MaximLevitskyBTW, I hope there is an option that enable that behavier00:00
MaximLevitskyIs it possible not to see scaled window while resizing it?00:02
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ahlymPlease take alook at www.woondy.com, it is an open source twitter-replacement00:21
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teagei have a wacom device, P&T bamboo. i dont use the touch. I do xsetwacom set ID touch off and it works but, the ID is always changing. on one session it would be say 13 and after shutdown and reboot its something else. i would like to make a script but i cant keep the same ID. why?01:20
teagenot too lively in here ic is it?01:22
navatwoHey, how do I restart kwin, it crashed and had to be killed.02:26
navatworight now I'm in a tty terminal and I cannot change windows in my GUI environment >.<02:26
navatwo /join #kde02:29
claydohnavatwo: sudo service kdm restart03:15
navatwoclaydoh: that kills everything, its just kwin03:15
navatwothe command is actually (from a tty) `DISPLAY=:0.0 kwin --replace`03:15
claydohnavatwo: can you use alt-f2 to bring up krunner?03:15
navatwoI couldn't that that time03:16
navatwoI have my kwin restarted03:16
navatwokubuntu needs to turn off desktop effects for netbook versions of the distro03:16
navatwothey run out of RAM then cause the calls to hang and ultimately force one to restart the kdm or kill kwin and restart it03:16
valorienavatwo: good idea03:17
valorieplease file a bug03:17
navatwoNow that I've disabled the desktop effects, I hope I wont have issues03:17
navatwovalorie: whats the launchpad site?03:17
valorieprobably easiest to do it from the help menu03:17
navatwoMeh, I like launchpad :>03:17
valoriein any KDE app03:17
navatwoAh, thanks :)03:18
valoriethe nice thing about the help menu is that a lot of your info is autofilled for you03:18
navatwoerr what application should I use for the `application` field03:18
valoriekde-windows is the project for KDE on Windows03:19
navatwoohh lol03:19
navatworekonq wouldn't open03:20
valoriewhat do you use for IRC?03:26
valorieKonvi and Quassel both have KDE help menus also03:26
valorieas does dolphin03:26
navatwovalorie: I use irssi :)03:30
navatwoaka konsole :P03:31
navatwoI just manually filled in the information03:31
navatwohttps://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=269980 valorie did I miss anything?03:32
ubottuKDE bug 269980 in compositing "kwin freezes when tiling windows -- RAM issue" [Crash,Unconfirmed]03:32
valorielooks good, navatwo03:37
valorieour kwin people are excellent programmers, and very responsive03:38
navatwoawesome :)03:45
navatwoit only became an issue after I updated my kde version, so kubuntu may have already adressed the issue.03:45
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navatwowait.. no it didn't03:46
navatwonvm me03:46
KaleidoscopeAnyone know why my headphone port might not be working?03:46
KaleidoscopeSound card works beautifully, Headphone port doesn't03:46
KaleidoscopeDo I need like a different driver?03:47
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folornmy question is for anyone quite familair with Jedit the editor program. im needing some refine tuneing on how to get the line numbers up on it so it shows what each line number is . its been a long time since ive used it so if someone could help me out with that specific program. now for question2: ive downloaded gcc and installed it as far as i know but how do i exactly use it to do the compileing im quite new to the programing stu03:52
folornff and could use some help at understanding the concepts anyone got time to go over this with me quick ?? plz help ;)03:52
Kaleidoscope235 users, None of them alive....Why even be in the room anyways?03:58
valorieforlorn, have you looked for a channel where people might be more likely to answer your question?03:59
valorieI've never heard of jedit03:59
valorieif you want KDE programming help, you might try #kde-devel04:00
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valorieKaleidoscope: run alsamixer from console04:00
valorieand see if that bit is turned off04:00
valorieand maybe pavucontrol too04:01
valoriewhich is a gui to control pulseaudio04:01
KaleidoscopeAlright, on the alsamixer, headphones are on and turned all the way up04:03
Kaleidoscopehave to install pavu04:04
KaleidoscopeOn pavucontrol, if I set it to the headphones, I get no sound at all04:07
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valorieI wish I had more help for you, but that's the extent of my knowledge04:17
KaleidoscopeAlright, Thanks though04:18
KaleidoscopeAnyone here know anything about audio troubles?04:53
Mithrandir_folorn: man jedit04:56
Mithrandir_Kaleidoscope: Have they ever worked?04:56
KaleidoscopeThey work fine on windows04:59
folornjust did ive cut and pasted this code and did - gcc skeletonbot.c so im assumeing it compiled it but then i got this after i done that in the terminal - /tmp/ccfJkABm.o: In function `raw':05:02
folornskeletonbot.c:(.text+0x88): undefined reference to `va_start'05:02
