Suhn1.5GB 194mb 1.3GB 13% /recover00:00
bandit63Suhn, cd /00:00
bandit63umount /dev/sda100:00
voidmageDoes anybody know what happened to session restore?00:00
bandit63void as soon as my update finishs i will look00:00
bandit63sudo umount /dev/sda100:00
Suhnok worked00:01
Suhnits no longer on df -h00:01
bandit63session restore for ubuntu or firefox voidmage ?00:01
voidmagebandit63: for ubuntu00:02
bandit63ok Suhn sudo mount /dev/sda2 /recover00:02
voidmagebandit63: gnome-session-properties doesn't even have the session save tab anymore00:02
voidmagebandit63: and whenever i login it just shows me a blank desktop00:02
bandit63voidmage, i will look in a min00:02
bandit63still updating00:02
bandit63suhn cd /recover00:03
bandit63cd ubuntu00:03
bandit63ok good00:03
bandit63cd disks00:03
bandit63ls -l00:04
bandit63should be a root.disk00:04
bandit63Suhn, you there?00:05
bandit63is there a root.disk file?00:05
Suhnits on root.disk00:05
bandit63ok type this sudo mkdir /recover100:05
bandit63sudo mount ./root.disk /recover100:06
bandit63then sudo nautilus00:06
voidmagebandit63: great. it somehow deleted my saved sessions.00:06
Suhnbrought up a windows00:06
bandit63what saved session info did it delete?00:06
Suhnand GtK-WARNINGS in terminal00:06
bandit63Suhn, good now look at the left column is /recover1 listed?00:07
voidmagebandit63: everything in ~/.config/session-state and ~/.config/gnome-session/saved-session00:07
voidmageso, everything00:07
Suhnroot, Desktop. File System Network and Trash00:07
bandit63voidmage, i dont know whats included in those files00:08
bandit63again when its down updating i will look at mine00:08
voidmagebandit63: the second one has all your programs you left open. the first one has everything those had open00:08
voidmageso for example, in nautilus all your open tabs00:08
voidmageor gedit all your open files00:08
bandit63ahhh i never used that feature00:08
voidmagei hope i'm not the only one that used that00:09
bandit63i will have to look at how to enable with natty00:09
voidmagebrb <s>ragequitting</s> restarting00:09
Suhnnatty lite00:09
bandit63Suhn, click on filesystem00:09
bandit63then look for recover100:09
voidmagenope, did it again00:10
voidmageblank desktop00:10
Suhnnothing in recover100:10
Suhnand it brings up more GtK warnings in terminal00:10
bandit63when you typed in sudo mount ./root.disk /recover1 what did it say?00:10
Suhni dont belive i typed that00:11
bandit63close nautilus00:11
bandit63hit ctrl+c00:11
bandit63ls -l00:11
Suhngot my path back00:11
bandit63does it still show root.disk?00:11
bandit63ok type in sudo mount ./root.disk /recover100:12
Suhnnow nautilus again?00:12
bandit63type in df -h00:12
bandit63see if /root.disk is listed or something like that00:13
Suhnsda2 is mounted to recover00:13
bandit63you could type mount to look as well00:13
Suhnroot.disk is not on there00:13
Suhntheres an error00:13
voidmagebandit63: oh ,it was removed intentionally00:13
Suhn... is not a block device00:13
voidmage    debian/patches/06_nuke_session_saving.patch: (added)00:13
voidmage    - remove saved session handling: it's broken right now with multiple00:13
voidmage      sessions and should get a proper upstream refactoring (discussions still00:13
voidmage      ongoing)00:13
voidmage    - remove the option in the gnome-session-properties as well00:13
Suhnmaybe try -o loop?00:13
voidmagewhoops, lines00:13
bandit63voidmage, sick of things getting removed how about you?00:14
bandit63suhn yes try sudo mount -o loop ./root.disk /recover100:14
voidmagebandit63: but that's my favorite part!00:14
voidmagei mean yes00:14
voidmagei am00:14
bandit63voidmage, me 200:15
Kurdistanhey :) the release is not many days left00:15
voidmagei don't even know if this is on gnome 3 or what00:15
voidmageso if it will auto suspend my laptop when i close it and there's nothing i can do about it00:15
bandit63i am not trying to talk about all the hard work thats goin into it00:15
Suhnis not mounted to recover100:15
bandit63Suhn, try ls /recover100:15
mrdebwell, this seems well now00:16
voidmagebug 70365300:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 703653 in gnome-session "Fallback from Unity-GL should use unity-2d if installed" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70365300:16
mrdebif you remove indicator applet to remvoe maximus, gnoem si back to normal00:16
bandit63Suhn,  did it list any files?00:16
Suhnbandit63: i get a list of stuff bin boot cdrom00:16
bandit63ok now sudo nautilus00:17
Suhnbrought up the thing again00:17
bandit63dont worry about the errors00:17
Suhnfile system>recovery1?00:17
bandit63you see files?00:18
Suhnidk where my desktop stuff is tho00:18
bandit63how about a home folder?00:18
bandit63click on home00:18
Suhnther it is00:18
bandit63you need to turnonhiddenfiles as well00:19
voidmageOh. great. this patch i pointed to has no bug attached to it00:19
delac_bandit63: you are pretty patient man, bandit :) good job00:19
SuhnI agree00:19
bandit63ty delac_00:19
Suhntyvm for helping a noob00:19
bandit63Suhn, click onit prefrences ed00:19
bandit63on edit prefrencese and click the box that says show gidden files00:20
SuhnShouldnt i just drag the stuff i need to my flash drive?00:20
bandit63i would turn on hidden files first00:20
bandit63on edit prefrencese and click the box that says show hidden files00:20
Suhni dont have any hidden files00:20
Suhni see all the ones i need00:20
bandit63ok but its better safe than sorry ;)00:21
bandit63you have and bookmarks you want from firefox or email from thunderbird/00:21
SuhnIll just redo the bookmarks00:21
Suhni only need a few thing on here00:21
bandit63your call00:21
Suhntthat took a while00:21
bandit63i am sure there is a faster way to do it but i dont know anything about wubi00:22
bandit63i have never used it :D00:22
SuhnIts good, i got all my files00:22
Suhnthat i need :D00:22
bandit63you can wait and try the ubi installer for 11.04 when its fixed or reinstall 10.1000:22
Suhnill just use my disk for 11.0400:23
bandit63if you copy the whole user folder over then you can copy it back and will have all your setting the way they where00:23
Suhnid rather not mess with wubi00:23
Suhni dont like it00:23
bandit63you cant install wubi from the disk00:23
bandit63if you install from the 11.04 disk it will wipe your windows install00:23
Suhnive installed from a sik00:23
Suhndisk on my server pc00:24
bandit63oh ok00:24
Suhnit did not wipe the windows install00:24
Suhnthe disk had wubi on it00:24
Suhni ran the disk while in windows00:24
bandit63glad we got your files back00:24
bandit63any other files you need off that wubi install?00:24
SuhnIs there any way to have 11.04 and windows together to boot?00:25
SuhnChoose between00:25
bandit63you can dual boot or use wubi but you need to look that up00:25
thiebaudeinstall windows first  then ubuntu00:25
SuhnI have windows arleady00:25
bandit63and you would need to repartition00:25
Suhnbut i geuss if i install ubuntu now, it will get rid of windows00:26
thiebaudethen your all set to dual boot00:26
SuhnI can install without wubi and still dual boot?00:26
thiebaudeinsatll the live ubuntu cd00:26
thiebaudethen when you get to the partioning part00:26
SuhnOk, and it for sure will not wipe windows?00:26
thiebaudechoose how you want to allocate space00:27
Suhnalright im going to stay here00:27
Suhnso if im unsure when i get to the partition ill ask00:27
thiebaudeits not suppose to, but i never say never ,lol00:27
thiebaudei have done many dual boots in the past00:27
bandit63Suhn, glad i could help you get your files back00:27
Suhnbandit63: i appreciate it very much00:28
bandit63thiebaude, he has 3 partitions on that disk already00:28
tensorpuddingwubi and natty don't mix yet00:28
Suhnlemme uninstall the old ubuntu with wubi00:28
bandit63Suhn,  glad i could help00:28
* Suhn 00:28
* Suhn gives bandit63 7 cookies00:29
thiebaudea windows ubuntu and swap partition?00:30
bandit63i dont think so00:30
bandit63he had windows installed00:30
bandit63and ubuntu with wubi on the windows partiont00:30
Suhnlemme uninstall the ubuntu with wubi00:30
Suhnthen ill install 11.0400:30
bandit63wow 11.04 makes my harddrives spin funny :|00:31
Suhnit did when i was using the live cd00:31
SuhnWasnt the disk either00:31
penguin42bandit63: Can you explain?00:31
bandit63i am getting random mspin downs and spin ups00:31
bandit63sounds nasty00:32
penguin42how often?00:32
Suhnubuntu takes 1 second to uninstall lol00:32
bandit63i am thinking about that00:32
bandit63i cant really tell seems like every 30 min00:32
bandit63but it could be putting a drive to sleep and then i save something to it and it has to wake it back up00:33
penguin42not as bad as it couid be I guess; are you on battery?00:33
penguin42bandit63: Have you got 'spin down hard disks when possible' set in Power Management Preferences ?00:34
Suhnok im booting from the CD00:34
SuhnAnd if i create a new partition it wont do anything to windows?00:34
bandit63penguin42, yes that was turned on00:34
voidmagebandit63: another feature i lost: being able to drag/drop items on the bottom panel taskbar00:35
voidmageto reorder00:35
SuhnSuhn: hi00:35
SuhnSuhn, test00:35
thiebaudepenguin42, i just enabled that myself00:35
bandit63penguin42,  you think i should leave it turned on?00:35
thiebaudesince you mentiones it,lol00:35
penguin42bandit63: Dunno - my guess is that there is a limit to how often it turns it off (there was a nasty case a few years ago where it was doing it every few minutes and really being very very bad for drives)00:35
bandit63yes i turned that off on my laptop was that around 8.04 i cant remember been to long00:36
delac_Suhn: you probably should do disk defragmentation before you start the installation00:36
delac_Suhn: from the Windows00:37
SuhnMy laptop is only a month or two old00:37
SuhnAnd im already in the installation disk00:37
thiebaudei still have 1 bad sector on my disk00:37
SuhnShould i restart to windows again?? to do this?00:37
delac_Suhn: also, you do have all the important data on the Windows backed up too?00:37
bandit63yes you cant defrag ntfs from linux00:38
bandit63or chkdsk'00:38
Suhni dont have my files backed up00:38
SuhnIs it that risky?00:38
delac_Suhn: this is pretty safe operation, but something could go wrong too00:38
Kurdistanguys/girls how is the battery time in natty comparing to maverick?00:38
SuhnIll go for it if its safe00:38
bandit63delac_, thanks for taking over00:38
delac_bandit63: i wouldnt say i'mm taking over00:39
Suhnlaptop is plugged in00:39
delac_bandit63: just giving some pointers00:39
bandit63well thanks i dont run ubuntu that way so i would be lost yet again00:39
delac_Suhn: I highly recommend you do the backups before you install Ubuntu00:40
Suhnim already installig00:40
bandit63oh wow00:40
bandit63you need to do backups regularly any way Suhn00:40
delac_Suhn: at what point are you now?00:40
SuhnThe files arent installing00:40
SuhnIm just going throuhg the warnings and stuff00:41
delac_Suhn: what warnings?00:41
SuhnWindows automatically restores basically every day00:41
Suhnnot warnings. "For best results"00:41
delac_Suhn: the backups need to be on external drive00:41
Suhni dont have an external drive00:41
Suhni have a 2gb flash drive00:41
delac_Suhn: is that enough for your files?00:42
SuhnI have 70gb full00:42
delac_Suhn: get a external drive00:42
SuhnAlso, none of my files are to important.00:42
SuhnMostly songs and games00:42
bandit63all of your files are important!!!!00:42
SuhnAnd i can get my games back through steam00:42
SuhnWell i dont have an external drive00:43
delac_Suhn: well, those you can "probably" get back from internet, but photos and works you should back up00:43
tensorpuddingyou probably don't want to back up steam games then00:43
SuhnI dont have the money for one either00:43
tensorpuddingyou can just download them over again right?00:43
SuhnI dont have any photos00:43
delac_Suhn: can you fit all your importan files on the usb stick?00:43
SuhnI dont have any files that i would need00:44
SuhnI dont have any personal stuff00:44
SuhnIm 15 its mostly games and media and such00:44
delac_Suhn: ...00:44
bandit63famous last words00:44
delac_indeed :)00:44
tensorpuddingif there nothing you miss while using a guest account, it is safe to wipe without making backups00:44
SuhnHow dangerous is this?00:45
delac_Suhn: in that case, you can proceed00:45
bandit63dangerous not so much iritating to lose all your stuff yes00:45
* thiebaude come on bandit63 lets get a drink,lol00:45
delac_Suhn: not highly dangerous, but I wouldn take any risks with my important work files and photos00:45
SuhnYea, if i had a business or a bunch of school work on here i would back it up00:46
SuhnOh it says Install ubuntu alongside windows 7 :D00:46
thiebaudeyou guys have a good night- peace out folks :)00:46
bandit63thiebaude, that sounds like a good idea00:46
bandit63thiebaude, night00:46
delac_Suhn: yes, and there is a slider that you can use to select the size of the partiotion for the ubuntu00:46
SuhnYea i think 70 gigs is enough00:47
SuhnI dont store much on ubuntu00:47
bandit63i hate reinstalling everything after a fresh install00:47
bandit63Suhn,  how big a harddrive do you ahve?00:47
syn-ackbandit63, look into kickstarting then00:47
bandit63oh i am going to kickstart somthing starting with natty00:47
delac_Suhn: 70 sound fine then00:48
bandit63its been couple years since i did a fresh install so i guess it was time00:48
SuhnFor future refrence. it is mounted on /dev/sda300:48
bandit63well you need write that down or remember it00:49
SuhnThis is something that i would remember00:49
Suhnif it comes up again00:49
SuhnOh wow00:50
Suhnit gives me an option to import my old account00:50
Suhnwait nvm00:51
Suhntahts my windows act00:51
bandit63ok been fun people i am out of here00:51
bandit63Suhn, hope your install gies well00:52
SuhnThanks bandit00:56
Suhndelac you still there?00:57
Suhndelac_: you still there?*00:57
Suhn11.04 will have support for newer drivers right? My aux headphone jack did not work on 10.1000:58
delac_Suhn: it will have some newer drivers. cant say anything about that particular headphone though00:59
SuhnYea nbd. Also, intelHD graphics chip seems to have problems with java games like minecraft. Are the drivers different for 11.0400:59
delac_Suhn: well, Intels integrated GPUs are really not for playing games, so you cant expect much from them01:01
delac_Suhn: does Minecraft work well on the Windows?01:01
Suhndelac_: The new one works great for games like CS:S and GMOD. And so said is made for light gaming. But, it gets worse FPS then the 3 year old intel gpu01:02
SuhnMinecraft does not work well on windows either, but it does work very differently01:02
SuhnGarrys Mod on full settings full resolution01:02
SuhnOk, so my new thing is grub01:03
Suhnis taht how i load windows to?01:03
delac_yes, you can select either ubuntu or windows from there01:03
delac_ubuntu is on top of the list01:03
delac_windows will be somewhere on the bottom, but you can change that01:04
syn-ackwant to have some fun? Configure NTLDR to chainload linux01:06
syn-ackI know it's not NTLDR anymore, but it is in XP still so yeah01:06
SuhnWell, ty delac_01:08
Suhnthe installation worked01:08
Suhnand i have my files01:08
bazhangSuhn, nice to hear01:08
bazhangSuhn, and no more wubi01:09
SuhnWhere can i make quicker access to my applications01:10
Suhnthe panels arent the same01:10
delac_Suhn: yes, it's pretty different from earlier ubuntus01:11
tensorpuddingsuper+a brings up the applications menu01:11
tensorpuddingfrom there, you can search by name01:11
