #ubuntu+1 are01:18
mark49Is there a fix for "lost mouse pointer after suspend bug" in Lucid?01:18
Mediarockerjohnjohn101, no, I'm wanting to look at the updates01:19
Lewwhat does relocated sector count mean01:19
brightsparkI installed mozplugger as per the Forums, but cannot get evince to display pdfs inside firefox.  I'd appreciate any help you can give.01:19
linux_is_my_herowell the other thing is, linux only does what its told, it doesn't get all fancy. i don't need remote access, i prefer to not be hacked. i don't want my computer to poo itself everytime someone downloads music or adult material for free01:19
Mediarockermark49, I have no idea. 10.10 fixes alot of issues.01:20
=== nickals is now known as GT-slackin
Mediarockerlinux_is_my_hero, Just because someone doesn't publicly have their heart set on taking down the linux community, but to be honest Linux is just as "hackable" as windows.01:21
mark49thanks Mediarocker. I'll wait until 11.401:21
Mediarockermark49, I've been having a similar issue with my notebook.01:22
mark49No much trouble for me in my Thinkpad T43 but confuses my friends01:22
Mediarockermark49, maybe someone will patch it. Gotta debug.01:22
MK`Ubuntu does not hibernate properly for me :( I heard this is sort of a common error?01:24
atm235esta aqui alguém que fala português01:24
Loshki!br | atm23501:25
ubottuatm235: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:25
ayeceeMK`: it's not uncommon, but the causes vary quite a bit01:25
Jon--My power light is blinking on my laptop like it is in sleep mode. How do I control this in ubuntu?01:25
MK`I assume it was some hardware error01:25
Jon--It's clearly not in sleep mode :P01:25
MK`Suspend works fine, it's just hibernation doesn't work properly at all01:25
DrFalconLinux + hibernate is not always a match made in heaven.01:25
zetohcan i install ubuntu 11.04 beta1 on my PC and just update to latest release and end up with final? like fedora ?01:26
Jon--Linux + hibernate is the result of *censored activities* preformed in Hell.01:26
MK`When I click it is says "failed to suspend" and hangs until I cut power.01:26
MK`when I try to hibernate again it gives me errors and I again need to cut power01:26
mickster04!11.04 | zetoh01:26
ubottuzetoh: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.01:26
DrFalconIt is possible to get hibernate set up properly on almost any physical machine in linux, but getting the settings right for your motherboard can be a huge pain, and it's slightly different for various setups.01:27
zetohyes i know they are unstable but can it  be updated until the final version?01:27
diffract|i wrote a simple server program that requests the time from my machine, but ubuntu is refusing the connection to localhost, how do i enable it?01:27
ayeceezetoh: yes01:27
MK`I'll just disable hibernation for now01:27
ayeceediffract|: enable what?01:28
Jon--My power light is blinking on my laptop like it is in sleep mode. How do I control this in ubuntu?01:28
diffract|ayecee: i don't know.. make ubuntu allow server programs to connect to it? i'm not really sure what i want01:28
DrFalconI managed to get it working on my machine only after hours of googling and hacking away at various config files. Try googling your motherboard model + "hibernate ubuntu". You never know, someone may have figured it out for you.01:28
diffract|ayecee: i ran this on a Mac and it returned the current time01:29
diffract|but on ubuntu it says "connection refused"01:29
ayeceediffract|: what port does it use?01:29
diffract|ayecee: 200001:29
Jon--My power light is blinking on my laptop like it is in sleep mode. How do I control this in ubuntu?01:30
ayeceediffract|: I don't know of a time service that runs on port 200001:30
ayeceeJon--: no one here found out since last minute.01:30
diffract|ayecee: oh i just remembered, the instructor said to change the port to 3000 because 2000 is reserved01:30
Jon--ayecee, hogwash.01:30
ayeceeJon--: what you do with your hogs is none of my business01:30
MK`Additionally: The little internet light on my laptop is on whenever it's not connected to the internet, when it should be off.01:30
DrFalconlol it's always the little things with linux.01:31
Jon--DrFalcon, It's sometimes the big ones.01:31
booneVery new to Ubuntu - need help please - using 'Wine to install games - will not unmount - or- proceed @ second disk01:31
Jon--My light didn't start blinking until I changed my screensaver to ElectricSheep.01:31
xangua!appdb | boone01:32
ubottuboone: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help01:32
ayeceeJon--: does it return to normal after a shutdown and restart?01:32
DrFalconboone: if you have a windows partition, often you can install into windows, then just copy the whole program folder over to your linux partition, then run it with wine. This gets you around install programs not running properly in wine.01:32
=== harry is now known as Guest63817
Jon--ayecee, Probably would. I care not to test it right now, was looking for a quick answer if anyone knew what app or file monitors the sleep status of the computer and communicates it to the LEDs on the notebook01:32
booneTy DrFalcon - but no windows partition here01:33
knightrageDrFalcon: that method wouldn't work in situations where the program checks registry entries01:33
ayeceeJon--: there isn't such a process that i'm aware of, the blinking lights in sleep mode is normally controlled by acpi firmware.01:33
ayeceeJon--: I suspect your firmware got confused somehow.01:33
DrFalconyeah, it doesn't always work, but often it does01:34
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tacotronhi guys.. wondering if i could get some help with rdesktop.. im following the guide on the ubuntu site but it isnt working. I have a Windows XP computer, ive already spoofed it as professional and enabled Terminal Services, but whenever I try to connect to it, rdesktop gives me ERROR: #my ip Unable to connect?01:35
datakidis there some way to configure cron to use a different MTA? instead of the OS supplied, I've got a system with a collab system in /opt/collab/01:35
Jon--ayecee, strange. Never had an issue with it. All I've done recently is change screensaver from blank screen to ElectricSheep (installing from package)01:35
datakidso I need cron to send via /opt/collab/bin/whatever01:36
ayeceeJon--: yup, i've never heard of exactly that happening before either.01:36
datakidpresume that I don't want to ln -s in the off chance that a future upgrade will over-write01:36
alex86i have a short question. I have failed to install Songbird player and now I just wanna delete all its component. Will it be enough just removing folder?01:37
DrFalconalex86: I reccomend using the package manager to remove, rather than deleting folders01:38
alex86DrFalcon: actually i even can`t find it in package manager. It just failed to install so maybe removing folder won`t be a sin01:40
sdimkovwhat's unity's channel01:40
brightsparksidmkov: I believe it is #ayatana01:43
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ubottusquid is a caching proxy for the Web.  See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SquidGuard  See: http://www.squid-cache.org01:47
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The_Pugilistanyone know how to set the default runlevel in ubuntu 10.10?01:50
The_Pugilistim looking configure it so it boots without the gui01:50
linux_is_my_herohow do i add pidgin to the envelope menu on the top bar of 10.10?01:51
booneVery New Ubuntu  - When Trying to install multi-disk games -  1st disk will not unmount & second disk fails to proceed with installation - help please01:51
genii-around!runlevel | The_Pugilist01:52
ubottuThe_Pugilist: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.01:52
The_Pugilistso is there a way to configure upstart to acomplish such a goal?01:52
linux_is_my_herohow do i add pidgin to ubuntu's messaging menus?01:54
brightsparkThe_Pugilist: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1688953 and see post 401:54
Kor9999hi everybody, i have a problem, ubuntu turns off my wireless card every time i shutdown my laptop, suspend or hibernate. The problem is i have to turn it on every time i want to use it; and if i want to use windows, it does not recognize the wireless card. How can i leave it on all the time?01:55
xangualinux_is_my_hero: install pidgin-libnotify01:55
linux_is_my_heroxangua: much thanks :-)01:55
The_Pugilistbrightspark, thank you much :)01:55
fisixhey guys, how do i replace the icons under Applications?01:55
brightsparkThe_Pugilist: no problem01:56
alex86I  `ve failed to install Songbird player and I want to remove all its components, so is it save just to remove folder songbird?01:57
LittleRed_Kor9999: have you checked the /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state  ?01:57
alex86fisix: right click EditMenu01:57
brightsparkalex86:  It is most likely safer to remove it properly using dpkg.01:58
fisixalex86, yep i know that actually. was just wondering where i can dl some big packs and replace em all perhaps?01:58
Kor9999LittleRed: no, how do i check it?01:58
alex86fisix: no ideas01:58
brightsparkfisix: gnome-look.org01:59
toby_guys i need elp my wifi adaptor says disabled.. it wokred yesterday i tried gooling answers i am at a loss01:59
LittleRed_Kor9999: its a file... the wireless enable = true01:59
alex86brightspark:if I am in the directory there is this folder i run: dpkg songbird?01:59
jayanthello everyone. I downloaded the xubuntu-desktop package from the terminal and after the download was complete i got a message on the terminal screen asking for the default display manager "gdm" and "lxdm" are the two options, which one should i choose and what is this ?02:00
pixelead0hello, what is the command to  download the updates of ubuntu?02:00
Kor9999LittleRed_: I view the file and all options are = true02:00
pixelead0i dont like02:01
pixelead0modo grafico02:01
xanguapixelead0: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade02:01
brightsparkalex86: dpkg --purge songbird02:01
trismjayant: it is the screen where you log in, and probably want to stick with gdm (which is the default in ubuntu)02:01
LittleRed_Kor9999: run this command as root  "rfkill unblock all"02:01
brightsparkalex86: you probably need sudo02:01
xanguajayant: depends if you like gdm or lxdm more02:01
alex86pixelead0: try maybe apt-get upgrade02:02
jayanttrism: hmmm...ok..its like i want to use xubuntu(lsdm) or ubuntu(gdm) ?02:02
alex86brightspark: thanks i `ll try02:02
toby_guys i need elp my wifi adaptor says disabled.. it wokred yesterday i tried gooling answers i am at a loss02:02
mickster04pixelead0: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade <<into terminal02:03
LittleRed_toby: laptop?02:03
trismjayant: you can use both with gdm, just select the session after you click your username, lxdm is just another option, which may be lighter than gdm02:03
toby_LittleRed_,  yes02:03
mickster04toby_: have you right-click on the icon and tried enabling it?02:03
alex86brightspark: here that i have: dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove songbird which isn't installed.02:03
LittleRed_toby: have you checked the /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state  ?02:03
toby_mickster04,  yes enable is grey02:03
jayanttrism: ok..thank you02:04
toby_LittleRed_,  yes wireless says false i did edit to true but no help02:04
pixelead0very nice, thnks02:04
brightsparkalex86: just check that it's all spelled & capitalised correctly.  If so, then it can be removed safely.02:04
mickster04toby_: mouse hover over it, and tell us what it says?02:05
LittleRed_toby: did it work on the initial upgrade?02:05
Grey_KingHey everyone02:05
toby_LittleRed_,  initial upgrade?02:05
Grey_Kingsorry to interrupt02:05
Grey_KingI have an init.d question02:05
toby_mickster04,  hover over what now?02:06
mickster04Grey_King: you're not interrputing, just be as detailed as you can02:06
LittleRed_toby: came late to your issue... what version?02:06
mickster04toby_: they greyed out enable butotn02:06
lacusGrey_King: you're not... what mickster04 said02:06
genii-aroundKor9999: If your adapter is usb you can also put usbcore.autosuspend=-1 in the file /etc/sysctl.conf02:06
alex86brightspark: it is not removing. thanks for help02:07
toby_mickster04,  there is no "enable" button the wiresless section is greyed out and says disabled02:07
mickster04toby_: have you check your bios? do you have a wifi switch on the laptop?02:07
Grey_Kingsure thing, I want to run my minecraft server on startup so I'm adding the command as an init.d script, but it's an interactive program. I'd like to be able to send commands to it02:07
Grey_Kingis there any way to resume the script so I can see output and run commands into the server?02:07
toby_mickster04,  no option is bios for wifi no switch but there is a swithc using my fn key but that doesnt help either02:07
ceohaii alll..02:08
=== PicCard_Away is now known as PicCard
mickster04Grey_King: there is a way to stat programs in a screen session at start up, that screen session you can resume in terminal but i don't know how to set it up :/02:08
Grey_KingI'm also familiar with the screen command02:08
Grey_KingI'm not sure how I would start it and have it run that command automatically02:09
mickster04toby_: hmm, you should be able to enable wifi from there :/02:09
brightsparkalex86:  Okay.  Since dpkg is confident it's all squared away, you are probably safe to delete it now.02:09
toby_mickster04,  agreed..... back to windoze... :02:09
mickster04Grey_King: well screen is a way of starting up a termoinal, and then you can close it without closing it if you get me, you can close the terminal program, but the screen will still run, so you can reattach it later, though i would consider working out a way of logging into the server with a user that can run those commands02:09
LittleRed_toby: can you connect wired?02:10
JJ_You mean back to Microdunce?02:10
Kor9999LittleRed_: Ok, i did what you said (sudo rfkill unblock all)02:10
lacusGrey_King: for instance, I run my irc on a remote server under screen, close out of the terminal and can log back in and resume some other time.02:10
LittleRed_Kor9999: and?02:11
mickster04Grey_King: but it would be easier to start that manually02:11
JJ_I am a noobie, so I am going to ask, with all these fancy Linux distros being developed, if Linus Torvalds, the authority on the Linux Kernel, were to suddenly retire or die, how would that affect the kernel?02:11
JJ_Would it fragment with the distros and become so distant that it becomes incompatible with other distros?02:11
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Grey_Kinglacus: are you able to specify the command to run when using "screen" or do you wait until the terminal opens02:12
spacetur1leHey there, is php5-fpm not in 10.04? I do not see it when I do an apt-cache search02:12
spacetur1leis it in php5.3.2 now?02:12
=== useless is now known as Guest87199
Grey_KingMickster04 I can do that too, but if I run it with '&' then I don't know how to resume it to issue commands02:12
PatmanI need help...02:13
fisixdoes anybody know any ubuntu chat clients that can receive/send custom emoticons? pidgin keeps failing to receive02:13
lacusGrey_King: I start screen like "screen -S irc", start the irc client. THen I quit terminal, open a new terminal and type "screen -rx irc" and I'm back in.02:13
brian_When you have a checkbox selected, how do you tick it on or off?02:13
Kor9999LittleRed_: now all is unblocked, but wireless is like this    -- Soft blocked: yes --02:13
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PatmanEvery time I I update my Ubuntu softwre an additional option appears in my bios to boot from...  How Do I delete the previous boot options?02:14
lacusGrey_King: not sure if that answers your questions or not02:14
=== clay is now known as Clay
GraphicPatman: are you saying that there is an aditional boot option in GRUB?02:14
Guest87199Is there a known bug in how NFS handles group permissions? 10.04 lts02:14
PatmanNo, I have a 500gb HD 350gb is for windows and the rest is for Unbunu02:15
LittleRed_Kor9999: what does it say in the network connections?02:15
PatmanSo when I turn on my PC I have the option of either booting from the windows pertition or the Ununtu partition02:15
yeertaihi all.02:15
Guest87199drwxr-s--- owner mygroup /dir # I want members of group 'mygroup' to have read-only access to this when I NFS export it to other boxes02:16
Guest87199'mygroup' has the same integer gid on all the boxes02:16
Patmanwhen I install an update to my Ubuntu OS It creates a new botable option, the old version is still there and the new version ius there too02:16
Kor9999LittleRed_: where do i see that?02:16
Guest87199the users all have secondary group membership in 'mygroup' on all the boxes02:16
syskkhow can I prevent ubuntu from showing the welcome message when logging onto ssh02:17
Guest87199and yet; -bash: cd: /dir: Permission denied02:17
infinituxI'm running a variant of ubuntu right now. If I were to install just straight ubuntu to my system, could I install in a way where I would keep all my personal data and configurations from the other system?02:17
GraphicPatman: Ok but updating your software should have no effect on your "bios" actually nearly nothing should effect your bios options02:17
infinituxi'm thinking of loading 10.10 on here.02:17
LittleRed_Kor9999: System > pref> network connections> wireless tab02:17
PatmanThat's why I'm freaking out...02:17
infinituxThe variant I use is great, but is antiquated.02:17
xanguainfinitux: save your home02:17
Grey_Kinglacus that helps a little bit, but I'm trying to start a screen session on startup in init.d then resuming it when needed02:17
Patman :-)02:17
mickster04Grey_King: so type in screen into terminal the enter (if it's the first time it'll give you a message) then type in your minecraft server start up command, then ctrl A,  ctrl + d. to get back to that session type in screen -r02:18
GraphicPatman: I think its just your kernel getting updated02:18
GraphicIts not something to worry about02:18
mickster04Grey_King: was that perhaps not clear enough02:19
Kor9999LittleRed_: Connect automatically02:19
=== Guest87199 is now known as _useless_
infinituxxangua: will the installer allow me to do it, or do I need to do that seperately?02:20
Grey_Kingmickster04 I think I understand, is there a way to resume a backgrounded script if I run it with "minecraft-start &"02:20
infinituxhaven't installed ubuntu since version 802:20
infinituxbut I run on a variant called moonos.02:20
TULeGiTIs a toast file the same as an iso?02:20
LittleRed_Kor9999: give me a sec to boot my lap up so i cans see what mine says02:20
_useless_group perms r-s not allowing NFS user to cd into directory.  Works locally, but not over NFS.  uid's and gid's are matching on both client and server.  Any ideas?02:21
Paddy_NIPatman: if you are curious about customising that bootloader here is the link https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:21
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
brightsparkI installed mozplugger as per the Forums, but cannot get evince to display pdfs inside firefox.  I'd appreciate any help you can give.02:21
Graphicpatman: I think when the kernel gets update you get additional boot options, the ones for the old kernel and the ones for the new, you can remove the old ones with that link Paddy_NI gave02:21
Kor9999LittleRed_: Ok Thanks02:21
LittleRed_Kor9999: do you have an SSID for your wifi? You may need to enter it02:23
Kor9999LittleRed_: Idon't know, how can i check that?02:24
Kahr-ParkerI need help installing ubuntu...02:26
LittleRed_Kor9999: you have to get into the router to see it... on the top of the svreen do you see the little wifi icon?02:26
lacusGrey_King: I thing "fg" will do it02:28
=== quiesense is now known as quiescens
Kor9999LittleRed_: i think yes02:29
LittleRedKor9999: see if it senses anything by hovering over it02:29
fisixdoes anybody know why i can't send/receive files in pidgin?02:30
sancasanyperson use conky?02:30
genii-aroundKor9999: Is your wifi adapter USB based?02:30
Grey_Kinglacus, thank you!02:31
Kor9999LittleRed_: no, is an internal wifi card02:31
Grey_Kingmickster04: thank you too!02:31
Paddy_NIfisix: What service are you using to IM the file with02:31
Paddy_NIfisix: or rather which IM service are you trying to send the file through02:32
fisixPaddy_NI, msn02:32
Paddy_NIfisix: How big is the file?02:32
Paddy_NIfisix: and what is it?02:32
fisixPaddy_NI, from pidgon to the newest windows live mess. any sized file, from a few kb to mb. a 4 mb song lets say02:32
genii-aroundKor9999: Many internal adapters are still usb. If: lsusb       shows it there and not in: lspci    Then I might have a generalised solution for your issue of it going into suspension02:32
fisixPaddy_NI, or a few hundred kb word doc02:32
Paddy_NIfisix: what happens when you say you cannot send it?02:33
jayanti just installed the lubuntu-desktop package. The LMTerminal has a background image. How do i remove that ?02:33
genii-aroundKor9999: Many internal adapters are still usb. If: lsusb shows it there and not in: lspci Then I might have a generalised solution for your issue of it going into suspension02:33
fisixPaddy_NI, oh it just doesn't appear for my friend on the receiving end02:33
Paddy_NIfisix: And have you enabled a firewall or anything like that?02:33
fisixPaddy_NI, i don't see files that friends try to send me either02:33
fisixPaddy_NI, firestarter/iptables02:33
genii-aroundSorry about double-post :)02:34
Paddy_NIfisix: you may need to forward a port02:34
fisixPaddy_NI, do i need to add an exception for the pidgin port?02:34
jayantok...i got it..02:34
fisixPaddy_NI, good call.. lemme try that02:34
Paddy_NIfisix: yeah, you can disable the firewall temporarily to see if that works02:34
Paddy_NIfisix: just to test02:34
Kor9999genii-around: i put lsusb i didn't see the wireless card there02:36
fisixPaddy_NI, i used to be able to send/receive custom emoticons as well. now i can't. perhaps the problems are related..02:36
fisixPaddy_NI, would i need a port forwarded? or change the pidgon port to something like 8080?02:36
rayleehi does anyone know what an iframe trojan is i keep finding it in my clam av02:36
Paddy_NIfisix: Give me a moment to look this up02:37
Kor9999genii-around: or i don't know the cards name, how can i see that?02:37
fisixPaddy_NI, thanks! i tried googling it myself too just for the record. mainly old and irrelevant posts..02:37
rayleecan anyone help Me02:38
atm235boas pessoal! alguém me sabe dizer como obter o código em linguagem c de um executável linux?02:38
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=== Pilif|almostdone is now known as Pilif|hw
th0rraylee: plenty of info on that in google02:39
Paddy_NIfisix: Okay I got it02:39
fisixPaddy_NI, no way. wat solution?02:39
linux_is_my_herofor some reason by fresh install of ubuntu 10.10 is rediculously slow over my normally fast 15MBit connection02:40
Paddy_NIfisix: I think, :)  Okay so quit pidgin open a terminal and type "sudo apt-get install msn-pecan" without the quote marks, now start pidgin again and remove your current msn account and recreate it02:40
steevhi all, i want to modify the file /usr/share/menu/evolution, but i'm wondering, is there any way to do it so that if there is an update it won't overwrite it (maverick); without rebuilding all of evolution's packaging?02:40
linux_is_my_hero*my fresh install02:40
ScarabDrownerI have an odd, persistent audio issue. Every time my screen turns off due to inactivity while music is playing, the audio will stutter a few times as the screen shuts off then goes back to normal. I haven't been able to find anything in the forums. Is this normal, or is there a solution available?02:41
Paddy_NIfisix: when creating the account use the "WLM" option and not the "MSN" one02:41
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Hathadarhow do I search within man?02:41
Hathadaras in manual02:42
Hathadarman smb.conf02:42
=== th0r1 is now known as th0r
=== kinks_ is now known as kinks
ScarabDrownerthat was weird02:43
ScarabDrownerrather quiet in here this evening02:44
Paddy_NIfisix: what stage are you at?02:44
tjiggi_foHathadar, you mean search for a string within a particular man entry?02:44
fisixlolol gotta love "without the quotation marks". i'm not that much of a noob! D: i've completed everything.. just waiting for my friend to help me test this out hahah02:44
fisixPaddy_NI, emoticons fail02:45
Paddy_NIfisix: lol sorry I just assume so to save head aches.. I still get it a lot02:45
LittleRedKor9999: were you able to tell if it is even picking up wifi signals?02:45
fisixPaddy_NI, FILE TRANSFERS WORK!!!!02:45
Hathadartjiggi_fo: yes02:45
fisixPaddy_NI, we're half way there... hahah02:45
Paddy_NIfisix: Okay so the emote thing is still not working02:46
ScarabDrowner5:10? bots' clocks are off02:46
tjiggi_foHathadar, <forwardslash> <string>02:46
Paddy_NIfisix: humour me and send two emotes to your friend, :-) and :)02:46
fisixPaddy_NI, default emoticons definitely work. i can even send custom emoticons that i've received and saved about a month ago02:47
fisixPaddy_NI, i couldn't send certain custom emoticons however...02:47
fisixPaddy_NI, some work, some don't (for sending). in receiving, i can't receive any custom emotes02:48
aure_sorry but02:49
aure_I'm new using ubuntu02:49
ScarabDrownerwelcome aure_ ^_^02:49
aure_and I have a question02:50
aure_can you help me?02:50
ScarabDrownerwe'll try... go ahead and ask02:50
gunndawgwhat do you need help with02:50
JasonnMy xUbuntu computer sometimes has problems booting, as it sais "Read Error" when it tries to turn on, but other times, it works just fine :(02:50
ScarabDrownerJasonn: sounds like a drive cable might be loose02:50
Kor9999genii-around: thanks for your help02:50
Paddy_NIfisix: I think its his side that is the problem now02:51
aure_I'm programer02:51
Kor9999LittleRed_: thanks for your help02:51
JasonnScarabDrowner: Let me check, mate02:51
atm235hi! my english is not good! this is the question. I have a small linux executable obtained from a compiled c program. all I want is to get de source code. is that possible? how?02:51
fisixPaddy_NI, nope, i'm testing this with multiple friends02:51
fisixPaddy_NI, and yes, i've tried restarting02:51
Paddy_NIfisix: In WLM on windows there is an option in the tools menu to show emoticons and one to show custom emotes02:51
aure_i'm traying program in android02:51
ScarabDrowneratm235: where did you get the program?02:51
fisixPaddy_NI, also tried testing on numerous days in the past week on different networks02:51
aure_with java and eclipse02:51
sancascan i use if with conky?? how to??02:51
Paddy_NIfisix: still there problem if they are using wlm02:51
th0ratm235: there is no way to reverse engineer it, but if you compiled the program you already have the source code02:51
Opiskyabiy: hmm02:51
atm235it was send by a teacher02:52
aure_the eclipse ide dont show me he help menu02:52
aure_and I need it because02:52
aure_i need to add the adt plug in02:52
aure_and I dont know how can i solve this problem02:53
ScarabDrownersancas: one sec02:53
fisixPaddy_NI, their configurations are right. i know this because i use wlm and emote transactions work perfectly02:53
aure_I investigated in a lot of places... please02:53
fisixPaddy_NI, should i choose msn? or wlm for the pidgin protocol02:53
atm235it was no me that compiled the program. all  I have is the linux executable02:54
keyrateupdate-manager -d acutally updating to Natty beta1 yet?02:54
linux_is_my_heroslow internet please help02:54
Paddy_NIfisix: WLM02:54
fisixPaddy_NI, i was on wlm, trying msn now..02:54
linux_is_my_heroi think its my wifi drivers02:54
sancasScarabDrowner, gonna your time...02:54
Paddy_NIfisix: using the "MSN" protocol may break file transfers again02:54
ScarabDrownersancas: http://paste.ubuntu.com/587636/ this is how I use it in my conky.rc02:54
Paddy_NIfisix: WLM seems to be the one you need02:54
fisixPaddy_NI, ur right, file transfer no longer works02:54
fisixPaddy_NI,  wat do now?02:55
Paddy_NIfisix: use wlm02:55
sancasScarabDrowner, but this is fot mounted and i need use with my network :(02:55
Paddy_NIfisix: I guess you may have to do without custom smiley faces and beer icons02:55
naomi_I hate Pidgin. D:02:56
fisixwhen i try to log in wlm, i get a "myemail" disabled. unable to authenticate: nexus steam error02:56
fisixwhen i click re-enable, it works02:56
Paddy_NII prefer empathy it just lacks the vast list of plugins that pidgin has02:56
Paddy_NIfisix: should be fine.. make sure the msn protocol is not in use02:57
naomi_I just use amsn or Skype. Pidgin makes me rage.02:57
fisixPaddy_NI, so i have to click reenable every time..?02:57
Paddy_NIfisix: hmm.. try logging out and back in02:57
fisixPaddy_NI, tried. i'm prompted every time to reenable02:58
ScarabDrownersancas: syntax should be the same, just use a different variable from http://wiki.conky.be/index.php?title=Variables that works for your needs02:58
T_N_Thowdy, if anyone can help me with an issue, I was trying to get sound to work with skype on 10.10 64 bit gnome an I deleted pulseaudio and replaced it with esound and now I lost the little applet that controls sound preferences and flash sound is not working anymore either02:59
fisixPaddy_NI, gotta click reenable a few times for it to actually work..02:59
Paddy_NIsec fisix02:59
xanguaT_N_T: reinstall pulseaudio02:59
T_N_Tis that the only way to fix it, I can't get audio to work right with skype on pulse but it works fine with e sound03:00
HathadarHad a problem with where samba was upgraded to samba 4 and no longer recognized smb.conf.  Uninstalled samba, manually removed /etc/samba.  Installed samba4.  I cannot find my samba directory now.  Not in /etc/, /usr or /usr/local/samba.03:00
ScarabDrownersancas: if_up may be what you need03:00
HathadarNo longer recognized commands from smb.conf*03:01
sancasok i'll test it03:01
Paddy_NIfisix: Has it asked you to accept any certificates?03:01
silverlightningis it possible to install ubuntu on a separate harddisk, and boot up from usb on  a laptop?03:01
T_N_T+ I already tried that once and it didn't seem to bring back the little applet, I am also running Win2-7 transformation pack03:01
fisixPaddy_NI, nope03:01
sheroroxdoes anyone know if iboot can recognize a virtual mounted drive?03:01
Paddy_NIfisix: have you disabled your firewall03:02
xanguasilverlightning: yes03:02
fisixGAH forgot, turned it back on LOL03:02
linux_is_my_herohow do i get updated wifi drivers for my computer?03:02
Paddy_NIfisix: disable the firewall and re-add the account03:02
Paddy_NIfisix: remove and add again.. you should get asked to accept a certificate03:03
T_N_Txangua I have an HP pavillion dv7 1448dx03:03
Jasonnlinux_is_my_hero: sudo apt-get update03:03
jon__hey guys, do you guys know how to use windows alt+keycodes in ubuntu?03:03
=== Pilif|hw is now known as PIlif12p
sheroroxdoes anyone know if iboot can recognize a virtual mounted drive?03:03
mickster04jon__: you mean for special characters?03:03
th0rjon__: you can use .xmodmap to remap the keyboard03:03
th0rjon__: I think there is a gnome app to do that also03:03
fisixPaddy_NI, disabled firewall, re-added account, restarted pigin. still says "Unable to authenticate: nexus". clicking reenable a few times gets it to work03:05
jon__yes, special characters like e acute03:09
jon__which in windows would be alt+13003:10
Paddy_NIfisix: Sorry to leave you hanging man but I cannot seem to find a duplicate of this problem03:11
Paddy_NIfisix: plus its 03:11 over here and I need more tea :)03:11
fisixPaddy_NI, no problem... i couldn't either. got any other ideas for me to try though?03:11
