Jasonnadrian15: Failed to bring up ham0.00:00
Jasonnadrian15: Also shows: Ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0.00:00
linuxuz3rawakening, try System > administration > Synaptic package manager00:01
adrian15jasonjang: Did you re-setup your bridge interface as your old usual interface ?00:01
linuxuz3rfor some reason youtube does not work for me00:01
merryman540th0r yeh there is a setting there for transparency but it doesn't fix da problem : (00:01
andrejkHi all, I'm new to Ubuntu: How can I update my Firefox to version 4? I did "sudo apt-get update", but it stays on 3.600:01
andrejkI thought 4 was newest, I don't understand00:01
ubottuFirefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox00:02
edbianandrejk: 4 will be in the next release of Ubuntu.  You can get firefox 4 using a PPA.00:02
andrejkok ill try00:02
FloodBot1andrejk: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:02
linuxuz3randrejk, ppa might break your system00:02
ubottuFirefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox00:02
edbianthere he is00:02
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.00:02
edbianandrejk: See all that?00:03
andrejki think that worked thank you!00:03
awakeninglinuxuz3r, ok downloading00:03
no-gooderhey guys00:04
edbianandrejk: Help -> About firefox (but it should be pretty obvious)00:04
edbianno-gooder: whatup00:04
no-gooderhow can i kill firefox00:04
Pentesterah, im having a total mind block on this, but when you wget something whats the next stop so you can see the files?00:04
no-gooderi just cliked to nobrain.dk link accidentially. do not clikk!!!!!!!!!!!!!00:04
edbianno-gooder: killall firefox00:04
lariousNeed some one to help me on how to complie yf00:05
no-gooderedbian, it says no proccess found00:05
jpvoip hello, im trying to upload to 11.04, but receiving a connection problem.. cant get - for example - this file (http://br.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/o/openoffice.org/openoffice.org-common_3.3.0-7ubuntu1_all.deb)... any idea?00:05
edbianno-gooder: firefox is not running.  Does it show up in ps -e  ?00:05
sacarlsonno-gooder: sudo killall firefox ?00:05
lariousNeed some one to help me on how to complie yf00:05
Jasonnadrian15: Failed to bring up ham0.00:05
Jasonnadrian15: Also shows: Ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0.00:05
adrian15Jasonn: I advise you to backup your original interfaces file.00:05
Jasonnadrian15: I didnt, and idk what it said00:06
no-gooderedbian,  there is firefox-bin00:06
Jasonnadrian15: But what should I do?00:06
pecarhi i've installed a tv tuner driver and it didn't work how do i remove the driver?00:06
edbianno-gooder: kill that00:06
adrian15Jasonn: Can you please use a pastebin service to show me your interfaces file? Is it in the same machine from where you chat?00:06
Jasonnadrian15: Yeah00:06
awakeninglinuxuz3r, that worked, thanks00:07
Jasonnadrian15: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/588753/00:07
awakeninglinuxuz3r, as for Java, is there a package in particular I should get on the symantec repo?00:08
jpvoip hello, im trying to upload to 11.04, but receiving a connection problem.. cant get - for example - this file (http://br.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/o/openoffice.org/openoffice.org-common_3.3.0-7ubuntu1_all.deb)... any idea?00:08
PolahWhen I try to do apt-get upgrade, I get the following packages as not to be upgraded by default: cups, evolution-plugins, linux-generic, linux-headers-generic and  linux-image-generic. When I do it through Update Manager it says they couldn't be verified. How can I add an auth key for the key server for these packages?00:08
adrian15Jasonn: Gateway is wrong I suppose00:09
nickorrunning ubuntu 10.10 and nothing installs through the software center, please help00:09
linuxuz3rfor java i used the sun-java-bin fonts jre plugin00:09
awakeningok will try00:10
Jasonnadrian15: What is the gateway? I have no way of knowing00:10
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adrian15Jasonn: Is it dhcp what you use usually ?00:10
linuxuz3rlater guys00:10
overlordHow to install OCSP ??00:11
Jasonnadrian15: For my home network? Yes00:11
awakeningI think I have sun-java-bin fonts actually...installed, even, agreed to terms of service etc but the plugin not active from browser00:11
adrian15Jasonn: I have already told you that you had to setup in the bridge interface the same setup you had on normal interface00:11
awakeningok later00:11
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no-gooderedbian,  i did it00:13
no-goodersacarlson,  you too buddy00:13
Jasonnadrian15: so... iface wlan0 inet dhcp?00:13
hihihi100FGAtlas related: I write in a terminal "Map --atlas=$FG_ROOT/usr/share/games/FlightGear/install/fgfs/fgdata/Atlas00:15
hihihi100 --size=1024x1024", but it wont create the maps in that directory, what am i doing wrong?00:15
Guest53892try sudo00:16
adrian15Jasonn: I think you want something like this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/588758/00:16
Jasonnadrian15: Just copy that?00:17
wjlafrance_ipadHello! I was trying to set up a VPN server on my EC2 and locked myself outside the firewall. Does anyone know how I can root myself or hit single user without physical access to the box?00:17
lariouswhat is dapper?00:18
awakeninglike handsome00:18
awakeningput together00:19
FloodBot1awakening: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:19
wjlafrance_ipadA very dapper young man!00:19
lariouswhat is dapper?00:19
Jasonnadrian15: THANK YOU :)) Now to see if it works00:19
Polahlarious: Dapper Drake?00:20
adrian15Jasonn: Let's hope. I am not sure. Just backup original interfaces file so that you can restore it. I am not quite sure about my advice.00:20
lariouswjlafrance_ipad: I went to ubuntu official package site to download sun jar software and I need 1 for ubuntu 10.04 and I got a link called dapper00:20
Polahlarious: Dapper is Ubuntu 6.0600:20
Jasonnadrian15: Have you used hamachi before?00:20
sacarlsonadrian15: I thought I tried bridge with wifi and it didn't work for me,  I assume wlan0 is wifi ?00:21
lariousPolah: How can I get sun java for lucid00:21
adrian15Jasonn: No. ham0 is an actual interface in your linux ?00:21
wjlafrance_ipadI wrote an article on how to install sun java on ubuntu server 10.10 with the plain linux installer. Google wjlafrance ubuntu java. My site is down so hit the cache :(00:21
Polahlarious: Add canonical partners.00:21
bazhanglarious, from partner repo00:21
Jasonnadrian15: Yeah00:21
bazhang!partner > larious00:21
ubottularious, please see my private message00:21
bazhang!java | larious00:21
ubottularious: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.00:21
adrian15sacarlson: You can run: ifconfig -a for knowing your interfaces00:21
awakeningI'm having trouble getting java to work...I have amd 64bit...00:22
Polahlarious: sudo bash -c "echo http://archive.canonical.com lucid partner >> /etc/apt/sources.list" && sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre00:22
lariousPolah: my ubuntu is offline and I need to download sun java .deb from my win os00:22
furryotterI just set lm-sensors up for my box and I would like to trace what temp1, temp2, etc.00:22
bazhanglarious, that has nothing to do with ubuntu00:22
adrian15Jasonn: And can't you just use ham0 interface as a normal interface? (Actually you cannot define it as a bridge interface name)00:22
Polahlarious: I guess you could manually look through the repository and grab the files for it.00:22
bazhanglarious, you cannot get the partner repo from a windows box00:23
lariousbazhang: dnt uderstamd you00:23
bazhanglarious, need ubuntu for it00:23
Polahbazhang, larious: You can go to http://archive.canonical.com and manually download the files for Sun Java 6, might take a while and you might miss a few.00:23
alessandro_where is a good place to start00:23
Jasonnadrian15: Hmm, well i am starting to hate this :) Anyways, ill just call lmi on monday and ask them..00:24
alessandro_getting into ubuntu?00:24
merryman540th0r - think I may have found a solution here-have to reboot to see if it works: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-763076.html00:24
Polahalessandro_, what do you mean? You can ask any questions you have about using Ubuntu in here00:24
bazhang!manual > alessandro_00:24
ubottualessandro_, please see my private message00:24
lariousbazhang: I understand you ... I belive that there is a way that I can install a file .deb for it00:24
Jasonnadrian15: You should try hamachi, its a great peice of software, just iv never used it as a gateway before00:24
alessandro_i wanted to learn it thoroughly00:24
bazhangPolah, and the license agreement?00:24
alessandro_I want to get some programming experience. One issue I have is that I want to get right into it.00:24
alessandro_Maybe see some files to look over.00:25
Kre10swhy does the fglrx package require the qt4 core?00:25
bazhangalessandro_, a bit out of scope for this channel00:25
bazhang!rute > alessandro_00:25
alessandro_That's one thing. More importantly I suppose I should be getting used to the file system.00:25
ubottualessandro_, please see my private message00:25
Polahbazhang: Just do it the easy way and add the repo in Ubuntu and install it00:25
adrian15Jasonn: Hamachi is a piece of software that acts as a gateway ?! Let me look into it.00:25
bazhangalessandro_, help.ubuntu.com is a good place to start00:25
Polahalessandro: Try joining a channel on freenode for that language i.e. #java, or do some googling for learning courses00:26
lariousHow can I install sun Java offline00:26
bazhangPolah, am aware of that, you need ubuntu for the partner repos, in larious 's case00:26
Jasonnadrian15: https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi2/ Watch the video, it actually explains it very well00:26
awakeningI have a website typera.tk I'm trying to use which requires Java...and it loads partially but is nonresponsive, leads me to believe something is wrong w/Java00:26
Polahbazhang: Oh yeah, sorry, I thought you were larious for a second.00:26
awakeningwondering if someone can walk me through simply00:26
IsmAvatarhey guys, I need help getting my sound working again. I've already read the troubleshooting guide.00:26
Polahlarious: Why can't you just install it the easy way through Ubuntu?00:26
PolahIsmAvatar: What's wrong with it? Got PulseAudio?00:26
adrian15Jasonn: Can you please pastebin the:   ifconfig -a        output ?00:26
IsmAvatarPolah: I'm not exactly sure. I think it might be halfway between installing/uninstalling Pulse/Alsa/etc00:27
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awakeningok thanks anyway guys00:27
lariousPolah: bros I have a program that is called YF, that is the only program that can get me online00:27
awakeningthere's some great help on here, keep it up00:27
PolahIsmAvatar: Then I suggest purging pulseaudio and reinstalling00:27
Jasonnadrian15: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/588762/00:28
Polahlarious: What is "YF" and what do you mean you can't get online without it?00:28
IsmAvatarPolah: ok, I'll try that, after I'm done installing updates00:28
lariousPolah: a germany tunneling program >>> www.your-freedom.de00:29
adrian15Jasonn: Can you please pastebin         route        output?00:29
Polahlarious: Might I suggest lowering your firewall/proxy settings then?00:29
heyfhdoes 10.04 have lts00:29
aarHi, I downloaded a katapult-like program for Kubuntu but changed computers and can't find the link any more. I seem to remember it started with an M. Does anyone know what the program could be?00:29
Polahheyfh: Yes, 10.04 is LTS00:29
Jasonnadrian15: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/588764/00:30
lariousPolah: The program need to be complie and then this require sun java00:30
Polahlarious: Why can't you just connect to the internet normally?00:30
lariousmaybe you can check the program there00:30
lariousPolah: I dont have money to subcribes00:31
PolahLarious: Uhh, you still need to pay money for a phone/fibre line to be able to connect to the internet...00:32
lariousPolah: we pay for connection here00:32
lariousPolah: that is my country for you00:33
lariousPolah: No free network here00:33
Polahlarious: Yeah, you have to pay for an internet connection everywhere. Line rental and usually a broadband service.00:33
IsmAvatarPolah: I have now completed purging and then reinstalling pulseaudio. I'm not hearing sounds, and the Sound Preferences does not seem to list anything under Hardware00:33
lariousPolah: But with that program you can connect freely, but I pay low cost with that program00:34
Polahlarious: You can't connect freely with anything. Like I said, you still need to pay your ISP to be physically capable of connecting to the internet.00:34
lariousPolah: I used that on my XP and now want to be more advance to use another window00:34
PolahIsmAvatar: Hmm, I'm not too sure about reinstalling drivers for your hardware, better to ask someone else.00:35
lariousPolah: as i am browsing with you, I pay no money00:35
IsmAvatarPolah: so you think I just need drivers for my hardware?00:36
Polahlarious: So you don't pay more for line rental or broadband connection? A tunnelling service doesn't just work if you can't actually connect.00:36
adrian15Jasonn: Aren't you using the GUI then (I have seen some articles about hamachi2 and there is a GUI for gnome) ?00:36
PolahIsmAvatar: Yes, if it's not picking up any hardware. I could be wrong, I'm not an expert00:36
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Jasonnadrian15: Is there?00:37
lariousPolah: I dont pay.... maybe you can just give a try00:37
Jasonnadrian15: I just have the terminal version00:37
Polahlarious: I know it won't work because I have to pay a line rental and a broadband fee to be able to connect to the internet at all or even use a phone.00:37
adrian15Jasonn: I just found this: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/install-hamachi2-and-haguichi-gui-for.html    Although I am curious on knowing how to configure it from the cli. Probably you have an hamachi command that autosetups everything ;)00:38
lariousPolah: I use this so I know it work for me... but need help to install sun java please help00:38
Jasonnadrian15: Its a 3rd party app that controlls hamachi00:39
adrian15Jasonn: Yes.00:39
IsmAvatarCan anyone help me get sound working? My Sound Preferences doesn't list my hardware. It's chipset AC'97.00:40
Jasonnadrian15: Downloading :)00:40
itaylor57adrian15: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-\jre and sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk00:40
itaylor57adrian15: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre and sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk00:40
lariousSomeone help me need to install sun java on my utbuntu 10.0400:41
bazhanglarious, I told you how00:41
tehneflarious: there should be a package for it00:41
bazhang!partner | larious please read00:41
ubottularious please read: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »00:41
eamonwhat's the fast ftp client? With download accelleration?00:41
bazhang!java | larious this too00:41
ubottularious this too: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.00:42
larioustehnef: need to install this offline00:42
Polahlarious: Get the linux version and compile it on your windows machine and copy it across. I still don't believe it works quite as you claim.00:42
lariousWell let me give you a package for it and you test it00:43
Jasonnadrian15: How do you view all the processes??00:43
ryancgougeanyone have a system76 laptop?00:43
lariousPolah: what will help me is .deb00:43
itaylor57ryancgouge: I do I have a lemur200:44
adrian15Jasonn: ps aux00:44
Polahlarious: Compile the Linux version with Java on your current machine.00:44
tehnefJasonn: i use "ps wwaux | less"00:44
lariousPolah: dont have complier on my machine00:45
itaylor57Polah: he will need the jdk to do that00:45
Polahlarious: Get the Sun Java JDK then00:45
lariousPolah: sun-java6-jre_6-13-1_all.deb00:46
Polahlarious: The latest Sun Java JRE is 1.6.0_24-b0700:48
lariousPolah: sun-javadb-client00:50
Kre10sI have a mysterious package "libqtcore4" relying on "fglrx"... http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/588766/ whats the point of this? I'm running gnome. why do i need this package?00:50
terrytehnef: Jasonn There's also:  service --status-all00:50
Polahlarious: You want the JRE. 1.6.0-24 or 6-2400:51
Polahlarious: Try asking in Java00:51
lariousPolah: just any one but .deb package00:52
pecarhow do i install again the driver that installs ubuntu for my tv tuner00:52
JasonnAnyone know of an IRC bot that can run mirc scripts?00:53
Polahlarious: Ask in #java. I can't spend ages looking for Sun Java JRE 6 Rev. 24 as a .deb package to link you.00:53
Kre10sanyone know wht fglrx depends on libqtcore4?\00:54
lariousPolah: what about 1.600:55
lariousPolah: #java unable to join channel (invite only)00:55
itaylor57larious: you need to register and it is ##java00:56
IsmAvatar##java ?00:56
IsmAvatarbeat me to it00:56
Polahlarious: The version of java you want is: Sun Java 6 JRE 6 Revision 2400:56
PolahLarious: Sun Java JRE 6 Revision 2400:57
lariousPolah: Just get me any one that you have... .deb00:58
IsmAvatarhelp, aplay -l is saying "no soundcards found". What do I do? AC'9700:58
klisterEvery time i open a site with flash in chromium "shockwave flash" crashes. what am i doing wrong?00:58
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pac1How do I get gdm to display options for the gnome shell?01:00
pac1When I login, the choices that used to be at the bottom aren't there.01:00
HouseMDpac1: dont they appear when you give focus to Username field?01:01
pac1let me check brb.01:02
HouseMDpac1: its actually when "Password" has focus for me01:03
Eversmannhi guys ;-) greetings01:03
pac1HouseMD, doh.... of course they do...  I was looking for them to appear first.01:03
rocketsWhat's the name of that ubuntu service that will like . . . generate a  custom ubuntu VM for you? I can't seem to google it01:04
Eversmannanyone is running a qemu-kvm with spice support in it on ubuntu??01:04
HouseMDpac1: cool, problem solved then :)01:04
pac1got a problem, see dr. house...01:04
rocketsevermean, anybody using qemu is a crazyperson :P01:04
pac1Tell me you don't go around with 2 days beard growth01:04
HouseMDpac1: It saturday, shaving on sunday ;-)01:05
pac1me too.01:05
rocketsI bet evermean has a unix beard.01:05
Eversmannactually, i'm trying to get spice running in it, but it's giving me headaches, and seems it's working actually without (too) much effort01:05
Eversmannlol, i don't ;-)01:06
pac1is there a way to get the unity widgets to show even if you're using another gnome shell?01:06
rocketsevermean, the real question is why you're using qemu. But to each his own sir.01:06
nickkontoshelp! I have an ext2 partition and a folder just turned into a file?! how could this happen? how can I restore it? ubuntu 10.1001:07
Kre10swhy!?!?!? Anyone know why the fglrx package requires qt stuff? http://paste.ubuntu.com/588771/01:07
Eversmannbtw pac1, i was able to apply a theme to gdm by simply exits to console ctrl+alt+f1, add an export DISPLAY=:0.0. Then run the gnome-appearance-properties and then ctrl+alt+f701:07
HouseMDKre10s: probably for gui-settings stuff (guessing, nvidia here)01:08
rocketsKre10s, I'd be willing to bet it has a GUI control panel of some sort.01:08
rocketsI haven't used fglrx in a long time though.01:08
Eversmannrockets, i'm using kvm because of being a good hypervisor for a VDI infraestructure, and right now is working great01:08
Eversmannbut i would like to add spice support for the client desktops01:08
rocketsevermean, whatever makes you happy sir.01:09
Kre10sHouseMD: nope ati.01:09
jlegDoes anyone know how to change the default localdomain from .local to .somethingelse01:09
rocketsIf VDI = virtual desktop infrastructure. . . vmware is MUCH better. But it has the significant disadvantage of not being free.01:09
Eversmannyou know a better solution? you have anything running with vmware vsphere or something? any information is appreciated :D01:09
HouseMDKre10s: Nah, I am pretty sure _I_ have nvidia01:09
Eversmannyeah, that's it rockets01:10
Kre10srockets: the people at #debian say their fglrx package does not require qt anything01:10
rocketsevermean, vmware is fantastic but not a real option unless you're willing to buy the hardware certified to run ESX01:10
Eversmannthat's it01:10
rocketsKre10s, Ubuntu != debian.01:10
Eversmanni had problems with hardware, vmware was my first choice, but it's really expensive01:10
rocketsUbuntu is based on debian, but it isn't debian.01:10
infinituxI have a pci audio card that works, but for some reason after installing 10.10 it wants to use my internal audio device instead of the card. how can i choose which device is being used by default?01:11
rocketsevermean, you might want to look into edubuntu. It has built in thin client stuff. no idea what hypervisor it uses though.01:11
rocketsevermean, in fact its thin client so its likely not even virtualized01:11
infinituxplease somebody help01:11
Eversmannyep, so they should be using LTSP, right?01:11
Kre10sHouseMD: fglrx: This driver is required to fully utilise the 3D potential of some ATI graphics cards01:11
rocketsIf you really want good free VDI . . . I hate to say this man but . . . Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V edition is free.01:12
Kre10srockets: so how do these packages differ?01:12
rocketsKre10s, I have no idea. I'm just saying that just because debian does one thing doesn't mean ubuntu does it the same wya01:12
Eversmanninfinitux, can't you switch to a different card using the volume applet, on the "hardware" tab?01:12
rocketsKre10s, im not the fglrx maintainer01:12
Kre10sfglrx is supposed to be a driver... why bind it to a desktop manager?01:12
rocketsKre10s, the nvidia driver comes with a control panel. ask the maintainer dude, not me01:12
rocketsrockets, that's a philisophical question about software packaging that I cannot answer.01:13
infinituxguess i need to be in gnome for that?01:13
HouseMDKre10s: cause as I and another one said.... it might have a gui to control settings01:13
infinituxokay. brb01:13
rocketsActually the nvidia control panel kind of breaks everything when I use it . . . i avoid it.01:13
rocketsI need to get back to work for realsies.01:14
lawfulfalafelhow does one install a more updated version of a program from the repositories?01:14
rocketslawfulfalafel, use update manager01:14
lawfulfalafelwell I mean for updating a program beyond the current version01:14
lawfulfalafellike beyond the version for 10.1001:14
tensorpuddingare you running 10.10?01:15
tensorpuddingif so, you can't really01:15
tensorpuddingsome packages are provided in PPA's with higher versions, but not many are01:15
HouseMDlawfulfalafel: wait for 11.04 and there probably be an upgrade01:15
lawfulfalafelHouseMD: well I kind of don't have a choice, a program I am trying to use requires a software version 10.10 doesn't have01:17
tensorpuddinglawfulfalafel: which is this01:17
tensorpuddingif it's something you downloaded from packages, this should never happen01:17
HouseMDlawfulfalafel: yeah, which program?01:17
pac1Eversmann, were you able to get the unity interface and the classic gnome working at the same time?01:17
lawfulfalafelit's eclim01:17
lawfulfalafelit requires eclipse 3.6, but 10.10 only has 3.5 in the repo01:17
lawfulfalafelI mean I'm downloading it to install manually right now, but I wanted to double check whether or not that's a stupid thing to do01:18
tensorpuddingthere's decent odds there's a ppa with eclipse 3.6 out there01:18
HouseMDlawfulfalafel: well, download 3.6 ....nah, you are doing fine :)01:18
Eversmannnop pac1, just using classic right now01:19
Axlinlawfulfalafel: other than installing manually, here's a custom repository with 3.6 - https://launchpad.net/~eclipse-team/+archive/debian-package01:20
neswhats a good command-line dvd-ripper?01:20
nesto lazy to open firefox to google ;D01:20
[clay]using 10.10 - i've got an apple usb wired network adapter hooked into my revo - on startup it doesn't work, but if i unplug it and plug it in it works. any idea wtf?01:21
tensorpuddingit is possible that eclim might even be packaged too01:21
lawfulfalafelAxlin: thank you, that's a very helpful link01:21
eamon[Amarok] [title: Cossack Dance from Mazeppa] [artist: Tchaikovsky] [album: 1812 Overture - Erich Kunzel - Cincinnati Pops DVD-A] [bitrate: >9000]01:21
tensorpuddingthere's a ppa for eclipse plugins too01:21
joeoshawai have an old sblive sound card that is installed but i need to input the stack info but i am not sure what it should be it has multiiple outs but it is not surround sound01:22
joeoshawafirst off how can i tell exactly what card i got from command line i have two cards one onboard one add in01:23
FrancisI did chmod -R 777 on a folder, but how do i make it so new folders or files that get made inside that folder also get 777 without me needing to go back and chmod them also?01:23
edbianjoeoshawa, Look at sudo lspci -k01:24
lawfulfalafelAxlin: how do I specify apt-get to install eclipse from that ppa?01:24
lawfulfalafelI tried using synaptic to see if there was two versions of eclipse, but only the 10.10 3.5 version shows up01:24
Axlinlawfulfalafel: after you add the repository, it should show up in your updates01:24
Axlinlawfulfalafel: refresh your repositories then :)01:25
tensorpuddinglawfulfalafel: add it to software sources, have it update, and the PPA should appear in in the left of the software center01:25
roastedOn my thin client server, I am getting this message when I try to apt-get update: w gpg error http extras.ubuntu.com maverick release. This isn't a problem on my SERVER, just the thin client image. The proposed fix I found on google didn't help.01:26
joeoshawaSubsystem: Creative Labs CT4832 SBLive!01:26
DarkXDhey there, quick question, ii installed ubuntu 10.10 onto a usb using unetbootin and i would like to boot into another install thats currently on the harddrive using the grub2 stuff that was installed to the usb.anyone have any idea on how i can do this?01:26
lawfulfalafeluh I added the ppa key, updated and dist-upgraded, and I still don't see it in either synaptic or the software center01:27
joeoshawai know the card is prolly old as dirt but i want to get a 9.1 surround card later01:27
=== patrickc is now known as PatrickC_Ubuntu
Axlinlawfulfalafel: try reloading from within synaptic. it should show up then01:29
=== vinicius is now known as Guest90460
Eversmannlawfulfalafel, when that happens, it use to be a problem about the ppa not being for your ubuntu version01:29
EnigmaticCoderunignore parts01:30
shmupokay, so i installed 11.04. booted up. nothing. just my desktop. used the shortcut to open a terminal and get in here..01:31
joeoshawahow would i find out what the stack should be for that it has a ton of outs01:31
shmupi've installed gnome3, but not sure how to get it running.01:31
shmupstill blank. no panels.01:31
lawfulfalafelI tried reloading within synaptic, but that didn't seem to change anything. The "Installed Version" and "Latest Version" are both
shmupi wonder if gnome is running but i just need to add a panel? wonder if i can add a panel from the command line.01:31
teageI have a wacom device, problem is i cant seem to keep the same ID #. I dont use touch so i do xsetwacom set "ID" touch off and works great. I would like to make a script for it but when i reboot its a different ID #. why is this? Is always plugged into the same port so would seem it should be the same ID every reboot.01:31
Axlinlawfulfalafel: you're using 10.10, right?01:32
HouseMDlawfulfalafel: do a ctrl-f in synaptic and search for eclipse01:32
lawfulfalafelAxlin: yep, 10.1001:33
lawfulfalafelHouseMD: tried that, still getting the same results01:33
lawfulfalafelis there a way to install a specific version with apt-get?01:33
Axlinlawfulfalafel: how did you add the repository? i was able to add it and have it show up in synaptic with add-apt-repository ppa:eclipse-team/debian-package01:34
Francisis there a way to make it so new files added to a folder automatically get chmod 777?01:34
HouseMDlawfulfalafel: looks like the repository hasn't been added01:34
hutchshock flash for Chromium in Lubuntu 10.10 keeps crashing01:34
PeddyCould somebody quickly try something on their system for me? It requires no rebooting, command line etc01:34
rwwPeddy: probably best to just say what it is.01:35
jribFrancis: yes, but that sounds like a bad idea.  Why don't you tell us what you actually want to accomplish?01:35
lawfulfalafelahahaha, I'm an idiot, I added the key but not the ppa01:35
slackinGood Evening!01:35
lawfulfalafelthank you guys for very much for helping though01:36
tristan325hi everyone, i'm new to ubuntu.  i'm using it now from the trial installed on my usb01:36
tristan325i really like it and want to install01:36
FrancisI am running an FTP server, and i need it so when a user uploads a new file in there directory that file automatically gets 77701:36
edbiantristan325, So install it!01:36
pac1tristan325 go for it01:36
tristan325but i'm having trouble deciding on the install01:36
Axlinlawfulfalafel: ah, hehe. for future reference, the add-apt-repository command will add both the key and the repository in one movement01:36
tristan325thought i'd jump on and get some advice01:36
Jasonnhow so tr01:36
=== tony_ is now known as barfoo
tristan325do you guys have a moment?01:36
PeddyOK, basically my desktop is visible for a second when I move the cursor after a screen lock (ctrl-alt-l) -  before the unlock password is entered. Is anyone else experiencing this?01:36
jribFrancis: that's likely something you need to configure on the ftpd you are using01:36
edbiantristan325, What are you curious about?01:36
Jasonntristan325: How are you having trouble?01:36
pac1tristan325, just one.01:37
=== barfoo is now known as foobarbuz
Francisim using vsftpd01:37
Jasonnpac1: lol01:37
tristan325ok i'm at the part that asks "allocate drive space"01:37
edbiantristan325, sure...01:37
tristan325install alongside os01:37
tristan325i have windows 7 ultimate installed already01:37
tristan325now here's the thing01:37
Jasonntristan325: Do you want to install it instead of, or with your other operating system?01:37
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:37
edbiantristan325, Please type everything on one line01:37
jribFrancis: read about all the options involving "umask" at http://vsftpd.beasts.org/vsftpd_conf.html01:37
tristan325ok hang on01:37
pac1tristan325, do you have an old disk drive hanging around?01:38
tristan325i have 3 drives: 2 ssd striped Raid 0, and a 1TB for storage.  i use my ssd Raid0 for OS (currently just windows7), they are 2x 50GB so total 100GB01:38
tristan325i want to install ubuntu 64bit alongside win7 on my ssd01:39
edbiantristan325, then do that.01:39
tristan325but the installation wizard is confusing01:39
tristan325afte i select "install alongside"01:39
tristan325it asks me to drag the divider to allocate space01:39
pac1tristan, what does it say?01:39
tristan325remember that part?01:39
edbiantristan325, yeah so.01:40
Jasonntristan325: How much drive space do you want to allocate to ubuntu?01:40
tristan325"allocate drive space by dragging the divider"01:40
Jasonntristan325: How much drive space do you want to allocate to ubuntu?01:40
tristan325how do i know what i want to do?01:40
tristan325jason i don't know01:40
tristan325this is new to me01:40
edbiantristan325, How much space do you want for each OS?01:40
=== diego is now known as Guest16344
tristan325how much does it need?01:40
Guest16344Preciso de ajuda01:40
Jasonntristan325: It needs 5 to run properly01:40
pac1tristan325.  hang on.01:40
edbiantristan325, Ubuntu needs at the MOST 10Gb plus your personal files01:40
tristan325see my confusion?01:40
tristan325when u install windows7, it just installs on the drive u choose and uses what it uses01:41
Jasonntristan325: It needs 5GB for system files, and then what ever else you want01:41
rwwIf you install Ubuntu by itself, it does that too ;P01:41
edbiantristan325, yes.  It just uses the entire drive.  But you have to split the drive in 'half'01:41
Guest16344aguem pode me ajudar01:41
tristan325when u say whatever else i want, how do i know how much more i want?01:41
Jasonntristan325: give it 15GB01:41
Jasonn!pt Guest1634401:41
Jasonn!pt | Guest1634401:41
ubottuGuest16344: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:41
rwwGuest16344: English here, please. #ubuntu-br for Portuguese01:41
tristan325on the left of the divider it says FILES, on the right it says UBUNTU01:42
edbiantristan325, FILES refers to all of your windows OS01:42
pac1here's what I do:  1 allocate about 10g for the install, but I have additional partitions:  /home and /opt on an lvm partition.01:42
Jasonntristan325: the right is ubuntu, the left is windows01:42
tristan325anyway the problem is, it lets me choose from two drives, my raid0 ssdrives, or my 1TB01:42
tristan325when i choose my raid001:42
tristan325the divider goes away01:42
tristan325and ubuntu appears to be using the whole thing01:42
tristan325and says 100GB01:42
pac1tristan325, its trying to use the whole drive.01:43
tristan325so i'm like oh no!01:43
Jasonntristan325: thats because its gonna use the empty drive01:43
edbiantristan325, If you go into manual mode its clearer about what you're doing01:43
tristan325it's not empty, my windows7 is on there01:43
=== paco_the_taco is now known as taco_the_paco
tristan325when u say manual, u mean option3?01:43
pac1tristan325,   you'll have to reduce the size of your windows partition.01:43
=== Guest16344 is now known as Diego123
edbiantristan325, Sure?  What does option3 say?01:43
JasonnOK can everyone let me talk to him for 10 secs? THank you :)01:43
Jasonntristan325: Its asking you how much space you need for yer crap on ubuntu, and how much crap for windows01:44
tristan325sorry for the confusion, i really appreciate the help and i'm pretty excited about getting this installed01:44
edbiantristan325, Linux rocks01:44
Jasonntristan325: You need to select how much space you want ubuntu to have01:44
=== tony_ is now known as foobarbuz
tristan325ok so lets pretend windows os stuff is taking up roughly 30GB of the 100GB on my raid0 ssd01:45
Jasonntristan325: Typically, ubuntu should use 4-5GB for system files, depending if you update while install01:45
IsmAvatarhelp, aplay -l is saying "no soundcards found". What do I do? AC'9701:45
tristan325i don't want ubuntu to eat up ALL the rest01:45
tristan325what if i need more for future windows stuff01:45
HouseMDtristan325: on your setup and familiarity with linux, I'd go for a 4th disk on the machine and give it all to ubuntu01:45
edbiantristan325, then don't give it that much01:45
edbiantristan325, You can always boot a live CD later and re-arrange again01:45
Jasonntristan325: Give it 40GB for ubuntu, that should be more than enough01:45
tristan325i'm not ready to buy a whole separate drive just for this, again, its new01:45
Jasonntristan325: Give it 40GB for ubuntu, that should be more than enough01:46
tristan325i like it, but i'm not going to spend money on a new drive till i'm more familiar with it01:46
tristan325ok that helps01:46
pac1tristan, we strongly advise backing up anything you do not want to lose.01:46
EnigmaticCodertristan325: Something to consider is that Ubuntu can access Windows files but not vice versa. What I do is keep most of my files on Windows and access them through Ubuntu01:46
bazhang!manual > tristan32501:46
ubottutristan325, please see my private message01:46
infinituxokay earlier somebody suggested I load gnome to try and fix my audio issue. i'm trying to set the default audio device the system uses.01:46
tristan325ok on preparing to install ubuntu  i get all three check marks01:46
infinituxi'm getting frustrated.01:46
bazhangtristan325, have a look at the manual I linked you to01:46
edbiantristan325, hurray01:46
tristan325i hit forward, sorry takes forever01:47
tristan325cause its off my usb01:47
