mandeljono: I can ask rodrigo_ tom morning, he is the one that knows about it00:11
jonothanks mandel00:11
mandeljono: I'll take a look if it is related with desktopcouch not syncing or the evo c code doing something funny, you will have to leave it in the hands of the spaniard ;)00:12
jonomandel, afaik it is with Evo00:13
jonomy contacts are synced00:13
mandeljono: ok, so the contacts records are there, good to know, the problem is that rodrigo has a lot to do and he is in a rotation in platform, if I can I'll give him a hand to see if we can get it fixed, but I dont promise anything00:14
jonomandel, thanks so much, let me find the bug for you00:15
jonomandel, https://bugs.launchpad.net/evolution-couchdb/+bug/72737000:15
ubot4`Launchpad bug 727370 in evolution-couchdb "Contacts not syncing with my computer (affects: 5) (dups: 1) (heat: 28)" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:15
mandeljono: the good news are that desktop+ has a sprint next week so I guess we could squeeze that boy there for sure00:16
mandelwell, I'm done for the day, laters!00:34
joejchow do i uninstall everything related to ubuntu one01:32
joejcthanks to it i had to kill the gnome setting daemon just to make my desktop usable01:33
Chipacajoejc: hi. what ubuntu version are you on?01:53
joejczthe latest one01:55
Chipacajoejc: 10.10, or natty?01:56
Chipacajoejc: next question would be what part of ubuntu one seems to be the problem01:58
joejcim out of space cuz i no longer want to pay for it so now it opens a window that tells me that but it instantly closes it then reopens it02:00
Chipacayeah, that bug sucks02:01
Chipacasorry :(02:01
Chipacajoejc: and do you want to continue using ubuntu one, or just get rid of it?02:02
Chipacajono: that bug was scheduled to be worked on by rodrigo starting this week (he was tied up with UI-freeze work until last week; i haven't followed up with him yet)02:05
joejci dont want anything to do with ubuntu one anymore02:06
Chipacajoejc: apt-get purge .*ubuntuone.*02:06
Chipacasudo !!02:06
Chipacajoejc: may i ask why?02:06
jonothanks Chipaca03:04
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mandelmorning all!08:20
faganmorning mandel08:25
mandelfagan: morning!08:25
faganmandel: so task for the day?08:25
mandelyou shoul dnot stay that late at night on irc ;)08:25
fagansay what?08:25
mandelfagan: before the task, can you give me a review in a very small branch?08:26
mandelfagan: last night, around my 1am, you were here, right?08:26
* mandel looks for the merge proposal08:26
faganwell I was around wouldnt say I was watching IRC like a hawk08:26
* fagan was actually playing call of duty08:27
mandelah, ok, good then :)08:27
mandelthere you go: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/fix_no_creds_windows/+merge/5565108:27
mandelis a very small branch that fixes a stupid bug I added :P08:27
mandelneeds to be tested on windows08:27
faganI just saw a few people asking stuff and just said "not really the best time"08:27
faganmandel: cool ill look into it08:28
mandelups, that was a thx08:28
faganmandel: thats kind of trivial ill run the tests and give a +108:30
fagan(if the tests pass)08:30
mandelok :)08:31
mandelwhile you are at it, can you tell me how the tests work? I mean as a small exercise so that we take advantage of the review :)08:31
faganmandel: give me a sec im just getting the branch08:34
faganmandel: well you use mocker right?08:35
faganAnd you sub in test values to see if it can handle it08:36
faganmandel: +1 on that branch btw08:38
mandelfagan: yes and no, I;m indeed using mocker, but I'm not just passing the values only, what do you think the replay is doing?08:38
faganmandel: I dont think I understand the question08:42
faganoh mocker.replay()08:43
* fagan is just trying to answer this right 08:46
faganI havent really used mocker so im just going by what ive read a little08:46
faganso what I think replay does is run the tests on the objects08:48
mandelfagan: not quite, have you taken a look at the mocker docs?08:48
faganmandel: im going digging now08:49
faganmandel: hmmm maybe its used to go back to the start of the test case so you can have only the first few values for the first run test and a few more for the second...etc08:51
* fagan is getting the idea that it would be easier to try than to look at their docs 08:51
mandelfagan: maybe is indeed better to look at the docs ;)08:52
mandelfagan: but there is a hint in the method name, why do you replay something?08:52
faganmandel: to test it again?08:53
mandelfagan: is more orientated towards the normal use of replay, out of the testing context08:54
mandelfor example, a video game level, or a movie08:54
faganmandel: play it again08:54
* fagan isnt really following too well 08:54
mandelfagan: you got it correct, so you are playing it again… I wonder what have I done before I did the replay method..08:55
mandelfagan: and with those hints and the docs, you should understand it :)08:56
faganoh so it just prints out what it did before the replay method was call?08:56
mandelnot really print, but replay08:57
mandelfagan:read the doc… you will understand it right away, you are an inch away from getting it08:57
faganah ok08:58
faganmandel: oh so the replay stores the stuff and when the verify command is caled they are checked for a pass09:00
mandelfagan: bing :)09:01
faganyay I got it09:01
faganthat the lesson for the day :P09:01
* fagan heads to the pub09:02
mandelsee, if you read the doc you understand it better than I'd explain it09:02
mandelfagan: one sec, I nearly have the exercise ready, the stupid paste.ubuntu does not wrap the text09:02
faganmandel: well I probably would have added it to one of the examples I did and fiddle about but the docs are faster09:03
mandelfagan: yes, docs are always faster, so I don't understand why everytime we (ralsina and I) tell you to read the docs you don't do it, you should always read them first09:04
faganmandel: I do I just go "thats easy" and then it doesnt work09:05
mandelfagan: we re happy to answer questions about complicated stuff, but things that are in the docs… you should read and if you dont understand, then we are very happy to answer :)09:05
mandelfagan: ok, so after that moral thingy, lets get you coding, here is the exercise: http://paste.ubuntu.com/587704/09:05
faganmandel: well there was that new signal system that wasnt in the book yesterday that I had to ask about that09:05
faganok cool09:06
mandelfagan: read the exercise carefully, if you don't understand something, ask, even before you code09:06
mandelif there is something that smells fishy, look for it  in the docs, then try to implement it, otherwhise you will be re-writing the code 1000 times09:07
faganmandel: so all I need to do is make a mainwindow with a button that launches a little dialog that has a few combo boxes to select things and and if they hit ok I return a dict with what they picked09:10
mandelfagan: yes, + I want to be able to launch the dialog more than once and see my last settings in it09:11
mandelso, if I changed the style to 'Blah', I want it to be set to 'Blah' again09:11
mandelin the second round that is09:12
faganmandel: ah ok well ill leave that bit to the end id say09:12
faganso ill just start off and make the ui of the dialog and then sort out the main window that spawns new dialogs09:13
mandelfagan: at you uni, did they force yu to write pseudo code before you did any coding? I'd say it is a practice that would help you a lot to plan ahead what you need09:13
mandelotherwhise, you might leave something to the end that makes you re-design the entire thing09:14
mandelthe best thing the taught me at uni was to use a pen and a paper before I code something complicated09:14
faganmandel: well I can do the dialog first anyway since thats just in qtdesigner09:15
faganand then do the coding bit afterwards09:15
fagan(since I already know what its going to look like)09:15
mandelsure, as you wish09:16
faganmorning rye09:23
mandelrye: what is that tomboy thing I'm hearing about?09:24
ryemandel, which exactly?09:43
mandelrye: about reverse eng the protocol09:44
ryemandel, ah, there is some iPhone tomboy client09:45
mandelrye: is there a url to read it?09:45
mandelI mean what he did, just wondering why he would have to reverse-eng09:46
ryeChipaca, could you please share the source for tomboy iphone app?09:46
Chipacarye: I don't have it09:46
Chipacarye: http://askubuntu.com/q/32628/71109:46
* fagan wonders if the app writer will charge for it09:48
faganOh they said free09:49
faganmandel: is it ok if I save the dict to a file?09:52
rye"share the source" should have read "share the link to the source of discussion"09:52