folornskeletonbot.c:(.text+0xbf): undefined reference to `va_end'05:02
folorncollect2: ld returned 1 exit status05:02
FloodBotK2folorn: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:02
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windyhuis there anyone who use kde4.6.1?05:41
KaleidoscopeIs there a 4.6.1?05:42
KaleidoscopeI'm on 4.5.1 and I was told it's the newest05:42
windyhuwith the ppa05:42
odiohey guys,, I am trying to change timestamps in quassel... it doesn reconginze the same time stamp format as xchat apparenlty05:43
odioand no one on #quassel is answering :(05:43
windyhuhere you will get the 4.6.105:44
odiowindyhu:  is that for me?05:44
odiono it isnt  I see :)05:45
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TechZanyComhi guys05:45
windyhueverytime it'll bug when i use the ibus input in knotes,how's that?05:48
Manyfoldi have an externeal hdd connetred via usb . everytime i start up my box and the external hdd is turned on the startup process hangs05:48
Manyfoldwhen switch off the hdd it resumes05:49
Manyfoldwhat could went wrong there?05:49
Manyfoldmy version is 11.04 and i use kernel  2.6.35-28-generic #49-Ubuntu SMP05:52
windyhu11.04 is available now?05:53
windyhuit'll be released on 4.28,isn't it?05:53
Manyfoldups sorry i meant 10.1005:54
Manyfoldstill i want know why startup hangs when the external hdd is switched on and i don't know where to look05:56
genii-aroundManyfold: Is it an eSATA drive or some other like USB or FireWire?05:58
Manyfoldi think it's usb , but where can i look?05:58
genii-aroundManyfold: If the system is hanging when it's turned on, gets tricky because you can't check from in the operating system. If you have it plugged in and turned on when system boots, the BIOS might tell you if you go in there. Or if you can see how many connectors are on the cable that connects it to computer. Like 4 contact points and flat connector is USB06:01
Manyfoldthe strange thing is it resumes when i switch off the drive06:02
Manyfoldi thng it hangs during kernel initialization06:03
Manyfoldat least thats what appears on the monitor06:03
Manyfold[    0.023665] ftrace: converting mcount calls to 0f 1f 44 00 0006:04
Manyfold[    0.024465] ftrace: allocating 22688 entries in 89 pages06:04
Manyfoldthis appears on the monitor when it hangs06:05
genii-aroundManyfold: This can happen for different reasons, usually hardware related. eg: If it's USB and in BIOS booting to USB device is set higher than booting to first internal hard drive. Also if is an eSATA then sometimes can usurp the spot of first hard drive in boot order06:05
Manyfoldgenii-around: i look and there are 4 contact points06:06
genii-aroundSo is USB06:06
genii-aroundManyfold: I would suggest to reboot with external drive powered on, go into your bios and check what I mentioned earlier. eg: That your internal drive which normally boots is set to #1 and USB or external drive boot further down.06:09
Manyfoldgenii-around: ok i will do and report back06:09
* genii-around makes more coffee06:09
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:16
ubuntume lees06:17
ubuntu_vamos a esa sala.. ya nos correindo de aki.. te espero alla...!!06:18
Manyfoldnow everything works fine thank you genii-around06:19
ubuntuen cual salar06:19
genii-aroundManyfold: Ah, good06:19
ubuntu_aalo...¿¿   ama estas ??06:19
ubuntua cualll sala06:19
ubuntu_""/join #ubuntu-es"""06:20
Manyfoldgenii-around: is there a possibility to remove unneeded modules from the kernel without voiding support?06:20
ubuntu_aa esa sin comillas..06:20
Manyfoldboot up takes to long for me06:20
genii-aroundubuntu_: eg: /join #ubuntu-es06:21
ubuntua cual salla?06:21
ubuntu_pon esto alli.. sin comillas..06:21
genii-aroundManyfold: Will not void support :)06:21
ubuntu_"/join #ubuntu-es"06:21
Manyfoldso i could compile my own kernel?06:22
valorieyou can compile your own kernel06:23
ubuntu_ama  u go ?06:23
valoriebut that seems a bit extreme06:23
genii-aroundubuntu_: sin citas /join #ubuntu-es06:23
valorieyou could get an SSD instead06:23
valoriesolid state drive06:24
valorieI'm thinking about getting one for this laptop -- just put the distro on it06:25
valorieuse the main drive for /home06:25
valorieubuntu: stop it06:25
valoriethanks, Tm_T06:26
valoriespanish doesn't bother me, but racket in a support chan does06:26
genii-aroundManyfold: custom compiled kernel is not supported. But you can add/remove kernel drivers by for instance adding them to /etc/modules for after initial boot, or adding them to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules. For removing them, add the module name to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf06:27
Manyfoldgenii-around: thanks for the info . i will do a little experimentation06:28
genii-aroundManyfold: You're welcome06:30
Daskreechas an aside why doesn't !es point to #kubuntu-es ?06:31
genii-aroundDaskreech:  Not enough users, I believe06:31
DaskreechWhat counts as enough users?06:32
genii-aroundNo idea :)06:32
DaskreechWho would?06:48
