James147S74rk7: /boot/grub/grub.cfg is auto generated as well wheny ou update-grud ^^ which is run when a new kernel is installed/removed .... /etc/default/grub would be a better file to back up00:00
gomiboyxptical: why not just stick with a Long Time Support release than?00:00
xpticalI may.  But I do like to have the latest hardware support.  My Laptop doesn't work out of the box with 10.10.  With 11.04, it all just works.00:01
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S74rk7I am thinking to give BURG a try... I just wanted to back grub up in case I killed something...00:13
James147S74rk7: unless you have actually modified a file then reintalling grub should be enough00:16
S74rk7so pretty much if I kill something somehow... I should boot up off a livecd and reinstall burg or run the commands to auto generate it again? :)00:22
James147S74rk7: yup00:23
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub200:23
James147^^ for refence if you need it :)00:23
S74rk7nice :) thanks guys...00:24
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Walzmynwill i be able to upgrade straight from 10.04 to 11.04 or will I have to go though 10.11?02:09
DarthFrogWalzmyn: You'll probably have to go through 10.10.02:14
FanfareWalzmyn: afaik 10.04 -> 11.04 should be ok, possibly via 10.10...02:14
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Fritz1793lol i just found out how to view the different channels on this server (/list) :p that was giving me trouble for a bit on quassel02:35
valorieFritz1793: using /msg alis list *searchterm* will give you better results02:43
valoriethe /list command is server-intensive02:43
Fritz1793valorie: lol thanks i noticed that all the thousands of channels all appeared in random order with that command02:44
Fritz1793so do most people on this IRC server use kubuntu?02:45
valoriefreenode is for free projects of all kinds02:45
DarthFrogFritz1793: Not on the server but, yes, on this channel.02:45
valoriekub. has three channels02:45
valorielots of *buntu chans of all kinds and sorts as well02:46
Fritz1793but it says i'm on kubuntu irc and on the kubuntu channel which are 2 different things, right?02:46
valoriethat is a redirect, I believe02:46
valoriewe don't run our own server02:46
valorieyou are in the #kubuntu channel on freenode IRC02:47
valorie"kubuntu irc" for short02:47
Fritz1793but on other channels it still says that i'm on kubuntu irc?02:48
Fritz1793or is that due to the redirect thing you mentioned02:49
valorieprobably so02:49
valorieor it might be how your client does it02:49
Fritz1793i'm using quassel which was preloaded so that might be it...02:50
valoriethere are loads of different apps/ways to access IRC02:50
valorieincluding web pages02:50
Fritz1793like facebook?02:50
Fritz1793with the "chat" feature?02:51
valoriefacebook uses XMPP, which is jabber02:51
valorielike GoogleChat02:51
Fritz1793sorry i can't quite understand jargon of that magnitude yet02:51
valoriethat is another medium, like AOL IM and MSN02:51
valoriethere are a few apps that allow you to use all of them, including IRC02:52
valorieummm.... pidgin I think does02:52
valorieand telepathy will, I believe02:52
valorieI pretty much just use IRC02:52
valorieand occasionally FB or Gchat02:53
Fritz1793ok, i guess i'm still an initiate to this concept of the "internet" so i've just floated a bit02:53
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Fritz1793so what does "+o FloodBotK2" do?02:57
valoriestops trolls from flooding the channel03:01
valorieand annoys everyone else03:01
valorieit's a bot, as the name indicated03:01
valoriethe +o part means it is a channel op, which means it has the power to do things like kick people out of channel03:02
valoriethere are other bots like ubottu03:02
valoriewho will answer questions03:02
ubottukubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde03:02
valorietry it03:03
ubottukubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde03:09
Fritz1793could i create my own bots?03:09
valorieyou can, but not for *buntu channels03:13
valoriethey are rather heavily regulated03:13
valoriebut yes, people create all kinds of bots, and there is code for 'generic' ones, into which you put your own plugins, games, powers, etc.03:13
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Fritz1793ok thanks for the excellent help!03:20
S74rk7nobody awake?03:23
valorieI'm awake, but don't know the answer to your question03:24
S74rk7hi valorie!03:24
valorieactually, I don't see your question in scrollback03:24
valorieso you may as well ask again03:25
S74rk7no I've decided I'm gonna install burg instead... was worried but what the heck... if I break something least I'll learn to fix it....03:25
S74rk7from my understanding and in short...03:26
S74rk7it changes the look of the grub2 menu... plain txt which looks intimidating to some - and gives it a bit of a gui03:27