faganI thought that the apple licence agreement is incompatable with things like the gpl09:53
mandelfagan: terrible idea, I dont want to close the main windows, just click the button that opens the dialog  twice09:54
faganmandel: ok I just thought I could do it faster if I did it that way but it would be cleaner the other way09:54
mandelclarita: ping10:00
claritamandel: hola10:01
mandelclarita: hola, como andas de trabajo?10:01
mandelclarita: I'v just finished all the horrible eng work on sso, and I can now focus on the ui, an there are some steps that we have not considered, mainly regarding errors10:02
claritamandel: yes - I think it would be good to talk through10:03
claritaSkype in 5?10:03
mandelclarita: sure, just enough to grab a cuppa :)10:03
claritamandel: my thinking exactly10:03
* mandel goes to refill cup10:03
faganmandel: and pet the dog10:04
fagan(such a spoiled dog)10:04
mandelfagan: well, he is the only one with me in the office, so I have to treat him right10:09
mandelalso sharpei puppies are really hard to take care of, they always have a problem...10:10
faganmandel: yeah you should get a cat10:10
* fagan would like to see mandel walking a cat10:10
mandelfagan: nah, people already think I'm strange like I am10:11
faganmandel: yeah working from home makes people kinda look funny id say10:11
mandelit does indeed, but I was strange already, I the fact that I wear five fingers all the time (even for running last time) does not help at all10:12
karnihi everyone10:15
faganhey karni10:16
JamesTaitGood morning, all! :D10:17
faganmorning JamesTait10:18
JamesTaitHi fagan. :)10:18
faganbrb dancing to physical from Olivia Newton John :P10:19
czajkowskimandel: had your coffee yet ?10:36
mandelczajkowski: yes10:36
faganmandel: ok I have it spawning 1 dialog pretty easy but I dont quit know how to allowing a few different ones at once10:42
faganIll play about with it and see if I can figure it10:43
faganOh it doesnt say to spawn more than one10:45
faganmandel: i think im done other than the dict bit10:46
* fagan now hates vim 10:58
fagan(and loves bzr even more)10:59
mandelfagan: cool, I think ralsina is the one that will take a look at the solution11:00
faganmandel: yeah im still working on it but its working ok11:00
mandelfagan: pay attention to detail ;)11:00
faganmandel: yeah I am :)11:01
mandelczajkowski: sorry I was out in a call, how is everything going in 'sunny' uk :)11:01
czajkowskimandel: not bad, bit over cast today.  roll on the weekend11:02
mandelczajkowski: and the new job? you seem to complain a lot about emails11:03
czajkowskime email... no11:03
czajkowskitrain journeys yes11:03
duanedesignmorning all11:27
faganmorning duanedesign11:27
karnihi duanedesign11:36
faganmandel: I have a quick question, how do I set the text in a combo box11:43
faganI cant find a good answer11:44
mandelfagan: http://www.riverbankcomputing.co.uk/static/Docs/PyQt4/html/qcombobox.html#addItem11:45
faganah clearEditText would do11:46
mandelfagan: why would yo need to do that? why does the user type in the box?11:47
faganmandel: going by that screen its editable11:47
faganOh the style is different in xp11:48
faganso its a drop down list11:48
fagan(in vb terms)11:48
faganIll change it11:48
faganmandel: I think im done11:59
faganand it passes pep8 and pylint :)12:00
mandelfagan: push it and I'll take a quick look12:01
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fagancool mandel12:02
faganoh crap there is 1 error in pylint :/12:02
faganits a silly one though so its ok12:03
faganmandel: pushed12:03
mandelfagan: url of the branch?12:04
faganmandel: oh whoops12:04
faganmandel: the combo box has nothing in it since I dont know really what to put in there12:06
faganbut it works12:06
mandelfagan: then, it is not ready, I did give a hint in the exercise12:08
mandeldid you carefully read it?12:08
faganmandel: yep but ill re-read it and figure out whats missing12:08
faganI could put in the DashDotted thing since thats already in the mockup12:09
faganmandel: but is there anything broken with what I did so far?12:09
mandelfagan: I was going to take a look at ti, but then you told be is not finished since the info is missing which is a fundamental part of the exercise12:11
mandelthat will at least mean that 2 of the items are not done12:11
faganmandel: hmmmm12:11
faganmandel: I only see 1 thing missing and that is the bit about the language12:13
faganand the values in the combobox12:14
faganoh I can look up the others12:14
mandelfagan: if a user, more even, a paying customer tells you, I'm using QPainter, I want a dialog that returns the settings of the pen, and out of three setting is missing12:15
mandelthen comobobox will not be translatable, and the information of the dialog is not useful, what would you say?12:15
faganmandel: yeah I didnt figure that12:15
mandelfagan: I'm more interested in knowing if you would go to the costumer with that? would you?12:16
mandelif you are in a pub, ask for a pint, nuts and a glass of water and they do not bring the pint, what would you think?12:16
faganmandel: nope but I just didnt realise what was missing. I didnt really know that I had to do the QPainter thing12:17
mandelfagan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/587704/12:18
mandel3 last lines12:18
faganmandel: well I presumed it would all for the raw values of the fields12:18
faganSo bool, str and number12:19
faganI suppose that was a detail I just looked past when I was working out the thing12:19
ralsinagood morning12:20
faganmorning ralsina12:20
mandelfagan: well, read the 3 lines again, I dont think a C++ lib uses a string to represent pen styles...12:20
mandelI'm guessing QPainter most have a diff thing to use12:20
ralsinafagan: not to pile on you (I don't have backlogs earlier than 5 minutes ago), but this has happened before. You need to re-read the request carefully before pushing.12:21
faganralsina: well I push anyway but I should make sure its ready before I ask for a review12:21
ralsinafagan: yes12:22
ralsinataking 5 minutes to carefully check saves 10 minutes of the reviewer's time12:22
faganralsina: actually weirdly enough that pushing when something is done helped me earlier because I removed a bit in vim that I shouldnt have and did a bzr revert to get it back12:22
ralsinafagan: you don't need push for that, just commit :-)12:23
faganralsina: ah yeah but I like to have a backup anyway for that one time that this bad computer finally gives out12:23
mandelralsina: I'm giving a hand to rodrigo with an evo bug so that we get contacts back to sync, hope is not a big problem12:24
mandelralsina: also, if you have the balls, I've got a surprise branch for you12:24
ralsinafagan: ok, whatever works for you. But stop asking for reviews before reviewing things yourself :-)12:24
ralsinamandel: contacts syncing is a good thing12:24
faganralsina: yeah will do12:24
ralsinamandel: and I have the balls around here somewhere, so show me ;)12:25
mandelralsina: let me get the branch12:25
fagan(I really cant figure how to use QPainter now)12:26
ralsinafagan: ok, what's the problem?12:27
faganralsina: well in the excersise I have to make a dialog that takes in a few different fields and then make the results into something with QPainter12:27
faganSo the QPainter bit is the bit I dont have any notion about12:28
ralsinafagan: yes, "A dict with the settings chosen by the user."12:28
ralsinaok, open the qpainter manual12:28
faganralsina: I have it returning that12:28
mandelralsina: this is the branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/choose_correct_ui_module12:28
mandelralsina: ping me when you have the branch and I'll guide you to the surprise12:29
ralsinafagan: can you do a print repr(result) and pastebin for me?12:31
ralsinamandel: got it12:31
mandelralsina: on windows, right?12:31
* mandel double checks...12:31
ralsinamandel: yes12:32
mandelralsina: ok, here we go, do a setup.py install12:32
mandelralsina: you will need to terminals for the test12:33
ralsinamandel: got them!12:33
mandelralsina: got the package installed?12:34
ralsinamandel: yes12:34
ralsinathe suspense is killing me!12:34
mandelralsina: uh I forgot a dependency, you need qtreactor, sorry12:34
ralsinamandel: how do I get it?12:34
mandelralsina: let me get you the url, one sec12:35
mandelralsina: add this guy https://github.com/ghtdak/qtreactor to your path12:36
mandelralsina: so that you can do import qtreactor12:36
ralsinaoh, darn, I don't have git onwindows12:36
* mandel points at ralsina the big download button on the right12:37
faganralsina: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5876612:38
faganralsina: http://paste.ubuntu.com/58776612:38
ralsinafagan: 'reveled'?12:39
