blahdeblahI'm with you, ikt (about the ice cream, that is...)03:06
CompacthackAfter a day of trying to get 11.04 beta to run in VB I find out it doesn't work in VB, maybe I should have googled earlier!04:37
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head_victimbejames, blahdeblah caryb & anyone else in Brisbane, does Friday the 29th April work for everyone ?05:41
bejameshead_victim, Won't know until my wife gets her roster unfortunately05:42
bejamestentatively, yes05:42
sagaciso you'd say 5 is a minimum for release parties/gatherings?05:42
head_victimbejames: fair enough, is the pancake manor a good enough place to go or should we be looking for some wifi (possibly stealing Sydney's idea)05:43
head_victimsagaci: I reckon 2 is a minimum :)05:43
bejameshead_victim, if we can find somewhere with wifi that would be good. I'm just hopeless at coming up with alternatives05:44
head_victimbejames: I hate choosing places as well that's why I'm trying to palm that off :P05:44
sagaciwifi would be good since the iso's will be ready but then again, i'm not going to the brisbane one05:44
sagacinot to download but wifi would be good for its own sake05:46
head_victimI'd have it here but no room for more than about 1005:46
bejamesCoffee hit King George Square has Wifi05:54
sagaciyey, free head_victim wifi05:54
head_victimbejames: how will they like 20 odd people hanging around for a couple of hours on a friday night? Just seeing how big/small it is05:54
head_victimsagaci: welcome to it, anytime05:54
head_victimI seed Lubuntu torrents just to use up bandwidth every month05:55
bejameshead_victim,  on second  thought, they probably wont be open at night - more of a lunchtime place.... and may not seat 2005:56
sagacihead_victim: you're on bigpond 200gb yeah05:56
head_victimbejames: ah fair enough05:56
bejamesPower House Museum?05:56
head_victimWhat's that like? Bar, cafe, function room?05:57
bejamesall of the above I think05:58
bejamesBrisbane Powerhouse05:59
bejamesYou can see a show or a band at Brisbane Powerhouse, you can have a drink or a meal, you can bring your kids, you can just come for the coffee and now you can bring your laptop and get online with free wireless internet access05:59
bejamesfrom http://www.ourbrisbane.com/see-and-do/help-for-travellers/getting-connected-brisbane05:59
sagacijust did a few more strings in firefox, up to 33% complete06:00
head_victimsagaci: sweet, would be awesome to have that front screen completely done06:01
sagacii did evolution and evolution-data before06:02
blahdeblahhead_victim: Were you thinking in the evening of the 29th?  Friday nights are not so good for me, but can probably swing it if i have to.06:48
head_victimYeah I was thinking 7 ish06:56
blahdeblahWould prefer Sat to Fri07:13
head_victimAh ok, I don't mind if people want Saturday but I can't be there. I'm trying to get people to talk about it on the list but it's just me and caryb07:15
blahdeblahYeah - sorry i haven't been around much.  Just been flat out with lots of stuff lately.07:20
head_victimThat's ok, I'm more trying to get the other 20 or so people that have attended previous ones to comment as well07:28
nisshhhead_victim, i would but i havent been able to check my gmail with my net being so slow :)07:32
airtonixmsy.com.au page is fucking terribad07:35
airtonixi wish it would filter out the "out of stock" items when you choose a branch location07:36
head_victimairtonix: yet people keep buying from them :/08:20
ikthead_victim: that's because they're cheap09:05
iktwhy would you pay more for something you can get cheaper?09:05
iktin Adelaide especially, the IT hardware industry was screwed09:05
iktuntil MSY came along09:05
head_victimikt: msy aren't always the cheapest09:06
head_victimWell not here in Brisbane anyway.09:06
iktcomplete opposite in adelaide09:07
iktthey're cheaper than most wholesalers as well 09:08
head_victimAnd they give you as much service as Umart. I don't use either of them unless I need something specific my regulars are out of stock in. I prefer to pay $5 more and actually get some service.09:08
head_victimI'm worried about umart and msy parallel importing as well, giving you a system with no warranty.09:09
head_victimAt umart all you do is walk in, type your order into a computer, sit down and wait for your name, pay then leave. Fine for people like us who know something about computers and hopefully never need it serviced, poor for anyone short of super proficient with hardware.09:11
head_victimI actually prefer to shop at a bricks and mortar (who also do online and over the phone) store that I actually refer my parents to (these are the least technically literate people I know) without having to give them any special instructions.09:30
iktI'm 50/5009:36
iktI get a lot of my gear from pccasegear09:36
