skulliohey i'm using xubuntu 10.10 live cd and i need to recover windows files from my dead toshiba labtop00:44
skulliodoes someone knows how to do this?00:44
skulliohow to acces all files that are on my hard drive from a live cd00:51
skullioi'm beginner on ubuntu00:51
skullioestupidos nerds de la mierda ojala se mueran ya pude 01:06
schauerlich"stupid shitty nerds i hope you all die"01:12
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Guest19025good evening. can someone help me with a wifi issue? using ubuntu 10.10 netbook edition, using a samsung netbook n51019:06
BachstelzeGuest19025: what's the issue ?19:06
Guest19025bachstelze: do you speak german?19:07
Bachstelzemore or less19:07
Guest19025can't find a wifi network via wicd. drivers installed. wire network works perfectly19:07
Guest19025bachstelze klingt deutsch. daher die frage ;-)19:08
Bachstelzehmm I don't use wicd, does iwlist scan find something?19:08
Guest19025interface doesn't support scanning19:09
Guest19025wlan0 no scan results19:09
Bachstelzewhat kind of wifi card is it?19:10
Guest19025it actually tried to connect to my preferred wifi immediately after logging in with ubuntu, but then it said "password wrong". after that no wifi detected19:10
Guest19025Realtek rtl8192e19:11
Bachstelzehmm, maybe my info is outdated, but I think realtek wifi cards are problematic19:12
Guest19025connecting to preferred wifi neither works with wpa turned off19:12
Guest19025I'm new to Ubuntu, but there must be some way to make it work...  don't you think?19:14
Bachstelzeprobably, but I've never had to use one of them myself19:14
Bachstelzesometimes on laptops when the card seems to work but detects nothing, it's because wifi is disabled19:15
Bachstelzewith a keyboard combination, or a switch on the laptop19:15
Guest19025yeah, but then it would't have tried to detect and connect to my preferred wifi19:15
Guest19025sometimes all the wifis around are detected, but I've never managed to connect19:17
Bachstelzebesides that I don't know, try searching the forum or the wiki (or google) with your card's model name19:17
Guest19025ok. can I check if wifi is enabled through ubuntu as well?19:19
Bachstelzeif you mean enabled with the hardware switch/key compo, not that I know of, it's invisible to the OS19:20
Bachstelzeat least on the laptops I've seen, maybe it depends19:20
Bachstelzebut if you have a key combo for wifi, try hitting it and searching again19:21
fisch246how does one change their title?22:15
fisch246as in the thing that shows above the beans22:16
fisch246mine says "first cup of Ubuntu"22:16
FTMichael'First Cup of Ubuntu' and so on?22:16
fisch246which is far from true22:16
FTMichaelI believe that change automatically when you post a lot22:16
FTMichaelIt's determined by how many posts you've made.22:17
fisch246so you can't make a custom one?22:17
FTMichaelnot that I'm aware of22:17
fisch246i just want it to say like "second brew of Ubuntu"22:22
FTMichaelyou could ask a moderator but my guess is it's automatic22:25
Joeb454fisch246: you can change it to something of your choice if you have ? 3,500 posts22:25
fisch246ah ok22:26
Joeb454no problem fisch246 :)22:30

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