genii-aroundMaybe #freenode06:50
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.06:51
Daskreechgenii-around: isn't it an Ubuntu choice?06:51
genii-aroundDaskreech: Dunno :(06:52
valoriechans that are too small don't really work06:54
Daskreechagreed but what is big enough?06:55
genii-aroundI think thats why channels like #kubuntu+1 for instance just forward to #ubuntu+106:55
valorieI'm guess that this would be a question for the IRC Council06:57
valorieI know that they delete unused channels, and set up forwards06:57
valoriei'm sure part of it is "what are people asking for"06:58
valorieas well as "what causes us the most trouble"06:58
genii-around#defocus ? ;-)06:59
valorieIRC Council is for the *buntu namespace though07:00
valorieI don't think they touch that with .... any length pole available07:00
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DaskreechI wonder if Kubuntu can be it's own project in GSoC07:24
erinaceusHi, i have a rather grave problem with Kubuntu, every time i uses the interface gets all chopped up after a couple of minutes, any idea what the cause might be? Example: http://img576.imageshack.us/i/snapshot2j.png/07:25
erinaceus*uses = use it07:25
valorieyikes, that looks bad07:32
valorieI had a similar problem, let me find how to tell you what to try07:33
valoriefor starters, have you tried jockey-kde to see if there are better drivers for your graphics card?07:33
erinaceusI thought it was just a problem with the current theme07:34
valorieyou do that from the console or kicker07:34
erinaceusWorking on it07:35
erinaceusOkay, i installed the recommended drivers and gonna reboot07:41
valoriegood luck!07:41
erinaceusso far so good ... I'll let it run for a bit and then check back here07:46
valoriegreat! the other thing you can try is systemsettings > Configure desktop effects > Advanced07:47
valorieright on top, you can change between XRender and OpenGL07:47
keithzgXRender goes sloooowwwww on most people's systems, though.07:48
erinaceusI shut them off for now, hopeing it would be that07:48
valoriexrender seems to work better for me07:48
erinaceusI#d rather have a slow system, on which i can read text than a fast one ;)07:49
keithzgThere's also the question of graphics system used by Qt.07:49
keithzgI know I was getting corruption on my old iMac until I switched to Raster.07:50
erinaceusWell, I'm still hopeing it were the missing drivers07:50
keithzgWhat graphics card do you have?07:51
erinaceusOh boy07:51
erinaceusGTS 500?07:51
erinaceusLemme check07:51
FloodBotK2erinaceus: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:51
valorieignore the helpful bot07:51
valorieFloodBotK2: not helpful07:51
erinaceusGeforce 8800 GTX07:52
keithzgAhh, that's new enough that Nouveau doesn't fully support it (NVIDIA doesn't release documentation, people have to figure it out the hard way)07:52
keithzgso that seems quite likely to have been the problem.07:52
erinaceus@keithzg, I was wrong with my first guess, it was 8800 GTX07:52
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rulyoneHi guys, does anyone knows a good temperature sensor for kubuntu 10.10? (hopefully with a GUI)09:10
rulyoneso I don't have to run 'sensors' everytime I want to check my temp09:10
valoriethere are a couple of different widgets09:12
valorieyou can put them in the taskbar or on a desktop09:12
MaximLevitsky1Networkmanager plasma applet doesn't see a system connection09:16
MaximLevitsky1Any way to fix?09:16
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homer80I'm not be able to change the theme, I can download it, but it doens't show on the list and I cannot set it up10:49
a1234567890i am national officer qualification ubuntu hahaha...   bubu   huhu10:56
a1234567890<a1234567890> our lampa koffice...formula.....Am...  hahaha...bububu...10:56
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sonjahello (:11:31
* genii-around makes more coffee11:32
sonjathis is so cool : D...11:34
* Peace- wants coffe11:35
genii-aroundsonja: Do you have some support question regarding your Kubuntu?11:35
* Peace- asks to genii-around11:35
* genii-around slides Peace- a large, strong mug of Columbian coffee11:36
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jacobwhow do you use konqueror on 10.10?12:12
steveire_Hi. When I plug a projector into my laptop it doesn't work. How do I go about solving that?12:13
genii-around!crosspost | steveire_12:13
ubottusteveire_: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.12:13
steveire_The KDE monitor display thingy doesn't show the external display device. It shows only my laptop screen12:14
steveire_This worked before, but I don't know if it's kernal dependant or X dependant12:15
steveire_Even the usually bullet proof technique of boot with it connected didn't work.12:16
alexanderestinwhat can i do incase i need help12:19
inj3ct0rhi to all12:44
inj3ct0ri want to have voice chat with my friend and i do not wantt to use exe files is there any way to do this?  what should i do?12:45
inj3ct0ris there any body that can help me?12:48
