loolarand: Could you share the specific output you're getting and your fstab?01:00
arandlool: I asked another one using the current version, not reproduced there I reported Bug #74834001:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 748340 in btrfs-tools (Ubuntu) "btrfsck fails with "unsupported option features", must [ignore] to boot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74834001:01
arandlool: my fstab is pretty much default as far as I can tell: http://paste.debian.net/112820/01:04
arandlool: I think it may come down to the fact that I have restored and moved around snapshots of my "/" (basically via the apt-btrfs-snapshot method).01:20
arandlool: More info attached on the bug report, I'm getting more uncertain is we as downstream could really do anything about it.. Sorry for bugging you a lot if that turns out to be the case.01:33
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ldurosdoes anybody use Evolution Mail on Natty?02:09
ldurosFor some reason, there's no way for me to access the "Preferences" anymore02:10
ldurosThe top menu only have "File" > "Close" tab and that's it02:10
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Ampelbeinslangasek: hi, can you look at bug 748740, the sync is related to the .la-cleanup.03:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 748740 in libvmime (Ubuntu) "Sync libvmime 0.9.0-1.2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74874003:52
soreauDoes anyone happen to know the max time gnome-sound-recorder will record? Is it simply limited by hard drive space?04:13
soreauusing the default lossy ogg format04:13
holsteinsoreau: its hard drive space04:14
holsteinshould be*04:14
holsteinno reason why not04:14
soreauThat would be my guess but I was looking for a more definitive answer04:15
holsteinwell, with ardour + jack04:15
holsteinits hard drive space04:15
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Chipzzsoreau: support questions go to #ubuntu04:44
soreauChipzz: Dont start with me.04:44
Chipzzsoreau: pardon?04:45
ScottKsoreau: Like it or not, Chipzz is correct.05:01
Chipzz05:49 <soreau> I do enough support in #ubuntu to have the right to ask a question in -devel every once in awhile05:02
Chipzz05:49 <Chipzz> no you don't05:02
Chipzz05:49 <soreau> Well then, you can kiss my ass05:02
Chipzz05:49 <soreau> because you dont even know me05:02
Chipzz05:49 <Chipzz> how does you giving support in #ubuntu warrant violating the channel rules?05:02
Chipzz05:50 <soreau> I told you, dont start05:02
Chipzz05:50 <soreau> I start it and I end it05:02
Chipzz05:50 <soreau> I dont abuse privs05:02
Chipzz05:50 <soreau> And its none of your god damned business so shove off05:02
ScottKChipzz: Posting the private message into the public channel isn't so great either.05:02
soreauI cant believe you are that foolish05:03
ScottKsoreau: He is correct, however.05:03
soreauScottK: Yes I know, but I took it to pm and it aws over05:03
soreaubut know he opened a whole nother can of worms05:04
soreauActually, I dropped it. HE pmmed me to continue05:04
soreauChipzz: You have no irc etiquette which is prerequisites to using irc in the first place. Thus, you have no business even calling OT05:06
ScottKsoreau: You were OT.05:07
soreauYes but I dropped it.05:07
soreauNow look where we are05:07
ScottKBoth of you: If you want to argue - Do it somewhere else.05:07
soreauTotally way OT in a -dev channel05:07
Chipzzsoreau: my apologies for c/p the pm05:10
soreauToo late05:10
soreauWhats done is done05:11
soreauI hope you learn not to do that in the future05:11
soreauholstein: Thank you for your input05:13
soreauIm pretty sure its governed solely by disk space05:13
holsteincheck out #ubuntustudio05:14
soreauI dont have the code in front of me so I figured Id ask where someone might05:14
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slangasekAmpelbein: 748740> done, thanks :)07:13
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pwuertzhi! natty is not loading the nouveau driver for my GF104.. this card should be supported, right?12:59
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IanLiuI've contributed code to Ubuntu, solving some bugs. How can I prove to job interviewers I contributed? Does my name appear somewhere?15:39
JanCIanLiu: your name is probably in the bug reports or in the changelogs or something?15:46
IanLiuJanC: Oh, yes, the bug report, indeed. But I looked at changelogs and haven't found ;-) I guess there is too many contributors to specify in changelogs15:48
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JanCsometimes they are mentioned, sometimes not, I guess15:49
JanCbut if you attached a patch that should be obvious  ☺15:49
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AnAntHello, is there some sort of setting (gconf maybe) to change the default session to Classic instead of Unity ?16:33
holsteinhey AnAnt16:34
holsteini would check the /topic here, and maybe try #ubuntu-beginners or #ubuntu+1 if you find #ubuntu too busy16:35
AnAntholstein: actually I need this for development16:37
AnAntI am working on a distro based on Ubuntu, and need to keep the default session type to be Classic instead of Unity16:38
holsteinAnAnt: you can try #ubuntustudio16:39
holsteinwe are going to use gnome in 11.0416:39
holsteinnot sure how that worked out on the back end16:39
AnAntholstein: thanks16:39
holsteinAnAnt: maybe #ubuntustudio-devel16:39
holsteinif no one pipes up here16:39
loolarand: Thanks for the bug; so basically my upload made running fsck possible, and that exposed that fsck isn't passing for you16:48
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micahgslangasek: I'm getting some weird breakage with gnash, multiarch, and pthreads, gnash seems to be able to find other things in the multiarch path, but not libpthreads.so21:54
micahgslangasek: nevermind, I think I found the problem, there's a libslist variable that hardcodes lib paths21:56
micahgslangasek: I guess I'll need help or a guide for making a package with hardcoded lib paths multiarch aware in a sane way22:13
slangasekmicahg: remove the hardcoded lib path? :)22:14
micahgslangasek: ok, what's the sane way to check for libpthreads?22:19
slangasekmicahg: how do you mean?  What checking is it doing now?22:24
slangasekis gnash not using autoconf?  I would expect it to, being a GNU project22:24
micahgslangasek: there's a hardcoded list of lib paths that's used to check for the .a or .so in22:25
azeem_I thought it's a GNU project by politics more than by technical reasons22:25
slangasekmicahg: the right way is actually to not check for libpthread at all, but only to build and link with -pthread22:26
slangasek(on some architectures, such as mips, -lpthread alone doesn't DTRT)22:26
micahgslangasek: well, it's doing that already, so maybe I should just remove this check22:28
slangasekmicahg: looking over macros/pthreads.m4 now22:30
micahgah, that's where it is22:30
micahgslangasek: ~line 163 is where the trouble is22:31
micahgerr, ~18522:31
slangasekmicahg: yeah, I think 183-210 are wrong for GNU systems; we should actually just be setting PTHREAD_LIBS=-pthread and skipping the manual lib check AFAIK22:35
micahgslangasek: ok, what about for Debian22:35
slangasekmicahg: same thing, it's a function of it being a GNU environment22:36
micahgslangasek: ok, cool, I'll make a patch and submit to them, thanks22:36
slangasekthank you :)22:36

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