faganralsina: oh its beveled12:40
* fagan fixes 12:40
ralsinafagan: and style is ''12:41
mandelfagan: since you are at it, I'd return True of False rather than an int12:41
mandelralsina: got the reactor?12:41
mandelI wanna show it to you before I go to walk the beast :)12:41
* mandel is like a little kid with a new toy12:42
ralsinamandel: ok, let's say I hae qtreactor.py in my path ;-)12:42
faganralsina: I dont have anythin in the combobox since I dont know what styles are in QPainter12:42
faganmandel: k fixed now12:42
mandelralsina: oh well… then in one terminal runt python bin/windows-ubuntu-sso-login which will start the sso daemon12:43
mandelto be started later at boot time for each user12:44
ralsinafagan: it's in the qpainter docs. Look for PenStyle.12:44
faganralsina: ok12:44
mandelralsina: on the second term, execute python/ubuntu_sso/qt/tests/show_gui.py12:45
ralsinamandel: ok, give me 1'12:45
ralsinamandel: I need only qt4reactor.py? So should I just drop it into my site-packages?12:45
ralsinaMy windows envvar-fu sucks12:46
mandelralsina: just drop the qtreactor pacakage in sit-packages12:46
mandelthat is what I did :P12:46
ralsinamandel, ok, testing now12:47
ralsinaargh, moved it wrong12:48
ralsinagive me 1'12:48
mandelralsina: the ui is kinda crap, I was more interested in getting the full point to point test, where a diff process accessed ubuntu sso, which take care of the creds12:48
mandelI had a chat with clarita regarding error messages etc.. this morning so that those get implemented and we have the full user flow12:49
ralsinaok, daemon running...12:49
mandelralsina: then python ubuntu_sso/qt/tests/show_gui.py12:49
mandelbut with windows \ sorry, I always forget12:50
ralsinagot a message from the firewall12:50
mandelralsina: yes, I need to work around that, allow the app12:50
ralsinano gui12:51
mandelralsina: really?12:51
ralsinamandel: yeah :-(12:51
mandelralsina: lets set the debugging env var12:52
ralsinamandel: give me a hint ;)12:52
mandelralsina: I was looking12:52
mandelralsina: set a var called 'DEBUG' to 112:52
ralsinaFailure: twisted.internet.error.ConnectionRefusedError: Connection was refused b12:53
ralsinay other side: 10061: No connection could be made because the target machine acti12:53
ralsinavely refused it..12:53
ralsinalet me restart the daemon12:53
mandelralsina: he, that is your firewall, you will need to allow the trafic, hence the balls comment :)12:53
ralsinaBut I did!12:54
ralsina2011-03-31 08:53:37,802:802.000045776 - ubuntu_sso.main.windows - INFO - Perform12:55
ralsinaing login_or_register_to_get_credentials as a remote call.12:55
ralsinaI'll set debug on the daemon too12:55
ralsinamandel: server side problem: 2011-03-31 08:55:05,900:900.000095367 - ubuntu_sso.main.windows - ERROR - SSOCre12:56
ralsinadentials: emitting CredentialsError with app_name "test" and error_message 'Prob12:56
ralsinalem while retrieving credentials'12:56
ralsinaoh, no module called keyring!12:56
mandelralsina: aha! I can fix that, one sec12:57
ralsinaBTW: it's incredibly annoying that Ctrl+C does nothing on windows most of the time12:57
mandelralsina: grab this version https://bitbucket.org/mandel/pykeyring-delete-password it has not yet landed to trunk12:58
* mandel needs to fix that and ping the right people12:58
ralsinamandel: cool12:58
faganralsina: I think im done this time12:58
mandelralsina: we have 5 min before the dogs explodes12:59
faganralsina: http://paste.ubuntu.com/58777812:59
faganAnd all of the styles are in there12:59
faganso its better this time13:00
mandelfagan: besides the typo in the style, how would the use the string to get the correct pen in QPainter?13:01
ralsinamandel: while trying to build keyring, "Unable to find vcvarsall.bat"13:01
faganmandel: well you could do a cast13:01
ralsinafagan: how do you cast a 'SolidLine' to 3?13:01
mandelralsina: oh, 'beautiful', you need Vs2008 instaled13:01
mandelralsina: can you install it while I walk the dog, pure guy has been waiting for an hour13:02
ralsinago defuse the dog-bomb ;)13:02
* ralsina will look for Vs2008 express or something13:02
czajkowskimandel: oh be nice to the beast!13:02
mandelczajkowski: I'm always nice with him, as long as he hides to poo so I dont have to pick it up :)13:03
faganralsina: what do you mean cast 'SolidLine' to 3?13:03
czajkowskimandel: charming!13:03
mandelczajkowski: he is very well trained about that matter, hehe13:04
* mandel walks dog13:04
ralsinafagan: you are returning 'SolidLine'. The consumer of your result needs a Qt.SolidLine, which is 3.13:04
ralsinaOk, probably not 3, but some integer value ;)13:04
ralsinaMake that a 1, 3 is DotLine13:04
ralsinafagan: also, keep in mind that those values may change on different versions of Qt, so you neeed to get the right one according to your library.13:06
faganralsina: well the wording of the excersise didnt really say I had to format it for the QPainter class, so wouldnt having it the way it is should do. Like at the moment im not actually programming im learning QPainter and I dont know if thats going to be needed13:08
faganoh and I should take a break ive been working for like 7 hours now13:09
faganill be back for standup13:09
faganI have the numbers here anyway for the styles ill do some if statements and make it work13:10
faganI did forget no pen as well so I should add that too13:10
fagan(oh not 7, more like 5 and a half ish13:12
ralsinafagan: instead of ifs, you should use a dictionary13:13
ralsinaOr even use the Qt namespace as one13:13
faganralsina: oh I could just have all of them in the combo box and grab the index13:14
fagansince they would be the same index13:14
ralsinafagan that assumes the indexes will always be consecutive and start at 013:14
faganralsina: well the QPainter style starts at 0 with no pen then 1 solid...etc13:15
faganso it would work13:15
fagan(if I add no pen)13:15
ralsinafagan: yes, but it's fragile13:15
ralsinaLook at this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/587787/13:15
faganralsina: thats right13:16
ralsinaor, much nicer: getattr(QtCore.Qt,'SolidLine')13:16
* ralsina needs coffee ;-)13:16
faganralsina: ahhhhh13:17
faganthat would work13:17
faganthanks ill get that done when I get back13:17
faganthats the last thing I have to do anyway13:17
ralsinaUsually, chains of ifs are a bad code smell in python13:17
ralsinaok, see you when you get back.13:17
czajkowskithis is like reading line by line debugging on here13:22
ralsinaczajkowski: :)13:22
ralsinamandel: we are aiming way too high with our installer. VS 2010's flashes like 6 different windows in and out before starting for real13:24
faganczajkowski: well since 2 lines out of 200 ish are whats blocking me its worth the line by line debugging13:31
faganand I am only learning pyqt so its dumb to think I wont make some mistakes13:32
ralsinafagan: mistakes are ok and expected, don't worry about that :)13:34
fagan(and a few muddles with the other toolkits I know is funny)13:35
* mandel back13:40
mandelralsina: did you manage to install vs2008?13:41
ralsinaI have 2010, is that good?13:42
nessitahello anyone!13:42
ralsina2010 express13:42
ralsinabut it doesn't find that darn .bat13:42
faganralsina: you need 200813:42
mandelralsina: nah, you need 2008, diff c compiler, ergo will not find the correct one :(13:42
mandelmayor PITA13:43
ralsinawhere the heck can I find it?13:43
mandel.me looks13:43
nessitaand everyone13:43
ralsinahola nessie!13:43
faganralsina: If you cant find it on the microsoft website I can get it for you13:43
faganhey nessita13:43
* nessita sees a window madness13:43
nessitahi ralsinal, fagan13:43
faganralsina: they have special downloads for students that I have access to13:44
mandelralsina: http://www.microsoft.com/express/Downloads/ the left tab13:44
mandelralsina: just after the SQL thing13:44
faganah good13:44
ralsinaright tab!13:44
ralsinacool, downloading13:44
mandelwell, that :P13:45
mandelthe other left13:45
ralsina*monitor's left* ;-)13:45
ralsinamandel: on english you can say "stage left" and that means right :-)13:45
faganI still think its a little bit insane that I have 3 versions of VB13:45
fagan(on my computer)13:45
mandelralsina: well, the message came across hehe13:46
ralsinamandel: So I have to install 1.1GB of compiler to build a 32KB DLL ;-)13:47
ralsinaanyway, this is going to take a while13:47
faganralsina: well VB is the best IDE in the world :P13:47
mandelralsina: if you dont want to remove the creds by python, you can use the easy_install one13:49
mandelralsina: but remember you will not have all the features13:49
ralsinamandel: I'll try that one while this downloads13:50
faganmandel: cant you install gcc on windows with cygwin?13:50
