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UndiFineDjsjgruber asked: test02:27
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head_victimbrucelu: working fine14:23
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head_victimbrucelu: ^15:03
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Stargazeanyone here?15:16
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pavanaii got struck while booting to ubuntu ultimate edition 2.818:43
pavanaiJasonO, do u know d solution?18:48
JasonOpavanai What is it?18:49
JasonOpavanai I just got here. I have no idea what you're talking about.18:50
pavanaiJasonO, i tried to boot 2 live of ubuntu uE 2.8  the logo is showing after that no progress18:51
JasonOpavanai Sorry, no idea. Let me see what I can do....18:52
pavanaiJasonO, how to enable nx feature in bios?18:52
JasonOpavanai I do not know what the nx feature is.18:52
pavanaiits non executable bit18:53
pavanaii ahve to enable that in this machine but dont know how18:53
JasonOpavanai What package is it?18:55
pavanaiJasonO, its not a pkg19:00
JasonOpavanai What is it?>19:00
pavanaiits a security feature offered by processor19:01
JasonOAnd qwhat are you trying to do exactly?19:04
pavanaii want to enable nx19:05
pavanaijst to install ubuntu ue2.819:05
JasonOpavanai ARe you aware their is a 2.9?19:13
JasonOpavanai Here is 2.8 http://sourceforge.net/projects/ultimateedition/files/ultimate-edition-2.8-x86.iso/download19:15
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