Peace-inj3ct0r: skype?12:50
inj3ct0rbut it did not work12:50
Peace-google talks ?12:51
inj3ct0ri told i do not want to use exe file12:51
Peace-inj3ct0r: google talks is even for linux.12:55
Peace-and it's not exe.12:55
skramer_inj3ct0r: http://www.google.com/talk/12:56
skramer_inj3ct0r: you just have to install the talk plugin into your web browser12:56
inj3ct0r but i do not want to do this12:57
inj3ct0ri have a problem with my rezolution i fixed it but when i reboot i see that changes not seved what i should do? who can help?13:18
inj3ct0ri have a problem with my rezolution i fixed it but when i reboot i see that changes not seved what i should do? who can help?13:26
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Peace-inj3ct0r: language?13:37
Peace-where are you from ?13:37
phoenix__hello everyone13:38
Peace-!iran | inj3ct0r13:39
Peace-!persian | inj3ct0r13:39
phoenix__how to enable vdpau. The flash videos are not getting hardware acceleration. my GPU is Nvidia 9400 GT . I have installed the proprietary driver.13:40
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList13:42
phoenix__how to enable vdpau. The flash videos are not getting hardware acceleration. my GPU is Nvidia 9400 GT . I have installed the proprietary driver.13:47
Peace-phoenix__: well one should install the driver13:50
Peace-phoenix__: then should work13:50
Peace-if noto13:50
Peace-there is a problem with the driver13:50
Peace-i guess here is a problem with the driver13:50
Peace-but i am not pretty sure13:51
phoenix__Peace-: i used jockey to install the driver, will that go wrong?13:52
Peace-nope it's the driver13:53
phoenix__how can i check if vdpau is working or not13:53
Peace-driver on the repository doesn't work well , but i guess the same would be happend if you downloaded form the nvida website13:53
phoenix__what is the alternative?13:55
Peace-i am not expert of nvidia sorry13:56
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto13:57
pipoi never used kde: i tried it in a livecd and i m amazed. but i performed (by mistake) a key binding13:58
pipoin order to switch desktops (didn t know it was ctrl Fx)13:58
pipoand in my numerous tries, a nice menu appeared in the screen, in the middle. A search bar, System, Internet, Multimedia, etc. Big nice icons like a menu13:59
pipomy question: how to get it back?13:59
Peace-pipo: systemsettings , top -right , filter bar : search shortcuts14:00
pipoit  snot a single widget; it a series of menu and i can edit then which ones will be present by ticking them on the configuration fie14:00
pipoPeace-, is it a shortcut?14:00
pipoit  s more like a panel in the middle of nowhere;   Bokmarks   Internet   Multimedia  Utilities; etc14:01
Peace-pipo: you mean right button on the screen ===> menu ?14:04
pipoPeace-, ... i don t know!   if i hit right button on screen, there s nothing that appears: only Add Widget, Add Panel,... and some others; but i don t remember a Menu entry14:05
Peace-pipo: ok see this http://wstaw.org/m/2011/04/03/plasma_howto-throw-ball.gif14:06
pipoPeace-, ok so you mean i will have by this way a Menu entry14:07
Peace-pipo: no14:07
Peace-pipo: right button on the desktop14:08
Peace-desktop settings14:08
Peace-on the left there is the icon of mouse14:08
Peace-set the click as you want laucher14:08
Peace-and whater ver youwant14:08
pipook ok ok                  but will then appear the icons in the middle of the screen?14:08
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inj3ct0ri have a problem with my rezolution who can help me?14:16
=== BajK|lunch is now known as BajK
phoenix__inj3ct0r: hi14:33
phoenix__inj3ct0r: what is the problem14:34
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BluesKajHowdy folks15:15
quasselgentooPeace-: still there?15:22
Peace-quasselgentoo: yes15:22
quasselgentooi m still trying to get those nice widgets/menu in the screen15:22
quasselgentooyou know, a search bar and when you click an icon, they get rearranged to let you browse them15:22
quasselgentooi don t know how to do it15:23
quasselgentooneither search for it as i can t describe ti15:23
quasselgentoogot it!15:27
quasselgentooit s the search and launch applet!15:27
quasselgentoosearch and launch layout!15:27
Peace-ahhh you meant that15:27
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malkavianhi, folks16:02
malkavianI've just installed kubuntu and there is one problem.16:03
jussimalkavian: tell us :)16:03
malkavianI'm using choqok to access to my twitter accound, and when system starts it tells that can't get access to the twitter API16:04
Islingtonmalkavian: did you authorize choqok on the twitter site?16:05
malkavianI understand that it is for choqok trying to get access befor internet connection starts up.16:05
malkavianIslington: yes :)16:05
malkavianI think that the correct question would be if there is any opportunity to make choqok not to connect to the server before connection will be set up.16:07
malkavianI'm using wireless connection.16:08
Islingtonis choqok autostarting?16:08