fagan(that could work too)13:50
mandelfagan: you can, but from experience, is waaay harder to get it working13:50
faganah ok13:50
thisfredalecu: ohai: I'm almost done with the whole quota thing, but I'm sort of struggling with which parts of the gsd-plugin directory (and things that point to or use it) to take out13:54
alecuthisfred, oh, right! Let me refresh my memory on that after the standup.13:55
ralsinamandel: the easy_install one also tries to use VS, so I'll just have to wait13:55
mandelralsina: bua, stupid windows...13:55
ralsinawhy would someone ship a OS without a compiler! ;-)13:56
faganhere here13:56
mandelralsina: I can wait, I wanna see any possible issues due to the enviroment, if there are no big ones, we can try to merge all the branches and get an alpha out there13:56
alecuthere is only one me. Go away alecu_!13:57
faganralsina: well if its not done before standup is over you can review my branch13:57
ralsinafagan: sure13:57
fagan(99% sure its done)13:57
ralsinaI have 3' ;-)13:57
ralsinafagan: link?13:57
faganralsina: well I still have to do that last line so 1 minute13:57
ralsinaalecu nessita fagan mandel dobey thisfred standup in 3'13:58
nessitayes boss13:58
thisfredsi jefe13:58
alecuja baas13:59
ralsinaalecu: , si, ya voy ;-)13:59
ralsinamaybe me (phone)14:02
nessitadobey, alecu?14:03
nessitaok, let's go. thisfred, dale!14:03
thisfred* DONE gui service that exposes alert and panel switching http://pad.lv/742008 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/gui-service14:03
thisfred* DONE RuntimeError: called outside of a mainloop http://pad.lv/745987 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/lp-74598714:03
thisfred* INPROGRESS notifications/alerts of quota events http://pad.lv/702172 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/quota-notifications14:03
thisfred* INPROGRESS desktopcouch-service 'file_exists' crashes http://pad.lv/70732114:03
thisfred* LOVED http://tinysong.com/fFE614:03
thisfredNEXT: nessita14:03
nessitaDONE: zillions of reviews. seb128 reported bug #745790, I had a debugging session about it. Created stable-1-2 series for ussoc, fixed bug #703115 for both trunk and stable-1-2.14:03
nessitaTODO: keep debugging and fix bug #745790, bug #744980, bug #729301. Maybe peer review?14:03
nessitaBLOCKED: nopes14:03
nessitaNEXT: fagan14:03
ubot4`Launchpad bug 745790 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "TypeError: Expected a string or unicode object when querying device list (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74579014:04
ubot4`Launchpad bug 703115 in ubuntu-sso-client (Ubuntu) (and 3 other projects) "Captcha error persist even after captcha retrieval success (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70311514:04
ubot4`Launchpad bug 744980 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Disable/enable file sync is buggy (affects: 1) (heat: 3459)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74498014:04
ubot4`Launchpad bug 729301 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "When disabling file sync from Servies tab, update FIleSyncStatus (affects: 1) (heat: 147)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72930114:04
nessitafagan: ?14:05
faganoh I didnt see it14:05
fagan* Did more python/pyqt polishing: - Did a paint dialog thingy14:05
fagan* More pyqt stuff14:05
fagan* do 1 line to the dialog to display the data properly14:05
fagan* review of today's work from ralsina14:05
fagan* nope14:05
faganmandel: go14:05
fagan(damn ubot4`)14:05
nessitamandel: ? :-)14:05
mandelDONE: Finished a branch that does all the required wok for SSO. Open a small script, request creds, launch ui from daemon and register. Testing it on other machine to see if we can call this thing an alpha after all the merges. Talk with clarita about error messages, helped her to update flow.14:06
mandelTODO: Get the above working on ralsinas machine and fagans. Give a hand to rodrigo with the evo issues. Send current strings to clarita. Package sso in a .exe14:06
mandelBLOCKED: no14:06
mandelralsina, go go go14:06
mandelalecu, I guess you can go while ralsina is on the phone14:06
nessitaralsina: share your standup when you can, alecu, go!14:06
alecuDONE: worked on broken zeitgeist client-server tests, researched tomboy edge issue bug #745721 with kvd14:07
alecuTODO: weekly mumble meeting, finish client-server branch, go thru the bug queue14:07
alecuBLOCKED: too sleepy14:07
alecuNEXT: dobey14:07
nessitaalecu? dobey?14:07
ubot4`Launchpad bug 745721 in tomboy (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "Ubuntu One sync points to the edge server (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74572114:07
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
nessitamandel: did you see how you broke ussoc on linux? :-D bug #74618314:07
ubot4`Launchpad bug 746183 in ubuntu-sso-client "Can't find glade file for gtk ui (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74618314:08
mandelnessita: uh I did not14:08
ralsinaDONE: reviews, read managmt stuff, canonicaladmin, misc things14:08
nessitamandel: you moved the glade file, so the setup.py and the package branch (both nightlies and not nightlies) needs to be updated, I think14:08
mandelnessita: hm, strange, I though the setup.py was placing it in the correct dir14:08
ralsinaTODO: evaluations (I am very late), reviews, chasing marianna14:09
ralsinablOCKED: just by life14:09
nessitamandel: maybe, I haven't checked14:09
mandelnessita: I'll take care of that bug14:09
nessitamandel: I just filed the bug with the failure, haven't debugged. Let me know if you need help!14:09
nessitaanyone, comments?14:09
ralsinaOne big screwup from me: we should have done a release for beta1 which is out today ;-(14:10
nessitaralsina: we did that last week, repos has been freezed since then, right?14:10
ralsinahave they?14:10
nessitaralsina: I don't think we would have been able to do a release this week14:10
thisfredyeah that's what I thought14:10
ralsinaok, so I correct that to "I am a great leader of men (and woman)"14:11
nessitaI would expect so! platform team has been doing the beta1 testing over this week14:11
nessitaso repo should be frozen for that14:11
nessitaralsina: last chance was last week's UI freeze14:11
faganI would think you could get a freeze exception for u114:11
ralsinathere are some bugs that have been hurting our dearest community manager, I would like someone to give me a hand crafting an honest response14:11
ralsinasomething that says "don't panic"14:12
nessitaralsina: right, the contacts stuff, no? I think that you should have a chat with rodrigo_14:12
faganralsina: well don't panic would be a start14:12
mandelralsina: I have been looking at evo with rodrigo, it seems like the dbus call was timing out14:12
mandelralsina: he is looking at the c couch lib to see what is the issue14:13
mandelto be precise in evo-coiuchdb14:13
mandelI'll be helping him on the python side to find out wtf is going on, also he had the wrong coucdh packages which was something that blocked him14:13
dobeyλ DONE: little progress on #733327, chat with vds about redirector14:14
dobeyλ TODO: peer evals, UIFE request, finish bug #733327, libu1 release14:14
dobeyλ BLCK: None.14:14
ubot4`Launchpad bug 733327 in libubuntuone (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Notify user of missing MP3 support (affects: 1) (heat: 208)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73332714:14
mandelnessita: can you take a look at the setup.py of sso in trunk at line 300,14:17
mandelI think that is correct, but I might be wrong14:18
ralsinamandel: no luck building your keyring or the official one14:18
ralsinaOh, I will be going to the doctor in about 90 minutes14:18
nessitamandel: looking14:19
mandelnessita: hm… I think the error is elsewhere, probably where it gets the file path14:19
* mandel looks14:19
ralsinaargh, I am going to miss the weekly call14:19
nessitamandel: as far as I see the file is not installed14:19
ralsinanessita, can you lead it?14:19
mandelralsina: do you want me to give you a .exe with the daemon so we can test?14:20
ralsinamandel: oh yes14:20
mandelnessita: got the bug, I'll make a fast branch with the fix14:22
mandelline 231 in gtk/gui.py, that extra gtk string should go out14:23
mandelnessita: actualy, one question, what would you prefer, in a situation when we will provide qt for linux too (kde) shall we split the data in two, qt and gtk, or place everything in the same location?14:27
nessitamandel: we should have data/qt and data/gtk14:27
faganralsina: done14:27
faganralsina: lp:~shanepatrickfagan/+junk/paint14:28
mandelnessita: ok, then I'll fix in the setup.py14:28