tensorpuddingif you narrow it down to one choice you can hit enter and it will load it01:12
delac_Suhn: try it out for a while, if you dont like it, you can get the more classic gnome back from the login window. just select ubuntu classic from there01:12
Suhni like the new one01:12
Suhnalright well i g2g01:12
Suhnthanks again01:12
tensorpuddingis there a way to remove recommendations01:26
carl0s-_this is still so totally screwed, just like it was two months ago. This must be the "invisible windows" that's mentioned on the bug list. It's hardly "unusual circumstances" though is it. Can anybody open Sound Preferences ? It's obviously opening, invisibly.. cos the mouse is making sound stuff happen. I just can't see the window though.01:28
tensorpuddingcarl0s-_: hit super+d, it'll appear in the dock and you can right-click -> quit it01:29
carl0s-_tensorpudding, hmm. i'll try that! I've just logged out, and the login screen says that I'm logged in (as though I've chosen to Switch User instead of log out), and after coming back in, my theme is going weird as though half of my gnome session is running as a different user, like when you su an app01:30
ceed^I struggling with this annoying problem. Suddenly Unity won't autohide and stays on top of everything. Is it some key combo I'm accidentally hitting or is it a bug?01:32
carl0s-_I had all this about two months ago though. I couldn't use OpenOffice/Loff Calc.. I was clicking and stuff was obviously going to a different window that wasn't visible. I was having to drag windows off to the bottom right of the screen to be able to perform mouse actions on them.01:32
tensorpuddingyes, that happens to me too01:32
carl0s-_I then gave up, and went back to 10.whatever01:32
carl0s-_and thought I've try Natty again today, but it's still just as bad.01:32
carl0s-_oh well. It has to be the invisible windows thing that I noticed in the beta install notes. It's a pretty huge show stopper though. I hope it gets fixed prior to release. I've gotta be honest, there's not much that's hitting me as "good" about Natty. I'd at least hope for something drastically cool, e.g. like Exchange MAPI finally working, or something else kick ass. Instead it seems like problems without obvious reasons01:36
Milos_SDI just did upgrade to Natty :)01:38
Milos_SDUnity is nice :)01:38
Milos_SDbut I have one little problem :D01:38
Milos_SDis there a way to change order of icons on launcher?01:38
trismMilos_SD: yes, grab it and drag it off the launcher, and without letting go drag it somewhere else01:39
mikehhlibc6-dev seems incorrect, wrong files installed01:43
Milos_SDwhy "Blur" compiz plugin isn't working?02:08
Milos_SDMy hardware and drivers supports it02:08
mrdebthe removal of the menu bar makes some applicaitons crash02:09
arandmrdeb: Do report bugs for those apps.02:12
benzaldehydecall me crazy but i am just going to go on another 5 hour install advenure02:19
Chr|sanyone try to install gnome from ppa yet?02:32
benzaldehydeChr|s: what is ppa02:47
Chr|sbenzaldehyde: Personal Packaging Archive02:48
Chr|syou can add keys to install third party content02:48
benzaldehydei have a few keys added02:48
benzaldehydefor debian and apple software02:49
Chr|sI just want to check out the new gnome02:50
Chr|sI don't think I am ready for Unity yet02:50
benzaldehydewhat is unity02:50
benzaldehydei hear it talked about a lot02:51
Chr|sbenzaldehyde: you know what channel your in right?02:51
benzaldehydenatty narwhal02:51
Chr|sIt is the default windows system for natty02:51
Chr|sit wont be gnome02:51
benzaldehydewindows, system as in manager?02:51
benzaldehydei did not know that02:52
Chr|syup, totally different from gnome02:52
benzaldehydedoes not matter for me though i would most likely use fluxbox as i always have02:52
benzaldehydein the short time i've used linux02:53
Chr|sI see02:53
benzaldehydei don't know but i would imagine unity is more resource intense, seems to be a trend with most updates these days, they don't get faster or lighter but they do get more intricate, bulky and slugish, though i don't know for sure02:54
benzaldehydeChr|s: eye candy is important if you got the cpu cycles though so don't get me rong02:55
benzaldehydepowerpc64 just can't get over that hill02:56
benzaldehydei need to focus on this, seeya03:03
myk_robinsoncan anyone advise of a fast, working mirror for Natty Beta?03:24
myk_robinsoni'm on a 25M connection, and the official one is saying 1 Day to complete :(03:24
myk_robinsoncancel, think I finally got one.03:26
Z_Mani just had the ubuntu beta of 11.04 kernel panic (or something on me) i got a screenshot of a call stack, i can give my hardware configuration and everything too03:53
Z_Mansomething to do with a scsi driver maybe03:53
Z_Manim running on one of those new sandy bridge platforms03:53
Z_Manwill post to pastebin03:53
Z_Mananyone awake or nobody care? :)03:58
Z_Manjust trying to be helpful03:58
Z_Manor maybe there is no devs in here03:58
rwwbest to report a bug about it03:58
Z_Manwheres the best place to do so?03:58
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots03:59
DrakasXI'm having problems booting using the pae kernal, is there a way to boot to generic through grub as a default?04:04
Z_Manwas a kernel oops04:06
Z_Manforgot about those04:06
Z_Mani just assumed it was a panic04:06
Z_Mandont worry about it :)04:07
DrakasXCould you perhaps help me out?04:09
digitalfizyou guys know of how to get icons in the sidebar that arent standard apps? I have some scripts that start games I play and Id like them to be in the sidebar04:13
digitalfizon unity04:13
DrakasXIs there a way to change the kernel grub uses by default? the generic-pae kernel causes services to fail on start in 11.04, unless i drop to shell and sudo service gdm start. HOWEVER if i switch to the linux-generic kernel it boots fine04:14
pmatulisDrakasX: remove the offending kernel is one way, the most recent one will be used04:16
jsjgruber_DrakasX, yes there is. You change a config file to set the default you want and then remake grubs config04:16
DrakasXpmatulis: can you walk me through it? or is there a guide i can refer to04:17
pmatulisDrakasX: pastebin the output to 'dpkg -l 'linux-image*'04:17
litropyI'm not interested in getting the "very latest" packages from php5, but I do want to install php5 with its cURL packages. Will the guide within the following SO page work without screwing anything else up? http://serverfault.com/questions/230529/how-to-install-php-from-source-with-latest-curl-package-on-linux04:18
DrakasXpmatulis: http://pastebin.com/AGQmyXaT04:20
DrakasXsorry wrong command04:21
pmatulisdpkg -l 'linux-image*' | grep '^ii'04:21
DrakasXpmatulis: http://pastebin.com/RRA99yEt04:23
pmatulisDrakasX: so you want to remove 'linux-image-2.6.38-7-generic-pae' then?04:24
DrakasX2.6.28-7-generic-pae causes problems when trying to load, mostly services crashing on start04:24
DrakasXso yes04:24
pmatulisDrakasX: 'sudo aptitude remove linux-image-2.6.38-7-generic-pae'04:24
litropyhm. never mind. while aptitude couldn't find php5 and its dependencies, apt-get could. odd.04:24
DrakasXgive me a second to install aptitude04:26
DrakasXi just finally got around the boot issue today04:26
pmatulisDrakasX: you can use apt-get04:26
DrakasXcould this possibly be cause by me running this on a macbook pro?04:27
DrakasXnow how do i re-run grub? restart?04:28
pmatulisDrakasX: grub is handled automatically04:29
DrakasXso restart? Here's the pastebin output04:30
pmatulisDrakasX: looks good04:31
DrakasXsweet, that hopefully means smooth boot next time04:31
pmatulisDrakasX: theoretically, yes04:31
DrakasXI haven't noticed boot issues on any other pc in my possession EXCEPT my macbook, could the EFI be the problem?04:32
pmatulisDrakasX: i don't know anything about macs04:33
SuhnWhere can i change appearence prefrences?05:42
J697I installed beta 1 and everything is ok, but I have found some bug that keeps um, bugging me05:43
J697I can't install anything through the Ubuntu Software Center05:43
SuhnYea, i have that bug to a bit05:43
Suhnsometimes it says it didnt installj but it actually did05:43
SuhnHow do i get to system preferences with this new ubuntu?05:45
alkisgHi, will there be a linux-image-generic-lts-backport-natty package available for lucid?06:08
coz_ good day all06:09
SwedeMikealkisg: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppas/3706:09
alkisgSwedeMike: thanks, those are not in the official archives though, are they?06:11
SwedeMikealkisg: I have no idea, I just googled for it. There were more hits, I only gave you the first one.06:11
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magn3tsTrying to install one version of Natty over an old one... or install extra codecs at install time is broken.06:50
magn3tsOne of the two.06:50
magn3tsLeft my machine unbootable -- wasn't reinstalling grub.06:50
cdbsubuntuguy: hi07:18
cdbsubuntuguy: So, continuing07:18
cdbsubuntuguy: Download the ISO for the beta07:18
ubuntuguybut I have no cd slot07:18
ubuntuguyon my laptop07:18
ubuntuguyso I won't be able to use it07:18
cdbsubuntuguy: Which version of Ubuntu are you currently running?07:18
trijntjeits possible to install from usb07:18
ubuntuguyhow so?07:19
cdbsubuntuguy: so, you download the ISO and then use startup disk creator to put it on a usb07:19
ubuntuguywhere is the start-up creator located07:19
cdbsubuntuguy: Its in the System->Administration menu07:19
ubuntuguyANd can you provide instructions on how to do this07:20
ubuntuguyand I will be able to test it out without installing using this method right07:20
cdbsubuntuguy: yes you will be able to test without installing07:20
cdbsubuntuguy: download the ISO first07:20
cdbsubuntuguy: then, open the startup disk creator07:20
cdbsubuntuguy: insert an EMPTY usb drive07:20
cdbsubuntuguy: point startup disk creator to the downloaded ISO07:21
cdbsubuntuguy: and it'll write it to the USB disk07:21
ubuntuguyAlright, thanks07:21
ubuntuguyHave you tried ubuntu 11.04 as of yet?07:21
cdbsubuntuguy: I am running it at the moment :)07:22
ubuntuguyAnd, how is it?07:22
cdbsubuntuguy: not very stable, but ace07:22
ubuntuguyHow is unity in your opinion?07:22
cdbsubuntuguy: I am a Unity developer :) and I'd (surely) say its awesome07:23
ubuntuguyOh, that's great man!07:23
ubuntuguyI'm going to def try it out when it finishes the long download07:24
trijntjewill there be a lot of changes to unity before natty is released?07:25
cdbstrijntje: mainly bug fixes, and only some minor UI tweaks from now onwards07:25
trijntjecdbs, ok, thanks. I have to admit i'm a bit worried about unity, I dont think it works better than gnome yet07:29
trijntjethough I like it a lot on my netbook07:29
cdbstrijntje: /w 1907:34
cdbsoops sorry07:34
trijntjenp ;)07:35
TheNumbHello there :)08:11
TheNumbI am experiencing some problems with nvidia 270.xx drivers. Compiz freezest just after gdm starts. Any ideas?08:11
TheNumbNobody knows the solution :(08:21
SwedeMikebe patient and hang around in the channel.08:22
TheNumbUnfortunately it's driver's fault. The same thing happens on other distros :(08:23
SwedeMikethen you should bug report it to nvidia, I would imagine there is nothing ubuntu can do about it.08:24
designgearsare nvidia drivers (260.19.44) compatible with 11.04 beta1?08:31
TheNumbdesigngears: I don't think so. Why are you asking?08:32
designgearsjust installed them and it didn't go over so well.08:32
designgearsdo the ones that come up under additional drivers work?08:33
designgearsok, that worked08:37
Chr|sanyone try to install gnome 3 yet on natty? if so please share how to do it08:56
Najaaaaayes :)09:00
Najaaaaayou can install www.snowlinux.de/09:02
Najaaaaaif you want then09:02
delacdoes anyone know if the Unity Lenses (Apps, Files, Media Apps, Internet Apps) are manageable per user (configuration somewhere in the home folder), or is the only way to get more/rid of them by Synaptic?10:11
gordonjcpI guess I ought to boot into Ubuntu and see if Unity is any better yet10:15
phibxrrunning any kind of opengl-game seems to render the unity-interface pretty much unusable as long as an opengl-game is running. the dash won't even show, actually. I guess this is compiz-related, no?10:20
Milos_SDWhy some indicator are not clickable?  For example, network manager? To get to it, I need to click on sound or date-time indicator, and then go to it witch coursor... :S10:30
robbit10Question: In the final version of Natty, will you be able to use vanilla GNOME 3.0, or will you be forced to use Unity?10:32
NielsMkncoz_ you here?10:40
coz_NielsMkn,  what's up?10:41
NielsMknso how was it? Very different from ubuntu 10.10?10:41
coz_NielsMkn,  well..at first log in you are on the Unity desktop... if you have seen screenshots of it..it is specifically designed for netbooks , however , if you then log off and log onto the  classic gnome desktop,, it is pretty much the same as gnome is on previous version10:42
coz_NielsMkn,  actually that first log in depends on you haveing either intel or ati video card10:43
NielsMknWell I am working on a cross-platform game using ogre3d(mainly) but I was using 10.10 to test my games. Now I'm worried if my game will work on 11.0410:43
NielsMknWell I have a Nvidia Card10:43
coz_NielsMkn,  I dont think think there will be an issue,, and nvidia card will default to classic gnome desktop until you install the nvidia driver10:44
coz_NielsMkn,  I also have nvidia on my two machines here10:44
coz_NielsMkn,  so its no big deal , however ,, it is not perfect yet:)10:45
coz_NielsMkn,   if you dont need to install natty , dont... wait until it is released10:45
jihedamineHi, when I try to bootup Natty live cd, modeset sets the screen brightness to very dark (having intel graphic card). Is there a way to fix this ?10:45
coz_jihedamine,  I am not familiar, personally, with intel especially on natty10:46
NielsMknwell I didn't have any problem on 10.10 with nvidia. Is this an unresolved issue of 11.04 or with nvidia drivers?10:48
coz_NielsMkn,  there is no issue with nvidia  in 11.04  ,, as usual you have to install via  jockey-gtk10:51
coz_or jockey-kde ,  depending on your  DE10:51
NielsMknso what did you mean by 'not perfect'?10:52
coz_NielsMkn,   I meant natty is not perfect yet :)10:52
coz_11.04  is not perfect yet :)10:52
coz_not the nvidia driver10:52
coz_NielsMkn,  ok  sorry for rasing the blood pressure there :)10:52
NielsMknwell thanks, I guess I'll wait then :)10:52
NielsMknhehe I am sorry for misunderstanding :)10:53
coz_NielsMkn,  well as I said,, unless you enjoy testing  beta software,, if there is no need for it ,, just wait til rlease  and I would suggest a clean install instead of an upgrade10:53
NielsMknwhy a clean install?10:53
coz_NielsMkn,  unless your situation   doesnt allow a back up,, with a clean install..if there are any issues that arise,, you can be confident it had nothing to do with the upgrade10:54
NielsMknI see10:55
coz_NielsMkn,  however,  and I say this with some reservation,, ,many people to upgrades,,   the reason I prefer  clean installs  is a "clean slate" to work with10:57
coz_many people "do" upgrade10:58
NielsMknwell I'll do a clean install just to remove unnecessary files as well :D10:59
coz_NielsMkn,  cool :)10:59
Milos_SDWhy some indicators are not clickable?  For example, network manager? To get to it, I need to click on sound or date-time indicator, and then go to it with coursor... :S11:00
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NielsMknsee ya all later11:11
lapionis anyone in here actually using unity ? It confuses the heck outa me11:34
BUGabundonot me11:36
lapiondoesn't confuse you ? or you are not using it ?11:36
