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RockTeamHello. Is there anybody?09:45
well_laid_lawnsure RockTeam09:46
RockTeamCould you help me please?09:48
well_laid_lawndepends on the issue... :p09:48
RockTeamDo you have Exaile installed?09:48
well_laid_lawnnope sorry09:48
RockTeamOk. Thanks!09:48
well_laid_lawnwhat's wrong with it?09:48
RockTeamI use ver. 3.2.0 and Radio Steams does't work from Radio Menu09:49
RockTeamBut I can listen radio via direct link to mp3 steam09:50
RockTeamRadio Steams can't be updated via Radio Menu into Exaile :(09:52
well_laid_lawnsomething in the config about the net connection would be my guess09:53
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profus2hi everybody, looking for tutorial vmware installation on xubuntu13:42
profus2any ideas?13:42
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nikolamprofus2, why not using Vitrualbox-OSE that comes with Ubuntu repositories? It is open source. And Virtualbox from virtualbox.org have pluging with USB support, etc.14:50
nikolamVmWare is payed-for only product. You need to buy it. Virtualbox is not unless you use it for business, then it is also buy-for product. Unless you are using OSE version that is free to use for everyone, ever.14:51
nikolamThere is also Xen for Ubuntu and you also have KVM/Qemu with its GUI frontends that works quite fine, too.14:52
nikolamSo you have, like 3-4 virtualization open source products in place of closed pay for only vmware14:54
knomenikolam, depends... vbox is not necessarily buy-for even with business14:58
nikolamknome, ?? I guess vmware have its uses for people with $$ and high capacities and willing to manage with closed solutions.15:10
nikolamknome, I think I misunderstood you, sorry.15:10
nikolamyes, businesses can use vbox OSE for free. Vbox closed with usb, for fee if used comercially, I think.15:11
nikolamanyway, this also seems off-topic a bit ;)15:11
knomenikolam, it is a bit off-topic.. let's move to #xubuntu-offtopic15:12
VastOneAnyone tried April 3 daily Natty release to see if install is fixed?16:52
charlie-tcawhat is wrong with it?17:02
charlie-tcaDid something break since the beta1 release?17:02
ubottuUbuntu bug 748885 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Natty beta 1 install fails on nsbp package install" [Undecided,New]17:03
VastOneI have just downloaded today's release and am about to test it17:04
VastOnewill let you know17:04
charlie-tcaXubuntu or Ubuntu?17:05
VastOneUbiquity issue across all variants17:07
sillavaptitude search nsbp returns nothing. What package are you talking about?17:10
VastOneUbiquity on the install17:11
charlie-tcaThe nsbp package that the installer can NOT find?17:11
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charlie-tcaChances are a bug reported reported yesterday is not fixed, since the developers usually take sat/sun off17:12
VastOneperhaps, but I have just confirmed that ubiquity is/has been updated on the Apr 3 daily17:13
VastOneso .. Just beginning to test the install, will let you and launchpad know17:13
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sillavWell... ubiquity isn't installed on xubuntu, nor any package with ubuity in the name. And the only reference to a nsbp package on the entire internet seems to be the bug report you mentioned.17:19
VastOneubiquity IS the installer17:20
charlie-tcasillav: the bug report is about the actual installer, not the finished installation17:22
charlie-tcaIf a file is called by the installer, it does not have to be in the final installation. It has to be available to the installer itself.17:23
VastOneI am sorry to come here and create confusion, I was merely checking to see if those who test with me had done so yet17:23
charlie-tcano, we had not17:24
charlie-tcaAs I said, installer bugs will seldom be fixed on the weekend, though.17:24
charlie-tcaI have an install running, let's see what it does17:25
VastOnetrue, I am just about finished so... we shall see..  What is very strange is that it not only affects Beta1 but also Alpha2 and 3 release... So it is definitley something that is being pulled during the install17:25
VastOneIf mine fails again, I am going to unplug from the Internet and try that as some have succeeded in doing in the past17:26
charlie-tcaActually, if it affected all those installs, we would not have a beta1 yet. It has not actually showed up in those milestones for most of us17:26
charlie-tcaMaybe it is hardware related, instead of software related17:26
VastOneI know, my point is that it is now affecting those when it did not in the past17:27
VastOneNo hw is not the issue and confirmed17:27
VastOneThis same thing went on the entire month of March on Ubuntu installs of Alpha 3 and natty17:28
charlie-tcaThen why wasn't it reported earlier?17:28
VastOneIt was not until ISO testing was done that the bugs were fixed,17:28
VastOneIt was17:28
charlie-tcaI have never seen that bug17:28
VastOnemany times17:28
VastOneI will get it ... and show you hang on17:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 739632 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Natty) "ubiquity crashed during install with: plugininstall.py: DebconfError: (10, "oem-config/enable doesn't exist")" [High,Fix released]17:30
VastOneand there are several that were thought o be duplicates that were actually different pulls with the same effect17:31
VastOneIt was fixed, but now is back17:32
charlie-tcaWell, I guess you will have to wait to have it fixed, then. I have not hit this bug, even with yesterdays images17:32
VastOneThat was typical too, there were some it did not effect and others it did for a month17:32
VastOnelol, a frustrating one to say the least17:33
VastOneIf it crashes this time, I have ubiquity -d enabled to send my var/syslog and install log...17:34
VastOneand it did just crash so ... I will need to wait17:34
VastOnethanks hagd17:34
VastOneI can confirm that by installing with the Network disconnected did work for Daily Apr 3 Natty Xubuntu installation18:03
just_some_dudei have xubuntu 10.04, xfce 4.6. i'm not sure how it happened, but networking is no longer automatically started at bootup. how can a make the network work automatically?18:50
just_some_dudeclarification: the network manager starts at boot, but my net connection is not enabled by default.18:51
just_some_dudei'd like it to be enabled by default.18:52
cg2916i used unetbootin and when i tried to boot into linux, it said "windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem"19:02
kb8wmsanybody home?20:22
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guapamontsehi people, it just came to my mind that i should have logged all my acess times on this computer. do you know some file that logs this so i can print it?20:46
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obiwan_like, user obiwan_ access 10 am, leaves 02 am20:47
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obiwan_ok nvm seeyou20:58
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