jayantknome: what is the difference between both of them ?00:01
knomejayant, between xubuntu and lubuntu?00:02
knomejayant, xubuntu uses xfce as desktop environment, lubuntu uses lxde00:02
knomejayant, there are some other differences as well, but that's the most notable00:02
jayantknome: what is the difference between xfce and lxde ?00:03
knomejayant, lxde is a bit less user-friendly and has a less features than xfce00:04
knomejayant, lxde is still usable, though :)00:04
jayantknome: what does less user-friendly mean ??00:04
knomejayant, not as easily configurable etc.00:05
jayantknome: ok..thank you00:05
knomejayant, i don't know much details about lxde, so i'm not able to compare better00:05
knomeno problem00:05
jayantknome: i think i will study a bit about both of them and then choose which one to install00:05
knomeyeah. 256 might be just a bit too little mem for xubuntu00:05
jayantwhich package will i have to download to install lubunu, like xubuntu-desktop for xubuntu ?00:06
knomei suppose lubuntu-desktop, but when you finally made your choice, i suggest a clean install00:06
jayantknome: maybe, but on xubuntu's website, it's given minimum 128MB and recommended 256 MB00:06
jayantknome: what will be the difference between clean install and installing that package ?00:07
knomeminimun means it'll boot. recommended 256 means that it can pretty much run one application at a time and not totally freeze00:07
jayantif i remove all the gnome and kde packages, then will it be same as clean install ?00:07
knomeyes, pretty much00:07
jayantah, ok !!00:07
knomeclean install is just easier00:07
knomeif you want to go adventurous, you can even try the minimal cd, which by default only installs the base system (eg. not even eny graphical interface!)00:08
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD00:08
jayantclean install will require heavy download00:08
knomelubuntu is the same as installing minimum, and from there, lubuntu-desktop00:09
jayantknome, i am new to ubuntu, i can barely use terminal commands00:09
knomeyeah, then maybe better sticking with the live installer cd's00:09
jayantso i dont want to be that adventurous right now :)00:09
jayantlubuntu is 80.8 MB download and xubuntu is 98.9MB...What if i download both one by one ?00:10
knomethat's actually the most accurate info about requirements :)00:10
knomeyou can install them one by one, yes00:11
knomeyou can't remove installed packages easily, though00:11
jayanthow will i switch between them ?00:11
knomeyou should be able to select the session in the login screen00:11
jayantwhat do you mean by "you can't remove installed packages easily, though" ?? I just didnt got it00:12
jayantknome: ok00:12
knomeokay, i'll explain00:12
knomexubuntu-desktop is a metapackage00:12
knomewhich means it'll install packages x, y, z, a, b, c, ...00:12
knomethough some of those packages might already be installed in your system00:12
knomelet's say x, y, and b00:13
jayanti know about that00:13
knomethere's no easy way to know that you need to remove z, a, and c00:13
jayantthe size i told you00:13
knomeid you remove the xubuntu-desktop metapackage, none of the packages it installed are removed though00:13
jayantwas what i read in the terminal when i tried sudo-apt get install xubuntu-desktop00:13
jayantknome: oh...ok00:13
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »00:14
knomethere are things like that00:14
knomebut those aren't 100% reliable00:14
jayantshould i remove all kde and gnome packages before installing xubuntu or lubuntu00:15
jayantor can i remove them later on too00:15
knomeyou should remove them later00:15
knome(if you necessarily do want to remove them)00:15
jayantwill installing the xubuntu-desktop package also install the light-weight apps that are there on xubuntu ?00:17
jayantaccording to what i am seeing is, xubuntu is running windows on classic style and lubuntu is running windows 98 :)00:18
knomeheh, something like that00:18
knomewe're refreshing the xubuntu style for 11.04, though00:18
jayantare you a ubuntu developer ?00:19
knomei help xubuntu with the artwork+stuff00:19
knomeso yeah, i think that kind of makes me a ubuntu developer :)00:19
jayantthats nice00:20
knomehttp://shimmerproject.org/files/2011/03/greybird.png - preview of xubuntu 11.04 :)00:20
jayantwhat does 0 upgraded, 139 newly installed, 2 to remove and 281 not upgraded. mean ??00:20
