kristian-aalborgI'm moving a ton of files via scp... now it's going back to a folder it already moved?01:31
kristian-aalborgcopying, that is01:32
kristian-aalborgalso, the order seems... random?01:32
kristian-aalborgholstein: music box almost up and running :)01:33
SkrappJawhp printer issues02:27
Guest460372i have had good luck with tcp/ip printers, but other printers have taken some tinkering to get working02:52
=== Guest460372 is now known as kevin8244328
fds2I've swapped mainboard from my machine and got to the CLI using edited GRUB2 menu, but how do I bring up the Xwindow?08:19
Abhijitfds2, startx08:20
fds2Abhijit: "FATAL: nvidia not found." Fatal server error: no screens found.  Currently, I am booted under onboard video (but video is nvida AGP).   How do I tell it to forget about nvidia?08:32
Abhijitfds2, no idea08:33
fds2ok ty08:33
tdnHow do I make the multitouch touchpad work on a Mac Book Pro?11:22
tdnI have tried following instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro8-1/Natty#15-inch and 17-inch11:22
tdnI have just installed Ubuntu on a new MacBook Pro. In the lower right cornor there is an AMD logo saying Unsuoported hardware. How do I get rid og this? Also, how to I make wlan work?11:23
bioterroruse OS X and Fink/Mac ports11:45
bioterrorI dont pay huge ammount of money for bentley and put 1.4 l polo motor inside it11:45
tdnbioterror, fink?11:57
kristian-aalborghurm, setfont command not working .12:03
kristian-aalborgall I get is "cannot find default font"12:03
kristian-aalborghurm, found a workaround... but still odd, never seen something like that12:32
suprengrGoing back to AlanBell's comment & this weeks podcast - I quote from weather forecast... "Temperature: 10°C (50°F), Wind Direction: SW, Wind Speed: 10mph, Relative Humidity: 95%, Pressure: 1013mb, rising, Visibility: Very good" ... was the weather forecast using PornView?12:50
suprengr... o/ peeps12:51
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malvincan some one please help me15:30
IAmNotThatGuy!ask malvin15:30
ubot2Factoid 'ask malvin' not found15:30
IAmNotThatGuy!ask | malvin15:31
ubot2malvin: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:31
* IAmNotThatGuy is getting some memory loss these days15:31
malvini have a touchpad problem15:31
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
IAmNotThatGuymalvin, what happens?15:33
malvinhello sorry my internet stoped, so as i said i have a tuchpad problem, when i used the live version of the ubuntu netboot 10.10 the tuchpad worked just fine, but now afther i installed it is not working any more so i have to use a mouse.   PS im really new to ubuntu just a few minutes old , and i have a small netbook an acer aspire one a110\15:40
holsteinmalvin: i would check for a hardware switch15:42
malvinok and that means sorry im really new to these15:42
malvinthe tuchpad works but left click doesent work and not even the tap click15:42
MrChrisDruifmalvin: holstein means a button on your Acer to turn you mousepad on or off15:46
holsteinmalvin: i would upgrad15:46
holsteinget all updates15:46
holsteinand check again after rebooting15:46
gwarkHi, I am having some problems with installing Ubuntu 10.10 and am looking for some help17:52
holsteingwark: do tell..17:54
gwarkthanks.  The installer fails to install a boot loader.17:54
gwarkthis is a re-install, and it worked before17:54
Guest43956hi guys. need help with connecting to a wifi network. any help welcome. i'm using ubuntu 10.10 maverick meerkat on a samsung n510 netbook17:54
ubot2GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub217:54
gwarktarget is a 20GB partition /dev/sda117:55
holsteingwark: maybe try restoring grub17:55
gwarkthere are no other partitions / oses involved17:55
holsteinthe way i do it17:55
holsteinif i already have linux installed17:55
holsteini usually dont install grub17:55
holsteinfor example17:55
gwarkI wiped the drive first17:55
holsteini have 10.04 installed17:55
holsteinand i installed 10.10 and 11.0417:55
holsteinwithout grub17:55
holsteinwhen i go back to 10.0417:55
gwarknew partition table, new partition, new fs ext417:56