mandelnessita: I'll ping you when done14:28
ralsinafagan: cool, checking it14:28
nessitamandel: thanks!14:28
faganralsina: there was 1 pep8 thing I forgot to fix but fixed now14:30
dobeyralsina: is the weekly call in 45 min, or 1 hr 45 min?14:30
ralsinafagan: remember the form layout?14:31
ralsinadobey: 1:4514:31
faganralsina: ok fixing it14:32
ralsinafagan: you should put the spinbox and the checkbox in a horizontal layout so they use only one cell in the form layout.14:32
ralsinafagan: also, you are missing keyboard shortcuts everywhere14:32
faganralsina: I didnt know I had to do that ill go do it now14:33
ralsinafagan: they are there in the design screenshot14:33
ralsinaAnd in general, they *have* to be there always.14:33
faganralsina: yeah I just did what was on the paste. Is the _ thing the same in Qt as in GTK14:34
ralsinafagan: yes, you can use that14:34
faganah ok14:34
mandelralsina: py2exe is being annoying, can I send you the compiled version of keyring?14:34
mandelor check the error that easy_install gave you14:35
ralsinamandel: sure, zip it up :-)14:35
ralsinamake a bdist_dumb14:35
mandelalthouh the most probably thing is that you installed vs2008, and did easy_install in the same terminal you hqd opened, the bloody thing did not load the new env vars and everything want bannanas windows style14:36
* ralsina tries a fresh cmd14:36
ralsinamandel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/587820/14:39
mandelralsina: take a look to see if you have the following in your env vars: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC14:42
mandelralsina: and please tell me you downloaded the C++ version of vs 200814:43
mandeland not C#, or Vb or something crazy like that14:43
ralsinamandel: I did get the C++14:44
* ralsina looks for the CMD equivalent of env14:44
ralsinathis is like C shell!14:45
ralsinamandel: I don'thave that in my PATH14:46
mandelralsina: add it, and open a new cmd14:47
ralsinaI don'thave that folder14:47
mandelralsina: nevertheless I'm sending you pykeyrin by mail14:47
mandelralsina: anyother one similar to that?14:48
mandelralsina: by the way are you using python32 or 64?14:49
ralsinamandel: I have "Visual Studio 9.0" and "Visual Studio 10.0" but no VC in 10.014:50
ralsinamandel: 3214:51
mandelralsina: look in 914:51
mandelralsina: although the package shoud have arrived to you by mail14:51
mandelralsina: thank good you have 32, otherwise, I would have died in my own vomit… dammed is windows annoying!14:51
ralsinamandel: I remember you wanted me to have 64 ;-)14:52
mandelyeah, hehe14:52
mandelbut that the I had to write that horrible .bat to find python… which was painful too14:53
ralsinamandel: yay, I can import keyring14:54
mandelralsina: does it work then?14:56
dobeythisfred: ping. what time do you arrive in ATL on saturday night?14:56
thisfreddobey let me look, I think 2 hours before we leave14:57
faganis it 3 already14:57
dobeyah ok, i get there at 6pm14:58
faganhmmmm 1 hour to figure out how to do keyboard shortcuts14:58
ralsinafagan: read the designer manual, look for buddies.14:58
ralsinamandel: \o/ !!!!!14:58
thisfreddobey: is there a priority lounge thingy there?14:58
faganralsina: Oh I saw buddies14:59
dobeythisfred: i think so, but don't know if it will be in the same concourse that we'll be in14:59
mandelralsina: a la, porfin!!!14:59
ralsinafagan: I think that's all you need to know, really. Use the labels as buddies for widgets that have no text. On the checkbox, it has its own label.14:59
thisfreddobey: right. Anyway I'll send you a text when I get off the plane then.14:59
ralsinafagan: then, use &Beveled to make Ctrl+B the shortcut, for example.14:59
mandelralsina: open the show_gui script, you will love it :)15:00
thisfreddobey: my phone no. is 443 470 2883. yours?15:00
dobeythisfred: but i might try to do the globalentry thing. sounds good; since we're on the same flight to BA15:00
mandelralsina: you can now signin and if you go to the windows control panel, you will find the ubuntu_sso creds15:00
mandelthisfred: that in a public channel? sweet15:00
faganralsina: ah I thought it would be _ like gtk that works now15:00
dobeythisfred: not something i paste in public chananels :)15:00
thisfredoh, ok, pm it me then?15:00
thisfredI am privacy agnostic15:01
fagancant you grab it from the directory?15:02
ralsinamandel: am I supposed to be able to login? Just curious :-)15:02
mandelralsina: yes, that is the theory15:02
dobeyfagan: generally, yes :)15:02
mandelI can :)15:02
ralsinamandel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/587829/15:02
faganI know mine is in there now :)15:02
ralsinamandel: but it looks like it's really close15:02
mandelralsina: yes, I rised hte signal wrong, stupid me15:02
ralsinamandel: no worries, it's awesome anyway!15:03
mandelralsina: open your control panel15:03
mandeland look for credentials in the search box :)15:03
* thisfred is lazy15:03
ralsinamandel: the u1 cred is not there, but probably related to the signal problem15:04
faganralsina: ok I did the 2 things you asked \o/15:04
ralsinafagan: cool, I'll check in 2'15:04
faganyay and it still passes pep8 and pylint (with 2 dumb checks disabled)15:05
ralsinamandel: yes, indeed I love that script :-)15:06
joshuahoovermandel: ping15:08
mandeljoshuahoover: pong15:09
mandelwait, I'm I missing something15:09
joshuahoovermandel: bug #727396 - is that something you're going to be able to get done for natty beta2?15:09
ubot4`Launchpad bug 727396 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "AttributeError: 'Root' object has no attribute 'subscribed' (affects: 1) (heat: 125)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72739615:09
mandeljoshuahoover: when is beta?15:10
mandelI'm really bad with dates :P15:10
ralsinafagan: the "Width" label is on the wrong place15:10
joshuahoovermandel: you "windows guys" ;)15:10
ralsinafagan: you can see it's aligned with the combobox, not with the other label15:10
ralsinaAlso, the texts of the labels doesn't match the target image (missing ":"s)15:11
faganralsina: ok I have it fixed15:11
joshuahoovermandel: needs to be done by no later than april 11th in time for packaging15:11
faganjust needed to drag it a little15:11
mandeljoshuahoover: that is 11 days, right?15:11
mandelsure it will be there on time15:11
joshuahoovermandel: ok, wanted to make sure since i know you're (very) busy with windows work15:12
ralsinafagan: one very important thing, don't use str() for things like currentText(), use unicode()15:12
faganralsina: ah ok I didnt know about that15:12
ralsinafagan: because QString is unicode-aware15:12
mandeljoshuahoover: I can always find time for those things, it makes me feel important hehe15:13
joshuahoovermandel: :)15:13
ralsinafagan: give me 1' to check the problem statement and I may have a bit more to fix15:13
faganralsina: ok cool15:14
ralsinafagan: "In the dialog is relaunched, the last used values should be loaded." doesn't seem to be working15:15
ralsinafagan: at least not if the user clicks cancel15:16
ralsinafagan: but I am not sure what the expected behaviour is there. Mandel?15:16
faganralsina: its supposed to go back to the default15:17
faganralsina:      * User cancelation: A dict with the initial settings used.15:17
faganbut I didnt return the dict15:17
ralsinafagan: ok15:17
faganjust 1 extra line to add for that15:17
ralsinafagan: if you still have the time, do that.15:18
faganralsina: yep loads of time :)15:18
mandelfaganm ralsina: maybe that sentence is not clear, what I meant is, if the user selected Solid and accepted, and open the dialog again, his current selection (Solid) should be the one selected15:19
mandelfagan ^15:19
ralsinamandel: that works15:19
ralsinamandel: because the dialog is persistent15:20
mandeloh, then cool15:20
faganmandel: so I need to wipe everything but the style?15:20
faganor is everything kept15:20
mandelfagan: no, no need, I was confused15:20
faganah ok15:20
fagandone then15:21
ralsinafagan: wellllllll15:21
faganralsina: lol 15:21
ralsinafagan: having dialog be an almost global variable is icky ;-)15:21
faganralsina: well its not exactly a global variable in the exact sense of the term15:22
ralsinait should ideally be a member of window. but that's minor.15:22
ralsinafagan: thus the "almost"15:22
ralsinafagan: let's say "it's a variable that's visible for every other variable instantiated in the program" ;-)15:22
* fagan knew he was on tricky ground the way he declared it 15:23
ralsinabut let's say you passed ;-)15:23
ralsinaOk, I'm off to the doctor15:23
faganlater ralsina15:23
=== ralsina is now known as ralsina_doctor
mandelnessita: sorry for taking this long: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/ensure_gtk_data/+merge/5575815:24