jayanti mean what does remove and not upgraded mean ?00:21
jayanti see this when i install something from terminal00:21
knome2 packages need to be removed00:21
knome281 will kept not upgraded, since you didn't select to upgrade, you wanted to install new packages00:22
knomesudo apt-get upgrade if you want to upgrade first00:22
jayantwhy are packages required to removed ?00:22
knomesome packages conflict, and can't be installed at the same time in the same computer00:22
knomethat's probably nothing to worry about though00:23
jayantthe new look that you gave a link for, is pretty much same as ubuntu00:23
jayantjust a classic theme00:24
jayantand not much gradients00:24
knomemmh, true00:24
jayantthe link that you gave me before, about system requirements...there were a lot many distros mentioned there and puppy seems to be the best one00:25
jayantshall i give that a try too ?00:25
knomeit's really not user-friendly00:26
jayantbut still, if i start using it, it will become user-friendly for me :)00:26
jayantdoes lubuntu come with google chrome ?00:27
knomeumm, well, it's really hard00:27
knomere: lubuntu+chrome: i think, yeah00:27
knomeif you want to save resources though, you should think of some other browser, if that's at all possible00:27
knomeand you can also have chrome in xubuntu00:27
jayantknome, i dont use chrome, but i have it installed thought00:28
knome(ubuntu, xubuntu and lubuntu share the repositories, so any application you can have in one, you can have in the other)00:28
jayanti actually asked it because i saw this on terminal: http://shimmerproject.org/files/2011/03/greybird.png00:28
knomehttp://xubuntu.org/getubuntu is updated00:28
jayantoops...forgot to copy00:28
jayanti pressed ctrl+C on the termianl to copy00:29
jayantand the download was aborted00:29
jayantwill it resume if i start it again00:29
knomeyeah, that's the abort command00:29
knomeyeah, it should00:29
knomeat least from the beginning of the last package you were downloading00:29
jayantthe first package was 1 chromium-browser 8,745kB/15.4MB 56%00:30
jayantthats why i asked you about chrome00:30
knomewith lubuntu? mm-hmm00:30
jayantyeah with lubuntu00:30
knomethey do use chrome as default afaik00:30
jayantwhats afaik ?00:31
knomeafaik == as far as i know :)00:31
jayantThis time i got "Need to get 79.9MB/80.8MB of archives." what does that mean ?00:31
jayantwill it download 79.9MB or 80.8 ?00:31
jayanti got it00:32
knome80.8MB is the amount what you have to download, and 0.9MB is already downloaded00:32
jayantthe download resumes00:32
jayantdo you use C++ ?00:33
knomenope, i'm an artist rather than a coder00:33
jayantok....do you make 3d models ??00:34
knomenot really :)00:34
jayanti googled system requirements for puppy and got this : "Hard Drive : Optional "00:35
jayantsee this...http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=10113700:36
jayantmy cell phone has a better configuration :D00:37
knomebut puppy linux is not really a sunny day to install00:37
jayantcan i install it on my cellphone then ?00:37
knomeif it puppy supports the architecture (which i suppose it doesn't), why not?00:38
jayantwhat does architecture mean ?00:39
jayant20% of lubuntu-desktop package download was chromium browser00:40
knomearchitecture == i386, amd64, ...00:41
jayantoh ok...00:41
jayantdoes architecture mean processor ?00:42
knomewell, processor architecture ;)00:43
jayantwhich application do you use for image editing ?00:44
knomeinkscape mostly00:45
jayantcan i pause something running in terminal ?00:45
knomeumm, i suppose you can...00:45
jayanthow ?00:46
knomectrl+z if i remember correctly00:46
jayantthat stopped it00:47
jayanthow do i continue it ?00:47
jayantE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?00:49
jayantwhats fg ?00:49
knomefg continues00:49
jayantthank you00:49
knomeyou can't upgrade/install something else if you have something installing/upgrading already00:49
knomeso you have to wait that this upgrade is finished00:50
jayanti hope you dont mind me asking this, but you are from which country ?00:50
knomefinland, and no problem :)00:51
knome(and i need to go to bed soon - 3am here :P)00:51
jayant5:21 AM here.... :D00:51
jayantmy cousin went to finland once and he says that it's the best country in the world as regards to natural beauty00:52
knomethat's weird timezone :)00:52
jayantall that comes to my mind with finland is Children of Bodom :D00:52