holsteini run sudo update-grub17:56
holsteinand that grub picks up the new installations17:56
holsteinGuest43956: can you plug it into wired internet?17:56
gwarkI even tried dding /dev/zero to the first 4MB of /dev/sda to make sure it was clean.  This is my third attempt17:56
holsteinand see if there are proprietary drivers17:56
holsteinthat can be installed17:56
Guest43956yeah, I'm currently online via wire network17:57
holsteingwark: have you tried not installing grub17:57
holsteinand restoring it via live CD ?17:57
Guest43956holstein i'm using wicd 1.7.0 by the way17:57
gwarkI'm booted in via a USB pen install right now, so I can do anything to the drive you'd like me to try17:57
holsteingwark: try reading that page about recovering grub17:58
holsteinsee if that works for you17:58
holsteini find https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 very informative17:58
holsteinGuest43956: i dont use wicd17:58
holsteindid the normal gnome network tools not work?17:59
holsteinis it driver related?17:59
holsteinor did you just prefer wicd?17:59
Guest43956holstein: well, first I uninstalled network-manager, because wifi didn't work, so I changed to wicd, but the problem remains18:00
gwarkholstein: assuming I can make grub work manually, I still have the problem that the ubuntu installer doesn't continue18:00
gwarkI'm at a menu that says: "Bootloader install failed".  It says "How would you like to proceed", there are 3 options.  I can choose "Continue without a bootloader".  But when I press the "OK" button, nothing happens.18:00
holsteinGuest43956: i would try troubleshooting the issue as if it were a driver issue18:01
holsteinsince the network tool provided works18:01
holsteinjust not with your specific hardware18:01
gwarkin fact, it appears nothing in this UI works.  I can't even close this dialog, nor do any of the options work.18:01
Guest43956holstein: I'm a ubuntu newbie, so I don't know much about installing or reconfiguring drivers in ubuntu. do you think it is a driver problem? do you know how to reset the drivers of the ethernet card?18:01
holsteingwark: i would not install grub there, and try moving on18:01
holsteindouble check the md5 sum18:02
gwarkI don't know what "try moving on" means?  The UI does not advance.18:02
holsteinmake sure the disc burn is good18:02
holsteingwark: trying other things18:02
holsteinlike the above suggestions18:02
holsteinabout the disc integretiy18:02
gwarkI'll try rebuilding the flash drive18:02
Guest43956holstein: the netbook was delivered with windows 7, but I uninstalled it and changed to ubuntu. maybe that's the source of the problem? wifi worked when running windows18:02
holsteini usually format18:02
holsteinand use unetbootin18:02
holsteinGuest43956: the issue is18:03
holsteinyou probably dont have driver support18:03
holsteinjust like in windows718:03
holsteinit does not "come" with support for your wireless hardware18:03
holsteinwhen possible18:03
holsteinubuntu and other linux distrobutions18:03
holsteinprovide driver support out of the box18:03
holsteinbut, with some WIFI devices18:04
holsteinsuch as broadcom18:04
holsteinthey *cannot* be provided18:04
holsteinGuest43956: im just suggesting that changing network tools is not going to help18:04
holsteinyou probably have a broadcom chip or something else tricky to configure18:04
holsteinyou can run in a terminal18:04
Guest43956holstein: ok just a sec18:05
holsteinand see what the wireless device is18:05
holsteinand then google18:05
holsteinubuntu whatever wireless device18:05
holsteinand probably find lots of information about bugs18:05
holsteinor how-to's18:05
holsteinor how-not-to's ;)18:05
Guest43956holstein: alright, it's a RTL8192E Wireless LAN Controller18:06
Guest43956holstein: so I need the ubuntu-adapted drivers for this controller?18:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 550043 in linux "Dosn't work Wireless RTL8192E at TOSHIBA satellite U505 in the Ubuntu 10.04 beta1" [Undecided,Expired]18:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 674663 in linux "RTL8192E wireless no longer works after first update to 10.10 [rtl819xE:ERR in init_firmware()]" [High,In progress]18:06
