mhall119crashsystems: is that the file lense or zeitgiest?02:18
crashsystems1File lense, which I think uses zeitgeist 02:18
crashsystems1I've noticed that if it is something I have opened since I upgraded to 11.04 it will come up in the file lense search, but if not it won't. 02:28
mhall119maybe you need to turn on indexing?02:59
crashsystems1mhall119: any idea how that is done? 03:06
mhall119not in 11.04, no, it's under "Search & Indexing" under the Preferences menu in 10.1003:07
crashsystems1mhall119: no such option in 11.0403:22
mhall119crashsystems: then I'm not sure, and I don't have the source to look at atm03:41

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