Squirmgood evening01:14
Squirmgood morning11:21
klaasvakieI've been running ubuntu netbook remix on an old laptop, and i've upgraded to natty which i've been periodically updating after that11:49
klaasvakieafter todays update though, my unity desktop is gone, and i'm seeing the gnome panels again11:50
klaasvakieunity doesn't seem to be an option in the gdm menu11:50
Tonberryi pity the team who needs to release that in a month11:51
klaasvakieand i've reinstalled ubuntu-netbook-unity-default-settings11:51
klaasvakieany other ideas?11:52
klaasvakieb.t.w. i've actually been very happy with the unity UI and before today, haven't had any issues11:52
klaasvakienever been a gnome fan, but I like unity11:53
Tonberrymy first contact with unity was installing the 11.04 beta in virtualbox yesterday11:53
Tonberryso i know less than you do...11:53
klaasvakieit's a pity because the google results are just full of people bitching about unity, I assume the useful pages are like 10 screens down11:54
klaasvakiebrb, gonna try something11:59
klaasvakiebeh, no luck12:02
tumbleweedklaasvakie: it's listed as "Ubuntu Desktop Edition" in gdm12:20
tumbleweedall you need is to have ubunttu-desktop installed12:20
klaasvakietumbleweed, thanks let me try12:21
|3o|3tumbleweed: you using unity?12:22
klaasvakietumbleweed, I don't have "Ubuntu Desktop Edition", I have "Ubuntu" and "Ubuntu Classic" and then some failsafe stuff12:23
tumbleweed|3o|3: yeah :/12:23
|3o|3tumbleweed: :D12:24
|3o|3I'm loving it12:24
tumbleweedklaasvakie: aah, it's now called "Ubuntu"12:24
klaasvakieyeah, "Ubuntu" gets me to the gnome panels12:25
tumbleweedyou need supported hardware, though. I don't think unity-2d is ready12:25
klaasvakiei've been running unity for months now12:25
klaasvakieit works12:25
|3o|3tumbleweed: well, depending on how you define hardware12:25
|3o|3I mean, my netbook handles it fine :/12:25
nuvolarixfce ftw :D12:25
klaasvakieit just doesn't want to work after todays update12:25
tumbleweedklaasvakie: oh, it crashes a lot12:25
marcogtumbleweed: so wait, does that mean natty won't work without 3d acceleration?12:26
tumbleweedmarcog: you don't need to use unity12:26
marcogtumbleweed: ok12:26
klaasvakietumbleweed, no it doesn't crash, I just can't *get* into unity anymore12:26
klaasvakiewhen I log in I get the gnome panels12:26
klaasvakieI can't get the unity interface back12:26
|3o|3marcog: I don't has real 3d acceleration, and it works. Albeit not always THAT snappily12:27
marcogtumbleweed: are you going to be the poor sole unity "expert" at the release party? :P12:27
tumbleweedmarcog: :P12:27
tumbleweed|3o|3: intel graphics works best12:27
|3o|3tumbleweed: I think I may have those yes... not sure.12:28
klaasvakiemine is running fine on a "radeon mobility"12:28
marcogklaasvakie: ati is the worst :/12:29
marcogwrt linux support12:29
klaasvakieyeah, but the new libdrm +kms stuff seems to be pretty stable12:29
tumbleweedyeah, it's got botter12:29
klaasvakieas in way better than 6 months ago12:29
klaasvakiethe powersaving stuff got merged in 2.6.37 which helped a lot12:30
klaasvakieand 2.6.38 seems to have added a lot of bugfixes (seeing lot less glitches etc.)12:30
klaasvakieand kms is nice :)12:30
klaasvakieah, google seems to think that it could be a stale saved-session, brb12:33
Tonberryi pity the devs13:36
Tonberrythat need to release that13:37
Tonberryso very very soon13:37
marcogi'm glad i've skipped over this problem by switching to xmonad :)13:37
Tonberryperhaps it is time that i should as well13:38
marcogmost the people i know that have tried it out have loved it13:39
marcogand never gone back13:39
Tonberrywith a default config?13:39
marcogmaybe in 2 years time unity will be better and worth trying out13:39
Tonberryor with a customised one?13:39
marcognah, i configure it a lot13:39
Kilosevening everyone18:30
KilosMaaz, coffee on18:30
* Maaz starts grinding coffee18:30
Kiloshey Squirm howzit going18:31
Squirmhey there Kilos 18:31
Squirmhow you doing?18:31
Kiloswell ty18:31
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!18:35
KilosMaaz, ty18:35
MaazYou're Welcome I'm sure18:35
nuvolarinaand oom19:19
Kiloslo nuvolari gaan dit goed19:19
nuvolaridit gaan goed dat ek oom nou weer vir 'n slag sien19:20
nuvolarihoe gaan dit met oom?19:20
Kilosja ek is min hier op die oomblik ook seun19:20
Kiloskom groet net elke paar daie19:20
Kilosgoed dankie19:20
tumbleweedgimp in unity => kak20:04
Kilosnight all. sleep tight21:16

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