iktand majority of brick and mortar don't sell what I want09:37
iktsame with my htc hero09:37
iktwhen I first went for an android phone only the online stores were selling them09:37
head_victimI bought my motorola defy from a telstra store, I have a habit of just going for whatever is the best free one available09:37
iktI couldn't do the same09:38
iktI think at the time there was 1 phone available at that was iphone09:38
iktiphone or some ancient nokia09:38
head_victimI'm still quite happy with my e51 or e65, just doesn't do web browsing like I'd like. Other than that they're perfect for me09:39
iktphone before my htc hero was motorola razr09:40
iktI liked it but once iphone came out :(09:40
head_victimMy wife went for the iphone 4 but I just couldn't do it.09:42
iktI had my brother and dad go for the iphone when it came out09:44
head_victimI'm waiting on some accessories to come before I set it all up, need a good case and a 32gb microsd card, should be here monday morning.09:48
iktthe great thing is that it will last a long time09:59
iktas I'm sure cyanogenmod will be running on it after motorolla stop supporting it10:00
head_victimI'm the sort of person who probably won't root the phone.10:00
head_victimUnless there's a massively good reason to. I'm a fan of just letting things like that do their job. I don't want to have to keep fixing something I need regularly :P10:01
ikthead_victim: new features :D10:45
ikthtc said 2.1 is as good as my htc hero will get10:45
iktand I am somewhat similar to you10:45
iktin fact I'm using CM6 instead of CM7 because I wanted the 'stable' release so I wouldn't have to muck around with it10:46
ikteven though CM7 is considered stable10:46
head_victimikt: supposedly motorola are going to 2.2 for the defy in the next couple of months11:10
iktwill they still provide updates for it in 2 years time?11:11
head_victimNot sure, I get a new phone every 2 years anyway. I feel like I'm not getting value for money when I'm not getting a phone free as well as my plan.11:11
head_victimThat's the only reason I upgraded to the defy.11:11
head_victimIf the defy goes to 2.2 and it has all the 2.2 stuff running stable I think it will be fine like that. The phone isn't massively great on hardware so much more than that would probably be pushing it.11:12
airtonixHow do i make libreoffice insert my name as a field without using custom properties, the author field is blank when i insert it 11:31
airtonixi've just been using custom properties so far to do that, but it seems to me that the author field should have my damn name there!11:32
airtonixbtw ikt, halfway through last semester i got myself a Samsung Galaxy s i900011:33
airtonixpimping thing once you put a rom with the voodoo kernel mod and a ext4 filesystem11:34
head_victimairtonix: I thought it was in the properties field in the tools tab, well that's where it always was for me in oo.o but not played too much with lo yet11:37
airtonixauthor control ?11:37
head_victimDoesn't it take that from the User Data window there?11:37
airtonixfile > properties 11:38
airtonixonly has : 11:38
airtonixgeneral, description, custom props, internet, security, statistics11:38
head_victimOdd, I should really get around to using that one day11:38
head_victimNah I was thinking tools > properties11:39
airtonixits much faster thanb ooo11:39
airtonixspecially on my netbook11:39
head_victimSorry, tools > options11:39
airtonixLooks like i'm going to start working for a small company as lead programmer in python/django and i told them i needed a workstation to get started, so they said write up a parts list11:44
airtonixi'm most likely going to end up being main IT guy, so I want to start thinking about server cabinets and appropriate switches and server cases etc11:46
head_victimairtonix: good stuff, where abouts?11:46
airtonixin adelaide11:46
head_victimNice work.11:46
airtonixyeah they asked my university lecturer to put out a call for python/django programmers and i answered11:47
airtonixwas too easy considering there is practially noone at the university that knows python/django11:48
airtonixikt, the quality of stuff we were doing at thebarton is basically on par with first year of university.11:48
iktnice airtonix :D11:49
ikto rly?11:49
airtonixikt: yeah so if you can do the stuff at thebarton and move onto tafe in the city, i wouldn't really bother going to uni unless you really want to11:49
airtonixmain thing you should aim for is the cisco certification11:50
iktall I want is a piece of paper that says: "ikt is a good bloke, give him lots of money" and then people do that11:50
airtonixyeah well depends on what you want that piece of paper to say you're good at working with11:50
head_victimikt: I'll take one as well, I'll even pretend my name is ikt if you can't change the name.11:50
