nixternalDarkwingDuck: pong01:35
nixternalgetting ready to eat so i might be afk for a few01:35
DarkwingDucknixternal: can you upload any and everything you have worked on and update https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo/Natty so I have a snapshot of where we stand as I go into 48 hours of docbook?02:06
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c2tarunI was building kde4libs and I got this error http://pastebin.com/kGidy8LF, when I looked I found that on the location instead of backend there is folder name helper, file inside helper is kauth_helper_plugin.so can anyone please help :/03:10
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c2tarunI am asking this question again on #ubuntu-motu if anyone found the solution please reply there. thank you03:18
c2tarunRiddell: please dont turn of that maverick ec2, I'll be back shortly. Thank you :)04:21
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skfinGood morning08:54
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Riddell4.6.2 release day today09:24
ulyssesnot yesterday?09:26
c2tarunI was building kde4libs and I got this error http://pastebin.com/kGidy8LF, when I looked I found that on the location instead of backend there is folder name helper, file inside helper is kauth_helper_plugin.so can anyone please help :/09:46
apparlehey guys, I need to do some interpolation for my project, do you know any library which has interpolation functions?09:47
Riddellc2tarun: that polkit stuff does change a bit09:52
Riddelllet me look at how we did it in 4.6.109:52
Riddellc2tarun: dunno looks much the same, I'll need to compile it here to see what's up10:06
c2tarunRiddell: I adjusted few install files and its building right now, but actually I commented out the lines which were causing trouble. :/10:12
c2tarunRiddell: kde4libs built perfectly for natty, but why I am getting these errors in maverick? and what is polkit?10:20
Riddellpolkit is an authentication mechanism, it is known for making incompatible releases, there may be this issue because maverick has a different version than natty10:22
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Riddellc2tarun: kde4libs build fine here without problem10:49
c2tarunRiddell: on what machine? maverick?10:50
Riddellon my local chroot, yes maverick10:50
c2tarunRiddell: well either you are using super computer or ec2 is slow, because I started building it long before posting the error message and its still 64% :(10:51
c2tarunRiddell: if its build can you please upload it :/10:54
Riddellc2tarun: running  apt-cache policy libpolkit-qt-1-dev  on your ec2 machine shows me you don't have the polkit from kubuntu-ninjas installed so that's why it didn't get picked up10:55
Riddellmy machine is quad core, ec2 machines are single core10:56
c2tarunRiddell: well if its absence is creating problem then it'll be a problem on pbuilder as well, dont you think it should be included in build-depends 10:57
yofelc2tarun: what did you mean yesterday that you did what I already did?10:57
Riddellyofel: he was looking at the old version, nothing to worry about10:57
yofelah ok10:57
c2tarunyofel: actually I saw a package with versino 4.6.1 and I thought its 4.6.2 :) I misreaad10:57
Riddellc2tarun: yes you could say that10:58
c2tarunRiddell: ok, so if it build successfully there, are you uploading it to ppa?10:58
Riddellyes I've uploaded it10:58
Riddellalso to your ec2 machine10:59
c2tarunRiddell: thanks :)11:01
yofelRiddell: is ~ppa1~maverick1 our new naming scheme?11:01
Riddellc2tarun: it's in ~jr on your ec2 machine if you want to install it and get onto kdepimlibs11:01
c2tarunRiddell: yup I am on it11:02
* yofel backports meta-kde11:02
Riddellyofel: oh I got it the wrong way around didn't I?11:02
yofelRiddell: well, I was confused as you uploaded a ~ppa1~maverick1 now and bambee uploaded a ~maverick1~ppa1 2h ago11:03
c2tarunRiddell: biggest problem is accessing ktown ftp without my ssh key on that system, is there any solution for that? or I have to paste .ssh there11:03
Riddellc2tarun: you don't need ktown access, get the tars out of kubuntu-ninjas natty packages11:04