* fagan reads the notes for the rest of the time 15:24
mandeldobey: can you give me a +1 for a trivial review: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/ensure_gtk_data/+merge/5575815:25
nessitamandel: in a few minutes, I'm finishing a branch for seb15:34
mandelnessita: now problem, I'm going to grab something to eat15:39
mandeltofu burgers, there I go15:39
* fagan looked a tofu and didnt even try it 15:39
mandelJamesTait: ping15:56
JamesTaitmandel: pong15:56
mandelJamesTait: we are sharing the room at UDS, right?15:56
JamesTaitmandel: As far as I know, yes.15:57
JamesTaitmandel: Well, it's down on the wiki anyway.15:57
mandelJamesTait: just double checking :)15:57
nessitathisfred: are all your branches re: the control panel dbus service landed?15:58
faganThese diary entries are a pain in the bottom16:04
* fagan clocks off16:04
CardinalFangNice.  I can't tell if this is lightning damage or just another week of Natty.16:07
nessitathisfred: I filed bug #746489 assigned to you16:08
ubot4`Launchpad bug 746489 in ubuntuone-control-panel "ypeError: Expected a string or unicode object when opening a second panel (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74648916:08
thisfrednessita: oops: so yes, the control-panel branches are landed, still working on the u1-client one16:09
thisfrednessita: ah, looks like it passes None instead of a string, should not be hard to fix16:10
alecuhmmm.... mumble :P16:14
faganAm I supposed to come to the mumble meeting?16:15
* fagan was actually wondering 16:15
fagan(dont really think there is much point this week really)16:16
alecuthisfred, nessita, dobey, ralsina_doctor: mumble?16:18
alecufagan, as well?16:18
thisfredah yeah16:18
faganalecu: dont know :P16:19
faganI could listen in anyway I suppose16:19
joshuahooverummm...are we having the desktop+ meeting on mumble today?16:19
faganjoshuahoover: I suppose so :)16:20
alecunessita, dobey, chipaca? mumble?16:21
alecufagan, ever tried using mumble? install it and join the canonical server.16:23
alecufagan, I'll send you the url by private16:23
faganalecu: im in16:24
dobeyoh right16:25
dobeywe need to move this meeting back up an hour16:25
thisfrednessita:  https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/lp-746489/+merge/5576916:26
nessitamandel: approved16:32
mandelnessita: thx, we need an extra one16:33
faganalecu: here is the one for the contacts sync bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/evolution-couchdb/+bug/72737016:56
ubot4`Launchpad bug 727370 in evolution-couchdb "Contacts not syncing with my computer (affects: 6) (dups: 1) (heat: 36)" [Medium,Confirmed]16:56
alecufagan, great, thanks.16:56
* fagan makes dinner16:58
* dobey heads off to lunch16:58
* nessita returns to lunch as well16:59
=== clarita_ is now known as clarita
=== clarita_ is now known as clarita
nessitawe have hotel! YEY!17:17
mandelA review for this would be very appreciated: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/fix_no_creds_windows/+merge/5565117:32
thisfredtrade you one:   https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/lp-746489/+merge/5576917:33
thisfredmandel: ^17:33
mandelthisfred: you have a deal17:34
rodrigo_rye, about the blank contacts in evo, can you please let me know what value for record_type field they have?17:34
jonorodrigo_, hey, how do I provide the output you need from the e-addressbook?17:34
rodrigo_jono, kill evo and e-addressbook-factory, and run /usr/lib/evolution/e-addressbook-factory on a terminal17:35
rodrigo_jono, then try to open the u1 addressbook in evolution17:35
ryerodrigo_, are you using _all_docs query to get contacts?17:36
mandelthisfred: what your style regarding using " or ' for strings?17:36
ryerodrigo_, since record-types should be caught by the views17:37
jonorodrigo_, doing it now17:37
rodrigo_rye, yes17:37
ryerodrigo_, hm, can we use record-type filtering views?17:38
rodrigo_rye, but then I check the record_type, and evo-couchdb should onlñy be getting the real contacts17:38
thisfredmandel: I tend to use 's because it looks cleaner17:39
thisfredIt does not really matter though17:40
mandelthisfred: you are using both in that branch, not that it needs fixing for that :P17:40
thisfredwell, I added 's, and the "s were already there. I've stopped changing other people's code for arbitrary style issues like this ;)17:40
thisfredbut yeah, I'll make it consistent in the same line at least ;)17:41
mandelthisfred: you have my approve, do as you wish hehehe17:41
nessitathisfred: I'm reviewing your branch. Shouldn't the default be alert?17:42
nessitaok, now yes, for sure, lunch!17:42
thisfrednessita: no, when you open the control panel by clicking the launcher, you don't want it to start bouncing I don't think17:42
thisfredOnly when it is opened by something else17:43
jonorodrigo_, updated the bug17:44
rodrigo_jono, ok, you get the same dbus timeout as I do :(17:45
rodrigo_jono, looking at it17:45
jonothanks rodrigo_17:45
jonoappreciate it17:46
mandelrodrigo_: I'm going to wwalk the dog, if you want I can give you a hand in the desktopcouch side17:46
rodrigo_I'm starting to think something has changed in evo that makes the keyring calls crash it as they are run in a thread17:46
jonodobey, are you still assigned to https://bugs.launchpad.net/banshee/+bug/604699 ?17:46
ubot4`Launchpad bug 604699 in banshee (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Music purchased from the Ubuntu One Music Store does not appear in music library (affects: 4) (heat: 24)" [Medium,Confirmed]17:46
rodrigo_mandel, see my above comment, so walk the dog and forget for now :)17:47
rodrigo_desktopcouch's instability in my machine seems to be just my problem, I guess17:47
rodrigo_does anyone have a maverick machine?17:48
thisfredrodrigo_: I do, how can I help17:50
rodrigo_thisfred, run dpkg -l evolution17:51
rodrigo_thisfred, to see what version we shipped there17:51
rodrigo_thisfred, if you have it installed, if not -> apt-cache policy evolution17:51
rodrigo_ok, 2.3017:52
rodrigo_so yes, another reason to think evo 2.32 has something new that breaks the couchdb backend17:52
rodrigo_thisfred, thasnks, I owe you a couple beers :)17:52
thisfrednah, I haven't earned them yet, let me know if I can check anything else17:53
rodrigo_thisfred, well, while you're at it, do you have evo-couchdb installed there?17:54
rodrigo_thisfred, and desktopcouch and contacts in your couchdb db?17:54
thisfredI don't think so, let me check17:56
rodrigo_thisfred, well, anyway, no need really to confirm it worked there, as I used it until I switched to natty months ago, so forget it17:57
thisfredah, it's installed alright, and I think I have some contacts in couchdb. I've never used evo itself though :)17:57
rodrigo_now you've really earned the beers :)17:57
rodrigo_thisfred, don't worry then, just wanted to re-confirm it worked, but it indeed worked with no problems17:57
nessitathisfred: I'm back. But what about when you have the panel running, and you run it from somewhere else (like a terminal)? we want the panel alerting in that case18:12
thisfrednessita: if you want to alert you should send alert=True that's easy enough, right? :)18:13
thisfredI think the way it currently works is in line with other applications that can only be started once18:14
nessitathisfred: but if you're a regular user running a binary from the command line...18:14
nessitathisfred: anyways, is pretty good as is18:14
nessitaapproving the branch18:14
thisfredif you're running a binary from the command line, you're not a regular user :P18:14
nessitathisfred: point taken, approving!18:15
thisfredI wish it was otherwise, mind you :)18:15
mterryHello!  I'm in natty and have ended up with all my Ubuntu One Music Store songs twice in my Banshee library.  It found them in both ~/.ubuntuone/Purchased... and ~/.local/share/ubuntuone/Purchased... (which is a symlink to the former).  What's that about?  Should I file a bug?  Delete the symlink?18:19
dobeyjono: yes. i will probably be getting to it next week18:22
jonodobey, did you see the feedback that it sounds like quite a big fix18:22
jonosounds like it will require significant changes to Banshee18:22
faganhey mterry :)18:22
jonoralsina_doctor, ^18:22
mterryfagan, hi!  :)18:23
dobeyjono: i didn't realize there was conversation on it as i've been concentrating on another bug that is quite big18:23
jonodobey, yeah, see the feedback from David Nielson on the bug18:24
jonoI just wanted to make sure you don't get sideswiped and run out of time on it if it is quite big18:24
dobeyjono: do you still have music that hasn't shown up in banshee because you bought it in rhythmbox?18:26
