DaughainThis is going to be a long day, I see.00:14
mycosyswassup daughain02:37
hot_wheelzhi the Store07:17
hot_wheelzWindows & PC Solutions07:17
hot_wheelzHauppauge NOVA-TD Dual Tuner07:17
hot_wheelzHauppauge NOVA-TD Dual Tuner07:17
hot_wheelzworks OTB fine doesn't it07:17
hot_wheelzbeter than a Afatech device right?07:19
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Harvey_BJust installed latest MythBuntu iso and having trouble getting channels set up.. Most channels are fine, but some didn't pick up on first scan. Re-scanned and added them in, but not getting any guide information. Any help greatly appreciated!!18:00
kb1gtt1Hello, I have a couple questions. I guess I'll simply blast away details and such until I've conveyed the question.20:53
kb1gtt1I'm installing a fairly long time users of MythTV, been using MythDora sense 4.0. I changed to Mythbuntu because I'm changing my system and cutting the cable, as I migrate to Dish Network.20:54
kb1gtt1I got the HVR 1950, which requires the latest kernel, and which Fedora doesn't use quit yet. I found Mythbuntu did use this kernel, so while changing things up, I changed to Mythbuntu.20:56
kb1gtt1I found several handy how-to'20:56
kb1gtt1s and such that got my HVR receiving channel 3 from my Dish receiver.20:56
kb1gtt1ve apparently got a problem with hitting the return key. Sorry about those. Now that I can watch/record channel 3, I need to use the external channel change script to control the dish reciever20:58
kb1gtt1My prior experience is with analog cable, and a PVR350 which worked directly, and I'm a bit ignorant about how to make it work via remote script. I have the HVR IR blaster, and I have set the IR options under MCC.20:59
kb1gtt1I'm drawing a bit of a blank about why my channel scan only produces channel 3. Should that command the receiver, or should that command PVR?21:00
mrandkb1gtt1: you'll likely find a much larger audience for your question on the mythbuntu forums, the mythtv-users mailing list, or #mythtv-users channel - especially with regard to channel scanning.21:03
kb1gtt1Oh great, I got this channel off the mythbuntu list. Thanks for the note. I'll go post my questions there.21:05
Harvey_BOK, a simple question (I hope). Can I delete indevidual channels using Channel Editor? If so, how?23:45

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