fisixPaddy_NI, you brit!03:11
Paddy_NIfisix: Irish03:11
fisixPaddy_NI, ohhh!!!03:12
fisixPaddy_NI, know anything about medical school in ireland?03:12
naomi_Movie player, on the sidebar on playlists, I was getting a song from youtube, searched it and it came up but when I clicked to play it it says "An error occurred : GStreamer encountered a general supporting library error"03:12
naomi_I'm Irish. >.>03:12
silverlightningxangua, about the booting, it should boot fine, and no problem with grub or windows 7 on the other harddisk?03:12
fisixnaomi_, whoaa do you know anything about medical schools in ireland?!?03:12
Paddy_NIlol, I'll chat in a moment fisix I have a kettle to boil03:13
fisixPaddy_NI, lol k03:13
ScarabDrownerjon__: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/special-characters-made-easier-in-ubuntu.html03:13
naomi_Uhhh nope. Sorry. :P03:13
benzaldehydeirssi guru i am not, i have no picture03:13
benzaldehydeif you can read this ping me please03:13
ScarabDrownerjust finishing a cuppa here ^_^03:14
naomi_Cuppa tea and a cone if I'm being honest.03:14
ScarabDrownercan't ping now03:15
osmosisis there a DU Meter equivalent?03:15
fisixyou guys and your haggis! lol :p03:16
naomi_Lol that's Scotland. Part of Britain.03:16
=== Chiliblue_ is now known as Chiliblue
mickster04Paddy_NI: surely if you're from NI you're a brit?03:17
naomi_Only some parts of NI are ruled by Britain.03:17
rayleewhat is an iframe virus03:18
Paddy_NIYou guys really don't know Ireland do you :)03:18
naomi_I'm a Dubliner myself. :>03:19
Paddy_NIYou really think "british" parents would have a child called Paddy running around ?03:19
Paddy_NIlets make his life really hard... call him Paddy or Seamus03:20
shcherbakBad parents? Yes.03:20
Paddy_NIokay sorry but this if offtopic03:21
Paddy_NIjust to step in before I get scolded by an op03:21
tjiggi_foraylee, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iframe_virus03:21
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MathuinIs there an IRC channel on freenode for general bash/shell-script questions?03:22
wirrrhello. i am using ubuntu lucid and symantec package manager always crashes when i start it. i cannot do anything with it. this is a recent development. what should be my course of action?03:22
Paddy_NIMathuin: #bash03:22
MathuinPaddy_NI: Thanks!03:23
mickster04Paddy_NI: you are definitely british. as NI is part of the UK :p03:23
naomi_Not all of NI is ruled by Britain. ._.03:23
mickster04wirrr: try using terminal then sudo apt-get update03:23
Paddy_NImickster04: I have two passports :P03:23
mickster04naomi_: NI = Northern Ireland03:23
mickster04Paddy_NI: lucky you03:23
Paddy_NInaomi_: NI is part of the UK03:23
naomi_Yes.. I'm aware. I live in Ireland.03:23
wirrrbut is there any way i can fix symantec package manager?03:23
fisixPaddy_NI, any moar suggestions.. :( ?03:24
mickster04naomi_: well then, seeing as britain includes the uk and the uk includes NI then it makes sense that if you are from NI you are british :p03:24
shcherbakwirrr: synaptic, what is err?03:24
mickster04wirrr: try that and see what err it gives03:24
wirrrit just tries to load, then no longer responds and you have to force quit03:25
naomi_Yeah I'm thinking of Ulster. Not all of Ulster is part of NI.03:25
Paddy_NImickster04: then you start to head to foul territory and this is not the place03:25
mickster04wirrr: if you try that in terminal it should give errors03:25
mickster04Paddy_NI: aside from the history, technical accuracy was there03:25
naomi_Anyone else any ideas about this movie player error?03:25
mickster04naomi_: what was it?03:25
naomi_mickster04: On the sidebar on playlists, I was getting a song from youtube, searched it and it came up but when I clicked to play it it says "An error occurred : GStreamer encountered a general supporting library error"03:26
=== matt_ is now known as xzwerm
xzwermwhat is the biggest down side to ubuntu?03:26
ScarabDrownerjon__: did that help?03:26
wirrrwhen i run synaptic from terminal it also tries to run, then stops responding, and you have to force quit03:27
ScarabDrownerxzwerm: depends... for some people it's the lack of games that work on Linux03:27
=== PicCard is now known as PicCard_Away
fisixPaddy_NI, that tea done yet?! no moar solutions.. D:03:27
zee313i want to run "turbo c" on my ubuntu . for that purpose. Now the "Turbo C" folder is my desktop. I have also installed DOSBox Emulator. Now tell me how to give path to open and run that03:27
Paddy_NIfisix: not as yet.. I am still looking though :)03:27
ScarabDrownerhey sancas, did it work?03:28
mickster04naomi_: uhm, sounds pretty generic03:28
sancasyeah ScarabDrowner thanks for all but i have more problems :D03:28
mickster04wirrr: did you try it?03:28
ScarabDrownersancas: uh oh ^_^03:28
sartandoes ntfs-3g automatically allow read-write ?03:28
wirrryes, again: when i run synaptic from terminal it also tries to run, then stops responding, and you have to force quit03:28
naomi_mickster04:  how do i fix it? >.>03:29
sartani haven't done ntfs on linux for like 9 years when it was still readonly and write support was experimental03:29
sancasim trying use wireless_link_bar but i dont have goods results :(03:29
xzwermScarabDrowner: what about for example, slackware is very "unix like" is ubuntu kind of the opposite?03:29
sartanis it safe to drop a win7 disk in fstab and drop virtualbox images on it? -- ntfs-3g.03:29
ScarabDrownerxzwerm: I wouldn't know, never used slackware. I think Ubuntu is closer to Windows/Mac than straight Unix, though03:30
shcherbakScarabDrowner: mh?03:30
alex86guys, can`t set XChat transparent window.03:30
ljsoftnetcan i use my usb joystick on supertux and supertuxcart?03:30
alex86transparent backgound03:30
ScarabDrownersancas: I've never had luck with the wireless info in conky, other than IP address and up/down speed. I could never get my wifi strength to display03:31
alex86Transparent background is not found03:31
xzwermwell ubuntu is very easy to use, its very much for beginners, but does it lack versatility?03:31
ScarabDrownershcherbak: sorry, what? I don't understand your question03:31
sancasbut why my wireless interface is eth1 and not wlan0 ???03:32
zee313answer required from u guys03:32
ScarabDrownerxzwerm: nope, you can run everything in terminal if you wish03:32
ScarabDrownersancas: same thing happened on my system, it was eth1 and not wlan0, I just rolled with it03:32
mickster04naomi_: have you tried a different player?03:34
naomi_mickster04: I'm not sure what other players have the youtube thing built in? But I'll have a look03:34
shcherbakScarabDrowner: Silding Ubuntu toward (doubtful) duo M$/MAC on your scale... Let's have a look: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slackware03:35
epzishi everyone i need help mounting and modifying an UDF iso file, problem is that if i extract the whole and create another iso it wont boot if burnt on a cd, is there any way to achieve this?03:35
sancasScarabDrowner, but is best use ${if_existing /proc/net/route eth0} them if_up eth003:36
mickster04naomi_: vlc will let you enter urls?03:36
ScarabDrownershcherbak: I was speaking from a complete lack of knowledge about slackware, but with some experience with MS/Mac and Ubuntu. As well as a few straight Unix machines in the military.03:36
sancasbecause if you desconnect your cable eth0 not be down allways stay up03:37
wirrrupdate manager is crashing in the same way. it cannot be used.03:37
epzishi everyone i need help mounting and modifying an UDF iso file, problem is that if i extract the whole and create another iso it wont boot if burnt on a cd, is there any way to achieve this?03:37
mickster04wirrr: what even in terminal?03:38
ScarabDrownersancas: if_up eth0 will report up when disconnected?03:38
shcherbakScarabDrowner: Then you would want to start from GNU, pretty interesting how things have started.03:38
sacarlsonepzis: there are tools like remastersys and others http://geekconnection.org/remastersys/03:38
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xzwermshcherbak, how have things started?03:39
shcherbakwirrr: Can you paste output of: sudo apt-get install -f03:39
sancasScarabDrowner, i think :D because that happenend to me with my conky03:39
epzissacarlson: i dont need a live cd O.o03:39
folornj /kubuntu03:39
sancasand i use if_existing and disconnect my cable and tachan!! conky change to my wireless network :)03:39
Paddy_NIfisix: I really don't know man this is strange.. I cannot recreate your problem03:40
shcherbakxzwerm: history of Open Source...03:40
kiddieshow to set iptables in ubuntu03:40
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.03:40
sacarlsonepzis: they you could use kb3  to burn custom content disks03:40
fisixPaddy_NI, ahhh pidgin is a bunch of bollocks :( lemme try restarting..03:40
epzissacarlson: i need to mount the iso, remove a file then close it and make it still bootable, any way?03:40
kiddiesi'll check it 1st03:40
Paddy_NIfisix: lol03:40
glassresistoris there a correlary for add-apt-repository for removing them?03:41
Paddy_NIfisix: the trick is to stay calm03:41
ScarabDrownersancas: seems that if_existing then if_up together would be the way to go then03:41
Paddy_NIfisix: you will be Buddha himself by the end of this :)03:41
glassresistorim trying to get rid of the mozilla daily ppa and use the mozilla stable ppa03:41
sacarlsonepzis: as far as I know you can't modify an iso , you can mount it copy the image of it, modify it and recreate another iso03:42
xanguaglassresistor: install ppa-purge and run: sudo ppa-purge <ppa's name>03:42
xzwermi like how easy it is to install with deb packages03:42
fisixPaddy_NI, LOL... <:D03:42
xzwermis debian just as easy as ubuntu?03:42
epzissacarlson: ouch....... how do i make the new one bootable?03:42
epzissacarlson: because brasero doesnt want to do it lol03:42
ScarabDrownerxzwerm: I believe so, Ubuntu is based on Debian03:42
sacarlsonepzis: I thought you said you don't need bootable03:42
mickster04fisix: you prolly shouldn't be using pidgin for irc :p03:42
coz_xzwerm,  it can have some differences... they are strictly gpl03:42
glassresistorxangua: thanks much03:42
shcherbakxzwerm: Some setting are different, but mostly, yes.03:43
benzaldehydeseriously screwed up irssi, i purged it and reinstalled but still i can't see anything03:43
epzissacarlson: i do need bootable, if i just copy the files out and burn it doesnt boot03:43
ljsoftnetcan i use my usb joystick on supertux and supertuxcart?03:43
sacarlsonepzis: if you want bootable then look at the above remastersys or http://uck.sourceforge.net/  and others03:43
shcherbakbenzaldehyde: Do you have themes in .irssi ?03:43
shcherbakbenzaldehyde: and config?03:44
ScarabDrownerbenzaldehyde: what do you mean by "anything"?03:44
sancasjey ScarabDrowner can you show me your desktop03:44
epzissacarlson : does it work only for ubuntu?03:44
ScarabDrownersancas: one sec03:44
kudonlinedo you know bactrack ?03:44
ScarabDrownersancas: whole thing, or just conky?03:45
sacarlsonepzis: well after you modify it , then it is no longer ubuntu03:45
=== PicCard is now known as PicCard_Away
wirrrmickster: yes, even when update-manager is run from terminal it crashes03:45
rwwkudonline: Backtrack isn't a supported Ubuntu derivative. Try #backtrack-linux.03:45
epzissacarlson: erm, re you saying that i can modify anything? even say bsd?03:45
kudonlineok thanks03:45
sancasScarabDrowner, whole thing03:45
glassresistorxangua: any clue why thats not build in as remove-apt-repository or purge-apt-repository?03:46
qwebirc3504Can I install indicator-sysmonitor (for Natty) in Maverick? Here's the .deb package https://launchpad.net/indicator-sysmonitor/+download03:46
wirrrhey: it says "bus error"03:46
sacarlsonepzis: I'm not sure probly not, it's geared to find files in a location that may not match for a bsd system,  maybe try the bsd site if you want that03:46
wirrralso, apt-get is producing the same error. there is a bus error when reading the package list03:46
epzissacarlson: erm , actually i dont need to modify an ubuntu cd though lol03:46
coz_epzis,  you should be able to change/ edit anything in unix as you do in linux  if that is what you meant03:47
alex86can`t set XChat window to be transparent, can anyone help?!03:47
ubottuOpenVPN is a vpn technology in Ubuntu, sudo apt-get install openvpn and then see http://openvpn.net/ and see the documentation "HOWTO" noting you have already installed it. ;-) It rocks!03:47
epziscoz_ : errr i need to edit an udf filesystem, it mounts as read only, thats it03:47
qwebirc3504alex86: #xchat03:47
sacarlsonepzis: you must not have read what remastersys does,  it makes a total custom bootable cd from what you presently have running on your system03:47
coz_epzis,   well the suggestion to check with the bsk people is probably the best way to find solutions03:48
coz_epzis,  let me see if there is a channel03:48
epziscoz_ : whats bsk now?03:48
epzissacarlson: what you mean by running?03:48
coz_epzis,   yes there is a #bsd channel03:48
coz_epzis,  bsk was a typo for bsd03:49
epziscoz_: oh lol03:49
sacarlsonepzis: you customize your ubuntu system you now run the way you like it and capture that to a bootable cd03:49
epzissacarlson: yes....but the udf filesystem has nothing to do with ubuntu03:49
sacarlsonepzis: you could for example setup a custom system in a virtualbox the way you want the capture that to a cd03:50
sacarlsonepzis: ubuntu supports most file system I know03:50
epzissacarlson: i may be the most ignorant person in the whole world but could you explain me why copying in a folder and burning with brasero doesnt boot ?03:51
alex86qwebirc3504: thanks03:51
linux_is_my_herohow do i set up a secure print server on my home network that windows can also see without it being hacked from the internet?03:51
epzissacarlson: and i dont mean "udf filesystem" as a support thing , i mean the udf filesystem is the name of my iso lol my bad03:51
wirrrtell me if i'm being annoying but i'm sure someone has had this problem before. apt-get, synaptic, and update-manager produce "bus error" when reading the package lists.03:51
epzislinux_is_my_hero: do you have a router?03:52
Paddy_NIwirrr: Can you get the full error message?03:52
wirrrit just says bus error03:52
linux_is_my_heroepzis: i have a ubuntu desktop with an installed printer, the desktop and all my laptops (2 of them) all have wifi through my wifi router03:52
wirrrmaybe i'm not sure what you mean03:52
epzislinux_is_my_hero: do you know how to set the printer up? (leave the secure bit)03:52
linux_is_my_heroepzis: the printer is already set up to print from the desktop as a local printer, im just new to doing a print server in ubuntu.03:53
CodeWaram getting constant system freezes .. using 10.10 its been there despite various kernel upgrades and nvidia graphics drivers03:54
CodeWarwhats the best way to debug it head on03:54
epzislinux_is_my_hero: so you want the other computers to connect to the desktop to print?03:54
linux_is_my_heroepzis: yes :-)03:54
Paddy_NIwirrr: I got it.. just a sec03:54
ScarabDrownerI have an odd, persistent audio issue. Every time my screen turns off due to inactivity while music is playing, the audio will stutter a few times as the screen shuts off then goes back to normal. I haven't been able to find anything in the forums. Is this normal, or is there a solution available?03:54
qwebirc3504CodeWar: hardware problem maybe03:54
CodeWarqwebirc3504, unlikely .. Solaris 11 works great on the system and Ubuntu 10.04 never had any problems either03:55
epzislinux_is_my_hero: what os do the laptops use?03:55
Paddy_NIOkay wirrr are you proficient with the terminal?03:55
linux_is_my_herothey're all ubuntu 10.10, although theres a windows vista laptop the my gf has that i wanna set up later03:56
wirrri would say, not very. with basic commands i'm ok...03:56
qwebirc3504CodeWar: so it's graphics related or memory or cpu .p03:57
Paddy_NIfair enough.. wirrr just open a terminal and type "sudo rm -rf /var/cache/apt/*bin"03:57
Paddy_NIwirrr: wait03:57
Paddy_NIwirrr: "sudo rm -rf /var/cache/apt/*.bin"03:58
epzislinux_is_my_hero: im probably not the right person to ask about this but you may want to have a look at this  https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/samba-printserver.html and for your joy the "secure bit" https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/samba-fileprint-security.html    else some vintage documentation https://help.ubuntu.com/6.06/ubuntu/serverguide/C/cups.html03:58
qwebirc3504wirrr: it will delete permanently all the .bin files in that folder.03:58
=== cristian is now known as Guest49684
HathadarI just upgraded to samba4.  My original smb.conf is still in place and testparm is giving many errors from the outdated config file.  Is there a way I can reinstall samba4 and force it to overwrite my config so it will be fresh?03:59
linux_is_my_heroepzis: thanks! :-)03:59
wirrri knew what it would do03:59
Paddy_NIwirrr: now try your package manager03:59
mbrochhhmmm... i am running ubuntu in a vbox... internet seems to work fine as I can use google chrome. However the update manager has A LOT of updates (63mb). Whenever I click at the install button it hangs when downloading the updates at 0MB03:59
wirrrit works03:59
ScarabDrownerHathadar: can you not just rename or remove the original conf file?03:59
Paddy_NIwirrr: cool03:59
Paddy_NINo probs04:00
epzislinux_is_my_hero: you re welcome04:00
mbrochhi started unchecking all and installing them one by one. some of them say "has already been downloaded and can now be installed" - these updates work. some of them say, need to be downloaded - these do not work04:00
=== steve is now known as LoJak
LoJakcant wait for the release of 11.404:01
wirrrmy laptop has lojak04:02
Paddy_NImbrochh: Close your package manager then open a terminal and type "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" provide your password and press "y" when prompted04:03
CodeWarwhats the best tool/package to use for taking kernel crash dumps and debugging them04:03
almoxarifeI am wondering is there is something with gui that would allow me to examine changes done to a file/s within my own system, ex: change between version????04:04
=== Logan_ is now known as amparoteodio
Paddy_NIalmoxarife: like a local revision control for documents ?04:04
mbrochhPaddy_NI, 0% [Waiting for headers]04:04
mbrochh... should I wait very long?04:04
almoxarifePaddy_NI: yes04:04
Paddy_NImbrochh: yeah just let it work04:04
mbrochhPaddy_NI, it hangs at 0%... is that normal?04:05
LoJaksudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:05
Paddy_NIalmoxarife: google docs does this well, I have not found a local solution... but I guess you could run a version control system locally04:05
shaneocan anyone recommend a good tool to repair broken sectors in an hdd04:05
=== amparoteodio is now known as Logan_
Paddy_NImbrochh: what's happening now?04:05
LoJakI would have eventually done but nows a great time04:06
almoxarifePaddy_NI: google docs? I have it, there is a comparison feature?04:06
mbrochhPaddy_NI, Err http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maverick-updates/main libdbus-1-3 i386 1.4.0-0ubuntu1.204:06
mbrochh  Connection failed [IP: 80]04:06
sacarlsonalmoxarife: text files?  gitg is a gui that I use to monitor and commit changes to groups of text files04:06
Paddy_NIalmoxarife: yep... its pretty cool04:06
mbrochhafter that it says 0% waiting for headers04:06
almoxarifesacarlson: a script is txt?04:07
sacarlsonalmoxarife: yes it is04:07
qwebirc3504is there something like conky but for server (cli only) ?04:07
moondogLoJak: I just installed 10.10... and 11.4 is coming soon?04:07
qwebirc3504moondog: yes 28 april i think04:07
Paddy_NIqwebirc3504: like a server status monitor in ncurses?04:08
moondogwhy they skip so many numbers?04:08
qwebirc3504Paddy_NI: yes with all the info04:08
sacarlsonalmoxarife:  I also use git or gitg in /etc dir to monitor any changes there, those are all text files in /etc04:08
ljsoftnetcan i install Faenza icons on xubuntu?04:08
moondogis 11.4 beta?04:08
mbrochhmoondog, I *think* they release a new version every 6 months04:08
qwebirc3504moondog: 10= october 10 day04:08
naomi_ Kay. How on earth would I compile this Minitube thing? Is that like, expert advanced stuff or would a newbie be able to do it?04:08
moondogoh I see04:08
xanguamoondog: it's based on date release04:08
xangualjsoftnet: yes04:08
moondogwell then 11.4 is a little late I'd say04:09
ljsoftnetxangua how?04:09
qwebirc3504moondog: month and year04:09
coz_moondog,   so 10.10 means  10 = 2010   .10 = October04:09
qwebirc3504like that04:09
ScarabDrownerqwebirc3504: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/applications/170421-ncurses-equivalent-conky.html04:09
Paddy_NInaomi_: they have it in the webupd8 ppa04:09
xangualjsoftnet: add it's ppa, it's mentioned on it's page04:09
moondogalright, thanks for the info04:09
Paddy_NInaomi_: I would rather that than compiling it every time there is an update04:09
naomi_Paddy_NI: What on Earth is that?04:09
Paddy_NInaomi_: Sec04:09
zarbulaUbuntu, for some reason my Nvidia based motherboard's sound card isn't working so I bought this super cheap one that does work, however when I switch to the correct sound card in alsamixer it doesn't really change :( how can I even prove what linux sound solution my 10.10 install is even using?04:10
qwebirc3504ScarabDrowner: thanks there is a setting for conky run in CLI!04:10
fizy[laptop]iv looked thru the man pages and they just dont make any sense to me. how would i SSH into an external ip of say "123.456.789.369" on port "1234" as user "asdf"? what command would i type?04:10
qwebirc3504out_to_x no out_to_console yes :D:D:D:D04:10
Paddy_NIqwebirc3504: "IPTraf" seem part the way there04:10
qwebirc3504Paddy_NI: thats for connections right04:11
edbianfizy[laptop]: ssh user@ip:port04:11
Paddy_NIqwebirc3504: yeah04:11
qwebirc3504iptraf - Interactive Colorful IP LAN Monitor04:11
edbianfizy[laptop]: so with your example.  ssh asdf@123.456.789.369:123404:11
fizy[laptop]edbian: thanks04:11
edbianfizy[laptop]: You can also use the -p flag for the port e.g. ssh -p 1234 user@111.222.333.44404:12
edbianfizy[laptop]: Or hostname: ssh user@server1.example.com04:12
edbianfizy[laptop]: More questions?04:12
VotingSome USB hard drive enclosures are compatible with smartctl and some are not, right? How do I find ones that are compatible? If this is not the right room to ask this question, what would be a good one for it?04:12
qwebirc3504btw I have a problem.. im trying to login to SSH server with private key but I always get permission denied... the other computer uses no encryption04:12
fizy[laptop]and will that work for external ips? like from school to my home pc? (and yes, i port forwarded right)04:13
HathadarWhere can I find a list of programs available under apt-get?04:13
qwebirc3504fizy[laptop]: of course.04:14
edbianfizy[laptop]: If port forwarding is correct than yes04:14
ScarabDrownerHathadar: synaptic04:14
=== Logan_ is now known as RebeccaBlack
fizy[laptop]qwebirc3504: try using sudo. almost all permission denied issues can be solved with sudo04:14
qwebirc3504Hathadar: dpkg --list04:14
qwebirc3504fizy[laptop]: private key has nothing to do with sudo04:14
fizy[laptop]edbian: iv been running servers for years now. i hate it when people assume that the forwarding is messed up04:15
edbianfizy[laptop]: The forwarding is the toughest part for new people I think.04:15
Paddy_NInaomi_: Okay so open a terminal and type "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8" (without the quotes)  press enter and type your password pressing enter again04:15
crunchbanghow can i use telnet? on terminal?04:16
edbianfizy[laptop]: No offense but your not knowing how to ssh (and not knowing that it's the same command for public / private IPs) leads one to believe that you might not be familiar with port forwarding.04:16
qwebirc3504crunchbang: telnet IP04:16
Paddy_NInaomi_: once that is done type "sudo apt-get update"04:16
guessswh0telnet == insecure04:16
edbiancrunchbang: but you probably want to use ssh unless you HAVE to telnet04:16
qwebirc3504crunchbang: dont forget telnet doesn not use encryption04:16
fizy[laptop]edbian: yeah. but im such a nerd with computers. iv been able to assemble a computer from parts and dual boot win and linux on it since i was 704:16
qwebirc3504edbian: my router doesnt support ssh :p04:16
crunchbangcommand not found04:16
edbianfizy[laptop]: Nice.  Now learn how to ssh :)  (there is always more to learn)04:17
qwebirc3504only https04:17
fizy[laptop]edbian: i was just sick of using the remote deeskyop viewer program04:17
edbianqwebirc3504: Does it port forward?  Just forward port 2204:17
guessswh0telnet is not secure at all04:17
guessswh0it should not be used04:17
guessswh0ssh is secure for command line oprtations04:17
edbianfizy[laptop]: ssh = terminal.  Terminal is the only way to use your computer :)04:17
qwebirc3504edbian: router doesnt support ssh04:17
qwebirc3504edbian: it uses port 23 80 44304:18
guessswh0use a router that supports a secure protocol04:18
fizy[laptop]edbian: ikr? my next ubuntu project is to disable x at startup on my laptop. it uses way too much ram04:18
crunchbangaha ssh works!04:18
guessswh0such as ssh, or https04:18
=== im70KG_ is now known as im70KG
qwebirc3504guessswh0: ...04:18
edbianqwebirc3504: The router doesn't need to 'support ssh' it only needs to forward port 22. (or any port for that matter)04:18
littlebearz1(edbian): but doesn't some router doesn't support port forwarding?04:18
qwebirc3504edbian: you didnt get. I cannot connect TO ROUTER using SSH04:19
guessswh0qwebirc3504 so use ssh04:19
guessswh0since it uses 44304:19
edbianfizy[laptop]: NO x means no graphics so web is very limited.04:19
qwebirc3504already tried04:19
edbianqwebirc3504: I agree.  I don't get it.04:19
guessswh0you just said it uses 44304:19
fizy[laptop]edbian: thats what w3m is for04:19
edbianlittlebearz1: I'm not sure.  Probably (really bad ones)04:19
coz_mm anyone here had any luck in getting mouse over video previews  like mouse over audio previews??04:19
edbianfizy[laptop]: Yeah but no images, or javascript, or flash, or html 5 video / canvas... the list goes on :)04:20
fizy[laptop]brb. for some reason, i went into irssi without launching up screen first04:20
qwebirc3504edbian: of course i can telnet using a ssh tunnel. but thats not what I want.04:20
guessswh0you just said you can use 44304:20
guessswh0for https04:20
guessswh0why not use that?04:20
edbianqwebirc3504: So you're trying to telnet into the router itself?04:20
fizy[laptop]my laptop has 128 megs of ram. those dont run anyways04:20
qwebirc3504yes edbian04:20
edbianfizy[laptop]: haha,  try puppy linux.  It'll fly04:20
fizy[laptop]anyways. be back in a sec04:20
edbianqwebirc3504: Sorry!  I didn't realize that was the goal!  :P04:20
qwebirc3504gui I use https but cli I have to telnet .04:21
guessswh0why are you helping him administer a router in an insecure manner?04:21
guessswh0do it over 44304:21
guessswh0via https04:21
Nautilusquick Q... whats an appropriate permissions setting for .htaccess?  444?  (IOW, read-only)    Except of course when an edit is being made.04:21
qwebirc3504guessswh0: dude.. I already know that im stating it doesnt support SSH.04:21
Nautilusor does apache need execute priveledges?04:21
naomi_Paddy_NI: didn't change anything. still getting the error. D;04:21
guessswh0https is not SSH!!!!!!04:21
fizy[laptop]whatd i miss?04:21
Paddy_NInaomi_: "the error" ?04:21
guessswh0https is in no way SSH04:22
guessswh0they are COMPLETELTY different04:22
qwebirc3504guessswh0: who said it is?04:22
edbianguessswh0: https is not telnet04:22
intxokay since this will go on forever04:22
naomi_Oh wait. I'm talking about the movie player error. So that thing installed Minitube for me or whatever?04:22
mbrochhPaddy_NI, in update manager i went to settings, and let it chose the best server for my location... now it works04:22
edbianqwebirc3504: guessswh0 for the record https is also not a hotdog.04:22
sacarlsonguessswh0: beleave it or not some features of some routers can't all be changed with the web interface you still need to telnet04:23
qwebirc3504guessswh0: my router does not support SSH. so I have to use telnet (CLI) or https (GUI..with browser)04:23
guessswh0oh, i thought it was a hot dog04:23
intxi'm going to interrupt.. qwebirc3504 means he wants his router to have a ssh 'server' running on it, probably so he doesn't have to have a computer to do tunneling04:23
Paddy_NInaomi_: no you need now to type into the terminal "sudo apt-get install minitube"04:23
fizy[laptop]but yeah edbian when i get the time, im putting a stripped down gentoo install on my laptop. i need every bit of free resources i can get04:23
mbrochhPaddy_NI, i setup this machine in germany but now i am in singapore... updates worked fine for many months but recently stopped working...04:23
qwebirc3504intx: no i dont want anything.04:23
guessswh0if you need to change a router via telnet, you need a new router04:23
Paddy_NImbrochh: well happy days :)04:23
guessswh0if you need to change a router via telnet, you need a new router04:23
intxthen why do you care?04:23
mbrochhPaddy_NI, thanks for your help :)04:23
edbianfizy[laptop]: That's a lot of work!!  good luck :)  (gentoo is a bit of a pain)04:23
qwebirc3504guessswh0: via terminal ONLY ACCEPTS TELNET04:23
sacarlsonqwebirc3504: so use telnet then04:23
Paddy_NImbrochh: No problem04:23
qwebirc3504it's over the LAN anyway.04:24
guessswh0you need a new rouer04:24
fizy[laptop]edbian: yeah, but it boots before you let go of the power button04:24
edbianqwebirc3504: Just ignore him and telnet into your router.04:24
qwebirc3504guessswh0: buy me one please :)04:24
intxi want a router with telnet04:24
guessswh0does no one in this channel do anything securely?04:24
qwebirc3504or tell my ISP to give me another04:24
intxmost use http(s) :(04:24
edbianfizy[laptop]: I'd love to talk more but we're off topic.  Do you need help with Ubuntu?  (arch boots faster I hear...)04:24
Paddy_NInaomi_: Oh if it prompts you to press "y" then go ahead04:24
Nautilusguesswh: trying to, see my question above, trying to lock down .htaccess (though I'm not sure how necesssary it is, just seemed like a good idea)04:25
linux_is_my_heroi think a boot time of 35 second against 1 minute 35 seconds with windows vista sure  is a lot faster04:25
guessswh0I'll stop if that is not what people do.  But as an information security enginner, I can't promote anything over telnet04:25
Nautilusguessswh0: ^sorry for typo on your nick04:25
linux_is_my_heroanyone upgraded to firefox 4 yet? i have x64 so its not so simple04:25
edbianfizy[laptop]: BTW, as far as boot times go.  Ubuntu is one of the fastest.04:25
qwebirc3504guessswh0: Im using webchat with encryption, i coulde use irssi+ssl .  or a VPN.. you are not teaching me anything. lol04:25
fizy[laptop]edbian: actuallt yes. at the risk of sounding like a moron, how can i run a .sh script via command line? im sure im missing something obvious04:25
tasssudo sh file04:25
guessswh0I'm not trying to "teach people anything"04:26
guessswh0just promote secure communications04:26
edbianfizy[laptop]: either sh file.sh  or ./file.sh  Is the script executable?04:26
qwebirc3504!ot | guessswh004:26
ubottuguessswh0: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:26
sacarlsonqwebirc3504: try man telnet04:27
linux_is_my_heroubottu, what is 22 divided by 7?04:27
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:27
edbianlinux_is_my_hero: Is there a point to that?04:27
fizy[laptop]edbian: yes. its just one command. one long and ugly command. (my intent is to have my friend be able to ssh into my pc and start up my server if im away. but the command to do so is ugly)04:27