malkavianIslington: yes. I just don't close it before exit, so it starts everytime I log in.16:09
Islingtonmalkavian: I was think maybe you could exclude choqok from the session startup, then launch it fresh using a autostart command16:11
malkavianIslington: thank you for advice! I'll try it :)16:12
Islingtonmalkavian: both the settings are in systemsettings> search for autostart :)16:12
malkavianIslington: thank you one more time :)16:13
malkavianIslington: I've done what you've said and this helps! :)16:25
Islingtonmalkavian: awesome!16:28
malkavianIslington: also I've noticed that there is an opportunity to do any script when KDE starts with it's autorun.  So if there will be such occasions in future I can try to use bash-scripts to solve them :)16:30
Islingtonmalkavian: yeah its really powerful in that regard16:31
kheirddinesudo get16:38
kheirddinei have a probleme plz help me16:39
JohnHeikkila@kheirddine Yes?16:39
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:40
n8wanyone else experiencing a choppy behavior while resizing windows in kde 4.6.1?16:40
JohnHeikkilaSo, what's your problem :)16:40
n8wJohnHeikkila:  talkin to me?16:41
kheirddineI can not connect through wifi16:41
JohnHeikkilaWell, yes, why not take two cases at once ;)16:41
JohnHeikkilakheirddine: Is the wireless a protected network? n8w: Which kubuntu version are you using?16:42
n8wJohnHeikkila:  :)) 10.10,kde 4.6.1,nvidia 260.19.0616:42
kheirddineno is not protected and i use kubuntu 10.1016:42
JohnHeikkilaOokayy, n8w wait a min16:43
JohnHeikkilakheirddine: What's your computer16:43
JohnHeikkila's model?16:43
kheirddinetoshiba Satellite-C65016:44
kheirddinecpu i316:44
JohnHeikkilaOkay, thanks16:44
JohnHeikkilan8w: You might find this forum topic useful: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=159004016:44
JohnHeikkilakheirddine: kheirddine: Is your kubuntu/cpu 64-bit?16:45
JohnHeikkilakheirddine: Okay, good16:46
n8wJohnHeikkila:  hmm nope,not rly...ive been through a lot of forums...im not lookin for any alternative to kde,my comp is not slow etc...i wanna get rid of the choppy stuff...16:46
JohnHeikkilan8w: Yeah, I understand that. You tried reducing all the decorations from the windows?16:47
JohnHeikkilakheirddine: Do you know what your laptop's wireless' model is?16:47
n8wJohnHeikkila:  ye well sort of;)i wanna keep the effects on;)...the thing is that it started like 3 weeks ago...so it has not been like this ever since16:48
JohnHeikkilan8w: Ohh. Are you experiencing any other performance downgrades?16:49
n8wJohnHeikkila:  nope not rly, as far as i can say...well perhaps a bit in the overall sys performance(nothin that i would worry about)16:50
JohnHeikkilan8w: Same here :o)16:50
JohnHeikkilakheirddine: Could you open terminal/console and type "sudo lshw"16:51
JohnHeikkilakheirddine: Then, go to pastebin.com, paste all the info there and give us the link to the paste?16:51
JohnHeikkilakheirddine: You can copy information from the console with CTRL+SHIFT+C16:51
JohnHeikkilan8w: I think you should even _try_ reducing all the decoration):16:52
kheirddine_@jhonHeikkila command not found16:52
n8wJohnHeikkila:  ye,that would perhaps b the way...i mean kde 4.6.1 is kinda weird in general:/16:53
JohnHeikkilakheirddine: That is weard..Did you do "lshw"?16:53
JohnHeikkilakheirddine: of course, without the " signs16:53
JohnHeikkilan8w: Agreed. I liked the earlier versions and gnome16:53
JohnHeikkilakheirddine: So..it just says Command not found?16:53
JohnHeikkilakheirddine: Mate, would you mind taking me a screenshot by pressing PrtSc (print screen) and then posting the image to imgjoe.com?16:54
kheirddine_ok 2sec16:54
c2tarunmy additional driver is neither showing my wifi device nor my graphics driver :( why so?16:56
JohnHeikkilac2tarun: What's your PC's model?16:56
c2tarunJohnHeikkila: it was working earlier, I formatted and reinstalled kubuntu maverick and now facing the problem :(16:57
JohnHeikkilac2tarun: Could you clarify with your PC's model number?16:57
JohnHeikkilac2tarun: Yeah, maverick brings a lot of trouble16:57
c2tarundell inspiron N401016:58
c2tarunJohnHeikkila: ^16:58
JohnHeikkilac2tarun: Okay, thanks16:58
c2tarunJohnHeikkila: how can I fix it?16:58
arpanc2tarun: are you running natty or maverick?16:59
JohnHeikkilac2tarun: Have you installed the drivers/do you need to install some drivers? if so, you can check out this website: http://www.downloadatoz.com/driver/articles/install-dell-inspiron-n4010-network-drivers-on-ubuntu-10-10.html16:59
c2tarunarpan: maverick16:59
arpanoh ok16:59
JohnHeikkilaarpan: Wasn't there a separate channel for maverick or was it just beta in general?17:00
arpanI was asking becoz in beta 1 of natty there is a bug which makes wifi unusable for some wifi cards.17:00
arpanJohnHeikkila: I'm not sure about having a separate channel for maverick but I guess this is the channel to ask for help.17:01
JohnHeikkilaarpan: Yup17:01
c2tarunJohnHeikkila: arpan: it was working fine earlier :( why problem now?17:02
JohnHeikkilac2tarun: Did you install anything, i mean ANYTHING in the mean time?17:02