jonodobey, this is a new Natty install - the music is synced, it is just that the Banshee library is not reading it18:26
dobeyjono: if you open the "My Downloads" page inside the music store in banshee, do the songs start showing up?18:27
jonolet me check18:27
jonodobey, ok, this is weird - the music already in my .ubuntuone folder - I went to the My Downloads page and now it seems to be syncing it again18:29
jonoit is also hanging Banshee18:29
dobeyjono: it's not actually syncing it again. the way the music page works just makes it look that way i guess18:29
dobeyjono: do you have a lot of music there?18:29
jonodobey, notify-osd bubbles say it is transferring two songs18:29
jonodobey, about 7 albums18:29
jonoBanshee hung, I had to kill it18:30
dobeyit didn't hang, the ui just blocked; it would have come back after a while (though i don't know how long exactly)18:30
dobeyjono: could you file another bug for the ui blocking there please, and assign it to me?18:31
jonodobey, strange, now some of my library was imported18:31
jonodobey, will do18:31
jonoI will update the bug with this18:31
dobeyjono: right, i was expecting it would import all the songs18:31
dobeyso that does work, but is very slow if you have lots of songs i guess18:31
jonofiling bugs now18:32
jonoso really Banshee should import these without you having to go to My Downloads, right?18:32
dobeyyes; but loading my downloads is a workaround18:33
jonodobey, updated https://bugs.launchpad.net/banshee/+bug/604699 and filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/banshee/+bug/74659218:35
ubot4`Launchpad bug 604699 in banshee (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Music purchased from the Ubuntu One Music Store does not appear in music library (affects: 4) (heat: 24)" [Medium,Confirmed]18:35
dobeyjono: ok, thanks18:35
jonothanks for looking into this dobey18:35
=== alecu is now known as alecu-lunch
dobeyjono: sure. if this mp3 codec install stuff wasn't taking so long to get finished, i'd be looking at it already. :)18:36
jonodobey, sucks to be you, my friend :-)18:36
=== ralsina_doctor is now known as ralsina
ralsinajono, dobey: yes, that is a hard thing to fix18:59
ralsina Ok, so we do have a hotel for the sprint and it's exactly on the opposite side of the city from me. Yay!19:04
beunoralsina, where?19:04
ralsinaSan Martin 47419:04
ralsinaThe Tryp Hotel19:04
beunoralsina, down town?19:04
ralsinaright, el bajo19:04
ralsinaSan Martin y Corrientes19:05
beunopretty sucky19:05
ralsinaOh, well, I can try leaving home at 7AM19:05
ralsinaAt least it's easy to get there from EZE19:05
beunoralsina, why did you end up with that one?19:06
ralsinabeuno: I have no idea whatsoever. I found one that was convenient, maybe this was cheaper.19:07
beunoralsina, I don't think that area is very nice in the evenings19:07
ralsinabeuno: well, it isn't19:07
thisfrednessita: #746489 is not a bug in ubuntu, or at least not until we release the previous two branches there19:07
ralsinabeuno: but you can move in cabs to nicer places19:08
thisfredSo I'm not sure it needs to be filed as sucj19:08
nessitathisfred: hum... I see, my bad19:08
ralsinaOTOH, the good news are, the doctor has changed my meds to ones that should prevent my feet from exploding after being sitting for 16 hours on a plane, which is always a good thing.19:13
beunoralsina, so you fly to London when?19:14
ralsinabeuno: saturday after this one19:15
beunoralsina, aha, so I'm flying out this Sat19:15
ralsinabeuno: whoa, unexpected call?19:16
beunowe'll cross paths in the air on my way back19:16
beunoralsina, yeah19:16
ralsinayou going on BA?19:16
beunoyes, 244/24519:16
beunodirect flight FTW19:16
ralsinabeuno: cool, same flights :-)19:16
ralsinaI was really worried about the meds stuff, that's why I took a long break today and got checked19:17
beunoralsina, you are lucky to start flying now, with this new direct flight19:17
beuno13hs instead of 16-1719:17
ralsinabeuno: it used to be 3 hours longer right?19:17
beunoralsina, glad to hear about the med changes19:17
ralsinait's not bad normally, because I stand up and walk every 20 minutes, but I was sitting 10 hours going to pycamp and it got real bad.19:18
beunoralsina, aisle seat for you then!19:18
ralsinatoo bad you cna only choose seats 24 hours early :-)19:19
beunoralsina, well, unless you pay 25 gbp, but yeah19:19
* ralsina considers paying19:19
beunosince I'm a day away, I'll just wait for now19:20
ralsinallevale alfajores a chipaca :-)19:22
beunole pregunte que queria, we'll see19:23
ralsinaAt the rhythm he's shipping people to the UK he can start a small contraband business selling regional articles19:24
=== alecu-lunch is now known as alecu
thisfredalecu: when you have a second, I'd like your help with the gsd-plugin removal19:34
alecuthisfred, sure. I forgot about that.19:35
alecuthisfred, I'd take a look right now.19:35
thisfredyeah, np, I got distracted too19:35
* thisfred makes tea19:43
alecuthisfred, in gsd-plugin/gsd-ubuntuone.c in the delayed_syncdaemon_start function, we should remove the g_signal_connect to "quota_exceeded"19:43
thisfredalecu: ok, and then we can leave the rest of the code in?19:44
alecuthisfred, then remove the quota_exceeded_callback function.19:44
alecuand a few more stuff...19:44
alecuthisfred, but yes, disconnecting that signal should be enough. (though not clean)19:45
thisfredyeah, no, might as well do it cleanly, but I have a hard time reading it all, and i don't want to break something else by mistake19:45
alecuthisfred, let me do this branch.19:46
alecuthisfred, since I worked on it19:46
thisfredalecu: I can push mine, and you can finish it19:46
alecuthisfred, ack19:46
thisfredalecu: so that we don't have a state with no notifications19:46
alecuthisfred, q: should we remove all quota stuff from gsd?19:48
thisfredalecu:  lp:~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/quota-notifications19:48
thisfredalecu: I think so, since the new popper upper replaces it. It does not depend on unity19:48
thisfredunless it does something that we don't in the new one?19:48
alecuthisfred, does the new popper replace both quota notifications for the local user and for folders shared by other users?19:49
thisfredhmm, let me check19:49
alecuthisfred, (not sure the current gsd works for both)19:49
thisfredalecu: both will open the control panel yes19:50
alecuthisfred, great.19:50
nessitareviews please! https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/device-list-type-error/+merge/5580819:53
nessitamandel: you were needing a review?19:53
thisfrednessita: on it19:54
nessitamandel: also, are you planning on fixing bug #727396 among your syncdaemon future work?19:55
ubot4`Launchpad bug 727396 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "AttributeError: 'Root' object has no attribute 'subscribed' (affects: 1) (heat: 125)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72739619:55
nessitathisfred: gracias!19:55
alecuthisfred, I think I'll do the removal in the gsd-plugin in a new branch.19:57
alecuthisfred, so please land that branch you pasted, and after that I'll land the gsd-plugin removal branch.19:57
thisfredalecu will do, proposing now20:03
thisfredalecu: nessita: https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/quota-notifications/+merge/5581220:09
thisfredadding manual test instructions now20:10
nessitathisfred: coming right up!20:12
thisfredtest instructions added20:14
nessitathisfred: can you replace "Quota were" by "Quota was"? or maybe I'm missing something20:55
nessitathisfred: let me know20:58
thisfredquota is a plural :)20:59
thisfredquotum is the singular20:59
* nessita was wrong all the way20:59
ralsinanessita: like data and datum20:59
thisfredlet me double check for english20:59
ralsinanessita: or quora and quorum20:59
thisfredI know it is in latin20:59
nessitawe have that wrong all over our UIs (maybe)20:59
ralsinaor rata and ratio20:59
* ralsina stops20:59
dobeyor moose and moose21:00
ralsinaor tsunami and tsunami21:00
thisfredI thought the plural of moose was meese :P21:00
dobeyno, that's goose and geese21:01
nessitaaha! http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CBQQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fen.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FWiktionary%253Aquota&rct=j&q=quota%20is%20plural%3F&ei=5t2UTYvUKvO-0QHs_9HyCw&usg=AFQjCNHJaBWyxIQBTjf_67Me0PjV-2dHqw&sig2=CR7SWKcYAoAMJ0aNZbzJRg&cad=rja21:02
nessitaNoun quota (plural quotas)21:03
thisfredquotas, urgh21:03
thisfrednessita: I'll change it, so it's at least consistent21:04
nessitawordreference seems to agree: http://www.wordreference.com/definition/quota21:04
thisfrednessita: yeah probably english is stupid. They also say museums, rather than musea ;)21:07
