mhall119Daviey: ping02:26
nigelbhad a good day?03:51
mhall119can't complain03:52
mhall119dug up a small tree, washed the camper for next weekend, spent the afternoon at disney03:52
mhall119and I won a cricket championship03:53
mhall119one of those things isn't true03:53
mhall119now if only I could figure out what googlebot is doing to break summit, I'd be happy03:54
nigelbgoogle bot is breaking summit?03:58
mhall119seems that way, Daviey emailed me a traceback, the remote addr resolved to something-googlebot.com04:01
mhall119but the trace makes no sense...04:01
nigelblink me?04:03
nigelbI can try to get a search bot to crawl and tell me if soemthing is wrong (I think)04:04
mhall119nigelb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/588807/04:04
mhall119nigelb: the only thing I can think of, is that googlebot tried to follow an openid login url, and something went horribly wrong04:06
mhall119s/horribly/moderately annoyingly/04:06
nigelbI tend to agree04:06
nigelbwell, we could fix that with a robots.txt and no follow for the openid url04:07
mhall119well, Daviey is probably sound asleep now, and I'm on my way there04:07
mhall119g'night nigelb 04:07
nigelblaters :)04:08
Davieymhall119, yeah, twas asleep08:12
YoBoYgood morning08:41
nigelbDaviey: morning :)08:42
YoBoYtoday, global jam in Paris :)09:24
Davieyhey nigelb 09:34
Daniel0108I'm still waiting for an email from the old Ubuntu Austria LoCo team leaders...11:47
Daniel0108can someone give me access to http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-at ? I re-founded the team :)12:13
Daniel0108paultag: ^12:13
head_victimDaniel0108: easiest way is to get one of the admins to make you an admin as well12:36
head_victimSame as launchpad12:36
Daniel0108head_victim: who is an admin, for example?12:37
head_victimBernhard Essl, Bernd Schlapsi, gateway, Wolf Rogner, xlazarus12:37
head_victimThey're the team admins according to the link you gave12:37
Daniel0108but the problem is12:48
Daniel0108they don't reply :PP12:48
Daniel0108Wolf Rogner replied once12:48
Daniel0108and he told me that he deactivated Ubuntu Austria12:48
Daniel0108and now I re-founded it :)12:48
Daniel0108and the next problem, they aren't active12:50
Daniel0108we don't have mailing lists12:50
Daniel0108we don't have a forum12:50
Daniel0108head_victim: ^12:50
head_victimDaniel0108: ah sorry, didn't look deactivated. Is there a launchpad page? I think loco.u.c scrapes from launchpad12:51
Daniel0108yes, there's a launchpad pagwe12:52
Daniel0108but the admins are inactive12:52
Daniel0108and our website is down12:52
nigelbjamming from bangalore \o/12:52
Daniel0108head_victim: ^12:53
Daniel0108I need a LoCo council member ;)12:53
head_victimDaniel0108: cool, we had the same issue in AU for a while until the inactive person realised them just saying "feel free to take it over" didn't do anything until they actually changed something themselves. 12:55
Daniel0108they told me:12:55
Daniel0108Falls Du ein neues LoCo aufbauen willst, feel free.12:55
Daniel0108and that means:12:55
Daniel0108If you want to build a new LoCo for Austria, feel free.12:55
head_victimHah, I'd respond with a "please add me as admin and I will be able to start"12:56
PendulumDaniel0108: it's the weekend and a lot of people are at GBJ (it's also still very early in the US where paultag is) 12:56
Pendulumso you may not get an answer until tomorrow12:56
PendulumDaniel0108: you might do better to e-mail the loco council12:57
Daniel0108Pendulum: okay, thanks :) But in Austria it's 2 PM, so they should be able to answer me :P12:57
Daniel0108Pendulum: I'll have a chat with paultag :)12:57
Daniel0108paultag can speak german, so I can just forward the email to him :P12:58
