jjohansen1hggdh: how did the test go?00:56
Eversmannhi ;-) Greetings from Spain00:59
Eversmannis there anyone there to ask a question about qemu-kvm with spice enabled on a ubuntu server?00:59
hggdhjjohansen1: I could not test it yet, a small issue on a previous test01:19
Eversmannyou mean the spice enabled version?01:20
jjohansen1hggdh: okay, np.  Let me know when you have it tested01:41
hggdhjjohansen1: will do; downloading the maverick kernel now01:43
hggdhjjohansen1: it will take a bit longer, I got no IPV4 addresses, still digging in the logs02:08
d3ngar Hi there, I have a problem with my VPN: Two computers can connect and ping the host. The host can ping the clients. But the clients can't ping each other...02:16
ScottKCan the server ping the clients?02:17
d3ngarI have been advised that it's something to do with the server routing02:17
jjohansen1hggdh: no worries, I am in and out all night, not waiting around on you, but will deal with the next step when ever we have results02:56
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patdk-laphmm, I have a backwards issue :)03:54
patdk-lapI want to limit my server to doing only 100iops, it's starving other access when it gets higher (it likes doing 20k iops)03:54
patdk-lapcan't find anything about how to make it go slower, just faster03:55
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freakabcdhi all04:18
freakabcddid ubuntu stop providing the ubuntu-jeos releases?04:18
freakabcdthe last jeos release i see on cdimage.ubuntu.com is hardy04:19
jmarsdenpatdk-lap: ionice ?04:52
jeeves_mosshow do I add local DNS resolve files for my BIND9 server?  the external DNS names resolve properly, but I can't resolve my domains locally04:53
jmarsdenjeeves_moss: Add a zone stanza to named.conf and create the appropriate zonefile it points to.  You can set up a view so the local domains are only visible to requesting DNS clients on your lcoal LAN, if you want.04:54
jeeves_mossjmarsden, that's kinda the point.  I only want the look ups to be for requests from the subnets in 192.168.x.x subnets04:55
jmarsdenThen learn about views and you should be all set.04:55
jeeves_mossjmarsden, ok, i've copied all the current DNS zone files from <domain>.<TLD>.conf to <domain>.<TLD>.local, and changed all the pointers to the local server's addresses, but I'm stuck on how to add the "views" part04:56
jmarsdenThere are tutorials out there, I don't know how good they are, maybe http://www.howtoforge.com/two_in_one_dns_bind9_views will help you?04:57
jeeves_mossjmarsden, thanks, I'll have a look before the rum kicks in and I head to the pub04:57
jmarsdenjeeves_moss: You're welcome.04:57
RoyK 05:42
jeeves_mossjmarsden, this might be better, http://pupeno.com/blog/two-in-one-dns-server-with-bind9/05:46
jeeves_mosswhat causes "rndc: no server specified and no default"?08:12
uvirtbotNew bug: #748887 in bind9 (main) "DNS resolving seems to be failing often and is taking way too long. " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74888708:36
jeeves_mosswhat causes "rndc: no server specified and no default"?08:51
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awantiHi. I am running ubuntu server 10.04 with samba pdc. Samba clients are windows xp & 7. Every thing is working perfect. But I am unable to restrict users to change the settings. Plz. even can guide me :)14:41
patdk-lapjmarsden, ionice doesn't do it14:42
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uvirtbotNew bug: #749444 in cloud-init (main) "grub-legacy-ec2 cannot be purged" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74944416:57
andygraybealjoin #nexentastor17:28
qwebirc75869How do I recompile a Kernel for Ubuntu Lucid using Maverick?17:34
qwebirc75869or how do I recompile a kernel for server using desktop edition?17:34
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hggdhjjohansen1: hi, I cannot figure why I do not get IPv4 addresses on the maverick kernel on natty18:12
jjohansen1hggdh: is that on the base machine or inside of kvm?18:13
hggdhjjohansen1: on the base machine18:13
jjohansen1and yet the maverick install would get IPv4 addresses?18:14