c2tarunJohnHeikkila: just updated once.17:02
JohnHeikkilac2tarun: And no other installs?17:02
c2tarunJohnHeikkila: nope17:02
JohnHeikkilac2tarun: But your internet is working?17:03
c2tarunJohnHeikkila: yup,17:03
JohnHeikkilaOkay. Just checking.17:03
arpanc2tarun: were u using and it got disconnected? and then u can't connect anymore?17:03
JohnHeikkilaarpan: He reinstalled maverick17:03
arpanJohnHeikkila: Oh, thanks!!17:04
arpanI also get my wifi disconnected while using it when away from the router, in maverick.17:05
JohnHeikkilac2tarun: A stupid question now, but why, exactly, do you need to see the drivers in Hardware Drivers?17:07
JohnHeikkilac2tarun: I mean if they're working alright17:07
arpanc2tarun: try lspci -v  in terminal and look for your wireless device. Especially look for the kernel module of your wifi device in output.17:13
JohnHeikkilaBe right back, guys. Off to eat pancake!17:15
* JohnHeikkila noms17:15
quasselgentooguys, do y ou know how can i easily switch the desktop layouts?  i am now using the Search and Launch layout, but i d like to go back to the initial one.17:29
quasselgentooyou know, Journal layout, Search and Launch layout, etc...17:30
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mokehi, do others have a install issue flag on some package during install natty beta into a vbox vm?17:38
mokeor is it just my shakey arch vbox installation playing up :p17:38
=== moke is now known as Malina
JohnHeikkilaMalina: Which package?17:40
MalinaJohnHeikkila:  I wa sjust looking in syslog now17:41
Malinabut can't seem to find it17:41
Malinait happened with both ubuntu and jkubuntu natty17:41
MalinaI think it might be vbox whic his unstable, but the thing is I wish to wipe the disk and put the beta on, but hmm, I'll just give it a try, if it fails, I will in worst case build up a quick solutionat a partition at end of disk17:43
Malinait is probably just the virtual and since I can't find the package, this is just shooting in the dark. IF it happens during physical disk, I will be back , hunt it down and file a bug.17:43
Malinabut it wouldn't be beta if this normally hapens so I thnk it must be some module missing in the vbox17:44
JohnHeikkilaSorry, but vbox ain't my specialty so I won't be able to help :P17:46
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mikehhhmmn, the close tab button in konsole is not activated ( Kubuntu 11.04 amd64) - new tab works just fine18:11
cato37are there any good scriptwriting toolss (scriptwriting as in writing tv, movie, and theatre scripts) in kubuntu? i have a hard time finding them because words like plotting, and scripts are technical terms also used in computing.18:13
S74rk7anyone know if my files are gone or I'd be lucky to find them in a tmp forlder somewhere... I was copying to video files to my ext usb hdd.... the cable is a bit temperamental... around half way through the copy ... I tapped my harddrive by accident with my coffee cup but was enough to drop the connection  of my hdd.... it immediatly connected back up but now I can only see one file.... which is partial (corrupt now) and18:14
S74rk7the other has disappeared...18:14
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castellinoi notice that since i have installed kubuntu on my laptop my battery get low quickly, why?18:25
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castellinohi!i notice that since i have installed kubuntu on my laptop my battery get low quickly, why18:27
castellinonobody to help me?18:30
Daskreechcastellino: you can probably track what is eating the battery18:36
Daskreechlook into powertop18:36
castellinoDaskreech: were?18:41
amichairwhat's a good app for ripping my cds to mp3?18:48
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amichaircastellino: I'll look into it, thanks!18:51
amichairit sure has a lot of dependencies18:51
castellinoamichair: also lemonrip18:57
daniel3finally got kubuntu installed on my netbook18:57
daniel3Now gotta figure out how to get the touchscreen working...18:57
areichmanamichair: amarok can do it18:58
Peace-amichair: you can use k3b too19:01
amichairwow, so much choice :-)19:01
castellinohow can i write my progams exactly in c or c++ using anjuta19:02
Peace-amichair: http://wstaw.org/m/2011/04/03/plasma-desktopbC1475.jpg19:03
Daskreechcastellino: Yes powertop. Intel tool that details how much of the battery and CPU usage have gone to various parts of the system19:04
Daskreechamichair: press alt+F2 and type audiocd:/19:04
DaskreechYou will have different folders for different filetypes. Ogg vorbis Flac MP3 etc19:05
DaskreechJust copy the MP3 folder and you have ripped your CD19:05
Daskreechcastellino: what do you mean by Exactly?19:05
kalibHi people, since my last update (around one week ago) my flash plugin stoped working.19:07
kalibAnyone has any idea?19:07
castellinoDaskreech: because there are some invocation that we must use in anjuta which are proper to it (anjuta)19:08
DaskreechAh ok not sure then :) not used anjuta19:08
