IdleOnemaybe #ubuntu-studio00:12
IdleOnelittle late now00:12
bazhanglarious seems to be confused or trolling00:39
rww#calcu... j/k00:40
bazhang<l011Ol01> seems familiar03:46
rwwsame person as tunnel1 earlier, at least.03:48
bazhang<l011Ol01> {ever been virtually raped by a cyberbot before}?03:49
IlluminatiDear, I need your help to put order in # ubuntu in Brazil, things are getting serious out there, such as insults and words of homophobia and racism, I count on your help, as already reported abuse and nothing was done.04:56
PianesiI know you dont know me at all. And i undernstand the answer you probably are going to give me is no. But, im 15 yrs old...and my domain expires tommorow. Do you think there is a way that i can borrow 8 bucks to renew it and ill pay you back wendsday? Please?04:56
IlluminatiThe channel is #ubuntu-br04:57
rwwIlluminati: #ubuntu-irc for LoCo channel problems. #ubuntu-ops is for core channels.04:57
hypatiaPianesi: you can probably renew your domain without losing it for a few days after it expires05:04
hypatiaPianesi: for .com it's 30 days before it goes into redemption, i think05:04
genii-aroundCan someone grab user ubuntu in #k ? i don't have any command aliases on my netbook yet for op stuff06:20
rwwgenii-around: /msg chanserv op #kubuntu rww and tell me what you want doing06:23
Tm_Twhat is it?06:23
rwwah, nvm, real op ^ :)06:24
genii-aroundspanish user not understanding /join #ubuntu-es and basically spamming. but I'm tired and no command aliases here yet as explained, etc06:24
Tm_The stopped so maybe he succeeded06:25
genii-aroundTm_T: Thanks06:28
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from Guest54664)07:53
rwwWhat would be the easiest way to poke Canonical people to modify irclogs.ubuntu.com so that it uses rel="nofollow" as an attribute to external links?07:57
hypatiarww: easiest, not sure if it's most likely to succeed though ;)08:04
rwwI'm thinking "make patch, email to RT, pester a Canonical employee every time I see URL spam in #ubuntu until RT ticket is actioned"08:05
hypatiarww: did they roll their own irc logging thingy or is it something that should go upstream?08:07
Tm_Thypatia: IIRC it's just irssi with http://mg.pov.lt/irclog2html/08:15
Tm_Tand something08:15
hypatiashould be a dead-easy fix then08:15
popeythe pages have that url on them :)08:16
popeyhttp://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/04/03/%23edubuntu.html for example :)08:16
popeywhich confirms that08:16
Tm_Tthat's how I know about it08:16
ubottuIn ubottu, pksadiq said: !forget08:33
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, AtomicSpark said: !encrypt is For information on setting up encrypted home directories (9.04+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome09:23
moelmanoh I see I can access one of the ubuntu channels I found thats interesting.10:22
moelmanwondering y not the main one.10:22
genii-aroundmoelman: If you do not have an issue which requires channel moderator attention ( like you are appealing a ban in one of the #ubuntu channels or so ) then this channel is not one you were likely looking for.10:27
moelmanbut I cant get into #ubuntu10:28
Flannelmoelman: What's your IP address?10:29
moelmangenii-around: what does that mean10:29
moelmanFlannel: hold on just looking10:29
moelmanFlannel: just who is me10:29
genii-aroundmoelman: It means I am looking to see if you are banned or not10:29
Flannelmoelman: No, you've got a cloak, please whois yourself and give me the hostname you're connecting from (you can query me if you would prefer it to remain private)10:30
moelmanFlannel: ok I dont know how to do that myself10:30
Flannelmoelman: You'll see a line "is connected from yadda-yadda"10:30
Flannelmoelman: /whois moelman10:31
moelmanFlannel: ok I om you10:35
moelmanFlannel: any luck on that please10:47
moelmanI did pm10:47
Flannelmoelman: Trying to sort it out10:47
moelmanok thankw alot10:47
ikoniathis is it-me-again10:48
ikoniatelling lies10:48
ikoniathis ban will not be removed10:48
genii-aroundAh, chronic offender10:49
ikoniaplease stop waisting this teams time, if you attempt to gain access to ubuntu channels again by deception I'll report this to freenode for them to deal with as a network issue10:49
ikoniamoelman: please leave now10:50
ikoniamoelman: if you don't respond I'll progress this with freenode as this is a persistant issue with you10:52
ubottusoreau called the ops in #ubuntu (Frots)11:30