c2tarunRiddell: oh... I forgot :) thanks11:04
yofeland *who* is working on maverick kde4libs currently? since from what I get 3 people are doing the same thing and nobody put himself on the wiki page...11:06
RiddellI've done it and I'm editing the wiki page now11:06
c2tarunhow can I pull any package from natty repo on maverick machine :/11:06
c2tarunwithout editint /etc/apt/sources.lit11:07
c2tarunwithout editint /etc/apt/sources.list11:07
Riddellc2tarun: by adding the deb-src line for kubuntu-ninjas natty to sources.list11:07
stikonascan anybody help me with rekonq? Something absolutely crazy happens. If I run rekonq from command line then version 0.7.0 launches but if I run it from KDE menu then version 0.6.85 launches11:07
stikonasand find /usr -type f -name 'rekonq' -print   prints only /usr/bin/rekonq11:08
yofelstikonas: what does 'which rekonq' say?11:08
Riddellstikonas: I expect that's some kdeinit fun11:08
stikonas /usr/bin/rekonq11:08
stikonasI can't find any other executable in the path, that is what is strange11:09
stikonasand after aptitude purge rekonq, ir doesn't launch neither from GUI nor from command line11:09
jussianyone know if koffice/calligra does proper MSoffice format stuf yet?11:11
Riddelljussi: it has supported MS Office formats for years11:14
Riddellnow this iss scary, upgraded to 4.6.2 and logged out and X stopped taking input again11:15
Riddellbut this time on reboot X is ok which wasn't the case yesterday11:15
stikonasok, thanks for that kdeinit fun, I think I will be able to find now what goes wrong11:16
jussiRiddell: really? last time I checked I couldnt save as anything but rtf, and importing wasnt supported... (unless I was "doing it wrong"TM )11:16
c2tarunRiddell: is kdelibs5-dev (>= 4:4.5.85) and kde4libs are different packages?11:17
Riddellc2tarun: kdelibs5-dev is the binary from kde4libs11:18
jussiahh, so it seems to open them ok, but I cant seem to save as Msoffice formats.  :(11:18
c2tarunRiddell: so if kde4libs is installed it shouldn't ask for kdelibs5-dev 11:18
yofelyou can't install kde4libs as that's only a source package, you can install kdelibs5-dev as it's a binary package11:19
c2tarunRiddell: oh... its not installed.11:19
c2tarunRiddell: ec2 machine is of 32 bit I guess and you uploaded binaries to it for 64-bit. They are still unavailable from the ppa, I'll will wait for sometime11:21
Riddellah, fooey11:25
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steveireEveryday at midnight Quassel dies.11:47
steveireI wonder why my blog didn't show up on planet ubuntu11:47
steveireAh, it arrived now11:50
c2tarunRiddell: kde4libs build succesfully on ninja ppa, but still I am not able to install it on ec2 by apt-get install12:02
Riddelldid you run apt-get update?12:03
* Riddell prepares 4.6.2 for upload to natty12:04
jussisteveire: how old core are you running? I remember that issue was fixed a _long_ time ago. 12:05
jussisteveire: http://bugs.quassel.info/issues/34412:05
c2tarunRiddell: yup12:06
yofeljussi, steveire: I actually got a crash too here, I'm using git client though (only the client crashes)12:07
jussiyofel: thats weird, please get a bug onto the bug tracker. (and a nice backtrace)12:08
yofeljussi: I forgot to save the trace, was an assertion from what I saw, I'll see if it happens again12:08
jussiit should drop a backtrace into ~/.config/quassel-irc.org12:08
steveireI'm using quassel from natty12:09
c2tarunRiddell: why I am not able to install it?12:09
Riddellc2tarun: I don't know, maybe it's not published yet12:10
c2tarunRiddell: how much time will it take?12:10
steveirehttp://dpaste.org/gEt3/ Funny :)12:11
jussisteveire: as I said to yofel, if you can get a backtrace, please report the bug on http://bugs.quassel-irc.org/12:11
yofeljussi: oh yeah, I forgot about that ^^12:11
yofelFatal: ASSERT: "!_ircChannel && ircChannel" in file /build/buildd/quassel-0.8~alpha+81-g393ac8b/src/client/networkmodel.cpp, line 53212:11
yofelc2tarun: they are published12:12
yofelat least the amd64 ones here12:12
steveire"!_ircChannel && ircChannel" << That's the funny part 12:12
jussiyofel: over to #quassel ;)12:12
steveireAh, I didn't see the underscore before12:13
