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* pleia2 makes coasters17:33
pleia2"wow, I discovered all these CDRs in boxes from storage! I don't need to buy more!"17:34
pleia2turns out they're all 100 years old and dead :)17:34
akkIt's weird how unburned ones have a shelf life just like burned ones.17:41
akkI guess that shouldn't be surprising when you think about it, but it surprised me somehow.17:41
* jdeslip is getting ready to Jam18:07
* jdeslip made no preparations what so ever for the event. - is ashamed18:08
pleia2well, I have a few versions of burned cds for the daily builds18:08
pleia2working on some usb sticks, but it's slow going18:08
jdeslipI am just burning the beta now18:08
pleia2I burned one ubuntu and one xubuntu beta18:09
jdeslipMaybe I'll grab a Kubuntu in the spirit of DarkwingDuck18:09
pleia2I put kubuntu on the usb sticks18:10
* jdeslip whispers - even though kde is for losers ;)18:11
sn9CD-R's from 1911?18:28
akkNo, just 2007 -- pleia2 didn't mention she was using binary.18:32
pleia2sn9: I may have been exaggerating slightly18:32
sn9i have much older CD-R blanks that burn just fine18:33
akkCDR life is very variable. Some of them die in 2 years, some may last 10 or longer.18:34
akkBut once they get a few years old you're on borrowed time and shouldn't count on them.18:35
* pleia2 runs out to catch bart19:04
pleia2arrived in berkeley :)19:55
pleia2we haz yummy pizza19:56
* pleia2 waves to jyo1 20:33
* grantbow arrived in berkeley21:06
pleia24 of us here now21:07
grantbowbug 738330 is annoying - virtualbox x drivers haven't worked for Natty for a few weeks.21:08
grantbowwon't have to worry about x in oneiric ;-)21:09
sn911.10 is called oneiric?21:26
crashsystemsthe wiki should have a release name pronunciation guide21:27
pleia2the second thing I did when I learned about oneiric was find a dictionary site that had an mp3 of the pronunciation21:28
pleia2(the first was to look for an ocelot stuffed animal)21:28
nhainessn9: 11.10 is "oneiric ocelot".21:30
nhainespleia2: I don't pronounce oneiric the same way sabdfl does.  :)21:30
crashsystemsI refused to refer to 10.10 as Maverick. The 08 election season ruined that word for me, and calling a release an "unbranded cow" just sounded funny.21:31
nhainesIt's just a development codename.21:34
nhaines"natty" has changed to "Ubuntu 10.04" since beta 1.21:34
nhainesLet's just pretend I said 11.04 in the first place.  ;)21:34
pleia2nhaines: I don't think I've heard him say it21:53
pleia2if you don't have anything nice to say... #unity22:07
pleia2woo xubuntu \o/22:08
* crashsystems <3 unity22:08
jyograntbow: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/policykit-1-gnome/+bug/69709522:15
pleia2jyo: http://rww.name/articles/grub2iso.html22:18
nhainespleia2: in his announcement, he said it's pronounced "ahn-eer-ick".  But it's Greek, so it should be more like "ohn-eye-rick".22:56
sn9why -eye-?22:57
nhainessn9: because it's Greek.22:59
pleia2packing up here now22:59
sn9greek, not german23:01

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