qwebirc3504sacarlson: I already know how to use it...04:27
naomi_Paddy_NI: nothing will play for me in Minitube. It searches and finds the video fine but when I press play nothg happens04:27
qwebirc3504sacarlson: i do not want help to telnet or ssh04:27
linux_is_my_heroedbian: have u tried firefox 4 on x64 10.10 yet?04:27
linux_is_my_herohas anyone tried firefox 4 on x64 10.10 yet?04:27
edbianfizy[laptop]: Clever.  Are you able to get it to run?04:27
edbianlinux_is_my_hero: I am running firefox4 on Debian Stable (32 bit)04:28
Paddy_NInaomi_: what was your original issue?04:28
naomi_Paddy_NI: In movie player or with Minitube?04:28
HathadarHow do I install a fresh instance of a program using apt-get?  Currently apt-get will not write config files if they have been manually deleted before.04:28
linux_is_my_heroim trying to find a x64 version of firefox 4 without doing the ol' "force architecture" trick, which has inherient instablities.04:28
Paddy_NIlinux_is_my_hero: yes04:28
Paddy_NInaomi_: movie player04:28
guessswh0!ot | qwebirc350404:28
ubottuqwebirc3504: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:28
fizy[laptop]edbian: yes. i can double click it fine. i just want my SSHing friend to be able to run it by typing in sh smp_start.sh rather than a big ugly command in the sh file04:29
linux_is_my_heropaddy_ni: how is it?04:29
qwebirc3504!botabuse > guessswh004:29
ubottuguessswh0, please see my private message04:29
Paddy_NIlinux_is_my_hero: use the mozilla stable ppa04:29
Paddy_NIlinux_is_my_hero: pretty damn good04:29
Paddy_NIlinux_is_my_hero: I still use chromium though04:29
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linux_is_my_heropaddy_ni: did u have to do a firce architecture command, or did they have a x64 release availible in the ppa?04:29
edbianfizy[laptop]: If you put the script in /usr/local/bin anybody can run it from anywhere with just the filename.  (make sure the script starts with #!/bin/bash)04:29
Paddy_NIwell both04:29
Paddy_NIlinux_is_my_hero: nope04:29
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Wolfwalker_PrimeRunning ubuntu from live disk, the computer has a known hard drive with bad sectors.  I ran sudo badblocks /dev/sda and it scanned it, but I don't think it DID anything.  How do I get badblocks to mark the bad sectors so they will not be used?04:30
guessswh0qwebirc3504 please start using a secure method for administration, then I can agree with you04:30
naomi_Paddy_NI: ON the sidebar of movie player when i searched a youtube vid all the videos came up fine but when i tried to play one it said "Error GStreamer encountered a general supporting library error." I googled that and it was some sort of bug.. but idk how to fix it or what to do04:31
linux_is_my_heropddy_ni: meaning you didnt have to force architecture or they didn't have the x64 in the ppa?04:31
=== Media_mobile is now known as Mediarocker
fizy[laptop]edbian: alrighties. also, how can i run "sudo modprobe ndiswrapper" automatically at startup? its annoying having to do that every time i reboot to enable the wifi drivers04:31
Mediarockersetting up nickserv04:31
Paddy_NInaomi_: hmm which version of ubuntu are you using?04:31
edbianfizy[laptop]: make a script with that command in it (without the sudo) and use sudo update-rc.d scriptName04:31
naomi_Paddy_NI: 10.04 lucid04:31
McHeartyDoes anyone know if theres a conf for v4l2?04:31
Paddy_NInaomi_: sounds like a gstreamer issue04:31
edbianfizy[laptop]: Make sure the script starts with #!/bin/bash as well04:31
Paddy_NInaomi_: okay one sec04:31
Axlin`linux_is_my_hero: the ppa does have the x64 version. no force architecture needed04:32
linux_is_my_heroaxlin':it's been awhile since i screwed with a ppa, can u give me a hand with that?04:32
Axlin`linux_is_my_hero: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update04:34
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Paddy_NInaomi_: Okay it seems the bug is fixed in the "proposed" repository, so would you like to enable that?04:34
naomi_Paddy_NI: I'd like to enable whatever the hell will get it working. :P04:35
joexcodehow to make ubuntu as an access point?04:35
linux_is_my_heroadlin': just for understanding of linux, whats exactly is a repository, besides just a place on the internet where linux computers can get install files from?04:35
McHeartyDoes anyone know if theres a conf for v4l2?04:35
linux_is_my_heroadlin': and what keeps virus from going into repos and killing the entire linux world?04:35
Paddy_NIokay naomi_ so go to "system > administration > software sources"04:36
HathadarI manually deleted my smb.conf file for samba and now apt-get will not install a fresh copy.  How do I force it to install fresh copies of all config files?04:36
Axlin`linux_is_my_hero: that's essentially it. it provides a software source you can use to keep your computer up to date, and to easily find, install, and uninstall software04:36
naomi_Paddy_NI: Yep.04:36
Paddy_NInaomi_: do you see a "proposed repo"04:37
* McHearty sighs04:37
S74rk7anyone know how to minimize full screen applications? shortcut keys or something?04:37
sacarlsonlinux_is_my_hero: and encryption keys to verify that the files on the repository are kept to make sure they are not corupted04:37
Paddy_NInaomi_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=Software_Sources.png04:37
naomi_Paddy_NI: Ummm. Nope. What tab? Or whereabouts?04:37
McHeartyS74rk7: what wm are you using?04:37
S74rk7for example...if I have xbmc open, can I 'switch' to the desktop and minimize xbmc --- instead of having to exit out of it?04:38
Paddy_NInaomi_: Proposed Updates04:38
naomi_Paddy_NI: I have that but it's all greyed in. Can't click any of them04:38
McHeartyS74rk7: you could run xbmc on another workspace and switch between them04:38
linux_is_my_herosacarlson: so when i tell my computer to add a repo and then update what exactly is it doing and where do the keys come from to let it into the repo int he first place?04:38
S74rk7Alt+Tab won't seem to work...04:38
Paddy_NInaomi_: okay close that04:38
S74rk7McHearty: I'll give that I try -thanks :)04:39
KyarraSorry to interrupt but can i have some assistance please?04:39
linux_is_my_herosacarlson: and whats to keep the repos from being hacked and still have the same keys to unlock them, which would open backdoors on linux machines everywhere?04:39
McHeartyS74rk7: i think for gnomme its ctrl + shift + left/right04:39
McHeartyCan someone help me with v4l2?04:39
KyarraCan someone please help my?04:39
Paddy_NInaomi_: type in a terminal "gksu software-properties-gtk" press enter04:39
MediarockerOk. apparently I'm banned on ##Linux for some odd reason? (I just connected last night... so idk why.)04:40
KyarraMy android locked me out how do i undo it?04:40
MediarockerEither that or unvoiced or something04:40
McHeartylol what did u do Mediarocker04:40
benzaldehydeMediarocker: is your nick registered?04:40
MediarockerJust registered right now04:40
McHeartyKyarra: were you rooting it or did it just lock on normal operation?04:40
benzaldehydeMediarocker: they might have thought you were spam, give a while04:41
naomi_Paddy_NI:  it's still greyed in. :(04:41
philip_Hi guys, during a backup with grsync, i accidentally deleted some folders on the destination usb drive. Can i do something to get them back?04:41
McHeartyCan someone help me with v4l2?04:41
Paddy_NInaomi_: Give me just a moment.. I need more tea and a smoke :-)04:41
Kyarrawell it exceeded too many attepmts with the password because i kept messing up04:41
naomi_Paddy_NI: Okie, thanks.04:41
Mediarockerbenzaldehyde, that solved the problem04:41
MediarockerI forgot to verify04:41
Kyarraso i pressed on forgot password and i cant seem to get out04:41
McHeartyKyarra: just wait for a while its got a timed wait period04:41
benzaldehydeMediarocker: :)04:42
McHeartyKyarra: remove battery if it stays frozen04:42
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Kyarrait happened about 5 hours ago D:04:42
sacarlsonlinux_is_my_hero: this seems to explain some of what you want to know http://wiki.debian.org/SecureApt04:42
McHeartyKyarra: what rom are you running?04:42
Kyarrawait what? -sorry-04:42
McHeartyKyarra: if ur on a stock rom, just remove battery04:43
Kyarrai tried that, its still not working.04:43
McHeartydid you root your phone?04:43
McHeartyor is it stock?04:43
Kyarrawait what? sorry i don't really know .04:44
S74rk7McHearty: it won't seem to work, I tried even the desktops individual shortcut keys and it doesnt work nor the "show the plasma dashboard" shortcut keys ... stumped...04:44
McHeartyS74rk7: what wm are you running?04:44
MediarockerLets see if this reburn of 10.10 will work...correctly.. it already fudged my GRUB.04:44
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philip_Hi guys, during a backup with grsync, i accidentally deleted some folders on the destination usb drive. Can i do something to get them back?04:45
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel04:45
Kyarraokay so this is what happened , i messed up on my password A LOT, so it exceeded the limit i had to wait for 30 seconds and i accidentaly pressd forgot password now it says log into my google account no matter how many times i try it says its wrong and im sure its right, help?04:46
ljsoftnetcan i downgrade packages from ppa software sources?04:46
McHeartyKyarra: boot into recovery04:46
S74rk7McHearty: I'm not running it from a vm... if your referring to a virtual machine - its the XBMC package from the kpackagekit ... unless even that operates as a live cd almost?04:46
HalzenDowngrade as in revert updates? You'll likely need to reinstall...04:46
McHeartyS74rk7: window manager :P04:46
McHeartyS74rk7: w looks like v -_-04:46
ljsoftnetHalzen yes, reinstall ubuntu?04:47
KyarraMcHearty: and how do i do that? -SORRY- >_<04:47
McHeartyKyarra: i believe its powerbutton + back or powerbutton + home at boot04:47
mikeypizanoanyone here have an asus t91? i need help calibrating the touchscreen04:47
HalzenNo, reinstall your package. Remove it and reinstall it through Synaptic. :)04:47
Kyarraokay -sorry-04:47
KyarraMcHearty: Bye the way my phone is an Xperia x10 but its also and android04:48
HalzenHas anyone tested Gnome 3.0? Does the vanilla Gnome look any different from Gnome 2 when you disable Gnome Shell?04:48
S74rk7McHearty: ahh I'm an idiot.. sorry mate - switching back and forth..thats what I get reading too quick.. :)04:48
McHeartyKyarra: Should still apply for all androids04:48
S74rk7McHearty: Dolphin..04:48
McHeartyS74rk7: you could try running a tiling wm and run windowed borderless04:48
McHeartyS74rk7: same effect and less hassle04:49
KyarraMcHearty: what do i do after?04:49
McHeartyKyarra: uhh clear your dalvik cache04:49
McHeartyKyarra: then when you boot in it'll be like you just got ur phone but ur issue should be solved04:50
ljsoftnetHalzen is there an easier way?04:50
hariykeyboardcan anyone point me to a good tutorial on how to install a .deb file I just manually downloaded?  All I have ever used has been synaptic so I'm really clueless when it comes to this .config stuff.  Specifically where should I put this package when unpacking it?  Can I only run certain programs in certain places, or can the program ever work like a .exe file that runs anywhere as soon as I click it?04:50
Kyarra... my what? -im soo stuupid sorry-04:50
S74rk7McHearty: I'm not following mate? but could you suggest a tiling windows manager and I'll go search and read up?04:50
McHeartyKyarra: unfortunately you'll lose apps and but ur sd content will not be changed04:50
Halzenljsoftnet: an easier way to do what? O.o04:50
McHeartyS74rk7: there's three really good ones, DWM, WMii, i304:50
ljsoftnetHalzen downgrading packages04:50
McHeartyS74rk7: it takes a little getting used to but it's pretty efficient04:51
HalzenMcHearty: Clearing your Dalvik cache shouldn't affect your apps or anything.04:51
KyarraMcHearty: -im so stupid- whats a dalvich cache?04:51
ruanhariykeyboard: it depends on the package, but it can be opened with package manager04:51
McHeartyHalzen: It's always dropped me back to stock install04:51
Halzenljsoftnet: Not that I'm aware of. When an update breaks my apps, I just apt-get remove them and do apt-get install again.04:51
sacarlsonhariykeyboard: just double click the .deb file it should open the installer04:51
McHeartyHalzen: well for the rom I'm running at least04:51
HalzenMcHearty: Is this with a stock phone or with rooted + Clockwork? None of the three ROMs I use have been wiped in the least by Dalvik clears.04:52
hariykeyboardruan: oo! can I just load it into the package manager and it will take care of the dependencies for me?04:52
ruanhariykeyboard: it should04:52
Kyarrawhats a dalvich cache? im sorry im not used to this.04:52
ruanhariykeyboard: if they are accessible04:52
McHeartyHalzen: rooted + clockwork04:52
zarbulaUbuntu, for some reason my Nvidia based motherboard's sound card isn't working so I bought this super cheap one that does work, however when I switch to the correct sound card in alsamixer I still have no sound, and the volume mixer in gnome always shows as blank, and if I click sound preference it just hangs at "waiting for sound system to respond" any idea?04:52
McHeartyHalzen: Running an aosp cm7 2.3.3 build04:52
HalzenMcHearty: That's weird...04:52
sacarlsonhariykeyboard: or in cli just sudo dpkg -i nameof.deb04:52
ljsoftnetHalzen what does this do? sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates04:53
Peddywhere does Gnome store mouse settings?04:53
McHeartyHalzen: though it's been a while since I've done it so I could be wrong04:53
Halzenzarbula: could you tell me exactly what motherboard sound device you're using?04:53
Kyarraim sorry but can some one help me? I have no idea what to do.xD04:53
ohsixPeddy: gconf-editor has a search, i think its gnome-settings-daemon04:53
Halzenljsoftnext: that fully removes the app, like a full uninstall.04:53
McHeartyCan someone give me a hand with a v4l2 issue?04:53
zarbulaHalzen: It's Nvidia based, and it's currently disabled so I can't.. It was the only way to get sound to play though the other sound card.04:54
McHeartynvidia based sound device?04:54
sacarlsonMcHearty: did you try your cam with cheese ?04:54
Peddyohsix, oh, the "search" button sure helped. It's under desktop>gnome. Thanks!04:54
zarbulaHalzen: Now that it's the only sound card it's still doing the same thing :*(04:54
KyarraMcHearty: Okay, so i know the problem the problem is a bug, but i don't know how to get rid of it04:54
Halzenzarbula: Unfortunately, there are lot's of Nvidia-based mobos using different sound devices. I'd need you to find the name of the product for me to look up driver options.04:54
McHeartysacarlson: I want to edit the configuration without thirdparty interferance, webcamstudio is the only working fix but it's cpu intensive04:55
ohsixlook for a chip with a crab logo on it :D04:55
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McHeartysacarlson: but I can't find any solid documentation04:55
theamazingbeathey guys i know it is rude to ask a question right when I enter but I really need help with this..... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10620302#post1062030204:55
mikeypizanoanyone know to calibrate an ideacom touchscreen04:56
jiltdilhow to install update of update manager from terminal?04:56
lifestreamWindows has sound effects, for example, Environment, Bass boost, Equalizer, etc. Is there something similar in Linux?  Thanks.04:56
sacarlsonMcHearty: so it's a cam problem?   what hardware is it lspci or lsusb if you don't already know04:56
McHeartysacarlson: I'd like to tweak values like saturation permenantly04:56
Halzentheamazingbeat: You were getting warmer at the end of your post. It sounds like you need to add SMTP server settings to each of your mailbox accounts.04:57
KyarraAnyone know how to reset a XPERIAx10? I mean hard reset? And lose all the data, its okay, but im LOCKED in my phone i need help!!04:57
McHeartysacarlson: the cam works fine but I'd like it to be forced in black and white04:57
KyarraI mean locked out of my phone04:57
sacarlsonMcHearty: I guess you could make a script that sets it at some point before you run your app04:57
HalzenKyarra: Try this: http://www.technipages.com/sony-ericsson-xperia-x10-hard-reset.html04:57
mikeypizanomy touchscreen works fine but cant seem to find how to calibrate it04:57
jiltdilhow to install update of update manager from terminal?04:57
ruanhow do i make a launcher execute a file in its current working directory?04:57
ruanjiltdil: sudo apt-get upgrade04:58
McHeartysacarlson: if I was running it through vlc or something I know of a workaround, but I want to set it for flash and am completely lost04:58
theamazingbeatHalzen, there is04:58
sacarlsonMcHearty: so you want to transmit the webcam to flash?04:59
KyarraHalzen: thank you i'll try it ( :04:59
ruanif i try gnome-terminal -x cd directory, it fails to cd 'Failed to execute child process "cd" (No such file or directory)'04:59
HalzenKyarra: Good luck!04:59
McHeartysacarlson: it already transmits to flash, I want to force it to transmit in black and white04:59
jiltdilruan:ok thanx04:59
mikeypizanoanyone know to calibrate an ideacom touchscreen?????04:59
ohsixMcHearty: theres v4l2 loopback devices, and effectv05:00
theamazingbeatthe email goes through that is not the problem, the problem is it is basically: Email->Exchange Server(just passes right through it)-> GMail SMTP->Send Email->Reciepent05:00
hariykeyboardsacarlson, when after double clicking a .deb file and it says "Dependency is not satisfiable" what does that mean?05:00
theamazingbeatthe problem is it goes through the exchange05:00
theamazingbeatthe exchange is my work email05:00
theamazingbeatand the gmail is my personal05:00
McHeartyohsix: is there any way to do it without external help?05:00
theamazingbeatso i think u can figure out why this needs to be changed05:00
Halzentheamazingbeat: Hmm... I dunno. Have you posted in a Windows 7 forum?05:00
ruanok i learned from the main menu..05:01
ohsixMcHearty: generally no, some cameras offer color controls; but its easier just to get software in the middle05:01
theamazingbeati realized this because I saw recent contacts in my exchange server that were actually part of gmail05:01
sacarlsonhariykeyboard: must mean that the repository can't find a part of what your deb application needs.05:01
theamazingbeatyes I have Halzen05:01
McHeartyohsix: if I wasn't on a legacy machine it wouldn't be an issue -_-05:01
ohsixMcHearty: effectv has lots of neat hacks too :] not just black and white05:01
Halzentheamazingbeat: Well, I'm only familiar enough with Outlook to know why it annoys me. Sorry. =/05:01
ohsixMcHearty: you don't think having black and white will save cpu do you?05:01
McHeartyohsix: very few cycles to spare for other programs05:01
icedtearuan: "cd" is a shell command and not a program on most linux and unix systems I believe, you could have gnome-terminal execute a shell script though05:02
McHeartyohsix: no haha05:02
theamazingbeatHalzen, it annoys me to lmfao05:02
ohsixok good05:02
sacarlsonhariykeyboard: it might be easier if you told us the name of the application you want to install,  there may be ppa repository to install it05:02
speedrunnerG55how can i pull up information about my lan and internet ( conection speed) like is it a 10mb/ces or 100mb/sec05:02
Halzentheamazingbeat: Don't Evolution and Thunderbird support Exchange?05:02
ohsixspeedrunnerG55: ifconfig will tell you the media mode, so will mii-tool05:02
McHeartyohsix: I was just bring up the cycles because that's why I'll looking for an alternative to software05:02
hariykeyboardsacarlson, streamtuner2-2.0.805:02
theamazingbeati tried thunderbird, doesnt work for me05:02
speedrunnerG55is thaTY LIKE IPCONFIGH05:03
theamazingbeatand i dont like evolution at all05:03
jiltdilmy laptop is not connecting to net  via LAN should i use ifconfig eth0 up?05:03
pp7speedrunnerG55: yea05:03
icedteaspeedrunnerG55: yes;,except better05:03
ruanyeah i did env WINEPREFIX=05:03
ohsixspeedrunnerG55: no, not like ipconfig, ipconfig does lots of things other than telling you about an interface05:03
Halzentheamazingbeat: Well, if it were me, I would just forward the Exchange address to my Gmail so that I can handle it within Google's webmail site, but that's just me.05:03
HalzenHi thar.05:04
ruanwine's main menu entries taught me how to do i05:04
ruan                                             ^t05:04
pp7anyone get GTA4 working in wine?05:04
ruanpp7: see the appdb05:04
McHeartyohsix: so no workaround for it without software?05:04
jiltdilchanel for window 7?05:04
speedrunnerG55so were is the connection speed and what is mii-tool05:04
bin_bashI am running Ubuntu 10.04 on my MBP 5,5 and I am interested in backing up my harddrive to and external one. I would like to back eerything up in the case that I were to lose everything. What is the best and easiest way to do this?05:04
pp7bin_bash: dd05:05
ohsixMcHearty: well, the driver that would do it is software too05:05
Halzenpp7: Since Windows Live (Games for Windows) doesn't work even a little in Wine, you'd have a rough time getting that to work.05:05
bin_bashpp7: what is dd?05:05
McHeartyohsix: is it something I need installed, or something I can edit?05:05
pp7bin_bash: dd makes an image of something05:05
ruanGFWL can be disabled, but im not sure if gta would work after that05:05
pp7bin_bash: so eg. dd if=/dev/sdb1 of=myimage.iso05:06
speedrunnerG55what is the difference between lo and etho05:06
Mediarocker10.10 install is working! I made a bad burn previously. Rawr. Either way, I just wiped the drive and put 10.10 on the whole drive. :)05:06
bin_bashpp7: so then how do i know what to put as the first part?05:06
pp7speedrunnerG55: lo is the internal loopback interface05:06
pp7speedrunnerG55: eth0 is *usually* your ethernet card05:06
speedrunnerG55when wouldnt it be05:07
MediarockerspeedrunnerG55, LO is loopback and eth0 is your physical NIC, sometimes it's your wireless card.05:07
pp7bin_bash: run the df command05:07
ruanim on ethernet linked to wifi, no wireless card at all05:07
HalzenYeah, auto eth0 is what I see for both my onboard LAN and my USB wireless.05:07
Mediarockerpp7, lol you got me.05:07
speedrunnerG55rx bytes, is that my speeD?05:07
ruanjust a cable, no cards05:07
bin_bashpp7: what does the df command do05:07
KyarraHalzen: i tried hard reset it still wont work.05:07
pp7rx is the amount of bytes received05:07
Kyarrawell it did reset but im still having an issue05:08
pp7bin_bash: i just told you... scroll up :)05:08
speedrunnerG55wheres the speed05:08
* McHearty sighs05:08
jiltdilbin_bash:df means disk free just use and see05:08
zee313is there any downloader in ubuntu?05:08
HalzenKyarra: That's trouble. What happens when you try to turn it on? Any lights, sounds, vibration?05:08
pp7speedrunnerG55: you need another app to see speed05:08
pp7such as bwm-ng05:08
bin_bashso if it says /dev/sda505:08
Halzenzee313: What do you mean?05:08
bin_bashthen that's what i need to mirror?05:08
pp7bin_bash: yea that sounds like it05:08
speedrunnerG55........are you serious05:08
pp7speedrunnerG55: serious as cancer :)05:09
ruanzee313: download managers? yes there are several05:09
speedrunnerG55its sounds pritty rediculous since windows can tell me this stuff with no troubble05:09
ruanzee313: i use fatrat and wget05:09
KyarraHalzen: well when i turn it , it turns on but, my issue is that im locked out of my phone because of a page that says log into my google account. it'll stay there no matter what.05:09
pp7speedrunnerG55: ROFL05:09
pp7speedrunnerG55: just do a sudo apt-get install bwm-ng05:09
pp7speedrunnerG55: then run bwm-ng05:09
zee313ruan: thanks05:09
pp7speedrunnerG55: what has windows got to do with anything?05:10
bin_bashpp7: How do I know what to copy it to05:10
speedrunnerG55windows is usually not equiped with usefull tools05:10
KyarraHalzen: It only went to that page because of the limit for too many attempts for password.05:10
pp7bin_bash: are you backing it up to a USB drive or something?05:10
bin_bashpp7: it's an external hard drive. western digital05:11
pp7bin_bash: ok so use that :P05:11
bin_bashright but how do I know the title05:11
bin_bashor label or whatever05:11
bin_bashthis is my first time backing up from a linux machine05:11
pp7bin_bash: that'll probably be mounted to /media/something05:11
bin_bashos x just does it for you05:11
pp7bin_bash: does osx read your mind too? :P05:12
bin_bashpp7: yeah basically05:12
speedrunnerG55type "run bwm-ng"05:12
pp7bin_bash: ahh great OS then :P05:12
Kyarracan someone PLEASE help me??05:12
speedrunnerG55or were is it in the gui05:12
bin_bashpp7: is there a command to figure out what the external hdd path is?05:12
Kyarrahi, um well im having a problem with my xperia x10, i ecxeeded the limit of putting in passwords because i kept messing up, so there was an option either wait 30 seconds or this button that says forgot password? I accidentaly pressed it so it lead me to this page , the header was Too many pattern attempts, and said to log into my google account, i wanted to go back but it wouldnt let me, im either thinking its a bug, or technical difficulties05:12
pp7bin_bash: like before use df05:12
pp7bin_bash: you'll see under "Mounted on"05:13
speedrunnerG55its not telling me the avaluable speed05:13
speedrunnerG55like is it 10 or 100 ms/s05:13
bin_bashpp7: where would i see that? in nautilus?05:13
speedrunnerG55and this is a cool app btw05:14
ohsixMcHearty: you'd want to use effectv with vloopback but the one page that has good info on the google is timing out05:14
pp7bin_bash: no in the terminal.. run df in the terminal05:14
linux-noobhello i really like computers and i use ubuntu only and i want to ask here hte easiest way to create (K)ubuntu app is gt /gtk/ mono?? whic is he easiest to create ad maintain GUI??05:14
pp7bin_bash: or you can just browse to it in nautilus05:14
bin_bashoh awesome. thanks05:14
pp7bin_bash: and just copy the location from there05:14
linux-noobhello i really like computers and i use ubuntu only and i want to ask here hte easiest way to create (K)ubuntu app is qt /gtk/ mono?? which is the easiest to create ad maintain GUI??05:14
ohsixlinux-noob: they all have ui builders05:15
bin_bashpp7: what if i want to put it in a folder in the hadd05:15
linux-noobohsix, which is the easiest05:15
ohsixlinux-noob: i'd use vala ;] but only because it's new and interesting05:15
ohsixthere is no measure of the ease05:15
pp7bin_bash: scroll up and read what i said05:15
icedtealinux-noob: what programming languages do you know or wouldn't mind learning?05:15
ohsixthey all require skilled operators05:15
linux-noobc++ or C05:15
linux-noobohsix, may be python too i like it05:16
icedtealinux-noob: what do you want to wrint?05:16
icedtealinux-noob: write?05:16
linux-noobGUI apps for general use ?05:16
pp7bin_bash: you dont mean you want to make an image of the harddisk and save it on the same harddisk you are making an image of?05:17
icedtealinux-noob: it entirely depends on the what your are trying to do, pick the best the tool for the job imho05:17
Logan_linux-noob: /join #ubuntu-devel05:17
ohsixjust pick one, you won't know whats best for a long time05:17
pp7bin_bash: i'm sure you can see why that would be silly :P05:17
Logan_linux-noob: sorry, #ubuntu-app-devel05:18
bin_bashpp7: no no.05:18
bin_bashpp7: I want to put ubuntu in a folder on the hdd05:18
bin_bashthe eternal i mean05:18
pp7bin_bash: on the external.. yea good05:19
McHeartyohsix: is there a cached version?05:19
ohsixMcHearty: generally the cached version also has a hell of a time loading when the main is timing out, try "effectv vloopback" on google, maybe it loads there05:20
bin_bashpp7: for the second part of the dd do i do /dev/sdc1 or /media/Elements/Ubuntu05:22
pp7bin_bash: /media....05:22
bin_bashpp7:  but the first part is the /dev?05:22
pp7bin_bash: yea05:22
ruanis there a plugin for nautilus that adds 'create new > zip file' to the menu?05:23
ruanor archive at least05:23
ohsixruan: if you click on a file you can pick "compress"05:23
ruanohsix: thanks05:23
ruanfolder was the case, also worked05:24
bin_bashpp7: thanks05:24
zee313how to run "turbo C" compiler in ubuntu. As I am familiar with its environment05:24
h3r0hi friends05:25
ohsixzee313: you could run it in dosbox, but you should get familiar with something newer05:25
McHeartyohsix: I lose so much framerate with virtualizing the webcam output05:25
=== h3r0 is now known as Guest70683
McHeartyohsix: drops to like maybe 1fps05:25
Guest70683i want to ask question... why did when i run commands of "findsmb" in ubuntu it shows me my vmnet ip not my actual host?05:25
slieyou think the admin will be able to find out i used ophcrack for a campus computer?05:25
ohsixslie: that's a federal offense you know, even if they dont' find out ;]05:26
jiltdilmy mousepad is not working after installation of ubuntu.how to solve this?05:26
slieohsix, damn thanks for the heads up05:26
Guest70683my actual ip is while my vm is
slieohsix, but you think they will find out will it be a read flag instantly or just if i'm stupid about it do you know/05:27
HarakenI'm trying to setup a vpn on my ubuntu server using the following guide but I have a question about the bridging part (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenVPN).  My eth0 is an external IP and I only need the ability to have a local network for the VPN that the server can access.  is there something I need to do different from the tutorial to achieve this?05:27
Guest70683how can i change it to my actual host when i run "findsmb" command?05:27
jiltdil my mousepad is not working after installation of ubuntu.how to solve this?05:27
bin_bashpp7: would it be a good idea to partition my external hdd or is it okay to just put the entire ubuntu hdd into a folder?05:27
Guest70683please help me friends05:28
ohsixGuest70683: the manual page says you can pass the subnet broadcast address05:28
benzaldehydejiltdil: i had to purge xserver-xorg-input-synaptics to get my touchpad running05:28
Guest70683what is that mean ohsix?05:28
jiltdilbenzaldehyde:please tell the command05:29
littlestbear(Guest70683): what I would do is edit host file in /etc/ though donno if that work05:29
zee313ohsix: I hav installed dosbox , and "Turbo C " is on my desktop. but as I don't know how to use dosbox so can not open Turbo C . I am new in programming and one of my friend gave me a book about C language and I want to practice its different commands on turbo C compiler05:29
benzaldehydejiltdil: sudo apt-get purge xserver-xorg-input-synaptics05:29
Guest70683littlestbear: i think that wouldn't work?05:30
chobito01zee313: I would recommend you simply use gcc.05:30
DaPenguinzee313, there's so many good nix IDEs why would you want to install that?05:30
jiltdilbenzaldehyde : m trying05:30
toluenehi ! is it possible to list the contents of a package using apt ?05:30
Guest70683if you use findsmb command what did you see?is it your actual host?05:30
bin_bashpp7: you still here, bro?05:30
ohsixDaPenguin: not to mention not needing one at all05:30
DaPenguinohsix, of course not, my first c app was written in nano lol05:31
benzaldehydejiltdil: you will probably want to stop and start gdm after that. sudo service gdm stop05:31
jiltdilbenzaldehyde:ok thanx i m trying05:31
ohsixbenzaldehyde: agh what are you telling people05:32
Mito_what are the package to have a official theme of ubuntu 10.10?05:32
benzaldehydeohsix: only what i went through personally05:32
DaPenguinthat's one thing about buntu i'm still having to get used to. used to handling services from init.d lol05:33