BUGabundoguud morning11:36
BUGabundolapion: not using it11:36
lapiongood mourning to anyone using unity11:37
lapionand good morning to you11:37
genii-aroundYes, "mourning" is somewhat apt, as opposed to "morning"11:37
lapionwell I wont be mournig when I do APTitude purge unity11:38
BUGabundogenii-around: but it always reminds me of Allo Allo11:39
lapionah the memories of allo allo...11:39
lapionat least there was no unity in that town11:40
lapionafk ots11:40
lapionso are there any plans to put unity as a secondary, or a completely separately installed distro disc...12:07
lapionhence ubunity12:07
coz_lapion,  I thought Unity1  would be good :)12:08
lapionhave you tried it ?12:09
m4rtinunity is pretty good, but I have a few qualms: not being able to see menus until I hover in global bar is annoying. Not being able to see all running windows likewise makes switching far slower.12:09
coz_lapion,  me?  yes I have natty installed on another machine12:09
lapioncoz_, you can always select classic desktop at login, or after logging out, and logging in again12:10
coz_m4rtin,  well.. the alternative is to log off ,, and choose the classic gnome session12:10
coz_lapion,  yep I know that :)12:10
m4rtincoz_: yes, if I want classic gnome, I was just pointing out the areas that I don't feel work so well at present12:11
coz_m4rtin,  well I have said this many times... global menu is good for screens smaller thatn 15"12:11
lapionm4rtin, try resizing a windows that's not full screen..12:11
lapioncoz_, only if the screen has a resolution less then 1024x60012:12
lapiontoo apple-y12:12
m4rtinlapion: isn't there a patch in progress for that (I haven't tried this but read people moaning)12:12
m4rtincoz_: I think it's a good idea in principle (I waste so much screen space with a dock bar and a menu bar), I just haven't got used to it yet12:13
coz_m4rtin,  well   I dont find any use for global menu especially on dual monitors12:13
lapionm4rtin, it's difficult to have an app as a smaller window hovering "on top" of the full-screen app being used to cut paste or some other stuff..12:14
m4rtincoz_: how does it work out across 2 screens? Does the menu correctly appear on the screen where the window is?12:14
coz_m4rtin,  it is a mac menuing like system... good enought for mac on screens 9"  but not on large monitor setups,, too far a distance to travel for  File  Edit  View12:14
coz_m4rtin,  no the menus all appear on global menu  far far away to the left of the set up:)12:14
m4rtincoz_: ah, now that's going to really annoy me on my desktop12:15
coz_m4rtin,  what could possibly make it less frustrating is using easystroke12:15
lapionifn a galaxy far far away..12:15
coz_m4rtin,  easystroke if you are on larger monitors,,, and want to stay in Unity12:16
coz_it is fortunate that you have the options  in sessions12:17
coz_m4rtin,  are you planning on testing Natty?12:18
m4rtincoz_: I've been running a liveCD and will probably move to a dist upgrade at Beta212:18
m4rtinon my laptop that s12:18
coz_m4rtin,  ah cool.. dont let my opinions alter your experience..12:18
m4rtinit seems pretty good on my laptop12:19
coz_m4rtin,  on a laptop it should be just about perfect12:19
m4rtinkeyboard shortcuts are particularly nice12:19
coz_m4rtin,  there you go :)12:21
lapionwell I use 6 workspaces, 3 separate instances of the browser xchat, skype, empathy deluge a vt deluge etc etc most on a separate workspace.12:23
m4rtinlapion: I'm guessing unity doesn't handle that so well12:24
lapionone workspace for im, 3 for browsing of which one also has deluge, 1 for xchat, 1 for vt12:25
lapionwell having to open the workspace switcher, that then takes over the whole screen....12:26
kklimondahmm, is the wallpaper with two narhwals on the aubergine background the new default?12:26
coz_kklimonda,  not last time I installed this.. it was that purple thingy12:26
coz_kklimonda,  although I like that double narwhol12:27
lapionfurthermore I have a windows-list at the bottom with all apps, one at the top with only those for the current workspace12:27
kklimondacoz_: hmm.. right, the warty-final.png is still pointing to the old wallpaper, I wonder how did it change on my system..12:29
lapionwhenever I use unity, feel the same way I do whenever I am on a windows (prison)12:29
coz_kklimonda,  I dont know.. do you like the aubergine narwhols?12:29
kklimondacoz_: sure, but are you suggesting that Ubuntu can now read my mind? damn12:30
coz_kklimonda,  yes I think it is in the package  telepathy-common :)12:31
m4rtinjust attempting to get Zotero setup under LibreOffice and FF4 on Natty; my only crucial requirement :P12:31
coz_m4rtin,  watching video on zotero12:33
m4rtincoz_: fantastic piece of software, but requires sun java which can be a bitch (it's in Maverick partner repo)12:34
coz_m4rtin,  you  can get sun java on natty as well ,, I have already installed it there12:35
m4rtincoz_: I'm just installing from Maverick partner repo, didn't seem to be in Natty12:35
coz_m4rtin,  well it was in the partner repos on my system here,, so I believe it will be there,, there are applications that require sun java  so it is still what I use12:36
m4rtincoz_: hmmm, wonder how I missed it :/12:36
coz_m4rtin,  did you enable the partner repos?  not sure they can be enabled from live cd though12:36
coz_ooo zotero stand alone alpha :)12:36
m4rtincoz_: I added them manually to apt sources deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu natty partner12:37
coz_ah  mmm12:37
* soreau wonders why it stinks in here12:37
coz_let me check on my natty  machine to be sure12:37
coz_soreau,  it must be the beer :)12:38
soreauah, coz_. Must be you12:38
coz_m4rtin,   no it is definitly on there12:38
coz_i just showered  and I smell all clean and fresh :)12:39
m4rtincoz_: hmm ok, well will see if I can get it working from Maverick partner for now. I mean, I've got sun java working, but fouled up the LibreOffice integration when I tried last night12:40
coz_m4rtin,  its the same version of sun java form maverick so I dont see an issue12:40
m4rtincoz_: hmmm, I get nasty errors when enabling the plugin in LibreOffice :/12:41
m4rtingoing to try the older word processor plugin12:42
msucanhello guys12:42
msucani am trying to install nvidia-96 and i can't12:42
msucanxorg-video-abi-8.0 - unavailable packeg12:43
msucanbroken deps12:43
msucanwhat can i do?12:43
msucannvidia-current fails for me, because my video card is too old12:43
head_victimmsucan: nvidia-legacy?12:46
msucanhead_victim: no, package nvidia-9612:46
coz_msucan, did you download the package from there?12:47
msucancoz_: no12:47
coz_msucan,  oh ok12:47
msucancoz_: i use sudo apt-get update12:47
msucanthen install nvidia-9612:47
coz_msucan,   try sudo apt-get install -f12:47
msucanjust pasted the link for ref12:47
msucancoz_: that's not the recommended way to install broken packages, is it? :)12:47
msucancoz_: who can i ping to get that fixed?12:48
coz_msucan,   not sure,,, you may have to report this12:48
msucanwhere and to who? :)12:48
smallfoot-how can i know which window manager / compositor is currently in use?12:49
smallfoot-and in my Appearence Preferences there is Visuals tab, so how do i enable Compiz?12:50
coz_smallfoot-,  which video card do you have?12:51
coz_msucan,    https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/12:51
mrdebsmallfoot-: compiz is used. you neeed install compiz settings manager to tweak it12:51
coz_smallfoot-,  yes ,, if you have intel or ati video compiz is already running12:51
smallfoot-coz_, geforce860012:52
coz_smallfoot-,  did you already install the driver for that>?12:52
smallfoot-i use proprietary nvidia driver cuz open source driver was buggy and slow and lacking in funcionality for gaming12:52
coz_smallfoot-,  then compiz is running12:52
smallfoot-i use gnome, not unity, cuz unity sucks12:53
coz_smallfoot-,  right,  did you log into  classic gnome  or classic gnome (no effects)12:53
smallfoot-classic gnome12:53
coz_smallfoot-,  yep compiz is running12:53
smallfoot-ok thanks12:53
gordonjcpright, time to try 11.04 again12:53
smallfoot-was unsure if it was maybe metacity or mutter12:54
mrdebsmallfoot-: did you tweak gnome to go back to normal12:54
mrdeblike removing the file menu from panel12:54
smallfoot-11.04 is pretty good, except that nothing is new, and unity sucks, and there are some bugs12:54
coz_smallfoot-,  no mutter in 11.04  it was replaced by compiz12:54
smallfoot-mrdeb, no, i didnt tweak anything, but the file menu isnt in the panel anyways12:54
mrdebcoz_: why12:54
coz_mrdeb, why compiz replaces mutter>?12:55
mrdebsmallfoot-: i remoeve the file thing that maximizes and then it goes doewn to each program window again, and so programs dont crash12:55
coz_mrdeb,  because ...at least last time I tried mutter,, it was slow,, and a resource hog... compiz is far superior12:55
mrdebresource hog12:55
smallfoot-mrdeb, dont know what you mean12:55
mrdebit was using 800mb ram on my system12:55
carl0s-I hate to whinge, but is this really beta ?? Everything that I remember being broke months ago is still broke. Invisible windows opening up, who take my mouse input even though I can't see them. I have to drag my window off to the bottom right of the screen to get my mouse input into it, because the invisible window is taking the input. the invisible window is somehting I tried to open but appeared not to open..  and now12:55
carl0s-I can see that SFTP/ssh is thru nautilus is broke too just like it was last time I tried Natty :(12:55
mrdebcarl0s-: yes windows are still issue12:56
mrdebcarl0s-: it's caused by the maximus12:56
carl0s-maximus ? I'll google it. How about my SFTP:// bookmarks that I have.. they're not working :(12:56
carl0s-(nautilus bookmarks)12:57
mrdebit's the thing tat moves the menu to the top panel12:57
carl0s-oh I see.12:57
mrdebif you use gnome desktop and remove it, windows are fine12:57
carl0s-the thing that doesn't quite move firefox or libreoffice ?12:57
carl0s-well, isn't the point of that thing, that as well as the close/min/max widgets moving, that the file, edit, view, tool should shift up there too?12:58
ceed^carl0s-: There's a plugin for Libreoffice taking care of that. Can't remember what it's called tho.12:58
carl0s-ah I see12:58
carl0s-I did read about that on omgubuntu12:58
mrdebyes it is12:58
carl0s-so for now, I can remove maximus, and ignore unity for another month or so, then my stuff might mostly work? :)12:59
carl0s-guess what13:00
carl0s-sftp:// is fine. I'm a dick.13:00
gordonjcpis there any way to improve the user-unfriendly error message?13:00
coz_carl0s-,  that  "lol"  was for you :)13:00
gordonjcpevery so often I get an error "System program problem detected"13:00
carl0s-sleeping pill not worn off yet. I was clicking on a local sftp:// bookmark, but I'm not at the office.13:00
carl0s-coz_, :D13:00
gordonjcpwhich tbh is totally bloody useless13:00
mrdebalso you can tweak unity13:01
mrdebusing gconf-editor or compiz settings13:01
carl0s-mrdeb, for me?13:01
ceed^mrdeb: What aspects can be tweaked in gconf? I know the Compiz configs13:01
carl0s-mrdeb, are you talking about the unfriendly messages, or an alternate to me removing maximus and going gnome-classic for a while?13:02
smallfoot-luckily maximus isnt even installed on my system, dont know why13:02
mrdebi mena things like the icon sizes and way windows behave13:02
carl0s-oh ok13:02
mrdebi dont konw if it's called maximum or whatnot13:03
mrdebthat's waht it was in the earlier netbook remixes13:03
carl0s-I think for the minute I will go back to classic, and home that I don't have the invisible window thing. It is a *huge* show stopper though honestly.13:03
mrdebdo you have a problem with ram usage beign high13:03
carl0s-it's why I gave up on the alpha and reloaded 10.1013:03
ceed^I have never had one hidden window. Wonder if it depends on graphics card used?13:03
mrdebwell unity is not ready yet13:04
gordonjcpis there a way to make ALT-F2 work properly?13:04
mrdebthere is no setting panel fori13:04
carl0s-ceed^, maybe.. I'm on a thinkpad x301, it's intel something or other13:04
gordonjcpmost of the time if I press alt-f2 and type a command, nothing happens13:04
ceed^carl0s-: I'm on an ASUS laptop with nvidia graphics using the nonfree driver13:04
gordonjcpI have to type very very slowly and let it finally try every possible auto-suggestion then click on the app I want13:05
mrdebalt f2 works for me13:05
mrdebit's just slow13:05
ceed^What's really broken is the AskUbunutu thing. It keeps telling me it's daemon died, but it's still alive (or revived) and when I ask it something it's moping telling me nothing.13:06
carl0s-ceed^, hmm. I always would have thought Intel to be most easily supported. I've been very happy with 10.10 anyway, but might have made a mistake by trying the upgrade to 11.04  again13:06
gordonjcpmrdeb: that's part of the problem13:06
gordonjcpmrdeb: I don't want to have to wait until it catches up, then click on a little square13:07
ceed^carl0s-: I have a Samsung laptop also with Intel graphics. Far more problematic than the ASUS13:07
carl0s-here another annoyance.. anybody use Google Chrome ?13:07
mrdebi found some problems using it: windows being blank, huge ram usage (twice previous ubuntu 1010), applications crashing with the window menu moved up to top13:07
gordonjcpreally all I want to do is just detect if my software is being run under Ubuntu, and exit gracefully if it is13:07
mrdebgordonjcp: i know yeah. you can also install openbox, i suppose lol13:08
carl0s-and click on images that pop up in their own title-bar-less window ("click for larger image") things ??> they open up off the top of the screen, and there's no close widget to be found anywhere!13:08
mrdebtry alt +f4?13:08
gordonjcpmrdeb: ?13:08
carl0s-mrdeb, yep that's what I've been doing, or "File -> Close" on the maximus bar thing13:08
mrdebalt f4 closes a window13:08
* ceed^ 's major gripe is the "censored" notification area/ system tray13:08
mrdebor ctrl q or w13:09
gordonjcpmrdeb: no, I want to prevent some software I wrote being run in Ubuntu, since it basically doesn't work at the moment13:09
gordonjcpmrdeb: sound and graphics are too broken in Ubuntu to support13:09
mrdebwhat do you mean13:09
mrdebi am thinking that the best thign to do may be to do a base install and use plain gnome over it13:10
carl0s-hmm. I just tried it again and the chrome child-windows are behaving now.13:10
carl0s-anyway, gotta go. thanks for the chat and help.13:10
mrdebgood luck13:10
gordonjcpI see there's still no way of removing the headache-inducing drop shadow13:10
nerdshellcan I install the first beta just to try it without any risk ?13:11
gordonjcpnerdshell: you can run it from a usb stick or cd13:12
gordonjcpand not install it at all13:12
nerdshellyeah, I just have to install the osi, in a flash drive?13:12
gordonjcpnerdshell: pretty much13:13
lotuspsychjeany url on natty improvements?13:13
gordonjcpI have no idea why they still use .iso files13:13
gordonjcpdoes anyone even use CDs any more?13:13
gordonjcpnerdshell: it's not really worth trying to install13:13
lotuspsychjefor older systems might be usefull gordonjcp13:14
mrdebpeople use discs for movies13:14
gordonjcplotuspsychje: how old?13:14
lotuspsychjenot all systems got usb boot13:14
gordonjcplotuspsychje: I haven't even seen a PC with a CD drive less than ten years old13:14
nerdshellgordonjcp: no I just download the beta, install it on a flash drive and run Natty from the flash drive that's it13:14
gordonjcpgames consoles aside, I can't remember the last time I used optical media13:14