c2tarunyofel: how can I check whether its published or not?12:14
Riddellc2tarun: I installed it12:14
c2tarunRiddell: where on ec2?12:14
yofelc2tarun: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ninjas/+archive/ppa/+packages - see that the build status is OK for kde4libs?12:15
Riddellc2tarun: yes12:15
c2tarunRiddell: how :/ still on running sudo apt-get install kde4libs I am getting error. :( can you just please explain me why I am getting this?12:16
Riddellc2tarun: kde4libs is a source package12:16
Riddellkdelibs5-dev is the package to install12:16
c2tarunwell why source package name and package name to install is different?12:18
yofelc2tarun: while usually source and binary packages have the same name for small packages, a source package may build several binary packages, like here for kdelibs12:19
yofelc2tarun: in this case you can't very well name all binary packages the same, can you?12:20
c2tarunyofel: nope12:20
yofeland depending on the package, it might even make sense to not have a binary package with the same name as the source package, like in our case12:20
c2tarunyofel: ok, if I want to find binary name of some package? what should I do? look at the debian/control file?12:24
yofelc2tarun: apt-cache showsrc <source_package> will tell you what binary packages it built12:25
c2tarunRiddell: what is the issue with kdegraphics, you wrote missing symbols. Should I pack it for maverick?13:16
Riddellc2tarun: yes it needs packaged13:21
Riddelldid you do kdepimlibs?13:21
c2tarunRiddell: yup its in ppa13:21
c2tarunRiddell: i just picked kdebindings and it requires python-qt4 (>= 4.8.3) which is not in maverick but in natty. :/13:26
c2tarunshould I pack the version in natty for maverick first?13:26
yofelc2tarun: we don't backport kdebindings13:26
yofelnot really doable, use what's already in the ppa13:27
c2tarunyofel: I dont understand, what do you mean by we dont backport?13:28
yofelc2tarun: you would first need to backport SIP for pyqt4 and kdebindings, but SIP won't build until you fix dh_python3 in maverick. Have fun13:29
c2tarunyofel: fix dh_python3, that sounds scary..... I think I should leave this pacakge and take another one ;)13:29
yofelc2tarun: yes, you want to do that ;)13:30
bambeeRiddell: our packages conflicted... this morning I have backported kde4libs into maverick and you too... (it's my fault I did not update the wiki page o_O)13:30
Riddellbambee: well as long as one of us got it in13:31
yofelboth got it in actually ^^13:31
yofel~ppa1~maverick1 was just greater than ~maverick1~ppa1 :P13:31
Riddelloh, bad me13:31
yofelc2tarun: geh, someone of us ignored the editing warning on the wiki, can you please resolve the conflicts?13:33
c2tarunyofel: sure, but how? :/13:34
yofelnvm, took care of it13:34
yofelnext time: just edit it again and merge the conflicting parts by hand13:35
bambeeMay be I am wrong ... kdebase has been versionned with "~ppa1" into archives (or launchpad says crap)13:45
bambeeor I seriously need coffee ...13:45
Riddelloh, bah13:48
c2tarunRiddell: I think I got the symbol issue with kdegraphics that you mentioned http://pastebin.com/1K6U4LMa :(14:18
Riddellc2tarun: pkgkde-symbolshelper batchpatch -v 4:4.6.2-0ubuntu1~maverick1~ppa1 ../*build14:21
c2tarunRiddell: what is that/14:23
yofelc2tarun: http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/symbolfiles.html14:24
c2tarunyofel: what exactly are symbols? that page teaches how to work with symbols14:30
yofelc2tarun: symbols are used to find the program functions the the binary files/libraries. nm -D /usr/lib/libkdecore.so.5 will give you a list of the symbols the file has for example. nm -DC will resolve them to the original c++ function names14:33
yofels/the the/in the/14:33
kubotuyofel meant: "c2tarun: symbols are used to find the program functions in the binary files/libraries. nm -D /usr/lib/libkdecore.so.5 will give you a list of the symbols the file has for example. nm -DC will resolve them to the original c++ function names"14:33
yofelc2tarun: our symbol files are there to make sure that a library doesn't just drop functions/symbols without us noticing. As the package would need a bump of the library version then usually14:34