Daniel0108head_victim: I asked them for Admin Access :P13:00
head_victimDaniel0108: good stuff, hope it works out ok13:00
Daniel0108okay :)13:00
Daniel0108head_victim: Can someone add me as an LoCo admin, just on the loco.ubuntu.com page?13:01
PendulumDaniel0108: info from loco.ubuntu.com is pulled from the launchpad pages13:01
head_victimDaniel0108: I think someone from the council should be able to, but yeah they're probably not at their PCs right now.13:01
Daniel0108okay :) thanks for the info :)13:02
Daniel0108I'll wait for paultag13:02
RonnieI even thought that each 24 hours, loco checks launchpad for new admins, and admins who left. so a change on loco is undone within 24 hours. Therefore making an loco admin and not on LP makes no sense13:03
mhall119Daviey: still around?13:07
Daniel0108wow, I emailed all of the old leaders of Ubuntu Austria13:11
Daniel01083 of the emails were valid :P13:12
Daniel01081 of them replied :)13:12
Daniel0108but they didn't give me owner privileges13:12
Daniel0108they just said: feel free to build a new LoCo13:12
mhall119Daniel0108: are the current leaders not active?13:16
Daniel0108Ubuntu Austria got deactivated by the council, mhall11913:16
Daniel0108and the leaders aren't active :P13:16
Daniel0108*the old leaders*13:16
Daniel0108and now I had a chat with duanedesign and paultag13:17
Daniel0108and they told me to re-found Ubuntu Austria13:17
Daniel0108okay, so I re-founded Ubuntu Austria13:17
Daniel0108but I don't have access to the launchpad page and the IRC channel13:18
Daniel0108so I asked the old admins to give me owner privileges13:18
Daniel0108and they didn't response13:18
Daniel0108mhall119: ^13:18
Daniel0108afk :)13:18
Davieymhall119, yah13:25
mhall119Daviey: hey, I was trying to find the cause of that error13:26
mhall119but it makes no sense13:26
Davieymhall119, yeah, kinda confused about trying to import signals!13:27
mhall119It looks like django_openid_auth.views is trying to import django_openid_auth.signals13:27
mhall119why it can't load that, though, I have no clue13:27
mhall119why django_openid_auth.views is even being called for a URL that doesn't need it, I also have no clue13:28
mhall119the only thing I can think of is that googlebot is doing something strange with it's session?13:29
mhall119also, summit is currently showing track and topic pages13:30
mhall119currently throwing an error showing track and topic pages13:30
Davieymhall119, gah, that is because it has no timeslots13:34
Davieymhall119, if you want to catch that error, and return "no timeslots currently available" or similar, that would be good :)13:34
Davieynote, there is also an error if no rooms are marked plenary.. i think that returns a different error13:35
mhall119I'll file a but13:39
mhall119a bug too13:39
mhall119Daviey: 08:26 < Daviey> mhall119, yah13:41
mhall119gah, copy/paste error13:41
mhall119https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/summit/auto-slots has a management command to create slots13:42
mhall119it won't be perfect, but it'll get 90% right13:42
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paultagAw, Daniel left16:37
* paultag checks lp:~ubuntu-at16:37
paultagPendulum: oh, btw, thanks so much for chatting with Dan, you were right, 'twas very early :)16:59
paultagand he should have emailed loco-council, I emailed him to let him know :)17:00
paultagyou rule, thanks :)17:00
UndiFineDPendulum, you did groceries on a sunday ? jealous17:04
Pendulumpaultag: no problem. It's kinda my standard reply :)17:31
paultagPendulum: :)17:31
paultagDaniel0108: hallo :)17:36
paultagDaniel0108: just got your mail17:37
paultagDaniel0108: looks great, I'll get it through moderation :)17:37