zee313DaPenguin: Actually the book given by my friend is using that compiler and I as a novice in programming feel it easy to use Turbo C05:33
benzaldehydeohsix: if it does not work all one has to do is install the package and it is like it never happened, worth a try right? i like the spaghetti thrown at the wall approach, see what sticks05:34
dinDaPenguin: before you know it chkconfig will be included. ;)05:34
DaPenguinzee313, the C language doesn't really change between compilers. plus you learn a lot more about the compiling process if you do it from the command line05:34
pp7bin_bash: yea05:36
Guest70683DaPenguin:im agree with you but i like scite as an editor :)05:36
bin_bashpp7: would i be better off partitioning the external?05:36
pp7bin_bash: y?05:36
bin_bashpp7: i'm putting some OSX stuff on there too05:37
DaPenguinGuest70683, usually use emacs these days. better syntax highlighting and simpler to swap between buffers05:37
pp7bin_bash: you got a macbook pro?05:37
littlestbear(DaPenguin): is emas better than vim?05:37
bin_bashpp7: yeah05:37
bin_bashpp7: I'm sending it in to apple to be fixed05:37
pp7bin_bash: cool, me too05:37
DaPenguinlittlestbear, that's all personal preference05:37
Guest70683DaPenguin: i don't know yet how to use emacs.. how unfortunate.. i hope i can learn later05:37
littlestbear(DaPenguin): been using vim for quit a while , i heard emacs more visual05:38
bin_bashYeah I need a new logic board probably05:38
bin_bashI'm hoping i can convince them to just give me a new one05:38
bin_bashor something05:38
bin_bashsince this is the second time i've had this exact problem05:38
bin_bashplus i have to reformat anyway05:38
pp7bin_bash: does suspend work for you 100% of the time?05:38
bin_bashsince i'm having some kind of memory leak05:38
zee313DaPenguin: If I want to run a "Hello world " program on command line how will I do that?05:38
littlestbearsame here lol05:38
bin_bashpp7: it doesn't work for me /at all/05:38
rodhashHello guys.. How do I stop sshd service in Ubuntu 10.10? It uses upstart and everytime I try to kill or using init, it bring the service up again05:38
littlestbear(zee313): which one? bash?05:38
pp7bin_bash: LOL ok05:38
chobito01zee313: gcc hello.c -o hello05:39
pp7bin_bash: works for me about 95% of the time05:39
littlestbear(rodhash): somewhere in init.d/ i think05:39
bin_bashpp7: it did before, but then something happened and now it doesb't, and my fan is running at 6500 RPMs and it's barely keeping it at 60C05:39
Guest70683rodhash: would "kill -9 pid" doit05:39
bin_bashpp7: when it WAS working, I would get swap crashes a lot05:39
pp7bin_bash: yea ubuntu tends to run hot on a macbook pro05:39
ruani sent a file to my phone via bluetooth but its not showing up, is there a java file browser or something?05:40
rodhashlittlestbear: I tried /etc/init.d/ssh stop too... kill -9 as well.. then sshd gets a new PID.. in other words, upstart bring it up again05:40
DaPenguinzee313, gcc is the compiler, i'd do gcc -g -o hello hello.c05:40
bin_bashpp7: when i took it to the mac store, and he ran a diagnostic it was running at 6500 RPMs05:40
pp7bin_bash: generally everything works flawlessly for me05:40
HarknessAre there any tools available to create a software based stereo mix? I don't have a sound card in my server, but I want to broadcast a shoutcast stream to a mumble/murmur server.05:40
bin_bashpp7: so should i partition or can i just use folders?05:40
DaPenguinzee313, or whatever your .c source file is named05:40
pp7bin_bash: no need to partition as far as i can see05:40
icedtealittlestbear: try both vim and emacs, I kinda like them both and can't decide which one I like better.05:40
zee313how can i install gcc compiler on my ubuntu?05:40
bin_bashpp7: it won't mess up having two OS's on the same partition?05:41
ruanzee313: if im not mistaken, it comes with ubuntu05:41
pp7bin_bash: oh wait05:41
bin_bashzee313: sudo apt-get install gcc05:41
pp7bin_bash: didnt realize you were doing that05:41
bin_bashpp7: yah i have to put some OS X stuff on here05:41
bin_bashNot the whole OS05:41
bin_bashJust some files and stuff05:41
DaPenguinzee313, just remember the -g flag, makes debugging much easier05:41
=== Guest70683 is now known as faizal
pp7bin_bash: yea probably better to partition it then05:41
bin_bashpp7: what's the best way to do that?05:42
pp7bin_bash: probably gparted05:42
bin_bashpp7: that's what i couldn't remember05:42
pp7bin_bash: but that as much as i can help on that05:42
cvamUSB Card reader is not detected.What is the solution05:43
rodhashAny idea how to stop ssh or any service?05:44
benzaldehydeI have to move my flat panel slash monitor lower on the wall05:44
pp7rodhash: sudo pkill -9 ssh05:44
cvamUSB Card reader is not detected.What is the solution05:44
DaPenguinrodhash, iirc sudo service <service name> stop05:45
zee313I have applied bin_bash commands and it showed me that the newest one is already installed. But as Ubuntu is also new for me and I am unable to find gcc compiler name in Applications05:45
DaPenguinrodhash, that being the proper ubuntu way anyway05:45
bin_bashzee313: type gcc in the terminal05:45
chobito01zee313: What does it say when you type gcc and hit enter in terminal?05:45
=== Logan_ is now known as RebeccaBlack
DaPenguinzee313, gcc is not an ide, it's a compiler that is invoked from the command line05:46
=== RebeccaBlack is now known as Logan_
benzaldehydeLogan_: are you a guy05:46
benzaldehydeLogan_: :305:47
=== eledesmar__ is now known as eledesmar
cvamUSB Card reader is not detected.What is the solution05:48
bin_bashpp7: what partition type should i use?05:48
pp7bin_bash: does it matter?05:49
benzaldehydecvam: have you tried to mount it05:49
bin_bashpp7: I have no idea. You have a MBP too, which is why I'm asking05:49
benzaldehydebin_bash: ext4 does not work on my machine, ext3 does05:49
pp7bin_bash: what are you storing on it?05:49
ruanext4 works here05:50
bin_bashpp7: i haven't decided if i'm going to do a full backup or a partial. I was thinking I might do a time-machine backuo05:50
benzaldehyderunge: :)05:50
pp7bin_bash: i know nothing about mac (except for the sexy hardware :P)05:50
wetnonhi people05:50
bin_bashthe hardware IS sexy!05:51
wetnoni am trying to fix a problem with my dell laptop brightness05:51
wetnonlooking for someone called kamal05:51
wetnonmostafa who has applied a patch05:51
wetnoncan anyone else help me out with this?05:51
benzaldehyde!seen kamal05:51
ubottuI have no seen command05:51
ruan!find kamal05:51
ubottuFile kamal found in digikam, digikam-data, digikam-dbg, picon-users05:52
cvamHow should I mount USB05:52
littlestbearfdisk -l05:52
bin_bashpp7: what's the difference between a primary partition and an extended?05:52
benzaldehydeubuttu: then what good are you? hehe05:52
littlestbear(cvam): then mount /dev/s** /mnt/anythinguwant05:52
wetnonhow do i change the brightness stuff on a ubuntu dell laptop05:52
ruancvam: sudo fdisk -l to get its name05:52
wetnonany suggestions friends?05:52
littlestbear(wetnon): function key + up05:52
wetnonno mine is at max05:53
ruanwetnon: also, there's a monitor settings app05:53
pp7bin_bash:  dunno :P05:53
littlestbear(wetnon): depends on your model though, mine's E641005:53
wetnoni want to reduce it the hotkeys dont work05:53
wetnoni have a dell 14R05:53
pp7bin_bash: primary is obviously one you would boot from05:53
Tigger__`I have remote desktop working between 2 machines with 10.10... However if I reboot the remote machine remotely I can no longer see or login to it from the client... Could anyone help with this please?05:53
linux-noobwhat is the default FS in Natty ?? btrfs or EXt405:53
benzaldehydewetnon: i don't know. is there a resolution you can toggle, perhaps a difference of vga or rgb etc might make a diff05:54
wetnonthe monitor settings do not work05:54
ruanwetnon: monitor settings from ubuntu software center?05:54
cvamruan: I've already used but name is not listed05:54
wetnoni dont follow u ruan05:54
ruancvam: does it show up if you type lsusb?05:55
=== lol is now known as derp
pp7Tigger__`: can u ping it?05:55
ruanwetnon: there's an application called 'monitor settings' on ubuntu software center05:55
Tigger__`pp7, i'll try that now05:55
cvamyeah it listed a 5 buses05:55
Tigger__`i'll have to reboot it :D05:56
benzaldehydeI have army green backdropped on my irssi--sweet looking05:56
benzaldehyde*irssi terminal05:56
wetnonhi ruan05:56
bin_bashpp7: i have no idea what i'm doing05:56
wetnongot to the ubuntu software center05:56
wetnonwhat next?05:57
linux-noobwhat is the default FS in Natty ?? btrfs or EXt405:57
cvamvisit http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10616900#post10616900 and help me05:57
pp7bin_bash: what are you trying to achieve?05:57
wetnonok installing now05:57
ajsiewhy cant i send a body with -d05:58
bin_bashpp7: I'm trying to partition but idk whether to use ext2 or ext 3 or primary or extended05:58
ajsiecurl -X PUT http://localhost:3000/way/items/sell_items/add_items -d "asd"05:58
rwwlinux-noob: 1) don't crosspost between #ubuntu and #ubuntu+1, 2) #ubuntu+1 already told you.05:58
EvanShey, I'm having some problems with a few different things in a recently installed Ubuntu, and I'm not sure if they're related to each other or what.05:58
ajsieanyone knows how to send a body with curl -X PUT?05:58
pp7bin_bash: are you going to boot osx from that drive?05:58
redentbenzaldehyde: which one?  http://irssi.org/themes - or a custom one?05:59
dinajsie: isn't -d post data?05:59
bin_bashpp7: no i'm not planning on booting at all from it. it's just to restore my OS when i reformat05:59
ajsiedin: yeah but PUT should also be able to send data05:59
pp7bin_bash: just use ext3 then05:59
wetnonnope the monitor settings do not work06:00
pp7bin_bash: you shouldnt have to do anything on that drive06:00
benzaldehyderedent: just a image i found on google images set in profile prefs as a background06:00
benzaldehyderedent: i'll tinypic it hold on06:00
pp7bin_bash: you just want to store an image of a drive on it right?06:00
pp7bin_bash: the filesystem you use doesn't matter for that purpose (as long as you can store files larger than 4gb etc.)06:00
bin_bashpp7: No I want to backup my entire ubuntu parition so that when i reformat, i can restore it basically06:00
dinajsie: try curl -X PUT -d @yourfile http://your.url06:01
pp7bin_bash: just do dd like i said before06:01
ajsiedin: dont want to put the data in a file though06:02
bin_bashpp7: so a mirror will basically be everything?06:02
pp7bin_bash: then when u restore just do dd if=thefile.iso of=/dev/sdawhatever06:02
dinajsie: try curl -X PUT -d "asd" http://your.url then06:02
pp7bin_bash: yes06:02
dinmaybe it matters what order the switches are in06:02
Rogan11Hey there, did a stupid thing... I disabled udev and don't have keyboard or mouse now after boot (I know, idiot.) - I'm in livecd now is there a file I can edit to enable it?06:03
ajsiedin: doesnt work06:03
MediarockerI'm getting some verbose on startup...06:03
Rogan11Or possibly just a boot option to enable it?06:03
Mediarocker10.10 is working perfect06:03
Mediarockerbut I'm getting "revalidation failed" verbose at startup..06:03
DrkCodemanis it just me or does linux mint look like ubuntu?06:03
sacarlsonbin_bash: to backup a partition can be done with sudo cp -a /path/from/ /path/to/  just make sure the partition isn't mounted as root when you copy it06:04
pp7DrkCodeman: its based on Ubuntu so...06:04
zee313bin_bash: i have created a file its name is test.c and it is on my desktop. When i wrot the command "gcc -g -o test test.c"  then when i pressed Enter button the message appeared in terminal was gcc: test.c: No such file or directory06:04
zee313gcc: no input files06:04
benzaldehydeahaha Google has a chemistry themed logo tonight, sweet06:04
jiltdilwhen i used to mount my partition Data  as mount /dev/sda5 /media/Data and restarts the system and then go to terminal and in Data i didnot find anything using ls why as there are many directories in it,also at the starting time of system it says that mounting error on 0 skip or maually recover?06:04
DrkCodemani have had bad luck with ubuntu recently i changed our smb server on ubuntu to windows server 200306:04
Tigger__pp7: yes I can ping it... I think it needs to be set as a service... it works if I set to automaticly login & reboot but not the default to login with password06:05
DrkCodemanafter 6 months of usage the file system had gone corrupt06:05
littlestbear(din): does curl follow 302 ?06:05
DrkCodemanfsck destroyed it even worse06:05
benzaldehydeapparently it is Robert Bunsen's 200th Birthday, i wonder what he wants for a present this year06:05
littlestbear(din): like curl http://u.xxw.ca/xxw06:05
Mediarockerbenzaldehyde, It's Robert Bunsen's 200th birthday.06:05
pp7Tigger__: yep that sounds correct, set it up as a service06:05
Mediarockerbenzaldehyde, beat me to it XD06:05
jiltdilwhen i used to mount my partition Data  as mount /dev/sda5 /media/Data and restarts the system and then go to terminal and in Data i didnot find anything using ls why as there are many directories in it,also at the starting time of system it says that mounting error on 0 skip or maually recover?any help06:05
DrkCodemanmint is based on ubuntu and ubuntu is based on debian lol06:06
DrkCodemani wanna be like mike...06:06
Rogan11Hi, idiot here... I disabled udev, now after boot I have no mouse and keyboard. Is there a way from livecd I can make it run again? Or a way to do it from terminal before boot?06:06
Tigger__pp7:  how do i set it as a service? I have forgot now :D06:06
benzaldehydeRogan11: :306:06
* Rogan11 dumbfaic06:06
pp7Tigger__: dunno, google it :)06:06
red2kicDrkCodeman: Based on? It's more like a Ubuntu knock-off06:07
Tigger__pp7: lol - ok thanks for your help anyway :)06:07
DrkCodemanred2kic: which one mint or debian?06:07
dinajsie: maybe curl -X PUT -d @$(uuencode asf asf) http://your.url ??06:07
bin_bashpp7: does this look right? http://imgur.com/y4EUH06:07
pp7Tigger__: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ubuntu+vnc+service :)06:08
red2kicDrkCodeman: Mint.06:08
benzaldehydei almost forgot i was tinypicing a screenshot06:08
jiltdilwhen i go to  /media/Data  via terminal and uses ls there is nothing shown but when igo to Data without terminal just clicking to it all the contents it it are shown?06:08
dinajsie: just guessing here. i'm not doing that much research on it. my laptop is going to die soon anyway.06:08
Tigger__pp7: cheers mate, i'll go look06:08
jiltdilhow to solvethis06:08
DrkCodemanred2kic: not sure which came first ubuntu or mint but i think it was ubuntu but again ubuntu is based from debian06:08
pp7bin_bash: why do u need 2 partitions?06:08
bin_bashpp7: ...i thought we just went over this. so i can have osx and ubuntu06:09
cvamthere is a problem in mounting USB06:09
pp7bin_bash: ah yea lost track LOL06:09
bin_bashpp7: lol it's okay. i was just like "oh god did i reformat it for nothing?!"06:09
sacarlsonjiltdil: sudo ls -A ?06:09
benzaldehyderedent: http://oi56.tinypic.com/2iuxf1c.jpg06:10
pp7bin_bash: wait.. thinking....06:10
Kimmeni'm not sure how osx works but I tought you would be able to have 4 partitions (1 for linux core/programs, 1 for os x core/programs, 1 for shared swap, 1 for home)06:11
jiltdilwhen i go to  /media/Data  via terminal and uses ls there is nothing shown but when igo to Data without terminal just clicking to it all the contents it it are shown06:11
jiltdilhow to solve06:11
Kimmenthat would be nice, that way you would have all your documents etc in either os06:11
pp7bin_bash: maybe i'm confused, but if u just want to store an image of your harddrive on a separate drive you shouldn't need 2 partitions06:11
sacarlsonjiltdil: did you try sudo ls -A /media/Data  ?06:12
Kimmenjiltdil: go to /media/Data/ in terminal and do a ls al06:12
Kimmenls -al*06:12
bin_bashpp7: yeah but if i'm going to use time machine, it'll end up using the entire drive and will overwrte my linux stuff06:12
redentbenzaldehyde: the old style camouflage, not the new digital stuff.06:12
pp7bin_bash: ah I didnt see that part of the picture06:12
bin_bashso it's safer to have two paritions06:13
jiltdilsacarlson:nothing hapend06:13
bin_bashthat way i don't risk any kind of overwrite06:13
pp7bin_bash: are you sure osx will be compatible with ext3 though?06:13
bin_bashthat's what i was asking06:13
sacarlsonjiltdil: nothing? didn't ask for a password?  are you a sudo user?06:13
jiltdilkimmen:it shows permisson06:13
bin_bashpp7: lemme google one sec06:13
pp7bin_bash: i'm not sure so you better research it before :P06:13
benzaldehyderedent: not familiar with the new digital but this is light camo so i can see the text, any darker and i'd give myself a migraine with all the squinting06:13
jiltdilsacarlson:yes just password and after then nothing shown06:14
bin_bashpp7: wtf is the difference between ext2 and ext3 anyway?06:14
Kimmenbin_bash: it provides journaling06:14
sacarlsonjiltdil: are you sure that your nautilus screen is updated with real stuf (the gui you used to see files in) ?    Try update that reload on top to verify it's see's real updated contents06:14
Kimmenbin_bash: ext3 provides journaling*06:15
jiltdilsacarlson:before it i used a command sudo mount /dev/sda5 /media/Data after this problem arises06:15
cvamUSB card reder is not detected06:15
pp7bin_bash: what Kimmen said and not much for your purposes06:16
sacarlsonjiltdil: then there must be nothing in your /dev/sda5 partition I assume06:16
bin_bashpp7: so am i better off using ext2 for both partitions?06:16
benzaldehydebin_bash: the selling factor in ext3 over ext2 is that if you have a power failure you won't have a corrupt hard drive after06:16
pp7bin_bash: if time machine is compatible with it yea06:16
redentbenzaldehyde: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MARPAT new military camouflage patterns. scroll down a little.06:16
linuxtechSee http://www.debian.org/security/2011/dsa-2208 Ubuntu 10.04 bind9 users might be interested in running the backport I setup at https://launchpad.net/~cp/+archive/net06:17
jiltdilsacarlason:there is lots of documents when i simply mouse click to see it is full of my documents06:17
sacarlsonjiltdil: again did you reload the contents in nautilus or try open one of the files you see06:17
bin_bashpp7: am i better off just going with ext2?06:17
pp7bin_bash: why is there a question?06:18
jiltdilsacarlson:yes i am able to open it via mouse click also its content06:18
bin_bashpp7: i don't really get the difference and google isn't helping06:18
redentdoes any remember Sony BMG rootkit Fiasco?06:18
pp7bin_bash: just use ext306:18
Camaratabin_bash, afaik there are no benefits to ext2 vs ext3 so no reason to not upgrade?06:18
mikejfHey, I'm having a problem with printing on a Ubuntu 10.04 server with a HP LaserJet 4100. When I try and print an A4 PDF or PS file it works fine, but if I try to print anything else the print job goes through CUPS but nothing coms out of the printer06:18
sacarlsonjiltdil: That sounds imposible to me,  maybe your on a different system with ssh and not know it06:19
Peddywhat encryption style does ubuntu "encrypted LVM" use?06:19
jiltdilsacarlson: how rto check that some one is connected to my system06:20
mikejfI suspect the problem is CUPS not correctly converting the file into the PDF/PS which is needed by the printer and is instead just sending the original file straight through which is then ignored by the printer06:20
sacarlsonPeddy: you can choose serveral not sure what is default I use cryptsetup --cipher aes-cbc-essiv:sha25606:22
redentPeddy: what do you mean style?06:22
pp7ok i'm off :)06:23
bin_bashpp7: thanks for your help06:23
sacarlsonjiltdil: you can look at your logs for a history of who has loged in and also sudo netstat -pant might show connections on your ssh port or other06:24
HoboSteauxanyone know of an authentication module that can sit in front of a port and force authentication before letting the traffic pass?06:25
jiltdilsacarlson: no there is no one in port 2206:25
jiltdilsacarlson: also when i restart my system it says error on mount ) S to skip or M to recover06:25
cheshire_fox1Need help with a broadcom wireless driver issue.  Right now I have the Broadcom b43 wireless driver for BCM4312 (with Low-Power aka LP-PHY) installed (via jockey) but the gnome applet for ethernet/wireless shows that my wificard is disabled.  Turning the card off then on does nothing.  I do not have the option of right clicking and selecting 'enable wireless' as thats grayed out.  I use to have the Broadcom STA driver installed bu06:27
kdogI just got Maverick installed on a MacBook Pro and when I rebooted I get only a command line. It looks like it isn't happy with the nvidia driver. I can't boot into another kernel because the grub menu is skipped. framebuffer dependent on video driver? Any ideas?06:31
draven_solif i want an encrypted raid and lvm what is the correct order for setup? ie make an lvm of 4 drives, then raid then encrypt or what order should it be in06:31
plouffeHas anyone here ever tried installing Ubuntu on external HDD? Does it work ok? Is it easy to switch computers?06:32
ohsixplouffe: yes yes and yes06:32
plouffeohsix, ok ;) thanks, may give it a try06:33
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histoplouffe: it will work06:36
histoplouffe: switching machines would be okay if you use uuid06:36
histopretty sure that's default now06:36
plouffehisto, in fstab just use the uuid option? Ok, thanks06:37
ohsixplouffe: it's done for you06:37
Rogan11One last spam ask. _ disabled xfce-settings-helper and check for new hardware drivers from the gui. on restart (obviously) I have no mouse and keyboard input... Is there a way to re-enable these from either terminal before boot, a boot option or editing a file (using the livecd to mount the drive)06:39
winxordieAnyone have any luck in using dual screens with ubuntu + nvidia? I'm connected to a TV with HDMI and my mouse keeps getting stuck in the TV X screen when I enter separate screen mode.06:39
MediarockerNatty Narwhal is BEAUTIFUL!06:39
ohsixwinxordie: because they are seperate screens in separate screen mode :D06:40
cheshire_fox1Anyone care to help a girl with a broadcom wifi driver issue?06:40
ohsixi'll help a eunuch06:40
winxordieohsix: right, but I can switch with the mouse from my laptop screen to the TV screen but I can't go back. Herein lies the problem.06:40
ohsixwinxordie: try the other edges of the screen06:41
winxordieohsix: I have :(06:41
kdogwow, I got my gui back. I saw failsafe-x in /etc/init.d/ and ran it.06:44
Kimmenwinxordie: perhaps X doesn't know the relationship between TV and latptop so it can't jump from TV to laptop06:45
icedteajesuslinux: hi there!06:45
icedteakdog: its usually pretty slow though06:45
winxordieKimmen: that's a possibility I guess06:46
Rogan11So... How do I add things to run during boot?06:46
kdogicedtea: I was shittin' bricks for a while there. I spent hours trying to install onto a new SSD only to figure out that my CD was bad.06:46
cheshire_fox1someway I will get this damn wireless card to work again -_-06:47
icedteakdog: ug, that sucks, is this a netbook?06:47
jiltdilhow to mount partiton automatically on each time system restart?06:47
icedteajiltdil: edit /etc/fstab06:47
cheshire_fox1icedtea: you beat me to it06:47
kdogI didn't have time to d/l another so I created a mini install cd. It worked great, but I was wishing for a fatter pipe.06:47
kdogicedtea: MacBook Pro. I slipped 8Gb RAM in while I had the case open :-)06:48
venkateshhello everyone06:48
jiltdilicedtea: i have a partiton name Data and when i uses command mount /dev/sda5 /media/Data on every restart then the contents of Data shows to me if i didnot uses this then content is not showing  what under Data is?06:49
venkateshcan we access I/O devices memory from user space in ARM architecture06:49
ohsixvenkatesh: yes06:50
jiltdilicetea: how to see the contents of my Data on every restart without using everytime the command mount /dev/sda5 /media/Data06:50
Paddy_NIcheshire_fox1: what is the wireless chip you are using? Is it built-in or USB dongle?06:51
cheshire_fox1built in06:51
ohsixjiltdil: mark it mounted at boot in fstab; you could leave it out of fstab and nautilus will mount it when you click on it, too06:51
icedteajiltdil: there's a file called /etc/fstab that contains all the drives and folders that are mounted on bootup06:51
Paddy_NIcheshire_fox1: what is the chipset06:51
cheshire_fox1let me run lspci real quick to make sure what it is06:51
icedteajiltdil: for instance, I have /dev/sda1 that I want mounted automatically on bootup, so I put an entry in /etc/fstab for that06:51
venkateshcan we access I/O devices memory from user space in ARM architecture06:52
jiltdilicedtea:ohsix; i dont know to use it as i also read fstab document but it is not very clear tome please help me to mount it?06:52
jiltdilohsix:icedtea: as i am new so ...06:53
cheshire_fox1Paddy_NI: just to let you know, jockey is of no help.  Right now I'm installing everything related to the broadcom STA drivers for my chipset from the repos.  I'm hoping that might work06:53
Paddy_NIcheshire_fox1: wait don't hose your system just yet with driver modules06:54
jiltdilicedtead:ohsix: the output related to sudo blkid of Data is /dev/sda5: LABEL="Data" UUID="0b8c94cb-6b87-4887-9350-38b448fd7e17" TYPE="ext4"06:54
ohsixcheshire_fox1: you need to use b43-fwcutter to install the firmware to use the linux drivers06:54
Paddy_NIcheshire_fox1: I think I found the solution.. my mums netbook has the same chip06:54
kdogJust noticed that I'm now showing 3Gb RAM instead of 8. ??? Something to do with the 2.6.35-28 kernel?06:54
ohsixcheshire_fox1: i use the STA drivers cuz of other problems (ones that seemingly act like heat issues, but ultimately mean dropped connections over time)06:54
icedteavenkatesh: I believe so06:54
Paddy_NIcheshire_fox1: what ohsix said plus you also need firmware-b43-lpphy-installer06:54
cheshire_fox1ohsix: I haven't needed to use that since 9.10.  Normally the STA driver works but for some reason it uninstalled itself06:54
venkateshcan we access I/O devices memory from user space in ARM architecture06:55
cheshire_fox1hold on, doing a restart real quick06:55
cheshire_fox1venkatesh: STOP ASKING THAT OVER AND OVER06:55
ohsixcheshire_fox1: package name probably changed, i've used bcmwl-kernel-source but i've only ran 10.04 and 10.10 on mine06:55
Kimmenkdog: perhaps you are running the 32-bit version?06:55
icedteavenkatesh: most likely yes06:55
venkateshthanks icedtea :  can u please tell me how06:56
ubuntuI'm running ubuntu 10.10 off a live cd on amd64 platform.. When I try to start gparted > http://pastebin.com/PP0GicMa06:56
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:56
kdogKimmen: how would I tell?06:57
ubuntuI mean xubuntu06:57
Paddy_NIkdog: paste the output of "uname -a" here06:57
icedteavenkatesh: try this page: http://www.scs.ch/~frey/linux/memorymap.html06:57
kdogKimmen: Hold on. "this" is a different laptop. let me connect from the MBP06:58
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venkateshohsix: my question was accessing iomem06:58
Kimmenkdog: uname -m tells you which architecture the kernel is compiled for06:58
Paddy_NIKimmen: ah handy to know06:58
Kimmenkdog: should be amd64 for 64-bit support06:58
cheshire_foxwell, that didn't work06:59
kdogLinux bodhi 2.6.35-28-generic #49-Ubuntu SMP Tue Mar 1 14:40:58 UTC 2011 i686 GNU/Linux06:59
jiltdilohsix:icedtea:help me please06:59
icedteajiltdil: sure, sorry. What type of filesystem are you mountijng?06:59
Kimmenkdog: that's a 32-bit kernel. 64 bit has x86_6407:00
jiltdilsudo blkid for Data is /dev/sda5: LABEL="Data" UUID="0b8c94cb-6b87-4887-9350-38b448fd7e17" TYPE="ext4"07:00
icedteajiltdil: where are you mounting it?07:00
venkateshicedtea: My question exactly is in x86 we can use LIDS to access io ports and  io mem directly from user space , like that there is anything like that or can we use the same LIDS in ARM also.07:01
cheshire_foxPaddy_NI: Hmm, if I read the log of jockey, it see that the sta driver can not be installed because the wl module doesn't exist on my system07:01
ohsixcheshire_fox: wl is in bcmwl-kernel-source07:01
ohsixit should be trying to install it07:01
Paddy_NIcheshire_fox: hmm.. I wonder if the dell dkms module might have anything to do with it07:01
kdogKimmen: but the package I have installed is linux-image-2.6.35-28-generic which description states "2.6.35 on x86/x86_6407:02
benzaldehydeso how do i play youtube videos on powerpc, i tried flash but it does not support my architecture. also tried gnash and swfdec plugins but no video, also i got no dvd playback even though i tried restricted extras and a some other junk, vlc etc07:02
jiltdilicedtea:sudo blkid for Data is /dev/sda5: LABEL="Data" UUID="0b8c94cb-6b87-4887-9350-38b448fd7e17" TYPE="ext4"07:02
Guest67596I got little problems like not being able to move around tabs in firefox and other such issues that did not exist under XP, how do I know if the problem is that of ubuntu, or the various programs etc?07:02
cheshire_foxPaddy_NI: the b43 driver installs fine.  Except for the fact that the network applet for gnome says that my wireless is disabled.07:02
Paddy_NIbenzaldehyde: add the medibuntu repository and install non-free-codecs07:03
Paddy_NIbenzaldehyde: you may also need dvdcss207:03
venkateshohsix: My question exactly is in x86 we can use LIDS to access io ports and  io mem directly from user space , like that there is anything like that or can we use the same LIDS in ARM also.07:03
icedteajiltdil: you would add a line to /etc/fstab as root: UUID=0b8c94cb-6b87-4887-9350-38b448fd7e17 /media/Data  ext4  defaults  0 007:03
ohsixbenzaldehyde: theres a script to install them in libdvdread4, dpkg -L libdvdread4 will get you the name of it07:03
benzaldehydeGuest67596: move around tabs, ctrl+shift07:03
Paddy_NIcheshire_fox: did you install firmware-b43-lpphy-installer07:03
jiltdilicedtea:ok but why we are using root07:03
Kimmenkdog: the generic package installs the kernel that is current for your system, i.e. it installs 32.bit for 32-bit systems and 64-bit for 64-bit systems. Some1 correct me if I'm wrong07:03
cheshire_foxPaddy_NI: no, but I'll do so now07:04
pylixsay you've purchased a larger Hardrive; is there a way to move you ubuntu OS to this drive?07:04
cheshire_foxit's already installed -_-07:04
jiltdilicedtea:should i also add root to it or just go through root07:04
cheshire_foxthat... is awesome07:04
Paddy_NIhmm.. perhaps the module is blacklisted or is just not loaded07:04
Kimmenkdog: I think you have to re-install with 64-bit. There are ways to switch from 32 to 64 bit but what I've read it's not recommended07:04
Guest67596benzaldehyde What is suppose to happen when you press ctrl shift?07:05
icedteajiltdil: as long as the kernel is compiled with support for that you should be able to access through /dev as well07:05
Kimmenpylix: http://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/8225-clone-your-ubuntu-installation-onto-a-new-hard-disk07:05
jiltdilicedtea: should i also add root to it in /etc/fstab or just go to add  via root07:06
kdogKimmen: After I got the base install done I went into the system monitor and saw 8Gb of RAM with only a sliver used. So I know this install has seen it.07:06
icedteajiltdil: via root, you won't be able to write the file unless you use sudo or something similiar07:06
jiltdilicedtea: i have to add whole of it  root: UUID=0b8c94cb-6b87-4887-9350-38b448fd7e17 /media/Data  ext4  defaults  0 007:06
cvamanybody tell me whether 1 gb ram is enough for ubuntu 10.10 for a good performance07:06
Paddy_NIcvam: yes07:06
kdogKimmen: I then used dpkg --set-selections to install the same packages I had on my other laptop. Maybe that's where things went awry.07:07