c2tarunyofel: sorry not getting, what do you mean by program functions? (are they simple functions?)14:37
shadeslayerRiddell: it won't, i just have to fix the url in the twitter settings online, done :)14:38
steveireRiddell: I don't get the akonadi self test dialog today, but I do still get the kwallet error.14:39
Riddellsteveire: hmm, progress of sorts14:39
Riddellsteveire: I thought you said that patch should fix both?14:39
steveireI did say it should, yes :)14:39
steveireThere may be other synch calls that I didn't catch14:40
yofelc2tarun: take for example one of the c++ function from there:14:40
yofelOrgKdeKLauncherInterface::OrgKdeKLauncherInterface(QString const&, QString const&, QDBusConnection const&, QObject*)14:40
yofelif you compile the library, the compiler will make a computer recognizable unique string out of it, the symbol:14:40
yofelthat is then used by the linker to bind a call for that function in an application to the library14:40
c2tarunyofel: ok, so this computer recongnizable unique string are symbols?14:41
yofelsomewhat, yes, someone else might be able to explain that better I hope14:42
* yofel is off for lunch14:42
c2taruncan anyone help me understanding what are symbols please :(14:42
* c2tarun mean how do they work14:42
Riddellis a symbol goes missing it means the library has lost some functionality and we need to recompile everything that uses that library14:48
Riddellin this case the differences are due to the different gcc version so it's not an issue14:48
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c2tarunRiddell: when we build a package symbols files are generated during compilation, right?  So how can anything go wrong when its compiling fine.14:49
tsimpsonc2tarun: if someone changes the code between versions, the symbols change14:50
tsimpsonsymbols are basically names for locations in code, they are usually functions but can also be data14:50
tsimpsonif an executable or library can no longer find them, then obviously it won't run14:50
c2taruntsimpson: ok, just tell me one thing please, how symbols files are generated? (this may help me understand)14:51
tsimpsonsymbols are "exported" from compiled code, the exported symbols are the ones that are accessible from outside the library/program, the binary file(s) contain a table of these symbols14:52
tsimpsonsymbol files are basically a textual representation of that table14:53
tsimpsonexcept symbol files can also contain which package version the symbol first appeared in, so dpkg knows what is the minimum version needed14:53
Riddellc2tarun: we make the symbols files when we first package a library following the procedure at http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/symbolfiles.html14:55
Riddellc2tarun: for each new version we check if the symbols files need updated and if any of the missing symbols is a problem14:56
c2tarunRiddell: I think I am getting now, first thing symbols are for libraries and these symbols are used for packages. right? we make symbols while packaging the libraries and if there is any change in libraries then that needs updating symbols file also. am I right? :/14:59
Riddellc2tarun: yes14:59
tsimpsonthe symbols are created by the compiler and linker, but we create the file that contains a list of symbols15:00
c2tarungot if :) thanks everyone going to read working with symbols15:00
steveireRiddell: It's possible that the wallet bug is fixed for normal people but not for kolab accounts15:26
RiddellI'll try out a daily CD when I get a chance15:26
Riddellkde-l10n uploading to natty15:44
* maco corsses fingers15:44
macotoday, the bf's sister is introduced to Plasma Netbook15:44
macoUNR lucid was too buggy and annoying for her, so now she's beta testing kubuntu natty on her netbook15:45
maco(which means i still havent seen unity in action)15:45
sikonI... wasn't impressed by Unity back in Maverick, but things could have changed y now15:46
Riddellmaco: at least you can blame any bugs on it being beta :)15:47
Tm_Tsikon: gnome guys in my LoCo are bashing Unity ):15:51
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lucidfoxEep, why was sikon? O_O15:52