holstein^ id say those are a good place to start18:07
holsteinGuest43956: im just saying switching to wicd18:07
holsteinor whatever18:07
holsteinwont help18:07
holsteinif you dont address the main issue18:07
Guest43956holstein: that's understood.18:08
holsteinyou can also try the windows driver for it18:08
holsteinthats easy enough18:08
beta0x64Guest43956, I had this error18:08
beta0x64I overcame it with wicd and the latest realtek drivers.18:09
holsteinbeta0x64: how did you deal?18:09
holsteincool :)18:09
holsteinthere you go Guest43956 ^18:09
beta0x64It worked for a while with network-manager18:09
beta0x64let me check my drivers.18:09
Guest43956holstein:_ thank you for help. i'll download the windows driver and run it through ndiswrapper18:09
Guest43956beta0x64: let me hear :-)18:09
holsteinGuest43956: or do what beta0x64 is suggesting18:10
holsteinsince beta0x64 has the hardware18:10
beta0x64my realtek in the release notes is: Release driver version = 0002.0320.200918:10
beta0x64I have rtl8192SE18:10
beta0x64it is not correctly recognized by lspci I think18:10
Guest43956beta0x64 uhu. so you have a different card18:11
beta0x64are you sure it is rtl8192E or rtl8192se?18:11
beta0x64mine is recognized in lspci as rtl8191seva18:12
beta0x64but it's not...18:12
Guest43956its rtl8192e for sure18:12
Guest43956at least this is what lspci tells me18:12
beta0x64I always recommend downloading the firmware from realtek. it stopped working a week or two ago. I ended up installing wicd and reinstalling the driver18:12
Guest43956i guess realtek doesn't have ubuntu drivers for the card? so I need ndiswrapper, correct?18:13
beta0x64that wasn't my case. they had drivers but they were old.18:14
beta0x64I don't have ndiswrapper running. I have ubuntu 10.10, realtek drivers, wicd installed.18:14
Guest43956and the drivers work although they're old?18:15
beta0x64for me, yes.18:16
beta0x64some people were even saying that it was power management shuttnig it off.18:16
beta0x64my problem was that I would be connected for about 15 minutes, then it would fail.18:16
beta0x64this was only after restarting into windows (ew) and connecting then rebooting into ubuntu18:17
Guest43956i understand. i'm on the realtek website right nox, looking for the driver18:17
beta0x64do you want me to upload the ones that I used?18:17
Guest43956that would be even better18:17
beta0x64one moment. I have no guarantee on these btw18:19
Guest43956that's alright. how can I install them btw? via terminal? unfortunately I have no experience in installing programs in ubuntu18:20
beta0x64one minute18:20
beta0x64well assuming that these are your drivers...18:22
beta0x64open the terminal, travel to where you saved it.18:22
Guest43956alright. downloaded it. how can i travel to the directory?18:23
beta0x64open the terminal. type in these commands.18:23
beta0x64cd ~/Downloads18:23
beta0x64tar -xvf rtl8192 (now hit tab, that will complete the filename for you)18:24
beta0x64without the space btw18:24
Guest43956command not found18:24
beta0x64what is the command not found?18:24
beta0x64tar -xvf rtl8192se_linux_2.6.0010.1211.2009.tar.gz18:25
Guest43956cd: /home/joerg/downloads: file or directory not found18:25
beta0x64capital D18:25
beta0x64cd ~/Downloads18:26
Guest43956uh, ok18:26
beta0x64did you do tar -xvf yet?18:26
Guest43956doing it right now. having problems with strg-c and -v ;-)18:27
Guest43956couldn't execute read18:29
Guest43956I'm translating btw. system language is german18:30
beta0x64tar -xvf rtl8192se_linux_2.6.0010.1211.2009.tar.gz18:31
beta0x64that should work, really.18:31
Guest43956and now?18:32
beta0x64cd rtl8192se_linux_2.6.0010.1211.200918:33
beta0x64after you run these commands you will get a bunch of text18:34
beta0x64this is the process of making the drivers then installing them18:35
beta0x64type in this18:35
beta0x64then I think you have to be root for make install18:35
Guest43956entering directory...18:36
beta0x64it's working18:36
beta0x64it'll tell you errors at the end before it breaks if something is wrong18:36