jayantit's GMT +5:3000:52
knomeyeah. timezones rarely are :3000:53
jayantmy last question, then i wont disturb you anymore :)00:54
jayanthow will i get to know if puppy will run on  Intel PXA27x 312 MHz processor ?00:54
knomejayant, that's a normal pc processor?00:55
jayantknome: no00:55
jayantit's the processor my cell phone uses00:56
knomewell, don't hold your breath00:56
knomeand ask the puppy devs;)00:56
jayanton #puppy ??00:56
jayantok thankyou00:57
knomeno problem00:57
jayantthanks a lot for all your help and good night :)00:57
knomehave fun with linux :)00:58
knomegood night00:58
jayantsame 2 u :)00:58
ljsoftnetcan i use my usb joystick on supertux and supertuxcart?03:26
Unit193Hello xubuntu47404:15
Rogan11Hey guys... Did a dumb thing, disabled some startup things, specifically xfce settings helper and the check for new hardware drivers...06:18
Rogan11Now, obviously on boot I don't have a mouse or keyboard... Anyway to turn those back on, from either commandline on boot or by editing a file (from livecd)06:19
Rogan11That's a... "You're screwed."?06:25
Unit193That, or we are all asleep...06:26
alpha999I'm running xubuntu 10.10 off a live cd on amd64 platform.. When I try to start gparted > http://pastebin.com/PP0GicMa06:58
ljsoftnethow do i edit the xfce menu?07:54
jorge_yhi, I've been trying to set shortcuts on a new installation of xubuntu 10.10 on a asus r101. I expected to have to set a new profile on the window setup, keyboard section, but I have no profile list there. What am I doing wrong?08:51
Sysiiirc some old xfce had those profiles, not anymore09:34
Sysiwindow hotkeys are in window manager settings09:34
jorge_yhi sysi09:34
jorge_yok, and how can you set a new one, I mean, I have no button for defining a new one09:35
jorge_yor am I missing something?09:36
Sysikeyboard settings09:36
Sysithere is shortcuts-tab and button for adding new09:36
jorge_yI will check again, but I thought, I have seen none09:37
jorge_yok, thank you09:38
jorge_yI'm back. I have only two buttons there, one to emptying the list and the other one to set the defaults back. No more.10:01
Sysii have three.. what xubuntu/xfce version?10:02
jorge_ysorry sysi, i was afk10:41
jorge_yI had a 10.04 xubuntu on it and upgraded to 10.1010:42
wereyodahi I have problem chown dont have enought rights su root dont work??? sudo chown do nothing..11:00
wereyodaany ideas?11:01
wereyodaI know I could boot but actually I want to know how root is managed in xubuntu ecause command chown is much needed11:04
Sysithere isn't root passwd by default, use sudo -s or sudo -i11:06
knome'sudo chown' by itself shouldn't do anything11:07
wereyodathanks.. so everything is ok and fresh just installed11:10
TheSheepwereyoda: note also that you might not have permissions to change rights on network-mounted filesystems, even as root11:11
wereyodaowned root:plugdev and files are in ntfs partition, I copy those to native11:20
wereyodathe solution was just to copy files from ntfs to native partition :)11:29
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penossspurt into my ass.12:00
jorge_y@sysi i have xubuntu 10.10 with xfce 4.6.212:39
Sysihum, definitely should be there12:40
jorge_ywell... i don't see it... :(12:40
jorge_yit's a german version, and i have only two buttons "Leeren" and "Standardwerte setzen"12:42
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knomejorge_y, should be a button with green plus there12:43
knomehow did you open the dialog?12:43
knomedoes your user have sudo rights?12:43
jorge_yi have only one user, and i can sudo in the terminal12:44
knomeso how did you open the dialog?12:44
knomefrom the applications mennu?12:44
jorge_ywell, from menu12:44
jorge_yanwendungen/einstellungsverwaltung für xfce4/einstellungen12:45
jorge_yapplications/setup for xcfe4/setup in my translation12:46
jorge_yi have a 10" display, but i cannot find anything hidden12:47
knomejorge_y, it should be in the left bottom12:47
knomejorge_y, left to "remove"12:47
jorge_yit should...12:47
jorge_yshould i reinstall something12:48
knomeyeah, really weird12:48
jorge_yjust to be shure?12:48
knomejorge_y, you can try reinstalling xubuntu-desktop12:48
knomeand upgrading everything12:48
jorge_yok, i can try12:48
jorge_yas i said, i did an upgrade from 10.04 to 10.1012:49
jorge_ymaybe it didn't function allright12:49
knomeyeah, possible12:49
