DaekdroomHm. The bug report regarding high Audacity CPU usage in unity is gone :(00:38
DaekdroomI think it expired.00:38
DaekdroomI was going to ask for a blacklisting in appmenu00:38
artfwoDBO, what's up?04:14
eschvocaHi, I'm trying out beta1 and having issues with Unity.  Am I at the right place?  When I hover over the ubuntu logo (top right) the vertical menu appears but disappears when I move to it.  If I click on the logo I get the large search box but no vertical menu.  How do I use the vertical menu?04:52
eschvocas/top right/top left/04:53
coz_ good day all06:09
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delacare the "Lenses" user selectable, that is, is there some configuration file that determines what Lenses are shown to user?11:16
davidcalledelac, in /usr/share/unity/places/ each Lens has its .place file. It's determined here.11:25
delacdavidcalle: yes, but what about per user? can I select what Lenses are shown for me? maybe with some config file in ~/.local/share/unity/places?11:31
davidcalledelac, you can try. AFAIK, It should work.11:39
delacdavidcalle: you have tried and it worked?11:40
davidcalledelac, I haven't tried.11:41
andrea_delac, you want to hide the icon of the place?11:42
delacdavidcalle: ok. I did try to put empty applications.place and files.place to see if that would make them dissapear from the Launcher and Dash, but that didn't work.11:42
delacdavidcalle: andrea_ that is one thing I'm trying to do11:43
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delacandrea_: that is one thing I'm trying to do11:43
AndreaAzzaronewell, what place icon you want to hide?11:44
delacAndreaAzzarone: any of the at this point. I quess the process is same for all of them?11:45
AndreaAzzaronewell, hide the icons according to me is simple!11:45
AndreaAzzaronebut if you want to hide askubuntu lens icon11:45
AndreaAzzaroneor other lens that are not accessible via shortucut dash11:46
AndreaAzzaronewell, how you can use them?11:46
delacAndreaAzzarone: well, of course I would not use those then. And I know how to make custom lenses. It's documented in the Unity pages. I'm just wondering if there is way to select which ones are shown.11:48
delacAndreaAzzarone: per user, that is11:48
AndreaAzzaroneok... i have an idea..11:48
AndreaAzzaronei will try soon ;)11:48
AndreaAzzaronedelac, ShowEntry=False will help you :)11:54
delacAndreaAzzarone: oh, let's see about that11:55
delachmm, loginwindow didn't show my user after logout... restarting...11:58
andrea__delac, can you repeat12:01
andrea__delac, i have some connection problem!12:01
delacstill booting... :(12:01
delacdoesn't happend very quickly from usb stick...12:01
andrea__ok ok...12:02
andrea__i can wait :)12:02
delacwell, didn't work. I did try to put the ShowEntry=false to each entry section. Even on the Place section. But it had no effect.12:04
delacAndreaAzzarone: did you try that for the files in the /usr/share/... or in the ~/.local/share/unity/places?12:07
delacyes, so it means there is probably no way to make these settings per user12:07
AndreaAzzaronejust a minute!12:08
AndreaAzzaronethere is no ~/.local/share/unity... dir!12:09
AndreaAzzaronethen you are right! :(12:09
delacno unity dir, or unity/places12:10
AndreaAzzaroneno unity12:10
AndreaAzzaronels ~/.local/share/12:10
AndreaAzzaroneapplications   gsettings-data-convert  totem      webkit12:10
AndreaAzzaronedesktop-couch  gvfs-metadata           TpLogger   zeitgeist12:10
AndreaAzzaroneevolution      mime                    Trash12:10
AndreaAzzaronefolks          recently-used.xbel      ubuntuone12:10
AndreaAzzaronei have to go!12:11
AndreaAzzaronesee you later12:11
delacdoh, I put the files in wrong place. Forgot to do the unity folder completely XD12:11
delacnah, didnt help tp have them in unity/places either...12:14
AndreaAzzaronebut you have understood how to hide them globally?12:29
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Guest78173how to get rid of the Unity on 11.04. Unity sucks heavily13:03
delacGuest78173: at login screen, select Ubuntu classic13:04
Guest78173oh - simple great!13:04
user_Just installed 11.04. This is disaster. Unity must GO. How can I completely remove Unity from Ubuntu?14:46
user_I use now Ubuntu Classic but thre is still Unity fuck ups14:46
user_aplication menus are still in the Panel and that's super stupid.14:47
delacuser_: open some app, right click the appmenu on the panel, unlock it, right click again, remove it14:49
delacuser_: it's just an panel app (indicator-appmenu), you can also get it back later by adding it again14:50
user_thx - much better!14:50
user_how to get back those old gnome menus?14:50
delacit's also in the add to panle-list14:51
user_ah true - thanks a lot! Saved my day and first expereience with 11.04 ;-)14:52
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dlundquistSo, I tried Unity and found a few flaws using it with my workflow: I use multiple terminals windows for different tasks, I can't seem to open more than one terminal window at a time, even on different virtual desktops. Second: I would like to be able to launch an application with either just the mouse, or just the keyboard, and the unity search menu thing seems to enforce switching between the two.18:32
dlundquistOverall it seems to make a lot of sense to optimize screen realestate and limit resource usage on a netbook, but seems limiting at 1920x1080 on a high end desktop.18:35
davidcalledlundquist, about the new windows: mouse: middle click on the launcher, keyboard: Super + Shift + number18:37
dlundquistThank you18:39
davidcalledlundquist, yw18:39
delachas anyone found a way to customize the Dash (menu opened from the topleft ubuntu logo)?19:13
DaekdroomCostumize in what ways?19:14
delacDaekdroom: selecting more appropriate aplications to the shortcuts menu19:15
delacDaekdroom: and more than four. eight might be good.19:17
DaekdroomI think the later has something to do with the size.19:18
delacDaekdroom: any way to make the icons smaller?19:23
DaekdroomNot that I know of. There are some tweaks you can do only through CLI, and I haven't read any list of them.19:24
DaekdroomHowever, staying around in here might get you an answer.19:24
delacDaekdroom: well, have been here a while already. No one seems to know anything. :)19:26
DaekdroomThey're probably not paying attention.19:26
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OmegaHas anyone else ever had trouble with waking up from suspend? I can move my mouse around, but the screen stays black.22:11

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