bts3685|vpsChinnoDog: i just tried it on an ubu vm.00:00
bts3685|vpsas long as you pass it to sudo, no warnings.00:00
andurilChinnoDog one of the articles there on wikipedia talked about secureerase being built into the latest ATA standards but now I cant find it00:00
bts3685|vpsalso,  a totally hosed filesystem00:00
bts3685|vpshosed / filesystem at least. you're a little safe if you have /home etc. on diff. partitions00:01
ChinnoDogOr you didn't ignore world backup day00:02
bts3685|vpsbut either way it requires a baremetal os reinstall.00:03
ChinnoDogI have a lot of modems03:51
ChinnoDogI haven't even used a house phone in years03:53
waltmanYou can never have too many modems or house phones03:53
ChinnoDog.. in 1990. lol03:53
ChinnoDogOne of these modems I purchased for $12 with the intention of connecting it to an asterisk box03:54
ChinnoDogI have 5 of them. Two of them are ISA03:57
ChinnoDogI have enough to start my own BBS.03:57
ChinnoDogoops, one is an ISA network card. I still have enough for a BBS.03:58
pleia2you should talk to bts3685|vps, he wants to run a BBS03:58
ChinnoDogbts3685|vps: I haz 4 modems for your BBS03:58
bts3685|vpsChinnoDog: ORLY?? i was gonna run a bbs over ethernet, but oh MAN.03:58
bts3685|vpswouldn't be very accesible though.03:58
ChinnoDogThey are /real/ modems too, not winmodems03:59
bts3685|vpsnot a lot of copper lines these days, and dial-in doesn't work over fiber/digital signal03:59
ChinnoDogIt won't? Everyone gets free long distance nowadays, right?03:59
bts3685|vpswe'd have to start our own copper line provider service. hahaha04:00
ChinnoDogYou can still get local loop..04:00
pleia2oh go bbs yourself04:00
bts3685|vpsnah, there are, i belive, telnet-in bbses that work over ethernet04:00
ChinnoDogYes, but no one uses them anymore. IRC was designed as the replacement for t-con and a lot of people don't even do that anymore. :-)04:01
bts3685|vpshttp://www.synchro.net/ for instance04:01
PennBotTitle: Synchronet BBS Software (at www.synchro.net)04:01
bts3685|vpsLLEVINS WOULD USE IT04:01
bts3685|vpsand jedijf04:01
ChinnoDogSome of the BBSs eventualy started providing graphical clients that did less than a modern web page could do.04:02
ChinnoDogThough, they did work over a 14.4k modem at reasonable speed04:02
bts3685|vpssynchro has some gui clients available even i think. :)04:02
bts3685|vpshttp://wiki.synchro.net/resource:term looks like they're actually all just  ssh/telnet graphical clients :)04:03
PennBotTitle: Synchronet Terminal Programs (at wiki.synchro.net)04:03
bts3685|vpsoh, and zmodem04:04
ChinnoDogzmodem came along late in the game04:04
bts3685|vpsand ssh even later :P04:04
pleia2we were still running an inn2 server for one of our clients until last year04:04
ChinnoDogkermit was 7-bit and people kept hacking off the first bit of every byte in their binary download04:04
ChinnoDogxmodem was the first widely used binary download protocol I think04:04
ChinnoDogymodem came after that but few terminals supported it04:05
ChinnoDogzmodem came in at the beginning of the internet area. It was only slightly faster than xmodem.04:05
* ChinnoDog throws them all in the trash04:08
* ChinnoDog sighs04:08
pleia2if you're feeling adventurous you could see if free geek penn wants it04:08
bts3685|vpsyou could still make a local intercom system with asterisk as long as they aren't winmodems04:09
pleia2they still have a lot of dial up clients last I knew04:09
ChinnoDogEven though that may be true, I seriously doubt they have a shortage of modems04:09
ChinnoDogno, I think I'll be kind and keep my trash to myself04:10
bts3685|vpsChinnoDog: you should build a hackerspace and make a PTSN network!04:10
bts3685|vpsconfuse the skiddies ;)04:10
pleia2ChinnoDog: they said they couldn't use linux because all they have is winmodems, not enough regular modems04:11
bts3685|vps"WTF, WHAT IS THIS IPX NONSENSE?"04:11
pleia2you could just call and offer them, worst they can say is "no, we don't want that junk" :)04:11
ChinnoDogI need to save the modems for linux peeps?04:11
pleia2they probably still won't switch to linux, but they did express the need when I was there a couple years ago04:11
bts3685|vpsoh, also, http://linmodems.org/04:12
PennBotTitle: linmodems.org (at linmodems.org)04:12
bts3685|vpsi guess you CAN use winmodems in linux these days. huh.04:12
ChinnoDogTwo of my modems are identical. I wonder how that happened.04:13
bts3685|vpsno but seriously. start a hackerspace and use those modems. :) REUSE OLD HARDWARE!04:14
ChinnoDogthat is crazy bts. No one is going to use that04:14
ChinnoDogYou want them, come and get them04:14
bts3685|vpsi am in louisiana!04:14
bts3685|vpsalso i has no spare box04:14
pleia2maybe one of them is broken04:14
ChinnoDogIf it was broken I would have chucked it. I only save broken power supplies, and those are going in the trash too04:15
bts3685|vpsOH! a lot of security door systems (keypads, etc.) still use copper rj-11 lines04:16
bts3685|vpssince it's a P-t-P line to the door access control node, it's a lot more secure. unless you rip the panel off and hook up a tone generator of some sort, like matthew broderick in Wargames did04:17
pleia2why do you save broken power supplies?04:18
bts3685|vpshe probably removes the good capacitators, transistors, etc.04:18
bts3685|vpsusually when a PSU blows, it's only one or two that go04:18
ChinnoDogOnly in theory, bts. What I usually end up doing is hacking off the power supply connectors and soldering together splitters and extensions when I am too lazy/cheap to buy them.04:19
ChinnoDogIn practice it is too much work to pry off the bad parts. If I realy wanted them I would just go to radio shack.04:19
bts3685|vpsi thought maybe you did it for ecological ethic reasons :(04:20
bts3685|vpsbut then again, i'm also a cheap-ass. i'd rather spend time than money. hehe04:21
ChinnoDogpleia2: is that the opposite of being green? If it isn't we need a good word for not being green.04:23
pleia2evil, probably04:23
bts3685|vpsaww. pleia2 beat me to it. :(04:23
ChinnoDogI want to counter that but I fear it would only lead to a senseless debate about global warming which I don't care to have04:24
ChinnoDogSo, evil ti is.04:24
bts3685|vpson 2012.03.1404:45
bts3685|vpsremind me to buy ninjit.su04:45
bts3685|vpsOH WAIT04:46
bts3685|vpsI CAN BUY JIT.SU04:46
bts3685|vpshmmm.. jyt.su is available...04:53
bts3685|vpsaaaand now it isn't. ;)04:58
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PennBotI don't have a clue!08:44
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InHisName@help Later08:51
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PennBotI don't have a clue!08:51
InHisName@later stuff here and there08:52
PennBotI have no idea.08:52
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