Frotsjpds: ikonia told me to come in here, since you are not replying to my query11:40
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!11:42
ubottuFrots called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()11:42
LjLFrots: not a good idea ;(11:42
FrotsI dont get this stuff11:42
FrotsLjL: what you mean?11:42
LjLFrots: !ops is only for emergencies, please don't use it like that11:42
LjLFrots: are you banned from #ubuntu?11:43
FrotsLjL: \yes, and ikonia told me I should come in here since the ban is incorrect11:43
ikoniano I didn't11:43
ikoniaI said you speak to jpds11:43
FrotsI already tried querying the operator in private11:43
ikoniaI didn't say the ban was incorrect11:43
Frotsikonia: I didnt say you said that11:44
ikoniajust clarifying,11:44
Frotssorry man :)11:44
ikonianot a problem11:44
Frotsanyway LjL, jpds is not even replying anywhere11:45
FrotsAnd my problem is still not fixed11:45
Frotsnever shouldve made the switch :(11:45
LjLFrots: i suspect he's not around, however i think the idea is that you should try speaking to him when he's around before another op deals with the problem11:45
FrotsLjL: but he just banned me 5 minutes ago11:46
Frotsso I think he should be around11:46
LjLFrots: maybe wait here some 10 minutes (i don't suppose we'll die if he idles here for 10 minutes, right?)11:46
Frotswhat is it with this linux irc community. it seems it is not allowed to be new11:46
FrotsLjL: that is true11:47
FrotsI have pateince\11:47
Frots(not the game)11:47
LjLFrots: well i haven't read the logs too carefully yet, but it seems there was trolling going on, where you didn't seem new11:47
ikoniayou have been banned before a few times11:48
FrotsI didnt even know about trolling since I just googled it11:48
Frotsikonia: impossible11:48
ikoniaas part of the older archlinux group who used to come in trolling11:48
ikoniaok - now that's a lie11:48
LjLFrots: besides, even if you're new, how can you possibly believe using swearwords on the bot and giving malicious commands is ok?11:48
FrotsLjL: I read fsck11:49
Frotsso I said fuck11:49
FrotsI thought he made a typo11:49
Frotsthat isnt really swearing is it?11:49
Frotsikonia: archlinux?11:49
Frotshow is that a lie11:49
Frotsyou are confusing man11:49
ikoniaarchlinus, yes a linux distribution and irc channel11:50
ikoniaI've banned you personally before11:50
Frotsmust be within 2 weeks11:50
FrotsI didnt even know irc before lol11:50
ikoniaok - I'm going to leave this here now as I won't deal with lies11:50
Frotsikonia: I think you confuse me with soimeone else11:51
ikoniano, I don't11:51
Frotsikonia: how come I dont know you then?11:51
LjLshort memory?11:52
Frotsthis is not funny anylonger11:52
ikoniaFrots: your account has been on freenode since 2008 - so stop wasting this channels time and leave11:52
ikoniaFrots: please leave, if you ever want to discuss it with out time wasting lies, you're welcome back11:53
Frotsikonia: seriously11:53
ikoniagood bye11:53
Frotsthis is not my machine11:53
ikoniabye now11:53
LjLFrots: and that's another lie11:53
FrotsLjL: how do you know that?11:53
Frots(im in a internet cafe btw)11:53
ikoniaplease leave this channel11:54
Frotsikonia: I will if I can join #ubuntu again11:54
LjLFrots: i predict that ban will not be lifted anytime soon11:55
ikoniaplease leave now, you will not be unbanned11:55
Frotsthat is not possible, please read my last message11:55
ikoniaFrots: type /part - it is possible11:55
Frotscome one guys: -- | You have been invited to #ubuntu by FloodBot211:56
Frotsthis is not funny11:56
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!11:56
ubottuikonia called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()11:56
genii-aroundFrots: Floodbot1 actually11:58
Frotsgenii-around: ? that message is what I got11:59
ikoniaFrots: I apologise for the message floodbot sent you, however it won't change anything so please leave this cahnnel11:59
Frotsikonia: apology accepted. If nothing changes, nothing changes12:01
ikoniathank you, now please leave the channel12:01
ikoniaFrots: do you understand that I'm asking you to leave the channel ?12:04
Frotsikonia: yes12:04
ikoniaFrots: why are you not leavine ?12:04
Frotsikonia: I already told you I wouldn't, it is freenode :)12:04
FrotsI will be quiet now12:04
ikoniawhy are you always a problem user12:04
ikoniathis is such a waste of time12:05
Frotsikonia: I just want support like the rest, equally12:05
FrotsI know I can get annoying if people are being hosytile to me12:05