lucidfox* I15:52
Tm_Tlucidfox: evil personality did take over when login?15:52
Tm_TI've heard lots about unstability in Unity, cannot say else about it15:52
lucidfoxI consider the GNOME stack enough of a mess these days to use exclusively Kubuntu15:53
lucidfoxI was in a similar situation back around the release of KDE 4.0...15:53
macoi was going to give her unity, and then i remembered the bugginess...15:56
Tm_Tlucidfox: I liked 3.50.50 (:15:58
c2tarunRiddell: can you please take a look at debdiff of kdegraphics http://pastebin.com/esAG7ShS I am uploading it to ppa.16:12
Riddellc2tarun: that's fine16:14
c2tarunRiddell: should I take kdebase for maverick?16:16
Riddellc2tarun: that needs -workspace first I think16:16
c2tarunRiddell: so workspace first!!16:17
Riddellc2tarun: I've just finished that16:17
c2tarunRiddell: thats great :) I'll wait for you to upload it :) meanwhile I'll take kdeartwork16:18
Riddellalso needs -workspace, see https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/DependencyGraph16:18
c2tarunsorry I was on edit option so this link was not available16:19
c2tarunRiddell: ok :) so I'll simply wait till you upload it16:20
Riddelluploaded now but will need to wait for it to compile16:22
c2tarunRiddell: ok, meanwhile going to grab some coffee :)16:22
Riddellhello tim_ 16:59
tim_hi! 16:59
tim_Riddell: do you know if a new version of kdepim will enter kubuntu-ppa/backports? 17:02
Riddelltim_: there's no kdepim release scheduled yet17:03
RiddellScottK: do you know what "Add udev (>= 166-0ubuntu4) to kdm Depends" is about in kdebase-workspace?17:03
QuintasanOH YEAH17:04
tim_What about the "HTML copy bug", will it be fixed? As far as I know it is fixed in the upstream Version?! 17:05
RiddellQuintasan: oh?17:05
Riddelltim_: steveire might be able to answer that17:05
QuintasanRiddell: I've just got mail confirming they want to sponsor my trip etc.17:05
steveiretim_: I don't know about the packages, but if it's fixed upstream I'm ure it will get to the ppa17:06
RiddellQuintasan: as your reward I nominate you to start a KubuntuOnericSpecs wiki page!17:06
QuintasanRiddell: Can I get to it tomorrow?17:06
RiddellQuintasan: yes17:06
tim_thanks! 17:07
QuintasanRiddell: Or wait, I will forget about it, I might as well start doing it now.  KubuntuOnericSpecs as in Ubuntu One client?17:08
RiddellQuintasan: as in a page for people to list sessions they want at UDS17:09
QuintasanRiddell: oh, Oneric sound strange to me17:10
RiddellI was missing an i17:12
ulyssesOO could be Old Obi-van17:12
QuintasanThat's even more confusing17:13
ulyssesbut it's from Star Wars!17:13
QuintasanRiddell: Can we have it like this -> https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Specs/UDS-O ?17:14
Quintasanoneiric is the codename of next Ubuntu -_-'17:15
macodid you think he was just putting gibberish in the example-wiki-page name?17:16
QuintasanYeah :P17:16
RiddellQuintasan: yes17:17
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* c2tarun taking kdebase for maverick17:24
c2tarunRiddell: you building kdebase?17:25
Riddellc2tarun: not yet, go ahead and take it from me17:25
c2tarunRiddell: ok17:25
c2tarunRiddell: one more question, why are you rebuilding kdepim?17:26
Riddellc2tarun: the new akonadi changed library symbols so it needs a rebuild17:28
bambeeRiddell: I will backport kdebindings,kdesdk and kdeutils into maverick when I back to home (I updated the wiki page)17:31
Riddellbambee: I think kdebindings won't work, needs too many other things updated 17:32
bambeeohh really ?17:32
Riddell13:29 < yofel> c2tarun: you would first need to backport SIP for pyqt4 and kdebindings, but SIP won't build until you fix dh_python3 in maverick. Have fun17:32
bambeeok so just kdesdk and kdeutils17:33
c2tarunRiddell: is anyone fixing dh_python3?17:36
bambeeRiddell: also I am a bit confused : maverick backports must be versioned as ~maverick1~ppa1 or ~ppa1~maverick1 ?17:36
c2tarunbambee: I think first one17:37
bambeec2tarun: me too, however some backports are ~ppa1~maverick1, that's why I am asking :)17:37
c2tarunbambee: actually Riddell told me in morning :)17:38