lotuspsychjei agree that flash drives are the future13:15
lotuspsychjebut also still everybody uses phyical hd too13:15
lotuspsychjeinstead of ssd13:15
gordonjcpright, but that's not the same thing13:15
nerdshellgordonjcp: no I just download the beta, install it on a flash drive and run Natty from the flash drive that's it13:15
mrdebhow do you dispose of a hdd13:15
gordonjcpnerdshell: you said that already13:16
gordonjcpmrdeb: I just binned a few13:16
lotuspsychjeim running maverick on ssd13:16
lotuspsychjeboots in 5sec13:16
gordonjcpmrdeb: open bin, drop drive in, close bin13:16
mrdebwhat arey ou talking about13:16
gordonjcp13:15 < mrdeb> how do you dispose of a hdd13:16
mrdebi mean physicallly13:17
gordonjcpmrdeb: I just told you, I disposed of some drives recently by throwing them in the bin13:18
mrdebin the garbage ?13:18
gordonjcpI suppose technically they should go to some specialised electronic waste disposal centre13:18
mrdebwhat about data cleaning13:19
gordonjcpthere's nothing on them worth bothering about13:19
mrdebyou dont put any personal things on it13:19
lotuspsychjesome companys recover data13:19
mrdebwhat do you do, keep paper copies13:19
gordonjcpif you're that fussed, dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/whatever13:19
gordonjcppaper copies of what?13:19
mrdebpersonal stuff13:19
gordonjcpI'm not sure what you mean13:20
gordonjcpwhat "personal stuff" would I even keep on a computer?13:20
mrdebi mean like bank records taht sort of stuff13:20
mrdebwhat most ppl keep13:20
gordonjcpwell, my bank posts out paper bank statements anyway13:20
lotuspsychjehd eraser package13:20
phibxrmrdeb, if your information potentially is worth more than it would cost someone to restore it, then, yes, by all means, destroy the disk physically. :P13:20
gordonjcpphibxr: well yeah13:21
mrdebit's better to be safe13:21
mrdebso you use dd to overwrite13:21
gordonjcpbut bear in mind that for any disk larger than about 1GB, a single pass of zeroes will completely destroy all data beyond hope of recovery13:21
gordonjcpmrdeb: no, the drives were faulty, that's why I binned them13:21
mrdebok, well, we need some way to crush the drive13:22
mrdeblike crushign cars at a yard13:22
gordonjcpif someone wants to go through all the trouble and expense of picking through my rubbish to find a broken hard disk and then spend time and money looking at stuff I did ten years ago, then more power to them13:23
mrdebwell that is yoru choice13:23
mrdebbut it's not a chance i would want to take13:23
gordonjcpmrdeb: well, if the drive is faulty, it's faulty and no-one is going to get data off it13:23
gordonjcpmrdeb: and if it's not faulty, zero it out13:24
mrdebif it's faulty, they may be abl eto do it still with techniques13:24
mrdebso zero with dd?13:24
mrdeb3 tiems13:24
gordonjcpno, just once is enough13:24
mrdebwhat about guttman method, 7 times13:24
gordonjcpa single pass of *anything* that writes to every sector will do it13:24
gordonjcpis there an IRC channel specifically for Unity?13:25
ceed^gordonjcp: Unity is so perfect no one needs to talk about it....not! :)13:26
gordonjcpceed^: heh13:26
mrdebwell that's not what i read about single passes13:26
ceed^I just discovered the lenses for Unity. That's pretty cool. Trying the Gwibber one now.13:27
gordonjcpmrdeb: there's a lot of rot talked about how you can deduce what the bit was from the print-through on either side of the track13:27
gordonjcpmrdeb: but that pertains to very, very old disks13:27
mrdebnew disks differ?13:27
gordonjcpmassively so13:28
mrdeboh really13:28
mrdebhow so13:28
gordonjcpmaking drives hold more data isn't just about making the bits smaller13:28
gordonjcpthere's only so far you can go recording ones and zeroes as flips in the magnetic domain13:28
gordonjcpmodern drives write data to the drive using something not totally unlike QAM13:29
gordonjcpso a single "bit time" is more like an analogue value that encodes a group of bits13:29
mrdebim unfamiliar with oam13:29
mrdebhow is it safer logically13:29
gordonjcpthe theory was that if you read a bit off a drive that was a 1, then it might actually read as 1.1 meaning it had a bit of "leftover" magnetism from being a 1 before, or 0.9 meaning it was a 0 before13:30
gordonjcpso you could reconstruct data from the printed-through old data of the last pass13:30
gordonjcpnow there are more than two values that a bit could be13:30
gordonjcpmrdeb: okay, QAM - Quadrature Amplitude Modulation - imagine you've got two signals 90 degrees out of phase13:31
mrdebthey use more than 2 values now?13:31
gordonjcpdepending on which signal is on or off, you have (I=0, Q=0), (I=1, Q=0), (I=0, Q=1) and (I=1, Q=1)13:32
mrdebthat sound almost unreal that it would work13:32
gordonjcpwhere I is "in phase" and Q is "quadrature", or 90 degrees out of phase13:32
gordonjcpso each "bit time" can then encode two bits13:32
gordonjcpnow in practice you actually use your two phases with more than just on or off13:33
gordonjcpso a single bit time might encode one of 16 values, or four bits13:33
gordonjcpor more13:33
gordonjcpit's how digital TV, cable modems and wifi works13:33
mrdebthat;s amazing13:34
mrdebso there is no recovery way13:35
gordonjcpmrdeb: not really, no13:35
gordonjcpyou'd have to watch that there wasn't fragments left in mapped-out bad blocks13:36
mrdebi'd tsill like to be able to buy something to phsyically crush the device13:36
mrdebwhat do you tihnk of wifi signals, are they safe for the human body?13:36
gordonjcpmrdeb: got a drill?13:37
gordonjcpdrill some holes through it13:37
mrdebwhat size drill13:37
mrdeband i'd need goggle i think13:37
mrdebthank for the info13:39
gordonjcpmrdeb: small enough that you're not drilling for hours, large enough that you don't have to drill millions of holes13:43
gordonjcpI'd try about 8-10mm13:43
mrdeband drill all the way through13:44
gordonjcpor just mash it up with a big hammer13:44
mrdebthat would be more satisfying13:45
mrdebyou just have to go somewhere where no one sees you lol13:45
mrdebhat is the chance of a hard drive failing nowadays13:53
Jeruvysame as it ever was13:53
mrdebhow do you dispose of yours13:54
Jeruvywe have e-cyclers that they are disposed at13:56
mrdebwhere are those located13:56
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Jeruvycheck your yellow pages. mrdeb13:58
=== unity-2d is now known as thiebaude
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frybyeanybody done a fresh install of natty as dual boot on a pc with win7 and a nvidia gt240?14:20
frybyeif so what problems if any/how to fix...?14:20
mrdebi did a fresh install yesterday14:20
frybyedual boot??? which grafic card?14:21
mrdebsingle boot. nvidia14:21
thiebaudei did a frsh install i use nvidia 8400 gs, no dual boot :)14:21
frybyeand it went fine - the live cd works o-of-the-box??14:21
mrdebit works, but ther eare issues in the desktop14:22
mrdebunity is not finished14:22
DaekdroomNo 3d support out-of-the-box14:22
DaekdroomBut the binary driver is working14:22
frybyeso you install the propriatory drivers or.. to get the 3d..?14:22
thiebaudethe graphical install on the live cd did not worked but i used the text installer14:22
frybyehow to do that - the text install? - need a particular iso for that??14:23
BajKfrybye: the alternate install iso14:23
thiebaudeits an option on the live cd14:23
BajKany ideas why HTML5 playback is not working? In the Kubuntu release notes for Natty Beta they explicitly claim the better html5 playback support due to gstreamer backend, but all I get in youtube is a black player wit a length of 0 seconds14:23
DaekdroomBajK, Firefox doesn't have H264 codec.14:24
BajKDaekdroom: using Rekonq.14:24
thiebaudewell i mean dvd not cd ,lol14:24
frybyeand does one need to know a load of stuff to do a text install?? or does it walk me thru...?14:24
thiebaudeits simple14:24
gordonjcpright, that's enough Ubuntu Natty for one day14:24
BajKwhich is also used in the release notes pictures14:24
gordonjcpreboot time, with an hour or two off for the headache to subside14:24
thiebaudemainly defaults14:24
sim1hi all. I run Vidalia in natty, but when i hide the windows the icon doesn't appears. How can i find the hided windows?14:25
mrdebgordonjcp: i found an article about new hdds that supports your view14:25
gordonjcpI wish there was a way to get rid of the drop shadows14:25
frybyeso i d-load and burn the alternate dvd and then what do I do .. sorry but I have no formal it training or very little..?14:25
DaekdroomBajK, did you tick the option in the installer that installs proprietary software, such as the codecs?14:25
DaekdroomI have HTML5 playback in Liferea.14:26
thiebaudejust burn it to dvd14:26
BajKDaekdroom: i did14:26
sim1hi all. I run Vidalia in natty, but when i hide the windows the icon doesn't appears. How can i find the hided windows?14:26
frybyethie and when I boot it will walk me thru for a dual boot or...?14:26
BajKand normally there would be a systray popup indicating "there is additional codecs required for full multimedia capabilities" or something like that14:26
sim1sorry sorry for double post!14:26
thiebaudeat the partioning part yes14:26
BajKdoes the ubuntu alternate installer still not allow to set the Bootable flag ?14:27
thiebaudeyou will see options14:27
frybyee e e with the alternate dvd .. ok I will set up some partitions in advance... one for the natty and one swap at least.. and I hope to gawd that I still have access to my win7 i need for other stuff.. hmmm...14:27
thiebaudeok good luck frybye  :)14:28
frybyesee you later folks... have another pc if it goes real bad.. bye now..14:28
* thiebaude hopes unity works out for ubuntu14:29
jihedamineHi, when booting Natty beta 1 from a live usb, I get a very low brightness with modeset (Intel Corporation Mobile 4 graphics card). Is there a way to fix modesetting ?14:29
BajKDaekdroom: I already installed all the gstreamer codecs available on the repo but no luck14:31
mrdebsome p[eople say the new firefox and unity are complete messes14:33
DaekdroomThe new firefox is ok.14:33
mrdebwhere is the home button14:33
mrdebmenus are slower14:33
gordonjcpah, that's better14:33
gordonjcpback in Arch14:33
frybyere: I don't find an alternate dvd iso? is it in fact the install/live dvd...? and if so how to I get to do a text install with that...?14:33
mrdebarch huh14:33
gordonjcpjihedamine: don't install natty14:33
gordonjcponly ever run it from a USB stick14:33
gordonjcpthe installer has a fatal showstopper bug that will destroy your bootloader14:34
mrdeboh really14:34
mrdebi didnt have a problem thankfull14:34
Daekdroommrdeb, I have to agree the home button is in a very strange place, but I changed it.14:34
mrdebadd on bar is on the bottom too. bad14:34
jihedaminegrodonjcp: ok, but actually even using it as a live disk, it sets brightness to a very low level14:34
frybyemrdeb forgive my ignorance but I have only every used the gui for installing ubuntu and apparently that does not work with natty/nvidia..14:35
mrdebi installed it using the live usb14:35
mrdebno issues14:35
Daekdroommrdeb, I changed that too :p14:35
frybyewith a nvidia card??14:35
mrdebyes, older geforce 6 series14:35
jihedaminewhat's strange is that I didn't find similar bug reports14:36
frybyehmm I have a gt240 not sure if that will be the same - the alpha3 for sure did not work..14:36
mrdebwell you have a new card, so that may be the issue14:36
phoenix__hello everyone14:36
frybyemrdeb not that new - ca 1y or so.. hmmm14:36
jihedaminebeta 1, intel gma, modesetting making brightness extremely low14:36
frybyeand how to get to the text install - am I right there is no seperate alternate dvd iso??14:37
charlie-tcacorrect, there is a text installer cd only14:37
mrdebhas anyone tried doing a base install and installing regular gnome over it14:37
mrdebdoes it still bring in other dependencies14:37
frybyeoh right... will look for that charlie-tca14:38
charlie-tcait is in the daily image -14:38
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/14:38
phoenix__flash videos are not getting hardware accelerated. My GPU is Nvidia 9400 Gt . I have installed the proprietary software using the jockey. How do is know that VDPAU is working properly?14:39
gordonjcpoh well14:39
gordonjcpUbuntu's just killed itself14:39
mrdebthere is aplugin for flash acceleration14:39
mrdebgordonjcp: are you using arch14:39
gordonjcpmrdeb: I am now; after updating Natty my bootloader was destroyed14:40
gordonjcpmrdeb: so I've reinstalled grub so it's back the way it should be14:40
mrdebof the update did it?14:40
gordonjcpthat's about the end of the line for Ubuntu, as far as I'm concerned14:40
mrdebhow did you reinsall grub.14:40
gordonjcpbooted into Arch, ran grub-install14:40
mrdebon the drive itself14:40
mrdebarch still uses 0.98 grub though14:41
mrdebyou can still use lts14:41
mrdebunity shoul be fixed in a few years14:41
DaekdroomI want to move to Gnome shell asap14:44
mrdebit should be otu soon, i think14:45
gordonjcpDaekdroom: that's got much the same problems as Unity14:45
mikehhhi, any devs around?14:50
mrdebi dont know , but you can ask your quesiton14:52
mikehhok, I installed libc6 and libc6-dev and it does not install things like libm.a etc14:53
mikehhanywhere that I can find14:53
mikehhI checked this on Ubuntu i386 11.04 beta and Kubuntu amd64 11.04 beta (they are in 10.10 on both)14:54
mrdebhmm. i dont know14:55
damienanyone know if unity is now able to specify which monitor (on a dual monitor setup) contains the unity bar?14:55
mrdebcan you just dpkg install it14:55
mrdebi ahvent tried that, Daekdroom14:55
damienhi mrdeb14:55
sburwood1could I get feedback on 11.04?  Is it stable? Is the Wubi problem solved?  If I have 10.10 64bit, will I safely be able to update?14:56
mrdebi installed it yesterday, 32bit14:56
mrdebtried out both14:56
sburwood1and ...?14:57
damiensburwood1: if you want long term stability, i have always found it best to wait until milestone is released14:57
sburwood1damien: You mean when the final release comes out on Apr 29th?14:57
mrdebsomeone had isues with grub update breaking it14:57
damienmrdeb: i am not on nvidia myself but seen this - http://askubuntu.com/questions/17074/dual-monitor-unity-launcher-opening-on-wrong-monitor14:57
mrdebwindows are blank hwen using unity sometimes14:57
damiensburwood1: bingo14:57
mrdebit uses a LOT of ram14:57
sburwood1Is 3GB enough?14:58
m4rtindamien: someone said earlier that it will go to the leftmost monitor of the setup14:58
mrdebbut yo ucan work with it14:58
mrdebyes, it uses like 800mb tops14:58
m4rtindamien: didn't say whether it could be changed14:58
sburwood1brb bye14:58
damieni would have expected that, but it recognizes my left/right setup (as in, where the mouse will extend to) but unity is still on the right monitor15:00
lcbmikehh, http://packages.ubuntu.com/ca/natty/i386/libc6-dev/filelist15:00
mikehhlcb: I checked that and it should contain things like /usr/lib/libm.a and others15:02
lcbdamien, i had same issue as yours and with updates was fixed. try failsafe and reconfigure defaults15:02
lcbmikehh, is listed as one of installed files15:03
damienat the moment i have no choice but to failsake, reconfigure and restart x to actually boot15:04
lcbmikehh, with synaptics, for example, open 'installed files15:04
damieni'm going to try out a live os now15:04
lcbdamien, i would do that...15:04
lcbdamien, but if not fixed yet it will be. on mine is fixed. not the option to select on what monitor we want to have the bar15:05
mikehhlcb - it ain't there plus a whole bunch of other libraries required by gcc/g++ with -lm etc15:05
