chris4585wrst, somewhat good news, imo it is... 11.10 will hot ship gnome desktop00:02
chris4585I'm thinking they will put unity 2d instead of gnome, which is actually great I think00:03
chris4585it would be awesome if they had a desktop manager that would allow you to select what you want and don't want00:04
chris4585hrm I really need to learn python..00:04
wrsthmm chris4585 so you think it will be its own thing ? or still gnome based of sometype?01:54
wrstchris4585: it is getting pretty nice03:48
chris4585lappywrst, yeah, right now I'm trying to beat my habit of scrolling on the desktop to go to the next desktop03:49
chris4585lappyjust not possible with unity03:49
wrsthmm that stinks, i use that on my desktop but not on my laptop03:49
chris4585lappywell, I'm not a big fan of using the key combinations to do things, but on my laptop I have to03:51
chris4585lappyits just so much easy to scroll though03:51
wrsthmm wobbly windows workthats nice and to opacity on the bar is nice03:52
wrstyes whe i use a mouse i prefer the center scroll03:52
chris4585lappythe opacity is nice, but blur would be so much better03:52
wrstyes it would be but hopefully that will come03:52
chris4585lappyyep exactly03:52
chris4585lappylike if the trash can could be changed to a workspace area where i could scroll I'd be more than happy03:54
wrstyes i would like to be able to move the dock also03:54
wrstchris4585: messing with unity some... man i tell you i think its good18:50
wrstthe window borders, panel, and dock i think aren't exactly matching up but i susect eventually its going to be a very beautiful desktop18:51
chris4585wrst, my thoughts exactly19:17
* cyberanger wishes for a boxbuntu21:35
wrstyeah chris4585 its really a great looking desktop21:35
cyberangerat least it's easy to make a custom build21:35
cyberangerand lubuntu is coming along nicely21:35
wrstchris4585: the 2d deal where you are talking about qt based? still?21:35
chris4585wrst, hrm yeah? the 2d stuff is qt, but it works rather nice21:37
chris4585just as good as the normal unity imo21:37
wrstwell i'm wondering chris4585 you said they will not be shipping at gnome could they be going to some sorta qt unity thing ?21:43
chris4585wrst, yeah thats what everyone is guessing for 11.1021:53
wrsthmm that will be interesting i thought shuttleworth had some liking towards qt21:58
chris4585yeah he does a lot apparently22:08
wrstwell it iss  slicker i think22:13

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