Riddell~maverick1~ppa1 is right, I got it wrong earlier17:38
c2tarunRiddell: is anyone working on dh_python3?17:40
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Riddellc2tarun: I don't think it's worth it17:57
c2tarunohh.... :)17:57
c2tarunbambee: you should update that page when you upload a package :( I packed kdebase which you already packed two days ago.18:48
bambeesorry xD18:48
c2tarunbambee: np :) just for no conflicts I am building kdenetwork :)18:49
c2tarunRiddell: you were building a package which bambee uploaded :/18:49
bambeeI am packaging kdesdk+kdeutils18:49
c2tarunbambee: I saw that :)18:50
bambeec2tarun, Riddell: feel free to blame me when I don't upload the page or when I do something wrong...18:50
c2tarunbambee: its not blaming :) its just why double a work when there is plenty18:51
bambeefor the love of the art... :P18:51
* bambee => [ ]18:52
c2tarunis this a linker error? http://paste.kde.org/9061/18:54
c2tarungcc version on ec2 I am using is 4:4.4.4-1ubuntu218:55
bambeec2tarun: no a compiler error18:55
c2tarunbambee: why I am getting this error?18:55
c2tarunI mean is there something missing?18:56
bambeeprobably a bad dependency is used (incorrect version) 18:56
bambeec2tarun: did you try with pbuilder (with a maverick basetgz)18:57
c2tarunbambee: nope, its kind of a clean ec2.18:58
c2tarunwhy pbuilder?18:58
c2tarunbambee: ping19:01
bambeebecause with pbuilder it's built into a new and clean environnement without any pre-installed dependencies, it's easier to check errors19:02
c2tarunbambee: ok, let me try it with pbuilder, but I dont think it will do any good and I'll end up with this error :(19:02
bambeec2tarun: kdenetwork builds for natty so it's not a programming error :)19:03
c2tarunbambee: yeah you are right too19:03
bambeethat's why I said that you probably missed something ;)19:03
c2tarunbambee: let me upgrade that ec2 first. may be that solve the probl19:03
Riddellc2tarun: I think the version in the PPA for natty has a wrong patch in it19:05
Riddellrun   quilt pop19:05
Riddellthen remove the patch in debian/patches19:05
Riddelland edit debian/patches/series19:06
Riddelland rebuild19:06
c2tarunbambee: kdesdk failed to build, https://i68471862.restricted.launchpadlibrarian.net/68471862/buildlog_ubuntu-maverick-amd64.kdesdk_4%3A4.6.2-0ubuntu1~maverick1~ppa1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz?token=a2f09ae286feb12978427de474032db6 please take a look19:47
yofelc2tarun: symbols again19:57
c2tarunyofel: yup, bambee was onto it, so I thought remind him :)19:57
c2tarunyofel: in this case also I think updating symbols will work? isnt it?19:58
bambeec2tarun: w00t indeed20:03
c2tarunbambee: w00t??20:03
kubotubambee meant: "c2tarun:  indeed"20:04
Quintasanhow do I parse for \ in regexp?20:06
QuintasanI want to look up the "\"20:07
yofel\\ I would guess, depending on the syntax20:11
bambeec2tarun: should be fixed now20:28
c2tarunbambee: upload it :) we'll see20:28
bambeec2tarun: It has been uploaded20:29
c2tarunbambee: I dont think there is any packaging work left. ?20:32
bambeec2tarun: kde-l10n ?20:34
c2tarunbambee: ok I'll take it20:34
bambeecrap... my packaged was rejected... I've to do a bumpfor that ? o_O20:34
kubotubambee meant: "crap... my package was rejected... I've to do a bumpfor that ? o_O"20:34
c2tarunbambee: where is the new tarball for kde-l10n?20:36
c2tarunits not in ktown20:36
bambeeI don't know20:36
c2tarunRiddell: ping20:42
c2tarunapachelogger_: ping20:47
bambeec2tarun: ktown => stable/4.6.2/src/kde-l10n20:47
c2tarunbambee: oh... I missed it :(20:48
bambeec2tarun: see also https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/Packaging/L10nOperatorGuide20:48
c2tarunbambee: what is so special about l10n? that there is a whole wiki page?20:49
bambeec2tarun: you really want to download 53 tarballs and package them ? it's an automatic way20:52
bambeeread the wiki page20:52
bambeeyou will understand20:52
c2tarun53 O_O20:52
ulyssesthe announcement tells there is more than 55:P somebody lies20:52
* c2tarun reading wiki20:54
yofelc2tarun: I can take care of kde-l10n if you want, I know how it works (somewhat)20:58
