ubottuUbuntu bug 746111 in Xubuntu Website "Xubuntu website has incorrect hardware requirement information" [Low,New]00:23
pleia2should I just s/192/256 on the site?00:23
knomes/256/512/ s/192/256/ s/128/192/00:24
pleia2sounds good to me00:24
knomelet's go for that for now, and rethink that after natty00:24
knomewe probably need to rethink most of the texts in the website anyway with the new site, so this can wait for that as well00:25
* pleia2 nods00:26
pleia2ok, updated the ticket so we know what the original text was, and fix committed00:28
pleia2thanks knome :)00:28
knomeno problem00:28
knomepleia2, btw00:33
knomethe site says "Visit the Fridge"00:33
knomebut that's called the ubuntu news...00:33
pleia2fridge is having an identity crisis00:33
knomeyou probably knew, but the shot at "What is Xubuntu?" is QUITE old00:34
pleia2yeah, if someone wants to screenshot a maverick I'd be happy to put it up00:35
knomedoes it need to be default layout? :P00:35
pleia2yeah, that's why I haven't done it yet :)00:36
pleia2I should just toss it on a vm real quick, but I r teh lazy00:36
pleia2lemme make a bug and then it will annoy me enough to do it00:36
knomewell, we'll get to change that image as well ;)00:36
knomehaha, well okay, if that makes you do it00:36
knomewe need to take new shots when natty is released anyway00:36
knomeso is it worth it?00:36
* pleia2 shrugs00:37
pleia2I think there are a few other screenshots on the site, I should really just go through the whole thing and inventory00:37
knomethere are quite a meny00:38
pleia2plus it'll give me a list for every release when we need to go screenshot happy00:38
knomeunless we add/remove shots :)00:38
pleia2oh, thoughts on making our wiki less eye-bleeding?00:39
knomeour wiki?00:39
knomeright, that00:39
pleia2I'm thinking just making all the blocks light blue00:39
pleia2the first one is ok, the other 3 are :(00:39
knomethat's an idea.00:40
pleia2orange on dark blue is hard to read00:40
pleia2actually I guess dark blue is ok, it's that medium blue that's the trouble00:40
pleia2I like that though, aside from the middle one00:41
knomei know, but the colors are pretty easy to change00:41
knomewell, the non-link colors00:41
* pleia2 nods00:41
pleia2charlie-tca does such a good job at keeping our meeting notes up to date00:42
* knome tries not to giggle and burst to tears at the same time00:43
knomebtw, the new smiley's at the wiki are awful00:43
pleia2the new branding ones?00:44
pleia2hm, they are worse than I remember00:45
pleia2oh, nice00:46
pleia2ok, I'll poke some people about putting that one in00:47
pleia2my eyes will be so much happier00:47
knomecan't we just put that in right now?00:47
pleia2I dunno, I don't want to upset anyone :)00:47
knomei want to00:48
pleia2upset people?00:48
pleia2hehhe :P00:48
knomeno i mean, it's an improvement for everybody00:48
pleia2yeah, ok, it's a wiki, we can revert if there are protests in the street00:48
pleia2it looks good and is readable, unlike now00:48
knomein the street? i ain't going outside, so no worries, but if they come in...00:48
knomewell yeah00:49
pleia2that looks very good knome, thank you :)00:50
knomei know we have the governance where everything goes through charlie-tca, but that takes a long time, and i actually showed that to charlie already and the only concern was the colors00:50
pleia2ah good00:50
knomei think we need some padding00:51
knomei added some padding00:56
knomeshould look more clean now, the wiki header00:56
pleia2yeah that's good00:57
knomei think i'll hit the bed now00:59
pleia2night knome :)00:59
knome3am, and i'm planning to go to city @noon tomorrow00:59
pleia2good luck00:59
knomenight, and have a nice day!00:59
charlie-tcaback from dinner01:00
pleia2wb charlie-tca 01:00
charlie-tcapleia2: can we use natty screenshots on the website, we are only 4 weeks from release now01:01
pleia2charlie-tca: ok, maybe from the natty beta1 tomorrow?01:01
pleia2I'll toss up a VM and get screenshotting01:01
pleia2or just wait until release01:01
charlie-tcaI can do a hardware install and screenshot it if you want01:01
pleia2yeah, that works too :)01:02
charlie-tcaI don't have one handy, my last installs were for Ubuntu01:02
pleia2I need to toss up a beta1 vm this week to make sure I'm ready for the jam this weekend anyway01:02