Daskreechkalib: Reinstall?19:08
kalibI'll try it now.. wait a second19:08
castellinoDaskreech: what else can i use instead of anjuta which came with my ultimate edition?19:11
kalibDaskreech, already installed.. I did unnintall it and now installed again... using kpackagekit...19:12
kalibthen restarted my chromium..19:12
kaliband it says that is not working..19:12
kalibfor example... on youtube..19:12
Daskreechcastellino: Just about anything you like19:12
kalibit says that I need to update my flash..19:12
DaskreechKate might be a good base line it's not an IDE but it's pretty good19:12
kaliband when I do type about:plugins19:13
kalibI can't see flash19:13
castellinoDaskreech: like?19:13
Daskreechkalib: try apt-get remove --purge flashplugin-nonfree19:13
Daskreechclose your browsers before19:13
Daskreechcastellino: umm Kdevelop? Eclipse?19:14
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator19:14
kalibDaskreech, ok.. done..19:14
kaliband now..19:14
kalibapt-get install flashplugin-nonfree ?19:14
Daskreechshould pull the new version (in theory)19:15
castellinoDaskreech: exactly! i dont know how to proceed with qt creator19:16
kalibDaskreech, done..19:16
kalibstill not working..19:16
kalibwhen I do open my browser..19:16
kalibI can't see flash on my "about:plugins"19:16
Daskreechkalib: do you have flash noted in about:plugins ?19:16
Daskreechthat's not good19:16
kalibAny idea?19:16
Daskreechtry getting flash from adobe and installing it manually then19:17
kalibjust a minute..19:17
Daskreechcastellino: What don't you know?19:17
BluesKajkalib, the new version is called  , flashplugin-installer , if your on maverick19:17
castellinohow to start and where19:17
kalibBluesKaj, Kubuntu 10.1019:18
kaliblet me try to install flashplugin-installer19:18
BluesKajkalib, the sudo apt-get install  flashplugin-installer19:19
kalibwith aptitude search flash19:19
kalibI can see that I have both installed..19:19
kaliband flashplugin-installer19:19
kalibshould I keep just the -installer?19:20
BluesKajkalib , then remove nonfree19:20
kalibBluesKaj, worked.. had to remove flashplugin-nonfree and re-install flashplugin-installer19:22
kalibthanks BluesKaj and Daskreech19:22
kalibg2g now19:23
BluesKajkalib, np19:23
Daskreech!Info flashplugin-nonfree19:23
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash19:23
* Daskreech kicks ubottu19:23
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Daskreech!info flashplugin-nonfree19:24
ubottuflashplugin-nonfree (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer (transitional package). In component multiverse, is optional. Version (maverick), package size 1 kB, installed size 40 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)19:24
DaskreechAre you really that syntactic19:24
Daskreech!info flashplugin-installer19:24
ubottuflashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (maverick), package size 19 kB, installed size 184 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)19:24
* BluesKaj curses moto4lin , crappy driver/gui that doesn't work19:34
BentFranklinWhere would I look for lists of known bugs in keyboard auto-repeat in Lucid?20:02
SnowhogBentFranklin: Are you sure you have a problem? Have you checked that Accessibility keyboard options (Sticky Keys) didn't get set?20:06
* BluesKaj still curses moto4lin , crappy driver/gui20:08
BentFranklinThere are two problems.  1: Keyboard repeat setting falls off after some time and I have to reset it.  2. Strangeness with ( and ) chars.  Sometimes they don't get through and other times they act as if I am holding them down but I onloy pressed them once.  (Tried swapping keyboards.)20:09
BentFranklinSticky is not set.20:10
sershi87как дела20:17
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fenix0is ktorrent's move data function faster than copy/paste or I'm crazy?20:20
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke20:25
Daskreechfenix0: move is always faster than copy since it doesn't actually move anything20:26
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fenix0but ktorrent is some 3 times faster than copy/paste or move using dolphin...20:30
fenix0from a hdd to another20:31
serialhexok, so i have incredible dire problem of incredible horribleness!!!  (ok, maybe its not _that_ bad, but it's quite annoying)20:39
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serialhex...and maybe no one is here to help me with said problem?? :P20:39
* genii-around sips coffee and awaits more specific information on said problem20:39
serialhexok, so every 15 mins or so - when i'm not doing anything - my monitors go into powersave mode.  this dosnt happen in any other OS and i've turned off every powersave function i can find...20:40
serialhexi know, i know "why is this dire?" you might ask... well my speakers are part of my TV/Monitor & that means my music stops :(20:41
fenix0have you tried the monitor's power save function?20:43
serialhexso, what on earth do i have to kill so i dont have to worry about that??20:43
