OldposdellsI have a question. What audio controls does Ubuntu Studio have?02:39
ScottLeh, he's gone already :(03:05
holsteinit has all of the audio controls ;p04:10
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* hermanr notices "General music making and studio chatter is allowed" in the topic ...14:35
hermanr... wondering how welcome Rosegarden is, as a topic. :-)14:36
hermanrBy the way, there is an IRC meeting for Cinelerra-CV today, at 16.00 UTC (that's in 1 hour and 20 minutes)14:38
azmits quite silence here. You will get faster response in #opensourcemusicians probably14:38
holsteinhermanr: hey14:38
holsteinwe have an ubuntustudio meeting today too :)14:38
holsteinin 20 minutes14:38
holsteinover in #ubuntustudio-devel14:39
hermanrOne hour, or open-ended?14:39
holsteinhermanr: probably pretty loose14:39
holsteinazm: o/14:39
* hermanr needs to focus on the cinCV meeting14:39
azmhello holstein14:39
azmsuddenly channe lalive :)14:39
hermanrazm: #opensourcemusicians was the right crowd, indeed! :-))15:28
phed__hei hermanr btw15:29
hermanrphed__: Hei :-)15:31
* hermanr was confused about DST; the #cinelerra meeting is in one hour, not now16:02
hermanr.oO(I'd better take a nap now...)16:03
AnAntHello, is there some sort of setting (gconf maybe) to change the default session to Classic instead of Unity ?16:39
mdennisI'm trying to diagnose a MIDI transport issue and I'm kind of at a loss and not finding useful documentation... Install's from UbuntuStudio DVD for 10.10 (x86), I have jack running, MUSE connecting through it, transport controls seem to work, and ZynAddSubFX can receive at least the first channel fine, but I can't seem to get either FluidSynth or Timidity-daemon to do anything...23:26
mdennisI can't even find the frontends to Timidity despite them apparently being installed, and Qsynth is behaving like no input's being received at all (MUSE and FluidSynth are connected in the ALSA tab of Jack's connections window)23:28
mdennis(I did find the command-line player but it provides no sound output when run on a GM file either.)23:36
mdennis(er, command-line player for timidity)23:36
holsteinmdennis: hey23:38
holsteinim going to suggest a couple things23:38
holsteinfirst, try #opensourcemusicians23:38
holsteinmore MIDI folk over there23:38
holsteinyoshimi is the updated well-maintained fork of zynaddsubfx23:39
holsteinmdennis: do you have a soundfont loaded in qsynth?23:39
holsteinqsynth, like rosegarden and the other MIDI gear23:40
holsteindoesnt make any sounds23:40
mdennisYeah, I have FluidR3_GM loaded and some instruments mapped to the relevant channels23:40
mdennis(More interested in getting Timidity working given the intended purpose of the box, but qsynth is talked about more in what documentation I could find and all)23:41
holsteinyeah, you'll find folks at that channel i linked23:42
holsteinthat use that gear23:42
holsteini dont do much MIDI23:42
* mdennis nods.23:42

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