ikoniayes, but that's not going to happen, you have been banned multiple times, so it's not going to happen12:05
Frotsjust dont act so hostile :)12:05
Frotsevery time same story12:05
ikoniayou have wasted our time by telling lies in here, so you will not be unbanned12:05
Frotsget over yourself :)12:06
ikoniaok, at least you've now confirmed your lies, so we can %100 end it12:06
Frotsikonia: where did I confirm anything?12:07
ikoniaFrots: you said it's always the same12:07
ikoniameaning this has happened before12:07
Frotswell first time on IRC12:07
ikoniaearlier you said you had only just started using irc12:07
ikoniaanyway, I'll leave it there12:07
Frotsikonia: these things happen on internet man12:08
Frotsthe www12:08
ikoniaTabmow: could you please remove frots from this channel,12:08
ikoniaTabmow: none of our team with +o are available12:09
TabmowFrots: are you being nasty?12:10
LjLno, he's new to IRC12:10
FrotsTabmow: I was asking for help, I got the answer anyway now12:10
* LjL ducks12:10
ikoniayou are refusing to leave the channel12:10
ikoniayou are telling lies to this channel,12:10
ikoniathe conversation is over,12:10
ikoniaplease leave the channel12:10
ikoniabecause the process of ban resolution has ended12:11
jpdsFrots: See /topic.12:11
LjLoh please12:11
ikoniaas I've told you12:11
Frotsdidnt read it12:11
ikoniaTabmow: could you please assist us by removing this user from the channel12:11
TabmowFrots: if your issue has been dealt with then you can leave, it's part f the process and makes it easier for ops to deal with people.12:11
FrotsTabmow: yeah I understand12:12
Frotswould be easier if ikonia just explained it :)12:12
ikoniait was explained12:12
ikoniaand you confirmed you understood12:12
Frotsikonia: leave it man12:12
Frotsthat is just lies12:12
ikoniaTabmow: assistance please, this is a waste of time12:13
Frotsthank you for you time Tabmow12:13
TabmowFrots: thanks, bye.12:13
LjL[12:54:07] <ikonia> please leave this channel   [12:54:51] <Frots> ikonia: I will if I can join #ubuntu again[12:55:06] <ikonia> no   [12:55:10] <LjL> Frots: i predict that ban will not be lifted anytime soon   [12:55:17] <ikonia> please leave now, you will not be unbanned   [12:55:44] <Frots> that is not possible, please read my last message[12:55:55] <ikonia> Frots: type /part - it is possible12:13
LjLjust so nobody thinks ikonia is the one lying...12:13
ikoniathank you12:13
LjLnow in -ot12:14
Tabmowno problems12:14
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()12:15
ikoniaLjL: obvious that was coming, but the pre-emptive ban stuff stops it12:15
LjLat least now i have your public key without having to look it up on launchpad!12:16
ikoniaahh, is that what he pasted ?12:16
LjLi thought so12:16
ikonianot my key12:16
marienzwhy was he pasting an ssh pubkey?12:16
LjLit says Matthew Darcy12:16
LjLi have no idea, some retaliation against ikonia i assumed12:17
ikoniaoh wait, is my public key12:17
jpdsSo... that makes no sense.12:17
ikoniapeople can put that on their machines if they would like me to have access :)12:17
ikoniaI think he's missed the point of the word "public key"12:18
genii-aroundWell, daybreak just now here. Regardless of coffee intake I need to head to bed. Good night all12:19
ikoniacan we help you ubuntuNots ?12:23
ikoniafrots again12:23
jussiGood afternoon peoples13:23
ikoniahello llua13:38
ikoniahow can we help you today ?13:38
Tm_TI presume you're here due to a banforward I did set some time ago13:38
ikoniaah, I'll leave that to you then Tm_T13:39
lluai was banned from where?13:40
Tm_Tone moment, I have to doublecheck this13:40
Tm_Tllua: indeed, a banforward it is, I did set it because of your quit message, so we can discuss it13:43
lluai was just there. like no less then 5 mins ago.13:44
lluawhen was i banned?13:44
Tm_TMar 3113:44
Tm_Tso apparently I have failed with the banmask, but no worries13:45
Tm_Tllua: all I'm after is that you agree you won't anymore do quitmessages like "Quit: <pronto> i like my women how i like my filesystems ... FAT and 16"13:47
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu (Kondry)13:54
nicofsHello. I was banned from #ubuntu - can i get that somehow revoked?14:35
IdleOnenicofs: I see in the logs it says you were asking offtopic questions14:37
IdleOneabout ARM14:37
IdleOneCan I trust you understand what #ubuntu is for and what the channel supports?14:38
nicofsIdleOne, well, in a way, i did at first, but i changed my approach...14:38
IdleOnenicofs: give me just a moment to read a little more here14:38