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/01:47
|Long|is there a cmd to upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10?01:47
tristan325ok option 3 says specify partitions manually01:47
rww!upgrade | |Long|01:47
ubottu|Long|: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:47
tristan325you're saying to do that, right?01:47
infinituxpac1: not really the problem friend.01:47
lucidiumi'm having a problem installing 10.10, it freezes on the "update-grub" step.01:47
infinituxi'm having more specific issues than just how to play music01:47
infinituxi'll figure it out01:48
tristan325wow this doesnt make sense01:48
tristan325there are 5 devices01:48
Jasonntristan325: PM01:49
edbian|Long|, System -> Admin -> Software sources  change the dropdown from 'LTS only' to normal releases.  Then start the update manager.01:49
|Long|edbian, thanks01:49
edbian|Long|, Did you get your nvidia issue fixeD?01:49
pac1infinitux, what's not the problem?01:49
|Long|no i finally re-load the OS01:49
edbian|Long|, oh :( we could have fixed it!!!01:50
edbian|Long|, oh well.  working again now right?01:50
edbian|Long|, You should have just installed 10.10 right away since you clean installed anyway01:50
edbian_|Long|, ?01:51
kristian-aalborghi, this is kind of urgent... sorry to those who might have seen me post in #ubuntu-beginners01:51
|Long|well,i didn't have cd before that why,,,01:51
IsmAvataram I supposed to have alsamixer installed?01:52
kristian-aalborgI'm copying a bunch of files via scp... now it seems to start over?01:52
edbian_|Long|, mmmm, yeah.  Better than nothing I suppose.  Somtimes the upgrade procedure is a little quarky01:52
edbian_IsmAvatar, yeah probably01:52
EnigmaticCoder|Long|: you could have used a flash drive01:52
IsmAvataredbian_: apt-get reports "Unable to locate package alsamixer"01:52
kristian-aalborgalso, the order in which scp has copied the files seems random01:52
kristian-aalborgIsmAvatar: alsa-utils, try that01:52
pac1infinitux, if you were referring to !manual, that was for my info.01:53
IsmAvatarkristian-aalborg: already installed and latest. I recently purged and reinstalled it.01:53
edbian_IsmAvatar, It's not a package.  It's part of alsa I believe.  Can you run alsamixer?01:53
IsmAvatarcannot open mixer: No such file or directory01:54
=== wangyang0123 is now known as firedfox
kristian-aalborgIsmAvatar: I was there a few hours ago, actually ;)01:55
ZiberWhen I get the (initramfs) prompt, how can I tell it how to boot?01:55
kristian-aalborgI needed to be in the right group01:55
IsmAvatarZiber: I'm with you, lol. I think my mobo might be dying or something.01:56
IsmAvatarkristian-aalborg: any chance you can walk me through that? I'm not the most advanced linux user here.01:56
kristian-aalborgIsmAvatar: let me see if I still have the windows open01:56
kristian-aalborgIsmAvatar: there's something about it in the official wiki, have a look - also ubuntuforums01:58
kristian-aalborgbut I'm not good enough to reproduce - I just kept fiddling around until it worked01:59
mattimusAre any of you guys someone who has went from Mandriva to Ubuntu?01:59
bazhangmattimus, whats the question01:59
SkrappJawhey. anyone using hplip?02:00
WeThePeopleis there any software out there that can utilize more than 2 cores02:00
bazhangSkrappJaw, which printer02:00
SkrappJawIm on ubuntu 10.10 with a 305002:01
bazhangcanon? SkrappJaw ?02:01
eamonhow do I get terminal to not capture my special keys?02:01
SkrappJawhp deskjet02:01
eamoneg. When I'm on my terminal tab with irssi on it I wan't alt+4 to chhange windows in IRC and not switch tabs02:01
bazhangSkrappJaw, what does linuxprinting.org say to use02:01
mattimusI'm just curious in hearing thoughts on Mandriva and Ubuntu.  I'm leaving Mandriva for sure, and right now I'm thinking of Mageia (Where most Mandriva developers went) or Ubuntu.02:01
d3ngarHi, I have a problem with my VPN: Two computers can connect and ping the host. The host can ping the clients. But the clients can't ping each other02:01
kristian-aalborgomg omg symlinks02:02
bazhangmattimus, okay. that would be dealt with in #ubuntu-offtopic please02:02
=== pestilent_ is now known as pestilent
itaylor57SkrappJaw: I use hplib02:02
ZiberWhen I get the (initramfs) prompt, how can I tell it how to boot?02:02
shmupwhat do you guys think about that? trying to do an upgrade. missing dependencies.02:02
d3ngarI think it's a routing problem. I just don't know how to set the routes correctly02:02
shmupif i try to force it: http://pastie.org/174912702:02
SkrappJawitaylor: are you on 10.10?02:03
itaylor57SkrappJaw:  yes 64bit02:03
SkrappJawhow did you get the .run file to execute?02:03
itaylor57SkrappJaw:  get the one in the repo02:03
SkrappJawfrom synaptic?02:04
itaylor57SkrappJaw:  use synaptic or software center02:04
SkrappJawok. cool. thanks.02:04
SkrappJawI'll see what i can do. brb.02:04
itaylor57SkrappJaw:  np it works good02:04
zulaxmy keyboard is acting weired, how cou13ld i diagnose it02:05
zulaxwhen i type "g" it givs me 13g1302:05
eamonzulgaban: And other keyboards work ok?02:06
JasonnHey, OK, so I am trying to install ubuntu on a raid drive, but it is actually 2 drives joined together, could I do this with the installer?02:09
JasonnHey, OK, so I am trying to install ubuntu on a raid drive, but it is actually 2 drives joined together, could I do this with the installer?02:09
SkrappJawhplip wont find the printer02:10
SkrappJawlinux detects it on usb plug in but there is no driver for this model.02:10
lucidiumjerry256, hello02:13
jerry256I want to use apt-get to install a package... firstly how do I test to see if the package exists in the repository?02:13
SkrappJawitaylor57: having issues with the printer02:13
jerry256hi, lucidium02:13
lucidiumjerry256, apt-cache search <package>02:13
Gunnijerry256 aptitude search stuff02:14
lucidiumoh, there's a newer way02:14
Gunniaptitude has prettier output :D02:14
jerry256lucidium, ok02:16
itaylor57SkrappJaw:  im looking now, what was your model?02:16
jerry256and Gunni alright, am used to apt-get since Debian sarge, am comming back to Linux now ,though02:16
Gunnijust do apt-cache stuff vs aptitude search stuff and see what is better :)02:17
bazhangitaylor57, hp deskjet 305002:17
SkrappJawHP Deskjet 305002:17
Gunnialso jerry256 it uses the same database so you "can" use both as you wish but it is discouraged for some reason02:17
moesSkrappJaw: My deskjet run on cups off a usb connection02:17
SkrappJawmoes: how do you i set that up?02:18
gaxar77Hey everyone?02:18
lucidiumgaxar77, hello.02:18
gaxar77Does ubuntu come with network drivers and drivers for linksys?02:18
lucidiumgaxar77, linksys network cards?02:18
gaxar77I'm not sure about the terminology.02:19
lucidiumgaxar77, is it wireless or wired?02:19
gaxar77I have a linksys router.02:19
lucidiumgaxar77, the router doesn't matter02:19
lucidiumgaxar77, you may have to install the drivers after the install, but it's easy02:19
lucidiumgaxar77, they may be proprietary and so ubuntu can't directly include them02:19
gaxar77I don't know if I still have the disk, and also, I don't know if the disk installationwould even support linux.02:19
gaxar77or ubuntu.02:20
moesSkrappJaw: download cups from synaptic and under printers use cups rather than hplip02:25
PeddyWhen my screen is locked and I move the cursor, the desktop is visible for a split-second. Is anyone else experiencing this?02:26
jsjgruber_Peddy: yes02:27
khalid_is this the only program for people chat??02:27
jsjgruber_khalid: there are quite a few programs that can be used for irc and other kinds of chats02:28
=== pieter_ is now known as Pete43
lucidiumcrhanCN, hello.02:31
crhanCNis there anyone familiar with gitosis in ubuntu?02:31
crhanCNI have trouble with the hooks.02:32
itaylor57crhanCN: you might try in #git02:32
crhanCNBut I cannot talk there.  - -~02:33
itaylor57!reg | crhanCN02:33
itaylor57crhanCN: you need to register with freenode02:34
crhanCNon freenod.net?02:34
danileigh79Audacious question... when I attempt to start Audacious through menu, nothing happens, when I try to start it though CLI I get message ALL OUTPUT PLUGINS FAILED TO INITIALIZE.02:35
danileigh79No interface plugin found.02:35
gaelfxbusy day02:37
danileigh79Audacious question... when I attempt to start Audacious through menu, nothing happens, when I try to start it though CLI I get message ALL OUTPUT PLUGINS FAILED TO INITIALIZE. No interface plugin found.02:38
=== xreact is now known as react
=== react is now known as xreact
Polah!repeat | danileigh7902:39
ubottudanileigh79: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/02:39
CodeWarubuntu 10.10 fonts are kickass .. I m trying to get this kind of font support on a less lucky GNOME OS  ...02:39
CodeWarare there particular files I should consider porting02:40
=== toto is now known as Guest60912
yanick_hi, is it possible to have WebGL support with Chrome in Ubuntu (10.10) ?02:40
lucidiumyanick_, not with the stable versions02:41
lucidiumyanick_, webGL is still very experimental02:41
yanick_lucidium, so if I install chrome-unstable, it should work?02:41
=== Guest60912 is now known as toto_toto
lucidiumyanick_, perhaps, i'm not sure what features are included02:41
gaelfxyanick_: I think what he's trying to say is you would need a PPA for that02:41
lucidiumyanick_, but the chances are much higher02:41
itaylor57I use chromium daily build myself02:42
yanick_gaelfx, I used to have Chromium installed, but installed Chrome as the developer tools are sluggish with chromium and not with Chrome02:42
crhanCNitaylor57: Sorry, but I can't find where to register my nick02:42
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode02:42
danileigh79How do I enable dbus in ubuntu?02:43
bazhangcrhanCN, /join #freenode02:43
okuth0ri need help with my install02:43
lucidiumokuth0r, ask away02:44
okuth0ri have a machine with a sata raid and SLI, i installed 10.10 alternate, got all the way through install and upon reboot my monitor acts like it has no video input02:44
yanick_still weird that Chrome for windows has WebGL, no proble, but Chrome for Linux hasn't02:45
lucidiumokuth0r, do you get any output during the boot process?02:45
okuth0rregular boot info, bios and scsi stuff then a curser that blinks then it goes off02:46
okuth0rnot scsi raid02:46
=== corey is now known as Guest3852
okuth0ri tried the regular install and it wouldent get past menu, with alternate cd i get fully installed to the reboot02:48
yanick_itaylor57, lucidium, gaelfx, Chromium 10.0.648.133 (77742) does not support WebGL02:48
Namelesshi there02:49
lucidiumNameless, hello02:49
lucidiumokuth0r, does this happen with any other operating systems?02:49
Namelessdoes anyone here successfully installed ubuntu or debian on macbook pro 3,1?02:50
lucidiumokuth0r, i had a similar problem and had to replace my video card, that's why I ask02:50
itaylor57yanick_: yea but I use daily build so I am at Chromium 1202:51
okuth0rthe box was built and run on xp fine, i had 10.04 installed and installed a driver for the usb wireless driver and it crashed it, so i messed it up and decided to install fress02:51
tunnel1So, I thought of an idea, it entails buiding the magizian supercomputer, strategically tunneling alot of traffic through it on a satallite connection, sniffing.02:52
tunnel1recrafting the packets to be passed by every node on the network to every other node on the nework in a loop.02:52
tunnel1This would cause the internet to stall, anll the dns servers to go offline, and most computers on the net to freeze up.02:52
tunnel1Basically the entire internet would have to be rebooted..02:52
tunnel1My AI would be listening to the bootup, handshakes, and resolve all traffic configurations, detect all other ai and 'deal with' them..02:52
tunnel1...and basically take over the world of technology.02:52
FloodBot1tunnel1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:52
tunnel1..sounds crazy.. but I figure if I can't get a small business loan from ya'll for this, who could I go to?02:52
=== crhanCN is now known as crhan
Namelessno mac owner here? :P02:53
okuth0ri tried i tried 11.04 and it would not install the boot loader02:54
okuth0rso i backed down to 10.10 and not video does not work02:54
=== crhan is now known as crhanCN
snaowzevery's sleeping ?02:57
Jeruvyjust a lul-time.02:57
snaowzwho can help me to make a makefile??02:58
xangua!compile | snaowz02:59
ubottusnaowz: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)02:59
snaowzyou know what's  my error : Makefile:4: *** séparateur manquant03:00
spirals!ubuntu-fr | snaowz03:01
spiralsthere is #ubuntu-fr too03:01
itaylor57snaowz: you have to use tabs in your makefile03:01
snaowz@itaylor57 : yes but it doesn't work03:01
itaylor57snaowz: can you pastebin your Makefile03:03
jolarenI want to open the trash bin and view the file as a administrator.. how do I do this?03:04
arghh2d2gksudo nautilus?03:04
Namelessjolaren: launch nautilus as super user?03:05
Diamondcitejolaren: To administer a system with other users, or to make changes?03:06
atlushello I am having problems compiling a program from tar03:07
atluscan anyone give me a hand03:07
Namelessusually decompress the package03:08
Diamondciteatlus: No not really, you are being very vague about the issue :)03:08
Namelesstar -xvzf if is tar.gz03:08
atlusi did that and im new to compiling03:08
atlusi extracted it already03:08
tensorpuddingyou need to read the documentation provided03:08
tensorpuddingeach one will be different03:08
Nameless./configure && make && sudo make install03:09
Diamondciteatlus: What are you trying to compile? What is the app?03:09
tensorpuddingyou'll also have to figure out what the dependencies are, if any03:09
tensorpuddingand install them somehow03:09
atluslooks like there was a problem with perl and ncurses?03:09
runawayhackerI'm trying to install backtrack packages on ubuntu 10.0.4, when trying to  download the key,   http://repo.offensive-security.com/dist/bt4/binary/public-key times out.  This true for anyone else?03:09
Diamondciteatlus: If it's anything system related consider: sudo apt-get install build-essentials03:09
bastidrazorNameless: checkinstall now replaces make install03:09
Diamondciteatlus: For build errors please paste them at http://paste.ubuntu.com03:10
Namelessi feel obsolete lmao03:10
runawayhackerwhois runawayhacker03:10
DiamondciteI never did look into the details of checkinstall03:10
DiamondciteI thought it was a before/after comparison scrit03:10
Darckboa noite03:11
atlusunable to locate build-essentials03:11
Ampelbeinatlus: it's called build-essential03:12
DiamondciteAmpelbein: Sorry my bad, never had to type it ^_^03:12
atlusthank you03:12
Namelessso, no one with a mac?03:12
atlushrm already installed03:12
danielcg25How do I get rid of the users panel in XChat?03:12
bazhangdanielcg25, view menu drop down uncheck03:13
danileigh79danielcg25: recommend using irssi in terminal, makes it more simpler03:13
Namelessquote for irssi03:13
danileigh79danielcg25: I use irssi in Terminator thatway I can have irc up while having a sencondary terminal window03:14
Diamondcitedanileigh79: Then I might be strange to have both, xchat is easier to work with, but irssi+screen makes a great portable client :)03:15
mrdebDiamondcite: you do not need xchat ify ou have irrssi03:15
Diamondcitemrdeb: Irssi's file transfer abilities are lacking and inconvient.03:16
danileigh79Diamondcite: Since most of my questions here involve CLI, that's why I like irssi in terminator03:16
danielcg25This UI will take some getting used too...03:16
danielcg25(XChat.s UI)03:16
mrdebDiamondcite: you do not need to use ft with irc03:16
Diamondcitedanileigh79: But aren't both clients just highlight and paste/03:16
KevinLaptopMy friend keeps getting disconnected from the wireless internet every few minutes. He's got this for a wireless card: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 2915ABG and is running Ubuntu 10.1003:16
danileigh79Diamondcite: I am lazy lol I don't like switching between windows03:17
danileigh79KevinLaptop: does he have a windows partition?03:17
Diamondcitedanileigh79: If I'm that lazy I'll use /exec :)03:17
danileigh79Diamondcite: lmao03:18
KevinLaptopdanileigh79: nope03:18
danileigh79fml still can't get audacious to work!03:18
DiamondciteKevinLaptop: I'm just wondering, is the router very close? Or in another room? Also is the microwave/wireless phones in use?03:19
mrdebthat is true03:19
danielcg25How do I get XChat *not* to show spam like this:  cak054 (~cak054@pool-98-110-14-99.cmdnnj.east.verizon.net) has joined #ubuntu03:19
mrdebinterference from other waves03:19
Diamondcitedanielcg25: right click on channel name03:19
danielcg25I don't need to see everyone's IP addresses =P03:19
Diamondcitedanielcg25: Settings -> hide joins and parts03:19
pksadiqdanielcg25: in irssi i use /ignore #ubuntu +parts +quits +joins03:19
KevinLaptopdanielcg25: right click on the channel, then extra alert > then hide join/parts03:20
KevinLaptopDiamondcite: another room, not to far away from the router.. its only him that is getting disconnected03:20
snaowzI correct my problem i was strange i think it was my file which had bugs :s03:20
KevinLaptopdanielcg25: np03:20
snaowzthanks everybody03:20
PolahKevinLaptop, danielcg25: In Xchat it's Settings > Hide Join/Part Messages03:20
=== paco_the_taco is now known as taco_the_paco
snaowzgood night03:20
DiamondciteKevinLaptop: Wireless card quality varies..03:21
danileigh79brb testing audacious03:21
danielcg25taco_the_paco: wtf03:21
DiamondciteKevinLaptop: Though please check /var/log/messages and see if anything useful is being logged regarding the disconnects03:21
KevinLaptopDiamondcite: ok. Will do.03:21
xd_hdhwho can help solve a problem03:21
nanomachinexd_hdh: me03:22
nanomachinexd_hdh: very likely03:22
danielcg25How to I get XChat to autocomplete nicknames?03:23
Diamondcitedanielcg25: press tab03:23
Diamondcitedanielcg25: Keep hitting tab till the right name shows03:23
atluscant locate Curses/Application.pm03:23
atlusi cant find what to install for that03:24
atlusi tried apt-file search curses03:24
atlusjust got a long list of all kind of different stuff03:24
antoine__join /#osp03:25
[clay]using 10.10 - i've got an apple usb wired network adapter hooked into my revo - on startup it doesn't work, but if i unplug it and plug it in it works. any idea what would cause this and/or how I could fix it?03:25
nanomachineatlus: what are you trying to do?03:25
atlustearing my hair out trying to figure out this tarball thing lol03:26
okuth0ris there a keystroke command to bring up a command?03:26
FirefisheI'm using 10.04 LTS.  When using apt-get on the command line and doing an upgrade, how can I upgrade everything *except* firefox?03:26
danileigh79atlus: yeah, took me a while too03:27
DiamondciteFirefishe: There should be something like a --ignore-hold, but I can't remember at the moment.03:27
cgcardonawhat is the difference between the command `sudo su` and `su` ?03:28
soundfreelysu = super user03:28
danileigh79anybody know about nosefart?03:28
soundfreelysudo = super user do03:28
sacarlsonFirefishe: you can pin applications in /etc/apt/03:28
[clay]su changes the user you're acting as for the session, sudo does it for just one command03:28
sacarlsonFirefishe: see http://jaqque.sbih.org/kplug/apt-pinning.html03:29
offsenseanyone have succeed installed fortinet ssl client?03:30
cgcardonaI realize what they stand for. What I mean is–when I type `sudo su` i get  "[sudo] password for username:" but when I do `su` i just get "Password" I am wondering if they do anything different.03:30
danileigh79ok, sersiously, audacious is starting to tick me off03:31
soundfreely'su -' would log you in as root - however, the root password in ubuntu is unknown by default03:31
nanomachinesoundfreely: there is no root user in ubuntu by default, sudo su - and it wont ask for a password03:32
Firefishesacarlson, Diamondcite:  I don't really want to pin, I just want a single-line flag for one time.03:32
nanomachinesoundfreely: also root shells are not a good idea, especially for the novice linux user03:32
soundfreelyI agree03:32
danileigh79Diamondcite: I need help with audacious, you able?03:33
soundfreelythere is no need to use anything other than 'sudo03:33
danileigh79can anyone help with audacious?03:33
KevinLaptopDiamondcite: He's got 3 bars out of 4. then it just randomly drops to nothing03:34
danileigh79bbs smoke break03:35
thauriswulfaQUESTION: Rhythmbox keeps buffering music from last.fm but never plays whats wrong03:35
=== derp is now known as derp|HOT_DATE
eamon[Amarok] [title: Brain Damage] [artist: Eminem] [album: The Slim Shady LP] [bitrate: >9000]03:36
gsrsudo is fine, if your cool with an insecure system... or just really lazy03:36
Crash1hdCan anyone point me at or tell me the ubuntu ssh color scheme for ls -al ?03:37
eamonCrash1hd: man ls03:37
Crash1hdeamon, I tried that03:37
eamonit's in there03:38
eamonwhat are you talking about ssh?03:38
Crash1hdeamon, I will  look again, guess I was hoping for a color chart on the web somewhere03:38
Crash1hdignore the ssh part03:38
Crash1hdits just how I am connecting03:39
eamonit doesn't change over ssh03:39
sacarlsonFirefishe: I don't know of any other options, maybe if you uninstalled firefox and then just download the deb file for the firefox version you want after you upgrade then dpkg -i your deb file ?03:39
eamonCrash1hd: it's kind of self-explanatory03:39
Crash1hdeamon, ok what I am trying to figure out is what green box is03:39
eamonlook at blue thing ---> blue thing is a directory ---> Oh I guess directories must be blue03:40
Crash1hdon a symlink folder03:40
eamonprolly permissions or smth03:40
Firefishesacarlson: I think that might work.  What I'm wanting to do is *not upgrade* to firefox 4 just yet.  I'm waiting until the extensions catch up with the mainstream release.03:40
xanguaFirefishe: why not update firefox¿03:40
xanguaooh that03:41
Quantum_IonHow do you connect to a remote ip address using ssh ?03:41
Chr|smost of them already are03:41
Firefishexangua: I normally do, but I'm leaving my laptop with my wife while I'm going away for some training for three weeks.  I want her to have a nice, easy experience. :)03:41
Crash1hdeamon, its a symlink -> folder <-- this perticular folder is colored in Green box with blue text03:41
FirefisheFirefishe: Luckily, she's already been weaned away from *doze.03:41
Firefishexangua:  Luckily, she's already been weaned away from *doze.03:42
Firefishethat was weird03:42
eamonCrash1hd: the breen background ids to show it's a symlink and not just a folder03:42
sacarlsonFirefishe: I have several version of firefox installed at the same time including custom compiled versions,  there are many options03:42
eamoncause blue is folder03:42
=== michael is now known as Guest49131
Crash1hdeamon, ok hmm odd cause all the rest of the symlinks are just light blue pointing at a folder which is blue03:42
bikesQuantum_Ion: shh <address goes here>03:43
Firefishesacarlson: I guess I could compile 4 from source and install it in /opt or something.03:43
eamonok, i dunno so. There are different types of symlinks, look up that03:43
Firefishesacarlson: What  is your normal manner of install of the different versions.03:44
Crash1hdeamon, ok :) thats why i was hoping that there was a chart somewhere on ubuntu.com or something03:44
Quantum_Ionbikes, I am trying to ssh a friends computer who is not on the same network as me ?03:44
eamonQuantum_Ion: ssh user@ip.address03:45
sacarlsonFirefishe: I may not do it normaly I just change the sybolic link in /usr/bin to point firefox to the version I want to run as default03:45
Quantum_Ioneamon, let me try that03:45
l011Ol01hey eamonnw hows it going?!?!?!03:45
danileigh79who can help with audacious03:45
* l011Ol01 pulls it out of your port 23 and jams it in your port 22!03:46
bazhangl011Ol01, stop that03:46
eamondanileigh79: me maybe03:46
sacarlsonFirefishe: I run something called firewatir that run's firefox remotely from ruby that I have to have a custom build of firefox to operate03:47
* l011Ol01 pulls it out of your port 22 and jams it in bazhag's port 2503:47
bikesQuantum_Ion: if he is behind a router he has to make sure the service is forwarded to the public adress03:47
danileigh79eamon: I installed audacious 2.4.4, not working, trying to uninstall and CLI says not installed. also not showing up in software center as installed, but the program is and has been opened03:47
littlebearz1eamon that definately won't work if they don't have access to router03:47
Firefishesacarlson: Now that *is* specialized ;).03:47
l011Ol01{ever been virtually raped by a cyberbot before}?03:47
Firefishesacarlson: I've played around with ruby, rudimentarily.03:48
Firefishesacarlson: and rails.03:48
eamonlittlebearz1: ok03:48
Firefishesacarlson: Is there a howto to describe what you're doing?  I always like a new challenge to pass the time.03:48
eamondanileigh79: can't help. I thought you meant using it.03:48
pksadiqslakc: ?03:49
danileigh79eamon: ok, no worries03:49
slakchow do you change your name?03:49
xanguaslacker_nl:  /nick03:49
danileigh79slakc: use "/nick"03:49
eamonslakc: deed poll03:49
=== slakc is now known as slakcPhil
mjshi all...having some difficulty with proftpd..when i try to start in Maverick,  i get:      - Fatal: TLSRSACertificateFile: '/etc/gadmin-proftpd/certs/cert.pem' does not exist on line 59 of '/etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf'03:49
slakcPhilcoming in with a splash03:49
danileigh79xangua: hey welcome back, still having issues with audacious, u have a few minutes?03:50
Z_Mani just had the ubuntu beta of 11.04 kernel panic (or something on me) i got a screenshot of a call stack, i can give my hardware configuration and everything too03:50
xanguadanileigh79: ask the channel03:50
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:50
danileigh79xangua: I did, nobody could help03:50
Z_Manis there a good place to post this?03:50
xanguadanileigh79: asking to getting hel is never, ask a REAL question03:50
danileigh79I installed audacious 2.4.4, not working, trying to uninstall and CLI says not installed. also not showing up in software center as installed, but the program is and has been opened03:51
FirefisheZ_Man: http://paste.ubuntu.com/03:51
DiamondciteZ_Man: Not sure if this is the right answer for 11.04 related questions and support please use #ubuntu+103:51
Z_Mank, thanks03:51
Z_Mandanileigh79: different package name?03:52
eamondanileigh79: you can press up to cycle through your previous lines, saves a lot of time instead of writing things out again03:52
Z_Manuse grep03:52
eamonworks in terminal too danileigh7903:52
Diamondcitedanileigh79: How is your audacious setup? What is your selected audio device?03:52
danileigh79Diamondcite: how do I find out?03:52
Diamondcitedanileigh79: Err a moment.. let me bring mine up.03:53
pksadiqdanileigh79: what does dpkg -l | grep -i aud  shows?03:53
danileigh79Diamondcite: I am in audacious-2.4.403:53
Quantum_IonI think my isp closes all my public ip address ports I cannot connect to port number 2203:53
Quantum_Ionnmap tells me the ports are closed03:53
afeijohey guys03:53
folornthis is a 2 part question- 1. ive downloaded Jedit and ive cut some source code and pasted it to it- but i need the line numbers up so it shows each statement on each line question 2: i need some quick steps through learning how to use the GCC compiler if someone has time to do this that would be great. it would be of great help to me. thanks03:54
danileigh79pksadiq: hang on, will pastebin it03:54
afeijoI have dozens of folders with thousands of files in .gz, I want to ungzip it, what would be the cmd? for or gunzip|ls?03:54
Quantum_IonI have an external ip adress that looks something like this and ssh wont let me connect to it03:54
Diamondcitedanileigh79: Preferences -> Audio -> Current Output Plugin: [ What does it say here? "PulseAudio Output plugin" ] ?03:54
Quantum_Ionthen I have an internal ip address that looks like and ssh will let me connect to that03:55
danileigh79Diamondcite: OSS output plugin03:55
wingnut2626hi people03:55
Diamondcitedanileigh79: Did you mess with the ubuntu sound system at all? If not, use PulseAudio or Alsa, not OSS03:55
wingnut2626how do i get my secondary monitor to display full screen using adobe flash?03:55
danileigh79pksadiq: http://paste.ubuntu.com/588801/03:56
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: Are you trying to get to your box remotely or locally?03:56
dinafeijo: find . -name "*.gz" -exec gunzip -v {} \;03:56
danileigh79Diamondcite: didn't mess with anything, but will try to change it03:56
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, I was trying to ssh a friends computer on a public ip address03:56
dinafeijo: execute that in the directory containing the files03:56
afeijodin, its working :) thanks03:56
dinafeijo: yw03:57
Quantum_Ionssh -p 22 harry@ doesnt work for me03:57
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: Is there a router in the way?03:57
danileigh79Diamondcite: it only gives me three options, oss output, filewriter plugin, and null output plugin03:57
mrdebwhere do you find the changes from kernel upgrade to the next one in ubuntu03:57
pksadiqdanileigh79: and so what does dpkg -r audacity does?03:57
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, yeah I think he has a verizon router03:57
Diamondcitedanileigh79: Interesting.. hold on a moment :)03:57
pksadiqdanileigh79: it I hope will remove audacity03:57
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: Please tell him to forward port 22 onto his local computer from the router03:58
folornhmm nobody ever used GCC and jedit?03:58
=== aaron is now known as Guest80575
=== cgcardona_ is now known as cgcardona
danileigh79pksadiq: it worked audacious removed03:58
pksadiqdanileigh79: or remove what you need to remove03:58
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, That would require me to alter the settings of his verizon wireless router right ?03:58
Diamondcitefolorn: What was your question again?03:58
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: Yes, HE needs to make the change, not you?03:59
danileigh79pksadiq: nevermind, removed wrong pkg03:59
folornokay ive saved some source code to play with more or less on Jedit the editor and ive gotten GCC for compileing but i dont know how to use them both. got time to show me?03:59
wingnut2626is there any answer to that dilemna short of installing lightspark?03:59
folornhaveing a quick smoke daimondcite.. brb in a sec..04:00
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, When you alter the settings on your router do you open up a web browser like Chrome or Firefox and type in and it gives you a menu to configure your browser ?04:00
Diamondcitefolorn: Assuming it's a single source file, just typing "gcc sourcefile.c" will compile it into a.out04:00
jsjgruber_mrdeb, if you mean updates while running one unity version you might just look at /usr/share/doc/linux-generic/changelog.gz04:00
mrdebQuantum_Ion: yes04:00
mrdebjsjgruber_: no i mean a list of change from one kernle to hte next, when you update it04:00
pksadiqfolorn: I think better to use vim or emacs as editors and you might find some fimple source codes at www.sadiq.tk at download section04:00
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: Either or whatever happens to be your gateway in your route -n04:00
jsjgruber_mrdeb, so you mean from 2.6.35 to 2.6.38?04:01
danileigh79pksadiq: it's telling me to use --purge, how do i apply that during the dpkg -r?04:01
mrdebjsjgruber_: more like .28 to .3004:01
mrdebsay in 10.0404:01
pksadiqdanileigh79: dpkg --purge <package_name>04:02
jsjgruber_mrdeb, just a sec04:02
rwwmrdeb: install the apt-listchanges package, then do sudo dpkg-reconfigure apt-listchanges and change to suit.04:02
danileigh79pksadiq: fml, audacious is still there...04:02
rwwmrdeb: if you already applied the update, go to packages.ubuntu.com, find the package, and click the changelog link04:02
wingnut2626its hopeless isnt it04:03
pksadiqdanileigh79: still there? try to open by typing the name in CLI, hope it would be removed completely04:03
danileigh79pksadiq: believe it or not, after all the removes and uninstalls, it still opened...04:04
pie_is there a general file compression channel?04:04
Diamondcitedanileigh79: Is audacious-plugins installed?04:04
jsjgruber_mrdeb, for the kernel I would go to git.kernel.org and scroll down to linus torvalds git production git repository. There is a log link there that will give you history. Use tags to go to the newest and go from there to the oldest. There will be thousands of changes from one kernel version to the next04:04
pksadiqdanileigh79: so in terminal type which audacious04:05
Quantum_IonI really dont know how to open up port number 22 o my router04:05
danileigh79Diamondcite: Yes, I believe so04:05
danileigh79pksadiq: /usr/local/bin/audacious04:05
pksadiqdanileigh79: so you installed using make install?04:06
Quantum_IonDoes anyone here have a Verizon router ?04:06
danileigh79pksadiq:  yes04:06
Diamondcitedanileigh79: Why do you have a custom install of audacious?04:06
folornim back04:06
myrmidetteis there an arabic version of this channel?04:06
pksadiqdanileigh79: then go to the place where you compiled and so sudo make uninstall04:06
danileigh79Diamondcite: because I was trying to use 2.4.4 and software center only had 2.304:06
rww!arabic | myrmidette04:06
jsjgruber_mrdeb, try this link: http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git;a=summary04:06
ubottumyrmidette: For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية04:06
wingnut2626you there stray?04:06
folornthanks you guys so i type gcc then file .c and it should compile it. its just source code for a bot to kinda play with to give me a idea again about c and such.04:07
pksadiqfolorn: you can also do gcc filename -o outputname04:07
danileigh79pksadiq: finally, thank you04:07
Quantum_Ionfolorn, gcc somefile.c - o somefile04:07
Diamondcitedanileigh79: I am not sure why you wanted 2.4.4 .. but make sure your plugins are compiled properly with alsa and/or pulse enabled.04:08
Quantum_Ionfolorn, then execute by running ./somefile04:08
danileigh79Diamondcite: how do i ensure that for the future?04:08
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: Did you see any of my PMs or is it being blocked?04:08
straycatstray is here :D04:08
Diamondcitedanileigh79: I assuming you did do a ./configure, read the output, there should be lines saying that it is looking for ALSA and Pulse Audio04:09
pksadiqdanileigh79: never mind04:09
wingnut2626hey stray04:09
straycatok where u at rich?04:09
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, okay I got you04:09
straycatahh i see u now04:09
Quantum_Ionbut my public IP address is different then my internal one04:09
straycatlove the name. lol04:09
wingnut2626thats a name ive used for years on all kinds of forums04:09
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: That is FULLY expected.04:09
gegbalguem do brasil ae04:09
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.04:09
bazhang!ot | straycat wingnut262604:09
ubottustraycat wingnut2626: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:09
straycatwell im stray from straynet online.. u can google me :D04:09
danileigh79Diamondcite: If it's in software center, I'm not gonna compile again...04:10
titaneu sou so brasil04:10
straycati need to start my shell biz back up04:10
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, Do you have a Verizon router ?04:10
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: I have a linux box for a router, so I'm taking blind stabs04:10
wingnut2626i asked a question and nobody has an answer04:10
Quantum_IonI dont want to screw around too much with the settings before my ass gets hacked04:10
pksadiqdanileigh79: don't think always that the latest is always the best04:10
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: If you haven't noticed I'm not on Verizon.. or even in the US..04:10
wingnut2626or maybe someone is holding back04:10
danileigh79pksadiq: I was trying to get a version that would play PSF1 & 2 video game sound files04:11