charlie-tcaI think I did about 16 sat and sun, and another 8 or 10 today01:03
pleia2nice :)01:03
charlie-tcaGood morning14:43
charlie-tcaDo we want to do any blueprints for UDS this time?14:43
charlie-tcacut off for them is May 514:43
ochosisry, i'm not really sure i know what the blueprints are about/good for, could you elaborate a bit?14:45
charlie-tcathey are what is normally used to decide all the major changes for each release14:45
charlie-tcaUDS is a place to take the blueprints, discuss them, and make the decisions. That way things get decided within the first month and the blueprint gives the plan to implement the changes14:46
ochosibut you're talking about xubuntu specific blueprints in our case, right?14:46
ochosido you think anyone will care about those at UDS?14:47
mr_pouitno ;D14:47
charlie-tcaInstead of waiting to discuss the changes in meetings and then the ML, we could blueprint it and track it easier, maybe14:47
charlie-tcaI was asked last time if there were any xubuntu sessions14:47
ochosicharlie-tca: are you going to UDS?14:48
charlie-tcamr_pouit: you going to UDS this time or is that just not your thing?14:48
charlie-tcaochosi: hopefully, yes. as QA14:48
charlie-tcaI go for the QA stuff, accessibility, and then try to keep things from running Xubuntu over in the process14:49
charlie-tcaThere has been at least one change at two UDS14:49
charlie-tcathat did not take place that would have adversely affected us14:50
ochosiwhat was that change?14:50
charlie-tcaSure, ask me that14:50
mr_pouitno, I don't go to UDS, as I don't know what I could do there :}14:51
charlie-tca40 sessions + each UDS, my brain doesn't remember details well. I just remember getting my side of it in14:51
charlie-tcathis will be my second in-person UDS.14:51
ochosii'm just wondering what we would gain from UDS (apart from opinions/feedback of ubuntu people) especially if we have to implement the changes we want ourselves anyway14:52
charlie-tcaI can understand that, mr_pouit . Unless we pushed all the Xubuntu changes through the blueprints, it doesn't affect Xubuntu as a project so much14:52
charlie-tcaThat would depend on how many of us got there, too14:53
mr_pouitochosi: moreover, we don't want to control the xfce development, and don't want to overpatch everything ;>14:53
ochosimr_pouit: completely agree with you on that. if there were a xfce-DS that might make more sense for us :)14:54
charlie-tcaI would like to see us get rid of more gnome dependencies if possible. Also, I stll want midori ;-)14:54
ochosiyes, more xfce-apps would be cool14:55
charlie-tcaI fear we will see more dependencies as Xfce incorporates accessibility into 4.1014:55
ochosiactually one thing i would really love to see is some alternative to xscreensaver14:55
charlie-tcaIt is better then gnome-screensaver in actual use. What else do we have to pick from?14:56
ochosinot sure there's much else tbh14:56
ochosimy search has mainly turned up those two14:57
ochosiand iirc mr_pouit said that gnome-screensaver has gained a few really bad dependencies14:57
charlie-tcaChanges were made to the wiki last night. 14:57
ochosiso actually it doesn't seem like we have a choice14:57
charlie-tcaHas anyone noticed?14:57
ochosinot yet14:57
ochosixubuntu wiki?14:57
ochosior generally the ubuntu wiki14:58
ochosilet me have a look14:58
charlie-tcaI don't use the default theme, and it fails bad now14:58
charlie-tcaBorders are around the boxes, and show up in "rightsidebar" theme, at least14:58
ochosiit feels a bit snappier14:59
charlie-tcaWorks a little better as far as colors with the orange, in the default theme15:00
charlie-tcabut it feels like a work in progress, if it won't work with other themes besides the default15:01
ochosii'll try to switch themes now (was using "ubuntu" before)15:02
charlie-tcahttp://imagebin.org/145887 is what I get now15:04
ochosiyeah, looks kinda odd15:04
charlie-tcaIt doesn't fit the page, borders should not be there, and under Contribute, the links run together bad15:04
ochosithe light theme seems to work ok15:05
ochosiat least better than most other themes15:05
charlie-tcaWe need to find a way to make the links separate, on all the themes15:05