S74rk7I was wondering earlier how to backup grub before I tried this out... but I found out that you can pretty much repair grub if something goes wrong03:28
S74rk7so I'm gonna take a chance here and test it out...03:28
valoriecome back and tell us about it03:29
S74rk7but my question now is... I've found a bit of a guide online that looks good but its telling me to install something called BUC too...03:29
valorieif it's on help.ubunbu.com, it's good03:30
valoriefollow it03:30
valorieit looks waaaay too involved for me03:31
DaughainHopefully no worse than the time I had to setup to do installs over lan03:33
James147^^ dosnt look to involved03:35
James147^^ add the ppa -> install -> configure :)03:36
jordanwhen i active my desktop effects it jacks my sceen up when im scrolling04:11
jordankubuntu 10.1004:11
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s0phie_hey guize, i'm trying to get to a directory where i have a file containing stuff to run in command line, but i can't cd to it?05:25
Magnussoncan someone help me with modding my desktop? i'm using kubuntu and kde, but would like to use GDM as my login manager, and some gtk themes05:28
ubottufreenode is the IRC network that you're on! - See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml - freenode has policies that govern how people should use the network which can be read at http://freenode.net/policy.shtml - The Ubuntu channels on freenode also have their own !Guidelines06:48
jrgpmy / is btrfs, package acl is installed, but when I edit a file's "advanced permissions" and add an acl entry, click "ok, and later reopen the file's perms window, my entry has automagically tragically disappeared. How can I make ACL changes stick?06:52
jrgp64bit kubuntu maverick btw06:52
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Miika--Hello, I have installed Kubuntu on Lenovo laptop. When I log out, it just gives me black screen...  What could be the problem?08:26
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well_laid_lawn Miika-- try checking ~/.xsession-errors and /var/log/Xorg.0.log for anything relevant08:48
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doilgheashow i start jbossas with a kubuntu 10.10?10:23
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MajinSaiyanGood morning everyone13:13
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BluesKajgood morning , MajinSaiyan13:24
MajinSaiyanhow are you, Blueskaj?13:24
BluesKajjust fine thanks , and you , MajinSaiyan ?13:25
BluesKajMajinSaiyan, so what's your question ?13:30
MajinSaiyanWell i don't have a question right now....i'm trying to get used to the system.....13:31
MajinSaiyanThank you for asking though. I apreciate it.13:32
BluesKajMajinSaiyan, ok , if you want to do some offtopic discussion , #kubuntu-offtopic is where we hang out to chat13:33
MajinSaiyanOk Thank you for letting me know13:34
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MajinSaiyanCan anyone help me? I have Kubuntu 10.10 and just installed a tool for converting .dmg files to image files. I can locate the tool in /root/usr/bin but i can't open the exe file. When i click it nothing happens. What am i doing wrong?14:07
juan_what is the name of this tools?14:09
MajinSaiyani used KPackageKit to get it14:09
juan_try press alt+F2 and type this name14:10
juan_then hit Enter14:10
juan_or look int Applications menu14:11
MajinSaiyani tried both and it still doesn't work :/14:12
* James147 wonders why any application would install to /root/...14:12
James147^^ suggests its not installed where it should and thus not on the path ^^14:12
James147MajinSaiyan: what tool did you download14:13
MajinSaiyanthat's strange since i used the software center to install the file14:13
MajinSaiyanit's called dmg2img14:13
James147MajinSaiyan: yeah, i have never seen the packagemanager install to weird locations like that14:13
* James147 goes to try installing it14:14
MajinSaiyanThanks for your help guys.....i've installed a few programs and have located them in the /bin folder, but i can't run them14:14
James147MajinSaiyan: most if not all tools in /bin are command line tools ^^14:15
MajinSaiyanoh i see.....i guess i have to learn how to use the terminal14:15
James147MajinSaiyan: I just inslled dmg2img from kpackagekit and it installed to /usr/bin/... as it should14:16
James147MajinSaiyan: suggests to me that something is wrong with your system if it didnt :S14:16
MajinSaiyanare you able to open the tool just fine?14:16
James147MajinSaiyan: Yes, it appears to run (or at least display the help message)14:17
MajinSaiyani still can't get mine to work....let me try the steps once more14:18
MajinSaiyani couldn't get it to work. I will try again later....gotta get ready for work. Thanks for your help, Juan and James147.14:25
legodudehi, anyone know of 'location aware' tools for  kubuntu?14:40