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: Is this FIOS or a wireless router?04:11
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, I see your public ip address though04:11
=== Monarquista is now known as peregrinator_six
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, some kind of DSL line04:11
pksadiqdanileigh79: if you just need to play only did you try mplayer?04:11
danileigh79pksadiq: yes tried mplayer didn't work04:12
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: And I can see your IP address too..04:12
DrakasXIs there a way to change the kernel grub uses by default?04:12
=== administrator is now known as Guest97004
DrakasXthe generic-pae kernel causes services to fail on start04:12
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, So basically I an trying to figure out if its possible to connect to someones Linux box by using the ip adresss and a username04:12
danileigh79pksadiq: now that i have vers 2.3 working again, I'm back to my original issue... psf, psf2, nsf, & gsf formats play, but no sound04:12
Quantum_IonQuantum_Ion, This person is not on the same network as I am04:13
pksadiqdanileigh79: let me google04:13
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: Only if you have a port forwarded from that homes router to the person's computer04:13
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: Routers will eat all incoming connections otherwise04:13
sixofouris there any way to use skype on ubuntu?04:13
Quantum_IonI dont know how to do that shit04:13
danileigh79pksadiq: I compiled vers 2.4.4 because ubuntu forum said that would resolve my issue04:13
DrakasXIs there a way to change the kernel grub uses by default? the generic-pae kernel causes services to fail on start in 11.04, unless i drop to shell and sudo service gdm start. HOWEVER if i switch to the linux-generic kernel it boots fine04:14
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, I can run nmap on your ip adress and see what ports you have open04:14
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: That isn't MY computer, it's another persons04:14
pksadiqdanileigh79: did you searched for the audac.. version at launchpad? search there, you might get some PPA with the latest version compiled there, google it04:14
danileigh79pksadiq: ppa?04:15
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: There are 4 computers behind that ip address.04:15
pksadiqdanileigh79: let me too search for the link, wait04:15
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, ping probes are being blocked04:16
danileigh79pksadiq: i start to get sound for 1/10 of a second, then stops but file keeps playing04:16
sixofouris there any way to use skype on ubuntu?04:16
danileigh79sixofour: yes04:16
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: Please don't tamper with my network, everything IS being logged04:16
danileigh79sixofour: I have it04:16
danileigh79sixofour: got it from ubuntu software center04:16
=== gabo is now known as Guest9888
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, nmap is having trouble scanning it anyway04:17
sixofourdanileigh79, ubuntu software center?04:17
danileigh79sixofour: applications>Software Center04:17
van7huhi all,what does 'sin' in sin_family stand for?04:17
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: http://www22.verizon.com/ResidentialHelp/FiOSInternet/Networking/Setup/VzMI424/125061.htm    <---- as per this almost.. look into the firewall setting tab instead.04:18
=== francisco is now known as Guest95621
myrmidetterww, there's nobody on that channel except chanserv04:18
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, You are from Ontario or Quebec ?04:18
pksadiqdanileigh79: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/audacious/2.4.3-1  and select you build04:18
myrmidettedoes anyone know any other arabic linux support channels?04:18
=== jeffbailey is now known as jbailey-home
pksadiqdanileigh79: or try to add that PPA to your synaptic, I don't know how to add that, but ask some on else04:19
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: This is about you, not about me :)04:19
sixofourdanileigh79,  i don't see skype under internet, is it somewhere else?04:19
danileigh79pksadiq: not running natty, still on lucid04:19
pksadiqdanileigh79: but still I hope it will work04:20
danileigh79sixofour: just search in search box04:20
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, You must have a good setup nmap said all your ports are filtered04:20
sixofourdanileigh79,  0 matching items for "skype"04:21
danileigh79sixofour: that's funny lemme look04:21
sixofouri am on 9.10 not 10.1004:21
sixofourthats probably why04:21
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: Please stop trying or we will send the logs of your tries right back to Verizon -_-+04:21
danileigh79sixofour: i dl'd it when i was still on 9.10 didn't get removed when i switched to 10.0404:21
pksadiqsixofour: go to skype.com downlaod section and download there and also 9.10support isn't available now04:22
Guest95621anyone works on tablet PC?04:22
Loshkivan7hu: I don't recall, "socket in" maybe. This isn't the best channel for a programming question like yours. Try ##C04:22
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: You scans cause undue strain on a already weak connection.04:22
astleyHi, here is my problem, first off i am running Ubuntu 10.10 and I have drivers for the hardware including the wireless card, problem is the network manager or wicd wont accept my wep code04:22
danileigh79sixofour: system is messing up on me, gonna reboot, bb in 5-10 minutes04:22
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, No its not for maliscious purposes04:22
sixofourwell pksadiq 10.10 doesn't work, always gives "gave up waiting for root device" error04:22
van7huhanks Loshki04:22
sixofouron startup04:23
danileigh79pksadiq: skype worked on my 9.10 when i dl'd it 4 months ago04:23
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, Anyway the scans are not particulary illegal04:23
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: But it is generally discouraged to scan networks other than your own unless permission is given.04:24
Guest95621is there a onscreen keyboard?04:24
pksadiqdanileigh79: I mean this channel have stopped support for 9.10, not about skype04:24
danileigh79bbs, rebooting04:24
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, There is no rule book stating that04:24
danileigh79pksadiq: kk, bbs04:24
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: The DSL connection is bad enough, your scans can cause lag spikes which will interefere with my games in progress.04:24
chinthakaI need to set the /var/www directory such that it can be edited by any user.is there any possible way to do that. because I installed wordpress and I cannot install themes to it because of the permission problems.can anone help me please?04:25
Guest95621is there a onscreen keyboard?04:25
sixofourpksadiq 10.10 always gives "gave up waiting for root device" error04:25
Quantum_Ionchinthaka, chmod -R 755 /var/www ?04:25
LoshkiGuest95621: found this on google: http://www.combibo.net/articles/using_an_onscreen_keyboard_in_ubuntu/04:26
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, Can you scan me ?04:26
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, Do you have Nmap installed ?04:26
pksadiqsixofour: while booting? did you try reinstalling? did you installed inside windows?04:26
sixofourno, i did it all properly and yes i reinstalled several times04:27
sixofouryes while booting04:27
sixofourtried every option on the livecd04:27
smwchinthaka, you need to change the parts that will be edited to be owned by the apache user.04:27
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: Your router should be blocking everything04:27
sixofour9.10 worked without any errors04:27
sixofourits probably the new grub that is apparently in 10.1004:27
Quantum_IonDiamondcite, I see a port open when I scanned myself04:28
sixofouri was thinking of updating ubutnu from 9.10, but i am afraid it will just break again04:28
Quantum_IonI used nmap -PN04:28
slakcPhilQuantum_Ion: 755 only gives read and execute to others04:28
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: I'm not going to scan all 65k ports, also different ports are open depending on internal or external scan04:28
pksadiqsixofour: better the next 11.04 will release within a month while 9.10 dies, upgrade to that04:28
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion:  http://onlinehelp.verizon.net/consumer/bin/pdf/VzMI424WRUserManualv4.pdf  <--- look at page 20, that is what you need04:28
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: Err manual page 20, file page 2304:29
sixofourpksadiq,  upgrade to 11.4 in a month?04:29
Diamondcite!cn | yechunqiu04:29
ubottuyechunqiu: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk04:29
yechunqiuAre you OK?04:29
pksadiq!11.04 | sixofour04:29
ubottusixofour: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.04:29
yechunqiuWhat are you doing?04:30
chinthaka<Quantum_Ion> It gave me errors.http://pastebin.com/CYQVK0i704:30
sixofourokay, but i asked if you just told me to upgrade to 11.4 when its out, i didn't ask what is 11.4 :)04:30
chinthaka<smw> how can I do that?04:30
yechunqiuWho are you04:30
Diamondciteyechunqiu: This is a community ran support channel, please ask your question if you happen to have one related to Ubuntu.04:30
Loshkisixofour: make sure you have a backup you can restore from in case it all goes pear-shaped...04:30
yechunqiuI don`t know04:31
Quantum_Ionchinthaka, do it as root04:31
sixofouri have my data on cds anyways04:31
pksadiqsixofour: I show you the date, thats all :D04:31
smwchinthaka, figure out what needs to be changed, then do chown -R user.group /var/www04:31
Quantum_Ionsudo -i chmod -R 755 /var/www04:31
astleyHi, here is my problem, first off i am running Ubuntu 10.10 and I have drivers for the hardware including the wireless card, problem is the network manager or wicd wont accept my wep code, i have the Ralink RT5390 chipset04:31
smwQuantum_Ion, that is wrong04:31
DiamondciteQuantum_Ion: Just sudo without the -i would do it04:31
J_Kis there a program for ubuntu that will install java, adobe, etc, with one download?04:31
smw!extras | J_K04:32
ubottuJ_K: extras.ubuntu.com is an external !repo for new software made available after the Ubuntu release.  This repository is not part of the Ubuntu distribution and the software is completely unsupported by the Ubuntu team, but the original authors may offer some support.04:32
DiamondciteJ_K: I know ubuntu has a package known as flashplugin-installer04:32
smw!restricted-extras | J_K04:32
astleyshout out to JesusFreak31604:33
ac7ssAnyone know which is faster, X over SSH or XDMP?04:33
Quantum_IonJ_K, The only command that comes close is sudo apt-get install build-essential04:33
DiamondciteWhat is XDMP?04:33
slakcPhilJ_K: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree04:33
LoshkiJ_K: I don't think so. I usually run through one of the 'perfect desktop' series by hand: http://www.howtoforge.com/the-perfect-desktop-ubuntu-10.04-lucid-lynx04:33
smwchinthaka, chown -R apache.apache /var/www04:33
Quantum_Ionthis command should install openjdk java  sudo apt-get install build-essential04:34
smwchinthaka, please note that that is dangerous because it means the website can modify its self.04:34
ac7ssDiamondcite, It is a protocol for using X over a network conncetion.04:34
smwQuantum_Ion, I do not believe that installs openjdk java04:34
astleyHi, here is my problem, first off i am running Ubuntu 10.10 and I have drivers for the hardware including the wireless card, problem is the network manager or wicd wont accept my wep code, i have the Ralink RT5390 chipset04:34
Quantum_Ionsmw, try it and see04:35
Diamondciteac7ss: I.. never heard of it until now.. but personally I use ssh -CY user@host   (C = compress, Y= secure X11 forward04:35
ruansudo apt-get install openjdk-jre04:35
ruansudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre04:35
sixofourpksadiq, i think i'll just upgrade to 10.4 and see what happens04:35
Loshkiac7ss: dunno. I also hear that freenx is really fast (dunno which protocol they use)...04:35
pksadiqJ_K: or you may also create a script that does everything04:35
Quantum_Ionruan, thats one but you also need the jdk sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk04:35
chinthakathanks for helping me04:36
ruanQuantum_Ion: is he in need of jdk?04:36
smwQuantum_Ion, Depends: libc6-dev | libc-dev, gcc (>= 4:4.4.3), g++ (>= 4:4.4.3), make, dpkg-dev (>= 1.13.5)04:36
ac7ssLoshki, is that a Win prog or Lin.04:36
pksadiqsixofour: I always prefer fresh install, because upgrades sometimes shows fatal errors,04:36
smwQuantum_Ion, I don't see java listed there04:36
tausHello. I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 amd64 on a Dell Inspiron 14. I've been trying render an image using SFML2 (OpenGL) and I get a GLXBadContext error. I think it is caused by not having the proper drivers. From what I understand on the error. I'm either trying to do something my hardware can't (unlikely) or I have the wrong drivers. Here's some relevant information: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/588819/04:36
wikidjeffAny idea why when I try to launch openoffice database nothing happens? The other openoffice products seem to work fine.04:36
Quantum_Ionsmw, I swear the openjdk is in build essential unless they removed it04:36
sixofourpksadiq, frehs installs show fatal errors too apparently ;)04:37
smwQuantum_Ion, it never was. I am pretty sure of that.04:37
ruanwikidjeff: launch it from a terminal04:37
ruanwikidjeff: it will log its errors04:37
pksadiqsixofour: may be not, atleast for me ;)04:37
Loshkiac7ss: I believe it's cross platform: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX04:37
ac7ssDiamondcite, I was just using 'ssh -X user@host' Thanks for the better solution.04:37
sixofourwow 22 minutes to download 822 mb?..that should take like 7-10 minutes04:37
tausI tried googling that error, but it doesn't seem to have a "fix".04:38
wikidjeffruan: I tried that, it just returns to the terminal without saying anything04:38
ruanwikidjeff: odd04:38
Loshkiac7ss: Also compare performance with *and* without compression: it's not necessarily faster with compression...04:38
Quantum_IonAny way I used the java from oracle04:38
pksadiqtaus try to search the exact error as such within double quotes in google04:38
ac7ssLoshki, FreeNX looks like it uses X over SSH (compressed.) Also looks like I would need to set up the host.04:39
DiamondciteLoshki: ac7ss: Compression works nicer when the connections in between happen to be slow04:39
ruanwikidjeff: maybe it needs a reinstall.04:39
J_KLoshki: I meant like a 'starter pack' that comes with all programs like java, adobe, etc, to run games/youtube04:39
tausAlso, note that in that pastebin the information about my video is Intel HD Graphicbut and my lspci information and glxinfo are both different than that.04:39
wikidjeffruan: I just installed it for the first time04:39
ac7ssDiamondcite, Loshki : I doubt that compression will help then. (both computers have high speed connections.)04:39
LoshkiJ_K: I don't know of one. It's a good idea though...04:40
tausAny hints?04:40
ruanwikidjeff: well, im not really sure what the problem is then04:40
sixofourMost of those java, flash etc don't use open software, so they probably won't make a starter pack type deal04:40
Diamondciteac7ss: So this is a lan setup? I can pull a 320x240 video over 802.11g over ssh X11 forwarding :)04:40
Loshkiac7ss: Diamondcite: it's often hard to predict the effects of compression. If the data you're sending is already compressed (e.g. most media) then it can worsen performance as you try and recompress already compressed data...04:41
Quantum_IonI usually manually install flash from the adobe site04:41
smwsixofour, then what is ubuntu restricted extras?04:41
ruansmw: sun java, adobe flash04:42
ac7ssDiamondcite, I am using my work computer to access my home computer via ssh. Just that some of the progs are slow to start.04:42
sixofourthat doesn't include flash or java as far as i know04:42
smwruan, I knew that. It was a rhetorical question ;-).04:42
ruanlol k04:42
ac7ssDiamondcite, I stream 1m/sec movies over this connection.04:42
Diamondciteac7ss: This might be silly, for programs with alot of buttons/widgets, it is actually faster to VNC/Teamviewer them04:42
smwruan, <sixofour> Most of those java, flash etc don't use open software, so they probably won't make a starter pack type dea04:43
smwruan, deal*04:43
ac7ssLoshki, I don't use compression for media, (That is done a different route, with VLC.)04:43
Quantum_Ionadobe flashplayer for linux http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/?no_redirect04:43
sixofouroh i see, derp04:43
pksadiq!info ubuntu-restricted-extras | J_K,this might do that, I think04:43
ubottuJ_K,this: ubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages for Ubuntu. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 42 (maverick), package size 5 kB, installed size 36 kB04:43
Diamondciteac7ss: My netbook can't take such high bitrates gracefully, so I have no such need.04:43
Loshkiac7ss: have you tried running them on a vncserver/vncviewer setup instead?04:43
smwQuantum_Ion, better off using the deb from ubuntu then anything from adobe04:44
ac7ssDiamondcite, This is with my netbook. :) (I like my movies without artifacts.) I have had trouble getting VNC running correctly.04:44
Quantum_Ionsmw, Did you see the Ubuntu Linux deb here scroll down http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/?no_redirect04:44
smwQuantum_Ion, and? I would rather get from the ubuntu repo where it will be updated04:45
Diamondciteac7ss: Consider x11vnc, it's not TOO stable, but it says the desktop as is04:45
ruanthere was an APT link wasn't there?04:45
* ac7ss can run X on his maemo tablet. Kinda cool.04:45
astleyHi, here is my problem, first off i am running Ubuntu 10.10 and I have drivers for the hardware including the wireless card, problem is the network manager or wicd wont accept my wep code, i have the Ralink RT5390 chipset04:45
ac7ssDiamondcite, I will look into that...04:45
Diamondciteac7ss: I can play 1280x720 h264 videos on the N270 netbook04:45
ruansmw: the APT link04:46
smwastley, I have never been able to get network-manager to accept my wep passphrase. Only the hex key works for some reason.04:46
smwruan, really?04:46
ruansmw: there's an apt link there04:46
astleyhow do i get hex smw04:46
smwruan, cool04:46
wikidjeffruan: I think the problem was that I hadn't restarted ooffice since installing the database component04:47
ruanwikidjeff: probably04:47
smwastley, no idea. on my verizon router. I go into the config and change the key from ascii to hex and it translates it for me.04:47
andruhacan someone help me? I restarted my xubuntu system and both bars, top and bottom, disappeared.04:48
Quantum_Ionandruha, lol that happens with free software04:48
andruhaI went to settings and clicked panel, but nothing happens04:48
Quantum_Ionandruha, maybe if you reboot again fsck will clear it out04:48
andruhai restarted 2 times already04:49
smwQuantum_Ion, are you a troll? I have not seen you give one bit of helpful advice...04:50
Quantum_Ionsmw, No I am Warlock04:50
Quantum_Ionsmw, I have tigers blood running though my veins04:50
smwandruha, what I would do is move the folder that configures xfce and then restart.04:51
smwandruha, are you comfortable with the cli at all?04:51
andruhasmw, what folder is that? (im new to linux)04:51
andruhanuh, i'm new to linux04:52
smwandruha, probably .xfce04:52
pksadiq!resetpanel | andruha04:52
ubottuandruha: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »04:52
smwandruha, I don't use xubuntu. I suggest you use ubuntu if you are new to linux04:52
smwpksadiq, xubuntu, not ubuntu04:52
pksadiqsmw: wow, notice latter04:53
=== modok is now known as sirmodok
Loshkiandruha: be sure to also ask on #xubuntu ...04:53
smwandruha, http://ooboontoo.blogspot.com/2009/01/how-to-restore-xubuntu-desktop-panel.html04:54
Quantum_IonLoshki, best advice04:54
danileigh79Diamondcite: My ubuntu won't boot... I'm on freenode webchat04:54
Quantum_Ionandruha, type /join #xubuntu04:54
Diamondcitedanileigh79: ... how did that happen?04:55
andruhathanks for helping guys, I think i found something on a forum... trying it now04:55
smwandruha, did you read the link I posted?04:55
danileigh79Diamondcite: not sure, left my comp rebooting while i went outside for a cig04:55
andruhayes, reading it now04:55
Diamondcitedanileigh79: So what happens now? Where does it get stuck?04:56
Quantum_IonI need a drink04:56
danileigh79Diamondcite: during boot, i hit esc to show processes, stuck at battery check04:56
* soreau tosses Quantum_Ion a cold one04:56
=== bob__ is now known as bobf_cincinnati
Quantum_Ionsoreau, lol04:57
=== bobf_cincinnati is now known as burlington_bob
Diamondcitedanileigh79: Remove the battery and try again?04:57
danileigh79Diamondcite: first thing i did... fml, this comp REALLY doesn't want me using linux04:57
Diamondcitedanileigh79: I've seen a laptop that won't boot unless it has a Lucid (9.10) Kernel04:59
danileigh79Diamondcite: have been using lucid 10.04 for almost 5 weeks, no problems until tonight05:00
iTailshello, i have a question regarding Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition. For some reason, my netbook will boot Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Edition, but not the netbook edition. I've also tried booting off USB, but Acer's BIOS is too retarded to boot from it. So I was left with the desktop edition. Anyone know how I could get my trackpad and wireless to work in the desktop edition?05:00
uabn93Hi, does anyone know how to fix the shutdown boot screen resolution in 10.10?05:00
Diamondcitedanileigh79: Please try someone else I don't have any idea as to what can be your issue at the moment.05:01
IsmAvatar2hey guys, what does it mean when linux won't boot, but instead goes to BusyBox/initramfs05:01
danileigh79Diamondcite: thank you, and sorry for all the questions, I will attempt a reboot later05:01
DaPenguinIsmAvatar2, usually means it can't find the kernel05:02
ruanIsmAvatar2: try holding down shift at boot05:02
ruanand choose another kernel or recovery mode05:02
edbian_IsmAvatar2, Usually it means the kernel can't handle something (very badly misconfigured or bad hardware) or there is a missing kernel.05:02
IsmAvatar2ruan: what would that do?05:03
AbhijitGood Morning.05:03
palhmbshey guys - has anybody here come across a script to serve a git repo onto Gobby infinoted server?05:03
ruanIsmAvatar2: shift a boot will show you boot options05:03
ruanIsmAvatar2: all kernels you've installed05:03
uabn93Shift shows the grub boot menu05:03
AbhijitI have one pdf form. I want to now edit it and fill up that form. who to do it? is there any pdf editor? or any software which will convert this pdf to spreadsheet or writer format?05:03
IsmAvatar2ruan and uabn93: I already have the grub boot menu visible, since it's dual booting windows05:04
ruanIsmAvatar2: ah ok05:04
DaPenguinAbhijit, think open office or libre office will both handle that05:04
IsmAvatar2DaPenguin and edbian_: I figured as much. This is the third time it's happened. The other two times I reinstalled Linux and/or replaced the hard drive. I'm wondering if some other piece of hardware is going bad.05:04
AbhijitDaPenguin, okay will try that05:05
edbian_IsmAvatar2, press shift + page up on the busybox screen and see if you can find any errors05:05
ruanIsmAvatar2: you can do tests on most hardware05:05
DaPenguinIsmAvatar2, short of your sata controller can't think of anything that might be going out05:05
=== Dad is now known as Guest83742
ruanmemtest for ram, smart test for hard drives05:06
AbhijitDaPenguin, yes libreoffice is working. thank you.05:06
=== cafuego_ is now known as cafuego
IsmAvatar2ruan and DaPenguin: What if I said that Windows ran relatively fine on the machine?05:07
* rcmaehl now has ubuntu desktop, ubuntu netbook, kubuntu desktop, kubuntu netbook, edubuntu desktop, edubuntu desktop kde, xubuntu desktop, lubuntu desktop, edubuntu live, ubuntu minimal on his pc.05:07
ruanIsmAvatar2: odd. does recovery mode work?05:08
RussellAlanhow can i clear my cache?05:08
ruanrecovery mode + startx05:08
pksadiqrcmaehl: but still don't have, finnix archlinx assembly-linux, minix etc, which are the real linux05:08
RussellAlancomputer seems to be running sluggish05:08
burlington_bobhey can anyone help me out with an apache question... the httpd room is pretty quiet05:08
rcmaehlpksadiq: what's the package names? I'll install them05:09
IsmAvatar2ruan: no. Same error05:09
pksadiqrcmaehl: sorruy, they are not packages, they are distros05:09
IsmAvatar2or, problem05:09
ruanIsmAvatar2: any other kernels installed?05:09
Kamakazidisk read error05:09
Kamakazithe last 3 weeks with my computer have just been a comedy of errors05:09
IsmAvatar2ruan: yes, an older kernel with the same problem, too, I believe.05:09
rcmaehlpksadiq: I installed ubuntu-netbook via a package05:09
ruanIsmAvatar2: hmm. odd05:10
IsmAvatar2I know it wasn't a kernel install, because the latest was working fine, and then suddenly died.05:10
grannyof8is there a cmd for getting flash drives to work?05:10
ruangrannyof8: mount?05:10
grannyof8i cant get my flash drives to work05:11
ruangrannyof8: first get the device name with sudo fdisk -l05:11
pksadiqgrannyof8: sudo mount /dev/<device> <path/to/mount/>05:11
ruangrannyof8: then do: sudo mount ^05:11
ruan                                           ^mount point05:11
pksadiqruan: yeah, right05:12
IsmAvatar2DaPenguin: if my SATA controller were going, would the Windows boot still work?05:12
rcmaehlwhat am I missing that I can install via the repos?05:12
IsmAvatar2(or anyone, for that matter)05:13
folornhow you run something after ya compiled it ?05:13
ruanfolorn: run the binaries from the compiled package?05:13
ruanthat is, after it's compiled _properly_05:13
DaPenguinIsmAvatar2, probably not, probably an issue with the way grub is seeing the drives then05:13
pksadiqfolorn: might do ./filename05:14
folornno i wrote a program and i compiled it and now i wanna try  to run it if possible05:14
folorntried pksaiq wont work :(05:14
ruanfolorn: what language is this compiled program written in?05:14
pksadiqfolorn: what does it say?05:14
smwfolorn, ./a.out05:14
IsmAvatar2DaPenguin: Considering this has happened before, and on different hard drives and different installs, I'm more inclined to think it's a hardware issue.05:14
smwfolorn, or whatever the program is called.05:14
IsmAvatar2but I can't for the life of me figure out why Windows is still running, lol05:14
smwfolorn, just prefix it with ./05:14
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)05:15
DaPenguinIsmAvatar2, windows addresses hw differently than linux does05:15
pksadiqruan: thats complicated, he is just learning gcc05:15
sixofourpksadiq, wow, it takes 2 hours just to do the installing part05:15
folornc okay i went -cut all my code out open source -program is a irc bot. then pasted reviewed it then went- gcc skeletonbot.c or gcc -c  then it gave me a skeletonbot.o and from there im assumeing its compiled etc. now i wanna try to run it. :(05:15
DaPenguinIsmAvatar2, it could be a bios setting as well05:15
sixofourhow does upgrading take longer than installing fresh05:15
IsmAvatar2DaPenguin: that's an idea.05:15
pksadiqsixofour: good, might be it takes more time if errors05:15
Kamakaziokay, after running emerald --replace with a theme, how long should it take before it is done? Because my terminal has been running that command for a few hours now05:16
folornim even in root and it still says permission denied05:16
pksadiqsixofour: !good05:16
ruanfolorn: mark as executable05:16
Nisstyrefolorn, the manpage for the program chmod has the answer to your question05:16
ruanfolorn: chmod +x file05:16
odioKamakazi:   it should be immediate05:16
Kamakazihmmm, something must be wrong then05:16
Kamakazilike it has already replaced some of the theme stuff, some of the task bars in windows, but not everything05:16
odioKamakazi:  open emerald-theme-manager05:17
Nisstyreruan, don't just tell him what to do without explaining what that does05:17
odioKamakazi:  make sure the theme is actually in there05:17
pksadiqfolorn: would you mind a private chat?05:17
Loshkifolorn: Do:  gcc skeletonbot.c, then the result will be in ./a.out05:17
=== bot_ is now known as Guest76563
folornahh i dont that chmod dealy and now my files come up a new purrty color ?? im assumeing it worked then?05:17
folornya sure pksadiq pm me05:17
ruanNisstyre: chmod +x marks as executable... how more informative could i get?05:17
odioKamakazi:  also open ccsm  and click on the window decoaration plugin to get into it's settings and in the"Command"  field replace what is there with   emerald --replace05:17
odioKamakazi:  ah emerald will ONLY decorate the window title bar05:18
odioKamakazi:  well the entire window frame anyway05:18
Nisstyreruan, he should read the man page because it explains how files in linux work :\05:18
ruanNisstyre: right...05:18
ruanNisstyre: he was looking for a quick solution though05:18
odioKamakazi:   emerald is strictly only a window decroator  it will not theme the gnome panel..or the menu or window interior colours05:19
IsmAvatar2DaPenguin, ruan: thanks for the help. I'm going to try some tests, play with the bios some, and maybe see if some pieces of hardware can't be replaced. Before I go, question - do you think it'd be a good idea to replace the mobo, or do you think it's fine/05:19
ruanIsmAvatar2: depends what the problem is05:19
Kamakaziodio: Did not know that, so what do I need to theme all of gnome?05:19
Kamakaziodio: compiz themes?05:19
ruanIsmAvatar2: i had to replace a mobo after a humidity attack05:19
odioKamakazi:  the other stuff,, menu , window interior colors are theme by  a gtk2 theme which can be changed under /system/preferences/appearance05:20
Nisstyreruan, yeah, I'm just saying, it would be useful to understand that file under unix aren't differentiated by their extensions like in windows05:20
Nisstyrebut w/e05:20
jeffreyfWould anyone happen to have an install script for Zend Server?05:20
odioKamakazi:  use both emerald for window decorations  and a gtk2 theme to complete a theme look,,, sometimes on gnome-look.org if you search for  suits   you will get both the emerald and gtk2 themes included in the package05:21
infinituxmy audio system is screwed!05:21
folorndang it whoever told me to chmod something: i have a little oops i think it wont excute the binary file ??05:22
odioinfinitux:  is the card recognized?05:22
Loshkijeffreyf: can't you get it from their free trial?05:22
infinituxboth cards work, but for some reason it wants to play from the onboard one.05:22
odioinfinitux:  and in terminal    alsamixer   are any of the sliders turned down or muted?05:22
Loshkifolorn: I repeat, Do gcc skeletonbot.c, then the result will be in ./a.out05:22
infinituxodio: checked that too.05:22
danielcg25How do I remove a wallpaper from the "wallpaper slideshow"?05:22
infinituxthe audio works but only through the onboard card.05:22
odioinfinitux:  ah I see,, mm  you might have to change that in the bios05:22
infinituxuh, really?05:22
infinituxin the bios?05:23
DaPenguinfolorn, you have to throw the leading ./ before the program name, linux doesn't put the current dir in the path05:23
DaPenguininfinitux, just disable onboard audio05:23
odiodanielcg25:  under /usr/share/backgrounds    the slideshow script is there  along with the images included,, you would have to either remove one of the images  or replace it with the same name or edit thescript05:23
folorn1min loshki ill try that05:23
Kamakaziodio: Sweet, I think I know what i am doing now, going to give it a shot05:23
jeffreyfLoshki....actually, I just re-read your response...I was looking for a script to get it, compile it, add mysql and have little or no interaction from me05:24
odioKamakazi:  cool05:24
infinituxi'll find that in my bios?05:24
infinituxi'll go check.05:24
danielcg25Thanks, odio05:24
folornloshki it gives me 2 deals i think they are errors or something?05:24
folorntried dapenguin gives me a error me thinks.. :(05:24
Loshkijeffreyf: well, keep asking then. You can repeat your query every 15 minutes without people getting on your case...05:25
danielcg25I have "floppy0" Under the Places menu on the top-panel05:25
danielcg25That device is a USBfloppy drive, how to I get rid of it? It is nolonger connected to my system05:25
Loshkifolorn: since it compiled with gcc -c, I bet the errors are link-time. Please paste them to http://goo.gl/ixcN905:26
DaPenguinfolorn, what error?05:26
jeffreyfLoshki:  I will or may just keep searching.  SOMEONE had to have done it at some point05:26
pksadiqdanielcg25: may be in your bios there will be an option to disable floppy drive05:26
Loshkijeffreyf: best of luck...05:26
danielcg25No, It's a USB drive. I unplugged it now it won't go out of my Places menu05:27
edbian_danielcg25, It remembers until the next boot.05:27
ruandisable floppy seek05:27
edbian_danielcg25, In case you plug it in again05:27
danielcg25I have re-booted several times since I removed it05:27
ruandanielcg25: what happens if you plug in the usb drive again?05:28
edbian_danielcg25, is it listed in df -h  ?05:28
ruandanielcg25: this time, unmounting it when you remove it05:28
andruhaok, i got my panels back by typing xfce4-panel, but if I quit terminal, they disappear, what do i do?05:28
danielcg25Let me find it =P05:28
folornhere guys lemme vpaste quick brb05:29
andruhaand I get this error:(xfce4-mixer-plugin:1780): libxfce4mixer-CRITICAL **: xfce_mixer_get_track: assertion `GST_IS_MIXER (card)' failed05:29
andruha(xfce4-mixer-plugin:1780): xfce4-mixer-plugin-CRITICAL **: xfce_mixer_plugin_set_card: assertion `GST_IS_MIXER (card)' failed05:29
andruha(xfce4-mixer-plugin:1780): xfce4-mixer-plugin-CRITICAL **: xfce_mixer_plugin_set_track: assertion `GST_IS_MIXER_TRACK (track)' failed05:29
folorntheres the vpaste05:30
rcmaehlfsck -u <- lol that should be the command for forcing the disk to unmount before the check05:31
=== danielcg25_ is now known as Danielcg25
wsr3193_I just install 11.04, the unity desktop sucks, how do I change to the gnome desktop05:33
odiowsr3193_:   log off... then change the session to classic gnome05:34
LewocoHow do I make Ubunut use both of my graphics adapters?05:34
ruanLewoco: by configuring xorg i believe05:34
odioLewoco:  what are the graphics adapters you have?05:35
LewocoOne is an on-board intel and the other is nvidia05:35
odioLewoco:  not possible05:35
odioLewoco:  and I suggest using the onboard unless you can disable that in the bios05:35
Lewocoodio, Uhm... Why is this not possible under Ubuntu?05:35
odioLewoco:  well let me tell you of several experiences with intel + nvidia drivers onboard,, one instance it worked but the entire desktop was upside down and reversed05:36
odioLewoco:  I have seen this happen several times on systems that have both intel and nvidia05:36
folornyou get that vpaste loshki05:37
odioLewoco:  if there is a way to use both,, I am unaware of it05:37
van7huhello,where EXIT_SUCCESS is defined?05:38
Loshkifolorn: not till you mentioned my nick. Do you have #include <stdarg.h> in your headers?05:39
Loshkivan7hu: /usr/include/stdlib.h I think05:39
folornlemme check to be sure .. mostly it was just a test to figure out how to run the program learn the compile dealy etc.. ill look quick05:40
rodhashHello guys.. I'm looking for a good article about some special characters (" ' and \) in the shell.. any suggestion?05:40
edbian_rodhash, use \ before special characters05:40
rcmaehlRight click your gnome-panel -> about panels -> press f 3 times05:40
van7huthanks Loshki05:41
folornwhats up pooky05:41
rodhashedbian_: actually I'd like to learn how to proper use \ ' and ".. their differences, etc..05:41
=== aperson is now known as APERSON