Guest43956left the directory. where can I see the errors?18:37
beta0x64it would say in between brackets [Error .. blah blah blah18:38
Guest43956uh ok. just a sec18:38
beta0x64it'd be kinda obvious I think but look over the end part18:38
Guest43956/home/joerg/Downloads/rtl8192se_linux_2.6.0010.1211.2009/HAL/rtl8192/r8192S_phy.c: In function ‘rtl8192_phy_setTxPower’:18:38
Guest43956/home/joerg/Downloads/rtl8192se_linux_2.6.0010.1211.2009/HAL/rtl8192/r8192S_phy.c:1785: warning: enumeration value ‘RF_TYPE_MIN’ not handled in switch18:38
Guest43956/home/joerg/Downloads/rtl8192se_linux_2.6.0010.1211.2009/HAL/rtl8192/r8192S_phy.c:1785: warning: enumeration value ‘RF_PSEUDO_11N’ not handled in switch18:38
Guest43956these are the lines that look "unusual" to me18:39
Guest43956at the end it says18:39
beta0x64warnings are okay18:39
beta0x64errors ar ebad18:39
Guest43956 Building modules, stage 2.18:39
Guest43956  MODPOST 1 modules18:39
Guest43956  CC      /home/joerg/Downloads/rtl8192se_linux_2.6.0010.1211.2009/HAL/rtl8192/r8192se_pci.mod.o18:39
Guest43956  LD [M]  /home/joerg/Downloads/rtl8192se_linux_2.6.0010.1211.2009/HAL/rtl8192/r8192se_pci.ko18:39
Guest43956these are the last 4 lines18:39
beta0x64it's good then18:39
beta0x64now I think you should become root.18:40
Guest43956this is the line I'm in at the moment18:40
beta0x64type this in:18:40
beta0x64sudo su -18:40
beta0x64then your password18:40
Guest43956is where i'm now18:41
beta0x64cd /home/joerg/Downloads/rtl8192se_linux_2.6.0010.1211.200918:42
beta0x64make install18:42
Guest43956it seems to work18:43
beta0x64now you have to restart18:43
beta0x64as root, type18:43
beta0x64AFTER you save18:43
Guest43956save what?18:44
beta0x64whatever you are doing. I dont want you to lose any files or anything. close out of all your programs and restart18:44
beta0x64then see if it works with wicd now18:44
pavanai i got struck while booting to ubuntu ultimate edition 2.818:45
Guest43956alright. I'll be back in a minute. if not, I'll probably be surfing via wifi ;-) thank you very much for your patience and help. you rescued my day.18:46
beta0x64we'll see!18:46
beta0x64have a good one, hopefully18:47
Guest43956thx. bye18:47
pavanaihelp me!!!!!18:48
beta0x64what's wrong pavanai ?18:49
Abhijitpavanai, ultimate edition is not supported18:49
=== joerg is now known as Guest19025
beta0x64hi Joerg.18:50
Guest19025hi. it tried to connect to my preferred wifi, but it said: "wrong password" this is a problem I've already experienced. but after that, it still can't find a wifi network18:51
beta0x64you can't search for any wifi network?18:51
Guest19025password is correct. it also didn't work when I turned off wpa18:51
pavanaibeta0x64, after showing the logo of ue 2.8 no progress18:52
pavanaiAbhijit, do u hav a solution?18:52
charlie-tcapavanai: exactly why ultimate edition is not supported. Do they have any support anywhere?18:53
Abhijitpavanai, i dont have solution. and ultimate edition is not supported here18:53
charlie-tcaOtherwise, you could download and install the real Ubuntu release18:53
pavanaicharlie-tca, everybdy says d same NOT SUPPORTED.....but ver shud i go 4 support?18:55
charlie-tcaYou have to read their docs where you got it from. Ubuntu does not support Ultimate Edition because it does not work!18:55
pavanaiok thnx18:56
charlie-tcaYou will not get support for it in any #ubuntu- channel18:56
Abhijitpavanai, read their homepage18:56
Abhijitpavanai, they have all info about irc channel, forum, etc everything is there in their homepage18:56
pavanaiAbhijit, thnx a lot18:57
charlie-tcaEven after you get it installed, it will not be supported by Ubuntu18:57
Guest19025beta0x64: no idea?18:58
pavanaicharlie-tca, how to setup a local repository on a network?18:58
charlie-tcadon't know18:58
gwarkholstein: clean install of the OS from a new pen drive didn't work.19:27
gwarksame problem.  RMA'ing the box19:27
gwarkthanks for the help19:27
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=== JasonO_ is now known as JasonO
hillary_I just installed Ubuntu, and my monitor is blurring everything. Can anyone tell me a possible reason for this and how to solve it?20:46