airtonixikt: tafe and thebarton will only qualify you with windows environments11:51
airtonixikt: where as the university at least has 50% of the stuff done in Sun Solaris with Gnome desktops11:52
iktI'm looking to get into database stuff11:53
iktI've heard there's big money in managing databases/backends11:53
airtonixi decided along time ago that i'd just learn enough to deal with website backends11:54
airtonixit gets ugly past that if you hate maths11:54
airtonixbut having said that, it's worth paying attention to Postgres11:54
iktdefinitely, not sure about the future of oracle11:55
airtonixThe other thing that apparently will get you some attention is knowledge with setting up virtualised server farms11:55
iktthey seem to be making more enemys than friends11:55
airtonixwell yeah11:56
airtonixyour other options are MySQL which is ok but not stellar11:56
airtonixor MsSQL11:56
airtonixBut i hear there is another called MongoDB11:57
airtonixseems to be impressing some people11:57
iktlooking it up now 11:58
airtonixhead_victim: have you had experience purchasing server cabinets?11:58
head_victimairtonix: I have 4 in my house11:58
airtonixthats right11:58
airtonixwhere did you get yours11:58
head_victimI do remember a few people talking about it on ausnog though and they had some recommendations11:59
airtonixmy brief search shows they are pretty expensive11:59
head_victimMaybe check the archives?11:59
head_victimOh yeah, they're not cheap.11:59
head_victimAnd they hold value as second hand11:59
airtonixsturdy things11:59
head_victimHeavy things to. Mine aren't all full depth though so that makes it slightly better12:00
airtonixwish i still had access to the metal fabrication workshop12:00
head_victimMine are at most 800mm deep door to door.12:00
head_victimThe wall cabinet one is much shallower.12:00
head_victimNah they're all 600 wide12:01
head_victimIt is easy to lean behind me here to measure though I must admit.12:02
head_victimMakes storing computer type stuff so easy.12:02
head_victimDon't want too much over 43ru or it's hard to get to12:02
head_victimThey're bloody cheap, has to be a reason for that12:03
head_victimracktechnologies.com.au is one of the places I've seen used before at work12:04
airtonixsomething like this i think : http://racktechnologies.com.au/default2.asp?id=1,9,16,4112:08
head_victimYeah I have a wall mount that is around 18ru12:08
head_victimThe one with all my desktops in it12:08
head_victimHeavily modded to add a castor wheel base and collapsed a bit at the back to allow 4ru cases to poke out, a timber stand for the tv on top and 2 8port power boards fastened to the timber stand at the rear.12:09
sagaciThis for storage?12:11
head_victimThe wall mount I've modded is for the 4 desktops we have in this room12:13
head_victimThe monitors are all now either 22inch 1920 x 1080 or 24 inch 1920 x 120012:14
head_victimConsolidated the servers into 1 and now just use the bottom of the full rack as a slide out tray with 2 tool kits on it.12:14
airtonixsagaci: i'm considering something that is : lockable, can hold a variety of 19" rack mount devices (switchs, storage bays, servers) and hopefully allows for airflow extraction12:16
airtonixand enough room for the cable managers on the front of relevant devices12:17
head_victimI know a few places in Brisbane I'd try but nothing in Adelaide sorry12:17
head_victimIf your new workplace has agreements in place with electrical places they're not too bad either, jr turk and the like12:18
airtonixwhat do you think about using high end atom cpus in servers?12:18
head_victimMy server has a quad core 2.3312:18
head_victimDepends on what you need it to do really. If an atom is enough why not12:19
airtonixyeah would be nice to keep heat and electricity usage down12:19
sagaciFile server?12:19
head_victimDepends, software raid 10 might slow on an atom, I'd like to see tests before I was comfortable.12:20
airtonixat the momen i use a 1.6ghz dual core atom 550 cpu on my home server for torrents, nfs, samba, webserver, dns, dhcp and it never goes above 10% cpu12:20
airtonixi don't use raid at the moment12:20
head_victimYeah but depends on how many users are connected to it, in a business with 100 users using it might be a little IO different to a home server ;)12:21
airtonixyeah but i 'd also be separating key elements into separate machines12:21
sagaciNetbook as home server?12:21
head_victimBut it's possible.12:22
airtonixsomething like this : http://www.jetway.com.tw/pic/big/NC9C.jpg12:22
airtonixi have a 4 port sata daughter board for it so it handles 8 sata drives12:22
airtonixmy variant of that motherboard also has 2 gigabit lan ports12:23
airtonixand i made a custom fan cooler to strap onto the heatsink12:23
sagaciRunning ubuntu server?12:23
airtonixwell not server, but all the relevant server daemons12:24