charlie-tcaI kind of like the table under xubuntu, but it too looks wrong, with the extra little column on the end15:06
ochosiyes, that's definitely not nice code15:06
ochosicharlie-tca: what do you think of just collecting ideas for natty+1 internally somewhere instead of UDS blueprints? (maybe even on a wiki-page)15:08
ochosiyou can still discuss the things that are ready by UDS with the people there and get feedback15:08
charlie-tcaKind of like adding something to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap, either directly on the page or an additional draft page?15:09
charlie-tcaI don't think I can ever learn to spell owneyerick correctly, though15:09
ochosicharlie-tca: maybe it's a good idea to start with a rather blank page and move the items that have been discussed somehow to the roadmap page15:10
ochosithat way there would be some intermediary step to help us distinguish between "approved"/"discussed" items and proposed items15:11
charlie-tcadamn, too slow typing. I agree15:11
ochosiok cool15:11
charlie-tcaWe could add an O page and start in15:11
ochosii already have a few ideas for greybird, and maybe we can add a list of apps we'15:12
charlie-tcaWill you do that, with a link off the Roadmap page?15:12
ochosid like to review for oneiric as well15:12
ochosiyeah, good idea15:12
charlie-tcaGreat! Thanks 15:12
charlie-tcaI give up putting in claws-mail, it just doesn't have the user interface, unless we consider our users advanced.15:13
ochosiyeah, i agree15:13
ochosimaybe we can review postler for oneiric15:13
ochosithe development has been steady there lately15:13
charlie-tcaWhat is it?15:13
ochosiit's a pretty simplistic mail-client (same dev as midori)15:13
charlie-tcaReally? I will go find it then and look at it15:14
ochosiyes, there should be a ppa already iirc15:14
charlie-tcaum, as a side note, Ubuntu may go to Thunderbird this time, too.15:14
ochosiat least that would mean more messaging menu integration15:14
ochosioh, one more note on postler: as you will quickly notice it only supports imap, so no pop emails :)15:15
charlie-tcaHow many more dependencies will it create (with gnome), I wonder?15:15
charlie-tcapeople still use pop?15:15
ochosino clue :)15:15
ochosii wouldn't use pop15:15
ochosii think it's ok, but it's one of the very few shortcomings of postler15:16
charlie-tcaI will go looking for that too, then. If it is still needed for a large population, we will have to support it15:16
ochosialso be sure to check out the address-application called "dexter", in the same ppa15:16
charlie-tcaalso, what about migration?15:16
ochosiwith imap you won't need much migration15:16
ochosibut you can import mailboxes afaik15:17
charlie-tcaI got about 15,000 messages in claws-mail15:17
charlie-tcanot to mention, the about 100 folders15:17
ochosibut you have all those messages in claws as an offline archive?15:18
ochosi(meaning: not on your imap server)15:18
charlie-tcaI store very few on the imap server15:23
charlie-tcaI don't have enough space to keep them there15:23
ochosiright, i thought keeping the emails there was the reason for imap15:24
charlie-tcawell, it works if the message base isn't too big, but mine is something like montrous15:24
charlie-tcaI could be wrong about the size on my hard drive, too.15:26
ochosicharlie-tca: one last thing, it might be worth posting a notice to the ML to invite everyone to contribute ideas for oneiric15:34
charlie-tcaAgreed. 15:34
charlie-tcaThat's why I brought blueprints. I think we need to get an email out and get things rolling soon15:35
beardygnomehi charlie-tca are you around?19:26
knomebeardygnome, anything i can help with?19:31
beardygnomenot sure knome19:32
beardygnomei emailed charlie earlier in the week and was wondering if he'd had a chnace to look at it yet19:32
knomewhat was it about19:32
beardygnomei was wondering how flexible the weekly meeting times / dates were19:33
knomei suppose not so flexible, but we can propose to change the regular time19:33
beardygnomemy personal circumstances are changing and thursdays aren't going to be practical for me going forward19:34
beardygnomeon the other hand, i don't want to put everyone else to any inconvenience19:34
knomethe thursday evenings are not very well for me either19:37