hillary_To be more specific, my display has offset horizontal stripes that are moving and shaking constantly.20:48
realcan some1 help me with ati drivers?20:50
holsteinhillary_: you might just have one of those tricky graphics card20:50
holsteini would probably try a custom xorg.conf20:50
holsteinsometimes i try knoppix live20:51
holsteinand steal the xorg from it20:51
hillary_can you ecplain how to do that?20:51
holsteinreal: in what way?20:51
realalright so when I download the default drivers from ubuntu download manager or something ubuntu wont boot up I had to go into the manager and uninstall it to get it to work20:51
realmy monitor supports 1920X1080 res but ubuntu only supports 160x120020:51
holsteinhillary_: it really depends on your hardware20:51
holsteinhillary_: have you installed yet?20:51
realand whne i tried the drivers from amd's site it says the format isnt recognized and they wont install20:52
hillary_Yes I have.20:52
holsteinyou can try some things with a live CD20:52
holsteinhillary_: also, update if you can20:52
holsteinuse control+alt+F220:52
holsteinand do sudo apt-get update20:53
holsteinsudo apt-get upgrage20:53
holsteinIF you still have problems after upgrading20:53
holsteinyou can experiment with other things20:54
holsteinlike vesa driver20:54
realanyone have any ideas for my problem :(20:54
holsteinreal: what drivers are you trying to download?20:54
holsteinthe windows drivers?20:54
realati drivers20:54
realfor my gpu20:55
realso i can display my native res20:55
holsteinfor linux?20:55
realmy monitor is 1920x108020:55
holsteini get that20:55
holsteincan you link me to the drivers?20:55
realk holdon20:55
holsteinreal: youve read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI ?20:57
realno i didnt know that existed20:57
realyea i already had the fglrx driver20:58
realit made ubuntu crash20:58
reali had to uninstall it20:58
holsteinreal: be sure you google around for bugs related to your specific hardware21:00
holsteinthat can be helpful21:00
realdriver manager says the fglrx driver is working but when i type in fglrx in terminal it says it isnt l21:01
realsudo sh ati-driver-installer-11-2-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/maverick21:13
realdoes any1 know how to fix that21:13
realsh: Can't open ati-driver-installer-11-2-x86.x86_64.run21:13
reali mean that21:13
holsteinreal: thats the package you downloaded right?21:13
realaccidently clicked something, so did anyone answer?21:15
holsteinreal: thats the package you downloaded right?21:15
realfrom ati site21:16
realit cant run it21:16
holsteini would try and trouble shoot the ubuntu packaged version21:16
holsteinthe one in the repos21:16
holsteinthat didnt work for you21:16
reali had ubuntu for the past hour i have no idea what any of that means lol21:16
holsteinubuntu packages that driver21:16
holsteinand its probably an older one21:17
holsteinbut, its still the one the kernel *should* be expecting21:17
holsteinand other packages in ubuntu21:17
realwhen i had that one and started ubuntu it crashed21:17
holsteinhave you searched for a related bug report?21:18
holsteinare your pacakges up to date?21:18
realalright i think i got it21:19
reali gave it permission to run as a program21:19
realand its working'21:19
holsteini usually try and go with whats in the repos21:19
holsteinwhen possible21:19
realholstein do u have a link to a guide about ubuntu21:19
realcause its hard to understand what ur saying lol21:19
holsteinthis is the guide you should read fully21:20
holsteinreal: you can always just ask about what you dont understand21:20
realrepos packages everything21:20
holsteinwhat im trying to suggest is that it could be better to *not* use the driver you are downloading21:21
holsteinbut, you can always undo what you are doing21:21
holsteinin theory21:21
holsteinso go for it21:21
holsteinyou're at the beginning here, so worst case, you reinstall21:21
fds2I've dropped my HD into a different mainboard, Ubuntu stalled upon startup, so I'd like to wipe and reinstall (using Natty beta).  However, I'd like to copy /home from the system partition to another partition from the CLI.  Been reading several websites, still not sure of the steps.  Can anyone help?21:27