head_victimI still put a gnome desktop over my server, I only boot into it when I want to use the spare cpu cycles for transcoding media or something12:24
airtonixyeah it's useful for ssh x forwarding12:25
airtonixbut i usually just use ssh > byobu12:25
head_victimI'm thinking of setting up a dircproxy like blahdeblah did so I can use it better on my phone, but I've got to see how that's going to work first12:25
sagaciDid you get the defy?12:26
head_victimYeah, will set it up this week sometime, I have a 32gb sd card and a case in the mail12:27
sagaciAh ok12:27
head_victimIt's going to take a bit of time as I want to bugger around and see if I can get the syncML stuff working or not12:28
airtonixsyncML, the android phone has some sync feature with that12:29
head_victimI cbf with a whole funambol server I'll just be happy to get it to go to evolution like my nokia has done for the last 5 years12:30
airtonixprivate version of all the sync stuff everyone usually uses12:30
sagacihead_victim, did you say you used evolution or thunderbird for email?12:30
head_victimCurrently I sync contacts and calendar over BT to my PC12:30
head_victimsagaci: I use evolution for contacts and calendars, I use gmail web for email. 12:30
head_victimairtonix: nice idea about the rack atom though, definitely worth looking into for myself 12:50
airtonixyeah, you can get miniitx boards for lga1155 and lga1156 socket cpus12:56
airtonixi'm not exatly sure what the power savings would be there, since in my brief research it's the atom cpu and ion gpu that do most of the power saving12:57
head_victimNah I mean for the desktops I want, I already have my desktops in a rack12:58
airtonixmight take up less room and generate less noise12:58
airtonixthe noisiest thing in my "server cabinet" is the air extraction system12:58
head_victimMine is the 24 port netgear switch12:59
airtonixyeah the switches we used at thebarton were old cisco switches... pretty noisy12:59
airtonixthey didn't give a toss what kind of fans they used when they were built i spose12:59
head_victimUnfortunately reasonable quality ones are designed for server rooms and who cares how loud they are as long as they do the job right13:00
airtonixthey assume your room will be sound / temp proof anyway13:00
head_victimYeah, unfortunately my study isn't even air conned atm13:01
airtonixthe only monitor i can find that is able to do 1920x1080 with hdmi output and 14:54
airtonixit can't do vesa mount14:54
head_victimhdmi>dvi is easy though?14:56
head_victimSame signal different plugs, hdmi/dvi>vga is not so easy.14:57
airtonixyeah i guess14:58
head_victimGday bw14:59
head_victimbwright: tab fail14:59
bwrightTab fail ^_^14:59
head_victimairtonix: I have dvi only on all monitors and video cards, pain in the rear end paying for a 4 port dvi kvm though14:59
airtonixi just use synergy14:59
head_victimAs do I, but I need a KVM for full screen gaming15:00
head_victimThe gaming machine is the client so whenever I go to full screen the mouse goes scrambled15:00
airtonixyou have to press scroll lock15:00
head_victimYeah it locks it on the screen but still makes it uncontrollable15:00
airtonixconverts movements to relative instead of absolute15:00
airtonixit's not perfect though since there is alot more latency thant direct connection15:01
head_victimStill buggers up for me though even if it's locked to the screen15:02
head_victimCan't control it at all15:02
bwrightI wish I could game on my Ubuntu box again, will have to get that graphics card fixed.15:03
head_victimMaybe I should play it windowed.15:03
head_victimI could still play 1900 x 1100 or something15:03
airtonixwhat game is it15:03
head_victimUrban Terror15:04
airtonixisn't that available on linux?15:04
airtonixit's just a mod for quake3 after all15:04
head_victimYes, I have 2 UBuntu machines, one for irc, web browsing , etc, the other for gaming and VMs and HDTV, etc15:04
airtonixthe only reduction in performance i notice when gaming through synergy to my desktop is the mouse lag.15:05
airtonixit's not even really lag15:06
head_victimYeah I should set it up windowed and see if that helps I guess.15:06
head_victimIt would be fine if it was on the server machine but it's on a client machine15:06
bwrightHeh my main pc has an uptime of 27 days.15:17
head_victimMy usual downtime is when a storm takes out power15:18
head_victimRebooting is for kernel updates and hardware changes :)15:20
head_victimWell with the experiences of the last 6 months I'd have to add hardware failures to that list, which eventually results in hardware changes I guess.15:23
bwrightI have had hardware fail, motherboard died :(15:26
head_victimWell I have to go to bed, need to be awake again in 4 hours, cheerio15:27
bwright(Well 8 hours but still ^_^ sleep is nice)15:29

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