serialhexlike i said, it dosnt happen in any other OS... windows, opensuse, slackware, nothing... only kubuntu20:43
serialhexand i'm runing a dual-monitor setup and both go blank20:44
fenix0I'm using a laptop so maybe it's different, but are you sure you are changing the options of the right profile?20:45
genii-aroundxset -dpms20:46
serialhexi've killed all the profiles except performance & i've got that set to "always on & drain the grid like it's water, and while i'm at it lets burn some rainforests just because we can" mode20:47
serialhexgenii-around: whats that do??20:47
genii-aroundserialhex: Turns off the monitors powersave featuresd20:47
serialhexok, just ran it in konsole... gave me no info, but i assume it's not supposed to20:49
serialhexi was thinking of doing something like this: http://xkcd.com/196/  but idk...20:50
* serialhex looks for something to do for 15mins to test genii-around's command20:51
genii-aroundserialhex: If you just do: xset -q    it tells you stuff like how screen blanking in screensaver is set, if DPMS is on or off, etc20:51
serialhexok... i noticed this:20:54
serialhexScreen Saver:20:54
serialhex  prefer blanking:  yes    allow exposures:  yes20:54
serialhex  timeout:  0    cycle:  60020:54
FloodBotK2serialhex: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:54
serialhexahh... sorry floodbot :P20:54
serialhexi also turned off KDE's screensaver to make sure it wasnt that, and i still have that20:55
genii-aroundserialhex: The -s switch allows also configuration of the scrensaver from there. Maybe check the manpage of xset for details of usage20:59
serialhexgenii-around: thanks20:59
* serialhex is toying around with that now21:00
* serialhex thinks it's set up right21:04
genii-aroundserialhex: You can make it permanent by making a file called .Xsession in your home directory with the proper xset commands in there21:05
serialhexgenii-around: thanks for the help... do these changes stick between reboots?  or am i going to have to re-set them each time i reboot?21:05
serialhexgenii-around: ahh... sweet!21:05
* serialhex thinks genii-around is a mind-reader21:06
serialhexgenii-around: kind of stupid Q: # is a comment line right? (i'm starting from scratch & i want to know WTF i did later)21:09
genii-aroundserialhex: Yes, the convention is usually # means comment. Except for special case like #!/bin/bash which means to use bash to run the file this line is in21:12
DarthFrogserialhex:  # is frequently used to comment out a line but not always.  In a shell script, it serves a different purpose on the first line.21:12
DarthFrogA shell script starts with a shebang (#!).21:13
serialhexgenii-around: ok, just checking... i didnt want to crash X next time i booted it because it didnt understand: # turns off screen saver completely!!!21:13
serialhexDarthFrog: thanks (though i knew that :P )21:13
DarthFrogserialhex:  A wise man consents to be taught what he already knows. :-)21:14
* serialhex is glad this will never happen to me now: http://xkcd.com/196/21:15
* DarthFrog wishes that he knows what he doestn't know he doesn't know. :-)21:15
serialhexDarthFrog: indeed!  tho i figured i'd ask the Q to make sure bad thjings didnt happen21:15
* serialhex agrees with DarthFrog21:15
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elkngI have kubuntu-CD and ubuntu-DVD, and I want to use KDE, can I install kubuntu from kubuntu-CD and then install other packages from ubuntu-DVD, is it harmless?21:21
genii-aroundelkng: so long as they are the same dist number should be fine21:22
elknggenii-around: they both 10.1021:24
genii-aroundelkng: No worries then.21:24
mischasworldhi there any mesa experts here, im trying to get my radeon hd 4200 to work under natty, glxinfo says direct rendering: yes glxgears just crashes21:27
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ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.21:30
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Daskreechgenii-around: technically #! is a comment as well22:20
genii-aroundDaskreech: Yes, i suppose. Then the shell just parses it22:20
Daskreechit does make a magic number though22:22
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rulyoneHi everyone. Does someone here knows how to read the /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/phc_default_vids values?22:37
rulyoneI know those are VIDs22:37
rulyonebut dont know how to read them22:37
rulyonemine says 43 35 27 1922:37
rulyonethe first digit what is it?22:37
rulyoneor the second?22:37
rulyonethird? etc22:37
luis_kind of lost here22:51
genii-aroundluis_: If you have some question concerning your Kubuntu, just openly ask your question, and someone will likely offer an answer.22:52
luis_i´m quite new to linux22:53
luis_lot´s of questions...22:53
luis_i´m still discovering it22:54
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S74rk7hey everyone!23:41
S74rk7anyone still alive in here?  :)23:41
* genii-around sips23:41
S74rk7hey genii! just us... everyone sleeping ?23:42

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