ruanalso, alt f2, free the fish05:42
folornya i do its at the top of the header's05:43
rcmaehlruan: it no work05:44
rcmaehlruan: it runs "free"05:44
ruanrcmaehl: not for me05:44
ruanrcmaehl: don't run in terminal05:44
rcmaehlruan: lol a infinitly looping free the fish bash file05:44
KamakaziCan anybody identify the dock found here http://gnome-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=1&id=136789&file1=136789-1.jpg&file2=&file3=&name=Atolm05:44
rcmaehlmillions of tehm05:44
rcmaehlKamakazi: ummm awm i think iwht a custom them05:45
rcmaehlKamakazi: awn*05:45
=== lt is now known as Guest35426
staskohi al05:47
gnewbHello stasko05:47
ruanwhere is free the fish located?05:47
staskoi need help with sim card:)05:48
staskohow do i cknow  if i realy have a modem in laptop or its only slot for sim?05:49
Firefishestasko: What kind of laptop do you have?05:49
gwarkhi, I was wondering if someone could assist with a RAID creation error I'm having involving "Partition Misalignment" under Ubuntu 10.10 with 2TB WD drives.05:49
staskoHP elitebook 6930p05:49
atlusi have ubuntu 10.10 and when i run ./configure on bluez it says dbus library required05:49
gnewbstatsko: I have very very limited knowledge on that, but please stick around , someone will assist , oh ok.05:49
atlusbut under installed applications there is a dbus installed and i dont get it05:50
Firefisheatlus: something like:  sudo apt-get install libdbus-dev or something similar might help05:50
gwarkI have done some googling and have not found any kind of clarity regarding the problem.05:50
atlusno package05:50
Firefisheatlus: most errors like that during ./configure indicate a needed development library.05:50
odioatlus:  yes you need a dbus development package(s)05:51
atlusyeah im not sure how to find it05:51
staskoi dont see the  "enable broadband" in the network menu when i clicking right mouse button05:51
Firefisheatlus...let me check\05:51
atlusthank you05:51
ruanatlus: libdbus-1-305:51
gwarkin particular, the question I have is: should the raid partitions (which are the whole disk), be ext4 before I put them into the raid assembly?05:51
ruanatlus: libdbus-1-dev05:51
odioatlus:  open synaptick package manager   hit Search  type in  dbus05:51
=== Danielcg25_ is now known as Danielcg25_iPod
gwarkor should they be unformatted space05:51
ruan!info libdbus-1-305:51
ubottulibdbus-1-3 (source: dbus): simple interprocess messaging system. In component main, is required. Version 1.4.0-0ubuntu1.2 (maverick), package size 127 kB, installed size 324 kB05:51
ruanrequired o_O05:51
ruan!info libdbus-1-dev05:51
ubottulibdbus-1-dev (source: dbus): simple interprocess messaging system (development headers). In component main, is optional. Version 1.4.0-0ubuntu1.2 (maverick), package size 25 kB, installed size 240 kB05:51
gnewbgwark: Is it a 64b or a 32b install?05:52
odioatlus:  look for  libdbus-1-dev05:52
Firefisheyep, libdbus-1-dev05:52
odioatlus:  also in the package you are trying tocompile,, there should be  a  README fiel and or  an INSTALL  file that you should read,, it probably lists dependencies05:53
atlusthanks that worked!05:53
gwarkgnewb: this is a 64 bit ubuntu05:53
odioatlus:  cool05:53
Firefisheatlus: Bring up a terminal:  If you do this:  sudo apt-get install libdbus .. then hit the TAB KEY once, or maybe twice, it'll bring up a list of packages with the name 'libdbus' in them.05:53
gnewbgwark: Have you tried the fakeraid yet?05:54
Firefisheohw ell05:54
Firefisheodio:  I have it05:54
gwarkgnewb: not familiar with fakeraid, I'm using gparted followed by mdadm05:54
gwarkraid assembled ok (took 17 hours), then tried to make a FS on it and got warnings05:55
gnewbgwark: Server or Desktop?05:55
gwarkthis is an HP ProLiant Microserver05:55
gwarkrunning 3x WD 2TB in RAID505:55
ruangwark: which warnings?05:55
gnewbgwark: This is How to Fake RAID:> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto05:56
gwarkruan: similar problem in this article: http://superuser.com/questions/179198/misaligned-raid-partition-in-ubuntu-10-0405:56
gwarkthe exact amount of misalignment is different in my case05:57
Tsunami99I have an argent problem could any one help??05:57
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto05:57
gwarkgnewb: the fakeraid controller in the proliant only does 0, 1 and 10.  I want 505:57
gnewbgwark: And Peter Moulding has some great info on that:> http://petermoulding.com/ubuntu_10.10_server_amd6405:58
gnewbgwark: Oh ok, let me look some more, I was almost certain that FakeRAID was the solution,,,05:59
gwarkin case it's not clear: I'm not trying to boot off this raid (some of those articles are about bootable volumes)05:59
Tsunami99I went to update the lists for lucid packeges and went to var/lib/apt the problem is when i used mv lists.lists.old command and make a new direction I typed a worng name for th enew direction..05:59
gwarkI have separate boot device05:59
Tsunami99How can I restore the old one or fix the problem??05:59
Tsunami99 I went to update the lists for lucid packeges and went to var/lib/apt the problem is when i used mv lists.lists.old command and make a new direction I typed a worng name for th enew direction..06:00
ruanmv lists.lists.old listslists06:00
ruanmv lists.lists.old lists.lists06:01
Tsunami99I will try it now..06:01
=== ackt1c is now known as hoey
Tsunami99No it did not work  mv: cannot stat `lists.lists.old': No such file or directory06:02
Tsunami99help again..06:02
ruanwwhere did you move it?06:02
gnewbgwark: Maybe this one:> http://www.overclock.net/linux-unix/912477-mounting-fakeraid-ubuntu-10-10-a.html06:02
Tsunami99this was my mistake " root@mohamed-desktop:/var/lib/apt# mkdir -p lista/partial06:03
Tsunami99I wrote lista..06:03
ruandelete that dir06:03
hoeytsu: cd lista06:03
=== jeffrey_ is now known as azurepalm
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:04
Tsunami99cd lista06:04
Tsunami99I have deleted..06:04
robot_rosCan I ask doubts related to beagle board06:04
bitplaneanyone using 11.04 here? Is it worth me upgrading?06:04
theoshi! what can be the reason that gedit cant open bog txt files? it gives error. small files work fine though06:04
ruanTsunami99: now mkdir -p lists/partial06:04
Tsunami99Still I have a problem creating a new one..06:04
ruanTsunami99: what is the problem?06:04
bitplanetheos, how big and what error?06:05
ruantheos: ^06:05
Tsunami99theos:done whats next..06:05
yagootheos, you mean "big" files.. how big ?06:05
gnewbThank you kindly, I am sleepy now.06:05
robot_rosI am new to this Irc chat06:05
Tsunami99ruan: I am dealing with a wrong directry that I made for update lists..06:06
ncnncnnI was wondering why TerminalGreen theme gives me this error when various things are run:  .themes/TerminalGreen/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:47: error: unexpected keyword `class', expected character `{'06:06
bitplane|-----| <- this big? |---------------------------------------| <- or this big?06:06
robot_roshow / where can I ask doubts about beagle board06:06
yagoorobot_ros, BOO06:06
yagoorobot_ros, ???06:06
gwarkgnewb: I've read the links you've sent.  Here are my questions: For each of the 3 disks in the RAID (pre assembly), should they be partitioned with MSDOS or GPT? Once partition table is created, do I have to do anything special when I create the partition (currently using "align to MiB")?  Finally, do I need to put a file system on the partition before I do the assembly?06:06
robot_rosI am trying to install ubuntu on beagle board06:06
gwarknone of the links answer those questions06:06
yagoorobot_ros, arm /kernel channels ?/06:07
Tsunami99Thanks all I have solved it...06:07
yagoorobot_ros, http://beagleboard.org/ << looks like mini itx subject06:07
robot_rosbut how do I connect to that channel06:07
soSuckHmu!info smf06:07
ubottuPackage smf does not exist in maverick06:07
gwarkappreciate the help btw, just be aware I've worked on this problem for 2 days already :)06:07
yagoorobot_ros, dunno.. search the channel list..06:07
ruan!info smf-utils06:07
ubottusmf-utils (source: libsmf): Utilities to support the smf library. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.3-2 (maverick), package size 13 kB, installed size 80 kB06:07
gwarkso newb links maybe not super helpful06:07
ruanlucky i still had a apt-get terminal open.06:07
coz_ good day all06:09
rcmaehlHelp! I've lost all window decorations06:09
Tsunami99for yoy to coz..06:09
Tsunami99rcmaehl: how was that??06:09
ranjanHi all, how can i make my Laptop with a broadcom wireless adapter as a wifi AP?06:10
ruanrcmaehl: restart gdm?06:10
rcmaehlruan: it doens't work06:10
Tsunami99reinstal th edecoration..06:10
yagoorcmaehl, lol06:10
ruansudo service gdm restart ..06:10
rcmaehlno windows have decorations on any window manager06:10
rcmaehlfrom kde4 to xfce06:11
rcmaehlfound problem in startup applications06:11
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)06:12
rcmaehlpackage name: devilspie06:12
rcmaehlDescription: Forces fullscreen undecorated windows06:12
ruan!info devilspie06:13
ubottudevilspie (source: devilspie): find windows and perform actions on them. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.22-1 (maverick), package size 28 kB, installed size 128 kB06:13
chamucohi, how can i update my openoffice?06:15
ruanchamuco: update manager?06:15
Abhijitchamuco, if new updates are available you will get it automaticallly06:15
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.06:15
Guest91436i have a gateway w350a t series with a broken screen.. the computer is still fine but im trying to hook it up to my 50" flat panel and the screen on the tv is all wavy. this is my first time using ubuntu does anyone have any suggestions06:18
HandyGandyI want to watch this video: http://jaderholm.com/screencasts/org-mode/ .  If I watch online it is OK, but when I try to download it and try to watch, I get audio but no video. When I run mediainfo, it tells me I am using the "Shickwave" codec. I notice the person used Camstasia to record it. I seem to remember camstasia uses a proprietary to codec for capture. Is there a way I can change the codec of the thing?06:18
ruanHandyGandy: have you tried using vlc to watch it?06:19
ruan!info vlc06:19
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.4-1ubuntu1.4 (maverick), package size 2001 kB, installed size 4512 kB06:19
theosbitplane, ruan, sorry i was afk. its around 200kB. gedit gives error when opening files more than 180KB06:19
ruanthat's really small06:20
ruani can open 100mb files in gedit06:20
theoshaha but gedit cant open them :)06:20
theoslemme get the exact error06:20
ruantry an alternative text editor06:20
theoswine notepad can open them06:21
theosfirefox can open them too :)06:21
HandyGandyruan: Yes I have, and mplayer and totem. I tried to edit it too. No luck.06:21
ruanJuffED is one i use06:21
UBuxuBUcan ubuntu be configured to work nicely a 50 in flat panel...i havea ati raden graphics06:22
UBuxuBUit does not work right atm06:22
=== bejames_ is now known as bejames
ruanHandyGandy: have you tried to convert it using pitivi?06:22
soreauUBuxuBU: Which version of ubuntu?06:22
theoserror: gedit has not been able to detect the character encoding.Please check that you are not trying to open a binary file.Select a character encoding from the menu and try again.06:23
ruantheos: lol, do what it says06:23
soreauUBuxuBU: Which gpu model? lspci|grep VGA06:23
brett__so, i'm having an issue with my trackpad which i haven't been able to figure out. I installed 10.04 on my macbook pro (5,2) and later did a dist upgrade to 10.10, and now my track pad preference pane is missing from my mouse preferences..06:23
ruantheos: select a char encoding, preferably unicode06:23
UBuxuBUdunno its for my buddy06:23
theosruan, haha i did but nothing works06:23
UBuxuBUill get him to run lspci and get back06:24
ruantheos: what if you create a 200kb file?06:24
ljsoftnetbrett__ i dont recommend upgrading from a recent release06:24
soggymockshello everyone. i just reinstalled natty on this machine and i'm having some issues with unity. a 'home' icon appeared on it and on the desktop and i cant delete them06:24
hoeybrett: trackpad preference to assimilate what action06:24
soreauUBuxuBU: Well we cant support stuff you dont even know what you are asking about06:24
theosruan, error: Could not open the file using the Unicode (UTF-32) character encoding.06:24
soggymocksneither on the desktop nor on unity itself06:24
ruantheos: hmm06:24
soggymockshas anyone experienced this? beta 1 here on x8606:24
brett__ljsoftnet, yeah, i was a bit paranoid about doing so also, but I wanted to try out touche because i wanted to use multi touch gestures... i'm thinking of reinstalling 10.04, would you recommend?06:25
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.06:25
theosruan, wow it opened with western encoding :)06:25
ncnncnnI was wondering why TerminalGreen theme gives me this error when various things are run:  .themes/TerminalGreen/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:47: error: unexpected keyword `class', expected character `{'06:25
ruantheos: hmm, so it works now06:25
UBuxuBUok soreau but it can be done then06:25
soggymocks(it's not the usual home icon. the usual one is on top and behaves as expected)06:25
UBuxuBUill get the details06:25
theosyeah thanks ruan06:25
ncnncnnDoes anyone know?06:25
ljsoftnetbrett__ for me i recommend it06:25
soggymocksruan: sorry about that06:26
soreauUBuxuBU: I believe it can with the default open radeon driver. It depends on what card it is though. If its an HD series, you want to use at least natty most likely, since it has the latest driver bits06:26
brett__ljsoftnet, is there a way to roll back to a previous dist or do I need to format and reinstall?06:26
soreauUBuxuBU: older radeon cards should already work fine06:26
ljsoftnetbrett__ i dont think there is, did you format the whole hard disk?06:27
Guest9143600:00.0 Host bridge: ATI Technologies Inc RS690 Host Bridge06:27
Guest9143600:01.0 PCI bridge: ATI Technologies Inc RS690 PCI to PCI Bridge (Internal gfx)06:27
Guest9143600:05.0 PCI bridge: ATI Technologies Inc RS690 PCI to PCI Bridge (PCI Express Port 1)06:27
Guest9143600:07.0 PCI bridge: ATI Technologies Inc RS690 PCI to PCI Bridge (PCI Express Port 3)06:27
Guest9143600:12.0 SATA controller: ATI Technologies Inc SB600 Non-Raid-5 SATA06:27
FloodBot1Guest91436: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:27
Guest9143600:13.0 USB Controller: ATI Technologies Inc SB600 USB (OHCI0)06:27
brett__ljsoftnet, no I made two (almost) equal sized partitions where I'm running osx and one for ubuntu06:27
UBuxuBUhe is running ok soreau there it is06:28
UBuxuBUsee it soreau06:28
Abhijithi guys06:28
brett__and the obvious swap & efi partitions06:28
ljsoftnetbrett__ i would recommend reinstalling, i've tried upgrading before, so many problems occured after the upgrade06:28
Abhijiti wish to have the latest drivers for my Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller from http://intellinuxgraphics.org/download.html but i dont understand how to do it? will my system crash due to newet version? if not then how to get them?06:28
soreauUBuxuBU: Your friend with the radeon card is Guest91436 ?06:29
UBuxuBUsoreau guest91436 is the guy with the issue and see his lspci above06:29
ljsoftnetbrett__ if you want you can install, a fresh install of 10.1006:29
soreauUBuxuBU: He needs to run lspci|grep VGA06:29
soreauUBuxuBU: not just lspci..06:29
brett__ljsoftnet, okay, then I know what my plans are for tomorrow :) so much for experimenting!06:29
soreauGuest91436: What is the output of lspci|grep VGA ?06:29
HandyGandyruan: Just tried no go.06:29
ljsoftnetbrett__ ok06:30
brett__ljsoftnet, does 10.10 support the mac hardware ok? no difference from 10.04 i imagine?06:30
ruanHandyGandy: hm. what file extension is it06:30
ljsoftnetbrett__ nah, i dont think it has06:30
Guest9143601:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS690M [Radeon X1200 Series]06:30
brett__ljsoftnet, i'm just curious why it the trackpad support was dropped during a dist-upgrade06:30
UBuxuBUok soreau its coming get ready06:31
UBuxuBUtherer it is06:31
soreauGuest91436: UBuxuBU: Ok so its an older radeon. What was the question again?06:31
ljsoftnetbrett__ i dont know either06:31
UBuxuBUsoreau why is his scrren all wavy06:31
brett__ljsoftnet, no ability to disable the trackpad either. it's weird. i'll try installing a fresh 10.10 tomorrow.06:32
soreauUBuxuBU: Guest91436: No idea. You could try updating to latest drivers on 10.10 by installing xorg-edgers repo though06:32
ljsoftnetbrett__ ok06:32
brett__ljsoftnet, thanks for your help06:33
noricif I'm hacking around, writing a nerd game, and I want to ask some people to spend 5 minutes alpha testing it, where's a good place go to on irc06:33
UBuxuBUso u think 10.10 is better huh06:33
hoeyirc.eu.abjects.net #abjects #boxing #elite-chat06:33
hoeyfollow me long06:33
ljsoftnetbrett__ your welcome06:33
JJ_Hey, so what does everyone think about the Unity and Gnome 3 desktops?06:33
JJ_I think they are both shit.06:33
soreau! poll | JJ_06:33
ubottuJJ_: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:33
Saturn2888Where's the crontab -e information location? The per-user crontab files?06:33
soreau! language | JJ_06:33
ubottuJJ_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:33
coz_JJ_,   yes I think you meant to say  "I think they are both  caca"06:34
SudoGhostOr "I do not care for these, good sir."06:35
UBuxuBUGuest91436, dont forget to reboot to fully install the flash....06:50
sdimkovWhat's the difference between Elementary OS Jupiter and Ubuntu? Seems like good old 10.10 with some software removed, some added(midori,postler..etc) and the e themes. Is that worthy for whole new distro ??06:52
rwwsdimkov: Not really. #ubuntu is for official derivatives only, which Elementary isn't, though, so try #ubuntu-offtopic.06:52
=== troy_ is now known as pags
sdimkovI was just looking for oppinion but thanks, I'll try there as well06:53
jadespiderhow do I become an uber elite code monkey and start making big bucks06:55
jadespideris there a program for that?06:55
Guest91436alright thanks UBuxuBu06:55
UBuxuBUhow do u like it06:56
UBuxuBUfunky but Qool06:56
* UBuxuBU eyeballs eyeballs carp_lips...06:59
bonjoyeeis it true that files(same amount of data) occupy different amounts of space on different filesystems? see this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=172010206:59
=== brian is now known as Guest992
genii-aroundbonjoyee: Entirely true. Much depends on how the filesystem organises it's index of where things are, if secondary copies are kept, other stuff07:00
SwedeMikebonjoyee: yes.07:01
Guest992ubuxubu.. what did you add to the lower bar so i can power down the laptop. what did you type to find the button07:01
UBuxuBUi simply put the mouse cursor on the lower panel and right clicked Guest99207:02
SwedeMikebonjoyee: but he should have done more data points to make sure his theory is linear.07:02
UBuxuBUthen a menu came up07:02
UBuxuBUguest9 but u can also just lower the laptop lid07:02
Guest992yeah but what did you type because i dont see the power button in the menu that comes up07:03
UBuxuBUguest992 i didnt type anything i just scrolled down till i found it07:03
UBuxuBUwhy is it gone?07:03
UBuxuBUTHEN i clicked on it and dragged it in place07:04
ubuntuguyIs there a way to install ubuntu 11.04 beta without removing ubuntu 10.10, like so when I switch windows I can pick it from the scroll down bar?07:04
ubuntuguyusers not windows*07:04
ubuntuguyI can't do live cd07:04
bonjoyeeok.....i was under the impression that the difference if only while creating the filesystems..after that we get all the storage thats available...07:04
Guest992it was all grayed out and it wouldnt let me shut it down to restart. so i removed it and now its not in the menu07:05
bonjoyeeread if^^is07:05
=== dmitry is now known as Guest70331
ubuntuguyIs there a way to install ubuntu 11.04 beta without removing ubuntu 10.10, like so when I switch users I can pick it from the scroll down bar? I can't do the live cd07:06
coz_ubuntuguy,  use virtuaul box07:06
ubuntuguyI want the full 3d features\07:07
bonjoyeeubuntuguy: dualboot..07:07
UBuxuBUubuntuguy, maybe with advanced partitioning07:07
ubuntuguyand how do I do that?07:07
coz_ubuntuguy,  I believe you should be able to do that with the nonfree virtual box07:07
UBuxuBUubuntuguy, create a new partition07:07
Logan_!dualboot | ubuntuguy07:07
ubottuubuntuguy: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot07:07
UBuxuBUubuntuguy, use gparted07:07
ubuntuguyWhat if I install ubuntu netbook edition and then go on it and then upgrade, so when I go to switch user I can pick it from the scroll down bar thingy, will that work?07:08
UBuxuBUubuntuguy, gparted is an advanced partition builder07:08
ubuntuguyThing about gparted is that I just want a quick test with full 3d features07:09
bonjoyeeubuntuguy: u mean netbook edition of11.04?07:09
ubuntuguyof 10.1007:09
UBuxuBUubuntuguy, then install it in a usb flasg drive07:09
UBuxuBUand run it live07:09
ubuntuguyI can't07:09
napsterNeed a quick help!!! Which is the best vnc client I can install on my PC (ubuntu10.10) ?07:09
ubuntuguyunless you can give me a link07:09
ubuntuguyto the usb thingy07:09
FloodBot1ubuntuguy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:10
UBuxuBUubuntuguy, there are even utube tutorials on it step by step07:10
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX07:10
ubuntuguyUm, I looekd everywhere, can you link me07:10
ubuntuguybecause as far as I'm concern, it's only for 10.10, the usb07:10
UBuxuBUubuntuguy, ok ill look geez07:10
* UBuxuBU kicks an empty beer can...07:11
UBuxuBUubuntuguy, http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=run+ubuntu+live+in+a+flash+drive&aq=f07:12
UBuxuBUthere u go cowboy07:12
* UBuxuBU high 5's ubuntuguy 07:12
ubuntuguyYeah, but that's for older link versions07:12
ubuntuguyI would want ubuntu 11.04 for the usb, but it isn't out yet for the usb07:13
SudoGhostubuntuguy: It will work the same.07:13
UBuxuBUwell u will get theidea07:13
ubuntuguySudo, what will work the same?07:13
UBuxuBUhe want 3 dd's07:13
littlebearz1um. I have archlinux on the usb, like functioning as hdd07:13
cdbs!archlinux | littlebearz107:14
ubottulittlebearz1: Other !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)07:14
valgrhello to all , first time install linux [lubuntu - old pc] just download mozila how i install it?07:14
SudoGhostubuntuguy: The instructions on getting 10.10 to run on a USB will be the same as 11.04.07:14
Starminnvalgr: Define "mozilla" -- you mean Firefox or what?07:14
cdbsvalgr: Run this command in a terminal: sudo apt-get install firefox07:14
morningI'm a totally green newbie with a problem. I seem to have broken the association between Yelp and the documents it should read. (Likely cause: I messed with a file in usr/share/gnome/help/internet/C.)07:14
UBuxuBUvalgr, mozilla ff is installed on it already07:14
cdbsUBuxuBU: he's using Lubuntu07:15
genii-aroundvalgr: You should probably use your package manager instead07:15
UBuxuBUo hoh oh07:15
StarminnUBuxuBU: Pretty sure Lubuntu uses Chromium07:15
ubuntuguyI'll check it out07:15
cdbsvalgr: sudo apt-get install firefox <<< in a terminal07:15
UBuxuBUtry the software mgr07:15
UBuxuBUcdbs try the lubuntu channel07:15
UBuxuBUyes it does i have lubuntu also07:15
ubuntuguyYeah, exactly, it's showing me universal usb installer, that only offers 10.10 and lower07:15
cdbs!natty | ubuntuguy07:16
ubottuubuntuguy: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.07:16
cdbsubuntuguy: ^^ Hence I'd recommend you to wait for 11.04 to release before installing it07:16
UBuxuBUcdbs lubuntu has a nice channel full of helpful techs07:16
ubuntuguyI didn't want to install it, just test it out, but I have no cd slot07:17
ubuntuguythat's why I'm here07:17
cdbsUBuxuBU: its not me who needs support, its valgr07:17
UBuxuBU10-4 boss07:17
cdbsubuntuguy: Okay, then download the ISO for the beta07:17
ejvit possible to initialize a raid6 with 3 disks, to mark the fourth as 'missing' ? if so how? :)07:17
Logan_!lubuntu | valgr07:17
ubottuvalgr: lubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.07:17
ejv(using mdadm)07:17
cdbsubuntuguy: let's move this discussion to #ubuntu+107:17
SudoGhostubuntuguy: Try the #ubuntu+1 channel07:18
=== SudoGhost is now known as SudoGhost-Away
valgryes sorry firefox07:20
ruanvalgr: it comes with ubuntu, but if its not there then sudo apt-get install firefox07:20
UBuxuBUvalgr, why ff07:20
Logan_valgr: support for Lubuntu is in #lubuntu07:20
Logan_UBuxuBU: no07:20
=== Logan_ is now known as Incompetent
=== xiambax_ is now known as xiambax
valgrok i have install it firefox07:21
* UBuxuBU throws a salmon at Incompetent 07:22
valgrUBuxuBu: dont know what is ff?07:22
morningI gather that I can go to the file, click "open with," add a "custom command," and add "Yelp ghelp" as the right application to use. But it seems some further argument is needed. I'm way above my depth with this stuff. Anyone can advise me what to do?07:22
Incompetentvalgr: support for Lubuntu is in #lubuntu07:22
valgrand yes also i join #lubuntu are there any channels for new like me ?07:22
Incompetent!gr | valgr07:23
ubottuvalgr: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes07:23
valgrmany thanks07:23
=== Incompetent is now known as Unincompetent
* UBuxuBU gives Unincompetent a certificate of acheivement07:30
* Unincompetent is officially no longer incompetent, and this channel is currently not busy enough to warrant a warning that this statement should be in #ubuntu-offtopic07:31
rww!ot | Unincompetent07:33
ubottuUnincompetent: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:33
Unincompetentargh :P07:33
=== Unincompetent is now known as Logan_
StarminnEver since I installed KDE (it's deleted now after failing 3 times, very hard) my fonts on GNOME, as well as in Firefox in KDE have been very, *very*.... "thin"07:35
StarminnI've tried messing with the fonts options in Appearance but it really doesn't help a whole lot07:36
morningI seem to have broken the association between Yelp and the documents it should read. (Likely cause: I messed with a file in usr/share/gnome/help/internet/C.) And so the Help documents no longer open.07:38
morning(More precisely, I can get the top level of Help docs but can't go deeper.)07:38
morningI gather that I can go to the file I messed up, click "open with," add a "custom command," add "Yelp ghelp" as the right application to use, and have that apply to all similar files. But it seems some further argument is needed.07:38
FloodBot1morning: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:38
morningThat's what I need help with. What should I specify in "open with"?07:38
morningApologies. New at IRC. Thank you for the URL.07:38
bcbc2morning: right click, Properties, Open with07:44
iTailshello, i have a question. I am using an Acer Aspire D250, and I cannot get the wireless drivers to work. I need some help, because its frustrating me. It sees the connection, but it won't connect.07:45
=== quiesense is now known as quiescens
HyperShockis there something I can do to my maverick installation that will perform a system wide optimization so that resources will be used more efficiently? (I have noticed lots of drag and gray screens over the last 3 minor updates)07:46
=== brian is now known as Guest25676
Lorsagood morning, fellas. could someone help to download 1 package? I'm not drunk but can't just get where is downloadable link is hiding here - https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/i386/gdesklets/0.36-3 :(07:49
* HyperShock wonders if anyone even read his question07:49
Starminn  HyperShock: I read it. I don't have any suggestions, though. (Although I don't think the screen turns gray, only the application)07:50
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:50
odioLorsa,   I believe all you have to do is  open synaptic package manager search for gdeskles and mark for instalation07:51
odioLorsa,  you may also want to condider screenlets,,, they are a bit nicer07:51
Lorsaodio - it's not official repo and mine ubuntu is a bit higher version07:51
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odioLorsa,  which version of ubuntu?07:52
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Lorsaodio - mine is 10.10 I need this gdesklet package from lucid07:52
StarminnLorsa: Yeah, it's in Universe, so pop open Synaptic or Software Center and it should be there if you have that enabled07:52
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StarminnLorsa: Ah.07:53
odioLorsa,  hold on07:53
iTailshello, i have a question. I am using an Acer Aspire D250, and I cannot get the wireless drivers to work. I need some help, because its frustrating me. It sees the connection, but it won't connect.07:53
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quiescensthe silly thing is it looks worse than it is because they're getting automatically unquietened repeatedly07:53
UBuxuBUwhats goin on07:53
odioLorsa,    http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/gdesklets07:54
UBuxuBUhow can i stop that07:54
FlannelUBuxuBU: It's stopped now07:54
* UBuxuBU nods...07:54
quiescenssomeone pasted a page of text by accident or on purpose07:54
LoshkiHyperShock: maybe you might should consider shifting to a lighter weight desktop?07:55
iTailshello, i have a question. I am using an Acer Aspire D250, and I cannot get the wireless drivers to work. I need some help, because its frustrating me. It sees the connection, but it won't connect.07:55
Lorsaodio - ur link contain 0.36.1 version. mine 0.36.3 :)07:55
UBuxuBUiTails, ru also running windows?07:55
odioLorsa,  that is lucid's  version   isnt that what you wanted?07:56
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:56
iTailsUBuxuBU: no, this is my other laptop. the netbook i had to install some form of linux on because it will not reinstall windows to save my life07:56
UBuxuBUiTails, i hate that when that happens07:56
=== XS3 is now known as fish_sticks
Lorsaodin, no :) I want any deb just has to be 0.36.3. cause 0.36.1 is broken for a long time07:57
iTailsthanks Starminn, i will try this.07:57
Lorsaodin, I found 1 for lucid but can't figure out how to download it from here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/i386/gdesklets/0.36-307:57
genii-aroundI'm pretty sure gdesklets was discontinued due to lack of upstream activity08:00
Lorsaodio, sorry for odiN :)08:00
Lorsagenii-around, actually it's still alive and developing :) lucky for me08:00
HyperShockLorsa, why don't you install from source?08:01
jd87lorsa, how do you add one to your desktop?08:01
LorsaHyperShock, <-- noob. allready downloaded tar and learning about it08:01
XATRIXhi guys, can i use atd daemon, for scheduling some commands every 30min ?08:03
jd87how do you add a desklet? i have it installed but when i click it just says starting gdesklets for a few seconds then disappears08:03
Lorsajd87, old one version in 10.10 doesn't work08:04
Lorsajd87, that's why I'm looking for new one :)08:04
jd87lorsa, thank you!08:04
LoshkiXATRIX: you can, but I think crontab is better for recurring jobs...08:05
UBuxuBUit must be configured correctly.itails have u tried slipstreaming a sata driver08:05
XATRIXLoshki: why so ?08:06
ThrewOutTheWshope i'm voiced now08:06
XATRIXok may i remove atd from my system, and install cron instead of atd ?08:07
TheNumbHello :)08:07
odioLorsa,   is gdesklets still being updated?08:07
ThrewOutTheWsOkay. I remember when bandwidth overage fees were 7¢/megabyte. How much would they be now?08:07
drmorphiasTheNumb, hello :-)08:07
vineeshHi all, I want to install a fresh version of ubuntu over my existing install, without burning a CD or USB. For this I want to add the necessary entries to grub but I'm not familiar with grub2. I looked at the guide but it's not really helpful re. this. Can someone please paste a custom other_os entry, so modify it to boot the setup? Thanks.08:07
vineesh*/so I can/08:08
LoshkiXATRIX: does atd allow you to schedule recurring jobs?08:08
Lorsaodio, only on author's site. not in repos :(08:08
TheNumbIs there anybody else experiencing problems with nvidia 270.xx drivers?08:08
odioLorsa,  let me check ,, which version do you want>?08:08
Lorsaodio, http://gdesklets.de/08:08
ruannope, im on the 260 drivers08:08
XATRIXLoshki: i have no idea... that's why i asking you here08:09
XATRIXi never used it08:09
Lorsaodio, gdesklets-0.36.308:09
ruanplaying a game right now08:09
ThrewOutTheWsSo does anyone have any idea what overage fees would be per MB nowadays for going past a bandwidth limit while hosting a server/site?08:09
ruandepends on the host i think08:09
ThrewOutTheWsOkay, your preferred host then? (Or, on average.)08:09
UBuxuBUthe double your bandwidth for 5 bucks a onth08:09
MaTTiMuSshared hosting or dedicated?08:10
odioLorsa,  ok on the link  at the far right  click the  "get desklets"08:10
ThrewOutTheWsUBuxuBU: What's the rate for the single?08:10
TheNumbI can't get Unity to work, because of the nvidia drivers :(08:10
odioLorsa, rather the  desklets tar.gz08:10
UBuxuBUThrewOutTheWs, i dunno08:10
StarminnTheNumb: 11.04 support in #ubuntu+108:10
TheNumbStarminn: thanks ;-)08:10
LoshkiXATRIX: well, I don't think atd makes it easy to schedule recurring jobs, so crontab is preferable. Feel free to get a second opinion...08:11
UBuxuBUnatty has no sound08:11
Abhijit:'( i pressed alt f and now my macslow clock is minimized. how to get it back?08:11
ruanhave you tried pressing it again?08:11
Lorsaodio, I've already downloaded gdesklets-0.36.3.tar.bz2 :)08:11
Abhijitruan, pressing what?08:11
ruanAbhijit: alt f08:11
ThrewOutTheWsMaTTiMuS: prolly dedicated08:11
Lorsaodio, and sudo apt-get install build-essential as well :)08:11
LoshkiXATRIX: http://www.centos.org/docs/5/html/Deployment_Guide-en-US/s1-autotasks-at-batch.html08:12
Abhijitruan, no that dont work.08:12
XATRIXLoshki: ok, so, can i safely remove atd from my system ?08:12
HyperShockLorsa, have you extracted that archive yet in shell?08:12
MaTTiMuSOh, I have shared hosting at the moment.  My host has been really good, just isn't popular which is good to me.08:12
ruanAbhijit: restart the process08:12
LorsaHyperShock, yep08:12
LoshkiXATRIX: in theory, but I've never tried it, so no guarantees...08:13
ruan!info atd08:13
ubottuPackage atd does not exist in maverick08:13
Loshki!info at08:14
ubottuat (source: at): Delayed job execution and batch processing. In component main, is standard. Version 3.1.12-1ubuntu2 (maverick), package size 46 kB, installed size 224 kB08:14
ruanstandard hmm08:14
Abhijitruan, cairo-clock wont restart the current process it starts the new process08:14
MaTTiMuSI'm just now testing out Ubuntu to see how i like it,  no Skype on here?08:15
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga08:15
LorsaHyperShock, ./configure make  and su -c "make install" now?08:15
ruanbeat me to it08:15
deviliriumAbhijit: how about to close the original and open the new one?08:15
ruanMaTTiMuS: skype is in the repositories, can be acquired from software center08:15
Abhijitdevilirium, okay.08:15
bewest1I think pidgin can also do skype?08:16
MaTTiMuSI hate pidgin with a passion08:16
Abhijitdevilirium, yeah that worked.08:16
XATRIXhm....if i try to "apt-get remove at" it asks me to remove "at ubuntu-standard". is it safe to remove this all ?08:17
deviliriumMaTTiMuS: then what is ur IM of choice?08:17
* HyperShock announces appearing on a IRC network near you this summer only!!! "Passion of the MaTTiMuS!"08:17
MaTTiMuSAll I have been using is Skype, and a web messenger.08:17
deviliriumAbhijit: great, then problem solved =)08:17
MaTTiMuSHyper you should also note that your an asshole.08:17
Abhijitwhats MaTTiMus?08:17
deviliriumI see08:17
vineeshSo, anyone?08:18
gaelfx!language > MaTTiMuS08:18
ubottuMaTTiMuS, please see my private message08:18
MaTTiMuSubottu, Thanks for the information.08:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:19
Abhijitvineesh, for what?08:20
ThrewOutTheWsubottu: 239847^3^8*2398/(5/123)+logn10sin5/2=?08:20