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Daniel0108okay, paultag :D17:38
paultagDaniel0108: thanks! :)17:38
Daniel0108paultag: are you able to translate the email? :)17:39
paultagDaniel0108: I'm sure :) 17:39
paultagDaniel0108: I've not seen it yet, just poked the ML admin on the lc17:39
Daniel0108ah okay17:39
paultagDaniel0108: but I read listen and speak much better then I write, we should be OK :)17:40
Daniel0108paultag: and I'll be the owner of Austria LoCo then?17:40
paultagDaniel0108: if we make sure everything is in order, yes17:40
paultagDaniel0108: we just have to double and tripple check everything, but yes :)17:40
Daniel0108okay, but I think it'll be okay17:41
paultagI think so too17:41
paultagI have emails from when he "quit"17:41
Daniel0108I'll setup the IRC channel after getting owner :P17:42
Daniel0108and I'll get more members17:42
paultagDaniel0108: :)17:42
Daniel0108paultag: do we get a domain from canonical? Because I have a root server, but I don't have a domain :PPP17:42
Daniel0108I just have a subdomain or .co.cc domain :)17:43
Daniel0108for example: ubuntu-at.touchlay.com :)17:43
paultagDaniel0108: do you have an Ubuntu member on your team?17:43
Daniel0108no :)17:44
Daniel0108paultag: ^17:45
paultagDaniel0108: ubuntu members should be able to update http://ubuntu-at.org/ with their GPG key, last I chcked17:45
paultagDaniel0108: I have never done it, and I have no idea the format that needs to be used17:45
Daniel0108maybe duanedesign knows how to do it, paultag17:45
paultagDaniel0108: might want to send mail to rt@ubuntu.com about it17:45
Daniel0108duanedesign sets up a subforum for Ubuntu Austria :)17:46
paultagDaniel0108: aye :P17:46
Daniel0108okay, I'll email rt@ubuntu.com 17:46
paultagDaniel0108: great. I asked the sysadmins if they know anything17:47
Daniel0108and how can we get the de_AT language set-up?17:48
Daniel0108paultag: ^17:49
paultagDaniel0108: might want to stop by #ubuntu-translators17:49
Daniel0108paultag: joined #ubuntu-translators17:50
paultagDaniel0108: as them :)17:50
paultagask *17:50
Daniel0108I'll ask them when I am the owner of Ubuntu-Austria :)17:51
paultagOK :)17:51
Daniel0108paultag: is the mail already approved? :)17:56
paultagDaniel0108: no, the rest of the loco-council is sleeping, and I lost the passwords :)17:56
Daniel0108oh, okay17:56
Daniel0108paultag: what's the time over there, lol?17:56
paultagDaniel0108: it's noon here :)17:56
paultagDaniel0108: but the rest of the folks are in UTC+0/117:57
paultagDaniel0108: only itnet7 and I are Americans, both of us are -040017:57
Daniel0108I'm UTC +2 :)17:57
paultagDaniel0108: ja :)17:57
paultagBRB, food17:58
czajkowskiDaniel0108: paultag also mails will get anwsered but its also the weekend.18:18
czajkowskipeople may not be online18:18
paultagDaniel0108: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoHosting18:45
Daniel0108I just need the domain, because I have a root server :)18:45
paultagDaniel0108: that's it18:45
Daniel0108A special server for my LoCo team would be great :)18:45
paultagDaniel0108: there are instructions on how to set the DNS entry18:46
Daniel0108paultag: okay, thanks :)18:46
paultagDaniel0108: cheers18:46
Daniel0108paultag: can someone delete #ubuntu-at, because I want to re-setup it?18:46
paultagDaniel0108: talk with #freenode about transfering it18:46
paultagDaniel0108: sorry, #ubuntu-ops18:47
Daniel0108paultag: can you help me getting them to transfer #ubuntu-at ?18:47
paultagDaniel0108: tell them to stop into -lococouncil to chat, if they need someone on the LC18:48
Daniel0108paultag: LjL is looking for an IRC Council member :)19:02
Daniel0108paultag: okay, I asked in #ubuntu-irc-council :D19:17

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