ScottLTheMuso, would you mind going ahead and removing -controls from natty seeds, i don't think the update will be ready in time00:28
holsteinScottL: can you do the /topic in here?00:30
ScottLholstein, funnily enough, i think i need to be at work to do it :P  but i can try though00:30
holsteinwell, when you think about it00:31
holsteinadd that the meetings are the first sunday of the month00:31
holsteinif you still want to try and keep that going?00:31
holsteinthat would be this sunday00:31
ScottLyes i would, most feverently00:31
holsteinme too00:32
holsteini'll get a thing out to the list tonite or tomorrow00:32
TheMusoScottL: Ok will do once beta is out.00:51
ScottLTheMuso, thanks01:16
ScottLholstein, yeah, giving some heads up will be useful to potential attendees01:17
=== ScottL changed the topic of #ubuntustudio-devel to: blah
ScottLhuh, it looks like i can change the topic :P01:17
=== ScottL changed the topic of #ubuntustudio-devel to: Ubuntu Studio Development Channel | Ubuntu Studio code: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio | Maverick Meerkat released, Natty Narwhal development under way. | This Channel is logged | Meetings first Sunday of each month
ScottLholstein, how's that?01:18
holsteinScottL: :)01:19
ailoScottL, I'm in Sweden, which is +1 GMT. Sorry I missed you yesterday. I've started a bit of outlining on the documentation, so I could present that to you tomorrow. We could decide on some categories, and add items to those. 10:03
jussigo back to work astraljava :P11:03
astraljavaI _am_ working. Occasional FB session doesn't change that. :D11:34
astraljavaThe fact that I'm not currently very busy at work on the other...11:34
ScottLailo, no problem, we're all here when we can be :)13:17
ScottLailo, that sounds good about the documentation, i look forward to planning the work and then working the plan13:17
falktx_hey, where are the downloads for natty beta1 iso?18:00
falktx_I can only find source - http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/natty/beta-1/18:01
falktx_hm, daily has iso18:04
holsteinDaviey: NON URGENT QUERY20:06
holsteinif we wanted mootbot?20:06
holsteinfor the meetings?20:06
holsteini forget which of you uk-podcasters helped us (ubuntu-us-nc) get that going on20:06
Davieyholstein, I can add mootbot-uk, i control that one... the others you'd need to talk to the irc council or something20:07
holsteini didnt know much about the particulars at the time20:07
Davieyholstein, it was me. :)20:07
holsteini just noticed an improved quality of life:)20:07
holsteinDaviey: when you say IRC council?20:08
holsteinthats ubuntu?20:08
holsteinor freenode?20:08
holsteinDaviey: thanks :)20:09
ScottLholstein, thanks for the meeting email20:33
ScottLwhat is mootbot?20:33
ScottL.g mootbot20:33
ScottLargh, no thelonious here, ppttthhhh20:33
ScottLoh, sweet, i like mootbot already :)20:34
ScottLhi quadrispro, how are you?22:58
quadrisproScottL, ehy! fine here, and you?22:58
quadrisprohello all22:58
ScottLquadrispro, doing good, things are afoot and progress is being made22:59
quadrisprohave you noticed LV2-rev4 in unstable?23:00

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