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:20
ThrewOutTheWsthe bot won't do math?08:20
ruanscroll far up08:20
vineeshAbhijit: I want to install a fresh version of ubuntu over my existing install, without burning a CD or USB. For this I want to add the necessary entries to grub but I'm not familiar with grub2. I looked at the guide but it's not really helpful re. this. Can someone please paste a custom other_os entry, so I can modify it to boot the setup? Thanks.08:20
ThrewOutTheWs!calculate 239847^3^8*2398/(5/123)+logn10sin5/2=?08:20
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:20
ThrewOutTheWs!calculate 111111111*11111111108:21
ThrewOutTheWsspaced maybe08:21
WraithanHow does one (using a different distro) make a USB disk to install ubuntu?08:21
ThrewOutTheWs!calculate 111111111 * 11111111108:21
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:21
gaelfx!abusethebot > ThrewOutTheWs08:21
Starminn!msgthebot | ThrewOutTheWs08:21
ubottuThrewOutTheWs: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".08:21
LoshkiXATRIX: why are you bothering removing atd. To save 224kB?08:21
Starminngaelfx: You're thinking of !botabuse.08:21
AbhijitWraithan, unetbootin08:21
WraithanI tried DD'ing the iso to the flash drive08:21
HyperShockvineesh, i believe what you are looking for is in /etc/grub.d/08:21
* quiescens pats ubottu08:22
WraithanAbhijit: bah, really, ubuntu still makes it a pain in the ass?08:22
HyperShockvineesh, start by reading the README08:22
ruangoogle does calculations :P08:22
deviliriumAbhijit: 'without burning a cd or usb'08:22
AbhijitWraithan, unetbootin is not pain its gui easy way08:22
Abhijitdevilirium, that for vineesh i am talking to Wraithan08:22
gaelfxStarminn: haha, thanks :P knew it was something like that08:22
ThrewOutTheWs but with a few more keystrokes than a bot would, ruan08:22
deviliriumahh okay :)08:23
StarminnWraithan: In Ubuntu's defense, in Ubuntu all you have to do is System->Administration->Startup Disk Creator. So Ubuntu actually makes it quite easy.08:23
vineeshHyperShock: Yep but it doesn't say in plain english like how to boot a kernel. In the old grub it was just a simple kernel /path/to/kernel08:24
WraithanStarminn: Sure, and there is a windows app for it too, my distro an others I have used have nice img or dual iso/img files that can be directly used without any extra software08:24
gaelfxWraithan: if you want a really simple way to make a bootable usb from most linux iso's, you should check out unetbootin08:24
ruanlet answer="$calc1 $operation $calc2"; echo $answer08:24
Starminnruan ThrewOutTheWs: I feel like this is off-topic? (#ubuntu-offtopic)08:25
excelsiorIs there a way to rig the volume up hotkey raise the volume to 150% as the sound preferences allows? the volume down hotkey affects this normally when above 100% to 150%, but the volume up hotkey only goes up to 100%08:25
gaelfxWraithan: what do you mean by directly used?08:25
Wraithangaelfx: you can directly `dd` them to the flash drive, which is a util that comes with every distro08:26
gaelfxWraithan: gotcha08:26
XATRIXguys, how to disable atd daemon? it is not listed in services/runlevels... but it still started in processes08:27
excelsiorIs there a way to rig the volume up hotkey raise the volume to 150% as the sound preferences allows? the volume down hotkey affects this normally when above 100% to 150%, but the volume up hotkey only goes up to 100%08:28
designgearsare nvidia drivers (260.19.44 ) compatible with 11.04 beta1?08:30
SwedeMikedesigngears: #ubuntu+1 for 11.04 questions.08:31
designgearssorry, thanks :)08:31
gaelfxI seem to remember reading somewhere that there was a known issue with them hanging the system on boot though, fwiw08:32
=== mike is now known as Guest66177
speedyI have a dual boot setup Vista/Mav Meerkat 10.10 fully updated I installed along side of vista with wubi now that all is well Mav Meerkat needs more space can I take some from the vista side and add it to Mav Meerkat08:34
LoshkiXATRIX: it's an 'upstart' job, so it's configured by /etc/init/atd.conf. I forget the details...08:35
HyperShockheh just found out that atd is not synonymous with cron link here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=39934208:35
=== mike_ is now known as Guest89466
gaelfxspeedy: if you do decide to do that, I would suggest using the Vista partitioner, as Windows really doesn't like it when you use other partitioners08:35
fds2I've swapped hw and booted to CLI from edited GRUB2 menu.  Ran "startx" but got "fatal server error: no screens found.  xinit: unable to connect to Xserver."  What do I do?08:35
Starminnspeedy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=83010308:36
speedyok thanks for the help08:36
pksadiqfds2: try sudo Xorg -configure08:37
varunhi friends,i have bought  a new card reader,it is not detected when i insert the card reader,but it is showing in the lsusb,what to do08:37
gaelfxvarun: is there a card in it?08:37
HyperShockvarun have you searched google for Ubuntu and the id from the lsusb?08:38
speedygaelfx:  dont really run much vista but Vista Partitoner is by default of vista?08:38
varunyes,there is a card in it08:38
XATRIXLoshki: yeah, is possible to disable it ?08:38
XATRIXand how to disable ipv6 completely in system ?08:39
speedygaelfx: I either in Ubuntu / Win708:39
varunhttp://pastebin.com/n9rAF8fs     Here is the output of lsusb ,supertop card reader is the name08:39
varunHyperShock, :what to search08:39
gaelfxspeedy: not entirely sure what you mean, but iirc there is a partition application in Vista that you can use to shrink or grow your Vista partitions, and you want to shrink it, so that would probably be the safest route08:39
fds2`pksadiq: "failed to load NVIDA module."  NVIDIA card is not currently plugged in, using onboard video.  What now?08:39
LoshkiXATRIX: easier to just do: sudo mv /usr/sbin/atd /usr/sbin/atd.orig, then reboot...08:40
gaelfxspeedy: there is a partition editor called GParted you can use in Ubuntu, but Windows partitions don't always like it08:40
XATRIXLoshki: copy08:40
gaelfxvarun: if you're using an SDHC card in a reader that is not rated for SDHC, then that could be the problem08:40
pksadiqfds2: can you do sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ?08:41
varungaelfx:no card is been detected08:41
speedygaelfx : ya I've used the GParted b4 just want to give Mav Meerkat a few more bytes this tool in vista is in ?08:42
XATRIXand, how to make cron run my command every 60 minutes ?      */60 * * * * echo "TEST" >> /home/xatrix/test_cron.txt08:42
XATRIXsomething like this ?08:42
fds2pksadiq: ran that, gave neither an error or confirm08:42
gaelfxspeedy: er, sorry not sure where it is, but if you search in Vista for partition (from the Start Menu), you should find it, if indeed it does exist08:42
BesogonHi. Do you know if load balancing works in Ubuntu. I have a 3g modem and DSL connection and want using them both simultaneously08:42
pksadiqfds2: now try sudo startx &08:42
Samueli'm using Gnome Mplayer, like it a lot but it doesn't hide the mouse pointer08:43
gaelfxspeedy: sorry, I only have Win7, so I can't say exactly what's going on in Vista08:43
Samuelis there a way to hide the mouse pointer?08:43
gaelfxSamuel: you mean always, or just when it's not active?08:43
Samuelgaelfx, just when playing videos, perhaps there is a player that does hide the mouse?08:44
speedygaelfx: thanks for the help ok will look ok don't use much vista but machine was given to me so I dual booted it wirh Mav Meerkat I mainly use Win7/Ubuntu08:44
BesogonAnybody? load balancing. Does anybody face with it?08:44
icerootBesogon: that is not load balancing, that is called bondage and yes its working08:45
Samuelgaelfx, when not active would do fine to, can it be done?08:45
gaelfxSamuel: most of them do, but if the mouse moves at all (for example, an overactive subwoofer nudges it), it might show up again08:45
HyperShocksamuel: do "sudo apt-get install unclutter", this program will hide the mouse pointer when it is not in use ie, the mouse is idle.08:45
gaelfxSamuel: in VLC and SMplayer, there are options for that, not sure about Totem, but I would imagine it would08:45
fds2pksadiq: unable to connect to xserver08:45
Besogoniceroot: Cisco Corporation calls it "load balancing"08:46
gaelfxspeedy: gl08:46
Samueli'll give it a try, thx HyperShock  and thx gaelfx at least there are ways08:46
gaelfxSamuel: no problem08:46
noisewaterphdBesogon: that is called bonding, and yes you can do it in ubuntu08:46
HyperShockSamuel, np dude08:46
pksadiqfds2: try sudo gdm08:47
icerootBesogon: cisco is calling THERE propitary solution load balancing08:47
Besogonnoisewaterphd: Shopuld I turn something or it will work "out of the box"?08:47
noisewaterphdBesogon: google - ubuntu bonded network08:48
pksadiqfds2: what is the error shown ? in (EE)08:48
fds2pksadiq: WARNING: failed to acquire org.gone.DisplayManager, could not acquire name08:48
=== Guest66177 is now known as airurando
fds2pksadiq: after startx, NVIDIA: failed to load NVIDIA modeule.  No drivers available08:49
=== creak is now known as Creak
Besogonthanks noisewaterphd, iceroot08:49
pksadiqfds2: in terminal sudo vim /etc/X11/xorg.conf , a manual way that might work08:50
viking667'lo... I've just downloaded the 10.10 ISO, and have it in the CDROM drive of my virtual machine. Problem is, I want to upgrade from 10.04, but the install wants me to obliterate what's there already...08:50
viking667Is there an "upgrade" command instead of a "Install" command?08:50
Flannelviking667: Only if you download the alternate CD, not the desktop CD.08:50
ravenwhat is the command to do only fast file updates to a remote share? rsync -vrec does not do that08:50
excelsiorIs there a way to rig the volume up hotkey raise the volume to 150% as the sound preferences allows? the volume down hotkey affects this normally when above 100% to 150%, but the volume up hotkey only goes up to 100%08:50
viking667oh, crap.08:51
fds2pksadiq: VIM not found.08:51
Samueli've just installed unclutter, but where is it installed?08:51
Samuellike to autostart it you see :))08:51
Flannelviking667: (and you won't boot the CD, you'll just insert it with your 10.04 booted already)08:51
pksadiqfds2: ok, if you have internet try sudo apt-get install nvidia-current08:51
viking667So you're saying I downloaded the wrong disc, twice???08:51
viking667(first disc I downloaded was the 10.04 LTS, and I wasn't actually aware of it until the OS told me once I'd installed it:  Welcome to 10.04)08:52
viking667I felt like a charlie.08:52
Flannelviking667: I'm not sure about the twice part, but if you have the desktop CD only, then yes, you still need to download the alternate CD08:52
viking667This morning, I went ahead and grabbed the desktop CD... now this evening I find out I'm supposed to have got the alt. Yeesh.08:53
viking667At this rate, I should probably do a dist-upgrade instead.08:53
bullgard4'man banshee': "Muinshee - Media Management and Playback application" Why does 'man banshee' mention "Muinshee"? How is that related to Banshee?08:53
Flannelviking667: That would also work, yeah.  It'll be a smaller download in the long run08:53
gaelfxviking667: did you use the torrent to download? or directly? cause usually torrent is faster08:53
Flannelviking667: The only reason I wouldn't do that (since you already have the desktop CD to install 10.10 should you need to reinstall) is if you were going to upgrade more than one machine08:54
viking667I actually used the direct download, because the small torrent file wouldn't download for some reason.08:54
Flannelviking667: Or wanted some of the features of the alternate CD, of course08:54
viking667heh. Such as?08:54
HyperShockfds2, from the grub menu choose the kernel marked as recovery mode, in there is the option to rebuild the Xorg configuration settings according to the fucking way that Ubuntu wants things08:54
viking667heh. It's only an ISO at this stage, I haven't burned it... no point when I'm only dealing with VMs.08:55
HyperShockoops sorry, that word is funky not the other word that is there. :(08:55
pksadiqHyperShock: language please08:55
Flannelviking667: well, the alternate CD has more flexibility, you can install a command-line system, install on LVM, etc.08:55
fds2pksadiq: no inet ATM08:55
excelsiorIs there a way to rig the volume up hotkey raise the volume to 150% as the sound preferences allows? the volume down hotkey affects this normally when above 100% to 150%, but the volume up hotkey only goes up to 100%08:55
fds2HyperShock: haha, ok will try that08:55
HyperShocksorry for the fword all it was unintentional.08:56
* HyperShock grovels for mercy08:56
Loshkibullgard4: google says muinshee is a UI for banshee...08:57
excelsiorhow do I change my sound settings, what file is that located in?08:57
fds2HyperShock: from recovery mode, got to "recovery menu"08:57
SwedeMikeexcelsior: what setting do you want to change?08:58
excelsiormax volume08:58
SwedeMikeexcelsior: system->preferences>sound08:58
bullgard4Loshki: If I call Banshee I am having a UI. So is muinshee another banshee UI, or what?08:58
ravenrsync -u gives me "error to set times on file"..... ???08:58
excelsiorSwedeMike: sorry, that's not it. That's a volume control. I want to alter the max volume.08:59
Loshkibullgard4: Sorry, I don't use them myself. Feel free to google and read up on the details..08:59
SwedeMikeexcelsior: in what way? lower?08:59
excelsiorno, higher08:59
SwedeMikeexcelsior: I have no idea. Slider in settings there goes to ~140% or so, but it seems to be not available using the normal up/down buttons.09:00
excelsiorWell, I'm assuming there's a file that controls the settings, so I'm looking for it, and I'll figure out whatever documentation I can find on it, and then I'll change it.09:01
excelsiorWell, I'm assuming there's a file that controls the settings, so I'm looking for it, and I'll figure out whatever documentation I can find on it, and then I'll change it.09:01
FloodBot1excelsior: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:01
bullgard4Loshki: I am most thankful to you that you advice me to google.09:01
Loshkibullgard4: just trying to cut out the middleman...09:02
excelsiorhow do I search for files?09:02
viking667upgrading now... though I wish I could have just upgraded the packages I already HAD installed... instead, it wants to reinstall all the packages I spent half of yesterday removing.09:03
excelsiorhow do I search for files?09:04
viking667isn't there a way too.... hang on, dist-upgrade?09:04
Loshkibullgard4: pardon me, I meant to give you a url: http://gburt.blogspot.com/2008/08/muinshee.html09:04
viking667excelsior: a couple of ways, I'm a terminal dude so I use locate in a terminal09:05
Flannelviking667: Yeah, you could do a dist-upgrade if you literally just wanted to upgrade the packages you have installed.  This isn't officially supported, but if all of the packagers did their jobs properly, it should work just fine.09:05
viking667(if your locate database isn't filled in, you may want to build it)09:05
viking667find is a useful alternative09:05
Flannelviking667: How much did you remove?09:06
excelsiorviking667: thanks, locate worked great, but find didn't do anything09:06
lotuspsychjeanyone knows a good package to encrypt/password a folder in ubuntu?09:06
pksadiqexcelsior: you can do find | grep pattern09:07
viking667for a GUI tool, I don't know, as I don't use them as much as I probably would want.09:07
viking667ha ha ha... ohh, only about 300 odd packages.09:07
viking667maybe not quite that much, but certainly a few.09:07
viking667excelsior:   find /place/to/find/stuff  -name "name-of-file-you-want-to-find"09:07
viking667pksadiq: ewww...09:07
FloodBot1viking667: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:08
excelsiorpksadiq: could you give me an example?09:08
pksadiqexcelsior: to find a file named gcc...in the current folder do  find ./ | grep gcc        (gcc is case sensitive)09:09
excelsioris there a man page?09:09
noisewaterphdman grep, man find09:09
Flannelviking667: Alright, in the future, you should just start from an install that doesn't have a GUI (the alternate CD is the easiest way to get there), but anyway, yes.  I imagine doing an old-school dist-upgrade (after migrating your sources.list to point to maverick) would work mostly.  Might have some hiccups depending on what metapackages you removed09:09
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.09:09
excelsiorpksadiq: locate worked, but even that didn't. Don't worry about it.09:10
morningNewbie problem: I seem to have broken the association between Yelp and the documents it should read. (Likely cause: I messed with a file in usr/share/gnome/help/internet/C.) And so the Help documents no longer open. (More precisely, I can get the top level of Help docs but can't go deeper.) I gather that I can go to the file I messed up, click "open with," add a "custom command," add "Yelp ghelp" as the right application to use, and have tha09:11
morningt apply to all similar files. No? But it seems some further argument is needed.  That's what I need help with. What should I specify in "open with"? (Or where should I look for that info?)09:11
noisewaterphdexcelsior: your locate db could be old, issue the updatedb command, and then run locate again09:11
pksadiqexcelsior: I hope you havent missplaced the pipe(|) symbol09:11
viking667pksadiq: it's better to use:   find ./ -name gcc09:11
pksadiqviking667: yeah, but I use grep always my '-' press goes to the wrong key ;)09:12
excelsiorviking667: tried that, it didn't work either09:12
viking667weird... tried this:   which gcc09:13
viking667that'll tell you if it's even installed09:13
shblanganyone have the gedit plugin to search and replace with regexps?09:13
viking667or "dpkg -s gcc"09:13
excelsiornoisewaterphd: is that command: locate -update or what?09:13
viking667that only works for specific packages where the program name is the name of the package09:13
pksadiqviking667: gcc is simply an example, just leave it,09:13
noisewaterphdexcelsior: updatedb09:14
noisewaterphdexcelsior: you might have to do /sbin/updatedb09:14
excelsiordo I need sudo?09:14
noisewaterphdexcelsior: and you may have to sudo, its different in every distro and i dont remember09:14
pksadiqexcelsior: or if you need to search in the whole system do sudo find / | grep -i xorg      (etc or what ever) . try it09:15
noisewaterphdim on ubuntu now, i suppose i could just check09:15
excelsiorI did it sudo, no errors given, so I assume it worked?09:15
genii-aroundsudo is needed for updatedb yes. But then also sudo for locate after09:15
=== hermanlf_ is now known as hermanlf
viking667genii-around: I don't think that's quite correct.09:15
viking667i.e. updatedb, correct. but locate shouldn't need sudo09:16
Dcitegenii-around: sudo is only needed for locate if you are looking into /root I think.. or other users folders..09:16
viking667and if I remember correctly, there's some cron job that takes care of building the slocate/mlocate database anyhow.09:16
viking66744 minutes remaining of install09:17
noisewaterphdya, there is a cron, but by default its pretty long, if you are looking for anything added recently you usually need to manually run updatedb09:17
genii-aroundviking667: Ah. Empirically shows sudo required for updatedb but not locate.09:18
excelsioranyone ever mess around with pulseaudio alsamixer conf files?09:18
viking667I tend to not like pulseaudio...09:19
excelsiorhow do I know what I'm using?09:19
viking667having two sound cards isn't good for it or something... all I get is the one flaming volume control, and that's it.09:19
dude7064Anybody has experience with the facebook Graph API or used it in the past ??09:20
yechunqiuComrades, I sobered up09:20
ComradeHaz`Good for you.09:21
yechunqiuHa, thanks you09:21
yechunqiu1:00 pm excitement, drank are many09:22
danileigh79how can i change irssi to keep me aas danileigh79 without having to /nick everytime I start irssi?09:22
viking667irssi -c server --nick=yournick09:23
yechunqiuI first time contact linux, therefore this aspect thing I know nothing about09:23
viking667then when you next start irssi, start it plain "irssi -c server"09:23
viking667in that event, your new nick should stick.09:24
yechunqiuYou use linux generally, makes anything09:24
danileigh79viking667: kk, gonna try, brb09:25
yechunqiuWhich country are you ?09:25
jj_Can someone help me with installing ubuntu?09:28
malegebihello all    when  i change the system language into chinese . there is a popup that says "Could not apply changes! Fix broken packages first."09:28
malegebican someone  help me  to solve this  problem?09:29
morganmalegebi - when u boot to recovery mode there is an option to "fix broken packages"09:29
malegebihow to boot  into recovery mode?09:30
jj_Can someone help me with installing ubuntu? Newbie here09:30
morganreboot and at the grub menu select the 2nd option (recovery mode)09:30
viking667when you first boot up, hold down a shift key so you see that grub menu09:30
viking667hm. What's "falcon"?09:30
genii-around!info falcon09:31
ubottuPackage falcon does not exist in maverick09:31
malegebithanks  i'll have a try09:31
UlTERiOR_Simple question; where are the system-wide settings for the default gnome-panel launchers stored?09:31
viking667mmm. seems not.09:31
jj_Can someone help me with installing ubuntu? Newbie here09:31
genii-aroundviking667: It used to be a repository building tool developed by Seveas. Looks like not in repositories anymore though09:31
ruanjj_: sure09:32
jj_Can someone help me with installing ubuntu?09:32
UlTERiOR_nvm it, already found the answer.. apparently the default panel launchers settings are stored in gconf09:33
icerootjj_: whats the problem exactly?09:33
viking667Can't do, I don't know enough about it myself...09:33
morganquickly for the pros - my gnome-panel places menu has associations with a program that I can't be rid of. Any ideas?09:33
viking667is it in the left hand side of a Nautilus window?09:34
jj_Have you at least installed it, viking? I have but it didn't activate for some reason.09:34
morganjj - whats your prob?09:34
jj_I have installed ubuntu successfully; however, it didn't activate, morgan09:34
jj_Like...came on, loaded,09:35
morganjj_ hmm not sure im following.. have you installed it, are you booting off live cd.. are you getting to the login screen?09:36
jj_I downloaded it from the website onto my pc09:36
danileigh79how do I set my nick from daielle to danileigh permanently?09:38
XATRIXguys how can i do monitoring of my conjobs ? for example i'd like "echo" command to send some timestamps of executed commands to some logfile09:38
ifewalterhello mamaduka09:38
XATRIXso how it should be ?09:38
MamadukaI've problem with Ubuntu 10.10, problem is I've no sound. I'm using AC'97, any suggestions how to fix09:38
XATRIXthis is my crontab command09:38
XATRIX*/60 * * * * screen /home/xatrix/games/arma2oaserver sync && /home/xatrix/games/arma2oaserver repo09:38
brbrsleep calculator09:42
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KertraHi all09:47
malegebithe first time  i  restarted my computer.  i hold down a shift  and  i can  boot into recovery mode . but  after that  i  could'n  boot into  recovery  mode09:47
danileigh79how do i auto identify so i don't have to identify everytime irssi starts?09:47
razz1anyone running microsoft provided free XP VHD virtual images in ubuntu? I know that I can run the VHDs in virtual box under ubuntu, just want to know if the MS provided images will run or not?09:47
excelsiorOK, I just read that pulseaudio allows the volume to go to 480%. How do I tap that?09:47
FlannelXATRIX: any output from cron jobs is sent to your mailspool. With that said, I don't know if that's the command you actually want to put in cron.  You don't want to run screen.  What are you hoping to accomplish?09:48
ifewalter@razz why not try09:48
=== Doudou is now known as kertra
razz1ifewalter: i am going to, just want to see if any one here tried first.09:49
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ibmou on pe trouvé les cano en fr09:54
hoeycano good09:55
RockTeamHello. Is there anybody alive?09:55
coz_RockTeam,  many in here  :)09:55
ifewalter@rockteam no09:55
genii-around!ask | RockTeam09:55
ubottuRockTeam: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:55
coz_RockTeam,  what's the issue?09:55
RockTeamI use Exaile ver. 3.2.0 could somebody help please?09:56
coz_RockTeam,  ok   I dont have it installed so hold on while I install it     did you install this via synaptic??09:56
RockTeamYes via synaptic:deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/exaile-devel/ppa/ubuntu lucid main09:57
RockTeamdeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/exaile-devel/ppa/ubuntu lucid main09:57
van7huhi all,is linux kernel monolithic?09:58
parapanhello guys and girls; I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 and suddenly the X is not loading anymore; restart and the system is telling me that it is forced to run in low graphic mode; I press OK, but low graphic mode is not loading and i'm presented with a menu with different options ...however none is usefull; I went for the terminal - made a sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ...nothing happened ....I've checked xorg.conf using nano and the 09:58
jbleauHello everyone. I managed to goof up my volume level somehow. I am using a USB headset which was working. I was going through the mumble tutorial and I wasn't getting my mic working (which I actually have working now) but I accidentally set my output to OSS in mumble. Mumble then crashed, and ever since my volume has been REALLY low.09:59
MamadukaAny idea how to fix sound problem on Ubuntu 10.10?09:59
jbleauAll indications in the sound application under preferences show everything turned up, any suggestions would be helpful. :)09:59
van7huand what about its network manager? is network service is included in kernel?09:59
jbleaumumble wizard* it's an audio program for VOIP09:59
Mamaduka@jbleau similar problem here10:00
genii-aroundHm. Mumbling wizards.10:00
jbleauMamaduka, were you using mumble at all? Or was sound just low from the start?10:00
Mamaduka@jbleau I've no sound at all10:00
danileigh79how do i auto identify so i don't have to identify everytime irssi starts?10:03
ruandanileigh79: supply your password as server password10:03
danileigh79ruan: pls enlighten me how to do that10:03
ruan /help server10:04
danileigh79ruan: i had to reinstall linux completely so i lost everything i had10:04
tasseHi'im trying to install my xonar dx (PCIe) on my ubuntu 10.04 but i also have 2.0 sound and no 5.1 - in the sound options i dont see the xonar dx but i see  a "CMI 8788 (Oxygen Audio)" - which i dont have - any clue how i can fix that?10:04
parapanI'm running Ubuntu 10.04 and suddenly the X is not loading anymore; restart and the system is telling me that it is forced to run in low graphic mode; I press OK, but low graphic mode is not loading and i'm presented with a menu with different options ...however none is usefull; I went for the terminal - made a sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ...nothing happened ....I've checked xorg.conf using nano and the file is blank ...what 10:06
ruani used /server add -ssl irc.freenode.net password10:06
llutzdanileigh79: /NETWORK ADD -autosendcmd "/^msg NickServ IDENTIFY password;wait 2000" freenode10:06
danileigh79parapan: I had that same exact issue tonight, nobody could help so i was forced to reinstall10:06
parapanI also tried to reinstall Xserver, but ...the system is telling me there is no more space on the disk for reinstall .....10:06
llutzdanileigh79: you'd think about making backups10:07
parapandanileigh79: grrr not an option to me .....for the moment at least ..10:07
arandparapan: I think that might be the key issue? out of space..10:07
arandparapan: What does df -h show?10:08
parapanarand > yes it is ....10:08
ravenhow to display dns name10:08
jiltdilarnad:use and see :)10:08
llutzraven: grep nameserver /etc/resolv.conf10:09
parapanarand:  for the filesystem, sdb7 - Size 19 Gb / Used 18 Gb / Avail = 0 , Used = 100%10:09
parapanarand: but I do not know how to free space from the terminal commands10:10
ravenllutz, that only gives me the dns server (router)10:10
llutzraven: and what exactly  are you looking for?10:11
ravenllutz, why i cannot call my machines by name10:11
ouyeshi all10:11
Tyrnisplop all10:11
arandparapan: Ok, you could use something like "du -s * .*| sort -n" in a directory, (you home might be a good start) to see what is taking the most space10:11
viking667 /etc/hosts for manual specifying of hosts by IP10:11
llutzraven: check your dns-server (your router config)10:12
jiltdilis there any channel for oracle?10:12
morningNewbie problem: I seem to have broken the association between Yelp and the documents it should read. (Likely cause: I messed with a file in usr/share/gnome/help/internet/C.) And so the Help documents no longer open. (More precisely, I can get the top level of Help docs but can't go deeper.) I gather I can go to the file I messed up, click "open with," add a "custom command," add "Yelp ghelp" as the right application to use, and have that app10:12
morningly to all similar files. No? But it seems some further argument is needed. That's what I need help with. What should I specify in "open with"? (Or where should I look for that info?)10:12
ravenllutz, should be all ok with the router10:12
viking667I have a /etc/hosts file, but it's probably best done by a DNS server if you've got multiple machines in a local network10:12
magn3tsWHY do volume controls always hog mouse focus... it blocks screensavers. Yes, using a volume control without clicking away from it prevents the screensaver from starting. It stops the mouse scroll event from working on other windows. Very frustrating.10:12
llutzraven: unlikely, if that is your dns server and it doesn't work10:12
arandparapan: then you can use "rm file" or rm -r "directory/" (careful!) to remove items.10:13
jbleauI've resolved my problem. It seems like when I clicked OSS in mumble and mumble crashed, that OSS was launched and it took hold of my USB headset. I downloaded the Alsa soundmixer and turned the volume up and everything is normal. I just now need to figure out how to regain control over my headset in Pulse10:13
ouyesI doubt that there is something wrong with my vga driver chipset ati 3470 (thinkpad t400 laptop), when I am playing a file ,using vlc, the image stops from time to time, DO I NEED to replace the driver?10:13
parapanarand: don't know if this helps ...but ..I was mounted a read-only partiton of ufs type connected via USB ....at that time I had 6 Gb free on the / partition but after copy the space was 2 Gb; then, I was deleting that files from the /home directory BUT the free space was the same ...only 2 Kg free ...10:14
parapanarand: I do not have big files on the /home folder .....I have some issue on the filesystem directories I guess ....10:15
=== jbleau is now known as ninwa
parapanarand: somewhere on Synaptic / or maybe cache folder...I do not know ...but is in this area ....10:15
arandparapan: could it be that the files remain in your ~/.local/share/Trash/10:15
Kertrawhois arand10:16
arandKertra: I'm just me ;)10:16
* Kertra Lol 10:16
Tito0096Anyone want to laugh?10:16
FloodBot4Tito0096: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:17
FloodBot2Tito0096: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:17
Tito0096o_0 I wasnt flooding FloodBots :(10:17
L_Lol'd hard10:17
viking667any more than three lines in ten seconds...10:17
Tito0096well watch the video10:17
viking667you had four lines in eight seconds10:17
arandparapan: The easiest way to di it, however, is probably to boot a liveCD and run the disk space checker from there.10:17
llutzTito0096: stop linkspamming here pls10:17
Tito0096llutz - nah, I am just a ubuntuian that is bored lol10:18
arandparapan: Then you will get a nice statistic about all folders.10:18
llutz!ot | ito0096: i don't care what kind of spammer you are10:19
ubottuito0096: i don't care what kind of spammer you are: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:19
drag0nzhey guys, i installed an eggdrop on my ubuntu and its running, but when i try to telnet to it it says "connection refused" .. anyone knows why?10:19
parapanarand: just the next thing on my list ....trash did not offerend any clue ....all 3 subfolders in trash are free ...no files there ....I'm almost sure that mounting this UFS partition created me this pain but .....I don't exactly know how to handle the issue10:20
llutzdrag0nz: it's not running? iptables prevent access?10:20
parapanarand: now I have to look over the 10.04 CD :D10:20
drag0nzllua, it is running. and netstat -a shows the port is open. how can i double check if iptables is blocking it?10:21
llutzdrag0nz: sudo iptables -L10:21
drag0nzllutz, btw, im telneting from ubuntu itself and not from outside10:21
arandparapan: The app is called "Disk usage analyser" or "baobab" and should be in accessories.10:22
arandOnce you get a CD rolling10:22
llutzdrag0nz: "connection refused"  means: theres nothing listening on this port10:22
llutzdrag0nz: doublecheck settings like port10:23
drag0nzllutz, like i said, netstat is showing that the port is being used10:23
drag0nzlet me double check something10:23
=== hoey is now known as hu
llutzdrag0nz: does it listen on localhost at all?10:25
drag0nzllutz, youre right, the port is not listed in netstat.. i wonder why10:28
llutzdrag0nz: check logs10:28
drag0nzllutz, everything seems to b fine.. this is weird.. im gonna try to recompile it again see if that helps.. b back in a minute10:31
brontosaurusrexparapan, sudo find / -type f -size +100000k10:31
brontosaurusrexparapan, find all files bigger than10:32
NielsMknhey guys10:32
NielsMknWhat is unity?10:32
brontosaurusrexparapan, to check specific folder it could be: du -hs /data/10:32
ubottuUnity is a shell for GNOME, but it is not GNOME-shell. See http://unity.ubuntu.com and http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/10/31/unity-some-further-clarification-points/ for more information. Have a question, check http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/unity10:32
parapanbrontosaurusrex: thanks man I'll try this commands ....thank you too arand ...I'll see what I will manage ...10:33
brontosaurusrexparapan, list of disk analizers http://risto.kurppa.fi/blog/2008/10/disk-space-analyzers/10:33
NielsMknthanks ubottu10:34
robbit10People in #ubuntu+1 aren't responding, so I'll just ask here: In the final version of Natty, will you be able to use vanilla GNOME 3.0, or will you be forced to use Unity?10:34
gnewbparapan: ckdisk10:35
gnewbThere are others, many others10:36
genii-aroundrobbit10: Gnome3 will not be "locked out" or such. There will even be some ppa providing it, eg: http://norman.hooper.name/blog/post/58/ubuntu-natty-narwhal-gnome-3/10:37
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danileigh79goodnight all10:38
NielsMkndid anyone of you try ubuntu 11 beta 1?10:38
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.10:39
coz_NielsMkn,  yes I have it installed on one of my other machines.. and you want to go to #ubuntu+1  :)10:39
tanathanyone have any familiarity with samba? there's one share that's inaccessible for some reason10:39
tanathkeeps saying net path not found10:39
tanathi've used system-config-samba to add shares, and they all work but one10:40
tanathchecked/set permissions on folder, seems good...10:40
N1ghtCrawlerHello, what do you use to sfv check nowdays? cksfv does not exist in the repository and cfv says it's deprecated.10:41
tanathN1ghtCrawler, cksfv is in repo for me10:42
tanathN1ghtCrawler, universe/utils10:42
siddhantchdhey guys need some help10:44
siddhantchdi m trying to run amarok but when i try to play a track it doesnt play any10:44
siddhantchdi m running ubuntu 10.1010:44
tanathsiddhantchd, first, get a better media player :P10:44
siddhantchdplease suggest me some  tanath10:44
tanathsiddhantchd, banshee10:44