thisfrednessita: it's only doc strings though, right?21:07
thisfrednessita: 914 pushed21:08
dobeywhy would we ever pluralize quota anyway?21:09
ralsinadobey: "our quotas are not the same"21:10
ralsinaok, no idea21:10
nessitathisfred: did you also fix the docstrings like """Quota for root are exceeded."""?21:10
thisfrednessita: I took out the verb in all of them :)21:11
nessitamakes sense21:11
dobeyunless we're presenting other users' quotas in a list, all use of quota in u1 should be singular21:12
nessitadobey: it is as far as I recall21:12
dobeynessita: except for all the occurances in thisfred's branch where he's assuming quota == plural i guess21:13
dobeybrb, gotta run to post office21:13
=== christoph_ is now known as natschil
nessitathisfred: does your changes work with an uninstalled u1cp?21:27
nessitathisfred: remember that u1cp is not dependency of u1client but the other way around, so we should be robust21:28
thisfredhmm yeah21:28
thisfredlet's see21:28
nessitathisfred: and also, we need an extra blank line between SHARE_QUOTA_EXCEEDED and files_being_uploaded21:29
thisfredIt's mildly surprising that the dependency runs the other way though, since u1client without the panel is useful, and the other way around not so much, I would think21:30
nessitathisfred: I think you misunderstood. u1cp depends on u1client21:31
dobeynessita: actually it's a circular dep, because for unity integration to work, it requires the u1cp-gtk package21:31
nessitathisfred: your branch, which is for u1client, assumes that u1cp is installed, and it should not21:31
thisfredI'll test that and catch any errors21:31
nessitadobey: u1client does not depend on u1cp21:31
nessitathisfred: thanks. I have more comments, shall I say those here or you prefer them in the mp?21:32
dobeynessita: not a hard dependency, because it has to be optional, but it is there.21:32
nessitadobey: so, you say that ubuntu-desktop depends on u1client and unity, and unity depends on the u1cp, and u1cp on u1client?21:33
thisfrednessita: whichever you prefer21:33
nessitathisfred: I prefer here, but I don; t want you to miss packages21:33
dobeynessita: i have no idea what you just asked21:33
nessitadobey: nevermind21:33
nessitathisfred: did you got the extra blank line?21:34
thisfredyep, not pushed yet, but i fixed it21:35
thisfrednessita: wouldn't the error handler fire when the dbus service was not available?21:35
nessitathisfred: another issue, can you make the best use of this log line and transform: logger.debug("UDF quota exceeded.") to logger.debug("UDF quota exceeded for volume: %r.", volume_dict)?21:35
thisfredIn which case it will not break21:36
nessitathisfred: same for share_quota_exceeded and root_quota_exceeded21:36
nessitathisfred: looking21:36
ralsinanessita: not unity, but unity support for u1client requires u1cp21:36
thisfredI'm testing that this is the case21:36
ralsinanessita: because if u1cp-gtk is not there, it can't have the spot in the launcher21:36
nessitaralsina: hum, I see21:37
nessitawe may rethink that21:37
ralsinanessita: unless we fin something else to launch wth the launcher, there's no much to think about21:38
nessitathisfred: I think you're right. Looking at the handlers more carefully, there is no need to have 2. You can have:21:39
nessitareply_handler=loop.quit, error_handler=lambda *a: loo.quit)21:39
thisfrednessita: yeah, I want to log the error though. But I think that got lost, I'll add that back21:39
nessitathisfred: yes please!21:40
nessitaralsina: right, I was referring to the circular dep, we may ask that ubuntu-desktop does not recommned u1client, and no more circular dp21:40
ralsinaand make it suggest u1cp?21:41
dobeywhat do you mean no more circular dep?21:47
dobeya circular dep is a circular dep, no matter which entry point you choose21:49
ralsinathere is no circular dep, here21:49
ralsinaok,gotta go for a while21:49
ralsinabe back in one hour or two21:49
dobeyralsina: there is a circular dep, it is just not circular according to apt, because it is optional in the code, so we don't express it in the package21:50
thisfrednessita: alecu: If I use logging in platform/linux/messaging.py, the tests start spewing out thousands of log lines again. I don't understand why this happens or how to prevent it.22:03
thisfredah wait probably because of a test failure22:03
thisfred[ERROR]: tests.syncdaemon.test_fileshelf.TestFileShelf.test_custom_unpickle22:03
thisfredTraceback (most recent call last):22:03
thisfred  File "/home/eric/canonical/ubuntuone-client/quota-notifications/tests/syncdaemon/test_fileshelf.py", line 252, in test_custom_unpickle22:03
thisfred    shelf['foo'] = 'bar'22:03
thisfred  File "/home/eric/canonical/ubuntuone-client/quota-notifications/ubuntuone/syncdaemon/file_shelf.py", line 160, in __setitem__22:03
thisfred    os.rename(path, old_path)22:03
thisfredexceptions.OSError: [Errno 21] Is a directory22:03
alecuthisfred, probably a misconfigured logger22:04
thisfredI've not seen that before, and I sure as heck did not touch that code22:04
nessitathisfred: what alecu's says22:04
alecuok, it's kindergarten time22:04
thisfredalecu: probably yes, but  it happens everytime a test fails22:04
alecuthisfred, perhaps the rest of the messages are mixed up with the rest of the test-run messages.22:05
alecuso much for rest.22:05
alecuwell, I have to go, ttyl22:05
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
nessitathisfred: I've got a test failure in your branch22:06
nessitaexceptions.OSError: [Errno 21] Is a directory22:06
nessitathisfred: does that sound familiar?22:07
thisfrednessita: yeah me too,22:07
thisfredbut I have no idea why...22:07
thisfredI sure did not touch that code22:07
thisfredlet me see if trunk works22:07
nessitathisfred: ok, you may ask facundobatista for some help as well. Also, clicking on Mom brings nothing up nor the control panel is opened22:09
nessitathisfred: shall I need a newer control panel?22:09
thisfrednessita: that's possible, the service landed yesterday or tuesday22:09
nessitathisfred: hum... I'm up to date, but let update JIC22:10
nessitaanyone: can I have a second review for https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/device-list-type-error/+merge/55808 ?22:10
beunonessita, sure22:11
nessitabeuno: thanks!22:11
nessitathisfred: I'll try restarting, I have a couple of [ubuntuone-contr] <defunct> processes22:15
* nessita restarts22:15
nessitathisfred: I'm back22:27
thisfred nessita: trunk tests pass, but I can't see anything in the diff that could cause this error, really22:28
nessitathisfred: have you asked facundobatista about the error per se?22:29
thisfredI have not. facundobatista: any idea what the test error I pasted ^^ could mean? I have not touched any of that code.22:30
thisfredBut the error is in my branch and not in trunk it seems22:30
facundobatistathisfred, which is the name of your branch?22:30
thisfredfacundobatista:  lp:~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/quota-notifications22:31
nessitathisfred: so, no control panel for me when clicking on Mon :-/22:31
facundobatistathisfred, just in case, try to rename the directory where you have your branch to something shorter22:31
thisfrednessita: weird, it worked here when I last tested, let me try again22:31
* facundobatista is not the first time that makes a test fail because paths too long22:31
facundobatistathisfred, also, are you in ext3? ext4? fuse? encrypted?22:32
nessitathisfred: If I click on the Ubuntu One entry, the control panel gets opened. When clicking on the Mom, is not :-/22:32
thisfredfacundobatista: I've had that problem before, but I think that's a different error22:32
thisfredfacundobatista: and they have to be a lot longer. I'm on ext4 not encrypted22:32
facundobatistathisfred, so, all standard :|22:32
thisfrednessita: retrying here22:32
nessitathisfred: thanks, let me know, I'll do the dishes in the mean time22:33
thisfrednessita: yeah, does not work here anymore either. wth. Ok, setting branch to work in progress, and have to walk the dog now22:35
facundobatistathisfred, could you please ping me tomorrow morning if you still didn't figure it out?22:35
thisfredfacundobatista: thanks will do22:35
facundobatistathisfred, I'm too burnout to enter in a new debugging, and need to finish mine22:35
nessitathisfred: ack22:36
thisfredwow, something in u1trial started taking 100% memory just now22:38
thisfredin platform/windows....22:38
thisfredguess we roast the monkey tomorrow22:38
thisfredok bbl22:38
nessitaok, I'm off22:58
nessitathisfred: let me know tomorrow how it went22:58
nessitabye all!22:58

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