c2tarunyofel: sure :) but I'll be very thankful if you allow me to try it once, if it failed I'll surely ping you.20:59
yofelsure, but setup a gpg agent before trying it, or you'll have to input your gpg key password a hundred times for debsign20:59
yofel(or maybe someone knows a different solution for that, that's mine)21:00
c2tarunyofel: I'll copy my .gnupg and .ssh in that ec2 and then after evrything is finished I'll delete it :)21:01
yofelwell, have fun21:01
c2tarunyofel: sure :)21:02
yofelwe *usually* don't upload kde-l10n to ninjas though, too much work, it goes straight to the backports ppa when we copy the packages21:03
c2tarunyofel: I'll tell you when build is successful21:03
yofelsure, the script will take quite a while to finish anyway21:03
yofelc2tarun: also, kde-l10n *is* on ktown, it's in a subfolder21:05
yofelone source per language21:05
yofelerr, I should read the whole backlog, nvm...21:06
c2tarunyofel: where can I get the debian folder?21:09
yofelc2tarun: as it says on the wiki page, you want to get https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/kubuntu-dev-tools/kde-l10n-common-maverick21:10
yofelhm, why is that still owned by -members...21:10
c2tarunyofel: I am going to pack for natty first21:10
yofelc2tarun: Riddell already uploaded that21:11
yofelyou *want* to read natty-changes21:11
yofelas I said, kde-l10n doesn't go to ninjas, so don't expect it there21:11
c2tarunyofel: sorry, I checked it there, and if Riddell uploaded it well where can I see it?21:12
yofelc2tarun: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/natty-changes/2011-April/date.html scroll to the bottom21:12
yofelthere's also an RSS feed http://feeds.ubuntu-nl.org/NattyChanges if you don't like mailing lists21:13
c2tarunyofel: and what about maverick?21:14
yofelthat goes to kubuntu-ppa/backports when we release the packages21:14
c2tarunyofel: I mean he didn't packed it for maverick didn't he?21:15
yofelno, he didn't21:16
yofelhttps://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/backports/+packages shows the 4.6.1 packages still21:16
yofelc2tarun: are you a kubuntu-member though?21:17
c2tarunyofel: nope ;(21:17
yofelhm, well you can request a merge and I can review that when you need to commit, you can't run the script without commiting your changes first21:18
c2tarunyofel: its written there Members of Kubuntu Members can upload to this branch.21:20
c2tarunso it mean I cant21:20
yofelc2tarun: yes, but that's true for all other packaging branches too21:20
yofelso just do it like you did for the others21:20
c2tarunyofel: ok, so I got that branch and that got me the debian folder, now I have to get kde-l10n folder from ktown and then run that script in debian folder.21:21
c2tarunan I right?21:21
yofelRiddell: when are we going to start using ~kubuntu-packagers?21:21
yofelc2tarun: you first need to update the changelog and commit that21:21
yofel*then* you can run the script21:22
yofelas the script makes a fresh checkout from the branch, so all uncommitted changes are ignored21:22
ScottKRiddell: I think it was related to upstart changes, but it may be related to multi-arch.21:26
c2tarunyofel: I made changes to changelog, how to commit?21:29
yofelc2tarun: how did you commit changes for kdebase etc.21:30
c2tarunyofel: I simply uploaded them to kubuntu-ninjas ppa.21:30
yofelc2tarun: er... do you remember our discussion about merge requests?21:30
c2tarunyofel: yup, I remember about adding file first by bzr add21:31
c2tarunbut here I am gettin error21:31
yofelahh, you probably don't have your bzr config on ec2 :S21:31
yofelI would make a local checkout on your PC, update that, commit, and then fetch the branch on ec2 once I merge your changes21:32
c2tarunyofel: may be, one question, do I have to make changes in changelog after moving debian folder inside kde-l10n?21:32
yofelwhy would you move the folder?21:33
c2tarunyofel: because I am getting this error bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/home/ubuntu/kde-l10n/kde-l10n/debian/changelog/".21:33
yofelyou don't move the folder21:33
yofelor you would need to unpack every language, copy the folder there, edit changelog etc....21:34
yofelthe script does that21:34