N1ghtCrawlertanath: humm, you are right. It seems to be in the maverick repository. Too bad for me I'm running 9.04 :/10:45
SwedeMikeN1ghtCrawler: you are aware that 9.04 has been out of support for almost a year?10:45
tanathN1ghtCrawler, look for backport? or just grab it from there? should work..10:45
tanathN1ghtCrawler, oh, and 'nowadays' we don't check sfv :P10:46
N1ghtCrawlerSwedeMike: Yeah, but I have some fears in upgrading.10:46
nightcrowi want to change my password to a short password10:46
hiexposiddhantchd, audacious10:46
nightcrowbut i cant keep on getting "you mnust choose a longer password"10:46
parapanarand: brontosaurusrex : it's outrageous ....I booted from the live CD, entering Home folder, opening nautilus, removed a 4GB file ...and now the system is reporting 173 MB free on the / ....how is this possible ????10:46
nightcrowis there any way to skip this?10:46
tanathnightcrow, why not make it blank?10:46
SwedeMikeN1ghtCrawler: you don't have fears of security problems?10:47
siddhantchdhiexpo thanx will try that also10:47
coz_nightcrow,  let me check hold on10:47
tanathnightcrow, you obviously don't care about security.10:47
hiexposiddhantchd, it is very light weight10:47
genii-aroundnightcrow: sudo passwd your-username-here10:47
arandparapan: Are you sure you removed it and it didn't end up in trash?10:47
llutzno sudo at all!10:47
nightcrowtanath: i dont care about security10:47
parapanarand: checking this right now .....10:47
N1ghtCrawlerSwedeMike: no. I have a perfectly good workin server with a mdadm rai5 and encrypted discs i fear wont boot after a upgrade.10:47
nightcrowtanath: its only on my lan - nothing else to interfere - no outside connections10:48
genii-aroundllutz: If you want to use a weak passowrd, you do need the sudo10:48
coz_nightcrow,  then    passwd your_username10:48
nightcrowgenii-around: that wouldnt work10:48
nightcrowcoz_: nor would that - you still get the same error in 10.0410:48
coz_nightcrow, oh?10:48
tanathsiddhantchd, audacious is good for playing certain things (just music) like emulated/game music... banshee is a good all-purpose media player10:48
nightcrowcoz_: yup10:48
coz_nightcrow,  mmm  thats a pain ,, ;let me check hold on10:48
SwedeMikeN1ghtCrawler: I'm talking abot for instance ssh or equivilent service having security problems and you get p0wned. Then it doesn't matter that you have encrypted discs.10:48
nightcrowthank you sir10:48
Dr_Willissudo username passwordtouse10:49
siddhantchdtanath oki bro will try them both10:49
siddhantchdand c which i m comfortable10:49
nightcrowDr_Willis: nor would that work10:49
Dr_Willisnightcrow:  i recall doing that in the past many times.10:49
parapanarand: trash looks empty ..no file there10:49
tanathsiddhantchd, don't hurt to keep them both around. but amarok has been doing a lot of stupid stuff over the past couple years10:49
coz_nightcrow,  according to what I am reading  sudo passwd username  type it in  even if it complains of too short password and then retype it10:50
parapanarand: i'll try to see if 183 Mb it's now enough to reinstall xserver10:50
siddhantchdtanath yea amarok isnt working only , it doesnt play any tpye of music10:50
N1ghtCrawlerSwedeMike: no, I know. But i fear if i upgrade, i will get the most secure server in the world.. It wont even start..10:50
nightcrowDr_Willis: in 10.04 it doesnt allow you to put a short password10:50
arandparapan: Hmm, it might take time for it to catch up thi the delete...10:50
Dr_Willisnightcrow:  i just set the users password to a 3 letter word. just fine..10:50
tanathsiddhantchd, you might be able to check amarok's settings and choose a different engine. that might work, but i'd recommend changing it for a better player anyway10:51
Dr_WillisIve not noticed any changes to the passwd command in recent releases.10:51
arandparapan: check both .Trash and .local/share/Trash to be sure...10:51
siddhantchdtanath yea i will be changing it for sure10:51
arandparapan: And I guess you could re-run baobab and see if it hid somewhere else...10:51
tanathsiddhantchd, it's sad. amarok used to be the best10:51
SwedeMikeparapan: if something was using that file when you deleted it, then the space won't be reclaimed until that application is stopped or releases the file lock.10:51
ninwaIs a VNC server running by default in ubuntu 10.10 for use with the remote client app that's installed? Or do I need to enable it.10:52
siddhantchdtanath that wht i had also heard, actually i m new to linux so trying to adjust and get the best software i can10:52
Dr_Willisninwa:  gnome has a vnc server feature installed by default. but none 'run' by default10:52
siddhantchdand even learning how to use them10:52
tanathsiddhantchd, in that case, grab ubuntu-tweak. lots of goodies there made easy to install10:53
Dr_Willisninwa:  the gnome vnc feature shares the current visiable desktop. normal vnc servers can have 'hidden' desktops10:53
ninwaDr_Willis, oh cool, interesting10:53
siddhantchdtanath okie but i wanna learn the correct way10:53
nightcrowDr_Willis: coz_ : brb10:54
nightcrowphone call10:54
nightcrowthank you10:54
tanathsiddhantchd, it's not incorrect.. just makes things easier10:54
siddhantchdtanath okie,, can i pm u and talk ? need help wid a few things10:54
tanathsiddhantchd, sure10:55
coz_gah!!!  why in the heck does my cursor jump to the upper left corner of the without warning and only on 10.10 ??10:55
soreaucoz_: I have a feeling its cairo-dock or compiz10:56
coz_soreau,  well it only occurs on maveric10:56
coz_soreau,  compiz isnt running ,,10:56
parapanarand: where is .Trash located ??? i cannot locate-it via terminal10:56
* coz_ confesses he doesnt always use compiz :)10:56
ubottuThe location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash10:56
parapanSwedeMike: it may be that reason ...the files I deleted originally were used by gFTP or filezilla .....is there a cache for those applications which can lock the image of the original files ???10:57
arandparapan: If it isn't there, it isn't there. (use "ls -a" to see hidden file as well)...10:58
SwedeMikeparapan: no, that's just how the filesystem works. You delete the file pointer in the directory, the actual file is only deleted when zero applications have the file open.10:59
=== PicCard_Away is now known as PicCard
SwedeMikearand: no, that's not how it works.11:00
SwedeMikethis is not windows with NTFS that won't let you delete a file that is open by another application.11:00
parapanarand: i have no .Trash in /home/user folder .....only in .local11:00
soreauparapan: .local is in /home/user11:00
SwedeMikeparapan: stop the application or simply reboot and you'll get the space freed.11:00
soreauparapan: /home/$USER/.local/11:01
parapansoreau: I already fouded thanks11:01
SwedeMike*sigh* Why am I even trying.11:01
parapanSwedeMike: my problem is more complex ..I do not have the X running ...I try to reinstall but I do not have enough space .....11:02
soreauparapan: He's gone11:02
soreauparapan: Can you restate your problem please?11:02
parapansoreau: I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 and suddenly the X is not loading anymore; restart and the system is telling me that it is forced to run in low graphic mode; I press OK, but low graphic mode is not loading and i'm presented with a menu with different options ...however none is usefull; I went for the terminal - made a sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ...nothing happened ....I've checked xorg.conf using nano and the file is blank 11:03
=== knightstalker is now known as Guest94464
soreauparapan: Can you pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log file to paste.ubuntu.com11:03
Dr_Willisparapan:  try a simple 'startx' and look for error messages yet in the console?11:04
parapansoreau: after that I tried reinstalling Xserver ..but I have no space left on the filesystem /11:04
Dr_Willisparapan:  an empty xorg.conf is normal  these days - X auto configures for the most part. What is your video chipset>?11:04
Dr_Willisparapan:  reinstalling is windows thinking. Unless you removed X. theres no point in reinstalling it.11:04
arandsoreau: Dr_Willis: I think the issue is simply that there is not enough space available for X to create it's termopary files, etc.11:04
soreauparapan: Well that is a problem. Do you know what's taking all the space?11:04
soreauarand: indeed11:04
parapanDr_Willis: I'll try that ....11:05
Dr_Willisthe apt cache is normally a big hog here. and the log files.11:05
JemtHi. I have created my own Plymouth theme (http://powerzone.dk/gd.tar) - but it doesn't work (neither does a lot of the themes from the repository). I simply get a blank screen. Can someone help me figure out what is going wrong?11:05
coz_parapan,   in terminal    df -l     are the drives full ?11:05
dziaduladowanie systemu wywala mi sie na poziomie grub11:06
nightcrowDr_Willis: thank you sir11:06
nightcrowit worked11:06
Peddywhat encryption method does Ubuntu LVM use by default?11:06
Dr_Willis!grub2 | coz_11:06
ubottucoz_: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:06
nightcrownot sure why it didnt work the first time11:06
nightcrowi was doing it as root11:06
dziadujest ta, wpis do ladowania kernela i jest cos takiego root=UID (dlugi uid)11:06
nightcrowcoz_: thank you as well11:06
Dr_Willisnightcrow:  :)11:06
dziadui po uruchomieniu kernela jest, ze /dev/uid (czy jakis tam) ie istnieje11:06
soreauparapan: Yes, try apt-get clean11:06
JemtWoops, link didn't work - fixed11:06
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Dr_Willisoops that was for dziadu  :)11:06
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mrstocksI've tried installing ubuntu 10.10 the ix36 and the amd64 version (i know linux alot) but it fails and i can't get the logs (the keyboards doesnt repond) is it worth trying the wubi? doesn't it make a fake filesytem or resizes the other partitions ?11:07
soreauparapan: The very first thing you need is some free disk space11:07
Dr_Willis!grub2 | dziadu11:07
ubottudziadu: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:07
coz_Dr_Willis,  oh,, you had me worried there :)11:07
niuncredohola alguien que hable español?11:07
soreauparapan: Check the output of 'df -h' to see your disk usage from CLI11:07
Peddy!encryption > Peddy11:07
ubottuPeddy, please see my private message11:07
Dr_Willismrstocks:  wubi installs into a file on the windows partitions. I hate wubi. :) You could try the alternative installer cd.11:07
dziaduups. sorry, isnetad of polish channel I start writing here, sorry again11:07
mrstocksalternative cd?11:07
=== administrator is now known as Guest50267
mrstocksDr_Willis, what is that?11:07
tdnI have just installed Ubuntu on a new MacBook Pro. In the lower right cornor there is an AMD logo saying Unsuoported hardware. How do I get rid og this? Also, how to I make wlan work?11:08
Dr_Willismrstocks:  yes. it has a text only installer. works on problem machines11:08
mrstockscool! WSill try11:08
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal11:08
coz_mrstocks,  there is also the minimal install cd  about 12 megs   and installs directly from internet11:08
mrstocksok ok, will try11:09
coz_parapan,  yes the df -l  or df -h  are good to keep in mind11:09
gnewbDr_Willis: An older machine install?11:09
coz_also  hddtemp for monitoring disk temps11:09
tdnHow do I make wifi work in a macbook pro?11:10
soreaucoz_: Do most drives have temp sensors?11:10
soreauI'd be more worried about cpu/gpu temp than hdd myself11:10
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs11:10
coz_soreau,  good questions.. i have some old ide drives here with a minimium of 4 sensors ,, I am going to say probably11:10
parapansoreau: already did that ...../ has 19 GB / 18 Used / vailable 0% / Used 100% .....maybe be that some files are blocked .....on the filesystem but dont know where to look for .....I mounted a UFS partition made copy of 5 Gb using nautilus ...after that I removed those files from the /home directory ...but the space was not released ....!!!11:11
parapanso where should I look for the files ....Trash is clear ....11:11
parapanwhere else ???11:11
soreauparapan: Did you run 'sudo apt-get clean' ?11:11
jiltdil which s/w i have to install to write and execute query of sql?11:11
gnewbtdn: That was for you, sorry...11:11
gnewb!wifi | tdn11:11
ubottutdn: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs11:11
mrstocksit's weird because the last not lastest ubuntu works fine, the config haven't changes EXCEPT the keyboar i went from a usb to a ps/2... can't beleave that is trouble11:11
genii-aroundjiltdil: sort of depends on *what* sql backend11:12
genii-aroundjiltdil: eg: PostgreSQL,MySQL, SQLite, etc11:12
parapansoreau: on the first place I run sudo apt-get autoclean ...that was freeing 2-3 Gb at some point .....that BEFORE mounting the UFS partition ..after doing the copy of those 5 Gb the autoclean command was useless11:13
soreauparapan: Another useful command is 'du -hs /some/directory' to see exactly how much space files are taking up in /some/directory11:13
soreauparapan: You should be able to poke around and see who's taking up your space11:13
coz_parapan,  out of curiosity....what percentage of the drive  was used from those commands?11:14
gnewbparapan: Have you used deborphan or such?11:14
soreauparapan: But the bottom line is, you absolutely need free space for your system to move/breathe/do anything useful11:14
arandcoz_: 100% from df initially...11:14
coz_arand,  yikes!!11:15
parapangnewb: I tried from the X ..when it was not broken ....at that time I restarted and the X doesnt worked anymore ...11:15
parapangnewb: dont know how to do that from the terminal command11:15
WeThePeoplehow do i run a program from the terminal11:15
tanathsoreau, i've managed with no space before. it can be done :P11:15
coz_parapan,  what size is your drive(s)11:15
genii-aroundjiltdil: If you have a webserver on the machine with it, phpmyadmin, if no webserver and local box then mysql-admin is recommended11:15
WeThePeopleor start a program11:15
tanathsoreau, for a little while anyway11:15
soreautanath: For the sake of this topic, we will assume you can't11:15
zvacetWeThePeople : try type a name11:16
arandWeThePeople: Simply type the name of the application11:16
gnewbparapan: Have you , wait, wait, was gonna ask if you tried the Recovery Console, but that sounds like a simple Xorg thing.11:16
tdnHow do I make the multitouch touchpad work on a Mac Book Pro?11:16
parapancoz_: / is 19 Gb, boot is 400 Mb / Swap is 2 Gb11:16
soreauWeThePeople: Is there something specific you want to do?11:16
genii-aroundjiltdil: You're welcome11:16
memoendoes anyone know how I could go about booting ubuntu from an external hard drive connected to a mac?11:16
arandWeThePeople: Alternatively, the full path to the application11:16
coz_parapan,   do you have videos,, music,, files you can back up ?11:16
gnewbparapan: one moment please...11:17
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Dr_Willismemoen:  theres proberly some key you hit during  bootup to tell the mac what device to boot from.11:17
coz_I think if I remember it is "shift" :)11:17
Dr_Willismemoen:  check the mac docs/channel - ive no idea what the key combo is these days11:17
coz_or splat key11:17
genii-aroundDr_Willis: Yes. Ctrl-C11:17
gnewbparapan: Here it is:>http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/13411:17
memoenyeah, I tell it to boot from my external hard drive, however it goes straight to my windows instead.....11:17
Dr_Williscoz_:  thats for the grub menu to appear..  mac used to use differnt keys over the years. I recall C for cd.  and other combos.11:18
memoenI have duo boot windows osx11:18
coz_Dr_Willis,  even on a mac?11:18
parapancoz_: not quite ...../home folder was 5,5 Gb in total .....with one file of 4,5 Gb = moovie ...I deleted this file after booted from LiveCD ....the amount of free space shown was only 183 Mb even if I deleted 4,5 Gb ...11:18
genii-aroundWell, "AppleKey-C"11:18
coz_Dr_Willis,  ah my mac days are long gone :)11:18
Dr_Willismemoen:  you need to set trib to boot what  os you want by default then.11:18
Seveasgenii-around, that's been dead for a few years :)11:18
Dr_Willismemoen:  grub has its configs you can tweak/reorder to change the order of the menu.11:18
tanathparapan, sounds like you should pastebin the output of 'df -h'11:18
WeThePeoplesoreau, yes i am trying to run linphone. i installed it but there is no icon in the Apps menu11:18
genii-aroundSeveas: Shows how old my Macs are :)11:18
gnewbjava time, back in a byte.11:18
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:18
coz_parapan,  this is quite odd... I didnt see your posts, I dont think,, from the beginning./.. how did you install this?  update  or clean install?11:19
Frotsubotto: help11:19
Seveasgenii-around, I was replying to your comment about falcon (reading highlight history), not macs :)11:19
soreauWeThePeople: Ah, ok. If you know the name of the executable, you can simply type it in your terminal and press enter. How did you install it?11:19
memoenDr_Wills, it never shows grub even loading from the external drive, thats the strange part11:19
cellardoorIf i were to make a shortcut, what could I use to represent an invidual user's home path? I know that ~/------ should work, but I need it to /home/%somethinghere/11:19
erUSULparapan: sometimes a fsck ( filesystem check ) is needed11:19
memoenit just jumps over the external drive and goes on to booting windows11:19
Seveascellardoor, ~username11:19
marcinI have small problem in Ubuntu 10.0411:19
memoeneven if I tell it11:19
Dr_Willismemoen:  check the grub settings to hide the menu, i always set mine to always show. never hide.11:19
tanathparapan, sounds like you need to fsck your file system11:19
cellardoorSeveas: much love for you11:19
WeThePeoplesoreau, i used 'sudo apt-get install linphone'11:20
genii-aroundSeveas: It was a worthy project, and it saddens me that you did not continue.11:20
Frotsmarcin: are you polish?11:20
Dr_Willismemoen:  could be its showing. but hidden, or for somereason using a weird res. so its not being seen11:20
soreauWeThePeople: Alright, sec11:20
parapangnewb: deborphan has to be installed in the first place ..I cannot install any new package I have 0% free space !!!11:20
spyzeris there anyway i can mimic the action of a shortcut/hot key from a terminal command ????11:20
spyzerplease tell11:20
memoenThat's a good point Dr_Willis, when I boot it on other machines it never shows grub11:20
memoenDr_Willis, thank you11:20
Seveasgenii-around, tell my boss to give me more free time. I'm wasting the little bit of time I have on writing irc bots :)11:20
parapanerUSUL: I'll try the fsck . . .11:20
spyzerDr_Willis: any idea??11:20
Dr_Willismemoen:  by default grub autohides if ubuntu is the ionly os. SHIFT key would make it appear.11:20
tanathparapan, issue is lack of free space, yes? have you fscked the file system to verify it's intact? if something seems to be filling up your space, check your logs11:20
Seveasparapan, 'apt-get clean' should save some space11:21
Seveasand baobab (installed by default I think) can tell you where the space is used11:21
Dr_Willisspyzer:  ive seen mention of xmacro type apps. never used them. I imagine it depends on exxatly action you want to do.11:21
soreauWeThePeople: /usr/bin/linphone-311:21
tanathparapan, there could be something wrong and your system's going insane writing info to log file, filling up space11:21
tanathparapan, try log viewer11:21
soreauWeThePeople: So you can simply type 'linphone-3'11:21
Frotsparapan: apt-get purge e2fstools11:21
erUSULFrots: what?11:22
soreauWeThePeople: This is assuming you're using maverick, 10.1011:22
FrotserUSUL: what what?11:22
WeThePeoplesoreau, 10.04 LTS11:23
Frotsthgat should clean some up if you use ext411:23
spyzerDr_Willis: thanks11:23
parapanerUSUL: tanath : fsck ..WARNING file system is mounted ...if you continue you could cause SEVERE filesystem damage .....11:23
LewocoHow do I allow my user account to sudo without a password prompt?11:23
tanathparapan, uh, yeah you'll wanna fsck from live disc11:23
erUSULparapan: umount it first11:23
parapanSeveas: not working ....11:23
marcini have problem with sound indicator. I can`t degrase sound volume. The bar going down, but sound is still loud.11:23
tanathparapan, have a look at your logs first though11:23
WeThePeoplesoreau, it worked thankyou11:23
parapanerUSUL: grrr ....from the command line ....I miss the command11:23
tanathparapan, fsck will take a while. if your logs are filling up you know where your space is going11:24
soreauWeThePeople: Yep, it's still the same name in Lucid. You're welcome11:24
jiltdilhow to change login background?11:24
coz_marcels,  open a terminal  type   alsamixer    see if you can pull down the PCm slider11:24
erUSULparapan: sudo umount /mount/point11:24
tanathjiltdil, System > Admin > Login Screen ?11:24
coz_jiltdil,  well hold on11:24
marcinthx "coz"11:24
Frotswhy am I getting this11:25
coz_jiltdil,   follow this ,, http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/GDM/GDM-NEW.txt11:25
Frots"bash: $'ech\357\273\277o': command not found11:25
coz_jiltdil,   however,, if you have your own image  you want... you have to put it in11:25
coz_jiltdil,   /usr/share/backgrounds11:25
Frotsrbash: $'ech\357\273\277o': command not found11:25
coz_jiltdil,   when you log off it will show the appearance properties dialog,,, change background from there and log in11:25
tanathFrots, what are you trying to do?11:25
soreauparapan: You really should run fsck manually from a live session to ensure you have no problems..11:25
tanathFrots, looks like misprinting colour codes11:26
coz_jiltdil,  dont forget to run that second command to prevent the appearance properties from popping up again11:26
jiltdilcoz:ok thanx11:26
Frotstanath: I'm running echo11:26
coz_no problem11:26
parapansoreau: fsck will check what kind of file ??? if I boot from livecd11:26
tanathFrots, lol, trying to, you mean11:26
Frotstanath: why make fun of it?11:27
soreauparapan: I don't know who told you to run fsck..11:27
tanathparapan, it will verify the integrity of the entire file system11:27
soreau! fsck | parapan11:27
ubottuparapan: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot11:27
soreau! language | Frots11:27
ubottuFrots: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.11:27
Frots! language | soreau11:27
Frotswtf " Sorry, I don't know anything about language11:27
LewocoHow do I allow all users in the admin group to sudo with a password?11:27
soreauFrots: This is the wrong channel to troll11:27
Frotssoreau: im just looking for help11:28
Lewocoerr, without*11:28
Frotsif you're not willing, please just /disco11:28
coz_Frots,  whats the issue?11:28
Frotscoz_: im running echo11:28
Frotsbut getting11:28
soreauFrots: What are you trying to do exactly?11:28
Frotsbash: $'ech\357\273\277o': command not found11:28
Frotssorebash: $'ech\357\273\277o': command not foundau:11:28
Dr_WillisFrots:  you got some extra stuff in there. :)11:28
parapansoreau: problem is ..when booted from live cd the filesystem is of the liveCD, not the filesystem of my original system ...11:29
tanathFrots, try checking your bash profile11:29
vivek200912how to connect to wireless network from ubuntu notebook 10.10?11:29
Frotstanath: is empty11:29
Dr_Willisparapan:  mount the installed system somewhere.11:29
tanathFrots, check the system default too11:29
soreauFrots: Yes but why are you typing echo in your terminal? That doesn't make much sense11:29
mah454How i can change repository for ltsp-build-client .11:29
FrotsDr_Willis:  what do you mean11:29
mah454How i can change repository for ltsp-build-client ?11:29
Frotssoreau: it is part of a script, duh11:29
Dr_WillisFrots:  its 'echo' not ech<Extracharavters>o11:29
soreauFrots: The script is faulty then11:29
tanathFrots, in that case, check the script11:29
Frotstanath: stop trolling11:29
soreauFrots: Also, we don't support random scripts here11:29
FrotsDr_Willis: thanks11:30
tanathFrots, buh?11:30
Frotssoreau: what is your problem?11:30
soreau! ops | Frots11:30
ubottuFrots: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!11:30
soreauFrots: You are. Quit trolling11:30
parapanDr_Willis: I was running startx ...lots of errors ....something about keyboard ...closing the log ....indication to visit wiki.x.org ....11:30
FrotsI dont get this hostility from you soreau11:30
coz_ok ,, I think its' time to break here11:30
FrotsDr_Willis: Thanks! I fixed it11:30
Dr_Willisparapan:  pastebin the output perhaps. Most of are proberly warnings/debug messages.11:30
Frotslooks like some unicode madness going on11:31
Dr_Willisparapan:  also put mention of your video chipset in the paste.11:31
mah454How i can change repository for ltsp-build-client ?11:31
gnewb!pastebin | parapan11:31
ubottuparapan: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:31
ikoniaFrots: please disable your scripts11:31
Frotsikonia: what scripts are you talking about?11:31
Frotsdid you hack my machine?11:31
ikoniaFrots: please stop pasting scripts into the channel11:32
parapanDr_Willis: not able to do this ...desktop is broken .I'm running from laptop now ...11:32
Frotsikonia: what are you talking about :s11:32
Dr_Willisparapan:  'command | pastebinit'   if you have a network connection11:32
kufarhello everbody11:32
Frotsikonia: I only pasted a reply from bash, that is not a script :S11:32
vivek200912how to connect to wireless network from ubuntu notebook 10.10?Can anyone help?11:32
ikoniaFrots: the script / commands you're pasting into the cahnnel11:32
soreauhi kufar11:32
Frotssoreau: is trolling not me11:32
kufari can`t install my wifi adapter11:32
Dr_Willisvivek200912:  should be an icon at the top right for network-manager11:32
kufarhere is my error11:32
soreaukufar: What chip is it?11:32
Frotsikonia: "bash: $'ech\357\273\277o': command not found" <- that is not a script but an error11:32
ikoniakufar: summerise your error please11:33
ikoniaFrots: that is a command11:33
Frotsikonia: it is not11:33
soreaukufar: Which version of ubuntu?11:33
Dr_WillisIts an obvious typo in any case...11:33
Frotsikonia: it is a reply from bash saying the command is not found11:33
kufar10.10 x6411:33
kufar[ 1499.960040] usb 1-4: ath9k_htc: Firmware - ar9271.fw download failed11:33
kufar[ 1500.050101] ath9k_hif_usb: probe of 1-4:1.0 failed with error -2211:33
kufar[ 1500.050166] usbcore: registered new interface driver ath9k_hif_usb11:33
FloodBot2kufar: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:33
soreauFrots: You said you fixed your problem, so leave it alone now11:33
FrotsDr_Willis: yes already fixed, thanks11:33
vivek200912Dr_Willis; It is showing me some wireless connection, how to connect to it?11:33
ikoniaFrots: yes it's a COMMAND11:33
Frotssoreau: stop being hostile11:33
Frotsikonia: it is NOT11:33
Dr_Willisvivek200912:  i just click on the one i want to connect to.. never noticed it being that complex a task11:33
s3r3n1t7Frots, a command is causing that error. That is what ikonia is trying to tell you.11:34
gnewb!pastebin | kufar11:34
ubottukufar: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:34
tanathFrots, looks like a command ran by the script, which it did wrong11:34
Frotsyes i already know11:34
tanathFrots, trying to make it have colour, most likely, and failing11:34
Frotsbut ikonia was claiming I was pasting commands in here11:34
vivek200912Dr_Willis: when i try to connect to is, it says wireless connection could not established.11:34
soreaukufar: It's a usb wifi adapter?11:34
Frotstanath: no not true11:34
Frotsit is unicode11:34
kufarsoreau yes11:34
Frotstanath: dont act like you know stuff ;)11:34
kufartp link11:34
soreaujpds: Thank you11:35
tanathFrots, ok, whatever. it's inserting non-standard characters (usually for colour)11:35
* Dr_Willis wonders how echo contanins any unicode between the h and o11:35
soreaukufar: I don't know much about usb atheros chips but my initial impression is that the support is less than for PCI cards11:35
soreauDr_Willis: It's echtrollo11:36
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs11:36
vivek200912Dr_Willis: now it says, wireless network disconnected.11:36
tanathsoreau, is it?11:36
Dr_Willisvivek200912:  you asked how to connect.. thats how i connect. all the wireless troubleshooting info i know of - is at the url given above.11:36
awantiHi, I am running Ubuntu 10.10 OS and i have 3GB of RAM. The problem is my os is not able to utilise full 3 gb of ram.....11:36
soreautanath: Ok, was11:36
tanathsoreau, oh, a joke... it's only 3 chars11:36
vivek200912Dr_Willis: ok, thanks for the URL..11:37
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
awantifor testing purpose i ran 3 virtual machines using vmware.... and ram usage is showing 990 mb .... Plz. help11:37
soreaukufar: Can you post the line from lsusb for the device?11:37
hiexpokufar, what atheros card is it?11:37
soreauhiexpo: It's a usb thingy :P11:38
parapanDr_Willis: if you have a moment ....my problem is a little bit deeper .....I have 0 space on my / ; I mounted a UFS partition yesterday made copy of some files out of this partition on my home folder; after that, I deleted the files BUT the space was not free . . .11:38
tanathsoreau, too late now, but i think i solved his problem..11:39
kufar2Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0cf3:9271 Atheros Communications, Inc. AR9271 802.11n11:39
soreauparapan: That really does not make sense to me. If you rm files, it should free space on the file system unless there are other underlying issues11:39
tanathsoreau, he needed to run dos2unix on his .sh11:39
soreautanath: Great.11:39
soreautanath: He should learn some irc etiquette though :P11:39
parapansoreau: that my problem also ...the files are there somewhere ....just cannot locate them ....11:40
parapani'l try that find command ....11:40
soreauparapan: Sounds like you have bigger problems than just running out of disk space on /11:40
awantibut in windows 7   3GB ram will utilising properly...11:41
parapanI'm most likely going for the reinstall .....of the completre OS11:41
soreaukufar2: kufar: The most interesting I see is [ 1499.960040] usb 1-4: ath9k_htc: Firmware - ar9271.fw download failed11:42
soreaukufar2: kufar: Do you already have internet working on this box?11:42
kufar2yes but use LAN11:43
kufar2no wifi11:43
=== mike is now known as airurando
soreaukufar2: Then it shouldn't fail to download the firmware..11:43
soreaukufar2: Where do you see these messages anyway?11:44
kufar2when i start the computer11:44
soreaukufar2: Make sure the connection is working when it tries to auto-download the fw11:44
kufar2i download manual and put it in the /lib/firmware11:45
Dr_Willisparapan:  theres numerous scripts and tools out there to show where space is being used.11:45
=== Pug is now known as Guest13602
soreaukufar2: Or, boot the computer with the device un plugged, then plug it in once you know you have a reliable connection11:45
kufar2i try it11:46
mauro_Ciao a tutti11:46
soreauDr_Willis: From the sound of it, he has bigger troubles because he claims files deleted do not free space. So it's either fubar or pebcak11:46
parapanDr_Willis: I'm in liveCD now ..can you point me out using the visual interface ??11:46
Dr_Willisparapan:  check the gnome menus. Im not on normal gnome desktop.11:46
Dr_Willisparapan:   You may want to fsck the problem filesyste4m  since you are on a live cd. befor you mount it also.11:47
Renskiive removed apache, and reinstalling it, but apache hasnt remade /etc/sadf11:47
Renskiand its default configuration files11:48
Renskiwhats going on?11:48
saal7193is there a way to find all the duplicate files on my computer?11:48
Dr_WillisRenski:  perhaps you should of  used teh purge option.11:48
Dr_Willis!find dupes11:48
Renskiapt-get purge apache2 ?11:48
ubottuFound: fdupes, findimagedupes11:48
Dr_Willis!info fdupes11:48
ubottufdupes (source: fdupes): identifies duplicate files within given directories. In component main, is optional. Version 1.50-PR2-3 (maverick), package size 19 kB, installed size 84 kB11:48
Renskiwhats the difference between purge and remove?11:48
Dr_WillisRenski:  purge will remove all config files. - theres also a reinstalloption11:49
parapanDr_Willis: I monted / from the old system under LiveCD, open the terminal made sudo fsck ...nothing is happening11:49
Dr_Willisparapan:  you fsck BEFOR you mount it.11:49
Dr_Willisparapan:  and you fsck /dev/sdXX11:49
spyzerhi all, i wished to add a menu item to nautilus right click. I added an action in "nautilus actions configuration" but the action appears only when some item is selected. How do i make it appear anytime?11:50
spyzerkindly help11:50
soreauRenski: Try installing apache2 ?11:50
coz_spyzer,  you mean under the area where the filesystem  etc are listed?11:51
soreauRenski: remove removes the package, purge removes the package and it's configuration files11:51
soreauRenski: Which version of ubuntu are you using?11:51
spyzercoz_: i mean when i right click anywhere in nautilus then the menu which appears, i wish to modify it a bit11:51
Renskiok, ive done a purge and an install, and theres still no /etc/apache folder11:51
parapanDr_Willis: fsck /dev/sdb7 - whent 2 seconds ...clean ..11:51
soreauRenski: Is apache service running?11:52
parapanDr_Willis: how to check space on the whole old / ?11:52
coz_spyzer,   read here maybe it will help   http://techthrob.com/2009/03/02/howto-add-items-to-the-right-click-menu-in-nautilus/11:52
parapanby folders or whatever ? by filesize ? etc ??11:52
arandparapan: mount it and use baobab11:53
soreauRenski: Try sudo service apache2 start11:53
spyzercoz_: have already gone through that, but it requires me to select some item, i can't do it without selecting anything :(11:53
parapanarand: baobab from terminal ?11:53
Renskisoreau: unrecongnized service11:53
erUSULparapan: force the check « e2fsck -pf /dev/sdxx »11:53
coz_spyzer,  ah I see   mm  I know this but can;t think of the solution  off hand11:53
arandparapan: Follow erUSUL first11:54
ebbeMy wireless connection keeps dropping and doesn't reconnect automatically. It works fine on my Windows machine. I have the latest proprietary driver installed. I'm using 10.04. What could be going on?11:54
Renskibut another apt-get install says apache2 is alreadly newest version11:54
soreauRenski: Well that is a problem. Let me see here11:54
Crumsorry there were so many people in here that it drove me crazy for a second11:55
Crumoorrrrr maybe there are so many idling bots in here!?!?11:55
Dr_Willisparapan:  if /dev/sdb7 is your old / then you did just check it.11:55
parapanerUSUL: it gives me the number of files - 0,2% non-contiguous ...11:55
Renskisoreau: I orginally uninstalled it because apache stopped working, and refused to bind to any ports11:56
soreauRenski: Are apache2.2-common and apache2.2-bin installed?11:56
erUSULparapan: but you still have not got the space of the removed files back ?11:56
arandparapan:Ok, so that seems fine. If you are on the liveCD you can run "baobab &" to start it, then make it scan a specific folder and set it to /media/whatveritscalledhere11:56
soreauRenski: What happened to make it stop working?11:56
parapanDr_Willis: i ment for the filesizes ....how do I check what folder/files have big sizes ?11:56
Renskino idea11:56
soreauRenski: Install them11:56
soreauRenski: apache2 is just a meta package that should pull in those and possibly other packages11:56
Renskisoreau: both alreadly installed11:57
arandparapan: Alternatively disk-usage-analyser in the menu...11:57
Renskisoreau: it was also complaining about not being able to read logs11:57
Renskisoreau: or write to them11:57
genii-aroundparapan: something like: du -h   <directory-to-look-at>      works too11:57
Renskisoreau: before I uninstalled it11:57
parapanerUSUL: You're the man !!! - I have now a 1,1 Gb free space ...BUT available is only 156.9 Mb ..how come ???11:58
Dr_Willis'uninstalling/reinstalling' to fix things is windows-mentality thinking. :)11:58
erUSULparapan: some space is reserv3ed for root in ext* partitions11:58
Dr_Willisparapan:  how big is the whole filesystem?11:58
erUSULparapan: 5% to be exact11:58
