coz_ good day all06:09
vishdarkmatter: hey! do you know the theme matching for Firefox/Thunderbird menus?08:14
darkmattervish: ummm.. not offhand, but yeah. I have it somewhere around here (I usually don't bother remembering stuff, I just keep notes)08:15
vishyea, off the notes is good ;)08:15
vishdarkmatter: i'm trying to change the color of disabled menu items alone and for some reason i just cant seem to match it right.. :s08:17
darkmattersec. I'll see if I have that bit. pretty sure it's somewhere08:18
darkmattervish: hmmm... found notes for the menu_bar_ but not the actual menus... :/08:29
vishdarkmatter: what is it for menubar? worth a shot ;)08:30
darkmattervish: widget"MozillaGtkWidget*Toolbar*" style "whatever-the-heck-the-style-is"08:32
vishhmm, /me tries08:33
darkmatterso usage would (basically) be:08:36
darkmatterstyle "this damn moz widget" = "moobar"08:36
darkmatter{ crap crap more crap08:36
darkmatterMozillaGtkWidget*Toolbar*" style "this damn moz widget"08:36
vishdarkmatter: ha! in FF4 the only toolbar seems to be the AddonBar o.008:37
* vish tries all different possibilities08:37
darkmatterlol. I shuld upgrade an torture 4 :P08:38
* vish STABS firefox!!10:42
vishgah! part of the widgets dont seem to be under the Moz* namespace even :/  and gtkparasite does not like mozilla :(10:43
darkmattervish: ouch. that sound almost as silly as gnome3 not having system wide usb unmounting :P11:06
vishdarkmatter: heh, yea! i tried class/widget_class/widget with *Mozilla*/*Moz* and some parts just pickup color from gtkwidget default.. :/11:09
vishlike the menu gets most of its colors from the widget gtkmenu and some of the color from some other place !11:11
vishwell, i guess they dint take into account people going crazy with dark themes ;p11:12
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