lcbmikehh, hmm try install linux headers, if not15:06
mikehhlcb, been there, done that, something is serioously wrong here15:06
lcbmikehh, apt-get -f install && apt-get check15:07
lcbboth do more or less the same but.. just in case15:08
mikehhlcb: I tried building perl 5.12.3 and the libraries just are not anywhere15:08
lcbmikehh, other option is booting to grub recovery and trying to automatically check for things wrong. (shift before grub loading)15:09
mikehhlcb: the install files list for libc and libc-dev is incomplete (compared with 10.10 for example)15:10
Milos_SDWhen I minimize some application, and then focuse it again, I lose main menu from global menu ...15:10
Milos_SDOnly "File -> Close" is displayed15:11
jiohdiI followed the instructions for upgrading to 11.04 beta, but when I type cat /etc/*release* it still tells me that its 10.1015:11
jiohdiwhat should I be doing?15:11
lcbmikehh, i would update/upgrade everything. don't forget things are still very volatile at the moment so frequent updates are necessary, besides -f install(s)15:12
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lcbMilos_SD, maximize it and youĺl get the menus. drag to one of the sides of display15:13
charlie-tcajiohdi: you should file a bug agains update-manager for that issue.15:14
jiohdithe update-manager did not seem to have the right setting for upgrading.... it did not have a release button as the instructions indicated15:14
jiohdibut there should be a command line to do it, no?15:14
Milos_SDlcb, you don't get what I want to say. I have Firefox or Evolution maximized (there is a menu), I minimized them, and then maximize again, I don't have a menu :(15:15
BluesKajHowdy folks15:15
lcbjiohdi, should say: DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu | DISTRIB_RELEASE=11.04 | DISTRIB_CODENAME=natty | DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu Natty (development branch)". something went wrong in there15:15
jiohdiwhat is the command line to do a distro upgrade?15:16
charlie-tcajiohdi: the correct command is update-manager -d as the release specify15:16
BluesKajjiohdi, sudo do-release-upgrade15:17
lcbjiohdi,  update-manager -d15:17
BluesKajjiohdi, sudo do-release-upgrade -d for natty15:17
jiohdiactually the update-manager -d seems to be working15:17
mrdeboh really15:18
mrdebjiohdi: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade15:18
lcbjiohdi, do a update then upgrade then dist-upgrade before anything else15:18
BluesKajjiohdi, update manager works...if you trust update managers:)15:18
mrdebbefore it, run apt-get update15:18
mrdeb i purged update manager15:18
jiohdiall done... but the update manager ran with the option to upgrade and its working15:18
charlie-tcajiohdi: again, I would suggest reading the release notes, also. Just to avoid nasty surprises15:18
lcbof course, read that on the url you got the image15:19
jiohdicharlie-tca, sure... when is the official release sch for?15:19
BluesKajjiohdi,  we should have advised you to remove or disable any ppas added after your last install15:19
charlie-tcaOfficially end of april see15:19
ubottuA schedule of Natty Narwhal (11.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule15:19
BluesKajmrdeb, then run sudo do-release-upgrade -d . no need for update manager15:21
mrdebi know how to do it15:21
lcbMilos_SD, sorry, missed ur last comment. check on top left near the menu/bar icon15:21
Milos_SDlcb, I know where main menu is on panel... But after minimize -> maximize, I only get this in global menu "File -> Close"15:22
lcbMilos_SD, there are still things to be fixed, that is one of them for sure. even tough there the menu items should be shown, on the active app window or pannel's top left15:24
mrdebis anyone here using the LTS release still15:24
mrdebi think there was a notable upgrade with the .30 kernel15:25
lcbMilos_SD, try dragging a bit that active window... ALT + drag15:26
Milos_SDlcb, doesn't help ... there is one more thing I noticed now... It only happends if I minimize all apps, and go to desktop... If I have some other app maximized, menu is showed after I restore minimized app ... :S15:28
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rigvedhi everyone...when i tried to use synaptic to install python unittest2 and importlib, it showed an empty UNAUTHENTICATED category. also, it said that amount to download was nil (0 KB).15:34
rigvedso i cancelled it and ran synaptic again. this time it downloaded and installed the two packages properly.15:34
IdleOneglitch in the matrix maybe15:35
lcbrigved, sometimes reloading helps15:35
rigvedIdleOne, lcb: ya reloading did work15:36
rigvedhopefully not a problem...15:36
lcbinternet one, probably. repos not loaded15:37
rigvedlcb: seemed that they were loaded. because i only cancelled and clicked on apply again, without reloading the repos or restarting15:38
lcbrigved, don't worry about it. in Libya is worst :)15:40
rigvedlcb: :)15:40
rigvedalso, i wanted to ask why does synaptic ask for my password everytime i start it. it should cache the password for some time, like maybe not the ask the password for 5 minutes after it was entered successfully15:41
rigvedlike it currently works in lucid. it shows a key sign in the top panel for as long as i can do chain administrative tasks without entering my password15:42
charlie-tcarigved: change in how it is handled due to security concerns15:42
delaccharlie-tca: oh, what kind of security concerns?15:43
rigvedcharlie-tca: ok. you mean like the small gap in which all admin tasks can be completed without the need for the password?15:44
charlie-tcaI think the fact that if the password is left open after the app closes, someone else can come along, gain access to root , and do harm15:44
rigvedthat was a security risk? got it15:44
mrdebhow many times do you need to keep synaptic open15:44
mrdebopen it one and leave it open15:44
delaccharlie-tca: does this affect the terminal too?15:45
rigvedmrdeb: actually i'm working on fixing a bug that requires all package managers to be closed before the app is run15:45
charlie-tcadelac: I don't know15:45
mrdebis the bug in lts?15:45
delaccharlie-tca: is there a thread somewhere where this decision was made?15:46
charlie-tcaI can't honestly remember where I saw it discussed, whether it was an ML or on IRC.15:47
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* thiebaude updates, yay,lol :)15:54
delacdid they fix the panel shadow problem?15:55
jiohdiit says 3hrs to do the upgrade... doe that sound right?15:55
jiohdianyone know if docky has any issues with 11.04?15:56
shaneohey guys having this error15:56
shaneoW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net natty Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 7859B2D5CA76338615:56
shaneocan anyone help ?15:56
jiohdishaneo, you can find the public key by google search15:58
shaneowhere do i put it when i find it15:58
jiohdiand how to install it15:58
shaneook thank you15:58
jiohdithere is usually a wget command15:58
adz21cHi, I have installed Kubuntu Natty Beta 1 (actually I have been using it since about Alpha 2). Since then when ever I reboot into Windows (7) I get a "Crtical Kernel-Power" error which forces a reboot after which the PC returns to normal. Additionally instead of a rebooting if I shutdown then the next time I boot the PC forces a reboot mid post so the next post fails stating my previous boot failed. Any ideas why this could be15:59
adz21chappening or how I could go about identifying the issue? (Note I tried a 10.10 live CD today and that does not cause the issue)15:59
trancegeekok why can't i use wep with adhoc on 11.04?16:01
trancegeeki set it up for wep etc16:01
lcbadz21c, Beta 1 with WUBI?16:01
trancegeekand it just creates an ad hoc network that's unsecured16:01
jiohdiwubi should be banned... it cripples systems16:02
adz21clcb: Wubi is the windows based installer right?16:02
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe16:02
lcbadz21c, yes16:02
adz21clcb: No I used Live CD16:02
trancegeekagrees, wubi should be removed16:02
thiebaudeyes it should, i agree16:03
trancegeekit adds compatibility issues clearly16:03
lcbadz21c, not recommended on this beta16:03
jiohdiwubi generally works fine until the first update, than the records change and it makes everything go haywire16:03
trancegeekany idea what's up with adhoc in networkmanager?16:03
trancegeeki can't get it to work with wep, it just creates the network without security even if it's set up for wep16:04
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adz21clcb: but how would wubi improve my install to prevent this error?16:04
lcbadz21c, not at this stage Release note: "There is a known issue (746257) that prevents Ubuntu 11.04 Beta 1 from being used with WUBI at this time. Please consider waiting for a few more days for updated desktop images that fix this issue, or use the Live CD or USB images to try out Ubuntu 11.04 Beta 1. "16:05
jiohdiwubi creates a very large file within windows 7 it does not make a true install, and when the points change due to update, it makes the boot system go crazy16:05
adz21clcb: I am a bit lost at what you are getting at, i installed with the Live CD, not Wubi16:05
thiebaudewhen i used wubi in windows 7 one tiome, i could not get it off the mbr,lol16:05
lcbadz21c, http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/natty/beta16:05
thiebaudewindows mbr16:05
jiohdiadz21c, sorry, misunderstood...16:06
* jiohdi is emotional over wubi past16:06
lcbadz21c, i know. i just explained not to install with WUBI16:06
adz21clcb: and I am saying I didn't but I have this issue16:07
lcbadz21c, btw, get the images from that url16:07
adz21clcb: I got my images from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/natty/beta-1/kubuntu-11.04-beta1-dvd-amd64.iso16:08
lcbadz21c, things are being fixed. i hope you didn't mess your system due to that16:08
adz21clcb: system seems to cope, just irritating :-) figure now its in beta i should raise16:09
lcbyes, it's good so developers would be alerted to that16:09
adz21ci thought i would come in here first tho so I could get tips on what information to provide (or if its known bug) and where to raise something16:10
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots16:12
shaneowhats the official release date of natty16:13
thiebaudeapril 28th16:14
trancegeekwould still like to know what's up with networkmanager and securing adhoc networks16:14
shaneoprerrt close niw16:14
thiebaudeyep not long now :)16:15
trancegeekwould still like to know what's up with networkmanager and securing adhoc networks16:15
* thiebaude unity 2d looks awesome :)16:17
trancegeekactually tbh ad hoc really works about as good as a soup sandwich...16:17
trancegeekyeah... unity is about the only thing in 11.04 that's worth a shit16:17
trancegeekand even that's buggy16:17
trancegeekwhat is it like 8 years now guys? COME ON CANONICAL SRSLY16:18
jiohdisomething wrong with a soup sandwich16:19
trancegeekok i'm pretty sure i set a wep key...16:20
trancegeekand it looks pretty unsecured to me16:20
AnAntHello, is there some sort of setting (gconf maybe) to change the default session to Classic instead of Unity ?16:38
ceed^Hi, When will Google Calendar work in Evolution again in Natty? It's been weeks...16:38
charlie-tcaAnAnt: What about just choosing it from the gdm login screen?16:40
charlie-tcaIt defaults to whatever you used last16:41
m4rtinwhat was ceed^ talking about? seems to work fine for me16:43
AnAntcharlie-tca: I am working on a derivative distro, and I want the default setting to be Classic instead of Unity16:50
charlie-tcaI see, so you need that on the installer, probably. The people in #ubuntu-installer during the week know how to do that. They aren't around much on weekends, though.16:51
AnAntok, thanks16:51
bitplaneHi. I installed via update-manager -d, after a reboot I don't get a login screen16:58
bitplaneI cant ctrl+alt+f1 and get to a login prompt. looks like wayland and unity aren't started16:58
bitplaneI *CAN* ctrl+alt+f116:59
bitplanewhere do I find logs and stuff to diagnose the problem and report the bug?16:59
=== BUGa_fewds is now known as BUGabundo
Travis-42does unity in 11.04 work fine with multi monitor setups? how does it deal with the global menu bar for multiple monitors?17:13
m4rtinTravis-42: seems to position bar on leftmost monitor (according to a convo I had earlier)17:16
m4rtinbitplane: are you using X or Wayland?17:17
m4rtinbitplane: you indicated Wayland, but this is *extremely* unstable and not supported17:17
Travis-42m4rtin, hm, so it won't have a bar on each monitor... that might be weird. thanks. I'll have to be sure to test rather than just upgrade.17:19
opiateHello, i just upgraded my computer to 11.04, but the boot procedure stops right after loading the Gnome  Display Manager  what can i do? Before the update i had a Problem with GDM aswell: see https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+question/151378 t17:19
opiatewhile using the failsafe boot i get an error while trying to startx17:20
trismTravis-42: for me, it is positioning the menubar on the monitor that has the active window17:21
=== kcsrnd is now known as Jkessler
trismTravis-42: and when I drag between monitors, the menubar follows the app17:22
jester7My touchpad settings seem to be lost after reboots and resumes.  I've fixed the bootup problem, as putting synclient parms in the startup works well.  How can I get these to happen when I resume?17:24
bitplanefigured it out. x was crashing due to the ati drivers I manually installed, removed them and it looks a bit better17:24
Travis-42trism, so if you click on an app on a different monitor, the menubar jumps to the other one?17:27
trismTravis-42: yes17:29
trismTravis-42: although, since it is hidden unless you hover over it, it is just the app name that appears17:29
Travis-42hmm ok thanks trism17:30
opiatebitplane: were you referring to my problem? anyway will try to deinstall my ati drivers as well17:31
phoenix__Amarok volume control problem. http://imagebin.org/14643017:34
phoenix__i am using kubuntu 11.04 beta 117:34
opiatehow can i switch back to meerkat?17:42
mikehhok - the files that were installed in /usr/lib in 10.10 are installed in /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu and /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ from libc6-dev in 11.04 i386 and 11.04 amd64 respectively - why the change?17:44
mikehhthe compiler does not seem to know about it17:44
mikehhI wolud need to include this stuff specifically in the path17:45
philUbuntu Beta: the installer is still in the menu after the install, is this normal behaviour?17:56
charlie-tcaphil: should not be there after a restart17:58
philbug then.17:58
charlie-tcaunless the cd/usb used to install is still in the drive17:59
philwonder if i can just remove ubiquity?17:59
phili didnt see this in any bug report thought17:59
charlie-tcaubiquity is there too? It doesn't usually get installed18:01
charlie-tcaIt is the installer for the desktop cd, but does not actually get installed to the system18:01
philubiquity is in /usr/bin, /usr/lib, usr/share and has a man page locally on this drive18:05
phillooks like i will have to reinstall for the final i guess18:06
philonly safe thing to do18:06
yofelmikehh: that's multiarch related, I don't know much about it, but the paths are in the ld.conf and most build systems should have it in their search paths by now18:07
delacbtw, has anyone found a way to customize the Dash (menu opened from the topleft ubuntu logo)?18:09
mikehhyofel: I tried building perl 5.12.3 and it did not find them18:10