CrumDr_Willis what is your PHD in?11:58
Crumor are you a medical doctor?11:58
soreauRenski: Checked permissions of said logs and disk space? I assume /etc/init.d/apache2 does not exist?11:58
Dr_WillisCrum:  im a Dr of love.11:59
parapanDr_Willis: 19GB all / Used 18Gb ...11:59
CrumDr_Willis or are you a fake doctor?11:59
YankDownUnderPHD = Post Hole Digger11:59
CrumDr_Willis you disgusting swine. Get out of here11:59
Dr_WillisYou asked...11:59
Renskisoreau: I did, it was set to adm, root u=rw,g=r,o=11:59
soreauRenski: Try reinstalling apache2.2-common because it provides /etc/init.d/apache2. Also, reinstall apache2.2-bin11:59
Renskipurge and reinstall?12:00
mkanyicyCrum, does that mean you are not falling in love? lol12:00
parapanerUSUL: is there a way to check the orphaned files from the old / ? - from the liveCD ???12:00
soreauRenski: Anything to get /etc/init.d/apache2 and /usr/bin/apache2 to appear12:00
erUSULparapan: with deborphan12:00
Crummkanyicy no feminine subjects allowed12:00
soreauRenski: /usr/sbin/apache2, rather12:00
ravenrsync problem -u gives me failed to set times error operation not permittet while backup on a smb drive12:00
mkanyicyparapan, what is an orphaned file?12:01
Renskiok, removed, then apt-get install apache2 ?12:01
parapanerUSUL: but I have to installed first right ?12:01
Gebinselhi. can anyone tell me which kind of drivers i have to install in ubuntu? Debain/Fedora/Novell-SLED/Novell-SLES/OpenSuse or RHEL?12:01
parapanmkanyicy: packages that the system doesn't need anymore.....from different installations, etc ...12:01
erUSULparapan: why not do it from the installed system? use bleachbit. i've never used it but others find it usefull12:02
overlordhello, how to use ocsp ?12:02
soreauRenski: Here, I have installed apache2 apache2-mpm-worker apache2-utils apache2.2-bin and apache2.2-common12:02
Renskisoreau: you're a star, its working12:02
soreauRenski: Awesome sauce ;)12:02
parapanerUSUL: I have to reboot to the old system first ...12:02
Dr_WillisGebinsel:  totally deends on what device you are using. Most are built in, or are in one or more ubuntu reposuitories.12:02
YankDownUnderFWIW: Bleachbit *can* toast someone's system relatively easy.12:02
parapanerUSUL: and exit the liveCD ...being in liveCD ...I tought I can try something from this side ...12:03
rigvedhi everyone...i want to specifically allow only a ip address to access my apache server. should i create a .htaccess file for the same or add the rules to /etc/apache2/conf.d/security ?12:03
ruanwhich is why you don't choose all of the options in bleacbit12:03
erUSULparapan: it is easier from the installed system. both using deborpahn and bleacbit or other tools12:03
ruanwe both made the same typo >_>12:03
GebinselDr_Willis: Thx 4 info: i'm using 10.1012:03
soreauruan: lol12:03
ebbeMy wireless connection keeps dropping and doesn't reconnect automatically. It works fine on my Windows machine. I have the latest proprietary driver installed. I'm using 10.04. What could be going on?12:04
hiexpob leachbit = boat anchor if you don't know what your doing hehe12:04
GebinselDr_Willis: oh sry. just stood up. haven't got it right12:05
soreauebbe: What wifi chip is it?12:05
ebbesoreau: broadcom12:05
GebinselDr_Willis: its about a mainboard driver12:05
soreauhiexpo: xD12:05
soreau! broadcom | ebbe12:05
ubottuebbe: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx12:05
parapanerUSUL: Not needed anymore .....the X is back !!!! however ......156 Mb on the filesystem ......now .......what else can I try ??12:05
YankDownUnderebbe, Edit the connection in the Network Manager - set it to connect automatically, set the MTU to 1500, save changes, and make sure you set it to "All Users".12:05
soreauebbe: Eventually, there should be an open driver available for broadcom as they began releasing hw specs12:05
erUSULparapan: have you used the disk use analizer to see where the space is wasted?12:06
parapanerUSUL: Disk Usage Analyser reports /usr folder is using 54% - 3,2 Gb ...12:06
soreauebbe: But of course, that's neither here nor there for your issue now. Just try reading that guide12:06
erUSULparapan: how big is the partition ?12:07
mkanyicyparapan, have you removed old linux kernels?12:07
soreauparapan: Cool. Use 'df -h' and 'du -hs /path' and uninstall uneeded bloatware12:07
soreauerUSUL: I think he said 19GB root12:07
parapanerUSUL: in DSK Analyser .../ is shown 5,8 Gb ...from which /usr is getting 54% ....12:08
erUSULthere is a lot of room from 3,2 GiB to 19 GiB12:08
TamagoIs there any way to have dm-crypt/luks require both password and keyfile, ala truecrypt?12:08
parapanmkanyicy: You may have a point ....when booting I have like 10 old kernels to choose from ...12:08
ebbesoreau: That page just tells me how to install the STA driver, which I've already done.12:08
erUSULparapan: and home is in the same partition?  5,8 Gb for an ubuntu install is quite tight. ...12:09
mkanyicyparapan, thats a lot12:09
arandparapan: Or are you saying baobab reports 5.8 as being the total size of the disk?12:09
soreauebbe: I don't know what else to tell you other than it's a driver issue. Try a different (stable?) version if you can12:09
soreauAre proprietary drivers ever stable though?12:09
ruanmine are12:09
soreauruan: Yea until you try to do any updates :P12:09
parapanerUSUL: nope that's about it ....the / has in real 19Gb ....only the home is 5 Gb ...12:10
Sonnei'm having a problem on ubuntu 10.10 64bit - every while the mouse cursor starts to flicker and alternates between hand and pointer icon, and i can't do anything while this happens12:10
* soreau proudly no longer uses any proprietary drivers12:10
Sonneit's quite annoying.. anyone knows what this could have to do with?12:10
parapanmkanyicy: how do I delete the old kernels ???12:10
soreauRadeon and Atheros have t3h awesome drivers12:10
ruanim on nvidia12:10
soreauparapan: Very carefully.12:10
soreauruan: Forget about it. nvidia still wont finance releasing hw specs12:11
soreauSo you're still left groping in the dark12:11
YankDownUnderparapan, Easiest way is to run the Synaptic Package Manager, type "linux-image" => choose the kernels that are no longer necessary -> remove them, and you're done.12:11
mkanyicyparapan, myself i usually do a 'uname -r' in terminal and then go to synaptic and search for 'linux image' and delete everything except the 'uname -r' version. and search for 'linux headers' and do the same.12:11
Renskisoreau: the server doesnt seem to be parsing php files, what package should be installed for that?12:11
ruani haven't had one 3d game not working properly thus far12:11
RenskiI thought that could come under common12:11
soreauRenski: Can you be more specific?12:12
ebbe_soreau: I assumed the prop driver would be the most stable, that's how wrong a beginner can be.12:12
soreau<soreau> Renski: Here, I have installed apache2 apache2-mpm-worker apache2-utils apache2.2-bin and apache2.2-common <-- try reinstalling all of those12:12
ebbe_The page you pointed to has another driver, b43, perhaps I should try that one.12:12
soreauebbe: Yes.12:12
Renskisoreau: I access the front page which is html, thats all good, then access a media wiki and tries to make me download a phtml file12:12
Renskiinstead of redirecting me12:12
steveire_Hi. When I plug a projector into my laptop it doesn't work. How do I go about solving that?12:12
Dr_WillisIve had some systems need the b43 drivers some worked better with the sta driver.. some dident. it depends on the exact chipset I guess.12:13
Renskiive double checked the permissions, they're execiutable12:13
ebbe_yankdownunder: could you repeat what you wrote earlier? My connection dropped so I lost it...12:13
parapanYankDownUnder: OK , looks a little bit dangerous ...:D12:13
soreauRenski: That is beyond my area of expertise. Try reinstalling the package list I gave12:13
Dr_Willissteveire_:  enable it as you would a 2nd monitor. laptop hotkeys, or the monitors settings icon, or both. :)12:13
YankDownUnderebbe, Edit the connection in the Network Manager - set it to connect automatically, set the MTU to 1500, save changes, and make sure you set it to "All Users".12:13
Dr_Willissteveire_:  ive seen some laptops be a bit conrused. if  the 2nd monitor was not plugged in first befor the system booted.12:13
Dr_WillisTunnel:  just pasteing random URL's ?12:14
soreauRenski: Hmm, seems phtml has something to do with php12:14
mkanyicyparapan, you should gain roughly about 200MB for each kernel version removed12:14
soreauRenski: Perhaps you need to (re)install php stuff too12:14
=== Sw33NY is now known as Sw33NY_
YankDownUnderShould be able to resolve the issue with the projector by doing PREFERENCES => MONITORS => and then enable the secondary display (projector)12:14
soreauDr_Willis: Now you have me conrused too ;)12:15
ebbe_yankdownunder: I already had connect automatically and all users, but mtu was 'automatic' now '1500'.12:15
Renskisoreau: was my stupid browser cache12:15
parapansoreau: mkanyicy Dr_Willis arand YankDownUnder erUSUL : Thank you kindly folks, I'll try to use all advices from your side ....and get back to you if I mess something else ...you saved me from a reinstall :D12:16
hu/timer 1 5000 hu timeout 2200012:16
soreauRenski: Oh yea, always clear that too12:16
soreauparapan: Cool12:16
zod_process281 glib-warining getpwuid_r():failed due to unkonwn user id(0)12:17
steveire_YankDownUnder: What I mean is the second monitor is not there to be enabled.12:17
zod_process281 glib-warining getpwuid_r():failed due to unkonwn user id(0)  , what this mean12:17
Dr_Willissteveire_:  try your laptops special keys to toggle the monitors on/off12:17
steveire_I also tried the boot-with-connected trick, and that didn't work either.12:17
YankDownUndersteveire_, Hmmm...have you rebooted with it connected and turned on, perchance?12:17
steveire_This used to work before, I guess I've had kernel and X upgrades since.12:18
steveire_But I don't know if it's X or kernel dependent12:18
YankDownUndersteveire_, I'd assume it's not the kernel, but your graphics driver...what card ya gots?12:18
mkanyicyparapan, good luck12:18
steveire_I don't know :)12:18
YankDownUndersteveire_, Um...ya don't know what kinda graphics card you have?12:19
steveire_I don't know how to check12:19
soreausteveire_: lspci|grep VGA12:20
YankDownUndersteveire_, Um...mate...when you check in your "Monitors" preferences, ya should be told a bit there mate...12:20
nerdshellhow can I enable graphics after installing links2 ?12:20
nerdshellhow can I enable graphics after installing links2 ?12:21
varunhi friends,my external card reader is not been detected in the system,but it is showing in lsusb,help needed12:21
nerdshellhow can I enable graphics after installing links2 ?12:21
varunoutput of the lsusb is : http://pastebin.com/n9rAF8fs12:22
mkanyicyvarun, do you have a card on it?12:22
varunmkanyicy, :yes i have a card in it12:22
YankDownUndersteveire_, So then you'd have to make sure you're running the proper NVidia driver (the recommended on) and run "nvidia-settings"12:22
mkanyicywhat card, varun ?12:23
varunMicro sd card12:23
steveire_How do I know which driver is in use?12:23
varunmkanyicy, :it is micro sd card12:23
steveire_nvidia-settings does give me a dialog.12:23
soreausteveire_: Why are you making this difficult for yourself? Just post the output of lspci|grep VGA12:24
mkanyicyvarun, and 'ls /dev/sd*' does not show it?12:24
soreausteveire_: Its a single line you can paste here12:24
steveire_01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G98M [Quadro NVS 160M] (rev a1)12:24
YankDownUndersoreau, Um...he gave a link already to his hardware...12:24
steveire_So how do I know which driver is active?12:24
varunlsusb shows it,the output is here :     http://pastebin.com/n9rAF8fs12:25
soreauYankDownUnder: That is way too much info12:25
soreauYankDownUnder: I asked for a single line, not a link12:25
soreauand its an nvidia user, no wonder12:25
mkanyicyvarun, i have seen your pastebin URL but I cant do anything with it12:25
YankDownUndersoreau, Are you actually paying attention to the line of conversation, or just randomly jumping in?12:25
soreauYankDownUnder: Im paying attention to people not paying attention to what I say12:26
varunmkanyicy, :ok,12:26
steveire_YankDownUnder: Got a command line or config file I can check?12:26
steveire_I'm using KDE12:26
soreauand a kde luser12:26
hugno me12:26
mkanyicyvarun, 'ls /dev/sd*' does it give you another drive or not?12:26
YankDownUndersteveire_, If you're using KDE, then you should be able to just run "jockey-kde"12:27
soreausteveire_: kdesu jockey-kde12:27
soreauYankDownUnder: You are gonna needs some perms with that..12:27
varunmkanyicy, :yes the ouput is    /dev/sda  /dev/sda1  /dev/sda2  /dev/sda5  /dev/sdb12:27
YankDownUndersoreau, Are you paying attention? I'm not the person with the support issue.12:27
mkanyicyvarun, what is sdb?12:28
hubbl i guess12:28
soreauYankDownUnder: Yea, how are you supposed to make system configuration changes without privileges?12:28
mkanyicyvarun, is your sd card formated?12:28
mrdebhow come a formatted ext card cannot be used in another system or b y another user12:28
YankDownUndersoreau, Hows about this, YOU handle the feller's issues. Have fun!12:29
varunmkanyicy, :dont know,yes the card is formatted12:29
soreauThank goodness12:29
ccoccobello /EXEC rm -vf /tmp/budus_XDCC__home_nicolaspik_4134.query12:29
steveire_http://www.steveire.com/see.png Looks like it's got the right stuff already12:29
=== coolmadmax is now known as cool_code
ccoccobello /EXEC rm -vf /tmp/budus_XDCC__home_nicolaspik_4134.query12:29
soreausteveire_: Do you see the driver listed in jockey-kde program?12:29
steveire_soreau: Yes ^12:29
soreausteveire_: Have you tried nvidia-settings?12:30
steveire_Yes, it gives me a dialog, but I think it too knows only about one screen.12:30
mkanyicyvarun, now do this 'ls /dev/mmc'12:30
steveire_I'm going to reboot windows and see if that can handle the projector12:30
mkanyicyvarun, 'ls /dev/mmc*'12:30
mrdebyou have to run nvidia-xconfig when both screens are plugged in or edit xorg.conf manually12:31
soreausteveire_: Then your driver doesnt support it. Go ask your hardware vendor, since they provided the driver12:31
mrdebi hitnk12:31
varunmkanyicy, :It is saying no such file or direcotry12:31
mkanyicyvarun, 'ls /dev/mmc*'?12:31
Dr_Willismrdeb:  you need to set the proper ermissions and ownership of the files/dirs on the card for other users to access it.12:33
mrdebdr kevi willis, why isnt this set by default like fat3212:34
LewocoHow can I check what my kernel configuration is?12:34
josephseraosHy everybody.. I have a Dell Inspiron running Ubuntu 10.04 + File System ext4. But I have a problem. Some times, not always, I let it turned on at night and I go sleep, understand? When I wake up, I come to laptop, open the laptop lip, it don't shows graphic environment, neither a shell to I to can kill anything. Can you help look for where is the problem?12:34
Dr_Willismrdeb:   You think things should be set to allow 'everyone' full access? thats not a very secure default..12:34
mkanyicyLewoco, what do you mean by that?12:34
mrdebfor external portable cards12:35
Dr_Willismrdeb:  fat32 has no real idea of 'permissions' like ext2/3/4 does.12:35
Dr_Willismrdeb:  how can it tell its portable?12:35
Lewocomkanyicy: I want to see the config that was used to compile the kernel.12:35
mrdebit sd12:35
Dr_Willismrdeb:  I boot/run many of my systems from SD and USB flash...  :) so what would it use then12:35
Lewocomkanyicy: To check if it supports functionality that I want.12:35
Dr_Willismrdeb:  the short anwer. If uysing ext2/3/4 you set proper permissions.12:35
ikoniaLewoco: what functionality do you want12:35
mrdebif it lets you12:35
mrdebsometimes no12:35
mkanyicyLewoco, what do you want12:36
Dr_Willismrdeb:  ifyou want it to act like fat32 - use fat32.12:36
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions12:36
mkanyicyvarun, I ran out of ideas, sorry that i cannot provide help12:36
erUSULLewoco: ls /boot/config*12:36
varunmkanyicy:no problem,thanks for your help12:37
LewocoerUSUL: perfect, thanks.12:37
erUSULLewoco: no problem12:37
Crumhow do you make a canonical triangulation of a convex hull so that each triangle (simplex) has at least x number of points which lie within it, where x is a user defined size?12:38
houdiniHow to get ip who is connected to my wifi?12:38
icerootCrum: wrong channel?12:38
hoeycrum: transparent inlays overlaying hylide12:38
erUSULhoudini: check your AP/router status webpage?12:38
yudi1had a vista dual boot with 8.04 lts, updated to 10.4 now cannot boot to vista? any help? I am thinking it has to do with grub12:39
houdinierUSUL: I create open connection on my laptop, not router12:39
Dr_Willisyudi1:  clariffy the issue.. You see it in the grub menu? its in menu but dosent work?12:39
Crumhoey nothing came up in google12:39
hoeycanonical tour guide12:39
hoeytry that12:39
yudi1Dr_Willis: yes, exactly12:39
erUSULyudi1: try --> sudo apt-get install os-prober && sudo update-grub12:39
Dr_Willisyudi1:  i asked 2 questions.. Yes to what one?12:40
=== hoey is now known as hu
oCean/away not::here::right::now12:40
yudi1erUSUL: does it mean, it's updated to grupb212:40
yudi1Dr_Willis: yes to both12:40
houdiniHow to get ip who is connected to my wifi. wifi via laptop, not router?12:40
Dr_Willisyudi1:  running update-grub would be step1 to try like erUSUL  said..12:40
soreauoCean: Dont tell people how to do away messages please. They are just annoying12:40
msucani have installed ubuntu 11.04 beta12:41
msucanand i cannot install nvidia-96 drivers package12:41
Dr_Willishoudini:  nmap/scan the network looking for people.. but thats not a guarentee.12:41
Abhijiti can connect to internet using pppoeconf. but if i use pppoeconf then my network software - one in top right panel - shuts down - and i dont understnad how to use dsl? i enterd all details for dsl and click on apply but nothing happensd12:41
Crumiceroot you are right. I asked in the wrong channel. it thought someone here would be smart enough to answer me but I was foolish to think so because this channel is filled with fools12:41
msucanxorg-video-abi-8.0 - package not available12:41
icerootsoreau: /away is the correct way to set the away status. /nick foo_way is the wrong way12:41
ElNotamsucan: join #ubuntu+112:41
msucanbroken deps12:41
Abhijit!nvidia | msucan12:41
ubottumsucan: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto12:41
soreaumsucan: Try installing nvidia-current12:41
mrdebmsucan: you can ask in #ubuntu+1, and why are you not using recommended driver instead (current)12:41
hu50000 milliseconds = ?12:42
icerootCrum: #ubuntu-offtopic12:42
msucansoreau: tried that, but my video card is too old12:42
msucanit asks me to install nvidia-9612:42
msucanmrdeb: ^^12:42
mrdebo i c12:42
soreauiceroot: Yes but I believe /away message leaves an annoying message12:42
msucannvidia-current won't work12:42
msucanstill... the repo has nvidia-96, but the package is broken :(12:42
icerootsoreau: depending on the client. a real client is not showing a status message in the channel12:42
houdiniDr_Willis: Are you sure that only nmap gives me list of connections to my computer?12:42
mrdebhow about installin using the nvidia package from their website12:42
hu12 minutes12:43
soreauiceroot: Ahh, that is why it doesnt work here ;)12:43
hutry again12:43
soreaumsucan: What is telling you the package is broken? Pastebin the output?12:44
josephseraosGood morning. Could anybody help me to find my laptop's problem?12:45
msucansoreau: see http://pastebin.com/2mvjpVTW12:45
icerootjosephseraos: just post usefull details in on line and we will see what we can do12:45
msucansoreau: also see http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/nvidia-9612:45
msucansoreau: it tells that xorg-video-abi-8.0 is unavailable12:45
msucanso really, the package is broken12:46
icerootsoreau: you are on natty?12:46
msucaniceroot: yes12:46
soreaumsucan: Which version of ubuntu?12:46
icerootsoreau: #ubuntu+112:46
yudi1erUSUL: ran update-grub, it did not list vista, listed about 20 kernels, thats it. checked /boot/grup/menu.lst,l can see vista in there. it's in the first partition.12:46
Gneasoreau: he just said natty12:46
soreauiceroot: Im not even asking for support. Also, I am running maverick, lucid and hardy..12:47
soreauI have a natty install too but what is your point?12:47
icerootsoreau: though you are talking about problems which packages from natty12:47
soreauiceroot: Where?12:48
mkanyicyjosephseraos, what is wrong with your laptop?12:48
soreauiceroot: Seems that would be msucan12:48
soreau! 11.04 | msucan12:48
ubottumsucan: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.12:48
msucansoreau / iceroot correct12:48
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icerootsoreau: ah sorry12:48
soreauiceroot: np12:48
=== ElNota_ is now known as ElNota
=== hoey is now known as hu
josephseraosiceroot, nice. Look: I have a Dell Inspiron running Ubuntu 10.04 under ext4 File System. But it has a problem. Some times (not always) I let it turned on (connected) at night and I go sleep, understand? When I wake up, I come to laptop, open its laptop lip, and it don't shows graphic environment, neither a shell to I to can kill anything.12:50
josephseraosmkanyicy,  iceroot, nice. Look: I have a Dell Inspiron running Ubuntu 10.04 under ext4 File System. But it has a problem. Some times (not always) I let it turned on (connected) at night and I go sleep, understand? When I wake up, I come to laptop, open its laptop lip, and it don't shows graphic environment, neither a shell to I to can kill anything.12:50
icerootjosephseraos: sounds like its going to suspend and cant come back12:50
josephseraosiceroot, But its not programmed to be suspended.12:51
Gneajosephseraos: if you put the laptop to sleep, does the light blink?12:51
soreaujosephseraos: Possible screensaver issue..12:51
soreaujosephseraos: Actually a graphics driver issue triggered by screensaver12:51
josephseraosGnea, No, when I put it to sleep (shutdown) it works ok, and doesn' the light blink12:54
steveire_mrdeb: Yes, they were both plugged in.12:54
steveire_It works now12:54
Gneajosephseraos: no, sleep and shutdown are not the same thing.12:54
soreausteveire_: What did you have to do?12:54
steveire_I just had to mess around with nvidia settings long enough and restart X a few times12:54
josephseraossoreau, screensaver is not active.12:54
steveire_I still have no idea what Xinerama is12:55
Gneajosephseraos: shutdown means to power the laptop off, sleep keeps minimum power on12:55
soreausteveire_: Not surprising from nvidia ;)12:55
Dr_Willissteveire_:  its the feature of X to handle more then 1 monitor12:55
Gneajosephseraos: how much ram and swap do you have?12:55
soreaujosephseraos: Which graphics driver?12:55
Dr_Willissteveire_:  i normally just have to run nvidia-settings - enable the proper xorg.conf changes. and restart the X server. Or perhaps reboot if the nvidia drivers just got installed.12:55
=== FD|away is now known as ForceDestroyer
steveire_I think I'm now using twinview, and that means I can move windows between my laptop and the projector, which is fine12:55
josephseraosGnea, Great. Sorry. There are 4GB of RAM and there's no swap12:56
Dr_Willissteveire_:  twinview is enhanced Xinerama basically12:56
josephseraossoreau, intel12:56
Gneajosephseraos: okay, do you have a normal hard drive or an ssd?12:56
soreauDr_Willis: Not really, but ..12:56
Dr_Willissteveire_:  twinview is 'nvidias special' thing. :)  ATI has its own name for similer thing.12:56
Dr_Willissteveire_:  an alternative way is to use a Seperate X server for each Monitor. but ive rarely seen a need for that way.12:57
josephseraosiceroot, suspend is not active, not able.12:57
Gneajosephseraos: you can't suspend beecause you have no swap.12:57
josephseraosGnea, its a normal HD12:57
soreaujosephseraos: Try putting this in /etc/X11/xorg.conf and restarting X http://pastebin.com/K200BTxq12:57
josephseraosGnea, I can suspend, but no hibernate12:57
steveire_Ah, I can read again12:58
Gneajosephseraos: my mistake, I meant it cannot hibernate12:58
Dr_Willissuspend - to ram.. Hibernate - to disk. using swap partition..12:58
steveire_My fonts went teeny-tiny as a result of all the messing12:58
josephseraosGnea, greate12:58
josephseraosGnea, great12:58
steveire_Anyway, thanks for the help. I'm off again.12:58
novitololoHi.  I've a question about df command: http://pastebin.com/At8Zmwkp Why this shows "none" file system mounted at /dev/...12:58
Gneajosephseraos: yes, you will need an 8GB swap partition.12:58
Dr_Willisnovitololo:  /dev/ uses its own special internal filesystem.12:58
jiltdilhow to enable port 22?12:59
Dr_Willisnovitololo:  theres other entries that also have 'none' as their fs.12:59
Gneajiltdil: install openssh-server12:59
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  install the ssh server if you want ssh access12:59
ouyesI doubt that there is something wrong with my vga driver chipset ati 3470 (thinkpad t400 laptop), when I am playing a file ,using vlc, the image stops from time to time, DO I NEED to replace the driver?12:59
novitololoDr_Willis: alright.12:59
soreaunovitololo: none means it isnt mounted, but it is relevant information df outputs12:59
novitololoso, it's not mounted?12:59
Dr_Willisouyes:  try some differnt videos. could be a codec issue. or other things causing lag.12:59
novitololookey :)12:59
novitololotrying to learn how filesystem works in Linux13:00
novitololopretty nice actually13:00
Dr_Willisnovitololo:  /dev/ is special...13:00
soreaunovitololo: Its nothing to sneeze at, linux filesystem can be exceedingly complex13:00
jiltdilthanx to all but i want to acess my computer and he has installed openssh-server but i am unable to connect to him terminal sys that connection refused by port 2213:00
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  local lan? or over the internet? have him see if he can ssh into his box locally.13:01
jiltdilsorry i want to acess my friends computer13:01
soreaunovitololo: Some are directories on the hard drive, others like /proc and /dev are special13:01
Gneajiltdil: it has to be running, check ps axf13:01
bonjoyeeis it possible to restore grub for a 64bit OS using 32bit recovery cd (clonezilla)?13:01
jiltdilDr_willis:in WAN13:01
Dr_Willisjiltdil:   you mean over the internet then?  not a local LAN.13:01
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  could be his isp or router is blocking the port. or not forwarding it to the right box.13:01
jiltdilDr_willis:he has installed openssh-server13:01
Gneajiltdil: who is he?13:02
jiltdilDr-willis:how to enable that13:02
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  router settings - check them.13:02
ouyesDr_Willis, thank you13:02
jiltdilgnea:my friend i want to take some data from him he is sitting yet to connect13:02
Gneahe should do: sudo service openssh-server start13:03
=== r is now known as Guest45174
Gneajiltdil: ^^^13:03
jonsainthi all. i know firefox 4 is out now, when will it be put on the update manager???13:03
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  on your friends machine. see if he can 'ssh localhost' also - to verify the ssh server is working.13:03
Dr_Willisjonsaint:  theres PPA's out for it now. Not sure if it will ever appear in the backports/offical repos13:03
icerootjonsaint: never13:04
Gnea!ff4 | jonsaint13:04
ubottujonsaint: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox13:04
erUSULyudi1: sorry was away for a while. if you upgraded to 10.04 you probably are using grub2 which does not use menu.lst13:04
erUSUL!grub2 | yudi113:04
ubottuyudi1: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub213:04
jonsaintcheers all for the info!13:04
novitololoany good sys admin tutorial u guys recommend?13:04
hufluorescent tactical anthenian steps13:05
bonjoyeeis it possible to restore grub for a 64bit OS using 32bit recovery cd (clonezilla)?13:05
Gneahu: ???13:05
soreaunovitololo: Try tldp.org/LDP/sag/13:06
soreauwhen its actually working13:06
jiltdilDr_Willis:asking for yes/no13:07
keksihi could someone help me with blender? It stopped working and says that I have no GLX. It was working perfectly yesterday13:09
bonjoyeekeksi: any system changes/updates since it last worked?13:10
keksino nothing13:10
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  clarify what you mean.13:10
adi_phhow to launch on screen keyboard in lucid?13:10
erUSULkeksi: problem with your graphics drivers? do you use nvidia? ati? how did you installed thedrivers?13:10
Dr_Williskeksi:  check your video card drivers.13:11
keksiI have intel driver13:11
jiltdilDr_willis:when he use ssh local host it is saying for connection yes and no and after yes password asked but when he enters password it is said connection refused13:11
keksiand just checked that glx gears wont work as well13:12
weheI seem to have a problem with name resolution since I changed my ip address setup to static. Is this the correct channel to ask for help? (Ubuntu 10.04.1)13:12
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  he may want to pastebin the full error message. also he may want to check/clean out his known_hosts file depending on the exact message13:12
Dr_Willis!ssh | jiltdil13:12
ubottujiltdil: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)13:12
jiltdilDr_willis:ok thanx13:13
keksianything I could try13:13
nerdshelljiltdil : try removing ~/.ssh/know-hosts13:13
terrykeksi: How did  you get the intel?  What does /etc/X11/xorg.conf say?  Let us see:  pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf  Which intel chip do you have?13:13
erUSULkeksi: install pastebinit and do « pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com /var/log/Xorg.0.log »13:13
jiltdilnerdshell:ok thanx13:13
erUSULkeksi: post the url you get here13:13
adi_phhow to launch on screen keyboard in lucid?13:13
terryerUSUL: keksi Or just pastebniit /var/log/Xorg.0.log13:14
soreauadi_ph: Go to sys>prefs>main menu>applications>universal access and enable onboard. Find it in your menu afterward13:14
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe13:15
soreauadi_ph: Or, just run onboard from your terminal or Alt+F2 run dialog13:15
adi_phsoreau, yeah. that worked. thank you! :-)13:15
soreauadi_ph: You are welcome :)13:15
josephseraosGnea, 8GB? Why?13:17
fantomasHi all. I can't get Compose Key or Third level Key work at all. I followed these instructions https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ComposeKey but whenever I press AktGr - no symbols are shown when I type. Any ideas?13:17
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josephseraossoreau, Mu Ubuntu doesn't xorg.conf13:18
josephseraossoreau, My Ubuntu doesn't have xorg.conf13:19
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familye ai13:19
oCean!br | family13:20
ubottufamily: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.13:20
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.13:20
TheNumbWow ^^13:20
jiltdilDr_Willis:how to change title name ubuntu13:21
josephseraosGnea, I'm going to put it to sleep and try to observe if light blinks13:22
nightcrowhiya guys13:23
nightcrowi typed uname -a and it says x86_64 does this mean I am running 64 bit or 32 bit?13:23
jiltdilhow to change title name ubuntu in login?13:23
nightcrowjiltdil: title name?13:23
keksiok I'm back after a crash and the url is http://paste.ubuntu.com/588914/13:23
oCeannightcrow: 6413:24
nightcrowthanks guys13:24
josephseraosGnea, I can't to have swap. I have three partitions for rWindow$, one for Document, two for ubuntu and one for Debian. I don't use the Hibernate recourse13:25
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info13:25
ruanjosephseraos: above link explains what swap is needed for13:25
ruanjosephseraos: how much ram do you have?13:26
novitololoI've a question: when try to identify myself as root, doing su.  When it asks for the password, I don't know why should I write because in the installation process it just asked for the password of my user.13:27
keksican anyone help me with blender? it wont start anymore and says I have no glx13:28
ElNotanovitololo: admin pass and root pass is the same in ubuntu13:28
novitololoElNota: I try su myusername13:29
novitololoand it works13:29
novitololobut if I try su13:29
novitololoalone I'm trynig to identify as root right?13:29
=== magical_trevsky is now known as magical
ElNotanovitololo: to identify as root you have to use "sudo su"13:29
llutz"sudo -i"13:30
novitololoElNota: ok.  But if I want to identify as a "normal" user.  I do su username right?.  Why you have to put sudo in that case?13:31
erUSULkeksi: you said you have intel but is see nvidia driver loading in you log ; how come ?13:31
oCeannovitololo: sudo -u username -i13:31
josephseraosGnea, I put it to sleep, using suspend, and works normal13:31
erUSULkeksi: lspci | grep -i vga13:32
=== Krabbe is now known as krabbe
erUSULkeksi: paste you /etc/X11/xorg.conf if you have one13:34
searchingswap partition END or Begging?13:35
novitololoI've another question... I'm pretty new to administration tasks in Ubuntu.  What's the best way to check which partitions / mounts and other do I have in my system?13:35
haqe17novitololo: u can just type mount in a terminal, it lists all mounted stuff by default13:36
erUSULkeksi: go to synaptic and search for packages related to nvidia. remove/purge averything you have installed13:36
searchingend or begging on swap partition?13:37
erUSULkeksi: system>admin...>synaptic13:37
root____[Amarok] [title: Everyday Struggle] [artist: The Notorious B.I.G.] [album: Ready to Die] [bitrate: >9000]13:38
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pingpedDo you have to turk13:39
=== mdupont is now known as phurl
phoenixsamprashelp!! i have Rewrite engine on, on .htaccess, but still friendly links are disabled!! SOS13:40
oCean!tr | pingped13:40
ubottupingped: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.13:40
oCeanphoenixsampras: maybe try #httpd?13:40
novitololoIf I've a partition in ReiserFS and I wanna change it to ext4, it's enough to umount it and change the /etc/fstab to ext4?13:41
llutznovitololo: you have to create a new filesystem before changing /etc/fstab13:41
novitololoumount, create filesystem in the partition, change fstab, right?13:42
tapassince i removed the slim login manager no login manager starts at all anymore13:42
llutznovitololo: yes13:42
tapasi have to sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start && exit to start it13:42
tapasis there a way to reactivate gdm?13:43
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  clarify what you mean by 'title name'13:43
novitololobut, it's always necessary to modify fstab?13:43
tapasi remember from older ubuntu version that there was a dialog to choose with login manager to use whenever one was installed or uninstalled13:43
llutznovitololo: if you explicit set a fs-entry there, yes13:43
tapasis there a way to manually run this?13:43
Dr_Willistapas:  you mean 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm' ?13:43
llutznovitololo: if 3rd field "auto" and no fs-specific options were given, no change is needed13:44
tapasDr_Willis: thanks.13:44
Dr_Willistapas:   its better to use the service command these days. instead of the /etc/init.d/XXXX method13:44
jiltdilDr_willis: just something like in /boot/grub/grub.conf in redhat to change the name redhat so in ubuntu where to edit13:44
tapasDr_Willis: interestingly enough it still lists slim..13:44
searchingdual boot need 2 swap partition?13:44
tapasDr_Willis: i guess the post-remove script in the package is maybe broken?13:44
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  you dont edit grub.cfg by hand. You edit the proper files in /etc/default/grub and /etc/grub.d/*13:44
llutzsearching: dual boot what? 2 linux, no13:44
searchingyes 2 linux13:45
llutzsearching: both can use same swap13:45
edwinkcwI want to set up a drop box like server, is there any solution for me?13:45
sphenxesis there any other ebook library management than calibre?13:45
