sina_beginner question: what is bzr's equivalent of "git checkout COMMIT" and "git checkout master"?17:34
sinahello, what is the Bazaar equivalent of 'git checkout X' and 'git checkout master'?18:25
LeoNerdEr... bzr checkout URL presumably..?18:33
sinaI need to examine an old revision of the code, how is that down it bzr?18:48
sina*how is that done in bzr?18:49
LeoNerdor whatever the revision number18:49
sinabzr checkout -r123?18:49
sinabzr checkout -r1 --> "File exists .bzr"18:51
sina(sorry I'm very new to bzr)18:51
LeoNerdOh... in an already checked-out directory..?18:51
LeoNerdOr checkout in a new dir.18:53
sinaLeoNerd: that worked! thank you!18:53
LeoNerdcd ..; bzr co -r123 existindir newdir18:54
sinaLeoNerd: that is very helpful :) how would you revert back to the latest revision?18:56
LeoNerdbzr revert18:57
LeoNerdOr maybe  revert -r-118:57
LeoNerdNegative revision numbers count backwards from head18:57
sinaLeoNerd: that's a nice shortcut18:58
LeoNerdHighly useful18:59
LeoNerd-c is also useful; represents a change rather than a revision.. -c 10 is the change committed at 10; i.e. between -r 9 and -r 10. Useful for diff, etc..19:00
LeoNerdbzr di -c-1   # last committed change19:00
sinaLeoNerd: very useful, I'm trying to learn about the dev progress of an opensource project by reading its revisions step by step, so that's definitely going to help!19:04
LeoNerdYup, can be handy19:05
LeoNerdHopefully the project lays tags periodically, perhaps on releases and so on... I tend to do that..  bzr tags  should list them19:06
LeoNerdCan be useful points to compare between19:06
sinaLeoNerd: yes, it does (the project is Zim)19:08
sinaLeoNerd: when/how often would you tag revisions?19:11
LeoNerdWell, about 90% of my bzr work is Perl modules for CPAN; so I create a tag per numbered release19:14
sinaLeoNerd: I see...19:21
sinaLeoNerd: thank you for your useful tips, it helped to speed up my bzr learning progress :o)19:27
sinahow would you look for a file in all revisions?19:46
LeoNerdHow do you mean?19:50
sinaI mean searching all revisions to find a file (for current revision I just do find -name "x")19:52
LeoNerdWhat do you mean "to find a file"...19:55
sinae.g. I want to see what revisions have a file named "setup.py"19:56
LeoNerdOh.. well presumablly all of them since it was added.. no?19:57
sinais there any way to find out when (in which revision) it was added?19:58
LeoNerdSomething like "file history"..?19:59
LeoNerdI forget quite; it's not a query I usually make. Prettysure it exists, though19:59
sinaah yes, I searched for it, it's "bzr log filename" (the file must exist in the current revision)20:04
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pooliegood morning23:25
pooliehi jelmer23:27
jelmer'morning poolie23:28
pooliehey there23:41
jelmerpoolie: I went through the bfbip LEP the other day to see if there were any requirements that hadn't been addressed yet23:43
jelmerpoolie: It seems like the main thing that's not well defined yet is the security requirements23:43
poolieperhaps we should have a u-d-d or u-d thread about that?23:44
poolieor, perhaps make some more concrete proposals in the lep first23:44
jelmerpoolie: related, I wonder if it would make sense to split bfbip up into bfbia (build from branch into archive) and bfbip  (build from branch into primary)23:45
pooliethe first meaning building eg into a ppa, but with no recipe?23:45
jelmeryep, basically - just being able to say from an API call "please build this revisions from this branch into that archive"23:46
poolieand then the second would be mostly about just the policy change of letting it go into the primary archive23:46
pooliethat makes sense to me23:46
pooliethanks for looking at this more23:46
jelmerglad to be able to work on this :)23:49
jelmerI'll gather thoughts and send an email to u-d-d this week23:50
pooliei'm going to do another pass over the user documentation today23:51
poolieboth to pick out nits, and for larger changes23:51
jelmerah, cool23:52
jelmerpoolie, Is all the documentation under https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DistributedDevelopment/Documentation or is there more?23:56
poolieah i actually meant the general bzr documentation23:57
pooliebut yes23:57
pooliehm, there might be some more in a separate packaging guide (draft?) by barry, that's integrating some of this23:58

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