Kimmenkdog: strange. Perhaps you have a new kernel image installed that somehow is 32-bit and the previous was 64-bit07:07
ohsixcvam: i do ok on my netbook with 1g07:07
icedteavenkatesh: as long as the kernel is compiled with support for that you should be able to access it that way07:07
cvamPaddy_NI:But when I launch an application it takes time to run07:07
cheshire_foxPaddy_NI: I'm fully removing all modules/drivers and anything related to bc07:08
Paddy_NIcvam: not much07:08
kdogKimmen: When I lost the gui, I also lost the grub menu on boot. How do I get that back so I can boot into a previous kernel?07:08
Paddy_NIcheshire_fox: determination man.. YES07:08
cheshire_foxPaddy_NI: I not a man ;-)07:08
cheshire_foxi am*07:08
benzaldehydei don't know what i am looking at with dpkg -L libdvdread407:08
Paddy_NIcheshire_fox: lol07:08
Guest67596 benzaldehyde What is suppose to happen when you press ctrl shift?07:09
ohsixcheshire_fox: you'll still have the disconnection/"notworking after a while"-ness if you don't use the STA driver D:07:09
Kimmenkdog: if you hold down shift key when booting you can't access grub?07:09
cheshire_foxohsix: I don't even have any working wifi card right now07:09
benzaldehydeGuest67596: it is the same as alt+tab but instead of switching between windows of different programs ctrl+shift switches between tabs of firefox07:09
ohsixya i know07:09
ohsixjust saying07:10
kdogKimmen: Didn't know that trick. I'll give it a try. brb.07:10
benzaldehydeohsix: i don't know what i am looking at with dpkg -L libdvdread407:10
cheshire_foxohsix: I use to use the STA driver, then suddenly it just stopped working/uninstalled itself07:10
Guest67596 benzaldehyde I don't want to switch between tabs, I can do that by clicking on them, I want to be able to drag them around and change their order07:10
ohsixbenzaldehyde: /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh07:10
* cheshire_fox is *tired*07:11
benzaldehydeohsix: i still don't know what that is07:11
zeeshan313is there any "teamviewer" type software for  sharing computer and assisting others?07:11
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ohsixzeeshan313: vino and "desktop sharing"07:11
icedteateamviewer runs on linux07:11
Fuchszeeshan313: teamviewer has a linux version07:11
benzaldehydeohsix: should i just run that?07:11
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ohsixzeeshan313: look in system -> preferences for desktop sharing07:12
kdogKimmen: nope. shift didn't get me there :-(07:12
benzaldehydeohsix: doing ./usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh07:12
plouffeSay I install Ubuntu on external HDD: is it possible to create an image backup of that HDD, so in case HDD breaks or gets lost, I could copy the image to a new HDD, and continue using it as before.07:12
benzaldehydeohsix: but it says not found07:12
Kimmenkdog: =( if you run "dpkg --get-selections | grep linux-image"07:12
Abhijitzeeshan313, why dont you use teeamviewr only?07:13
Kimmenkdog: do you have another image installed?07:13
kdogKimmen: the bootup is different. Usually there is the Ubuntu logo and the four dots below. Now I get text that says "Ubuntu 10.10" and four text-like dots below. Maybe a frame buffer issue?07:13
icedteaplouffe: I think ubuntu has a package called clone2fs, which can clone a filesystem, kinda like ghost07:13
cheshire_foxyay, I fixed it!07:13
Paddy_NIcheshire_fox: :D07:13
plouffeicedtea, thx, will look into it07:13
kdogKimmen: I have 2.6.35-22 27 and 28 installed07:14
ohsixkdog: sounds like kms is disabled07:14
icedteaplouffe: there's also a utility called 'dd' but that will copy the entire contents, even space on your hard drive that is not used07:14
Kimmenkdog: sounds like more than just framebuffer issue =/07:14
durpahow do i make a package out of something i compile from source?07:14
kdogohsix: OK. Let me look into that.07:15
durpaso that i can have specific configure options but be able to remove it later through package manager?07:15
Guest67596 benzaldehyde I don't want to switch between tabs, I can do that by clicking on them, I want to be able to drag them around and change their order07:15
cheshire_foxPaddy_NI: I have no idea what went wrong and I have no idea how this fixed it, but I ended up hard disabling it then disabling networking all together then re-enabling networking.  Now it works.  I swear, sometimes ubuntu/w gnome is as weird as windows07:15
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cheshire_foxit may have been just a stupid error in gconf07:15
kdogohsix: I have dkms installed. Should I reconfigure it? Or is there an easier way to enable it?07:15
Paddy_NIcheshire_fox: or just the order certain things are initialised in07:16
ohsixkdog: kms is kernel mode setting, not dkms07:16
Kimmenkdog: you can try and edit "/etc/default/grub", set "GRUB_DEFAULT=1" then run "sudo update-grub2" and reboot and see if it boots another image07:16
kdogohsix: Oh, then I'll need a bit more help :-)07:16
CooKieMonsterwhat do i need to run most of the popular video and audio format07:17
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kdogKimmen: OK. I'll try it.07:17
Guest67596benzaldehyde I don't want to switch between tabs, I can do that by clicking on them, I want to be able to drag them around and change their order.07:17
benzaldehydeGuest67596: i don't know how to help sorry07:18
Guest67596K thanks, anyone else able to help?07:18
kdogKimmen: I'm back on the other laptop. When I rebooted, some large text went by and now I'm at a text based recovery menu with "resume", "clean", "dpkg", "failsafeX", "grub", or "netroot" options07:21
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zeeshan313Abhijit: "teeamviewr"          this software is where? I am unable to find07:21
Kimmenkdog: try grub07:22
kdogKimmen: just did. It regenerated the grub.cfg and put me back at the menu. I'll try resume now.07:22
kdogKimmen: CLI login :-/07:22
hipitihopI have a Lucid laptop which has  Wifi and cat5, is it possible to set it up as a hotspot where the cat5 port connects to internet router07:22
benzaldehydeoops i accidentally downgraded libdvd07:23
Kimmenkdog: when you were back at the grub menu did you see other images than 2.6.35-28 ?07:23
ohsixhipitihop: yes, as any linux distro can; but ubuntu doesn't have anything that really makes it any easier07:23
CooKieMonsterwhat do i need to run most of the popular video and audio format07:23
beautifulmindhow can I display only last 10 entries of log file?07:24
icedteazeeshan313: google teamviewer07:24
beautifulmindcat -n 10 <filename>?07:24
soreauhipitihop: Yes, if your wifi chip is capable of master mode07:24
soreauhipitihop: Look into hostapd07:24
hipitihopohsix, any pointers as to how to set that up ?07:24
hipitihopsoreau, how can I tell ?07:24
kdogKimmen: I have yet to see a grub menu. the output I saw was the same as when I did "sudo update-grub2". then it put me back in the recovery screen07:24
Kimmenkdog: try: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-2.6.35-22-generic"07:26
hipitihopsoreau, ohsix, mind if I pm you ?07:26
kdogKimmen: OK07:26
soreauhipitihop: Keep it here in the channel please07:26
soreauhipitihop: There is a way to query your card capabilities, I'm looking for it now07:27
Kimmenkdog: that should "re-add" the oldest kernel image07:27
hipitihopsoreau, np, just avoiding noise for others :-)07:27
kdogKimmen: right-o, I'm with you.07:27
* kdog should have thought of that earlier :-P07:28
Kimmenkdog: after that try and reboot and enter grub again07:28
zeeshan313icedteam : sorry i could not find such software here07:28
icedteaicedteam! :D07:29
soreauhipitihop: iw list07:29
hipitihopsoreau, Just to make it clear what I am trying to do. An apartment building I will visit  is providing internet access via wireless/cat5 but the router only supports single login/device .. I would like to setup my laptop so that it logs in over the cat5, and shares the connection to my phone, xbox etc07:29
kdogKimmen: the shift key worked this time. I've finally got the grub menu. :-)07:29
benzaldehydewhat am i doing wrong with playing dvd and video, everything i try i get errors, specifically apt-get says not found over and over07:29
Kimmenkdog: nice, at least 1 step closer07:29
red2kichipitihop: You sure you have the router? Not the switch.07:30
icedteazeeshan313: http://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/index.aspx (click on linux, then download the "deb" file, and run dpkg -i filename.deb07:30
Abhijitzeeshan313, ait]07:30
Abhijitzeeshan313, wait07:30
beautifulmindwhat's the command to display last ten entries of log file?07:30
soreauhipitihop: Yes, I understand. hostapd is what you want. 'iw list' should show all capabilities for wifi cards installed (provided the driver is nl80211 compliant (most open drivers are))07:30
kdogKimmen: OK, I booted into the 22 kernel and got a graphical login. Now my resolution is all wonky and I still only have 2.7Gb ram. grrr.07:31
icedteabeatifulmind: tail07:31
Abhijitzeeshan313, http://www.teamviewer.com/download/index.aspx07:31
hipitihopred2kic, I actually haven't seen the box myself, my partner was there last week and described it, something that was hanging n the wall and you could connect one cat5 or cconnect wireless07:31
kdogKimmen: I'll try booting into the 27 kernel07:31
Kimmenkdog: I'm holding my breath07:31
soreauhipitihop: You want it to show 'AP' in the 'Supported interface modes' list07:32
soreauhipitihop: If it doesn't, your card may not be capable of master mode07:32
hipitihopsoreau, installed, looking...07:32
kdogKimmen: The shift key didn't work. Maybe I shouldn't hold it down during the mac blue screen and wait for the linux boot.07:33
SoftdroidHow can I remove all alsa drivers from my computer?07:33
beautifulmindicedtea: ahh.. that's it07:33
beautifulmindthanks a million07:33
icedteabeautifulmind: anytime! :D07:33
Kimmenkdog: press and hold shift after POST =)07:33
hipitihopsoreau, Supported interface modes: * IBSS, * managed, * monitor ... guess that's not promising07:34
soreauhipitihop: what card and driver are you using?07:34
kdogKimmen: is there a POST with EFI? :-) I got it this time. trying 27.07:35
kdogKimmen: arggh. Resolution is fine but still no 8Gb joy :-/07:36
Kimmenkdog: I think there's a POST but really short perhaps? You can try and install: "sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic-pae"07:36
soreauhipitihop: This page will show more info https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/MasterMode07:37
soreauI have to go07:37
icedteakdog: are you running the 64bit distro?07:37
hipitihopsoreau, not sure will have to try and list it I guess, it is built in on an Acer Aspire 5630 but I guess they can have varied cards, using wicd with wext07:37
Kimmenkdog: that image enables pae (up to 64gb ram on 32 bit systems)07:37
ohsixhipitihop: ibss is ad-hoc, and networkmanager can do that for you; some things can't connect to ad-hoc connections, but it's handy07:37
KimmenI'm not sure where you were at before the madness began =P07:37
kdogKimmen: I have the -28 pae but it is in the 'rc' state.07:38
Kimmenkdog: try to reinstall a stable pae kernel07:38
kdogicedtea: I'm not sure anymore :-P.07:38
kdogKimmen: OK.07:39
SoftdroidIs it possible to uninstall the alsa driver on Ubuntu?07:40
ohsixSoftdroid: you can blacklist them so it isn't loaded; but why would you want to do that?>07:41
kdogicedtea: is there a 686-64 iso of maverick. when I d/l, the only 64bit I saw was the amd version07:41
ohsixkdog: amd64 is the arch name, it works on intel and amd07:41
Softdroidohsix: It was not installed by the system, I have installed the alsa drivers. I have problem with my sound07:41
kdogohsix: well crap. I sure don't want to reinstall now :-/07:42
kdogohsix: maybe over the weekend. This install was a PITA!07:42
ohsixi don't know if theres a +mac version for amd6407:42
hipitihopsoreau, ok card is .. Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)07:43
Softdroidohsix: How can I blacklist the alsa drivers?07:43
ohsixSoftdroid: why do you want to07:44
Softdroidohsix: I have pulse driver installed in the system too. The blacklist thing was the one you recommended above07:44
Kimmencorrect me if I'm wrong but isn't alsa the main sound system to recognize and enable sound in ubuntu?07:45
Kimmenpulse is just a sound server?07:45
ohsixSoftdroid: pulseaudio isn't a sound driver, it uses alsa07:45
kdogKimmen: ohsix: LOL, get this, it booted into -28-pae and I've got my 8Gb RAM now, but my resolution is wonky again.07:45
jonsainthi all. anyone know when the next ubuntu is due for release? i know its april but dont know when april!07:45
hipitihopsoreau, ohsix, so should I contemplate runnning out and grabbing a usb wifi dongle which supports master ?07:45
Softdroidohsix: What is the pulseaudio then?07:45
rypervencheIs it possible to copy all of the folders from my home directory (but none of the files inside) and send them to another computer? I basically want to sync the folders from one computer with another, but have them all empty.07:45
ohsixhipitihop: sure, slim pickings, i have one as well for that07:46
Kimmenkdog: try one more reboot, sometimes my system only works normally at the second boot for a new kernel07:46
ohsixSoftdroid: its something that makes audio nice, theres a plugin in alsa that will redirect alsa programs to pulse, but it still ends up making sound with alsa07:47
kdogKimmen: I was ahead of you this time. I'll do a third just to be sure.07:47
Softdroidohsix: Ok, I didn't know that. Thanks for the info07:48
kdogKimmen: nope.07:48
jguzikowskiHey guys, I have Ubuntu installed either through Wubi or just on a seperate partition from my Windows installation...I want to try out Jolicloud though, is there anyway I can 'install over' the Ubuntu partition?07:49
jonsaintwhen is the next version of ubuntu out? i know its april but not sure when april!07:50
hipitihopohsix, slim pickings means hard to get, hmm ... I could run out and grab a wireless router but then I have no idea how this other device does it's session login authentication, I know it was via a browser, sounds a bit hit and miss07:50
kdogKimmen: I went to the monitors app to adjust and it pointed me to reconfiguring the nvidia and now I'm good. I'll try a reboot just to be sure.07:51
Kimmenkdog: nice, I hope you don't run in to more problems. Make a backup of everything just in case ;)07:52
hipitihopjonsaint, try ubuntu+1 channel07:52
jonsainthipitihop, cheers, il give it a try07:52
kdogKimmen: Alright. It's all working.07:52
Kimmenkdog: swell =)07:53
kdogKimmen: I still miss the cool Ubuntu boot up graphic, but I can live with it until the Narwahl07:53
Kimmenkdog: that's a problem with plymouth and nvidia drivers, you can try searching the forum for answers, don't remember how to fix =/07:53
kdogKimmen: thanks so much for your help!! and ohsix too!!! That's enough for me tonight.07:54
kdogKimmen: thanks, I'll look into it tomorrow.07:54
Kimmenkdog: np, good night07:54
|Seth|when's the beta being released?07:56
icedteathe beta can be tried now07:56
|Seth|anyo- holy crap07:56
|Seth|lotta people '_'07:56
|Seth|icedtea where can I get it?07:57
sabgentonif a single  executable  works in a newer version of ubuntu but not in an older version what is the most likely thing I need to change07:57
rcconf!ot |Seth|07:57
ubottuSeth|: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:57
sabgentonthe kerrnel would be my first guess but anything else?07:58
|Seth|um okay then07:58
cluxenbay ;-)07:58
sabgentonI got the exe of the net did not complie it for the distro07:58
rcconfI have a problem: after shutdown the computer CPU and chassis fan keep spinning! and I know it's not an hardware problem because I have just shutdown the computer and fans with power button while I was in the BIOS07:59
sabgentonhow can I find dependences of the exutable I'm trying to run07:59
rwwrcconf: Please send natty questions to #ubuntu+1, not #ubuntu-offtopic.07:59
rcconfrww: ?07:59
rcconfI didnt notice he was asking sttuf abotu natty07:59
rcconfrww: can you help with my issue?08:02
rwwrcconf: nope, I'm about to go sleep08:02
rcconfsweet dreams08:02
rcconfdream with my problem :)08:03
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=== Guest28986 is now known as stupidbot
Jon--Is there a way to set up a custom shortcut with gnome-do? I want to type a short string and have it go to a specific folder. I know a bit off-topic but it's a simple questions and a popular package.08:06
hkaishello all08:07
stupidbotsynchronizze ubuntu 10.04 setting ?08:07
hkaiswhere does ubuntu store the GSM/UMTS connection infos?08:07
stupidbothow synchronizze ubuntu 10.04 setting ? is that possible using oneconf>08:07
hkaisI switched my system, and all my connection infos of WLANs and GSM and and and are gone. And I cannot find them08:07
that_is_lgdo any using mongodb08:09
cl3tUsI created a folder called "/home/public".08:09
cl3tUsHow do I grant everyone full rights to that folder?08:09
cl3tUsby everyone, I mean, full users.  I was told soemthing about chown777, but I'm new to these commands.  I'm still learning.08:09
icedtearcconf: Seth said he is having a problem messaging you08:10
tripelbHi Ubbies, I would like an equalizer for my sound. Please advise. (Ub10.04, USB speakers)08:10
rcconfoh hes not registered x)08:10
tripelbHi Ubbies, I would like an equalizer for my sound. Please advise. (Ub10.04, I lied - sound card OUT)08:11
fairuzUbbies... :D08:11
icedteacl3tUs: chmod 777 would give the entire world, any account logged onto the system access08:11
=== PicCard_Away is now known as PicCard
hkaisno hints there so find my connection infos of GSM and WLAN?08:13
icedteacl3tUs: you could create a group in /etc/group with the users who you want to have access to that folder08:13
cl3tUsicedtea, basically, i"m putting the .wine directory there so we can share programs installed using wine.  How do I grant the users I have setup full rights to it?08:13
cl3tUsicedtea, I don't know commands to create groups.  I do GUI if I can...I am very new to Linux in general.08:13
cl3tUsI like to read stuff, but, to be honest, I learn best when someone tells me something, and to be honest, I don't go by the books.  Mult-Windows certified here and I don't really use anything from the books.08:14
ohsixbooks are for jerks08:14
ohsixburn em08:14
bp0what's the ubuntu equivalent of "emerge emul-linux-x86-sdl"?08:14
tripelbHi Ubbies, I would like an equalizer for my sound. Please advise. (Ub10.04, I lied - sound card OUT, USB powered)  --> I found this  http://www.webupd8.org/2010/02/pulseaudio-system-wide-equalizer-now.html but I'm not sure if it's for me. I am using youtube for wound right now. (dont understand PPA, puseaudio) )08:14
=== Guest90833 is now known as Polah
ohsixbp0: its in ia32-libs08:15
=== Guest48150 is now known as darkdevil
tripelbohsix books are for readers08:15
rcconfohsix: whats up helper08:15
rcconfcan you help with my problem08:15
rcconfI have a problem: after shutdown the computer CPU and chassis fan keep spinning! and I know it's not an hardware problem because I have just shutdown the computer and fans with power button while I was in the BIOS...08:15
=== darkdevil is now known as Guest75439
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icedteacl3tUs: well ok then. go to the "System" menu, then "Administration", then "Users and Groups"08:16
=== cristian is now known as Guest54051
cl3tUsicedtea, do you also know a place where I can look up how to do this in terminal?  I'd like to be much better, but I'm still learning.  I am reading through a beginner Linux guide, but it doesn't really cover things like this.  IT covers what is already in the system.08:18
icedteacl3tUs: you could "man group"08:19
ohsixcl3tUs: prefixes arne't safe to share D:08:19
rcconfcl3tUs: what is the name of guide?08:19
icedteacl3tUs: its just a very short page on the group file, it determines what users are in what groups08:20
rcconfohsix: you mean the username?08:20
Jon--My gnome-do cannot open folders. Ubuntu 10.04, running default plugins, doesn't seem to do anything? GNOME + nautilus are installed08:20
cl3tUsohsix, what od you mean "prefixes aren't safe to share"?08:20
ohsixcl3tUs: that .wine dir is called a prefix08:21
cl3tUsahh.  Okay ohsix08:21
cl3tUsI'm okay with it.  I trust that I should be safe :)08:21
ohsixyou can trust that leprechauns exist, doesn't mean they do08:22
cl3tUsI just want to move the wine directory from one user to a public folder, then share it with everyone that's on the computer so I don't have to install multi GB progs for each user.08:22
cl3tUsohsix, I concur.08:22
cl3tUsMany evil people in the world with ill intent.  I am not one of them.08:22
ohsixyou can share directories in a prefix, but there are lots of parts that you can't share08:22
ohsixdoesn't matter if you're evil or not08:22
cl3tUsI concur.08:23
ohsixit matters that stuff in the prefix are per user08:23
cl3tUsI concur.  Per user is my prob.08:23
cl3tUsIf I install Starcraft II on myown name and my brother's, then that's around 8-10 GB for me.  Then another same for him.08:23
ashrayi am unable to install openjdk-6-jre,it says unable to fetch08:24
rcconfohsix: are you ignoring me? :)08:25
rcconfwine prefix :)08:25
cl3tUsBut, now that I'm looking into other programs so we can learn, I want to isntall it once and use it if I can't use it without wine.08:25
Danielcg25cl3tUs: lolwut08:26
Danielcg25You can't use it unless your drunk? What?08:26
cl3tUsDanielcg25, I want to play games and do some windows only programs that rely on Wine in a shared folder for us without needing to install it for each of us.08:27
cl3tUsLots of wated space.08:27
ashrayi am unable to install openjdk-6-jre,it says unable to fetch,i tried to update the repo too,but nothing wored08:27
Danielcg25cl3tUs: Um..08:27
=== christian is now known as Guest92356
Danielcg25I get the feeling wine isn't referring to alcohol?08:28
cl3tUsDanielcg25, Correct.08:28
llutz_cl3tUs: there are docs how to install wine in a multi-user env (using /opt in most cases)08:28
cl3tUsllutz, Could you please direct me to them?  I would be much grateful.08:28
llutz_cl3tUs: not off hand, but g...le should be helpfull08:29
cl3tUsOh...I need to ogle correctly?08:29
littlebearz1cl3tUs»: http://u.xxw.ca/winemulti08:30
TheAnnihilushey guys, can someone explain to me why there is no admin group on this ubuntu 10.4 image.  It was installed for me on my rackspace cloud server and im a bit confused.08:31
Danielcg25What is the password for root?08:31
TheAnnihilusrofl, yeah yeah08:31
Danielcg25My user password isn't working :/08:31
Danielcg25(and yes, its my computer, I am the only user)08:32
TheAnnihilusroot password is Danielcd25.  What a strange coincidence.08:32
ohsix!root | Danielcg2508:32
ubottuDanielcg25: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo08:32
ohsixyou can change it, but it's not very useful08:32
rcconfI have a problem: after shutdown the computer CPU and chassis fan keep spinning! and I know it's not an hardware problem because I have just shutdown the computer and fans with power button while I was in the BIOS...08:32
TheAnnihilusoh, Daniel wasnt talking to me, sry bud ;)08:33
Danielcg25Inception root password WTF!!!08:34
Danielcg25=P (so how do I su root?08:34
rcconf!enter Danielcg2508:34
rcconf!enter | Danielcg2508:34
ubottuDanielcg25: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:34
littlebearz1nice bot08:34
icedteaDanielcg25: use "sudo"08:34
littlebearz1i should makeone someday to help08:35
rcconfDanielcg25: sudo or sudo -i08:35
rcconfis enough08:35
Danielcg25Isn't there any way to su root?08:35
=== ashray is now known as shiftingcontrol
mtlifesudo -i08:35
rcconflittlebearz1: you cant for this channel.08:35
ohsixsudo -s08:35
rcconfohsix: isnt it the same of just sudo?08:36
Danielcg25So there's no way to su root? Why is "su" even a command then??08:37
varunhi friends,i am trying to play a game using wine,bu when i opened it,wine is saying,u have less than 1mb of size in your hardidsk,check refernce manual,and then the game opens,and after few seconds it strucks,game is need for speed,..any help08:37
llutz_Danielcg25: because su can be used for other accounts too08:37
ohsixyou can su to root, just figure out the password first08:37
Jordan_UDanielcg25: You can su to another normal user.08:38
rcconf"su" doesnt work for me08:38
cl3tUsDanielcg25:  TO my knowledge, the default root pw is blank.  try sudo root in terminal and leave it blank.  Then, any command you do within the same terminal session shouldn't need another pw entry.08:38
rcconfroot pw is blank08:38
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo08:39
Danielcg25rcconf: Thanks08:39
cl3tUsif that doesn't work, try sudo -u root08:39
rcconfDanielcg25: dude, just use sudo command08:39
rcconfyou are a beginner08:39
varunhi friends,i am trying to play a game using wine,bu when i opened it,wine is saying,u have less than 1mb of size in your hardidsk,check refernce manual,and then the game opens,and after few seconds it strucks,game is need for speed,..any help08:39
rcconfvarun: /join #winehq08:40
cl3tUsI'm a beginner as well.  If it weren't for this room, I wouldn't know 1/2 of what I know, which isn't much, but I haven't had the oppurtunity to use this as much as I'd like to.  Now, I plan on relying on all of you.08:40
TimRcl3tUs, the 'canon' way of obtaining a root shell is either sudo -s or sudo -i (depending on whether you want to load envvars or not)08:40
cl3tUsAhh  Thank you TimR.  That's ne wto me :D08:40
hkaiscan someone tell me, there so search my connection infos of GSM and WLAN? I switched my computer and did a reinstall. now I try to find the conf-file, there my connections are stored...08:41
inklesspenhi, I'm having a problem with SD cards not automounting. I've tried with my laptop's built-in cardreader and with a usb cardreader. In both cases, dmesg seems to show that the cards are recognized, and they show up properly in gparted, but they're not mounted. I checked Nautilus's configuration; it's set to auto-mount.08:41
inklesspenWhere should I look next?08:41
cl3tUsall of you have a good night!08:41
icedteavarun: or check www.winehq.org and look in the app database for Need for Speed, often users put comments in there on how to get it working08:41
=== D_N_X is now known as DNX
fairuzHi, how to know if a executable depends on which library/other program etc08:43
=== mirco__ is now known as mirco
llutz_fairuz: apt-cache depends package           or for libs: ldd <binary-file>08:43
Danielcg25Where does Airodump store collected data?08:44
llutz_*for libs*  see on what libs it depends and which are used08:44
fairuzllutz_: i tried lld and it says not a dynamic executable, === static? so it means i can transfer it to another pc without problem and run it from there?08:45
llutz_fairuz: yes08:45
fairuzllutz_: ty08:45
ohsixDanielcg25: it stores it wherever you put as the -w parameter08:45
Danielcg25Oh.. I didn't put a -w parameter =P08:45
Danielcg25Where is the default?08:45
ohsixthere is no default08:45
ohsixread the man page08:46
Ja23I just followed a tutorial for installing a newer version of Gnome, but how do I make it the default?08:46
simar how to give voice to someone in IRC like '''ChanServ gives voice to simar'''08:47
brandonc503can i run/boot ubuntu and windows os at same time?08:47
ohsixsimar: that's not a ubuntu question, but /mode #channel +v person, your client might have a shortcut for it08:47
simarbrandonc503, ya sure, why not08:47
hkaiscan someone tell me, there so search my connection infos of GSM and WLAN? I switched my computer and did a reinstall. now I try to find the conf-file, there my connections are stored...08:47
llutz_brandonc503: using virtualization, yes08:48
=== inconcessus is now known as Guest22860
simarohsix, thanks a lot..08:48
simarbrandonc503, you can dual boot ubuntu and windows or install ubuntu in virtula inside windows as well08:48
brandonc503would it be best to have windows 100% of drive, then run ubuntu from within and install on remaining c space? or put ubuntu on seperate partition?08:49
MediarockerI dual booted for a while... till a bad burn ate my partions.08:49
Mediarockerit wasn't that bad08:49
Mediarockerit got tiring however.08:49
simarbrandonc503, no, you have to put ubuntu necessarily on a separate partition..08:50
brandonc503i had installed win on 100% and then put ubuntu on empty space, but then i had to reinstall windows ( for other reasons) and then it would jump into windows on boot and give me no os selection....08:50
simarbrandonc503, if you want to dual boot windows and ubuntu08:50
MediarockerYou need to setup two different partitions. Install windows first, the install linux and leave space for the swapfile and grub.08:50
FloodBot2ubntu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:51
ubottuFor Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية08:51
brandonc503what is the swapfile space for?08:51
simarohsix, can i pm you ..  i have one more such question to ask..08:51
naali---brandonc503, its awfull to install win to a system with linux allready08:51
Danielcg25!Arabic | ubntu08:51
ubottuubntu: For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية08:51
varuntelugu language support08:52
ferengeei always carry an usb drive with live ubuntu with me to be able to repair dual boot systems08:52
varunTelugu support08:53
ferengeei even have a full install on a 500GB usb harddisk08:53
Danielcg25Nice :-)08:53
Mediarockerferengee, I got lazy and just wiped it off.08:53
gregnotcraigbrandonc503 swap is 'memory on harddisk'08:53
tdnHow do I install Ubuntu on a MacBook Pro? I cannot get it to boot the USB stick with Ubuntu CD on it.08:54
MediarockerI got sick of having to repair it whenever it broke.08:54
Mediarockertdn, you should be able to install Ubuntu off of your live disk.08:55
BlinkizHi. I would like to index my files in /Documents/ folder to be able to search for keywords inside mainly pdf and OpenOffice files. What program should I use to do this?08:55
naali---i just have separate machines to win and linux...08:55
Danielcg25tdn: Error message explaining why it doesn't work?08:55
ferengeevirtualbox is a nice place for windows too08:55
=== dos is now known as Guest80724
brandonc503Blinkiz: right click the folder and Properties, Advanced08:56
Danielcg25ferengee: Garbage can is a nice place for windows xD08:56
naali---Danielcg25, =)08:57
Blinkizbrandonc503, Oh.. I do not have a advanced button or page.08:57
brandonc503if i run ubuntu install from within windows, only gives me option for c: not my second partition of d:.. do i have to do it to c if installing within windows?08:57
naali---theres a place for both os08:57
mtlifewindows is not that bad, its just commercialized08:57
Jordan_Utdn: If at all possible use a CD (Mac's BIOS implementations are buggy when it comes to booting from USB).08:57
ferengeeDanielcg25, where I live we have to separate the garbage08:58
Danielcg25ferengee: Don't even recycle it xD08:58
Jordan_Ubrandonc503: Yes. Even if the installer let you do it it would be a bad idea and is currently not at all supported.08:58
Jordan_Ubrandonc503: I recommend doing a normal (not within Windows) install.08:58
brandonc503cant cds give me errors08:59
brandonc503the desktop and the alternative installs on cd08:59
tdnMediarocker, I cannot boot the live-cd.08:59
Jordan_Ubrandonc503: Do you have a flash drive you can use?08:59
YankDownUnderDoes anyone believe in cleaning CD/DVD drives anymore?09:00
tdnMediarocker, I have put the livecd on a usb drive with unetbootin, but the mac does not boot on it.09:00
tdnDanielcg25, no errors. Just booting Mac OS X.09:00
ohsixYankDownUnder: more like throwing them out09:00