searchingfirst desktop and second server13:45
Dr_Willissearching:  2 linux installs can share the same swap partition. but hibernate./susend may get broken doing that.13:45
Dr_Willissearching:  You do realize you can just install whatever sevices you need on a desktop install..13:45
llutzwhy does one dualboot server...?13:45
josephseraosGnea, soreau, iceroot : When I waked up, I open laptop lip. The system tried open graphics environment, And there was a message, But I can't read. Where Ubuntu saves its LOGs?13:45
Dr_Willisjosephseraos:  /var/logs13:46
icerootjosephseraos: /var/log/syslog13:46
searchingok thanks13:46
ariel_when you plug in a usb drive it auto mounts it and puts it on the desktop, where can I see the actual mount name for it?13:48
rypervencheIs there anyway to extract a tar file and somehow keep track of where it places folders and files so when I no longer want them I can remove them all in one fell swoop, like a def package?13:48
icerootariel_: df -h13:49
josephseraoswhere can I to know what time I turned on my laptop?13:49
ariel_iceroot, t/y was looking for it in the /mnt but it put it in the /media13:50
Tamagojosephseraos: type "uptime"13:50
Dr_Willisrypervenche:  normally a tar archive extracts to a single directory. you then put things where you want.13:51
josephseraosTamago,  09:51:38 up  1:23,  2 users,  load average: 1.10, 0.91, 0.7813:51
Dr_Willisrypervenche:  i would be very leary of tar archives that want to extract to / or other system dirs.13:52
icerootjosephseraos: running 1 hour 23 minutes13:52
bob__how do I access a device like sdb1 or sr0 on a terminal prompt?13:52
rypervencheDr_Willis: Yes, but unfortunately this one extracts to / , it is the only way to get the game to work. I have check the folders, but I really don't want to have to clean it up once I am done. Is there anyway?13:52
Dr_Willisbob__:  you mount it somewhere. then access its mount pount13:52
icerootbob__: mount it first13:52
desmondhow do I access my windows files from ubuntu? I installed ubuntu from windows so I can't do mount -t ntfs smth smth13:53
desmondany idea?13:53
Dr_Willisrypervenche:  i would consider a differnt game then.13:53
Dr_Willisrypervenche:  i cant imagine somthing packaged in such a weird way. what game is this?13:53
desmondhow do I access my windows files from ubuntu? I installed ubuntu from windows so I can't do mount -t ntfs smth smth13:53
desmondany idea?13:53
pipohi guys; anybody using kde 4.6?13:53
desmondok so help me13:53
desmondhow do I access my windows files from ubuntu? I installed ubuntu from windows so I can't do mount -t ntfs smth smth13:54
Dr_Willisdesmond:  from 'within' windows - via wubi. I think wubi auto mounts the windows drive to some location. check the output of mount.13:54
desmondok so help me13:54
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rypervencheDr_Willis: Super Mario War: http://smw.supersanctuary.net/site/13:54
desmondso how do I check the output of mount?13:54
Dr_Willisdesmond:  type mount....13:54
pipoi don t know what i did, but in the desktop appeared cool icons, really cool; the menu actually13:54
Kondryuse ur penis and shit in ur eye13:54
Kondrycock sucker13:54
FloodBot1Kondry: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:54
LjL!ops | Kondry13:54
ubottuKondry: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!13:54
desmondmount /dev/sda3/13:54
desmondto check the mount location?13:54
desmondand then access them?13:54
FloodBot1desmond: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:55
rypervencheDr_Willis: I have tried compiling it, but the configure file is messed up or something, so I had no choice but to use their Linux port. :/13:55
keksicould someone help me start blender. when I try to start it this is what I get. Compiled with Python version
keksiChecking for installed Python... got it!13:55
keksiintern/ghost/intern/GHOST_WindowX11.cpp:177: X11 glxChooseVisual() failed for OpenGL, verify working openGL system!13:55
keksiX Error of failed request:  BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)13:55
keksi  Major opcode of failed request:  18 (X_ChangeProperty)13:55
FloodBot1keksi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:55
keksi  Resource id in failed request:  0x198b290013:55
Dr_Willisdesmond:  the command is 'mount'13:55
Dr_Willisdesmond:  see whats mounted where.13:55
BBgamerHey Ubuntulings13:55
pipohow can i put back this nice feature under KDE? (like a nice menu in the middle o the screen, mpade by widgets; but everything appeared simultaneaously13:55
Dr_Willispipo:  theres the #kubuntu channel   they know more about kde then most people in here.13:56
m|kaelhello, how do i reset my MYSQL root password in ubuntu server?13:56
Dr_Willispipo:  theres so many kde widgits.. it gets confuseing.13:56
BBgamerI'm on my new dual-boot i setup yesterday.13:56
jribm|kael: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MysqlPasswordReset13:56
pipoDr_Willis, ok thanks!13:57
m|kaelthank you13:57
Dr_Willisrypervenche:  i cant even get it to download.13:57
ravenhow to start a sh script at startup?13:57
llutzraven: add it to /etc/rc.local13:57
Dr_Willisraven:  if you install the ssh service.. it should allready do that.13:57
* Dr_Willis miss read sh -ssh13:58
rypervencheDr_Willis: The download link goes here, http://72dpiarmy.supersanctuary.net/viewtopic.php?t=1024113:58
Dr_Willisraven:  what does the script do?13:58
Dr_Willisrypervenche:  i found the links at the site. but the 2 mirrors are not working.13:58
ravenDr_Willis, it starts rsync13:58
josephseraosiceroot, does '/var/log/syslog' saves only errs?13:58
icerootjosephseraos: no13:58
rypervencheDr_Willis: That's not the right link. It's 1.813:58
Dr_Willisrypervenche:  that doenload seems to be for slackware 13 also.. slackware DOES use tar.gz as its 'package manager' system.13:59
josephseraosiceroot, Look: Is this normal? Apr  3 07:56:46 joseph-laptop anacron[27044]: Can't find sendmail at /usr/sbin/sendmail, not mailing output13:59
ravenDr_Willis, i entered it to preferences/start applications with the command sh script.sh but top tells me that there is nothing starting13:59
icerootjosephseraos: its not critical13:59
keksicould someone help me start blender. when I try to start it at terminal all i get is error13:59
Dr_Willisraven:  theres a differance btween when the system starts up. (rc.local) and when a user logis in. (your start apps preferances)13:59
Polahkeksi: Telling us what the error is would help13:59
ravenDr_Willis, i need it to start when the user logs in because i need the encrypted home folder14:00
Dr_Willisraven:  you normally make the script executable.. then you dont need the 'sh foo.sh'   just 'foo.sh'14:01
rypervencheDr_Willis: I got the game to work by extracting it to the / folder, but I would rather have a nicer way of doing it. I'm going to have to manually delete each folder/file when/if I no longer want it. I couldn't get the source code to compile either. Not sure if it is my fault or not.14:01
ravenDr_Willis, that could be the problem ill try that14:01
BajKah, I think I now know why DeVeDe faled to create the dvd structure. I just noticed that the file was too big. IT was 116% of the DVD's size. But well, it should have just said in the first place instead of failing after an hour of converting14:01
josephseraosiceroot, nice.. I found some lines saying ERROR around when I waked up.14:01
Dr_Willisrypervenche:  thats how slackware packages work.  simple tar archives that exactact to /14:01
josephseraosiceroot, where can I post some lines to irc?14:02
iceroot!paste | josephseraos14:02
ubottujosephseraos: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:02
rypervencheDr_Willis: The source code should work if I compile it though, right? It gives me an error when I try to ./configure :/14:03
Dr_Willisrypervenche:  theres could be dozens of dev, or other packages you need to compile stuff.14:03
Dr_Willisrypervenche:  the game dosent really install a lot of weird stuff.. most all of it is in /usr/share/gamnes/ it seems14:04
keksiPolah: http://paste.ubuntu.com/588927/14:04
Dr_Willisrypervenche:  you could link things from your /usr/share/ to the  game files  if you wanted14:04
rypervencheDr_Willis: http://pastebin.com/QcHwpeKJ14:05
ravenDr_Willis, no it still does not work14:05
Dr_Willisrypervenche:  where did you get the command 'sh configure' from?14:05
llutzrypervenche: use ./configure    or "bash ./configure"14:06
Dr_Willisrypervenche:  normal way is to do ./configure, make, make install14:06
Dr_Willisrypervenche:  check the games docs on how to install/compile it.14:06
rypervencheDr_Willis: WellDrrypervenche@Formosa:~/下載/smw-1.8-beta2-src$ ./configure14:06
rypervenchebash: ./configure: /bin/sh^M: bad interpreter: 沒有此一檔案或目錄14:06
rypervencheoops, Didn't mean to paste that here14:06
Dr_Willis^M in that line = points to me saying that the files somehow got DOS encoding on them. with exctra Carrage return/linefeeds14:07
rypervencheOh, then I can fix that I think.14:07
Dr_Williswhich could mean ALL the source is messed up from a linux point of view. Inless you covert them to Unix encoding with the dos2unix type command.14:07
Dr_Willisit could be just that one file.. may be all of them14:07
rypervencheDr_Willis: Should I try using it on them all then?14:08
keksiPollah: so any idea what I should do?14:08
ariel_has anyone gotten thunderbird or any email client to work with M$ Exchange 2010 server?  I can't get them to work.14:08
Dr_Willisrypervenche:  if the binary works.. use that.14:08
ResQuehow can i find out my motherboard chip set14:08
Dr_Willis!info hwinfo14:09
ubottuhwinfo (source: hwinfo): Hardware identification system. In component universe, is optional. Version 16.0-2 (maverick), package size 45 kB, installed size 112 kB14:09
Kastor_!info unix14:11
ubottuPackage unix does not exist in maverick14:11
Kastor_!info linux14:11
ubottulinux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (maverick), package size 5 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia all armel)14:11
pickettwhen's new ubuntu out?14:11
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases14:12
=== BajK is now known as BajK|lunch
Dr_Willispickett:  end of the month.. the version # is the date of release. (year/m9onth)14:12
m|kaeli need more help resetting the password, i followed the guide ath help.ubuntu.com. when i executed "SET PASSWORD FOR root@'localhost' = PASSWORD('password')" it said 0 rows affected. what do i do now, this is first time i try setup a web server so im kinda clueless :(14:13
jrib!away > BajK|lunch14:13
ubottuBajK|lunch, please see my private message14:13
rypervencheDr_Willis: Ok, thanks for your help :)14:13
Dr_Willism|kael:  see if the new password works?14:13
m|kaelDr_Willis: how?14:13
Dr_Willism|kael:  looks like you set the password to be 'password' to me....14:13
Dr_Willism|kael:  how were you thiniing you needed to reset it in the first place?14:14
elchiI've got a problem.14:14
Polahkeksi: Are you using additional, proprietary drivers for a graphics card?14:14
elchiHow can I acces my scanner?14:14
m|kaelDr_Willis: its the MYSQL root password, and that line is just copy pasted from the help board14:14
Dr_Willism|kael:  and from the looks of it.. You set the root password to be 'password' via that line.14:14
Kastor_!help windows14:15
Kastor_      14:15
elchiI'm going to install SANE!14:15
m|kaelDr_Willis: i changed it, but it doesnt matter, the query result was 0 rows affected14:15
Dr_Williselchi:  i plug mine in, and use the 'xsane' or simple-scan software14:15
Dr_Willisisent sane installed by default anyway? :)14:15
Kastor_!help games14:15
Dr_Willis!fishing | Kastor_14:15
ubottuKastor_: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".14:15
josephseraosiceroot, I pasted a few of syslog in http://paste.ubuntu.com/588931/14:15
mkanyicym|kael, try 'mysql -u root -p' and then type your passwod at prompt14:15
=== plaxx|CoS is now known as plaxx
Kastor_Have no idea what you're talking about but thanks14:16
m|kaelmkanyicy: ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)14:16
mkanyicym|kael, type 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.1' and new password will required from you14:17
m|kaelmkanyicy: ok, will try14:17
josephseraosiceroot, I think the err init around line 10014:18
jg3Where I could find a good/running/updated tutorial for a shared addressbook with OpenLDAP (v3 style)?14:18
m|kaelmkanyicy: how do i stop the current mysql process then?14:19
m|kaelmkanyicy: i mean mysqld ofc14:19
mkanyicym|kael, sudo service mysql stop14:19
mkanyicym|kael, followed by a 'start'14:20
=== kyentei_ is now known as kyentei
BajKjrib: wasn das fürn scheiß ey, darf mer hier nix mehr machen oder was? ich hab EINMAL meinen verdammten nick geändert, EIN EINZIGES MAL un dann wirdmer hier glei rausgeworfen?! alter, der irc channel is ja noch behinderter als dieses ganze beknackte betriebssytem mit seiner beschissenen Gnome-oberfläche14:20
mkanyicym|kael, or just 'sudo service mysql restart'14:20
m|kaelmkanyicy: doesnt work, i started it using /usr/sbin/mysqld --skip-grant-tables --skip-networking according to the guilde on the forums14:21
mkanyicym|kael, never run mysql daemon like that14:22
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:22
m|kaelmkanyicy: the guide on ubuntu forums said i should start it like that to reset the password14:22
sim1can I write here for problem about Natty in beta?14:22
Dr_Willissim1:  see #ubuntu+114:22
llutz!natty | sim114:22
ubottusim1: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.14:22
mkanyicym|kael, well stick to one thing at a time14:23
mkanyicym|kael, stick to THAT guide and if that does not work, try what I suggested you do14:23
m|kaelmkanyicy: well i cannot reconfigure it because its running, and i do not know how to stop it14:23
Dr_Willism|kael:  service command is the proper way to start/stop services14:23
mkanyicym|kael, sudo service mysql stop14:24
m|kaelservice mysql stop14:24
m|kaelstop: Unknown instance:14:24
jiltdilDr_willis: without using the ssh if i have the ip of any person how to shutdown or restsrt his computer?14:24
m|kaelbut its still running accourding to ps aux | grep mysql14:24
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  short answer.. You dont.. unless he sets up somthing fancy14:25
Gneam|kael: are you sure you're running the right command?14:25
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  he could setup telnet i guess.. but thats scary. or some other service.14:25
jiltdilDr_willis;any s/w like advance port scanner in ubuntu14:25
jiltdilDr_willis: in LAN14:26
m|kaelGnea: yes ... i want to stop the process i started with "/usr/sbin/mysqld --skip-grant-tables --skip-networking"14:26
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  theres port scanner software for Linux.14:26
=== toto is now known as Guest8575
Dr_Willis!info nmap14:26
ubottunmap (source: nmap): The Network Mapper. In component main, is extra. Version 5.21-1~build1 (maverick), package size 1737 kB, installed size 7052 kB14:26
jiltdilDr_willis: thanx14:26
Dr_Willism|kael:  killall mysqld    is one way.14:27
Dr_Willisvery nasty way.. but one way. :)14:27
extraymondDoes anybody know why my friend's Asus U31J can't boot up?14:27
m|kaelDr_Willis: will try :-)14:27
Dr_Willissince you dident start mysql via the services stuff. you proberly cant kill it via services either14:27
wayme ?14:27
Dr_Willisextraymond:  given the lack of details you gave us.. no. :)14:27
Dr_Willisextraymond:  is it plugged into the wall..14:28
BajKyeah, DeVeDe worked. so the reason for "failed to create dvd structure" was just that the movie was too big for the DVD...14:28
jiltdilwhai is the command using nmap to know the person OS?14:28
Dr_WillisBajK:  theres a %fill button on devede. that i find gets confused at times.. tries to makle a 140%sized disk untill i click on it and it sets back to 100% for my 4gb disks14:28
mkanyicym|kael, sudo killall mysqld14:29
=== sm is now known as Guest7033
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  nmap has literally 10000's of web pages of docs and examples/tutorials..14:29
IdleOnejiltdil: try: nmap -A -T4 scanme.nmap.org14:29
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  and several gui front ends.14:29
waysudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop14:29
Dr_Willisway:  best to use the service command these days.14:29
IdleOnejiltdil: also see man nmap for more examples14:29
=== Guest7033 is now known as sm`
jiltdilthanx Dr_willis,IdleOne14:29
BajKDr_Willis: yep, I saw it was 116%, clicked on fit to disk or something and then it worked just fine14:30
BajKwhy not warn the user in the first place -.-14:30
extraymondDr_Willis: Yes he plugged it into the wall.14:31
ubotturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free14:32
m|kaeleverything seems to work now, thank you for the help Dr_Willis and mkanyicy :-) you were most helpful :-)14:32
mkanyicym|kael, no prob14:33
lugkhastextraymond: is the laptop failing to boot from an installed system or a live cd?14:33
listerwhat is the easiest way do you think to make a system image?14:33
alabd!info unrar-free14:33
ubottuunrar-free (source: unrar-free): Unarchiver for .rar files. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.0.1+cvs20071127-1 (maverick), package size 21 kB, installed size 108 kB14:33
IdleOne!msgthebot | > alabd14:34
ubottualabd, please see my private message14:34
extraymondlugkhast: In live-cd its all good. But after install and reboot, it starts to get worse.14:34
dj__is der ny1 to help me14:35
lugkhastextraymond: How, exactly? Graphical issues, network access going nuts, ...?14:35
IdleOne!ask | dj__14:36
ubottudj__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:36
extraymondlugkhast: Can't even boot up. Can't get in plymouth.14:36
josephseraosGnea, I pasted a few lines of 'syslog' in http://paste.ubuntu.com/588931/14:36
dj__actually m new in ubuntu14:36
unhackmeeThere is a natty netbook nightly build?? Im guessing that natty desktop is the one i want for my intel netbook right?14:36
alabdIdleOne: thanks14:37
dj__i dont how to compile c program plz dont mind even i dont knw which irc should use plzz guide me14:37
erUSULdj__: your own programs?14:37
lugkhastextraymond: The output of "lspci -nn" may get you more help from others in the channel who are familiar with the hardware14:38
dj__ya my own programs14:38
=== chrisb is now known as Guest79174
lugkhastextraymond: use http://paste.ubuntu.com/ :)14:38
Gneajosephseraos: you have no physical swap memory, therefore it won't hibernate correctly.14:40
dj__i dont how to compile c program plz dont mind even i dont knw which irc should use plzz guide me14:40
=== nat is now known as Guest60448
josephseraosGnea, But I'm not using hibernate14:40
Gneajosephseraos: but it's trying to use hibernate14:40
andyc321Anyone have any luck with a GeForce 310M? I have tried various nvidia driver versions and they all give me a black screen (although they start up), I tried a custom EDID I found in the ununtu forum , this gave me some output but it was noise (with stripes).  The host is a sony vaio S13 laptop.14:41
Gneam|kael: if you didn't start mysql with the initscript/service, then you can't stop it with the initscript/service14:41
josephseraosGnea, Whu is it trying using it? It's on Electric current, and have a battery. There's no why to hibernate. It's not programmed.14:42
awanti Hi. I am running ubuntu 10.04 with samba pdc. Samba clients are windows xp & 7. Every thing is working perfect. But I am unable to restrict users to change the settings. Plz. even can guide me :)14:42
extraymondlugkhast: My friend can't get that done. But here is the hardware specification. http://www.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=qcgJ2RirwkZL7Hpa14:42
Gneajosephseraos: are you sure?14:42
Gneajosephseraos: are you on 10.04 or 10.10?14:43
josephseraosYeah. I am.14:43
josephseraosI'm in 10.04 64-bit14:43
erUSULawanti: /join #samba ?14:43
Gneajosephseraos: can you take a screenshot of your power management preferences14:43
andaiHi. I just revived my old computer. It's running 9.10. What's the best way to upgrade?14:44
josephseraosGnea, Where I paste my screenshot?14:44
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.14:44
=== Lockal_ is now known as Lockal
dj__ i dont how to compile c program plz dont mind even i dont knw which irc should use plzz guide me14:45
oCeandj__: maybe start in channel ##programming?14:46
LjLdj__: i think you've been pointed to !compile several times before14:46
josephseraosGnea, Where do I post my screenshot?14:46
LjLdj__: anyway ##linux and ##c (and perhaps ##programming) are good candidates14:46
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:46
oCeanandai: why upgrade and not a new install?14:46
andaioCean: That's exactly why i was asking :P14:47
andaii heard upgrades are messy14:47
lugkhastextraymond: try to ask your friend if the issues don't happen if, after an install, he doesn't install the proprietary nVidia driver14:47
oCeanandai: well, they can be.14:47
oCean!install | andai14:47
ubottuandai: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate14:47
andaiif i do a new install, can i copy over my home folder?14:47
extraymondlugkhast: He can't get in to Plymouth after a fresh install. And by the way, he's using version 10.04.14:48
neutronsaludos gente!!!14:48
xanguaandai: if you mean to keep your setting, onlu if you have your home in a diferent partition14:48
erUSUL!es | neutron14:48
ubottuneutron: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.14:48
erUSULandai: sure14:48
ifewalterancedai: but you have to re install all your applications14:49
=== dangbarry is now known as help
erUSULandai: if it is in a diferent partition or you can backup it somewhere the new intall wont touch it ...14:49
erUSUL!clone | andai related14:49
ubottuandai related: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate14:49
=== help is now known as philipbarry
neutronwhat do you think about ubuntu 11.0414:50
lugkhastextraymond: I'm clueless now, try asking him to try a newer version14:50
oCeanneutron: still beta and discussed in #ubuntu+114:50
lugkhastextraymond: I'm on an Asus K42Ja with 11.04 because WiFi doesn't work on 10.10, for example14:51
neutronall right,14:51
ronakKesekî kurmancîaxêv dî nav we de heye gelo:)14:51
mrdebwifi should work with te right driver14:51
josephseraosGnea, There are Three screenshots:  http://imagebin.org/146409 ,  http://imagebin.org/146410   and  http://imagebin.org/14641114:51
oCean!tr | ronak14:52
ubotturonak: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.14:52
extraymondlugkhast: THX for your hearty effort. I'm trying to do this http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2010/05/06/ubuntu-10-04-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup-workaround/ . Is this suitable for this workaround?14:52
ronakSaxolasin <oCean>14:53
josephseraosGnea, thanks it in English. haha, but I'm Brazilian, sorry my bad English =)14:53
ori0nI'm trying to install Ubuntu on a motherboard RAID0, goes well until I shutdown the PC, then the RAID is broken and I cannot boot14:53
ori0nany ideas what im doing wrong?14:53
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto14:53
erUSULori0n: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto14:53
ori0nok thanks I'll have a look14:54
lugkhastextraymond: That's for making bootup prettier I think14:54
siddhantchdhey guys need help14:55
siddhantchdi m installing my printer by method 114:56
keksiopengl wont work glxgears said  Error: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual14:56
siddhantchdbut when i m running captstatusui -P LBP2900 it shows port is beng used by another device14:56
siddhantchdwht can i do14:56
Oimelcould someone help me out plz?15:01
ruanhow would i tell if someone is leeching off my wifi?15:01
LjLruan: your wifi AP's webpage probably has a list of who's connected15:01
s3r3n1t7ruan, IP's given out by your router that aren't yours for example15:01
keksiopengl wont work glxgears said  Error: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual15:01
s3r3n1t7Oimel, we might if you tell us the problem.15:02
ruandarn. another reason why i hate my isp15:02
m0eruan, ping bcast ip and check your arp table :P15:02
siddhantchdanyone there who can help15:02
m0ebroadcast.. ex: ping -b
m0eI'm assuming you are on the same subnet15:03
nickorim checking for palimpsest to check my drive for errors, i can not tell if it is included in ubuntu 10.10. can anyone confirm it is or is not?15:03
ruanwhat does (DUP!) mean?15:03
OimelI've got an Wireless Adapter with rtl8191s chipset wich was recognized by lsusb but is not mounted in the network interfaces. How can i use this wireless adapter15:03
erUSULnickor: it should be15:03
Oimelsry for my bad english15:03
FunnyLookinHatAll of a sudden I can't connect via SSH to any of the servers I used to work on - however if I boot back into windows on this same box, I can do so just fine via PuTTY - any idea on how to fix that??15:04
nickorUsul, can you tell me where it is located?15:04
ruanshould've looked at my router lights15:04
m0echeck your firewall?15:04
ruanno, my router has lights that indicate if bandwidth is passing15:05
erUSULnickor: in menus? system>admin...>disk utility15:05
nickorive been looking all night, im a newb15:05
josephseraosGnea, Did you see?15:05
erUSULFunnyLookinHat: what is the error? ssh -vvvv should have some clues15:05
FunnyLookinHatm0e, firestarter only limits inbound, not outbound..  right ?15:05
jsjgruber_FunnyLookinHat, what happens when you try ssh?15:05
OimelI've got an Wireless Adapter with rtl8191s chipset wich was recognized by lsusb but is not mounted in the network interfaces. How can i use this wireless adapter?15:06
m0eno idea.. havent used firestarter before15:06
FunnyLookinHatjsjgruber, After I enter my password it just hangs... no matter what server or connection...15:06
ruanOimel: does it work if you use wicd?15:06
ruan!info wicd15:06
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager - metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.0+ds1-5 (maverick), package size 40 kB, installed size 88 kB15:06
edbiannickor: The Ubuntu menu calls it 'disk utility' I believe it's in applications -> system tools15:07
FunnyLookinHatjsjgruber, The last message that -vvvv prints is "debug2: channel 0: request window-change confirm 0" - and then it just sits there with a blinking cursor (not a bash shell)15:07
nickori found the disk util and dont see that particular app15:07
nickorwhen i try to do read / write benchmark test i get errs15:07
nickorwhich im only assuming is helping15:08
nickori just want to find out what part of the drive is bad15:08
edbiannickor: What kind of errors?  THe program is bugging or it is finding errors on your harddrive.15:08
nickorand block it off so i dont use it15:08
edbiannickor: disk utility IS palimpsest15:08
jsjgruber_FunnyLookinHat, Is it possible you have a dialog box asking for a password to unlock your keychain under other windows?15:08
nickorok sorry for newbness15:08
edbiannickor: 'block it off'  ?15:08
edbiannickor: No worries.  It's confusing I admit15:08
nickorwell id like to tell my machine to not use it if it is damaged15:08
nickori have to run to a job site15:08
FunnyLookinHatjsjgruber, errr - maybe?  I've never had that happen before...  I entered the password in the console.15:08
nickorbut thank you for help15:08
edbiannickor: Have a good day!15:09
nickorill be back later if you guys dont mind helping15:09
AraneidaeHas anybody else have Chrome lose the ability to run Flash in the last week?15:09
nickoryou too!15:09
FunnyLookinHatjsjgruber, yeah no...15:09
AraneidaeRuns just fine in Firefox15:09
FunnyLookinHatjsjgruber, I guess I could try to re-install openssh-client... but I doubt that'll do much.  Maybe if I purge it ?15:09
edbiannickor: general rule.  we NEVER mind helping :)15:10
FunnyLookinHatjsjgruber, Oh and I don't know if this helps - but the console is completely locked up... Control+C won't even exit SSH.  I have to close it with the X in the top left.15:10
DrPoOI'm trying to ssh into my desktop with my correct username/password but I am getting a "Failed password for invalid user...." in my /var/log/auth.log. Any ideas?15:10
jsjgruber_FunnyLookinHat, I don't know. When you are there hung up waiting, is there a connection for your ssh connection to that host listed in netstat; netstat | less15:11
extraymondlugkhast: That's it. Going to try higher version. THX!!!15:11
OimelI've got an Wireless Adapter with rtl8191s chipset wich was recognized by lsusb but is not mounted in the network interfaces. How can i use this wireless adapter?15:11
bonjoyeeDrPoO: are you using the proper "ssh username@ipaddress" format? or just "ssh ipaddress"?15:12
FunnyLookinHatjsjgruber, "tcp        0     64 funnylookinhat-Th:39172 IPADDRESSHERE:ssh     ESTABLISHED"15:12
DrPoObonjoyee, for either case it failes15:12
DrPoObonjoyee, however i am able to login to my computer locally, its ssh the problem15:12
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FunnyLookinHatjsjgruber, I guess I'll try to purge openssh-client15:13
jsjgruber_FunnyLookinHat, So you are making the connection, that should rule out a routing or firewall problem...15:13
FunnyLookinHatjsjgruber, I'm out of ideas  :)15:13
FunnyLookinHatjsjgruber, Yeah - oh I'm sure of that..15:13
DrPoObonjoyee, its also happens for all users on the computer... not just mine15:13
jsjgruber_FunnyLookinHat,  Have you tried ssh -vv  to see what messages you get about ssh trying to make the connection?15:13
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bonjoyeeDrPoO: can you connect to ssh on that machine using "ssh user@localhost"?15:14
DrPoObonjoyee, nope15:14
FunnyLookinHatjsjgruber, http://pastebin.com/8JPvQ8nV15:14
FunnyLookinHatjsjgruber, That is everything after I enter the password15:14
s3r3n1t7DrPoO, do you use a firewall? If so, which one? If not, can you pastebin your iptables?15:15
jsjgruber_FunnyLookinHat, I'll look at it15:15
lariousStill yet I need help on how to install sun java15:15
BluesKajHowdy folks15:15
tehneflarious: still?15:15
tehneflarious: there used to be a package for it.15:15
lariousStill yet I need help on how to install sun java, someone please help me for sun java for lucid15:15
bonjoyeeDrPoO:what is the error on the local machine?15:15
ruanlarious: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre15:15
s3r3n1t7FunnyLookinHat, do you use a firewall? If so, which one? If not, can you pastebin your iptables?            DrPoO wrong nick, apology15:15
FunnyLookinHats3r3n1t7, I have firestarter installed, but it hasn't interferred before... (iptables on the way)15:16
lariousruan: bros I want to install it offline with .deb package15:16
erUSUL!java | larious15:16
ubottularious: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.15:16
s3r3n1t7FunnyLookinHat, i've had similar issues where the firewall was indeed the cause of it15:16
erUSUL!offline | larious15:16
ubottularious: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD15:16
FunnyLookinHats3r3n1t7, err - where is that file located on Ubuntu ?15:17
DrPoObonjoyee, i dont have any firewalls15:17
lariouscos I cant use that get-apt cos my ubuntu is offline15:17
bonjoyeeDrPoO: what is the error on that desktop?15:17
DrPoObonjoyee, http://pastebin.com/XeQWdtmj15:17
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.15:17
jsjgruber_FunnyLookinHat, And this happens with multiple computers you try to ssh into? Multiple accounts? It looks to me like your computer has been talking to the other side and is authenticated.15:17
ruanlarious: use -d, it will only download the deb packages15:17
s3r3n1t7FunnyLookinHat, it's the backend of firestarter, should be somethign like iptables --list or the likes15:17
FunnyLookinHatjsjgruber, It happens with ANY ssh connection.15:17
tehneflarious: did you follow these instructions? http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-install-sun-java-runtime-environment-jre-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx.html15:17
ruanlarious: sudo apt-get -d install sun-java6-jre15:18
DrPoObonjoyee, i cant log in using ssh ....15:18
DrPoObonjoyee, couldnt i simply reinstall ssh and see ?15:18
jsjgruber_FunnyLookinHat, I'm out of ideas. I'm sorry.15:18
lariousruan: am offline on ubuntu but online with my xp, my modem cant connect on it without java15:18
tehneflarious: did you follow these instructions? http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-install-sun-java-runtime-environment-jre-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx.html15:19
bonjoyeeDrPoO: yes...but whats the error for "ssh localhost" on the ssh server?15:19
FunnyLookinHats3r3n1t7, IPTables dump: http://pastebin.com/w57gZjYT15:19
FunnyLookinHatjsjgruber, No worries....  I am too.  :)15:19
bonjoyeelarious: http://www.java.com/en/download/help/linux_install.xml#selfextracting15:19
h4ckxb0xi make my own browser in visual basic 6.0... it is very cool...15:19
DrPoObonjoyee, where would I see that? Currently all i know is that in /var/log/auth.log Im getting a Failed password for invalid user ...15:20
bonjoyeeDrPoO: on the desktop that is acting as the ssh server?15:20
DrPoObonjoyee, yes15:20
bonjoyeeDrPoO: ok...open a terminal on that desktop..and type "ssh localhost"...and then give the error..15:21
DrPoObonjoyee, Im also seeing a User USERNAME from amon not allowed because not listed in AllowUsers15:21
s3r3n1t7FunnyLookinHat, googling tells me that firestarter may actually block that connection. Could you flush your iptables and keep firestarter disable, then try again to connect?15:21
FunnyLookinHats3r3n1t7, VERY strange - I can SSH into a box on my local network, but not outside....15:21
FunnyLookinHats3r3n1t7, sure one sec15:22
Laurencebdo i need a swap partition?15:22
s3r3n1t7FunnyLookinHat, that actually makes sense15:22
m|kaelhow do i enable apache2 to give each user a own server/~username directory in ubuntu server?15:22
DrPoObonjoyee, When I open a terminal and go "ssh localhost" I type my password and get a "Permission denied, please try again"15:22
FunnyLookinHats3r3n1t7, Yeah I just looked at the rules, hah15:22
tehnefDrPoO: are you trying to do something special? ssh generally works right out of the box once you install it15:23
lariousI only beed sun java .deb package15:23
s3r3n1t7FunnyLookinHat, good :) does it work with a flushed iptables?15:23
BluesKajLaurenceb, depends on how much RAM , above 6G there's not much point15:23
Crumubuntu is what the hoes call me15:23
tehneflarious: follow the instructions15:23
DrPoOtehnef, nothing special... just want to login remotely15:24
Laurencebi see15:24
DrPoOtehnef, it was working...15:24
bonjoyeelarious: why is it so..the link i gave works just perfectly for me...15:24
FunnyLookinHats3r3n1t7, I just did sudo iptables --flush, and now it can't resolve anything...15:24
lariousbonjoyee: am new to linux15:24
s3r3n1t7FunnyLookinHat, dump iptables again please to pastebin15:24
lariousbonjoyee: DO I need to complie it and install15:25
tehnefDrPoO: 'sudo apt-get purge openssh-server;sudo apt-get install openssh-server'15:25
BluesKajLaurenceb, below 4G , 1.5 times your RAM is a good rule15:25
bonjoyeelarious: but all the instructions there are clear..nope those are binary packages...15:25
s3r3n1t7FunnyLookinHat, you'll also need to reset the default permissions on the seperate chains15:25
FunnyLookinHats3r3n1t7, as you would expect: http://pastebin.com/xXKrwrxG15:25
s3r3n1t7FunnyLookinHat, and you can't connect to a box outside of your network?15:26
lariousbonjoyee: But no one for package X86 bit but 64 bit are the only package there15:26
FunnyLookinHats3r3n1t7, and I disabled firestarter15:26
DrPoOtehnef, that fixed it....15:26
DrPoOtehnef, WEIRD!15:26
FunnyLookinHats3r3n1t7, yeah still no dice.15:26
DrPoOtehnef, Thnx15:26
bonjoyeelarious: there are for 32 and 64 bit..just look carefully...15:26
s3r3n1t7FunnyLookinHat, you can still connect to that box inside your subnet?15:26
FunnyLookinHats3r3n1t7, Yeah - just did it again fine.15:27
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