legodudeie, when connected to my home network, I don't want to have my computer ask for my password on resume from suspend14:41
James147legodude: there is the bluetooth lock ^^ which will lock/unlock your computer baised on if a certian bluetooth devices is detected or not14:45
Fearless13hi, anyone know what is the file to edit to enable double click instead simple click on KDE?14:54
tsimpsonFearless13: System Setting -> Keyboard & Mouse or System Settings -> Input Devices -> Mouse14:55
Fearless13Yep tsimpson but I was looking for the file to edit you see? Doing it with the shell14:56
tsimpsonFearless13: ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals14:58
tsimpsonlook for "[KDE]" and the line "SingleClick=true", change it to "SingleClick=false"14:58
Fearless13I don't have this line in my kdeglobals :s14:59
Fearless13I'm gonna add it maybe15:00
tsimpsonas long as it's under the "[KDE]" section15:00
Fearless13I don't have [KDE] section neither..15:00
tsimpsonthen you should probably add that too15:01
Fearless13I have to reload it afterthat?15:01
tsimpsonprobably login/out15:02
tsimpsonor just run "kbuildsycoca4"15:02
Fearless13ok let's try15:04
Fearless13Not bad tsimpson not bad... How did you find out?15:07
tsimpsongrep -r Click ~/.kde/config/15:07
tsimpsonI did "click" first, didn't see anything useful, so capitalized15:08
Fearless13Ok thx15:08
tsimpsonthen I tested by changing to use single-click and see what changed15:08
Fearless13Unfortunately it wouldn't have worked for me because of the absence of this parameter in my files !15:09
tsimpsonI've upgraded through many versions of KDE, so I have lots of settings stored15:09
Fearless13Put your .kde/config online I'm gonna grep if I need.. LOL !15:10
tsimpsonI'd rather not ;)15:10
Fearless13I was jokin ;)15:11
Fearless13Anyway thanks for your help and the tip15:11
tsimpsonno problem15:11
kalibwhen will 11.04 come up?15:21
Fearless13still beta15:23
Fearless13chan ubuntu+115:23
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sudiptais it safe to install kde 4.6 in ubuntu 10.10?16:09
BluesKajsudipta, I'm running kde 4.6 on 10.10 without any mishaps16:09
sudipta<BluesKaj>ok...i was thinking to give it a try......been a long time gnome user16:10
BluesKajsudipta, you can choose which desktop you want to use at login , but youll need to choose a default window manager, either one will do gdm or kdm.16:11
asranielsudipta: there are some kde pim related bugs, nothing serious though16:11
BluesKajsudipta, one question , laptop or desktop?16:11
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BluesKajok, sudipta , enjoy kde :)16:12
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sudipta<BluesKaj>can i use gdm in gnome and kdm in kde?16:13
tsimpsonyou only need to use one or the other16:14
tsimpsonit's only used to start the desktop, nothing more16:14
sudipta<BluesKaj>i want just to use the Desk. envrnmnt....16:14
tsimpsonsudipta: both kdm and gdm can log you into both gnome and KDE (and others)16:15
BluesKajsudipta, tsimpson just answered your question , it's immaterial which window manager you use16:16
tsimpson*display manager16:16
BluesKajright tsimpson sry :)16:16
sudipta<tsimpson>i am going to uninstall all the softwares that r gonna be installed duting kubuntu-desktop installation.....]16:17
* BluesKaj wonders if kde and wayland will be a good fit16:23
* Peace- will doing a dvd with kubuntu +lxde16:27
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afiefHow unstable is Kubuntu 11.04 right now?17:39
Tm_Tafief: #ubuntu+1 would be better place to ask17:39
afiefTm_T: I was afraid they'd focus on problems with Unity instead of the distro itself17:40
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katsrcwaht's a good KDE based recording application?19:53
BluesKajkatsrc, that depends on the media , target and the source19:59
katsrcBluesKaj: lets say something like Audacity?20:00
BluesKajkatsrc, audcity is unecessarily complex for recording audio ,checkout  cdrdao , or sound recorder if you don't mind gtk apps20:06
katsrcBluesKaj: thanks20:08
Peace-katsrc: kwave :)20:21
katsrcPeace-: compiling that as we speak, the version in the repo is it using Qt4 with KDE4 support?20:22
Peace-katsrc: compilinh ?20:22
Peace-sudo apt-get install kwave20:22
katsrc.86 has KDE4 support20:23
katsrc0.8.5 is in the repos20:23
BluesKajPeace-, katsrc , another is the old standby cdrecord20:33
katsrcBluesKaj: is it cli?20:36
BluesKajit's installed by default20:37
rikvahi, I just activated the ppa backports to get the new KDE packages. Now every time I open a video file over SMB:// using VLC, KDE first copies the whole file to /tmp. This is not neccesary because VLC can stream over SMB. Is there a way to change this behaviour?20:41
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ooki2dayimpedes flash of player. prompt as to correct21:14
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Guest99523musica italiana21:22