BlinkizHi. I would like to index my files in /Documents/ folder to be able to search for keywords inside mainly pdf and OpenOffice files. What program should I use to do this? I have heard about Beagle but it does not exist in the repository any more09:00
Jordan_Utdn: Apple's BIOS implementation is buggy. This is a known problem.09:00
tdnJordan_U, ok, but booting from a normal cdrom should work? I was told that this would not work though.09:01
bs_how can we run the windows programm  by wine ???process???09:01
Danielcg25tdn: You have to press a key during boot. I don't have a Mac, so google what that key is ;-)09:01
ohsixtdn: it boots efi volumes, not x86 legacy volumes09:01
tdnJordan_U, this is the brand new mac book pro. Does it require natty to work? Or will maverick work on it?09:01
Danielcg25tdn: You have to hold a certain key while booting.09:02
Jordan_Utdn: Maverick should work (though how well individual pieces of hardware are supported I don't know).09:03
cvamhey anybody knows where totem movie player save the buffered videos from internet09:03
Jordan_Utdn: Are you trying to install 32 bit or 64 bit Ubuntu?09:03
ohsixcvam: it doesn't buffer them on disk09:03
ohsixcvam: the browser might09:03
ohsixbut you wouldn't be able to just copy the file09:04
cvamok then how can I download the videos from internet09:04
rcconfcvam: which videos?09:04
bs_ubbuto,how can we run windows programm through wine???what is the process???09:04
cvam*.mov  files09:04
naali---just "save as"?09:05
llutz_bs_: wine <file.exe>09:05
rcconfcvam: from apple trailers?09:05
tdnJordan_U, preferably 64 bit. Is there any reason to use 32 bit when I have a i7 processor?09:05
cvamrcconf: no from here http://www.rkm.com.au/animations.html09:06
Jordan_Utdn: This iso should work (when burned to a real CD): http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/10.10/release/ubuntu-10.10-desktop-amd64+mac.iso If you want the torrent link or the alternate or other install CDs look for the '+mac' versions @ http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/10.10/release/ .09:06
tdnJordan_U, so there is a specific mac iso? I could not find this via ubuntu.com.09:06
ohsixJordan_U: i take issue with you calling it buggy, a hammer isn't bread; the hammer isn't buggy if you can't eat it09:06
rcconfcvam: those are flash videos09:07
Jordan_Utdn: Only the 64 bit Ubuntu images have EFI support, this ironically *prevents* them from booting properly on macs due to further bugs in Apple's firmware. The +mac is identical to the normal 64 bit image, but with EFI support *removed*.09:07
tdnJordan_U, ok.09:08
cvamis there any ways to save those flash files09:08
montezumahello, i have a problem with nm-applet. it is running, but no icon is displayed. it is not an issue of a crashed notification area, it looks the same with all themes. how do i fix this? or can I connect to 3g internet without nm-applet?09:08
Jordan_Uohsix: This is not just different, it's broken. Apple's BIOS implementation cannot boot from USB.09:08
royale1223I cant find wireless internet connection in network-applet. How do I fix it?09:08
ohsixJordan_U: you know that if an apple mac is the only implimentation of an apple mac, how it works is defined by the one vendor09:08
Kimmentdn: no reason not to run 64 bit09:08
ohsixJordan_U: that's not a bug09:08
tdnKimmen, ok.09:08
bp0how can I install the 32bit nouveau libs on ubuntu amd64?09:08
ohsixJordan_U: that's "can't boot from usb", but it can09:08
tdnJordan_U, how do I find that mac iso from ubuntu.com download section?09:08
rcconfroyale1223: is the wireless driver working?09:08
Jordan_Utdn: It's not linked from the normal downloads page.09:09
rcconfroyale1223: openup terminal and type ifconfig -a09:09
tdnJordan_U, why not? Shouldnt it be?09:09
rcconfroyale1223: if wlan0 shows up it's good09:09
brandonc503gregnotcraig: i got a thumb drive yes09:09
ohsixJordan_U: it can't boot certain types of volumes, but it's not a "PC", so you can't assume pc-things are going to be literally transferrable as an experience, it's not a bug09:09
brandonc503or flash drive . what its called09:09
royale1223rcconf: its actually mobile broadband09:09
llutz_ohsix: then its not a bug, its broken by design09:10
Jordan_Utdn: I don't know. It probably should be. If you file a bug report against the Ubuntu website they may add it (especially since they already have mac specific instructions).09:10
rcconfroyale1223: doesnt matter, maybe ubuntu is not even recognizing it09:10
ohsixllutz_: a hammer isn't broke because it is not bread09:10
ohsixpeoples dislike for what is foreign is very apparent with all these "bugs" and "broken by design" talk09:11
royale1223rcconf: used to recognize it till yesterday..09:11
llutz_!ot | ohsix please continue there09:11
ubottuohsix please continue there: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:11
rcconfroyale1223: have u installed/uninstalled anything09:11
ohsix!ot | llutz_09:11
ubottullutz_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:11
Kimmeninteresting article about 32-bit vs 64-bit: http://www.tuxradar.com/node/3309:11
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".09:12
ohsixllutz_: you spoke up with your churlish comment, i was speaking to Jordan_U09:12
llutz_it's still offtopic09:12
Jordan_Uohsix: I'm sorry to have contributed to it myself but this discussion has become offtopic.09:12
ohsixllutz_: so is your comment09:12
royale1223rcconf: i installed few apps. I think awn caused it.09:12
driztWhich utilites exist for working with ppa through terminal?09:12
rcconfroyale1223:  i would purge awn :x09:12
rcconfdrizt: to remove there is ppa-purge09:12
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots09:13
ohsixJordan_U: don't call them bugs, it might be a sufficient handwavy thing to do for stuff people don't need to know anyways, but they aren't bugs09:13
rcconfdrizt: and apt-add-repository09:13
brandonc503what does "Set a Persistent file size for storeign changes.. when puting iso on flash drive?09:13
montezumacan I connect to 3g internet without nm-applet? using command line or anything?09:13
royale1223rcconf: already purged.09:13
llutz_montezuma: try wvdial09:14
Jordan_Uohsix: If you'd like to continue this discussion (to be honest I don't particularly) please do so in PM or #ubuntu-offtopic.09:14
royale1223rcconf: then i purged nm and reinstalled it09:14
rcconfroyale1223: I bet your wireless driver got blacklisted im not an expert tho09:14
ohsixJordan_U: an acknowledgement is sufficient, i'm not going to go anywhere to get that, and you clearly aren't offering it, so what conversation is there? you keep prodding me to restate things09:14
royale1223rcconf: okay, thanks09:15
brandonc503um it says it needs 995 of the 958 mb on drive.. so there is 3 extra.. wth09:15
royale1223Jordan_U: can u help me with nm buddy..09:15
montezuma@llutz_: last time i checked wvdial didn't support 3g09:15
Jordan_Uohsix: I would like to drop the subject. I don't intend to prod you to continue.09:15
llutz_montezuma: it does here09:16
ohsixJordan_U: ok09:16
driztHow I can get gpg key for specify ppa?09:16
royale1223rcconf: is there a cli for nm?09:16
rcconfroyale1223: i dont think so09:17
Jordan_Uroyale1223: There is, nmcli, but I don't know if it's packaged for Ubuntu 10.1009:17
driztof how i can know which key from which ppa?09:17
ohsixJordan_U: it is (nmcli)09:17
montezuma@llutz_: alright thanks, do you have some sort of tutorial or sth.?09:17
royale1223rcconf: whats the driver for wireless called?09:17
rcconfroyale1223: dunno09:17
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs09:18
rcconfread it up :)09:18
=== root is now known as Guest72165
llutz_montezuma: you'll need the devicename and your apn. i don't know if wvdial works with all 3g-modems, i had a huawei xxx usb-stick and an Option internal 3g-card running with09:19
Danielcg25royale1223: its called a driver09:19
royale1223Dancek_: check out nmcli09:19
royale1223!info nmcli09:20
ubottuPackage nmcli does not exist in maverick09:20
ohsixllutz_: network-manager works pretty good with 3g modems09:20
ohsixllutz_: you just need to add the connection type manually09:21
brandoI hope this is a good place to come for the help I need, apologies if not.  Got a couple general linux use questions09:21
ohsixthey're not unlike vpn connections in their need for extra information to make them go09:21
llutz_ohsix: i refuse to use nm wherever i can. just on this netbook it works fine (3g/wifi/dun)09:21
=== patricia is now known as Guest34593
llutz_montezuma: sample config like http://bit.ly/icpCsr09:22
ohsixllutz_: i'm sure thats a rational and well reasoned position to have, network-manager probably slaughtered your family or something as egregious ;]09:22
ohsixllutz_: though your personal dislike doesn't take away from the fact that people should use the tools that are there, rather than wholly go for another solution that might be less supported09:22
llutz_ohsix: kinda, i prefer ifupdown09:22
brandoI'm trying to copy several image files from a remote apache web server to my local drive.  I assume this is possible and pretty easy to do for somebody that knows what they are doing09:22
ohsixtheres a canonical way to do most things, and a general user should be told those09:23
llutz_ohsix: and yes, ifupdown is still present09:23
ohsixno pun intended with the word there, i mean the dictionary definition09:23
NET||abusehey guys. trying to start setting up my servers with ssh keys, what's the standard approach for setting up a few servers to use the same ssh key, and distribute it only to people who need access.09:24
royale1223rcconf: what would cause this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/587714/09:24
jiltdilto view contents under partiton Data as the mount point is /media  i use to go /media/Data but when i want to see what is under Data it doessnot appear but when i use mount /dev/sda5 /media/Data i am able to see this is to done every time  when i starts my system how to make it permanent help me?09:24
Guest16097hi, is there a way to permanently disable the grub splash screen? the problem I have is it keeps getting reenabled after every kernel update.09:24
brandoI thought it would be something like "cp www.site.com/path/to/images ./pictures"09:24
rcconfroyale1223: dont expect much help for me about drivers stuff09:24
rcconfnot an expert09:24
royale1223rcconf: whom should I ask?09:25
ohsixbrando: it's wget, but you usually don't get the information to just copy them all, as the web servers disable indices, but you can use shell scripting to get ones that are sequentially numbered or have an imitatable pattern09:25
rcconfroyale1223: ask in the channel09:25
montezumallutz_: thanks, i'll try it. g'bye09:25
rcconfto all09:25
royale1223Please help, I have this problem with networkman. http://paste.ubuntu.com/587714/09:26
jiltdilto view contents under partiton Data as the mount point is /media  i use to go /media/Data but when i want to see what is under Data it doessnot appear but when i use mount /dev/sda5 /media/Data i am able to see this is to done every time  when i starts my system how to make it permanent help me?09:26
brandothanks, i'll read up on wget09:26
brandonc503k i got my flash drive now what?09:28
=== Guest16097 is now known as Mass0Car-Work
llutz_jiltdil: you want it being mounted when booting? add it to /etc/fstab09:29
jiltdilllutz_:please tell me i dont know how to do09:30
brandoohsix: thanks, I'll read up on wget.  I am able to see an index page that lists all the files and the image files I want all start with the same three letters followed by "-1" "-2" etc...09:30
royale1223Please help me with this. http://paste.ubuntu.com/587714/ I can use nm09:30
llutz_jiltdil: what filesystem?09:30
jiltdilllutz_:filetype ext409:30
Mass0Car-Workhi all, i need some help with ubuntu and the grub bootloader. to get a laptop to work I need to disable the grub splash screen however every time I install a new kernel the splash screen comes back. is there anyway to disable it permanently?09:30
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
brandonc503i got iso on flash drive with program.. and says "syslinux 4.03 2010-10-22 chs load error - boot error"09:31
llutz_jiltdil: add a line like: /dev/sda5  /media/Data  ext4  defaults 0 0" to /etc/fstab (sudo nano /etc/fstab)09:31
llutz_jiltdil: or better use UUID=xxxx             get UUID with "sudo blkid"09:31
rcconfroyale1223: alt+f209:31
rcconfroyale1223: alt+f2 and type nm-applet09:31
rcconfroyale1223: then sudo /etc/init.d/network-manager restart09:32
rcconfroyale1223: then sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart09:32
rcconflogout and login09:32
rcconftry the basic stuff09:32
jiltdilllutz:/dev/sda5: LABEL="Data" UUID="0b8c94cb-6b87-4887-9350-38b448fd7e17" TYPE="ext4"09:32
van7huhollo,anyone used bochs?09:32
Danielcg25Don't broadcast your UUID lol!09:32
rcconfwhat is bochs09:32
llutz_jiltdil: UUID=0b8c94cb-6b87-4887-9350-38b448fd7e17   /media/Data ext4 defaults 0 009:33
llutz_jiltdil: ^^ that line09:33
rcconfA universally unique identifier (UUID) is an identifier standard used in software construction, standardized by the Open Software Foundation (OSF) as part of the Distributed Computing Environment (DCE).09:33
kumar_Hi everyone, how can i retrieve Ubuntu variables in java.09:33
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)09:33
royale1223rcconf: doing that..09:33
rcconfDanielcg25: do you care to explain why ppl shoudnt show their UUID09:33
llutz_Danielcg25: you don't even know what a UUID is, right?09:34
rcconfjust because it's unique?09:34
jiltdilDanielcg25: why please tell me what is the bad effect of broadcasting it,please?09:34
royale1223rcconf: no change09:34
Danielcg25Universal Unique Identifier09:34
rcconfDanielcg25: and?09:35
titan6930d donde son?09:35
llutz_jiltdil: ignore it09:35
rcconf!es | titan693009:35
ubottutitan6930: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.09:35
brandonc503trying to install ubuntu with usb stick, any suggestions?09:35
royale1223rcconf: network manager is not running09:35
titan6930esto es una mierda09:35
Mass0Car-Workcan anyone help me?09:35
rcconf!uy | titan693009:35
rcconftitan6930: said this is shit and we are abortions09:36
royale1223rcconf: let me try purging and reinstalling nm.09:37
rcconfroyale1223: sudo apt-get purge ..09:37
rcconf#ubuntu staff dont forget to ban titan693009:38
brandonc503k usb in comp on...09:38
Danielcg25rcconf what'd he do!09:38
brandonc503boot options reduced to only usb...09:38
rcconfDanielcg25: my UUID=rcconf09:39
brandonc503SYSLINUX 4.03 2010-10-22 CHS Load error - Boot error09:39
brandonc503thats the what i get09:39
Danielcg25rcconf: I am going to have my way with your osolating fan.09:39
Mass0Car-Workhi all, i need some help with ubuntu and the grub bootloader. to get a laptop to work I need to disable the grub splash screen however every time I install a new kernel the splash screen comes back. is there anyway to disable it permanently?09:40
rcconfMass0Car-Work: use startup manager09:40
rcconfMass0Car-Work: or check09:40
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub209:40
llutz_Mass0Car-Work: edit /etc/default/grub, remove "splash" and run "sudo update-grub"09:40
rcconfthat way is easier :)09:40
Danielcg25Moving back and forth09:41
jorgeasinHi. I would like to know how to script the process System -> Connect to a server -> Windows share09:41
rcconf!ot | Danielcg2509:41
ubottuDanielcg25: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:41
zefyris 11.04 beta1 out yet?09:41
Danielcg25!ot rcconf09:42
rcconfDanielcg25: you should read #ubuntu !guidelines09:42
llutz_zefyr: #ubuntu+109:42
rcconfllutz_: !natty works :)09:42
llutz_ !11.04 too09:43
Zealousfollowed a tutorial on creating a new user account with permissions and i change login and i got no permission to do anything........back to the drawing board lol09:43
jorgeasinHi. I would like to know how to script the process System -> Connect to a server -> Windows share . I want to make a windows share connection every new session and I want to be asked for the username and password everytime09:44
rcconfZealous: what do you want to do?09:44
Danielcg25hides from rcconf09:44
rcconf!guidelines > Danielcg2509:44
ubottuDanielcg25, please see my private message09:44
jiltdilllutz_:thanks now it is working but i restarted my system again and se something like that error in mounting 0  S to skip check or M to manually recover09:44
madmndoes anyone here know how to setup virtual box properly ?09:45
rcconfjorgeasin: first you need to know the command to connect to windows share09:45
madmni would like to use ubuntu on it09:45
llutz_jiltdil: check the new /etc/fstab line for typos09:45
cvamIn spreadsheet I have values of angle in degree in A coloumn I want sine values in B column.What should I  write in input line09:45
jorgeasinthat's what i'm asking rconf09:45
llutz_jiltdil:it should read:  UUID=0b8c94cb-6b87-4887-9350-38b448fd7e17   /media/Data ext4 defaults 0 009:45
* Danielcg25 runs09:45
rcconfjorgeasin: then you paste it into a file save and right click mask as executable then add it so startup applications09:45
rcconfsomeone quiet Danielcg25 tks09:46
jiltdilllutz_: how to check for typos09:46
llutz_Danielcg25: do you have anything ubuntu-support-related? if not, please respect the guidelines09:46
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.09:47
llutz_jiltdil: compare /etc/fstab with the line above09:47
jorgeasinbut what is the command rcconf?09:47
rcconfcheck that jorgeasin09:47
llutz_jorgeasin: mount.cifs ....09:47
jiltdilllutz_:yes same09:47
llutz_jiltdil: then you have to check the error-msg carefully. what was it exactly?09:48
madmnis anyone any good at setting up virtual box with ubuntu09:48
czardozmadmn, just tell what problem you have :)09:48
jorgeasinmount.cifs requires a username in the instruction and I want to be asked for the username and password by the ubuntu09:49
jiltdilllutz_:error on starting computer says that Error to mount 0 S to skip or m to manually recover09:49
madmni just need to know how to set it up09:49
llutz_jiltdil: pastebin your /etc/fstab please09:49
madmnso i can use ubuntu on it09:49
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:49
rcconfmadmn: join #virtualbox09:49
madmnis there like a website that explains on how to set it up right09:49
czardozrcconf, I think he wants ubuntu on vbox09:49
=== P4R4N01D1 is now known as P4R4N01D
czardozmadmn, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/virtualbox09:50
cvamIn spreadsheet I have values of angle in degree in A column  I want sine values in B column.What should I  write in input line09:51
llutz_jiltdil: is the swap-line really wrapped? it has to be 1 line09:51
llutz_jiltdil: remove the leading " " space in front of the last line09:51
rcconfczardoz: so he needs to setup virtualbox which is offtopic and he should ask in #virtualbox09:52
Danielcg25rcconf: GRANDMOMMA, DRINK YO PRUNE JUICE!!!09:52
jiltdilllutz_:please pastebin to me as i am not understanding09:52
oladejohow to rescue initramfs09:52
usamic'è qualcuno che parla italiano?09:53
rcconf!it | usami09:53
ubottuusami: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)09:53
rcconfDanielcg25: continue and youll be banned09:53
Danielcg25rcconf: 09:53
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ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!09:54
Tm_TDanielcg25: please try to behave09:54
llutz_jiltdil: http://paste.ubuntu.com/58772409:54
jiltdilllutz_:thanx alot09:55
evolHello there. I need help to change the symbolic link in my ubuntu 10.10 for firefox (instead of pointing to 3.6 for 4.0)09:55
cvamIn spreadsheet I have values of angle in degree in A column  I want sine values in B column.What should I  write in input line09:59
jorgeasinPlease rcconf if i want to connect to a samba share named "docencia" in the server and be asked for the username and password how would de mount.cifs instruction result??09:59
rcconfjorgeasin: if I knew I would tell you10:00
eveningskycvam: in math they call it inverse sine.  i don't know what your command would be in the spreadsheet10:00
eveningskybut that should help you google it10:00
jorgeasinthanks anyway rcconf10:00
llutz_cvam: opencalc    =sin(radians(cell-with-degree))10:00
cvamthank llutz_10:01
evolis undernet dead?10:01
rcconfjorgeasin: you could also try #ubuntu-beginners or something10:01
dydhi all10:02
vietredhi dyd10:02
jorgeasini don't think this is a beginners issue rconf10:02
vietredwhere can I find oo.o command key? such as Ctrl + B for bold text, etc10:03
dydanyone knows how can i quickly rename some files in a folder with lover case chars? some files have extension in upper case.10:03
dydi've googled a bit but the commands i found didn't work10:03
llutz_dyd rename 'y/A-Z/a-z/' path/*10:04
jayant_how can i copy files into a folder which is placed in / I get a permission denied error10:04
sunitI am trying to run slon sql1003_cluster "dbname=healthopenstagingdb" as daemon in ubuntu 9.10 so that it will run in startup. please help me10:04
rcconfjorgeasin: use sudo cp /file/to/copy /destination/path10:06
rcconfjayant_ *10:06
jiltdilllutz_:thanx it worked10:07
brandoohsix: thanks again!  wget did the trick10:08
cvamhow to make graph in spreadsheet I have x and y values10:08
ohsixbrando: cool10:08
dydllutz_: thank you, it worked!10:08
llutz_cvam: /join #openoffice.org10:08
Zigounetteubuntu burn my graphic card, it's normal ? Problem with driver ?10:09
rcconfZigounette: ubuntu is an Operating System he cant burn your hardware10:09
Zigounettewith windows, no problem, but with ubuntu, computer send me WARNING !!! IS TO HOT !!!10:10
Zigounettei think, ubuntu it's not synchronised with hardware.10:10
Zigounettebad driver ubuntu...10:11
rcconfwith your hardware10:11
jayant_rcconf: ok..thank you..i will try it..10:11
Zigounettenormaly i run with, microsoft windows, users of ubuntu call me, hey !! install ubuntu it's better...10:11
Zigounettei install ubuntu, and ubuntu kill my computer...10:11
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.10:12
YankDownUnderZigounette, Research is always a good thing.10:12
rcconfZigounette: if you came here to complain it's not worth it10:12
Zigounettenow, ubuntu go out of internet or me kill ubuntu.10:12
Zigounetteubuntu try to kill my computer, now i kill ubuntu10:12
rcconf!ot | Zigounette10:13
ubottuZigounette: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:13
rcconfor join ##windows10:13
YankDownUnderGotta love fanatics...10:13
YankDownUnderOh wait, WE'RE fanatics...nevermind...10:13
jayant_rcconf: i get this error.: cp: omitting directory `/home/jayant/asd'10:13
rcconfjayant_: use cp -R10:14
* Zigounette catch rcconf and shoot with arm foot in nuts of rcconf.10:14
jayant_rcconf: ok10:14
{C9}t00lsh3dHello, I installed Ubuntu 10.04 moments ago, I had another partition I am positive I did not delete that was in NTFS format (Ubuntu should be able to read it) but I do not see it in the File systems ? Any suggestions10:15
rcconf{C9}t00lsh3d: did you choose to install side by side?10:16
Zigounettercconf ?10:17
rcconfhow did you install it?10:17
Zigounettei kill you with a spoon !10:17
{C9}t00lsh3dFrom a DVD10:17
Zigounetteagain, again, again and again !!!10:17
{C9}t00lsh3dAside from that what do you mean ?10:17
rcconf{C9}t00lsh3d: I mean in ubuntu install10:17
{C9}t00lsh3dI chose Choose partitions manually ?10:17
rcconf{C9}t00lsh3d: you did?10:18
rcconf{C9}t00lsh3d: didnt you create another partition for ubuntu?10:18
{C9}t00lsh3dI already had two partitions prior to my ubuntu install10:18
rcconfdid you delete windows partition by mistake?10:18
{C9}t00lsh3dOne was simply file storage, the other was Windows10:18
rcconfif you didnt touch them they are fine10:19
{C9}t00lsh3dI am positive I kept the file storage (NTFS format so windows and linux could read it)10:19
{C9}t00lsh3dand deleted windows10:19
trond-{C9}t00lsh3d, can you see if if you do df in command line?10:19
{C9}t00lsh3dI don't know the command :P10:19
rcconf{C9}t00lsh3d: sudo fdisk -l10:19
rcconfin terminal10:19
{C9}t00lsh3dI do see it10:20
rcconf{C9}t00lsh3d: and Nautilus does not?10:20
{C9}t00lsh3d/dev/sda3           38245       60802   181184512    7  HPFS/NTFS10:20
rcconftry to moun it10:20
{C9}t00lsh3dSorry I don't know the command for that either :P10:20
rcconf{C9}t00lsh3d: sudo mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/10:20
{C9}t00lsh3dI did that10:21
Kimmen{C9}t00lsh3d: if you run the command mount it shows you which file systems are mounted where, if your sda3 is mounted it should be there10:21
{C9}t00lsh3dAnd it did nothing but make a new line and I do not see it in File Systems10:21
rcconf{C9}t00lsh3d: cd /mnt/10:21
{C9}t00lsh3d/dev/sda3 on /mnt type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,blksize=4096)10:21
{C9}t00lsh3dokay sec10:21
{C9}t00lsh3dthanks (:10:22
rcconfbut it's weird is not showing in nautilus10:22
{C9}t00lsh3dYea I figured it would ^.^ I'm just glad I still have my files10:22
rcconfyea lol10:22
=== squishy is now known as SquishyNotHere
PirschHello. I have a file named 'hplip-3.11.3a.run'. How do I install this?10:23
Kimmen{C9}t00lsh3d: in nautilus try: ctrl+l and type in /mnt/10:23
rcconfPirsch: windows file?10:23
=== SquishyNotHere is now known as squishy
{C9}t00lsh3dKimmen that just brought me to the location rcconf already told me to go to (:10:23
{C9}t00lsh3dI think I'm good now :D10:24
{C9}t00lsh3dthanks guys10:24
rcconfand you can see the files right10:24
Pirschrcconf: No, I got it from HP's site. It's for the missing/updated PPD for my HP deskjet10:24
KimmenPirsch: "chmod +x hplip-3.11.3a.run && ./hplip-3.11.3a.run"10:24
keyUpchmod 700 7 for user apache and 00 for others is ok for websites directories?10:24
{C9}t00lsh3dYea I got the files10:24
userdelwhich is the best desktop calendar available which shown lunar cycles and tides and important weather considerations10:24
rcconf{C9}t00lsh3d: just save the mount command in case you forget10:24
keyUpwhen visitor see my website he open files through apache server10:24
{C9}t00lsh3dAlright (:10:24
=== cs278| is now known as cs278||work
PirschKimmen: that works. Thanks a bunch10:25
KimmenPirsch: np10:25
rcconfkeyUp: link?10:25
keyUpum how you mean10:25
rcconfkeyUp: what is your website10:26
MatBoyit would be awesome to have a php based manager like webmin, but php... I know there is a php extention to the webmin pl files, but this is old10:26
that_is_lgwho are using mongo10:26
that_is_lgplease help e10:26
keyUpwhen visitor A opens mywebsite.com/index.html he execute as others or throught apache user on my server?10:26
keyUpmatboy php is not very good10:26
that_is_lgwho are using mongo10:27
MatBoykeyUp: php is not good ? it's awesome!10:27
rcconfkeyUp: if it's a website is for other people to visit. what is the problem?10:27
keyUpMatBoy, it dont work with apache mpm-worker10:27
rcconfthat_is_lg: what is mongo?10:27
llutz_keyUp: the writeaccess for apache-user (www-data) should be restricted on really needed files/dirs10:27
MatBoykeyUp: mpm-worker ? why ?10:27
rcconftoo much offtopic10:28
keyUpllutz ok but when visitor open pages basiclly he executesfiles on my server through 'others' or through apache user on my server?10:28
llutz_keyUp: reading a file != write-access10:28
keyUpbut visitor use apache user on my server to read file10:29
keyUpor he reads it as 'others' on my server10:29
Kingsycan someone help me.. I have 4 computers on my network I can browse 3 of them with nautilus... when I try to browse the forth it says "Unable to mount location"   how can it work for 3 but not the forth?10:29
llutz_keyUp: so why do you set a general rwx for www-data?10:29
rcconfkeyUp: he does not have shell access.. he can do anything10:29
keyUpi really dont understand10:30
keyUpok let me put this way10:30
rcconfkeyUp: if you setup a website I visit it but can execute anything in there10:30
eveningskydo I need to use a live cd to unmount my usr partition?10:30
llutz_keyUp: /var/www should be 755 root:root or 755 root:www-data  with 775 on single directories where www-data really needs to write10:30
keyUpvisitor A opens www.mywebsite.com/index.html basically what he do he reads file index.html on my server but with what user - apache user (www-data) on my server or the user 'others'?10:31
userdelwhich is the best desktop calendar available which shown lunar cycles and tides and important weather considerations10:31
rcconfkeyUp: that doesnt matter10:31
jiltdilllutz_: i hide apache version number but how to hide the name Apache itself?10:31
Kingsyis there a log or something I can check to see why its failing?10:31
rcconfkeyUp: because the visitor is not in your system!10:31
llutz_jiltdil: idk, i don't use apache10:31
keyUprcconf, you really dont get me do you :))10:31
KimmenkeyUp: yes everything accessed through your website is accessed as www-data10:32
rcconfkeyUp: i understand what you say.. visitor reads files as other.. cannot change or write10:32
keyUpif i set file index.html chmod 700 owner is apache user visitor can open index.html?10:32
keyUpKimmen THANKS10:32
llutz_keyUp: again:  why do you set a general rwx for www-data?10:33
saju_mhttp://dpaste.com/527295/  df command parsing10:33
rcconfKimmen: if he sets www-data writable for anyone I can change the files on his apache server?10:33
Kimmenrcconf: what he meant was: when a user connects to the site, which unix user is used on the local system to access files?10:33
rcconfim just a visitor10:33
llutz_keyUp: there is no need for www-data (user/group apache runs at) to be able to write to all files/dirs10:33
rcconfKimmen: yes to the question?10:34
=== cayman is now known as Guest302
Guest302здесь есть русские?10:34
Kimmenrcconf: I connect to a site running apache2, the user on the host that fetches files for me to be able to see the site is www-data, correct?10:34
rcconf!ru | Guest30210:35
ubottuGuest302: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke10:35
rcconfyes Kimmen10:35
Kimmenrcconf: that's essentially all he wanted to know as I understood it =)10:35
rcconfKimmen: ok but i ask: and he can change permissions of files so anybody can change them from the outside? (i know this is stupid and dangerous)10:36
rcconfjust curious10:36
Kimmenrcconf: yes, he probably wanted the users to be able to have rw access to something10:37
rcconfKimmen: hes crazy10:37
Kimmenrcconf: indeed, but perhaps he's smart and have auth10:38
rcconfping timeout10:38
royale1223rcconf: nm problem still not fixed. :(10:39
rcconfwhich one?10:39
fairuzHi, how to empty trash bin for a mounted USB using command line?10:39
rcconffairuz: ls -a inside of it10:39
rcconfthen rm -rf .hiddenfolder10:40
royale1223rcconf: when i do "nmcli nm" it says nm is disabled10:40
rcconfroyale1223: why you want to use nmcli?10:40
fairuzrcconf: ty10:40
jnlsnl_if i press ctrl+alt f5-6 i cant scroll or use page up/down in the terminal :/10:40
royale1223rcconf: bcoz networking is not working. No internet access10:41
catphishwhat does the 'interactive' keyword in kickstart do?10:41
rcconfroyale1223: does "ifconfig -a" show the network interfaces?10:42
r0fs3ck5Can someone help me with a pulse audio problem?  Ubuntu 10.04 amd64 realtek audio10:42
rcconfroyale1223: and  cat /etc/network/interfaces10:42
rcconf!ask | r0fs3ck510:42
ubottur0fs3ck5: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:42
royale1223Rcconf: all exept ppp010:42
rcconfwhich is vpn10:43
rcconfroyale1223: paste the /etc/network/interfaces10:43
r0fs3ck5my media players are extremely glitchy, how do i fix this?10:43
rcconfroyale1223: sudo /etc/init.d/network-manager start10:43
rcconfroyale1223: sudo /etc/init.d/networking start10:44
rcconfr0fs3ck5: you need to give more details10:44
