pam61Any ideas even on what config file I should edit to get the VNC server to run at startup?00:00
kristian-aalborgI'm putting lubuntu on this or something like it shortly, anybody tried that?00:11
lightahoi, how can I change icon dispotition on lxde ? there on a grid right now I don't want this00:12
hutchshock flash for Chromium in Lubuntu 10.10 keeps crashing. How do I sort it please?01:36
lightahoi, how can I change icon dispotition on lxde ? there on a grid right now I don't want this02:06
donnieSystem icons are broken in natty b1 i see red circle no entry sign02:32
SemitonesWhere are the lubuntu natty images located?02:49
* Semitones should probably google it :P02:49
Semitonesty ty ty :)02:52
UBuxuBUgood morning technicians06:53
valgr kalimera se olous  katevasa apo ATI ena driver gia tin karta grafikon k telionsei se .run07:40
valgr pos to kano install07:40
UBuxuBUegna waldar vein tu maca07:59
aris_anyone knows how to connect a notebook to tv?11:47
ericyaris_:  Do you want to use a TV as a display monitor?11:54
ericyaris_:  Or do you want to "tune" and select TV channels?11:55
aris_Tv as a monitor and/for movies. Cables seem ok. I am reading know there is a setting to be done (xorg). Not sure what to do though.11:58
ericyaris_:  (As an interesting side point: I have two  Nokia cellphones and both I can connect to my 22 inch TV as an external display (if I'm looking at youtube videos or photos on my Nokia, I can see it at same time on my 22 inch TV).11:58
ericyaris_:  As for your requirement, I don't know how to do it in Ubuntu.12:00
MrChrisDruifUbuntu or Lubunutu?12:02
aris_Lubuntu on the notebook, but i am looking through the Ubuntu tutorials. I also have Ubuntu on my desktop computer.12:04
ericyI suspect (or guess) that it will be same or similar to do in both Lubuntu and Ubuntu.  (I use both on my notebook; right now I'm running Lubuntu in a 4GB usb stick.)12:04
MrChrisDruifericy: You might also be very much mistaking, as Ubuntu uses Gnome for Window Management where Lubuntu uses OpenBox. Two very different beasts :)12:06
ericyaris_:  Let me know what you find. I think I would like to do it also (in both Lubuntu and Ubuntu).12:07
MrChrisDruifGnome is metacity, sorry12:07
ericyMrChrisDruif:  OK.12:08
MrChrisDruifaris_: Which is connected to the TV?12:08
MrChrisDruifUbuntu or Lubuntu?12:09
aris_Nothing yet, it may take me a day or so. I know there are differences and will look the Lubuntu site as well. I will be joining you later on from my desktop. Notebook is the one to be connected to the tv, and what i am using now. I installed Lubuntu on it yesterday.12:11
ericyMrChrisDruif:  aris_ wants to connect a TV monitor to his Lubuntu notebook12:11
MrChrisDruifAlright, does the desktop have to be extended to the TV or duplicated?12:13
aris_Sorry guys, i have to leave. Family coffee time. I will join you in an hour or so.12:15
MrChrisDruifCheers aris_12:15
aris_Bye for now.12:16
ericyMrChrisDruif:  (Bye aris_) I'm still interested to "duplicate" my Lubuntu desktop.12:18
MrChrisDruifAlright, duplicating it is. I'll go search the web :)12:18
ericyMrChrisDruif:  Thanks.12:18
MrChrisDruifericy: Did you find something like Display Settings or lxrandr?12:51
ericyMrChrisDruif:  Thanks, I'll check out that link!12:52
MrChrisDruifOr you might (as suggested in the link) install grandr for more options12:53
ericyMrChrisDruif:  OK.12:55
ericyaris_:  MrChrisDruif has suggested link: http://wiki.lxde.org/en/LXRandr13:12
aris_Thanks to both. I am looking at the link now, it should be ok. I will see if it in the notebook configurations..13:18
aris_The monitor settings do not pick up a second monitor (the tv). Any ideas? Maybe my tv settings are not set properly.13:43
MrChrisDruifMaybe it doesn't detect is, because TV doesn't send a signal back to the machine? I don't know precisely how that al works, but I believe VGA & DVI send a signal back from "Hey, I'm here. I want some image to show" well to the TV just sits there?13:46
aris_I think the notebook should detect the svideo connector. The tv is just a receiver as far as i know. I am gonna try to lacate the tvs' manual just in case i'm doing something wrong from the tv part.13:50
aris_And the video connection is svideo into RCA.13:51
gMethow make lubuntu connect with wifi on a asus eee pc 1015 Pem ?16:50
aris_Anyone knows of any tool for hard disks to stamp a bad sector?18:37
Malinahey... I was wondering... If I install lubuntu... can I still maintain it as a vanilla ubuntu?19:18
Malinaas in , the updates will come from the reps, but I mean can I install the usual .deb packages.. I presume yes but just checking19:19
Malinadon't feel too happy about the G3 till it i more customisable.. xfce ain't bad but I prefer lxde19:19
Malinaso think I am going back to lubuntu, but I never used it for very long19:20
Malinathe alternative is taking a headless ubuntu and adding flux + lxde but think getting it preconfigured is safer an dbetterf19:21
Unit193Asking if you can download a random deb and install? you can do that19:22
Malinaok Unit19319:48
Malinalike for example.. oh look, Hydrogen doesn't show up in the lubuntu rep but does in ubuntu rep (not sure if they are identical, which if they are, answers my Q of course).. but just wasn't sure19:49
head_victimMalina: they use exactly the same repositories19:54
Malinaya ok19:54
Malinaawesome :)19:55
head_victimI can get hydrogen on my installation of Lubuntu, I just checked19:55
Malinathen , lubuntu it is19:55
Malinavery ince19:55
Malinaye, the thign is, I am on arch right now.. but think some of the vbox modules don't load or something as both kubuntu and ubuntu natty betas have had some installtion error but still nd up seemignly working19:55
Malinabut I am gonna wipe the disk so want a good install and I have lubuntu 10.1019:56
Malinaso will do that19:56
Malinaand pehraps do a dist upgrade when natty is released rather19:56
head_victimSounds good19:56
MalinaKDE is nice but jhust doesn't respond the way I want on an ATI card19:56
Malinabut might add it next to lxde just to run tests19:56
head_victimEasy to do, just install both packages and you can pick what to boot into each time.19:57
MalinaI'm all fro eye candy as long as it doesn't clog up.. kde does and G3 hmm just is weird19:57
head_victimI gotta run so hopefully that answers your questions :)19:57
MalinaI liked lubuntu a lot .. I use it in my encrypted super secret vm ;p19:57
Malinabtw do you know when natty is meant to be released.. is it within a week or rather mid/+ april?19:59
head_victimLate April, 28th I think19:59
Malinaoki, ye I don't want to wait that long, I guess I will just do the dist -upgrade thing when that time comes... thanks!19:59
head_victimNo worries, I'm off to work now so hopefully someone else will be along if you have more questions20:00
MrChrisDruifWhat? Questions? :P21:09
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