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MichealHJasonO: :D21:49
JasonOHi MichealH :P21:49
c7phello all :)21:49
JasonOMichealH Mind logging in to Google mail for our meeting?21:51
MichealHI have 10 mins to go... :/21:51
c7pgodbyk: ping22:04
godbykc7p: pong22:05
c7phow are you ?22:05
godbyknot too bad.22:06
c7pdo we have any response from authors, editors ?22:06
godbykI haven't sent the emails yet.  I'll be doing that a bit later tonight.22:07
c7pah ok22:08
ChrisWoollard_Evening Godbyk22:21
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godbykHey, ChrisWoollard.22:25
ChrisWoollardHow are you22:27
godbyknot too bad.22:35
godbykon the phone with my mom at the moment. sorry for the slow replies.22:35
ChrisWoollardthat's good to here22:35
godbykChrisWoollard: An hour and a half later, I'm finally off the phone!23:45
UndiFineDnext time, send an text23:46
godbykUndiFineD: I don't think my mom would know what to do with that. :)23:46

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