xevioxhi, I tried to setup ubuntu on a asus running a Geforce M31010:44
rcconfxeviox: and..?10:45
xevioxlive cd worked fine10:45
xevioxbut now no grafical screen comes up10:45
xevioxxorg fails with "no screen found"10:45
Kingsycan someone help me.. I have 4 computers on my network I can browse 3 of them with nautilus... when I try to browse the forth it says "Unable to mount location"   how can it work for 3 but not the forth?10:45
keyUpcan someone please help me I have problem setting up wired internet10:45
r0fs3ck5rcconf: when I play an audio or video track, it glitches every few seconds, ubuntu 10.04 amd64, 2.6.32-30 generic10:45
keyUpnow I am throught my neigbour wireless10:45
royale1223rcconf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/587730/10:46
JamesJRHHello. How do I stay on the current display when I run a command such as this:10:46
JamesJRHxinit /usr/bin/awesome -- :110:46
keyUpthe network pulls ip address netmask and all that but still there is no internet10:46
keyUpi can't even open modem configuration website10:46
rcconfroyale1223: you dont have eth0 setup.. wait a sec10:46
keyUptechicians were here now said it s my pc on other pc was ok10:46
keyUpi can ping my ISP but cant ping outside websites like google.com10:46
rcconfroyale1223: does your router support DHCP?10:47
keyUpwith previous ISP was fine10:47
rcconfauto eth010:47
rcconfiface eth0 inet dhcp10:47
royale1223rcconf: nm is not running buddy10:47
keyUpthen I deleted wired connection10:47
keyUpmaybe from then it is like this10:47
royale1223Rcconf: i'm not using a router. Its a mobile broadband link.10:47
xevioxrcconf: we also tried to setup the nvidia driver (downloaded from nvidia)10:48
rcconfroyale1223: i dont know what services you are running10:48
rcconfroyale1223: but you need nm-applet10:48
breakhello everyone!10:48
rcconfnetwork-manager and networking10:48
r0fs3ck5rcconf: I have tried setting nice on pulseaudio to -1110:48
xevioxjust thought it may be a known problem10:48
=== koliz is now known as koltroll
royale1223Rcconf: nm applet is running. But shows no conn.10:48
xevioxI will come back with more information ..#10:48
rcconfroyale1223: well you need to setup the connection......10:49
saju_m suppose we have /dev/sda1 and not mounted, in that case output of "df -khP" showing moutnt point blank, right ?10:49
rcconfsaju_m: if it's not mounted it wont show10:49
royale1223Rcconf: how to setup?10:50
rcconfhm forget10:50
Kingsycan someone help me.. I have 4 computers on my network I can browse 3 of them with nautilus... when I try to browse the forth it says "Unable to mount location"   how can it work for 3 but not the forth?10:50
rcconfKingsy: try with Places > connect to server10:51
rcconfand insert the IP of computer10:51
Kingsyrcconf: do you select windows share?10:51
rcconfyes if it's windows10:51
jiltdili have Apache2 installed in my system but when i open /etc/passwd the apache doesnot seen to me>10:51
rcconfroyale1223: right click the applet.. edit connections10:51
rcconfroyale1223: then Add10:52
llutz_jiltdil: getent passwd www-data10:52
rcconfroyale1223: are you trying to use ethernet or wireless?10:52
Kingsyrcconf: Failed to retrieve share list from server10:52
rcconfKingsy: try to ping10:52
rcconfping <machine>10:52
royale1223Rcconf: output of "nmcli nm" http://paste.ubuntu.com/587738/ please check it out10:53
jiltdilllutz_:yes it seen now but why in /etc/passwd it appeared10:53
royale1223Rcconf: what do you think?10:53
Kingsyrcconf: yeah it pings just fine10:53
rcconfroyale1223: try sudo ifconfig wlan0 up10:53
rcconfroyale1223: if ubuntu has drivers for your wireless it should work.. if not install windows driver with ndiswrapper10:54
Guest27290does any know how to set console font?10:54
llutz_jiltdil: its the user/group, the apache-daemon runs as10:54
Guest27290does any know how to set console background?10:54
jiltdilllutz_:sorry it is in /etc/passwd but why the name www-data10:54
Guest27290does any know how to set console background?10:54
Kingsyrcconf: any other ideas?10:54
rcconf!repeat | Guest2729010:54
ubottuGuest27290: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:54
Guest27290ubottu: ok10:55
rcconfGuest27290: for gnome terminal?10:55
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)10:55
keyUpplease I have big problem10:55
Fudgehi guys, anyone know of a howto for copying/pasting between consoles and gnome10:55
brandonc503so seems that 10.4 and 10.10 have issues with my nvidia drivers for vid card.. what are my options?10:55
Guest27290for vt10:55
keyUpI can't setup my wired connection10:55
Guest27290for vitrual console10:55
llutz_jiltdil: its just a convention, lighttpd also uses this user/group10:55
royale1223Rcconf: still nothing10:55
rcconfbrandonc503: depends of your video card..10:55
brandonc503nvidia gforce mx/mx 400 32 mb10:55
jnlsnl_okay how do i find and kill a program in the console?10:56
jiltdilllutz: should i change the shell sh to nologin10:56
Guest27290jnlsnl_: use kill10:56
keyUpI can't set up my wired connection, everything seems fine my pc pulls needed addreesses (i think) and still I don't have internet and I can't open the modem configuration page, I can ping my ISP but can't ping outside like google.com, technicians were here now we checked there is internet connection on other computer10:57
royale1223Rcconf: how do i check if nm is running?10:57
rcconfnetwork manager?10:57
rcconfroyale1223: sudo service network-manager status10:57
llutz_jiltdil: i'd use /bin/false10:57
royale1223Rcconf: yep10:57
keyUpI had previous ISP when I changed ISPs I deleted my wired connection maybe this is problem? I checked there is new one made automatically and everything seems fine..10:57
Adam-85hi all10:58
rcconfroyale1223: the problem is the wireless itself not the network.. you may need to install its drivers10:58
royale1223Rcconf: it says stop waiting10:58
jiltdilllutz_:what is difference between false and nologin10:58
Adam-85I have problem with audio and can't hear any sound10:58
royale1223Rcconf: stop/waiting10:58
Kingsyrcconf: through connect to server it says "Cannot display location "smb://""10:58
Kingsydoes anyone know why that would happen for only 1 PC on a network ?10:59
rcconfKingsy: check windows firewall in that computer10:59
rcconfor restart it10:59
llutz_jiltdil: bin/false is the old way (i'm old and old-fashioned), it just refuses logins, whereas nologin gives a message (iirc)10:59
Kingsyrcconf: I am able to connect to it from other windows PC's tho... if it was the firewall wouldnt nit block other windows PC's aswell ?10:59
rcconfroyale1223: I have these services networking                  network-interface           network-interface-security  network-manager10:59
FudgeGuest27290 virtual console yes11:00
rcconfroyale1223: why dont you boot up livecd and try to use the wireless? if ubuntu supports the drivers it will work .11:00
jiltdilllutz_old is gold :)11:00
royale1223Rcconf: how do i list all services?11:00
Adam-85Does anyone can help me to fix my audio ?11:00
royale1223Rcconf: livecd is working perfectly11:01
rcconfroyale1223: the problem is that you messed up something in your install.11:01
rcconfroyale1223: i just wirte "sudo service " and hit TAB11:02
royale1223Rcconf: yep. How do find out whats wrong?11:02
rcconfroyale1223: check network section ubuntu help website11:02
=== S3M is now known as SudoParecchio
Kingsyrcconf: any ideas?11:03
rcconfKingsy: try #samba11:03
royale1223Rcconf: okay, thanks a lot buddy11:03
rcconfroyale1223: you can also try #ubuntu-beginners11:03
rcconfor google a lot11:03
=== joel is now known as Guest62347
rcconftheres too many people asking and few answering :p11:04
Kingsyrcconf: yeah, I tried samba there is no-one around.. well do you know if the windows firewall would let other windows pc's through and block linux ?11:04
KingsyI am pretty sure its a fault in ubuntu somewhere11:05
rcconfKingsy: I think i know what the problem is.11:05
Kingsyrcconf: what?11:05
rcconfKingsy: it's the WORKGROUP11:05
rcconfKingsy: sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf11:05
Kingsyrcconf: naaa I changed the workgroup in smb.conf11:05
KingsyI changed it to XSC which is correct11:05
rcconfdunno then11:06
Kingsyso now if I go into Places->Network I can see all the computers (cos we are on the same workgroup) hehe and I can browse all of them apart from 111:06
rcconfKingsy: you are trying to access which computer from where?11:07
rcconf(im a bit tired)11:07
Kingsyrcconf: there are 4 computers connect to the same workgroup, I can connect to 3 of them but not the forth.. the forth one is using wireless tho if that matters11:08
rcconfwhat is the OS of 4th11:08
keyUpI had previous ISP when I changed ISPs I deleted my wired connection maybe this is problem? I checked there is new one made automatically and everything seems fine..11:08
keyUpI can't set up my wired connection, everything seems fine my pc pulls needed addreesses (i think) and still I don't have internet and I can't open the modem configuration page, I can ping my ISP but can't ping outside like google.com, technicians were here now we checked there is internet connection on other computer11:08
Kingsyrcconf: windows711:08
keyUpI had previous ISP when I changed ISPs I deleted my wired connection maybe this is problem? I checked there is new one made automatically and everything seems fine..11:08
=== squishy is now known as SquishyNotHere
keyUppls help me I can't continue to work11:08
KimmenKingsy: there has been problems with win7, samba and a program called live sign in assistant11:08
=== SquishyNotHere is now known as squishy
rcconfkeyUp: right click network manager applet...11:09
rcconfedit connections11:09
Adam-85Does anyone can help me to fix my audio ?11:09
rcconfkeyUp: then add11:09
KingsyKimmen: can I just apt-get that?11:09
rcconfKingsy: does your router support dhcp?11:09
keyUprcconf,  everything eems fine man wired connection is made automaticaly and it pulls addresses and everything..11:09
Kingsyrcconf: yes11:09
rcconfkeyUp: so what is the problem?11:09
KimmenKingsy: if you have live sign in assistant or something like that on your win7 box it could be that program that blocks samba from linux11:10
keyUprcconf,  I am not sure here is the deal11:10
rcconfkeyUp: the internet is working. isnt that you want?11:10
camer0ffhi, just wondering how you use PPA's to install an application11:10
rcconf!ppa | camer0ff11:10
ubottucamer0ff: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.11:10
KingsyKimmen: hmm I will check11:10
keyUptill 2 days ago i had old ISP and everything was fine then change ISP yesterday and I can have internet, i havent doe anything since then except i deleted wired connection but it is made automatically11:10
rcconfcamer0ff: what is the PPA you want to use?11:10
keyUpi can ping my isp but cant ping google.com11:10
camer0ffrcconf; i am trying to update mumble-server, and i was told to use http://ppa.launchpad.net/slicer/ppa/11:11
keyUprcconf, i am now from my neighbour wireless internet11:11
rcconfkeyUp: that sounds a DNS problem.11:11
keyUpstrage part is if i plug in wired conection i lose wireless internet too11:11
keyUprcconf,  pls  Ineed this seriously I can't work i am stuck :S11:11
rcconfkeyUp: you can ping your ISP ? or you can ping your router?..11:11
keyUpI am not sure11:11
keyUptechnicians pinged11:11
keyUpany tip to diagnoze where is the problem pls?11:12
rcconfkeyUp: open a terminal and type: ping
keyUpi am new to linux11:12
keyUpi will and return11:12
FloodBot3keyUp: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:12
rcconfit's google's dns11:12
keyUpas I can have internet if i plug in wired conection.. i will be back11:12
jakedoes anyone know a good theme for ubuntu?11:12
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy11:12
jakeok thx ubottu11:13
jakehes a bot i no11:13
camer0ff rcconf; i am trying to update mumble-server, and i was told to use http://ppa.launchpad.net/slicer/ppa/11:13
KingsyKimmen: ok I have removed windows live sign in assistant and it still doesnt connect.. does the windows machine need a restart or something?11:14
KimmenKingsy: yes, restart the win7 box and try again11:14
KingsyKimmen: ok, I will let you know :)11:15
keyUprcconf, man I pinged and look 6 packets transmitted, 4 received, 33% packet loss, time 5010ms11:17
keyUpit was very hard to establish wired connection i succeded from third try11:17
keyUpwhat is wrong ?:S11:17
KimmenkeyUp: run ifconfig and see if there's any errors/collisions11:18
keyUpKimmen, ok i will and i will return11:18
keyUpthis is the pastebin of ifconfig http://pastebin.com/UnbstUPa11:21
keyUppls see it11:21
{C9}t00lsh3dCould someone explain how to install Flash player for google chrome on 64 bit Linux ?11:21
KimmenkeyUp: replace your ethernet cable11:22
keyUpok sec I will be back11:22
keyUpbut why11:22
gribouille how can I determine whether VT-x/AMD-V hardware virtualization is active ?11:22
keyUpKimmen, now thechnicians tried it was ok on their laptop11:22
keyUpno its not that man for sure11:22
KimmenkeyUp: the number of errors should be 0, if you have more than 0 errors there's usually a bad cable11:22
keyUphm ok i will try11:22
keyUp16000 erros wow11:23
keyUpill be back with response11:23
coz_ good day all11:24
KingsyKimmen: it works!! STUPID windows live crappy features that no-one wants or needs11:24
KimmenKingsy: ;)11:25
=== JamesJRH is now known as JamesJRH_is_Away
KimmenKingsy: it's a problem with samba in ubuntu, there should be a fix out though in a more recent version11:25
rcconfKingsy: it works now?11:26
Kingsyrcconf: yeah.. stupid windows live sign in assistant11:26
Kingsythanks guys11:26
Kingsyi appriciate the help11:26
KimmenI have had that same problem with my xbmc box and win7 ;)11:26
keyUpeven with other cable I cant connected att all 5 tries..11:27
keyUpomg what is going on11:27
rcconfKingsy: so the problem was an windows application ?11:28
Kingsyrcconf: yup11:28
rcconfkeyUp: you are trying to connect to your router?11:28
rcconfto get lan IP and internet11:28
camer0ffcan some one help me on how to use a PPC. I have been given the address http://ppa.launchpad.net/slicer/ppa/11:28
rcconfcamer0ff: i tell you11:28
keyUprcconf,  to ISP motorola modem11:29
rcconfhm it's a modem11:29
rcconfkeyUp: check the manual11:29
Renskihow do I limit which interfaces apache listens on?11:29
keyUpthey didnt gived me manual11:29
rcconfsearch on the internetz11:29
keyUpmaybe it is modem drivers11:30
keyUpthat i only thing I can think off11:30
keyUphowever when I plug modem to my wireless router still router dont have internet11:30
rcconfkeyUp: you connect the modem directly to computer right11:30
keyUprcconf, yes11:30
rcconfmodem!= router11:30
rcconfmodem sucks11:30
keyUpyou dont understand me man11:30
rcconfbit tired11:30
keyUpnow yes directly to laptop but when I connect modem to my wireless router router dont get internet from modem too11:31
camer0ffrcconf; sorry but i cannot find where you told me11:31
keyUpso what can be the problems11:31
keyUpbut isp technicians said they had internet with my connection on their windows laptop11:31
rcconflol they had the drivers for the modem..11:31
keyUprcconf, but I see ip address in wired connection11:32
rcconfkeyUp: can yu connect to modem page?11:32
keyUpit pulls address11:32
rcconfkeyUp: yes11:32
rcconfkeyUp: ping
keyUpfunny part is once i opened it 1/3 yesterday11:32
keyUpits strange11:32
{C9}t00lsh3dDoes anyone know how to install 64 bit Adobe flash player in Google Chrome ?11:32
keyUpping to  8 8 8 8 is about 56 ms11:32
keyUpwith 30% pcket loss11:32
rcconfkeyUp: it's good.11:32
rcconfopen google.com11:32
keyUpwhat is the problem is thi strange or what11:32
keyUpcant open google11:32
rcconfkeyUp: it's DNS problems.....11:33
keyUpcnt even open modem page strange11:33
keyUphow to solve :S11:33
keyUplook http://pastebin.com/UnbstUPa11:33
rcconfyou need to add a DNS server11:33
keyUpthis is ifconfig11:33
FloodBot3keyUp: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:33
keyUplook how many errors why ?11:33
keyUplook how many errors why ?11:33
rcconfkeyUp: open
keyUprcconf, i will try and return but no man i cant open anything..11:34
CoolCoderHi i have a problem while installing ubunto 10.10 on my windows 7 Home PC. after downloading the torrent it says "Permission denied", Please check this image for more details http://tinypic.com/r/2zqy5br/7  any help?11:34
rcconftry to open the page..11:34
keyUpill be back..11:34
rcconfmodem config fault.11:34
rcconfor dns11:35
eveningskyI booted a live CD to extend my lvm usr partition. When I log back in it still shows up as the smaller size.11:35
{C9}t00lsh3dOr Epic fail.11:35
royale1223Jordan_U: hi11:35
rcconfhe doesnt know whats he doing11:35
{C9}t00lsh3dI can't manage to install 64 bit flash player for google chrome so I'm kind of failing myself11:35
royale1223Rcconf: who keyup?11:35
rcconfi cant even ping his machine ping
{C9}t00lsh3dAlong with that I also can't get 32 bit to work11:36
royale1223Jordan_U: hi11:36
royale1223Rcconf: did u try google dns?11:37
rcconfhe cant even ping it11:37
royale1223Rcconf: he cant ping
rcconfroyale1223: im not not the one with the PROBLEM!11:37
royale1223Rcconf: i know?11:38
rcconfroyale1223: he can with 35 packet loss and it's fine11:38
royale1223I know buddy11:38
rcconfbut then it didnt open a google page using the IP11:38
rcconfhes playing with us11:38
{C9}t00lsh3dOr he's retarded.11:38
royale1223Rcconf: probably11:38
{C9}t00lsh3dokay could someone please tell me how to get Flash player to work in 64 bit linux ?11:39
royale1223Rcconf: i'm getting sick of that nmap problem..11:39
CoolCoderHi i have a problem while installing ubuntu 10.10 on my windows 7 Home PC. after downloading the torrent it says "Permission denied", Please check this image for more details http://tinypic.com/r/2zqy5br/7 any help?11:39
royale1223I mean nm11:39
{C9}t00lsh3dNo one uses 64bit linux ? :/11:40
delinquentmeCLI move is just m right?11:40
LjLdelinquentme: mv11:40
grindcrusher{C9}t00lsh3d, open synaptic, search for 'flash' and select 'flashplugin-installer'11:41
{C9}t00lsh3dI did that, re opened Google chrome and flash still not working11:41
delinquentmeso i've got arduino sketches .. they're c files .. and theyre locked down for some stupid reason ( i donno ) how do i enable regular privs on them by default?11:41
keyUpit iss very hard to connect wired connection and I cant open
royale1223Rcconf: are you from texas?11:42
grindcrusher{C9}t00lsh3d, did you apply it?11:42
keyUppls help me I am stuck can't continie to work :( omg this is major problem11:42
{C9}t00lsh3dDoubt it11:42
keyUpany tip how to diagnose where is the problem?11:43
Kimmen35% packet loss is never "fine" or "OK"11:43
royale1223Keyup: what exactly is your problem?11:43
{C9}t00lsh3dCould you tell me how to apply is Grindcrusher ?11:43
grindcrusherclick apply11:43
keyUpI cant connect to wired connection11:43
{C9}t00lsh3dI did11:43
{C9}t00lsh3dI guess.11:43
FloodBot3{C9}t00lsh3d: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:43
keyUpI mean I can (hard) it pulls ip address and everything but I can open any website11:44
{C9}t00lsh3dLol oops11:44
keyUpand I can't even open modem page11:44
{C9}t00lsh3dUhm yes I did apply it11:44
grindcrusherhmm, that's all I got and it work for me11:44
keyUppls any help i will be very grateful i am in the midle of work stucked for 2 days this is unpleasing11:44
royale1223KeyUp: what kind of connection are you using?11:44
KimmenkeyUp: remove your router and connect PC directly to modem, it works then?11:44
keyUpi am new to linux11:44
keyUpfrom my local cable isp with motorola modem11:45
keyUpcable lan default con11:45
keyUpkimmen I am not using router11:45
keyUpmodem is directly in pc11:45
{C9}t00lsh3dokay flash is working apparently11:45
keyUpbut even router donnt get internet when connected to modem and technicians from ISP were here now they said they had connection o their windows laptop?11:45
keyUpI can only think of modem drivers problem11:46
keyUpI could ping
royale1223KeyUp: paste "ifconfig -a"11:46
keyUpthis is strange11:46
KimmenkeyUp: you don't need any modem drivers, that's bull****11:46
keyUproyale1223, this is -ifconfig without -a11:46
KimmenkeyUp: disconnect everything except you modem and pc11:46
keyUpi dont had anything just modem and laptop11:47
keyUpi tried everything i can think of11:47
KimmenkeyUp: disconnect your wireless connection11:47
keyUpKImmen i did11:47
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keyUpwhen wired connection is on i lose internet on wireless conection that now i am using from my neighbour even11:48
KimmenkeyUp: ping
keyUproyale1223, should I paste -ifconfig -a ?11:48
keyUpi cant ping anything but i can
keyUpsec i will paste ifconfig -a and try to ping that11:48
keyUpill be back..11:48
keyUphere is the pastebin from ifconfig -a and ping11:50
delinquentmeunf-ubu@unf-ubu:~/arduino-0021/sketchbook$ sudo chown unf-ubu -R *  just want to check this one .. this will take all file within my "sketchbook" dir .. and all those dirs contained within it .. and give them to unf-ubu right?11:51
KimmenkeyUp: either the modem, ethernet cable or network card is faulty11:51
keyUpKimmen, 2 days ago everything was fine from different isp operator11:52
keyUpi had internet11:52
keyUpwhen I plug modem to router router dont get internet too ad technicians said they had internet on their win laptop from my conection11:52
stianhjWhen I open an image with nautilus, nautilus keeps keyboard focus, so when I go to Ctrl-W the image, it closes nautilus instead.. what's up with that?11:52
KimmenkeyUp: yes and the Titanic was floating hours before it sank11:52
KimmenkeyUp: if the techs said they had internet connection and were not lying then your network card is bad11:53
keyUpi changed cable11:53
keyUpso cable is good11:53
KimmenkeyUp: then your nic is bad11:53
keyUpkimmen then router would get internet..11:53
keyUpbut thats not hppening11:53
keyUpwhen i plug modem in router11:54
grindcrusherpower cylce your modem11:54
KimmenkeyUp: how do you know that the router isn't getting internet?11:54
keyUpit has light for internet11:54
keyUpwhen it has conection light is on11:54
KimmenkeyUp: and you connect your router (WAN/Internet) to your modem right?11:54
keyUpalso when i conect to my wireless router ii dont have internet11:55
Kimmennot the other way around11:55
KimmenkeyUp: then try another ehternet port on the modem11:55
keyUprouter has place for internet nd 4 lans11:55
keyUphow you mean11:55
keyUphow to do that11:55
Kimmenhow many ports are there on your modem?11:56
keyUpone one place for cable11:56
keyUpand 1 for usb and one for internet11:56
th0rKimmen: most wifi routers are not auto sensing....there is only one port for uplink to the net11:56
keyUpfrom their source11:56
keyUpno wait11:56
keyUpim talking about modem11:56
Kimmenth0r: I know, but I was talking about the modem11:56
keyUpthere are 43 ports11:56
keyUpbut no11:56
kz3how to install a tar.gz file in ubuntu?11:57
keyUpi can connect to router from my laptop either wireless way or ethernet11:57
KimmenkeyUp: what is the modem model?11:57
keyUpso no man my laptop card is ok..11:57
keyUpcable is ok11:57
keyUpeither is modem drivers11:57
keyUpmy ISP..11:57
brahlehello! I have a problem with my monitor resolution. I am on an ASUS G73JH A1, using ubuntu 10.10 x64, with graphics card drivers installed. When the external monitor is plugged in (I am using extend displays), the maximum resolution is correctly set to 1920x1080. However, when I unplug my monitor, the maximum resolution to use is 1400x1050.11:57
FloodBot3keyUp: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:57
KimmenkeyUp: _MODEL_ ?11:57
keyUpi had similar modem from my previous isp11:58
keyUpi tried with that modem too and I think with that modem too i dont have internet11:58
KimmenkeyUp: and the exact model? SBxxxx?11:58
keyUpomg this is so frustrating you have no idea11:59
keyUpmodel no.11:59
ohsixkeyUp: are all the lights on on the modem? those modems are bridges11:59
keyUpi get ip address12:00
keyUpnet mask12:00
keyUpall that12:00
keyUpeven though I cant open modem page12:00
ohsixthey have a status page at but if you're not getting an address from your isp you need to add the route manually12:00
KimmenkeyUp: do this: connect your laptop to your router with a ethernet cable then paste your IP12:00
keyUpyesterday i opened it 1/3 that is funy part12:00
keyUpso strange12:00
FloodBot3keyUp: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:00
keyUpim getting correct ip12:01
Kimmenohsix: he gets a public IP12:01
keyUpmy ISP confirmed i get ip12:01
keyUpstatic IP12:01
keyUpi have static IP12:01
Tm_TkeyUp: please don't use enter as punctuation12:01
KimmenkeyUp: do you have static IP from your ISP?12:01
nawkcan somone please recommend a good video editor12:01
nawkI need one quick12:01
ohsixkeyUp: some isps have firmware that firewalls you from snmp/the web status page if some unknown things happen12:01
keyUpohsix, that modem page I cant even open12:01
nawkit's kinda important too12:01
KimmenkeyUp: or have you set a static IP on your PC?12:01
keyUpyesterday i opened 1/3 funny12:01
keyUpKimmen, yes I have static IP from ISP12:02
keyUpKimmen, how to do that12:02
ohsixkeyUp: keyUp paste the output of route -n to a pastebin12:02
keyUpfrom previous ISP I believe i had static IP and everything was fine12:02
keyUpi never changed anything12:02
keyUpexcept i deleted eth connection12:03
keyUpbut now is made again12:03
ohsixif you have a static ip with a bridge, you still use dhcp12:03
KimmenkeyUp: do as I said above, connect your PC to your router with the ethernet cable, paste the output of ifconfig on pastebin12:03
keyUpill be back t opaste route -n12:03
ohsixthey give you your static though dhcp12:03
keyUpKimmen, i did man 2 times12:03
keyUpifconfig -a12:03
keyUpthat is12:03
FloodBot3keyUp: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:03
keyUpand ping to one address12:03
ohsixkeyUp: you're using dhcp right? not static config?12:03
KimmenkeyUp: is that with your PC connected to your router?12:03
jeetuhow to run script automatically12:04
keyUpohsix, i havent changed anything in automatic eth conection when i con to eth it make connectio automatically and yes it is dhcp automatic12:04
keyUpKimmen, yes12:04
keyUpsry no directly to modem no router12:04
SgrAifconfig shows dhcp working but ping to google fails on xubuntu.. i use Sterlite SAM300AX router12:04
KimmenkeyUp: ohsix: is a strange address to get with DHCP from a router at home12:04
keyUpit is static address12:05
keyUpim not using router man12:05
ohsixKimmen: not from a modem/bridge; cable gives you a direct network connection12:05
ohsixKimmen: its like an ethernet port in the noc ;]12:05
Kimmenyes and what I'm trying to figure out is if he's using static or DHCP on PC12:05
tkubackiis it possible to create VirtualBox image from live WindowsXp installation ?12:05
Kimmenyes I know what it is12:05
keyUpKimmen, i told isp to give me static ip address12:06
ohsixhe said "auto eth0", which is dhcp, unless he edited the profile12:06
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.12:06
keyUpin my connectionn i have configure dhcp automatic12:06
KimmenkeyUp: ok, the do as I said above for the 11th time12:06
jeetuubottu how to run script automatically12:06
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:06
kz3how to install a tar.gz file in ubuntu?12:06
keyUpno i let dhcp automatic12:07
KimmenI want to know if your other hardware is OK since you hav fn >25k errors in less than 15 min12:07
nettezzaumanahi there12:07
keyUpwhat to do ?12:07
nettezzaumanawtf iz dis: `configure: error: gnome-doc-utils >= 0.3.2 not found`12:07
KimmenkeyUp: connect your PC to the router with a ethernet cable12:07
ohsixto the modem.12:08
eveningskylvextend from live cd not being recognized by installed system. What can I do?12:08
KimmenkeyUp: then paste the output of ifconfig on pastebin and paste link12:08
keyUpto router or modem?12:08
Kimmento router12:08
ohsixyou can figure out the router later12:08
ohsixdeja vu12:08
beniwtvnettezzaumana: you are missing the package gnome-doc-utils12:08
Kimmenohsix: no, he's going to ping the router to see if he's still getting the 75% packet loss12:08
ohsixrule out the problem one place at a time, man12:08
ohsixKimmen: alright, i missed that part12:08
nettezzaumanabeniwtv: well, it's bit of harder, i'm solaris guy and only living GNOME chan is here :P12:08
jeetukimmen how we can support msoffice 2007 in ubuntu12:09
nettezzaumanabeniwtv: would you please try to check with me if i have it outdated or so?12:09
NET||abusehey guys.. what am I doing wrong here?12:09
eveningskyjeetu: winedoors is about the best you're gonna do.12:10
beniwtvnettezzaumana: did you install it before?12:10
eveningskyi had a mostly usable version running for a while through that12:10
nettezzaumanabeniwtv: not sure, but i should have full gnome installed12:11
beniwtvnettezzaumana: hmm... see if you have the command xml2po on your system, it's part of it.12:11
eveningskyjeetu. i didn't really try all of office. I just needed word so I wouldn't have to keep reformatting .docs where I was working12:12
ohsixwinedoors is _not_ a good thing to use :[12:12
KimmenkeyUp: with your computer connected to the router, ping
keyUpthat is ifconfig when laptop conected only to router12:13
eveningskyohsix: neither is office, so what's your point?12:13
nettezzaumanabeniwtv: no, would you please pastebin for me somewhere content of that package?12:13
ohsixeveningsky: you didn't mention office in a context where it might be taken as a useful suggestion, now did you?12:13
nettezzaumanabeniwtv: i think `dpkg -L $foo` does it12:13
zichodoes anyone have any experience of running panflute with xmms2?12:13
jeetueveingsky how to run script automatically12:13
beniwtvnettezzaumana: filelist: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/all/gnome-doc-utils/filelist, if you have not installed it you can d/l it from gnome: http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/gnome-doc-utils/12:14
eveningskyjeetu. I don't remember the steps real well. That was like a year and a half ago.12:14
keyUpdejan@dejan-laptop:~$ ping
keyUpPING ( 56(84) bytes of data.12:14
keyUp64 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=150 time=0.625 ms12:14
keyUp64 bytes from icmp_req=2 ttl=150 time=0.677 ms12:14
keyUp64 bytes from icmp_req=3 ttl=150 time=0.704 ms12:14
FloodBot3keyUp: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:14
keyUp--- ping statistics ---12:14
ohsixeveningsky: you made your bed ;]12:14
nettezzaumanabeniwtv: thanks man ... i'm not very good with solving these DE related things12:14
eveningskyohsix: :)12:14
KimmenkeyUp: the modem seems to be faulty12:15
beniwtvnettezzaumana: no problem :), dependencies are a pain sometimes12:15
jeetukeyup how to install script automatically12:15
eveningskyjeetu. are you sure you really need office?12:15
keyUpping to
eveningskyoffice.or is quite good12:15
keyUpKimmen, are you ure?12:15
ohsixKimmen: remember the modem is a bridge, theres a network in the middle12:15
keyUpmaybe its modem driver problem?12:15
Kimmenohsix: you only get errors on the layer2 link12:16
keyUpI have similar modem from my previous ISP i will try with that12:16
Kimmenohsix: that is between PC and modem12:16
maxsanielcomo entro na lingua português brasil??12:16
Kimmenbetween PC and router the link was fine12:16
keyUpTHANKS for your time big time guys12:16
KimmenkeyUp: I can suggest one more thing12:16
keyUpim really stuck here :S12:16
keyUpI will try previous modem too to see if its fine with it12:16
ohsixwhat is actually failing, pinging the router?12:16
keyUpbut what you suggest else?12:16
KimmenkeyUp: try a crossover cable, if you already have a crossover cable try a non-crossover12:17