gribouilleis kde 4.6.2 availble ?21:25
tsimpsongribouille: not yet, but soon21:27
gribouilletsimpson, when ?21:27
tsimpsononce the packages are made21:27
gribouilletsimpson, do you mean compiled ?21:27
tsimpsoncreated and compiled and published21:28
ooki2daysomebody can help me?)21:28
gribouilletsimpson, it's just a bugfix release, so it must be possible to reuse the previous packages21:29
gomiboygribouille: short answer: no21:29
gribouillegomiboy, why ?21:29
tsimpsongribouille: mostly, but not completely in all cases21:29
genii-aroundooki2day: Your flash player is not working?21:29
ooki2dayhi is working, but lags21:30
genii-aroundooki2day: Are you using gnash or the adobe one?21:31
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ooki2daywhat is gnash?21:32
genii-aroundooki2day: It is the open source flash player. It is the one which is usually having problems, and not the adobe one.21:32
gribouilleooki2day, a free flash player21:32
ooki2daythx, i try to use it)21:33
petetedoes sif muna protect against wucad mu miscasts?21:34
ooki2daygnash will work with adobe?21:34
peteteoops, sorry. wrong channel21:35
ooki2dayor need delete adobe previosly?21:35
gomiboyooki2day: if you have problems with adobe, you will have more problems with gnash21:36
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gomiboyooki2day: it's slower and doesn't work at all with some flash out there21:37
gribouilleI if want to back up my system, whic system directories should I back up ?21:38
ooki2daythx. now I will look21:39
gomiboygribouille: the word "system" says it all... every :P (excep /sys /proc)21:41
genii-aroundgribouille: Pretty much everything except /dev /proc /sys /tmp /var/cache and anything mounted under /mnt or /media21:42
gribouilleok, thanks21:46
ooki2day_tsimpson: 4.6.2 is now available22:00
s0phie_where can i change desktop effects?22:25
doctorasнарод когда Либру стваиш опен надо полюбому сносить?22:33
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke22:33
doctorastell me what is best OpenOffice or Libra Office22:37
ooki2day_doctoras: повтори вопрос понятнее)22:37
doctoras<ooki2day_> на каком языке?22:38
ooki2day_dactoras:  понял уже. ты хочешь поставить либре офис?22:39
ooki2day_не обязательно сносить опен офис22:39
doctorasу меня просто опень офис 3,2 и до 3,3 синоптик невидет обновления22:39
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList22:40
ooki2day_doctoras: can you undersефтв english?22:40
genii-arounddoctoras and ooki2day_ Please visit #ubuntu-ru for Russian22:40
ooki2day_doctoras: *understand22:41
BajKis there a KDE kdm theme that supports a user name seleciton list? the default kubuntu is just plain windows95-style with user name and password prompt22:42
TLFcan anone please tell me what's the default kubunt theme? thanks22:44
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ooki2day_you want know theme name?22:45
TLFyes, please22:45
ooki2day_kde or gnome?22:46
ooki2day_you use kde or gnome?22:47
TLFI use both :)22:48
ooki2day_kde default style is oxygen'22:49
ooki2day_colors oxygen too22:49
doctoras<ooki2day_>need to create a Russian channel Kubuntu22:50
ooki2day_doctoras: yes)i will answer in private22:51
doctoras<ooki2day_><ooki2day_>I have created for our private channel22:51
TLFneed to go22:53
TLFthank you very much for your help, ooki2day_22:53
ooki2day_TLF: bye)22:54
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thumpershould I ask natty upgrade issues with quassel-core here?23:10
thumperI'm missing quassel, and have dropped back to konversation23:11
genii-aroundthumper: I experienced problems with it constantly crashing, yes. Am now using one from git and put it in /usr/local/bin  instead of the system /usr/bin where the packaged one resides23:12
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ironfroggyWhen I disconnect an external display from my laptop, even if i disable the second display i can still drag windows to it or existing windows still get stuck on it, where i can't even see.23:32
ironfroggyIs there something I can do about this?23:32
thumperRiddell: ping23:34
Riddellhi thumper23:35
thumperRiddell: who knows about quassel packaging?23:35
thumperRiddell: I upgraded to natty last night an chasing quassel issues23:35
thumperlooking in the log file it seems that as the new packages were being installed, quassel was filaing to store messages23:35
thumperand quassel-core failed to install fully23:36
RiddellI think scottK usually packages it23:36
thumperwhat tz is scottK in?23:36
thumperdo you happen to know if quassel has its own channel?23:37
Riddellan IRC client without its own channel would seem a curious thing :)23:38
RiddellI expect it's #quassel23:38
thumperI just went there :)23:38
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ooki2day_when I can douwnload upgrades for ubuntu natty from launchpad.net?23:57

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