holsteinfds2: can you go back to the other machine?21:27
holsteinmaybe its just the graphics driver?21:27
holsteinor some other customization making it not boot21:27
holsteinanyways, if i were you, i would just get a live cd21:28
holsteinand copy in the GUI21:28
holsteinif thats what you are used to seeing21:28
holsteinif not, just google command line commands21:28
=== joerg is now known as Guest61407
Guest61407hi guys. can someone help me with a wifi issue?21:48
fds2holstein: booted to Natty beta LiveCD, cannot copy home folder because I do not have permissions to read it21:48
Guest61407realtek rtl8192e won't detect any wireless networks after installing linux driver. any suggestions?21:55
malvinhello i need some help after i installed the ubuntu netbook 10.10 updates my touchpad stopt working, i have a acer aspire one the a110 model, can some one help me...?22:20
malvinhello i need some help after i installed the ubuntu netbook 10.10 updates my touchpad stopt working, i have a acer aspire one the a110 model, can some one help me...? ps im a rooky22:23
bioterrormalvin, fn+f722:28
bioterrordoes it work after that key combination22:28
malvinit doesent work22:28
malvinit shows that it is activated but not working22:28
malvinwhat can i do to fix these problem..?22:29
bioterrorboot from CD or USB and check if it works there22:30
malvinyes it worked..22:31
malvinit worked before the install and the updates22:32
malvinbut now not even that..?22:32
malvinim really new to linux you can say that im 5 hours  old to it22:35
bioterror5 hours22:36
malvinyea i want to get rid of windows22:37
malvincan you help me....?22:38
bioterrorwonderng which could cause the problem22:39
MrChrisDruif...I'm not gonna say what I'm thinking :D22:39
malvindo you have skype....?22:39
bioterrorI have skype on my phone :D22:40
malvinplease help me if you can22:40
bioterrorI can chat with it22:40
MrChrisDruifWhat did you try so far malvin?22:40
malvini have an acer aspire one a11022:40
malvinit had his ssd broken22:40
malvinso now i instaled ubuntu netbook 10.10 on a flash drive22:41
malvinit worked perfectly wen it was in live mode22:41
malvinbut now the touchpad stoepd working afther i insstaled the updates22:41
MrChrisDruifIf the SSD is really broken, then there isn't much you can do other then swapping the SSD22:42
bioterrorprobably a kernel update broke it22:42
malvinhow can i check that..?22:43
malvinor better said how can i fix it..?22:43
malvinyea i know22:44
malvinbut honestly im not able to do that22:45
bioterrormalvin, sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics22:48
MrChrisDruifThat might also be a good idea22:48
malvinthese i have to type in an terminal right22:49
bioterrorI would suggest to do that, yes22:49
bioterrordo we really have +5C outside22:50
malvinok i did that22:51
malvinand it instaled22:51
bioterrordid it install it22:51
malvinsudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics22:51
malvinReading package lists... Done22:52
malvinBuilding dependency tree22:52
malvinReading state information... Done22:52
malvinxserver-xorg-input-synaptics is already the newest version.22:52
malvinThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:22:52
malvin  linux-headers-2.6.35-22 linux-headers-2.6.35-22-generic22:52
malvinUse 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.22:52
malvin0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.22:52
bioterrorcan you choose from the boot menu that kernel 2.6.35-22?22:52
malvincan some one explain to me step buy step how i have to do that...?22:53
MrChrisDruifThe grub I mentioned malvin22:53
malvinor em i asking to much22:53
MrChrisDruifI just can't remember how to get there22:53
bioterrorpress shift during boot22:53
bioterrorright after the BIOS22:54
malvinand then..?22:54
bioterrorchoose older kernel22:54
malvinis there an old list22:54
malvinor how22:54
bioterrorI'm off to bed, it's 00:55 and i have to get up 06:0022:55
bioterrorsomeone else will continue from here on22:55
