Yoyoatwhey guys i need some help02:37
crondWe all do.02:37
Yoyoatwis this the irc channel for ubuntuforums.org02:38
crondUhm I guess so yes.02:39
YoyoatwCould anyone help with this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=171807102:39
BachstelzeYoyoatw: what does   ndiswrapper -l  say?02:41
YoyoatwI got driver installed Bachstelze 02:42
crondwhat card do you have that you're using ndiswrapper for anyhow?02:42
Yoyoatwdevice present02:42
Yoyoatwwireless card?02:42
crondwhat model02:42
YoyoatwProxim 8424-WD02:43
crondo.  never even heard of that.,02:43
Yoyoatwapparently it works with Ndiswrapper02:44
crondwell, yea guess you're stuck doing it that way.  :(02:44
YoyoatwBachstelze: my 2nd post is very helpful on that thread02:45
YoyoatwBachstelze: Not to rush you... But are you still looking into my problem?02:48
* Yoyoatw whistles02:49
BachstelzeYoyoatw: I asked for the output of ndiswrapper -l02:50
BachstelzeI mean the WHOLE output02:50
YoyoatwI don't have that on me02:52
Yoyoatwand I can't boot into ubuntu now02:52
YoyoatwBachstelze: Link to profile? (So i can PM you tomorrow)02:52
Bachstelzesame nickname02:52
Bachstelzebut  I don't go on the forums often these days02:52
YoyoatwTu parles francais?02:53
Yoyoatwanyway Bachstelze: Accept my friend request02:54
Yoyoatwand I gotta log off now02:54
Yoyoatwau revoir :)02:54
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YoyoatwHey Bachstelze, you there? I got some more info for you.21:40
* Yoyoatw whistles21:41
Yoyoatwpss Bachstelze you there?21:42
Joeb454I'd hazard a guess at him being away right now. It's relatively late for Bachstelze, IIRC21:47
Yoyoatwlate for him?21:47
schauerlicheh, it's only 11pm21:48
schauerlich(paris time)21:48
Joeb454I don't know his daily routine, so I could be wrong21:48
Yoyoatwthat means i talked to him yesterday at 3:00 AM21:48
YoyoatwDo you huys have any experience with networking and Ubuntu?21:49
YoyoatwCalyp: You there?21:50

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