alexshas anyone managed to get xmonad to work under gnome in natty yet?18:12
alexsthe gconftool method of replacing metacity no longer seems to work18:12
techbreakhi i want to create contdown banner for my site. how do i do this ?18:13
techbreakfor ubuntu 11.0418:13
Testtdont know18:13
Testtyou can test www.snowlinux.de/18:13
delacwhat are these drive by commersials for snowlinux? :)18:15
fireboyhi :) I'm playing with natty (under kde), and it appears desktop effects wont activate. Are there any standard tests or known issues about this ?18:17
frankwehi, i'm having trouble with the global menu disappearing for some applications constantly (it just shows the File entry) at the same time since a while. any hints on how to find out what's wrong and for which component to file the bug?18:18
frankwei only get it back when quitting and restarting the applications. it happens with gnome-terminal, evolution, firefox, for instance18:19
russjr08frankwe, I have the same problem18:20
frankwerussjr08: did you find any bug on launchpad? i couldn't find anything yet18:20
delacfrankwe: as well18:20
russjr08frankwe, No, been looking but haven't found it18:20
delacdelac: maybe someone should file one, then18:20
russjr08What's the global menu called18:21
frankwei think it's appmenu-gtk and indicator-appmenu18:22
delacthis seems like related bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-appmenu/+bug/73016918:25
ubottuUbuntu bug 730169 in indicator-appmenu (Ubuntu) "App menu sometimes loses menus" [Low,New]18:25
russjr08That seems to be correct18:27
russjr08But I don't know why the priority is low...18:27
frankwerussjr08: i wondered that too, it seems they don't know there's more than one effected by this ;)18:28
russjr08I have subscribed to that Bug and marked it as affecting me18:28
frankwei'm not sure if it is because compiz dies here, might be it didn't without me noticing it18:28
incorrectwell i have to admin the beta is super fast on this netbook18:30
russjr08I think it has something to do with compiz crashing18:30
russjr08usually that causes the appmenus to go wonky over here18:31
incorrectcompiz does seem to crash a fair bit still18:32
delacwell, I did have slight problems with the menus a while ago, but now the bug doesn't appear even if I crash the compiz. Maybe they did some update?18:37
a931bw Guys, i have debian, and i veeery want unity, i added unity daily ppa, and it wanted alot of software i hadn't in repo's so i just added Natty repos18:37
a931bwam i crazy?18:37
delaca931bw: better prepare for troubles, I think :)18:38
a931bwi never used debian sid18:38
pavanaicant boot ot ubuntu ultimate18:38
a931bwbecause i though its too unstable18:38
a931bwand using natty O_o18:39
pavanaidelac, help pls....18:39
pavanaigot struck while booting ubuntu ue 2.8!!!!18:40
a931bwErrors were encountered while processing:18:40
a931bw /var/cache/apt/archives/libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev_2.23.1-0ubuntu2_i386.deb18:40
a931bwE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)18:40
a931bwwhat's that? O_O18:40
a931bwis this packet important?18:40
delaca931bw: I say you are going to the deep end now. I recommend you don't do that unless you can swim ;)18:41
a931bwi'm ready for troubles :)18:42
a931bwthis packet doesn't install because of18:42
a931bw python-dbg : Depends: python (= 2.7.1-0ubuntu5) but 2.6.6-3+squeeze6 is to be installed18:42
a931bw python-dev : Depends: python (= 2.7.1-0ubuntu5) but 2.6.6-3+squeeze6 is to be installed18:42
yofelpavanai: this channel is for natty narwhal (11.04) support only, please ask in #ubuntu18:43
a931bwhow to get newest python in debian?18:44
a931bwi need 2.7.118:44
pavanaiyofel, in ubuntu we can discuss only ubuntu not ultimate....18:44
a931bwi connected natty repo's18:44
a931bwdon't mention ultimate18:44
a931bwits same18:44
a931bwjust new themes18:44
a931bwand scrips18:44
yofelpavanai: then check the website where their support channel is, maybe the folks in #ubuntu-beginners can help you18:44
yofela931bw: from natty maybe, although I seriously doubt squeeze and natty are going to mix well18:45
yofelnote: even debian experimental has only 2.618:45
a931bwwish me luck18:45
frankwe1a931bw: ubuntu != debian + newer package versions, it won't work out what you are trying18:45
a931bwi'm going to boot without libgtk18:45
a931bwi'm bored with my wheezy18:45
a931bwi need to reinstall it18:45
a931bwso i though18:45
a931bwill mess with it alittle18:45
a931bwdo some crazy stuff :)18:45
delaca931bw: I recommend to keep rescue disk very close ;)18:45
a931bwi have one18:46
yofelgood :)18:46
a931bwand /home on another partition18:46
pavanaia931bw, can u hlp me?18:46
yofeleven better ^^18:46
frybyere: just installed natty as dual boot with win7 on pc with nvidia gt240 - only runs at all in safe video but then there is only the colored desktop background and not control features.. to put differently how to install the nvidia restricted grafic package from the comand prompt?18:46
yofelpavanai: still wrong channel, unless you're using natty18:46
frybyee e e and NO control features...18:46
Pax-ManHi guys, today I installed Ubuntu 11.04 beta and it word very well - to be honest I loved it. Therefore I spend time upgrading my graphic card driver, which I used the Ubuntu GUI for. Unfortuantly it made my screen almost black but it seems the software workes expect from that graphic flaw. I've searched forums, any ideas?18:46
pavanaiyofel, if a931bw  can help?18:47
a931bwlogouting into unity18:47
a931bwi can't sorry18:47
yofelfrybye: sudo jockey-text18:47
charlie-tcafrybye: logout, choose classic-session, login and install drivers18:47
yofelfrybye: that should work I think as long as you have a wired connection18:47
frybyehow to login with clasic???18:48
charlie-tcapick the user name, then choose session at the bottom of the login screen18:48
charlie-tcathen enter password18:48
frybyethere dosent seem to be anything at bottom of login screen??18:49
frybyebut I will go check out of here and try again to be sure.. see you...18:50
yofelfrybye: you need to pick the user name first before they show up18:50
charlie-tcaIt only shows up afte you pick a user18:50
russjr08Actually I am also having a problem with the Messaging Indicator not updating too18:52
russjr08I get the notify osd notification that I have an email message but the little envelope icon doesn't turn blue (using evolution)18:52
Chr|swell I tried installing gnome 3 through the ppa18:54
Chr|sdidn't work18:54
a931bwit doesn't work :)18:55
a931bwand my gnome is f up18:55
a931bwnow i'm writing from trinity18:55
benzaldehydea931bw: sorry to hear that.18:55
a931bwill wait for natty release18:55
a931bwthen ill get it working18:55
a931bwhow to get rid of gnome?18:56
benzaldehydewhy not install fluxbox18:56
a931bwi have it18:56
a931bwusing sometimes18:56
Chr|sbenzaldehyde: did you install gnome 3 through ppa?18:56
benzaldehydea931bw: i'm running natty on ps3 in fluxbox, watching a movie, irssi and firefox18:56
a931bwyeah i know flux is awesome18:56
a931bwi love it too18:56
a931bwnow i wanted to try unity ;)18:56
benzaldehydeChr|s: i installed. it was awesome18:57
a931bwand how to get rid of gnome?18:57
Chr|sbenzaldehyde: hmm I used this page as a guide and nothing changed, just errors http://askubuntu.com/questions/22946/how-do-i-install-the-latest-version-of-gnome-318:57
benzaldehydeChr|s: pluged my ps3 directly into the router and was able to do all the tthe installer for ppc alternate required18:57
frybyeback - I can only start in recovery mode and then safe grafic and there is no clasic or similar choice at the bottom of *that* login screen - just a thing that says "universal access mode."18:57
a931bwE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?18:58
a931bwhow to unlock it?18:58
a931bwi killed apt18:58
a931bwso it didn't unlock18:58
benzaldehydeChr|s: what are you talking about? somethign the matter?18:58
a931bwfound out already18:59
benzaldehydeChr|s: gnome comes pre-installed18:59
Chr|sbenzaldehyde: just unable to install gnome 3 and get it workng and havig the option to use unity or gnome18:59
a931bwreastaring once again18:59
a931bwshould've be fixed now18:59
benzaldehydeChr|s: i went into the nome and disabled unity trhough startup apps18:59
incorrectshame the eclipse menu doesn't get integrated into the top bar19:00
benzaldehydei hate resource heavy junk19:00
benzaldehydeChr|s: i'm watching clue.avi19:01
Chr|shave no idea what that is19:01
benzaldehydenatty is great19:01
frybyewho was helping me a bit back with this dual boot box with the nvidia gt240 ...?19:01
a931bwfuck it guys19:01
benzaldehydean 80's movie based on the board game19:01
a931bwsorry for swer19:01
a931bwcould someone give me sources.list19:02
a931bwof natty/19:02
a931bwill change it19:02
a931bwand do dist upgrade19:02
a931bweither works19:02
a931bwor i'm resintalling19:02
Chr|salwyas best to do a complete reinstall19:02
a931bwi'm feeeling like doing expiriments now :D19:02
frybyecan only boot to recovery mode and then with safe grafic and then I have no control features at all - just the colored desktop background and find no way to boot to classic or how to install the nvidea proprietory drivers from a command line?19:02
russjr08a931bw, where is sources.list again?19:03
frybyesbdy gave me an answer for the command line install of nvidia but i was tied up in the other problems.. again pse?19:03
russjr08I can pastebin mine if you want19:03
a931bw  /etc/apt/sources.list19:03
russjr08a931bw, this is what I got http://paste.ubuntu.com/589001/19:04
russjr08It looks incomplete19:04
russjr08at least that was the output of cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit19:05
a931bwits enough ;)19:05
a931bwdoing dist upgrade now19:05
benzaldehydea931bw: sure, how can i send a file on irssi19:06
delacfrybye: does alt-f2 bring up the Run-Application for you?19:06
a931bw libgtk2.0-dev : Depends: libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev (>= 2.21.0) but it is not installed19:06
a931bw python-dbg : Depends: python (= 2.7.1-0ubuntu5) but 2.6.6-3+squeeze6 is installed19:06
a931bw python-dev : Depends: python (= 2.7.1-0ubuntu5) but 2.6.6-3+squeeze6 is installed19:06
arandbenzaldehyde: Use pastebinit19:06
a931bwi have natty repo's19:06
a931bwand aptget update is done19:06
frybyeno nothing works but the colored background and the cursor move - no keys do anything apparently...19:06
yofela931bw: then other things depend on the 2.6 one and apt decides that this is the sanest resolution19:07
frybyebut from the recovery mode entry page i can get to a command line...19:07
frybyewith network...19:07
yofelfrybye: even in gnome classic? I do get the same thing out of unity here though19:08
a931bwhow do i get rid of it?19:08
a931bw└─╼ sudo apt-get remove python-*19:08
yofela931bw: dunno, try aptitude, it will tell you a bit more about what's the problem19:08
yofelnice zsh prompt btw. ^^19:08
a931bwis there any way19:09
a931bwi could remove al packets19:09
a931bwand leave only base system?19:10
xgt001hey everyone19:10
yofelwell, you can remove as much as you want, but I seriously doubt this has any chance of working19:11
xgt001can any1 help regarding battery life in natty for a laptop with ati graphics19:11
yofelexcept that you can't remove essential packages, apt will warn there19:11
a931bwok my system is f* up now19:12
a931bwnow i have dilemma19:12
a931bwfix it19:12
a931bwor reinstall it19:12
a931bwreinstalling it isn't unix way :(19:12
yofelwell, you can look at the apt history and downgrade/reinstall all packages that were ugraded19:13
a931bwE: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)19:13
a931bwE: Unable to lock directory /var/cache/apt/archives/19:13
a931bwwhat's that/19:13
xgt001i am getting hardly one hour battery in natty :( windows gives me 4 hours :(19:13
a931bwsudo apt-get -f upgrade19:13
yofela931bw: something locked the apt .deb cache19:14
yofelgot another apt open?19:14
xgt001a931bw: u might be having some other app downloading in background lik synaptic19:14
a931bwmade killall -9 apt19:14
a931bwworked now19:14
a931bwdoing upgrade19:15
a931bwi think19:15
a931bwi'm making frankenstain19:15
=== jon__ is now known as skpl
skplcan someone help me? i installed natty but  i cantr get the panel to load19:16
skplall i have is a background19:16
a931bwdownloading now kdewallpapers19:17
delacskpl: have you tried to login to the Ubuntu Classic-desktop?19:18
a931bwapt-get upgrade19:18
a931bwi have kde instlaled19:18
delaca931bw: is there any desktop enviroment you dont have? :)19:18
skpldelac: no not yet19:18
skplhow do i logout when i dont have a panel?19:19
a931bwwait no19:19
a931bwi have kde 419:19
a931bwkde 3 , xfce , gnome19:19
delaccan you alt-f2?19:19
a931bwdamn i have them all19:19
a931bwand couple WM's19:19
skpldelac: no19:19
yofela931bw: actually you're missing LXDE ^^19:20
delacwell, then ctlr-alt-f219:20
charlie-tcaskpl: Alt+PrntScn+k19:20
a931bwaww :(19:20
a931bwill install it soon :D19:20
a931bwto have full pack19:20
skpldelac: it said fail to load ubuntu classic desktop19:21
delaca931bw: ...19:21
a931bwactually i had it19:22
a931bwbut removed awhile ago19:22
delacskpl: well, then you can try the NoEffects desktop and after that the Failsafe19:22
mateoburHow can I configure the launcher?19:23
RoDiMuS-XAny idea if ATI 4200 series Video Card is going to support Unity by the release19:24
a931bwany way to swap kernel19:24
a931bwon the fly?19:25
moreralI was trying to update from 10.04 and the updater stopped for ages so I thought I'd close it and try again but now I seem to have f.... the entire system, because I can't boot ( "Target filesystem doesn't have requested /sbin/init" and errors locating /root/dev, /root/sys, /root/proc) and if I run the "Install Linux" program it doesn't give me the "update" option anymore ç19:25
moreralI went online and found solutions like running "sudo fsck -fy /dev/sda5" but that didn't work19:26
moreralI'd try a clean install if not for the fact that I'm on a very slow network and the updates and all programs I had take forever to download19:27
moreralany help would be greatly appreciated!19:27
=== malnilion_ is now known as malnilion
Dr_WillisYou may not have much choice ecctpt to do a new install.19:32
a931bwstill doing apt-get upgrade, still accepting bids, on will it work or not :D19:32
benzaldehydemoreral: i did that same thing the other day19:33
moreralbenzaldehyde: did you find a solution?19:35
benzaldehydemoreral: dumped the install, downloaded cdimage and installed fresh 11.04 never looked back--best bet19:35
benzaldehydemoreral: sorry19:36
moreralnah it's ok19:36
* BluesKaj curses moto4lin , crappy driver/gui that doesn't work and hasn't since I bought the phone in 200719:36
moreralI'm just thinking maybe there's a way to rebuild those missing directories19:36
benzaldehydemoreral: the time it'd probably take to figure that out would probably more than, well, what is your connection speed19:37
skplcan someone help me? im stuck at the login screen but gdm wont let me login19:37
BluesKajI despise having to have windows installed due these kinds of problems  :(19:37
delacskpl: none of the available desktop options worked?19:38
moreralbenzaldehyde: I spent almost four hours trying to download Amarok yesterday19:38
moreraland that's only about 70Mbs19:38
skpldelac: i was only able to try ubuntu classic, which didnt work, gdm is stuck19:38
skpldelac: i cant pull up the session menu19:39
moreralthe connection dies every half an hour or so19:39
benzaldehydeskpl: did you try to alt ctl f1, login, stop gdm and then start it again? sudo service gdm stop/start19:39