ohsixthe modem12:17
keyUpwhat is crossover cable? :S12:17
ohsixi have the same modem and it generally does not like being prodded with pings or anything else12:17
eveningskystill looking for help with my lvm partition.12:17
nettezzaumanabeniwtv: thanks much again mate !! http://susepaste.org/view/raw/43248364 .. i've found it in csw (some kind of custom community repo)12:18
brown12I've got a question about the way that Ubuntu has mounted my hard drive. The system is a dual-boot Windows with a shared NTFS drive and separate partitions for the / and /home directories.12:18
maxsanielalguem pode me ajudar?12:18
Kimmenohsix: but the errors in ifconfig suggests that there's a layer2 problem, a problem on the physical link12:18
beniwtvnettezzaumana: good :)12:18
ohsixkeyUp: your original problem isn't in my buffer, if you could restate ...12:18
KimmenkeyUp: crossover cable is one type of ethernet cable12:18
{C9}t00lsh3dIs there something I can use to test my webcam on ubuntu 10.04 ?12:18
KimmenkeyUp: it usually says crossover on it12:18
nick_namemaxsaniel: pt?12:18
ohsixKimmen: i see12:19
nick_namefala ingles12:19
brown12Is there an easy way to change the device name for an internal hard drive from /sda1 to /hda1?12:19
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.12:19
nick_namemaxsaniel: vais de ban12:19
jeetukeyUp how to run script automatically12:19
maxsanielquero um chat em  ptbr12:19
beniwtv{C9}t00lsh3d: Try camorama or cheese or skype12:19
nick_name!br | maxsaniel12:19
ohsixbrown12: yes, but no; the decives are all presented as scsi devices now; and thats what they're named12:19
ubottumaxsaniel: please see above12:19
eveningsky{C9}t00lsh3d: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam12:19
ohsixbrown12: you can change it by messing with udev but it's not something you want to do12:20
keyUpjeetu, ??12:20
dirkGi'm sorry this is nothing to do with ubuntu (i hope someone can steer me to the correct channel) but i'm having trouble with an 'unmountable' xp drive, and i'm looking at data recovery as my only (last-) resort...  if i can get some help here or steered in the right direction, that'd be amazing12:20
brown12OK. Sometimes on boot, with an eternal hard drive plugged in, the USB drive steals /sda1 from the hard drive and that messes up all the mount points. Files of the shared NTFS become unavailable.12:20
brown12Is there a way to specify the priority of the SATA over the USB drive?12:20
brown12Thanks @ohsix12:20
ohsixdirkG: ntfs-3g will refuse to mount it if its in a bad enough state for windows needing to fix it12:20
ohsixbrown12: use UUIDs instead of device names12:21
eveningskyjeetu: are you sure you really need to install office? openoffice.org is quite good.12:21
stemannCan someone help me with ALSA? I have two installations of 10.04 - one (desktop) with sound, one (mini) without sound. Tried following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting12:21
{C9}t00lsh3dWhen my system starts up it shows an error but goes away to fast to read is there a log I can find this error in ?12:21
jeetuyeah but support to msoffice not opnoffice12:21
Kimmen{C9}t00lsh3d: syslog, dmesg12:22
brown12Where can I read up on UUIDs? I have configured everything via Ubuntu guis, e.g., disk tool and NTFS configuration tool.12:22
beniwtvdirkG:  I have heard good things about Redo: http://redobackup.org/. maybe it can mount it?12:22
maxsaniel  /join #ubuntu-br12:22
maxsaniel  /join #ubuntu-pt12:22
eveningskyjeetu: what do you need that openoffice doesn't have?12:22
KimmendirkG: I have used a prog called getdataback or ntfs getdataback or something like that12:22
brown12Maybe I need to start from the beginning with fstab.12:23
ohsixbrown12: i don't know about any ntfs configuration tool; it's probably the thing that broke it12:23
brown12I'm just afraid to configure fstab without really understanding what I am doing.12:23
ohsixbrown12: just look at fstab and see what it did, make it look like the rest12:23
maxsaniel  /join #ubuntu-pt12:23
ikoniamaxsaniel: please stop that12:23
eveningskyjeetu: the best you're going to get with microsoft on your linux box is a very slow and glitchy application.12:23
brown12@ohsix Thanks again. I will take a few minutes and get to know fstab.12:23
rcconfmaxsaniel: speak english or leave12:23
ikoniamaxsaniel: type /join #ubuntu-pt if you want to join #ubuntu-pt12:24
dirkGforgive my lack of irc knowledge...   anyway yeah the drive looks to be pretty trashed... recovery console craps out, recovery reinstall just wants to reformat before reinstalling.... i've done data recovery on a reformatted drive before (i don't remember what software i used, that's another question) but i'm concerned about losing or corrupting data12:24
ohsixoh heh12:24
ohsixyou mean with windows alone :O12:24
safalisI have a problem connecting to Windows PPTP VPN from Ubuntu 10.10, when I try to connect I get "LCP: timeout sending config requests " and does not connect to the VPN12:25
dirkGoh i've thrown several distros at it12:25
ohsixif you're concerned image the drive asap, then work with the image12:25
dirkGwhat would you recommend i use to image the drive12:25
Zealoushas anyone used much of fast track the Web GUI loads and it does not bring up the console with green text for testing12:25
rcconfwindows rules... to play minecraft12:25
dirkGagain, i'm sorry i know this isnt the right channel12:25
{C9}t00lsh3dAs I said I was trying to test my webcam and this is clearly a problem12:25
beniwtvdirkG: dd can do it, but http://redobackup.org/ it supposed to be simpler12:26
ohsixdirkG: ddrescue or gddrescue12:26
rcconfmaxsaniel: /quit12:26
ohsixthe latter is nicer12:26
Zealouseeeewww winblows12:26
dirkGlooking into it now12:26
stianhjWhen I open an image with nautilus, nautilus keeps keyboard focus, so when I go to Ctrl-W the image, it closes nautilus instead.. what's up with that?12:26
{C9}t00lsh3d :/12:27
dirkGyeah dude windows sucks, but sometimes we have to work on other people's computers12:27
beniwtv{C9}t00lsh3d: Do you get any device nodes in /dev/? (/dev/video*)12:27
ohsixZealous: opinions are rarely on topic12:28
{C9}t00lsh3dbeniwtv /dev/video* <-- no such file or directory12:28
tuxhackjoin #xen12:29
icerootstianhj: what should ctrl + w do there? normally ctrl + w is a global shortcut to close the current window12:29
{C9}t00lsh3dand /dev/ is full of stuff I don't know what I'm looking for12:29
beniwtvHuh... anyone noticed ubuntu.com advertising the natty beta, butt giving a 404 :D12:29
icerootbeniwtv: #ubuntu+112:29
machine_how do i uninstall ubuntu from my boot cd12:29
machine_whenever i click format nothing happens12:29
beniwtv{C9}t00lsh3d: you are looking for a file starting with video12:29
machine_need to do a fresh install of ubuntu12:29
{C9}t00lsh3dbeniwtv: nothing :/12:30
icerootmachine_: just run the installer, it will automaticly delete your old system12:30
keyUpI tried old modem is connecting perfectly, what I think and I am sure of is this, ubuntu have major problem connecting to my particular model of motorola modem12:30
machine_whenever i point it to the same hard disk12:30
keyUpas I thought it is driver issue ..12:30
machine_it says no root12:30
machine_blah blah12:30
keyUphow to solve it please I am stuck cant contiue to work this is very frustrating12:30
{C9}t00lsh3dput a forward slash /12:30
icerootmachine_: you want to use the whole disc?12:30
beniwtv{C9}t00lsh3d: Probably the driver ubuntu has does not work with your camera then, try searching google with your camera model and the error in your log12:30
ohsixmachine_: back up /home and /etc and any other important places; then reformat that partition12:30
{C9}t00lsh3din mount location thing12:30
machine_no not whole disk sir12:31
machine_i partitioned it before to use 10 gb12:31
machine_whenever i point to the 10gb partition it says no root12:31
{C9}t00lsh3dbeniwtv: okay thanks12:31
machine_whats the difference between / and /home?12:31
dirkGam i reading right that gddrescue will create an image i can work against? or does it simply work against a precreated image?12:31
icerootmachine_: then tell the installer he should use the 10gb partition to build there /boot / /swap and so on12:31
icerootmachine_: /home is a subdirectory from /12:32
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machine_im a noob sorry....whats the difference if i use the / or /etc /etc12:32
icerootmachine_: / is the startpoint of your system12:32
machine_if i used that i just ereased all my harddsik?12:32
icerootmachine_: best thing is to let the installer create a partition layout12:32
machine_i had a partition layout before12:32
machine_and i want to use it again by installing ubuntu on it again12:33
icerootmachine_: first, why you need to reinstall?12:33
{C9}t00lsh3dHow do I view my kernel version ?12:33
ohsixdirkG: it'll copy everything it can & do bookkeeping for parts it cant, from a block device to a file12:33
machine_kernel panicked after i installed a12:33
beniwtv{C9}t00lsh3d: uname -a12:33
machine_video card river12:33
iceroot{C9}t00lsh3d: uname -r   also can you please remove the { from your nick?12:34
ohsixdirkG: the file will have a drive image you can try and recover stuff from without causing further damage12:34
keyUpubuntu have problem connecting to my motorola modem version12:34
keyUpthat is the case here12:34
keyUpi just paid for 3 months to my ISP12:34
icerootmachine_: kernel-panik or just a black screen/some other errors?12:34
keyUpim screwed :S12:34
FloodBot3keyUp: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:34
keyUpwhat to do now12:34
machine_it says kernel panick before12:35
machine_oh wait12:35
machine_its booting up now12:35
bignono1how can i repair my os from the cd?12:35
bignono1using 10.0412:35
icerootmachine_: only at windows you need to reinstall :)12:35
xanguarepair what bignono1 ¿12:35
machine_iceroot thanks for the support12:35
keyUpomg pls help im stuck12:35
machine_my boot works fine12:35
ohsixkeyUp: try the usb port if you're connecting directly12:35
machine_i use easybcd in windows12:36
bignono1i deleted some stuffs and cant get them back12:36
icerootkeyUp: usefull details please . e.g. what you mean with "problems" error-codes and so on12:36
keyUpi dont have usb cable but i want eth man..12:36
dirkGso i can run ddrescue to driveA saving the image to driveB and do all my cool recovery action against B?  also does it care what the filesystem is or what the partition style to destination is? any kind of 'caveat emptors'?12:36
keyUpiceroot, i can't connect to the motorola modem..12:36
ohsixkeyUp: well, you want what works, right?12:36
bignono1i deleted as root12:36
keyUpbasically thats it12:36
icerootbignono1: you deleted what exactly?12:37
ohsixdirkG: its all bytes, you don't image to another drive but a file on that drive12:37
keyUpi checked tested and I know now that ubuntu can't connect to my version of motorola surfboard modem12:37
icerootkeyUp: does ubuntu show your modem?12:37
dirkGor that i'm connecting usb drives, or using liveDVDs...12:37
keyUpis newest I think12:37
bignono1many things12:37
keyUpi just paid my ISP for  3 months..12:37
keyUppls help..12:37
machine_how can i use my radeon 685012:37
machine_i installed a driver from ati before12:37
ohsixkeyUp: people tried12:37
keyUpiceroot I can connect (from 3 tries and with wait of 1 min or so) and then I cant even open modem page12:37
machine_it crashed my ubuntu12:37
icerootkeyUp: stop flooding the channel please, you give as usefull details and put the nickname of the person infront you are talking to12:37
keyUpthis is major problem guys12:38
icerootkeyUp: but ubuntu shows the modem?12:38
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:38
keyUpiceroot, how you mean12:38
icerootkeyUp: if ubuntu is detecting the modem, maybe its shown in the network-manager?12:38
keyUpiceroot, tell me what to do to check12:38
keyUpyes as I said i can connect but hard12:38
=== ag is now known as Guest1836
beniwtvbignono1: If they were installed by the ubuntu system, you can probably get these files back by reinstalling the packages, try packages.ubuntu.com to locate files in packages you need.12:39
keyUpfrom 5 times 1 and with wait of 1 min it has problems connecting12:39
icerootkeyUp: right top corner of your display there is the networkmanager-applet (nm-applet) IS IT SHOWING THE MODEM?12:39
keyUpnow it is not connected if I connect it i will lose my internet wireless from my neighbour12:39
ohsixkeyUp: if you insist on keeping use of enter for punctuation, could you speak in msg with the person helping you?12:39
machine_iceroot: how can i install ati radeon 6850 driver12:40
machine_i dont want to manual install anymore12:40
ohsixkeyUp: you can be connected to both12:40
keyUpas I said cable is conected to my laptop if I conect from network manager I can connect but it has hard time connecting then it cant open mdoem page12:40
iceroot!ati | machine_12:40
ubottumachine_: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto12:40
SgrAI'm trying to connect to internet on my new installation of Xubuntu 10.10. ifconfig shows that local ip is but ping www.google.com doesn't do anything.12:40
keyUpi have tried with other version of motorola modem its ok12:40
keyUpjust this version (newest) has problem12:40
keyUpohsix, i lose internet if both are connected duno why12:40
bignono1thank you all12:40
icerootkeyUp: and why not using a version which works?12:40
SgrAMy router is Sterlite SAM300AX12:40
LiJunLewhen does the beta1 release?12:41
icerootLiJunLe: #ubuntu+112:41
beniwtvSgrA: Canyou ping by ip, e.g.
keyUpiceroot, because odler version router was from previous ISP now I have new ISP and that older modem dont work with their conection i tried12:41
SgrAbeniwtv, I'm on windows right now, I'll reboot, try and come back to you. Right?12:41
keyUpbut when I connect tht modem to laptop i can open that modem page and new one i cant12:41
beniwtvSgrA:  yep12:41
keyUpit also have hard time connecting to it..12:42
icerootkeyUp: you have a router and then a modem connected to your ubuntu?12:42
keyUpmodem directly connected12:42
keyUpthis is major problem for ubuntu12:42
keyUpafter all..12:42
keyUpand I am very veryyyyyy stuck12:42
icerootkeyUp: last warning, stop using enter that much12:42
keyUpi can't work and i paid 3 months to my ISP please help please..12:42
ohsixkeyUp: if the modem is new it could be busy updating its firmware, the web server is low priority, it might never load; but the modem is still working12:42
keyUpiceroot, sry but put yourself in my place.. :S12:43
JasonnMy xUbuntu computer uses the internal speaker as the default... How do i change this to the speaker plugged in?12:43
icerootkeyUp: put yourself in my place (without good infos)12:43
beniwtvJasonn: On my HP laptop, I can switch outputs in the sound configuration utility (top right, speaker icon)12:43
machine_that ati catalyst 11.2 doesnt work for my system iceroot12:43
keyUpi am not sure how new it is here is its model version and everythin : Motorola SurfBoard  model no. 11319216812:44
=== squishy is now known as SquishyNotHere
keyUpplease guys I can't continue working and I paid my ISP for 3 months12:44
=== SquishyNotHere is now known as squishy
Jasonnbeniwtv: Thanks :)12:45
JasonnkeyUp: Whats the problem?12:45
ohsixkeyUp: what you did with your isp is pretty irrelevant12:45
keyUpmodem is sb5101E12:45
beniwtvJasonn: no problem :)12:45
SgrAbeniwtv: It works when I use just the IP12:45
keyUpubuntu cant conect right to this motorola modem12:46
SgrAbeniwtv, I could ping google.12:46
keyUptht is the problem 10)%12:46
keyUpI tested everything is fine (my laptop etwork card, cable)12:46
beniwtvSgrA: Then the DNS servers are incorrect, try adding "nameserver" to /etc/resolv.conf (without quotes)12:46
keyUpmotorola surfboard sb5101E12:46
SgrAbeniwtv: Can I use the DNS servers provided by my ISP instead?12:47
keyUpwhen i connect to it it has very hard time connecting12:47
JasonnkeyUp: Is the modem connected and working?12:47
keyUpthen it refuse to open modem page it is loading forever...12:47
SgrAbeniwtv, Never mind, I'll use those. :)12:47
beniwtvSgrA: yes, of course, these are OpenDNS and I just knew them .)12:47
gaelfxkeyUp: what kind of connection does it use? pppoe or something like that?12:47
JasonnkeyUp: Try typing this im terminal: sudo apt-get update12:47
SgrAbeniwtv, Thanks.12:47
keyUpmodem seems fine, ISP technicians were here said they had internet from my conection to their win laptop12:47
SgrA* REBOOTS12:47
Jasonngaelfx: I think he has a modem-router12:48
keyUpmodem is fine..12:48
ohsixkeyUp: forget the modem page, just forget  it12:48
ohsixgaelfx: its a bridge, cable modem12:48
beniwtvSgrA:  of course, there is a change the provider's servers do not work which could be giving you the problem in the first place12:48
keyUpjasonn, I will and come back here since when i conect modem to laptop i lose my wireless conect thqt i have now from my friend12:48
gaelfxJasonn: ohsix: thanks guys12:48
keyUpgaelfx, not sure12:48
Jasonngaelfx: :))12:49
JasonnkeyUp: Hmm, i dont think that is the problem, i think you are missing the drivers for the internal modem12:49
keyUpJasonn it is 100%12:49
janybek hi there12:49
ohsixJasonn: no internal modem, cable modem with ethernet and usb12:49
JasonnkeyUp: Does the computer even detect the network?12:49
keyUpi tested everythi everything is fine believe me 100% 2 days im stuck12:49
Jasonnohsix: Yeah, sorry I meant the adapter D:12:50
keyUpJasonn, yes it gets even correct ip address and everything when i connect modem to internet12:50
JasonnkeyUp: What is the IP address of the modem(config page)12:50
janybekcan anybody help me with nm-applet ? it's gone!12:50
keyUpjasonn yes i think so drivers are problems12:50
keyUphow to solve this pls pls12:50
JasonnkeyUp: What is the IP address of the modem(config page)12:50
keyUpi cant open modem config page..12:51
xanguajanybek: run nm-appler & add notification area to the panel12:51
JasonnkeyUp: Just tell me the IP address12:51
keyUpand also modem has very ahrd time connecting to my ubuntu12:51
ohsixi'm beginning to think this is a troll12:51
keyUpi will have to go off12:51
keyUpand come12:51
FloodBot3keyUp: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:51
JasonnkeyUp: WAIT Just tell me the numbers12:51
janybekit doesn't work12:51
janybekI did it couple times12:51
JasonnkeyUp: Doesnt matter, i just need the numbers12:51
KimmenkeyUp: did you find a crossover cable?12:52
=== gaveen_ is now known as gaveen
JasonnEVERYONE: I think keyUp just needs to get a static IP12:52
ohsixKimmen: the port on the modem is auto switching12:53
ohsixjasonn is in on it!12:53
JasonnNEtworking is just my thing12:53
janybekI added the notification area but the network icon does not appear there :(12:53
janybekeven when I ran nm-applet12:53
Jasonnjanybek: You might have to wait till you get a notif12:54
KimmenJasonn: and I say that the problem lies elsewhere since keyUp has excessive errors on eth012:54
ohsixKimmen: have the original post?12:54
keyUp_jasonn, that is the ip12:54
keyUp_i have static ip from isp for sure i told them i want sstatic12:54
JasonnkeyUp_: D: The one you use to get onto the config page?12:54
Kimmenohsix: no sorry but I have seen the pastebin where he had 15k errors and 5-10 min later 25k errors12:55
keyUp_but i cant open modem page12:55
ohsixKimmen: his nic might not be autonegotiating right12:55
janybekis there any way to configure my wifi connection without this applet?12:55
keyUp_something is wrong with modem conection im 100% is modem drivers12:55
ohsixkeyUp_: forget the modem page, seriously12:55
Kimmenohsix: could be, or that the modem doesn't neg12:55
JasonnkeyUp_: Do you know how to set an IP addr to your comp?12:55
keyUp_please help me to solve this, I cant continue my work and I paid ISP for 3 months  :S12:55
JasonnkeyUp_: Do you know how to set an IP addr to your comp?12:55
emmaWhere is the public log to #ubuntu-ops-team ?12:55
ohsixwhat you did with your isp is irrelevant12:55
emmaWhere is the public log to #ubuntu-irc-team ?12:56
keyUp_jasonn, isp etchnicians were here they said it has to be done dhcp auto it was set that way from their ISP..12:56
JasonnEmma: Ubuntu related questions only12:56
induzwhy I get this error while updating/installing kpackages; failed to provide authentication12:56
JasonnkeyUp_: Just try it, do you know how?12:56
KimmenJasonn: he's getting the IP from DHCP when he connects to the modem12:56
ikoniaemma: that's not a channel, jump into -ops and I'll help if I can12:56
ohsixyou're online, it's working12:56
JasonnKimmen: No, thats his external IP12:56
keyUp_i set IP then subnet they said it is
KimmenJasonn: no12:57
keyUp_the for dns and domain resolve dont know what to type12:57
keyUp_i think i can see their dns from my friend who use them12:57
ohsixJasonn: and his real ip; its a _bridge_12:57
keyUp_but what to put in domain to resolve12:57
KimmenJasonn: that's the IP he gets on the eth0 connection12:57
keyUp_below dns in network setings12:57
janybekJason: how can I connect to wifi without the nm-applet?12:57
keyUp_ohsix, it is not working ow i use my friend wireless omg man :))))12:58
ohsixkeyUp_: don't put anything in there; and if you have, delete "auto eth0" and let it get created again12:58
keyUp_Kimmen, yes man omg12:58
JasonnkeyUp_: Through your computer out the window, and get a windows one *problem solved* <-- done12:58
keyUp_it is ext ip12:58
beniwtvjanybek: You might want to try wicd from the repos12:58
keyUp_i think12:58
ohsixkeyUp_: oic12:58
JasonnkeyUp_: Can i run a ping test on your modem??12:58
keyUp_i did tht i delete all conection then it created automatically conection but still is bugy12:58
tuxhackdoes any body think that I need to recompile the kernel to get xen support ?12:59
keyUp_guys dont waste your time im positive is driver issue12:59
ohsixtheres no driver brah12:59
keyUp_i tested 2 days tried diferent cable diferent modem everything12:59
keyUp_diferent pc12:59
keyUp_it is modem driver for ubuntu12:59
tuxhacklike said here: http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/XenParavirtOps12:59
keyUp_modem is motorola surfboard sb5101E12:59
JasonnkeyUp_: Your modem is not online12:59
ohsixtheres no modem driver, it's ethernet12:59
ohsixif you were using usb thered be a driver, cdcethernet, but you aren't13:00
Jasonnohsix: I think he means the adapter driver13:00
induzwhat is correct authentication when installing a s/w from kpackage??13:00
Jasonnohsix: His modem/router/watever is not online13:00
ohsixethernet adapter?13:00
vltHello. When I'm logged in to my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS gnome session and I lock the session (or the screen saver does) I can't unlock it anymore. Any idea what to check first?13:00
keyUp_what can be THIS STRANGE problem13:00
ohsixJasonn: if theres no cpe then its just the bridge, theres no _computer_ online13:00
FloodBot3keyUp_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:00
PicikeyUp_: stop that.13:00
keyUp_2 days no work i paid 3 motnhs to my isp what to do omg omg pls help :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((913:01
Jasonnohsix: BUT I should be able to ping the modem13:01
ohsixJasonn: that its a bridge is an important point13:01
Jasonnohsix: I quit13:01
SgrAfirefox doesn't start on xubuntu13:01
keyUp_with older version of motorola is fine i can access he modem page everything is fine13:01
ohsixJasonn: let me put it this way, ping mine; it's
keyUp_this modem has problems connecting to ubuntu13:01
SgrA"/usr/bin/firefox": not in executable format: File format not recognized13:01
JasonnSgrA: Reinstall it13:01
keyUp_i have nt installed anything13:01
SgrAJasonn, Tried that already.13:01
ohsixJasonn: it's a bridge & when theres no cpe theres nothing to ping unless you're on the 10. network the bridge is on, ie. his isp13:02
JasonnSgrA: Can you try to see if that *is* an executable file?13:02
Jasonnohsix:  hmmm13:02
keyUp_jasonn, how you would ping my modem?13:02
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:02
SgrAJasonn, Its apparently a symbolic link to `../lib/firefox-3.6.16/firefox.sh'+13:02
JasonnkeyUp_: nvm about that,13:02
icerootkeyUp_: can you paste the output of "ifconfig" to pastebin?13:03
ohsixJasonn: with the bridge in the middle what he plugs into acts exactly like an ethernet port as if he were in the noc of the isp13:03
=== JamesJRH_is_Away is now known as JamesJRH
Jasonnohsix: But why, i dont get that, i SHOULD be able to ping the modem, no ?13:03
keyUp_As far as i know there is no driver for any of the SB5100 series. Honestly your best bet it to just get a router.13:03
ohsixSgrA: did you install that one version of that 3rd party firefox that breaks everything?13:03
Jasonnohsix: So, im on rogers, and if someone else is on rogers, i can ping them, but otherwise, no?13:04
ohsixJasonn: the modem is on private addresses and you are not on that network13:04
keyUp_strange is this, when I put modem in my wireless router router dont get internet too...13:04
icerootkeyUp_: are you a troll? we told you 10 times to stop flooding with your enter-actions13:04
Jasonnohsix: So, im on rogers, and if someone else is on rogers, i can ping them, but otherwise, no?13:04
SgrAohsix, Nope, the stock installed one on xubuntu 10.1013:04
keyUp_so really am i missing something here or?13:04
keyUp_iceroot, http://pastebin.com/egKwDAW913:04
JasonnkeyUp_: Yeah, never pay your ISP for 3 montha13:04
safalisI have a problem connecting to a PPTP VPN windows when I try to connect I get "LCP: timeout sending config requests " and does not connect to the VPN13:04
keyUp_jasson, i must13:04
icerootkeyUp_: now reread my question13:04
icerootkeyUp_: ping != ifconfig13:05
keyUp_im am sorry13:05
keyUp_mu second link13:05
ohsixsafalis: i think i've seen someone mention that if you use the wrtong authentication that can happen, failing that it sounds like the connection its doing it over isn't working13:05
keyUp_guys when i connect modem to router router dont get internet13:05
JasonnkeyUp_: Call up yer ISP, tell them to fix the problem or you are cancelling13:05
keyUp_what in hell can be the problem here?13:05
icerootkeyUp_: then its not the fault of ubuntu13:05
icerootkeyUp_: time to speak to your isp13:05
machine_my ubuntu just goes black after installing the ati driver13:05
keyUp_my isp is fucking with big time most likely13:06
ohsixdemand they replace the modem13:06
keyUp_jasonn, heh after payig 3 months13:06
PicikeyUp_: Mind your language.13:06
keyUp_they will be happy to cancel :D13:06
machine_i installed the driver on the "additional drivers" tab13:06
ohsixand stfu please :[13:06
JasonnkeyUp_: Tell them you wont pay for anymore13:06
keyUp_i paid 3 months for nothing13:06
keyUp_annd they were only choice for static ip :(13:06
KimmenkeyUp_: shange modem13:06
JasonnkeyUp_: The *will* fix it13:06
keyUp_what in hell they were here told me it is fine to win lptop13:07
machine_can i delete the partition in windows to fresh install ubuntu?13:07
ohsixplease go somewhere else if you can't stop talking13:07
keyUp_my local isp are so ..13:07
keyUp_omg i cant work i lsoe money :(13:07
ohsixyour local isp is who you talk to; it isn't a ubuntu problem13:07
machine_iceroot: why does my screen just go black when i start ubuntu after installing the ati driver13:08
machine_i used the auto updat in additional drivers13:08
icerootmachine_: which ubuntu version? the normal kernel which comes with that version?13:09
keyUp_i will conect modem to router13:09
machine_ubuntu 10.1013:09
keyUp_and try that final13:09
keyUp_thing before i go to local isp with my gun :)13:09
machine_ubuntu 10.10 desktop version13:09
keyUp_ill be back13:09
FloodBot3keyUp_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:09
ohsixjesus h13:09
machine_iceroot: ubuntu 10.10 desktop version13:09
ikoniaKermaperC: ok - calm down with the enter key, you've been asked a few times now, type what you need to, then press enter13:09
machine_64 bit13:09
KimmenI say that keyUp's modem is bre4kz0rd13:10
ikoniaKermaperC: sorry, that was for keyUp_ who quit as I was typing13:10
keyUpi am sorry but you have to make update to ubuntu for  motorola surfboard sb5101E13:12
keyUpafter all that is the problem13:12
keyUpi have internet when i connect cable modem to the router then my laptop to the router..13:12
keyUpso ubuntu can't conect to motorola surfboard sb5101E13:12
trasandato_ci 613:12
PicikeyUp: ok - calm down with the enter key, you've been asked a few times now, type what you need to, then press enter13:12
keyUpPici, ok but say thanks I found ubuntu bug.. that needs update :)13:13
trasandato_salve chi mi può iutare a settare xchat?13:13
iceroot!bug | keyUp13:13
ubottukeyUp: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots13:13
keyUpomg i was so desperately stuck you have no idea i didnt knew what was going on13:13
PicikeyUp: That doesn't mean that you can disregard this channel's rules.13:13
keyUpi will post it now13:13
keyUpPici, you are right but is important bug13:13
keyUpwhich I am sute will help thousands as this modem seems to be new i think13:13
safalisohsix: in debug nt/ppp0 could not get port´s parent device13:14
machine_any help for radeon 6850 driver for ubuntu 10.10 desktop 64bit PLSSSSSSSS13:14
keyUptell technicians to correct it i will post to the bug section now to help others with similar problem13:14
keyUpomg i am so happy13:14
machine_its the only sh*t thats keeping me from using ubuntu13:14
jhattarai have a probelm with pure-ftpd on Lucid server, i have several automated stations that ftp their results to the server, but one of those has now started to malfunction and hogs upto 100% of processor resources into transfer processes that somehow fail and stay open, old Lucid server didn't have any issues with any of the stations13:15
stianhjiceroot, ctrl-w should close the image.. but the image doesn't get keyboard focus.. so it closes the nautilus window i used to open the image instead.. which is just annoying13:16
franskubuntuqueafter several updates, now everytime i reboot, the display shows several messages of linux versions update ! how can i delete the messages, as i only need the last 2 lines . . . of course, i don't need the earlier versions anymore . . . please help or give me some hints . . .13:16
th0rmachine_: that will help13:17
dyllanCan anybody give me some ideas as to how to go about setting up a system that ONLY provides, email, browser and office suite? I have a powerful server and 100's of thin clients on the same LAN, i want the users to login to the thin client, check email, browse and do some office stuff if needed.13:18
machine_cmon i really want to use ubuntu13:18
machine_but my graphic driver wont install13:18
simion314hi, what command can i use to see if i installed 64bit or 32 bit ubuntu?13:18
th0rfranskubuntuque: http://www.google.com/search?q=remove+old+kernels+from+grub2&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a13:19
seeeerekHi, i installed ubuntu 10.10 and i don't have sound - how to fix that? I don't see any devices on sound preferences :(13:19
hpHi I need to convert a mpeg video to quick time format Its a high school basketball game its for school can you give me a hint what software to use13:19
th0rdyllan: you can uninstall the apps you don't need and just leave the office, browser, and email13:20
ohsixseeeerek: open a terminal and run "fuser -v /dev/snd/*"13:20
simion314hp: ffmpeg13:20
hpthanks simion i have the gui version downloading13:20
ohsixthe qt muxer in ffmpeg is sadsville13:20
simion314hp: and is some GUI for it but i don remember how is called13:21
seeeerekohsix: nothing happens13:21
ohsixseeeerek: empty output?13:21
seeeerekohsix: yes13:21
hpsimion314 winff i have it downloading thank u13:21