leniosisn't that supposed to be #ubuntu+1 ?18:14
jjohansen1hggdh: the maverick install on the machines would obtain IPv4 addresses, right?18:17
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hggdhjjohansen1: yes18:37
jjohansen1hggdh: does maverick use a module that isn't built as part of the kernel18:37
hggdhjjohansen1: heh. I might have found it -- I now see a apparmour DENIED message for dhclient18:38
hggdhjjohansen1: let me aa-complain it, and try again18:39
jjohansen1hggdh: oh, oops :)18:39
hggdhjjohansen1: sounds quite obvious after thinking of apparmour... :-)18:39
hggdhbut... let's see what happens after a reboot18:40
jjohansen1hggdh: well yeah, but it is a little unusual when just switching kernels, certainly does happen but it means the application changed behavior because of the different kernel18:41
hggdhjjohansen1: yeah... I am not sure what else changed, but I would expect more surprises18:41
hggdhyeah!  I got me IPv4 aqddresses now18:44
xnixanhi, how to increase the number of loop devices on ubuntu server 10.04?18:51
woonixxnixan: A Google search of "ubuntu increase loop devices" found the answer on the first link --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=39479218:57
xnixanwoonix, thanks for advice, but in ubuntu-server there is no modules.conf, only /etc/modules, and i already modified it and increased the number of loop devices to 256(maximum allowed by kernel 2.6) but after rebooting it is still the same, only 8 loop devices :(19:00
woonixhave you actually tried using up all 8? The link I read suggests that more will appear once they have been used.19:02
woonixI haven't tried it myself, so I don't know what will happen.19:02
xnixani tried it with other distros, and previous ubuntu releases, but whenever you have less loop devices system will till you do not have free loop device to mount more19:05
fubadacan someone help me get my linux workstations talking to ubuntu kerberos19:20
fubadafor gdm login19:20
rcsheetsdoes anyone know if libvirt-bin, libvirt0, and python-libvirt are safe to update while VMs are running?19:52
rcsheetsKVM VMs in my particular case19:52
compdocIve done it19:56
compdocthe change doesnt occur until you reboot19:56
rcsheetsok, great. thanks.19:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #749620 in openssh (main) "ssh-keygen -h or ssh-keygen --help does not show help" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74962020:21
javatexananyone have a favorite backup for ubuntu server and mysql?20:59
LcawteHi, I'm having problems with self signed SSL certificates, see https://brickpost.info20:59
javatexansorry, that I can turnover to a non-binary type....LOL21:00
javatexanlike, run this and it will be happy21:00
qman__javatexan, mysqldump + rsync21:01
javatexandarn, I was afraid you would say that21:02
qman__if you need something faster, set up a slave SQL server21:02
LcawteAnyone got any idea whats up with my ssl certificate/or some server thing I need to sort out?21:04
LcawteNeed to get 0B of archives. After unpacking 0B will be used.21:04
LcawteE: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)21:04
LcawteE: Couldn't lock list directory..are you root?21:04
LcawteYes, I am root21:04
javatexanthanks qman_  this is a friend I helped setup and now it wont go away....LOL  I was hoping for something easier to pass off, I guess I could script it for him21:04
qman__javatexan, simple is best21:07
qman__if they have lots of them to back up you can get a little better managed with something like backuppc21:07
qman__but just one, a simple script is the way to go21:07
guntbertLcawte: my first guess: you have some package manager running already21:10
Lcawteguntbert: I can't see one :/21:12
Lcawteoh wait, I see it21:12
Lcawtewhy aren't you dead proccess21:13
Lcawteapt and apt-get proccess' being run by root, now, any idea on the SSL problem?21:14
uvirtbotNew bug: #749720 in mod-wsgi (main) "Wrong symlink in libapache2-mod-wsgi-py3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74972022:06
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