frybyeYeah - I am back here -IN- natty... with konversation - cos I like it better... heheh19:39
skplbenzaldehyde: i will try that19:39
delacskpl: well, try to reboot then?19:39
delacskpl: or what benz said19:39
benzaldehydemoreral: if you have a laptop you might try calling a local cafe and see if you can borrow some wifi19:41
benzaldehydemoreral: librarie, hotels19:42
benzaldehydei'm gonna see what's doing in the other rooms, peace19:48
TheTinyToonHi there, got a regression bug for my "Intel Corporation Ultimate N WiFi Link 5300", which doesn't work anymore in natty. The hardwareswitch only activates the bluetooth part and not the wireless, which also shows in iwconfig (ESSID: any/off). Any hints?19:51
a931bwapt-get upgrade for like hour already :(19:51
IdleOnea931bw: you change your source and ran upgrade?19:52
a931bwDebian Wheezy > Ubuntu Natty19:52
IdleOneexplosion imminent19:53
IdleOnebut you did say you wanted to test19:53
IdleOneso who knows maybe it won't explode in your face19:53
a931bwmake bets19:54
IdleOnenice delac19:54
a931bwi'm installing unity19:54
a931bwwll it work or not19:54
a931bwlol delac19:54
akavliehow's beta 1 working for everyone vs. 10.10?19:55
trancegeeksudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin: Package sun-java6-plugin is not available, but is referred to by another package.19:55
trancegeekhow to resolve?19:55
trancegeeki have the jre19:55
trancegeekbecause i have eclipse set up for android ev19:55
trancegeekjust trying to get it working with chromium19:55
TheTinyToonakavlie: fine so far (some crashes, but that's normal), except my wireless19:55
trancegeekwireless is terrible in 11.04 >.<19:55
a931bw.. The following packages have unmet dependencies:19:56
a931bw libnm-util1 : Depends: libnspr4 (>= 4.7.3-0ubuntu1~) but it is not going to be installed19:56
a931bw libnss3 : Depends: libnspr4 (>= 4.8.6-0ubuntu1~) but it is not going to be installed19:56
a931bw unity : Depends: libbamf0 (>= 0.2.60) but it is not going to be installed19:56
a931bw ...19:56
TheTinyToonseems so - any hints for debugging, trancegeek?19:56
a931bwwhat's libnspr4_4.8.719:57
trancegeeknot really tiny, my main issue is adhoc19:57
trancegeekadhoc pretty much doesn't work19:57
akavliewhat's the issue w/ wireless?19:57
a931bw(Reading database ... 310492 files and directories currently installed.)19:57
a931bwUnpacking libnspr4 (from .../libnspr4_4.8.7-0ubuntu1_i386.deb) ...19:57
a931bwdpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libnspr4_4.8.7-0ubuntu1_i386.deb (--unpack):19:57
a931bw trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/libnspr4.so', which is also in package libnspr4-0d 4.8.7-219:57
a931bwdpkg-deb: error: subprocess paste was killed by signal (Broken pipe)19:57
a931bwErrors were encountered while processing:19:57
a931bw /var/cache/apt/archives/libnspr4_4.8.7-0ubuntu1_i386.deb19:57
trancegeekit only works unsecured, even if you set wpa/wep settings, it still creates an unsecured network19:57
trancegeeka931, pastebin?19:57
akavlieon my machine, 10.10 has been far from stable, sadly.19:57
TheTinyToondoesn't work at all for me19:57
akavliehoping 11.04 might improve things19:58
trancegeekubuntu ##.## has been unstable on every computer for me, sadly19:58
akavlieI get crashes when waking from sleep, or unplugging a USB headset.19:58
TheTinyToonmy Intel has a bluetooth and wireless module on the same extension card (AFAIK) and only bluetooth get's activated19:59
mrdebdo you recommend 10.04 or 10.10 for performance19:59
TheTinyToonmy wireless is always on "off"19:59
trancegeeki have atheros20:00
trancegeekso i don't have many wifi issues20:00
frybyeHmm - so far so good but in natty where is the system control and settings to be found/gui?20:02
TheTinyToonrfkill also doesn't show any soft or hard blocked devices - any ideas?20:03
IdleOnetrancegeek: not sure if anyone answered you but for java you need to enable the Partner repo.20:03
delacfrybye: try the shutdown button on the top right20:03
IdleOnewell for Sun java20:03
a931bwunity is finally installing20:03
incorrectis there a way to press for a bug fix to be released? i see that the bug i have has been found and fixed, just didn't get release from alpha to beta20:04
a931bwok now compiz doesn't want to install20:05
a931bw compiz-plugins : Depends: libdecoration0 (= 1:0.9.4git20110322-0ubuntu6+r2723+201103301010) but 1:0.9.4git20110322-0ubuntu5 is to be installed20:05
incorrectdon't worry compiz just crashes20:05
a931bwunity requeres  it20:05
a931bwi want full one20:06
a931bwwhat's libdecoration0?20:06
Fatzuhey guys I see some reviews of natty with unity on the net, but wonder how people got it working. I have latest updates installed but unity's shell isn't usable: search not working shortcuts unclickable except browser and terminal. What's wrong with my system?20:06
gordonjcpFatzu: you're using unity20:07
Fatzugordonjcp: I'm trying to use it20:07
gordonjcpFatzu: yeah, that's basically the problem ;-)20:09
gordonjcpFatzu: I had a reasonable degree of success getting one of the nightly builds20:09
gordonjcpit's a long long way from usable though20:09
a931bw compiz-plugins : Depends: libdecoration0 (= 1:0.9.4git20110322-0ubuntu6+r2723+201103301010) but 1:0.9.4git20110322-0ubuntu5 is to be installed20:10
Fatzugordonjcp: ah I just scared that I messed up my ubuntu installation20:10
* BluesKaj runs kde 4.6 on natty with very few probs so far20:10
a931bwhow do iget new libdecoration/20:10
incorrectmust admit unity in this beta is so much faster20:10
ceed^I don't get it. I do not have any problems with Unity. I expected I would hate it, but I kinda like it. Only problem I have is a freeze of the UI now and then, but it's a beta so I expect it to e fixed.20:10
gordonjcpceed^: I really want to try it, but I can't get rid of the drop shadows around the windows20:11
ceed^gordonjcp: Isn't that a compiz setting?20:12
gordonjcpceed^: for the couple of minutes I can use it at a time, it looks pretty promising20:12
gordonjcpceed^: not one that I can find20:12
ceed^gordonjcp: So you do not like drop shadows, is that it?20:12
gordonjcpceed^: they give me a blinding headache in minutes20:13
ceed^gordonjcp: Interesting. Drop shadow allergies...20:13
gordonjcpceed^: I can actually feel my eye muscles twitching trying to pull the blurry bits into focus20:13
gordonjcpceed^: never mind that they look shit and dated20:14
FatzuOne more question: I'm connected to internet with vpn via docsis, and my ubuntu laptop has assinged hostname like that: machine_name.cable.isp.local how that happend?20:14
ceed^gordonjcp: Personally I do not care one way or the other. I saw people oooh-ing and aaah-ing over the new drop shadow for the bar at the top in Unity. I couldn't care less.20:15
gordonjcpFatzu: DHCP can assign a hostname20:15
Fatzugordonjcp: where I can see it's configuration?20:18
gordonjcpwhere can you see what's configuration?20:18
Fatzugordonjcp: dhcp20:19
gordonjcpFatzu: ask your cable provider20:19
Fatzugordonjcp: ah sorry found answer on help.ubuntu.com20:20
a931bwwill natty work on 2.6.32-5?20:24
tensorpuddingwhat do you mean?20:26
tensorpuddingnatty comes with 2.6.38, when you upgrade it'll put in a new version of the kernel20:26
a931bwi did upgrade20:27
a931bwDebian Wheezy > Ubuntu Natty20:27
tasslehoffAnyone done 10.10 -> 11.04 beta on a MacBook Pro with success? I'm getting ready, but just thought I'd check if anyone yells "No! wait!"20:28
tensorpuddingi suggest making backups anyway20:31
tananyone who can help getting OpenGL with ATI X2300 mobility Radeon to work in Natty? all updates are installed20:34
tanWhen I install fglrx and starts any OpenGL application (example: xdriinfo or glxgears) they give "segmentation fault"20:36
hubertchangOn DELL Inspirion N4010, I always got the error:   drm/i915 can't work without intel_agp module!   intel ips 0000:00:1f.6: failed to get i915 symbols, graphics turbo disabled. My kernel is 2.6.38, and the config for AGP is CONFIG_AGP=y CONFIG_VGA_SWITCHOO=y20:44
hubertchangintel-ips-i915-dep.conf: softdep intel_ips pre: i91520:44
bjsniderhubertchang, ask about this in #ubuntu-x, although sunday is usually quiet20:51
=== zniavre__ is now known as zniavre
tanbjsnider: I take it it's the same with my issue?20:56
lucas-arghey all... im having problems with flash plugin on 64bits installation21:13
lucas-argany one with the same issue?21:13
micahglucas-arg: which flash are you installing?21:16
lucas-argi installed with ubuntu-restricted-extras21:16
lucas-arg10.2 version21:16
frybyelucas-arg: don't forget to install mplayer!!!21:17
frybyewith just installing the restricted stuff incl flash you still will have little joy with youtube and similar - with the mplayer is fine..21:17
frybyethe version for gnome of course... you will find it in the software center...21:18
micahgfrybye: really? are we missing a dependency somewhere?21:18
* genii-around just resorted to the sevenmachines ppa21:19
lucas-argi reinstalled with synaptic and now its working ok21:19
lucas-argweird bug21:20
frybyemicahg - I am not that knowledgable - but could this be related to me having a nvidia graka..? but either way this stuff works with mplayer installed and not otherwise..21:23
micahgfrybye: I happen to have it installed as well, I'll look into it, thanks21:23
frybyeyour welcome...21:24
frybyebtw this thing is cool - once one has figured to install with alternate/text-cd and then use command line to get the nvidia-current package etc.. now pretty cool...21:25
mischasworldhi there any mesa experts here, im trying to get my radeon hd 4200 to work under natty, glxinfo says direct rendering: yes glxgears just crashes21:31
MPXHello, I've installed Ubuntu 11.04 beta and have updated it but I don't have a "main menu" icon in the upper left corner. In fact, it wasn't there to begin with when I installed it. Unity 2d has it however. Is there a way for me to get it back?21:34
russjr08MPX are you using the classic version?21:36
MPXrussjr08:  No, using unity.21:36
russjr08So you don't have the Ubuntu icon in the top left?21:37
MPXNo, I do not.21:37
MPXI'll show you a screenshot of it.21:37
russjr08hmm... I don't know why it is like that21:38
MPXIt was a fresh install too, not an upgrade.21:39
russjr08if you click up there does it do anything?21:39
MPXHowever, it is there in unity 2d (qt). If I click up there, nothing happens, that's correct21:39
russjr08What about hitting the Windows Key?21:40
MPXThat brings up "Shortcuts"21:40
MPXI'm assuming that's the menu?21:40
PAtaNOstadesktop and user friendly system www.snowlinux.de21:40
russjr08yup, that is what would come up if had an Ubuntu button and clicked it21:41
russjr08I don't know why the button isn't there though21:41
russjr08I wish I could help, but sadly I'm not that good with unity21:42
MPXI think it is weird too. It also wasn't there when I first installed the alpha too. I tried googling the bug, but have had no luck21:42
benzaldehydeMPX: you can run testing through the GUI and it gives you an option to report bugs21:43
MPXbenzaldehyde:  I don't really know how to do that :(21:43
russjr08Take a look at this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/74285921:44
ubottuUbuntu bug 742859 in unity (Ubuntu) "panel superposition" [High,Confirmed]21:44
benzaldehydeMPX: it21:44
benzaldehyde's on there somewhere21:44
russjr08Can you change the opacity of the top unity bar... that bug is about two unity panels being there21:44
russjr08You need ccsm to change the opacity21:45
MPXI'll try. Wait a sec21:45
MPXYes, I can change the opacity of the top panel21:45
benzaldehyderussjr08: those bulky window managers take the wind from my sail21:45
MPXAlso, I see the menu button now.21:45
MPXIt must be that bug :)21:46
MPXI can see it, but I cannot click it.21:46
russjr08Unfortunately no one has a way to kill it21:46
russjr08If you have a Launchpad account, you might want to subscribe to that bug and mark it as affecting you21:46
MPXI do so by "Subscribing" to it?21:49
MPXNevermind, didn't see that line there :)21:49
russjr08Hopefully someone will be able to fix that bug21:50
benzaldehydetime for cartoons21:51
russjr08I wonder if you was to reset unity if that would temp. fix it...21:51
MPXAlready tried to, does not fix it sadly :( Not for me anyhow21:52
russjr08oh... have you tried restarting compiz?21:52
MPXrussjr08:  Yes, I've tried that as well21:54
russjr08I'm out of ideas :(21:55
delacMPX: what does "ps -A | grep panel"  tell you?21:55
CT1Hi. How can I add things I use to the natty launcher (gimp, vlc, gedit, terminal) and remove things I rarely use (firefox, all office apps...) ?21:56
benzaldehydeCT1: no firefox? seriously?21:57
delacCT1: right click them21:57
russjr08CT1, open the app, right click it and check "Keep In Launcher"21:57
russjr08to remove the app uncheck "Keep In Launcher"21:57
benzaldehydeCT1: if you are looking for speed boost, also look into switching off some of the Startup Applications21:58
CT1russjr08: Where do I tight click it?21:58
MPXdelac:    3195 ?        00:00:02 unity-panel-ser21:59
russjr08Just Right Click the app icon21:59
russjr08After you open it21:59
CT1russjr08: I have Chromium open and can't see its icon anywhere21:59
delacMPX: only one? oh well, try: killall unity-panel-ser22:00
russjr08thats strange22:00
CT1russjr08: Should it be on the left with all the "default" ones that when are open have arrows?22:00
benzaldehydeCT1: chromium, that explains no firefox. i would use that but it doesn't run on my architecture. the new firefox is damn fast though22:00
MPXdelac:  Didn't help22:01
delacMPX: hmm, worth a shot anyway...22:02
CT1benzaldehyde: Not tried the new one, but (although not dissatisfied in the slightest) I found chromium ALOT faster.22:02
MPXdelac:  If there is only one running, why does me changing the opacity show the main menu icon in the "background" ?22:03
benzaldehydeCT1: that is what i heard, though i compared benchmark websites which also claimed opera to be faster than firefox, tried and was underwhelmed to say the least22:03
benzaldehyde*i tried it22:04
CT1russjr08: So any application I run should show up on that panel to the left? Even if it's not already there as a launcher?22:04
russjr08CT1, yes when it is running22:05
benzaldehydetotem needs a playlist22:06
delacMPX: ok, maybe this. open console, type "xkill" and click the panel? Warning:it might crash some things :)22:06
MPXDidn't help :(22:06
OmegaI closed my laptop's lid and it suspended, when I returned and moved the mouse, the gdm did not show up, I could still see my mouse though.22:07
OmegaDoes anyone know how to fix this?22:07
CT1russjr08: You're right.  "Everything" else (just tested, nvidia settings and gedit) does show up. Perhaps it's a compatibility issue with chromium...22:07
Omega(I'm in a tty)22:07
CT1russjr08: Thanks for the help.  I can now sort the rest out22:07
delacMPX: hard bug to kill...22:07
russjr08CT1, no problem :)22:07
MPXIt's a weird bug too. It also happened to me in the Alpha version22:08
delacMPX: have you gone through your process list to detect any possible dublicates?22:10
delacMPX: that might be the extra panel, that is22:10
MPXdelac:  No, I'm not good at these things. I'm a good listener though and do as I'm told, so if you could tell me what to do that would be excellent :)22:10
delacMPX: open your System Monitor and look at the process list22:11
OmegaIs there a way to unsuspend from the terminal?22:11
MPXIt only shows one unity-panel-service22:12
delacMPX: and that we tried to kill already22:12
delacMPX: any dublicates?22:12
MPXNot that I can see22:13