bioterrormaybe our american friends22:55
malvinim from romania22:55
MrChrisDruifOr your Dutch friend. I'll try for a while bioterror22:55
bioterrorI tried to write job application email, but lack of motivation :D22:56
MrChrisDruifNot motivated to get a new job bioterror?22:57
bioterroror write about myself :D22:57
MrChrisDruifSo malvin: you press shift after/during bios so you get to a selection screen with installed kernels :)23:01
malvinand then23:01
MrChrisDruifAnd just select the oldest kernel (lowest number) in the list23:01
malvinand if that works23:02
malvinit is dome23:02
MrChrisDruifThen should the mousepad be working. At least I hope :)23:02
malvinso brb then23:02
malvini will see you right23:02
malvinor you have to go....23:02
malvinMrCrisDruif: wiill you still be here afther i tried to select the old kernel23:03
MrChrisDruifI'll try :)23:03
MrChrisDruifIt's just been midnight here23:04
malvinMrCrisDruift: nop stil now working :'(23:12
MrChrisDruifDid it ever work when installed?23:15
malvinit worked23:17
malvinbut not clicking23:17
malvinand thous things23:17
malvinit just moved23:17
malvinbut now not even that23:17
MrChrisDruifDid you select update while installing?23:19
malvini instaled afther23:19
malvinthe updates23:20
MrChrisDruifYou installed after the updates?23:20
MrChrisDruifSo you first updated and then installed?23:20
malvinnop i instaled ubuntu23:21
malvinthe left click didnt work23:21
malvinnot even the double tap23:21
malvinso i did the updates23:21
MrChrisDruifAnd then nothing worked?23:23
MrChrisDruifmalvin: Isn't it ~1:30 at your timezone?23:28
malvinyes afther then nothing worked23:29
MrChrisDruifWouldn't it be best if you tried again tomorrow? It seems you and bioterror are in the same timezone23:29
malvini dont know ususly when i want to get some thing done i dont stop23:29
malvinbut if you think these is the best solution23:30
malvini will do that23:30
MrChrisDruifIt's your own decision of course :)23:31
MrChrisDruifBut I'm at a loss, I don't know what else you could try23:31
malvindo you know some one alce who can help me23:31
MrChrisDruifWell, in general anyone in this room should be able to help, if he/she knows what to do :)23:32
malvinin linus isent these some thing like remote desktop so some one could take a look at my pc and work with it23:32
MrChrisDruifYou could also try in #ubuntu, but it's hectic over there :)23:32
malvini know23:32
malvini realised23:32
malvini tried for 1 hour but no one said nothing23:33
MrChrisDruifIn that channel it might be better to pull someone in private channel when they respond, otherwise you might miss what's being said to you23:33
malvinhow should i put the question23:34
MrChrisDruifSomething like this:23:34
malvinbecause now you know better what is my problem23:34
holsteinfds2: you'll have to sudo23:37
holsteingksudo nautilus if you want *should work23:38
MrChrisDruifHai everyone: I've got a mousepad issue on my Acer Aspire A110. With the livecd of the netbook edition everything worked, but after installation my left mouse button and double tap didn't work. After updating my entire mouse stopped working. I've tried installing xserver-xorg-input-synaptics, but it was up-to-date. I also tried booting to an older kernel, but that didn't work either. Does anybody know what else I can try?23:39
MrChrisDruifSorry, had to formulate your question :)23:39
malvinok thx23:39
=== szczur_ is now known as szczur
malvinthx chris23:40
holsteinmalvin: are you up to date?23:41
holsteinwith upgrades?23:41
holsteinmalvin: try booting in with just gnome23:41
malvinwhat is that23:42
holsteinthe normal desktop mode23:43
holsteinwithout the netbook remix23:43
malvinis it a netbook remix these one23:43
holsteini have all kinds of netbooks *not* running the netbook remix23:44
malvinso netbook 10.10 is a remix version23:44
holsteinbut, thats a seperate suggestion23:44
MrChrisDruifmalvin: Yes, it's unity instead of gnome23:45
holsteinlooks like you are not alone23:45
holsteinthis might be relevant http://wiki.debian.org/DebianAcerOne#Touchpad23:46

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