beardygnomeso i wouldn't be the only one who'd benefit from a change then....19:39
micahgcharlie-tca: guessing there's no meeting today20:23
Unit193They said last time that we were going to skip this time20:24
* pleia2 nods20:24
* micahg seems to have missed that20:25
knomethere was no message to the devel ML though, so people who didn't attend didn't know about that20:25
* micahg attend, but was only partially present20:26
charlie-tcaright, I am behind on meeting minutes, but the logs are available to anyone that wants to write them up, too20:27
charlie-tcabeardygnome: looking into possible days and times20:28
beardygnomethanks charlie-tca20:28
charlie-tcaSorry, micahg. I got caught up trying to get the candidates tested and lost track of messages20:46
charlie-tcaHello, vinnl 22:37
charlie-tcanot out yet22:37
charlie-tcawell, unless you read OMG! Ubuntu22:38
vinnlHaha I thought I'd ask here first :P22:38
charlie-tcaIf you need to, release it and we will be okay.22:39
charlie-tcaWe really need to make sure we do made the announcements this time around. 22:39
vinnlHow long will it take? I've got a few little things I've still got to do22:39
charlie-tcaby the way, news goes to the planet now, too22:40
vinnlYeah I saw, great :)22:40
charlie-tcaThere are some edits being made to the Ubuntu web site for the announcement, then it will be made.22:40
charlie-tcaTried to give you some things to work with in the release notes. Do we do our own notes for the Beta2 now, since it repaces the RC?22:41
vinnlI don't know, I've never really made release notes22:41
charlie-tcaheh, me either22:42
charlie-tcabut I learn quick... 22:42
vinnlWasn't there some guy a while ago who offered to do it and did it once?22:42
charlie-tcayes, and hasn't been heard from since22:42
charlie-tcaWant to try it that way again for the final? I thought maybe I could throw something together, since I have a pretty good idea of where we went and what we are doing now.22:43
vinnlThat last option should be fine, I guess22:44
vinnlAnyway, my laptop broke down, which I had imported from the US, and tech support is online now, which means I have reasons to stay online too :P22:45
charlie-tcaSorry, that makes it much harder to get things done with it.22:49
charlie-tcavinnl: announcement went out just a few minutes ago. Let's go ahead with ours, too.23:00
* Unit193 should probably subscribe to the ML...23:02
charlie-tcaThank you all for the great work done to get this Natty Narwhal Beta1 out! It is shaping up to be a really good release, and I think we will gain users because of all your work!23:42
* micahg hopes people like gmusicbrowser :)23:44
ochosimicahg: sure thing ;)23:44
charlie-tcaHow could they not like it?23:45
micahgochosi: did you talk to squentin?23:45
knomefor the same reason they didn't like when we presented exaile as the default music player? :P23:45
micahgknome: exaile wasn't that great23:45
ochosimicahg: yes, he was a bit hesitant at first but i guess he'll release a new version sometime soon so it'll supersede the version in debian23:46
knomeneither is gmusicbrowser for all users23:46
knomeo hai ochosi 23:46
ochosiwell, people seem to realise those things one release late23:46
ochosibluebird is having a pretty good phase again atm :)23:46
ochosiall in all i think we have nothing to worry about23:46
ochosiwe did a lot of good work and i think 11.04 will be so much better than 10.1023:46
micahgyep, I think 4.8 by itself is a big draw23:47
charlie-tcachange is hard for some of us, even when it is for the best.23:48
charlie-tcaI think I will wait for alpha2 on oneiric before I upgrade from natty23:48
ochosiyeah, i'm kinda wondering what suprises the ubuntu-folks keep for us in oneiric23:49
ochosimaybe more gtk-hacking23:49
ochosi(and maybe more breakage)23:49
micahgwell, there will be finishing the port to gnome3 and the start of deprecation of the unsupported gnome2 pieces23:50
charlie-tcaWe will have that. Also, they do not intend to keep the fallback for oneiric. It will only have Unity, apparently.23:50
* micahg guesses it'll be installable, just not available in the default install23:51
knomejudging from what happened with kubuntu in 8.04, i'm sure they don't want to make it unaccessible23:51

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