c2tarunyofel: ok changelog file is added by bzr add now,21:34
yofelgood then push to lp21:36
seaLnesteveire: have you come accros a probelm that if kontact starts before a network is available it won't ever manage to fetch imap even after network is available? you need to quit and restart it. this is 4.4 in natty. looosing network after it has started isn't a problem as it works again on reconnection21:39
c2tarunyofel: bzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "~kubuntu-members/kubuntu-dev-tools/kde-l10n-common-maverick~ppa1/": : Tarun K. Mall is not a member of Kubuntu Members :(21:40
* c2tarun why I am not kubuntu member ;(21:41
yofelc2tarun: bzr push lp:~c2tarun/kubuntu-dev-tools/kde-l10n-maverick-4.6.221:41
yofelc2tarun: did you push?21:44
c2tarunyofel: I think, I am looking for where I pushed :/21:44
yofelc2tarun: https://code.launchpad.net/~c2tarun/kubuntu-dev-tools/kde-l10n-maverick-4.6.221:44
yofeldid you get an error?21:44
yofelif it's about different rich-root ... something... push again21:45
c2tarunyofel: here is what I got http://paste.kde.org/9091/21:45
yofelyeah, run the same push command again, will work this time21:45
c2tarunyofel: yup its done this time :)21:46
yofelk, propose that for merging into lp:~kubuntu-members/kubuntu-dev-tools/kde-l10n-common-maverick21:47
c2tarunyofel: I did https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~c2tarun/kubuntu-dev-tools/kde-l10n-maverick-4.6.2/+merge/5665121:50
yofelc2tarun: you did not update the svn revision21:52
yofelsee step 2 on the wiki page21:52
c2tarunyofel: looking21:53
c2tarunyofel: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~c2tarun/kubuntu-dev-tools/kde-l10n-maverick-4.6.2/+merge/56651 here please take a look21:59
c2tarunyofel: ok thanks :) what now just executing that script?22:02
yofelc2tarun: yep, should be enough22:02
yofelyou run the build script as said on the wiki page, after that ignore the last step since that's for the archive22:03
yofelfor the PPAs you'll need to debsign the packages and upload them to the ppa later22:03
c2tarunyofel: http://paste.kde.org/9092/22:04
c2tarunI got this error22:04
yofel.. give me a sec22:05
yofelc2tarun: try again22:08
c2tarunyofel: again same :(22:09
yofelreally? Then just drop the packaging and use a fresh checkout22:10
yofelyour changes are in the branch after all22:10
c2tarunyofel: is there any other packaging work left?22:16
yofelnot for 4.6.2 at least I think22:17
c2tarunso there is nothing else to do?22:17
yofelwell, 4.6.2 is done, maybe Riddell knows if something else needs to be done22:18
c2tarunRiddell: ping22:19
* yofel retries kdetoys22:19
yofelhm, the libqjson-dev build-dep in kdeutils has a really unlucky version choice :S22:20
yofelc2tarun: you can fix kdesdk if you want22:21
yofelesp. since bambee's gone22:21
c2tarunyofel: yup, I was looking into it, bambee is not here I guess.22:21
yofelI'll take kdeutils22:21
Riddellwhere are we at?23:29
c2tarunRiddell: are there any other packaging works?23:30
Riddellnow it needs testing23:30
c2tarunRiddell: how can I do that?23:31
Riddellc2tarun: install it and run it23:31
c2tarunok, I'll do it, anyother stuff?23:32
c2tarunRiddell: BTW do you know when SoC starts?23:32
Riddellno, google for soc timeline23:33
c2tarunRiddell: sorry, what do you mean?23:34
Riddellto find out I recomend you use google and search for "soc timeline"23:34
yofelRiddell: hm... a) when are we going to use ~kubuntu-packagers, b) would it make sense to subscribe ~kubuntu-bugs to the kubuntu-ppa bugs? some of us are subscribed to those, but no somewhat official team23:39
c2tarunRiddell: when can I apply for kubuntu-members?23:42
Riddellyofel: I think we'll do a mass migration during the new cycle merges23:44
Riddellc2tarun: usually two months of significant and sustained contribution is requested23:45
yofelk, sounds good23:46
Riddellyofel: bug subscriptions always confuse me, that seems sensible I think23:46
yofelRiddell: an admin needs to do that, you should have a checkbox for that on https://bugs.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/+subscribe23:49

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