AlanBellrunning the stats in a minute09:32
* nigelb hugs AlanBell 09:42
AlanBell632 in total09:55
AlanBellhmm, there were 638 last month09:56
nigelbwe're losing people? :(09:58
nigelbThis, is not good.09:58
* AlanBell checks down the back of the sofa09:58
AlanBellnet loss of 6, but as there were 4 new members it is an actual loss of 1009:59
nigelbhrm, does everyone know this?10:00
AlanBell32:600 is 5.06%10:04
AlanBellI anticipate the percentage will go up a bit this month as skaet is in the Americas queue10:07
nigelband I expect she'll get through :)10:09
AlanBellactually I may have messed up the spreadsheet, looking at the team reports there may have been a net drop of 1 person10:20
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
pleia2thanks AlanBell :)17:12
rwwAlanBell: do you have a graph of the total number of Ubuntu Members over time handy?20:35
AlanBellon here http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/UbuntuMembers20:38
AlanBellrww: it is not accurate because I can't see people who are no longer members20:39

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