nicofsIdleOne, please do so....14:39
IdleOnenicofs: I will remove the ban with the condition that you agree to stick to the channel topic14:41
IdleOnethat includes not asking about unsupported architectures14:42
nicofsIdleOne, in principle, yes - but I still don't see why a generic problem becomes off-topic as soon as it happens on an arm-architecture...14:42
IdleOnebecause there is a generic ##linux channel14:42
IdleOne#Ubuntu only supports Ubuntu and the official derivatives14:43
IdleOnearm is not yet official.14:43
IdleOnelike mneptok had explained to you if/when it does become an officially support arch we will support that also14:44
nicofsSo if i want to learn/ask about xrandr/gdm/xorg in general, that's also off-topic in #ubuntu?14:45
IdleOnenicofs: you went through this before with mneptok. general linux questions can be asked in ##linux14:45
IdleOneif it is directly related to ubuntu I suppose yes you can ask about that14:46
IdleOnebut only on arches that are supported14:46
nicofsIdleOne, i think this is some sort of grey area... that rationale would make approx. 80% of questions asked generic linux questions and off-topic14:47
IdleOnenicofs: which is why we ask people to use common sense.14:47
nicofsIdleOne, maybe my common sense is a bit off in that respect...14:48
IdleOnenicofs: you appear to me to be bright enough to know when and where to ask questions and if in doubt you are always welcome to come back here to make sure.14:48
IdleOneThe ban has been removed. Please join #ubuntu to make sure I got it right.14:49
nicofsIdleOne, i'm back there - thanks. Maybe there should be a clear guideline as to what is on/off-topic. Because i don't think the current one is too clear...14:50
IdleOnenicofs: it would be nice to have such a list.14:51
IdleOnenicofs: apparently there is a #ubuntu-arm14:54
IdleOneperhaps the people there would be able to help you14:54
LjLnicofs: Ubuntu technical support questions are on-topic. aside from the question of whether ARM is official, in general, questions about "please explain to me the architecture of X" are not on-topic, and would be better asked in ##linux14:54
LjLthat was just an example by the way, i'm not saying that's what you asked, i have no idea14:55
nicofsLjL, i know too well that ARM-architecture is beyond the scope of normal ubuntu support. but i still don't believe that all issues on an ARM system are ARM specific... if i go to #ubuntu-arm to ask them how to set up my network printer they'd surely refer me back to #ubuntu...14:57
nicofs(i didn't try, though...)14:57
jussinicofs: I think we all agree there14:58
IdleOneprobably would, unless setting up a printer on arm is majorly different.14:58
IdleOnenicofs: this is where the common sense thing comes into play. use your best judgement and things should be fine and if someone redirects you to a different channel, try that channel, don't argue with them.15:00
LjLnicofs, ok but then some questions about Linux Mint (or Backtrack or other Ubuntu or Debian derivatives) may not be specific to the distribution, and they could as well be answered by an Ubuntu user. the issue is, how do we know in advance? there may be some difference we aren't aware of. so things that are not [official] Ubuntu aren't supported.15:00
nicofsthe thing is: with some problems you don't see if they are related to architecture or not without working on them... and as far as knowledge and experience goes #ubuntu is a very good resource...15:02
LjLnicofs: in that case, do what IdleOne said - try asking, and if it's not ARM-dependant someone will likely try to answer, but if someone redirects you because you're not using actual Ubuntu, they have a valid reason to do that as well, so avoid arguing that. if something actually is a grey area, then the only way to deal with it is by common sense.15:04
nicofsi googled my problem and found that users of supported architectures have the same problem - i had hoped someone who solved it was at ubuntu... but i somehow clashed with the wrong person...15:05
LjLnicofs: i could tell you to check whether someone is an op before arguing, but that's not really fair, the right thing is to either respect their advice regardless if you think they're right, or attempt to solve the disagreement in PM otherwise, don't you think :P15:06
IdleOnearguing in the channel is never good15:07
nicofsWell, i got kicked with the words "game over" - that shows a lot doesn't it? apparently to some being op is a game of showing who's in power - to me it's trying to get help...15:08
