jcastrosnap-l: so good news03:17
jcastroI got mail from the software center guys03:17
jcastrothey need help picking the "featured applications" in natty03:17
jcastroso guess what we're going to do. :)03:17
snap-lHey, I'm all for helping with that. :)03:19
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brouschgreg-g: you awake? I've got 2 passengers with me today13:18
brouschbah, what ascrub, i just signed up on the event page13:19
snap-lI love it... AT&T has be down as blocked for sending spam messages.14:44
snap-lwhen DNSBL has no such record of me being blocked14:44
snap-land the person that I'm responding to is my aunt, who sends out a bunch of shit forwards.14:45
snap-lgah, thy updated the natty image last night15:22
greg-gsnap-l: really?15:32
greg-gdon't have time to redownload, really15:33
snap-lI have it15:33
snap-lI'm making three usb keys15:34
snap-land I'll burn a DVD of the ISO images.15:35
greg-gawesome, my 2 (x86 and amd64) are from the previous day iso, oh well15:35
snap-lYeah, no biggie15:35
snap-lI set up a cron job that would update them overnight. :)15:36
snap-lI knew this would happen. ;)15:37
snap-lSomehow my DVD drive is going slower than a turtle15:50
snap-l2.7GiB, and it's taking a good 10+ minutes to burn15:51
jrwrennixternal: why so negative?15:52
jrwrenoops, that was the kiddo16:01
jrwrendamn, I need to get in the shower if i'm gonna leave in 20min16:01
greg-g:) I'm heading out now to go get snacks (any last requests?) and drop off a movie at the library16:11
gamerchick02how's the jam going?19:08
greg-ggamerchick02: good good!19:08
greg-g16 of us here19:09
* greg-g just counted19:09
gamerchick02i'm a supporter in the IRC room.19:09
greg-gyay! :019:09
jjesselove the snow, rain and thunder yay for spring19:18
gamerchick02ugh. Yeah, looked out the window and saw snow. it's like "what?"19:19
snap-lHowdy from Natty19:30
snap-lor at least ssh fron natty19:31
jjessein vm or actual install?19:31
jjessewow lots of thunder19:32
gamerchick02hope the power doesn't go out. that'd really put a damper on the jam, eh?19:34
gamerchick02how are you liking it, snap-l?19:34
snap-lIt's pretty nice19:34
snap-lThis is an actual machine19:35
gamerchick02how do you like Unity? ;)19:35
snap-lIt's growing on me19:36
gamerchick02it's growing on me too. i wasn't impressed in Maverick, but i'm much more impressed in Natty.19:37
gamerchick02i like the auto-hiding launcher19:38
jjessewow radar looks a bit crazy19:42
jjessesnow in lansing area and east19:42
jjessethunderstorms in grand rapids and west19:42
jjessethat was earlier for us do you have it19:44
gamerchick02it stopped snowing, but it looks gloomy out.19:45
greg-gthat radar is crazy!19:55
jjesseyeah looks like most of the storm has gone east20:01
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jjesseanyone running natty in vbox?20:41
jjesseeverytime i try and install the additions and restart it just boots to the console20:41
greg-gjjesse: it wasn't working too well for me last night, Unity wouldn't run20:44
jrwrenmy server upgrade is very smooth so far.21:47
snap-lSome nice things with the interfeace21:49
jcastrokrondor: I crashed weird and am stuck rotating in one direction23:07
jcastroany ideas?23:07
jrwrenjcastro: I've got a sweet bug, I need you to point me in a direction.23:57
jrwrenjcastro: i built monodevelop from master(trunk) and I get no menu23:57
jrwrennow it uses gtk-sharp which is built againt 2.12 I think.23:57
jcastrooh I know about MD23:58
jrwrenI'm wondering if that is it.23:58
jcastroyeah it does dynamic menus23:58
jrwrenoh yeah? about missing menu for MD?23:58
jcastrowhich is why it doesn't work23:58
jcastroit's an older bug23:58
jrwrenduh - i should have searched LP first :)23:58
jcastroI need to ask someone about it, there was someone (who I can't remember) who was looking at it23:58
jrwrenI'm so nub sometimes.23:58
jcastroit's ok23:58
jrwrenfound this: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/list-of-ubuntu-unity-keyboard-shortcuts.html  which is totally sweet.23:58
jcastrono one can find anything in lp, that's not your fault23:59
jcastrothis is the canonical article, they just copied mine23:59
jcastroand didn't bother updating it23:59

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