jorge_yok, just to be sure, then i upgrade the desktop only12:50
jorge_yisn't it?12:50
knomeupgrade everything :)12:50
knomefor example yeah12:50
knomebe right back12:51
jorge_y :)12:51
jorge_yi'll try, thank you12:51
jorge_yi'm deinstalling the desktop12:59
mark76Hey cody. What's the CLI command that tells you what kind of soundcard your machine's packing?14:09
TheSheepmark76: lshw14:13
mark76That's a big i, right?14:13
TheSheepit's a small L14:14
mark76Ah right14:14
TheSheep(it's a short for 'list hardware')14:14
mark76So obvious when you see it written down14:15
mark76Ooh. I have firewire.14:16
mark76I thought that was a Mac thing14:16
jorge_ywell, i did an apt-get remove xubuntu* xfce*, a shutdown, and apt-get install xubuntu-desktop. All the same, i don't have the third button to define new shortcuts. I give up.16:32
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valadareshow can i make xubuntu detects my wlan adapter? model:USB-11N-NTX(LOOP)18:06
mark76Does anyone here use 64 bit?19:20
mark76Do you an nividia msp61 audio xhip, knome?19:22
knomewhat is the problem?19:22
mark76I can't get sound in19:22
mark76As opposed to out19:22
knomei can't get sound in either from my audigy 2 line in19:22
mark76I can't think of a better way to put it19:22
knomeyeah, i asked just because usually it is out :P19:23
mark76Unless you're recording19:23
knomeyes, of course.19:23
knomehave you checked the pulseaudio controls?19:23
mark76So 64 bit Ubuntu fails with Audigy cards too?19:24
mark76Though I use alsa19:24
knomeno, it's not that it's 64-bit, it's because it just doesn't work in this release19:24
mark76The Nvidia has never worked19:24
knomethe audigy2 card worked maybe 2 years ago.19:25
mark76I was hoping someone would have solved it by now19:25
knomeme too, but since it's not critical for me, i haven't had much time to use to solve the problem19:26
mark76I'm going to send a telegram to the main distro's support channel19:27
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An_Ony_MooseIs it possible to use a multitouch trackpad in xfce?20:06
An_Ony_Moosethe driver is fine, it works in the GNOME desktop20:06
Sysiit's about xorg preferences and settings, gnome has own controls for mouse settings20:07
An_Ony_MooseSysi: so I have to edit xorg.conf? I'll see if I can find anything about using this specific device on xubuntu, if not I'll be back ;)20:09
Sysiyou can use xinput too, or maybe some GUI20:09
An_Ony_MooseSysi: xinput... *googles*20:10
An_Ony_Mooseeh, that gives me loads of stuff about xbox controllers >_>20:11
An_Ony_Moosewait hey, it's already working20:12
An_Ony_Moosejust that middle-click and right-click are switched20:12
* An_Ony_Moose looks at xorg.conf20:12
An_Ony_Mooseoh wait I forgot that doesn't exist anymore20:13
An_Ony_Mooseand multitouch scrolling works too20:14
knomeif you have an xorg.conf file, it will be used20:14
An_Ony_MooseI'm so used to it that I use it without even noticing it's already working20:14
An_Ony_Mooseisn't there some replacement for xorg.conf now though?20:15
Sysino, xorg just can live without it20:16
knomeyeah, automatic settings20:16
An_Ony_Mooseah ok. Now how do I switch around the two-finger tap and the three-finger tap >.<20:18
Sysimay i ask what multitouch device?20:21
An_Ony_MooseSysi: eeepc integrated trackpad20:23
An_Ony_Mooseoh yeah, THAT'S what xinput is! I completely forgot. I think I can figure this out myself now, thanks for the help Sysi and knome20:30
knomeno problem20:30
An_Ony_Mooseyup I got it20:31
An_Ony_Mooseare settings made with xinput permanent?20:32
An_Ony_Mooseah, then I still have a problem...20:32
Sysimake a script and put it to autostart20:33
An_Ony_Moosexinput set-button-map 12 1 3 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12  did the job perfectly... so how do I make it always do that20:33
An_Ony_Mooseum, autostart20:33
Sysiif it's one command you don't need separate script file propable20:33
Sysi→ session and startup → autostart20:34
An_Ony_Mooseok that means I can now use xubuntu with no problems whatsoever20:35
An_Ony_Mooseincluding speed20:35
An_Ony_Moosethanks very much20:35
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siglanyone want to help me with finding an error that is causing a crash/freeze?21:29
sigli've looked in a few log files and can't find anything so far21:29
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