MPXHere it is with the transparency22:14
delacMPX: well, it might be internal bug of some process22:15
delacMPX: in that case you would not have any other possibilities than wait22:16
delacMPX: for fix22:16
MPXWhen is it being officially released anyway?22:16
MPXAlso, my second core is running at 100%.22:17
MPXThat was xflux. Killed it.22:17
delacMPX: the offical release is at the end of the month22:18
russjr08MPX, I think the official release is April 28th22:18
delacMPX: but the fix might come sooner22:18
delacMPX: or later...22:18
MPXIs there a way for me to drag the launcher icons without going through Gconf?22:19
russjr08Yup the 28th, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule22:19
russjr08going through gconf?22:19
delacMPX: dragn and drop doesnt work?22:19
MPXdelac:  No, if I try to drag one, the rest follow.22:20
delacMPX: drag horizontally22:20
MPXExcellent. Thank you22:20
aauthorDoes anyone else experience that the Unity toolbar stops auto-hiding?22:42
tensorpuddingif you change workspaces it starts working again22:43
aauthorHmm, changing workspaces doesn't seem to fix it for me.22:44
Chr|shmm for can't get gnome 3 to work for the life of me22:44
penguin42aauthor: Yeh it's very tempermental for me22:45
* aauthor checks to see if a bug report has been made.22:46
acamargohello. I'm upgrading 10.10 to 11.04 with "update-manager -d" but I got "Failed to fetch http://br.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/x/xfonts-100dpi/xfonts-100dpi_1.0.3_all.deb 404  Not Found" error message22:47
acamargoafter downloading packages step22:48
acamargothe same prob with xfonts-75dpi_1.0.3_all.deb, fancontrol_3.2.0-1_all.deb and lm-sensors_3.2.0-1_i386.deb packages22:48
penguin42acamargo: Just tell it to update the package list again and try again (or do an apt-get update)22:50
penguin42acamargo: It normally happens where a new package version has just landed22:50
phoenixsamprasis 11.04 ready for production?22:54
yofel!schedule | phoenixsampras22:54
ubottuphoenixsampras: A schedule of Natty Narwhal (11.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule22:54
yofelyou can try the beta, but it's far from being reliable22:55
phoenixsamprasso it will delivered on april 2822:56
phoenixsamprasnice, not so far22:56
acamargopenguin42, there is not packages to update22:56
penguin42acamargo: I mean the list of packages needs updating22:56
aguitelanyone try natty with usb pendrive?22:58
penguin42aguitel: I did an install of it with an alpha 3 with a pendrive22:58
acamargopenguin42, hmmmm22:58
genii-aroundaguitel: I installed it onto a 16G USB stick, works well22:59
acamargopenguin42, archive.ubuntu has the packages but br.archive not22:59
aguitelpenguin42, i try with netbootin and usb creator and can't boot ,it say kenel not found22:59
penguin42acamargo: That normally means the br hasn't got the new versions yet22:59
aguiteland i check md5sum22:59
aguitelwhat wrong with this?23:01
penguin42it should work23:01
penguin42aguitel: Do you have any other USB storage devices plugged in?23:01
aguitelpenguin42, mouse and keyboard23:02
penguin42that should be fine23:02
aguitelpenguin42, no other usb storage23:02
aguitelwhat the best way to create usb image ?23:03
* penguin42 uses unetbootin23:04
mrdebhey listen23:04
mrdebwhich is faster: 10.04 or 10.1023:04
penguin42well the 11.04 kernel has some long waited for scheduler tweeks that people say make stuff more responsive - but there again the GUI probabyly asks for a bit more CPU23:05
mrdeba lot more23:07
mrdebis the performance of nvidia drivers better23:07
damienpenguin42: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/11/linux-to-get-a-lot-faster-due-to-new-patch/ ?23:10
penguin42damien: Yeh23:10
penguin42damien: I don't think benchmark perf would be better from it, but responsiveness should be23:10
acamargopenguin42, I replaced br.archive for just archive in source.lists. now update-manager is upgrading to natty ;-)23:11
damieni have noticed  things open a bit quicker23:11
mrdebwhy hasnt this been implemented in previous kernels23:11
damienit was only establisehd in november 201023:11
mrdeband they cant edit an edisting kernel for it23:11
damienafaik new "features" are not implemeneted in kernels for at least non-lts releases23:11
damieni'm sure they have a good reason mrdeb23:12
mrdebor random reason23:12
damiena reason none the leess23:12
damienyou're 100% free to apply the patch yourself :)23:12
mrdebwhen is this gonna be implemented23:12
penguin42mrdeb: Generally they only apply patches to fix broken things to older kernels23:12
mrdeband can you install the kernel on 10.1023:12
damienbuild your own kernel and yes23:13
penguin42mrdeb: If they put a performance change into an older kernel but it actually breaks something for someone then they are worse off, so it's best to just fix stuff for older ones23:13
penguin42mrdeb: I think there are some natty-kernels-for-maverick somewhere23:13
mrdebso what am i supposed to do23:13
mrdebstick to 10.10 or what23:13
damienor upgrade to 11.04 when it's released..23:14
mrdebis it implemented in the kernel23:14
damien11.04 could be a pretty major release23:14
penguin42define major?23:15
mrdebyeah, bec unity makes is nonworable23:15
mrdebmajor as in not working majorly23:15
penguin42mrdeb: Fortunately you don't have to use unity23:15
damienin terms of increased adoption (perhaps) but at least through the performance improvement (i can see it, now, at least) and the unity implementation23:15
mrdebis it increased performance in 32 bit or 6423:15
rwwgoddamn i am bored of the "unity sucks!" "but you don't have to use it!" conversation being the current topic every time I tab to this window.23:16
* genii-around comforts rww with a "special" coffee23:16
mrdebdoes the current 11.04 build have the kernel speeed increase23:16
damienwho was having a unity sucks discussion? :p23:17
penguin42mrdeb: I believe it does - but remember it's a resposniveness fix not general performance23:17
mrdebwhat's the difference23:17
mrdebalso, why is wayland not in 11.0423:17
mrdebisnt it supposed to be faster23:17
damienthe os "feels" quicker23:18
penguin42mrdeb: My understanding is it won't make a program run faster, but it'll make it not slow down your other apps when you try and use them23:18
damienbut your video won't encode quicker, or you downloads go any faster ;)23:18
rwwmrdeb: because Wayland is a long-term project that isn't ready yet.23:18
mrdebneither is unity23:18
mrdebbut they put it in23:18
DaekdroomBy not ready he means it can't be used.23:18
yofelmrdeb: there is a wayland package in natty, but there are almost no graphics drivers for it yet so it won't be used as default for quite a while23:18
rwwwhat Daekdroom said.23:19
DaekdroomAll you can do currently is run a few demos.23:19
mrdebso what do you run23:19
mrdeb11.04 or debian?23:19
penguin42mrdeb: This channel is for discussion of 11.0423:19
damienunity will be neat as long as it does't make choosing between 2 (e.g.) firefox windows difficult23:19
mrdebor blank windows23:20
mrdebor make programs crash23:20
damienotherwise it's moving into that apple area of "hey things can LOOK nice too" which i think is just great23:20
rwwmrdeb: I don't run Ubuntu :)23:20
yofelas for nvidia: 270 seems to be as slow as ever for me - not faster not slower23:20
mrdebi know23:20
mrdebyou run deiban i think23:20
damiensorry mrdeb i didn't know you had the non-alpha non-beta release of 11.04 ;)23:20
mrdebthe beta doesn do that?23:21
damienit's a beta therefore things break23:21
mrdebi hav ea post beta build23:21
yofelmrdeb: if things break please file bugs, we do still have almost a month to fix them23:21
mrdebis the windows beign blank going to be fixed23:22
yofelif nobody filed a bug on it: no23:22
tensorpuddingthere's surely more than one bug filed on it23:22
damiennot.. sure .. if .. trolling....23:22
tensorpuddingthat and some pretty notable programs crashing are the big bugs so far as i can see23:23
* yofel hasn't managed to login to unity once without compiz crashing23:24
tensorpuddingis it planned to have the panel support old-style tray icons23:24
tensorpuddingi thought it was supposed to23:24
yofeliirc there was some setting so you could enabled that, don't ask me how though23:24
tensorpuddingbecause there's quite a few programs that don't use indicators yet and they're not likely to all get patched23:25
mrdebwhat indicators?23:25
tensorpuddingapplication indicators23:25
mrdebyou mean the maximus menu?23:26
tensorpuddingi've never heard of that one23:26
tensorpuddingthis project is full of buzzwords23:26
bitplaneHi, I've got problems with Unity with ATI graphics, rendering artefacts, black blocks over all mouseovers. is this a common thing?23:26
yofelhm, if you mean the panel menu, that's appmenu, not maximus23:26
bitplanethe global menu and sidebar thing don't work either23:26
mrdebdoes the experimental nvidia driver work well23:26
mrdebfor basic graphics23:26
yofelmrdeb: nouveau works for me fine with 2D, I can't use 3D since I have a GPU where the driver locks the system up after a while if accel. is enabled23:27
quielopening external media with nautilus displays two ribbons that I don't use - "open with $whatever". How do I get rid of them?23:27
tensorpuddingi wish that you didn't have to move the mouse to the corner to get the dock-thing fully visible23:28
mrdebthe ock?23:29
mrdebyou can disable autohide23:29
tensorpuddingalso the menu makes the dock useless which is kinda annoying23:31
mrdebso what's the bottom line23:32
bitplanethe bug I'm moaning about, anyone else reported this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYz7k_CLksE23:32
mrdeb10.04 or 10.10 or 11.0423:32
yofelmrdeb: 10.04 if you need LTS, otherwise I don't think it matters much since classic gnome is the same on 10.10 and 11.04, unless you really want to use unity23:32
mrdebok yofel23:33
mrdebrww: what os do you use again23:33
aguitelis there anyway to uninstall unity and remains classic gnome in 11.04 ?23:37
yofelaguitel: you can just choose classic ubuntu at the login screen23:38
damienat the login screen23:38
bitplanedunno about uninstall but log off, pick your username and you get an option down the bottom of the screen, choose "ubuntu classic"23:38
mrdeband then you have to tweak gnome to remove the maximus23:39
aguitelwhat is maximus23:39
bitplaneis that the Windows style window maximizing thing?23:39
mrdebthe menu in the gnoem panel instead of individual programs23:39
quieltest test, do I need to be registered to talk here23:40
bitplaneI don't see that, I have the same old menu with no search23:40
bitplanein fact can anyone read what I'm writing?23:40
Piciquiel: and you're already registered and identified anyway.23:41
quielPici, yeah I just ID'd, but couldn't find my previous message and got suspicious23:41
bitplanedid anyone look at the video i uploaded?23:42
bitplaneif so, any idea how to categorize this so I can raise a proper bug report?23:42
mrdebso ar eyou running 11.04 and stickgin to it?23:43
bitplanewho, me?23:43
bitplaneI don't see why not. gnome works fine. I'd like to try unity though23:44
phoenixsampraswth is unity23:44
bitplanethe new window manager, compiz+wayland+unity for a modern, composited window manager ... apparently anyway23:45
bitplaneI was hoping it would reduce the load on X (well, get rid of it) when doing anything graphically intensive23:45
rww!info maximus23:46
ubottumaximus (source: maximus): Automaximizing window management tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.14-1ubuntu3 (natty), package size 18 kB, installed size 136 kB23:46
rwwnot a menu ^^23:46
mrdebhow much ram does your cpu take23:46
quielwhat was the keyboard shortcut to focus the indicator applet?23:46
yofelerm, RAM and CPU are 2 entirely different things23:46
mrdebrww: it does the same thing. what's the proper name for iti n 110423:46
mrdebhow much ram does it use for u23:46
bitplaneusually the maximum RAM is decided by the number of slots on your motherboard and the maximum your BIOS can take23:47
PiciAnd again, wayland isn't being used in 11.04.23:47
bitplanemine is some i7 thing and can take 24GB, which is what it has23:47
mrdebok, let me rephrase that23:47
mrdebhow much ram is 11.04 using for you on average23:47
quielbitplane, isn't unity more like a plugin for compiz. Also are there any plans for wayland in ubuntu?23:47
rwwmrdeb: maximus has nothing to do with menus.23:47
phoenixsamprasso Gnome has died23:47
ubottuUnity is a shell for GNOME, but it is not GNOME-shell. See http://unity.ubuntu.com and http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/10/31/unity-some-further-clarification-points/ for more information. Have a question, check http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/unity23:48
Piciphoenixsampras: no23:48
mrdebwell that's waht the netbook remix used for menu detachment23:48
Maddogmy thoughts (from breif use) are I could handle unity on my lesser used installs, but on my workstation it'd annoy the hell out of me23:48
quielmrdeb,  more than 1GB, with only chromium, a pdf and xchat opened23:48
mrdebsee, why is it using double the ram of 10.1023:48
bitplanehow much of that is caches?23:48
quieldon't know, I noticed it as well23:49
phoenixsamprasso Unity is superior to Gnome23:49
ubottuIf you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html23:49
mrdebbased on resource monitor23:49
Piciphoenixsampras: Did you read what that factoid said?23:49
* penguin42 hasn't looked at RAM usage but it's really really crawling on my 1MB ram netbook23:49
yofelmrdeb: no, maximus was used to maximize winodws, if you mean the menu being put in the top panel, that's appmenu23:49
quielbitplane, htop reports in 10.10 and 11.04 -> 11.04 uses much more RAM23:49
mrdebubuntu is trying to get a larget audience23:49
mrdebappmenu? ok thanks23:49
mrdebwhatever it is, i disable it right away23:49
yofelremoving indicator-appmenu should do that23:50
yofel(I think)23:50
mrdebit did23:50
mrdebidid it last night23:50
PiciChrom(e/ium) also uses a large amount of ram, I wouldn't consider any measurements while it is running to be particularly valid.23:50
mrdebthen went back to lts23:50
mrdebthen to 10.1023:50
mrdebnow i dont konw23:50
damienit's only an os23:50
phoenixsamprasso Ubuntu has memory leaks?23:51
quielphoenixsampras, that how I explain it.23:51
Piciphoenixsampras: Do you actually have anything to bring to this conversation besides what some would consider trolling?23:51
yofelphoenixsampras: could be, or maybe it's just loading large libraries, or the apps just consume more memory now, or ... - without actual data that's hard to say23:51
bitplanethat question doesn't make sense. ubuntu is hundreds of different software packages sitting on top of the linux kernel23:51
bitplanemaybe some apps require more RAM, maybe they leak. either way you'd need to actually investigate before drawing conclusions23:52
bitplanehaving said that, empathy and ubuntuone services look rather RAM hungry23:54
yofelthe syncdaemon is using 56MiB memory here currently23:55
quielwell, chromium (and other programs as well) has gazillion processes in the system monitor, you can't really say how much it uses.23:55
yofelthat's acceptable IMO23:55
phoenixsampraswhen ubuntu server 11.04 will be released?23:56
quieland single indicators take up a lot as well23:56
yofelphoenixsampras: same as all other variants23:57
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases23:57
BUGabundo!schedule > phoenixsampras23:58
ubottuphoenixsampras, please see my private message23:58

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