IdleOnenicofs: ops are human also, we don't always chose our kick messages perfectly.15:09
LjLnicofs: well, if you feel that way about the specific incident, you probably should try talking about it with mneptok when he's around15:09
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (root____, ok)15:09
nicofshmm... i don't think that would lead anywhere... maybe i should just avoid #ubuntu in future...15:14
LjLnicofs: that's your choice, but to me you seem like a reasonable person who could easily manage not to get banned while at the same time being able to get help in the channel, so i think it would be your less15:15
IdleOnewould also be a shame to lose a user who could probably help out in #ubuntu also15:16
nicofsLjL, well in that case my reason was off, wasn't it? And so far I have never been banned for such a trivial thing (i consider it to be)...15:17
IdleOnethe reason for the ban was not the offtopic question but the arguing if it was offtopic15:17
IdleOneanyway, I think we can agree that we will all try harder to be better? :)15:19
nicofsmaybe in some cases one should just agree to disagree and leave it at that...15:20
IdleOnewe could do that also15:20
nicofshmm... maybe i overstepped a bit. anyhow - i have to do some work now and since i shouldn't idle here ill leave the channel...15:22
IdleOnehave a good day15:22
nicofsthanks, same to you15:22
IdleOnethank you15:22
* mneptok yawns15:22
mneptokgood morning15:22
IdleOnemorning mneptok15:24
IdleOnesleep well?15:24
mneptokas well as can be expected, given the boogeyman under my bed.15:25
IdleOneYou know we have cookies and coffee in the semi secret logged op channel15:28
mneptokyes, and as soon as i can afford more RAM to keep up with requisite IRC windows, i'll /join :)15:30
IdleOneDon't expect us to save you any cookies :)15:31
mneptokno one ever does, so why start now? ;)15:32
mneptokoh, and may i just say ....15:32
jussi:( no cookies for me - Im on a low carb diet.15:33
jussiyou know, I found a peanut butter cookie recipe  for the atkins diet :D15:52
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:45
charlie-tcanot even freenode?16:46
ikonianope, perfect16:46
Daniel0108I'm the founder of the Ubuntu Austria LoCo :)18:48
Daniel0108And there's already #ubuntu-at18:48
Daniel0108is there a way to transfer #ubuntu-at to me?18:49
Daniel0108because I'm the official LoCo leader18:49
Daniel0108paultag told me to ask here for channel transfer :)18:50
LjLactually i think the correct channel is #ubuntu-irc but i guess people here can help you anyway18:54
LjLi think the answer is that yes, you can have it transfered to you18:54
Daniel0108okay, thank you, LjL and WHO can transfer it to me?18:59
LjLa member of the IRC Council, i believe19:00
Daniel0108are you a member?19:01
Daniel0108LjL: ^19:01
LjLnope, but i'm trying to see if there's a member who's not away19:01
Daniel0108okay, thank you19:01
Daniel0108LjL: you found one? :)19:07
LjLDaniel0108: no, the one who seemed the least idle isn't replying so far. you may want to leave a note in #ubuntu-irc-council19:07
Daniel0108can I just copy&paste what I wrote here? :)19:08
Daniel0108LjL: ^19:08
LjLDaniel0108: just point them to here, they'll have a look at this channel. you may want to give them your launchpad page so they can easily see you're you19:09
Daniel0108btw: The LoCo council still has to transfer the Austria LoCo page to me :P19:10
Tm_Tdon't know what I'm doing wrong, but llua is able to join -ot when he's banforwarded to here19:38
IdleOneban seems set properly19:40
IdleOnetry removing the ban and resetting19:40
Tm_Tmeh, I rather see it removed after discussion19:41
Tm_Tif he refuses to talk to me, then I'll do that19:41
Tm_TIdleOne: but thanks, just a bit weird it works sometimes (:19:41
IdleOne/mode -b+b old@ban new@ban19:41
IdleOnealso if he is in the channel when not supposed to be, remove him.19:42
Tm_The should just answer to one simple question, it's not like his presence is not desired or something19:43
Tm_Tso I'm trying a soft approach first19:43
IdleOneoh about his quit message19:44
IdleOneyeah I saw he had joined here but he left before the discussion was over it seemed19:44
IdleOneI can't see why the ban is not forwarding here19:45
Tm_Tme neither, it's... weird19:45
IdleOnedoes +F need to be set in -ot also?19:46
IdleOnegot me19:48

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