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wgranttimrc: With a bit of luck it will be deployed in a day or two.00:16
timrcwgrant: excellent, thanks again for the quick turnaround00:39
mtayloris there a way to have a member of a team not receive PPA build emails?01:32
wgrantmtaylor: No :/01:33
lifelessmtaylor: there is a bug about the amount of mail01:33
lifelessmtaylor: you could fix that01:33
mtaylorlifeless: :)01:33
mtaylorlifeless: so I take it the answer for now is "figure out how to filter ppa message MUA-side"01:34
lifelessmtaylor: well, its a clear problem01:34
lifelesswe should perhaps just add an option01:34
lifelessmeasure its use01:34
lifelessand if it gets past 60 or 70% just stop sending mail01:35
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PabloMhi, I'm learning to use launchpad but I can't find the docs for what I want to do02:43
PabloMI requested a merge, the reviewer asked me to fix some things, I fixed them, commited the changes and pushed to my branch, how do I update the merge request with the new stuff?02:44
wgrantPabloM: It should automatically update within a couple of minutes.02:45
PabloMohhh you are right, thx (note to self: press F5!)02:46
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pooliespiv: hydrazine should be ok with maverick lplib now05:02
spivpoolie: thanks!05:26
fta2using getPublishedBinaries(), is it possible to filter by date and/or by binary pkg name? (to limit the number of iterations)07:03
wgrantfta2: archive.getPublishedBinaries(binary_name='foo')07:05
fta2and by date?07:06
fta2it's for my ppa stats tool. i'd like to make the polling incremental07:07
fta2as 4h is way too long to use more than a few times a month07:07
wgrantfta2: It should order by date.07:08
fta2no, it's by pkg 1st07:08
wgrantArgh, true.07:08
wgrant(name, id)07:08
fta2which is too bad07:09
wgrantIf you're already filtering by name, you get newest-first.07:09
wgrantSo could you just filter by name then read until you see one that you've already seen?07:09
fta2i'm not filtering at all atm07:09
fta2how can i get all the published binary_names beforehand then?07:14
fta2(if i want to emulate incremental polling for all pkgs in a ppa)07:15
wgrantfta2: I was hoping you'd have a list :(07:15
fta2sadly, i don't.07:17
fta2wgrant, btw, did you have a chance to investigate the stats issue yet?07:20
wgrantfta2: We were LOSAless for most of today, unfortunately.07:21
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desrthello.  is there a launchpad admin that i can speak privately to?08:22
wgrantdesrt: Hi. I'm the help contact for today, you can PM me if you want.08:23
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cdbs54 minutes to go...09:36
philip_stoevhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~maria-captains/maria/5.3 URLs do not work for "bzr checkout" . I assume it is connected to the current maintenance.10:20
philip_stoevbzr reports "bzr: ERROR: Not a branch:" , because the launchpad homepage is served instead10:20
wgrantphilip_stoev: Right, we're not completely back up yet.10:20
philip_stoevok thanks np10:20
wgrantphilip_stoev: Nearly there, though.10:20
wgrantThe webapp comes up early, codehosting takes a few minutes longer.10:21
wgrantphilip_stoev: It's back now.10:23
philip_stoevwgrant: thanks10:23
zygahi, is there a way to construct an URL to source viewer for particular launchpad project, branch name and _TAG_ (not revision)10:29
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spivzyga: I don't think so unfortunately11:13
zygaspiv, thanks11:13
spivzyga: it probably wouldn't be hard to add11:13
spivzyga: file a bug11:13
zygaspiv, I found two issues with current URLS - they require the (volatile) knowledge of branch owner11:14
spiv(I'm imagining something like http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr-pqm/bzr/bzr.dev/changes/tag:bzr-2.4b1)11:14
zygaspiv, and there is no way to link directly to a tag instead of a revision11:14
spivzyga: for official branches they don't11:14
wgrantYou can use /+branch/project/changes11:14
spive.g. http://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/bzr11:14
spiv(Basically every lp:… branch can be viewed at the corresponding http://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/…)11:15
zygain my use case I keep track of gcc-linaro/4.5 so it's not going to help that much, right?11:15
zygaoh, right it works11:16
zygaI though only trunk will work like that11:16
spivzyga: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/gcc-linaro/4.5 ?11:16
wgrant/+branch/WHATEVER works where WHATEVER is any branch name or alias that LP recognises.11:16
spivOh, I'm too slow :)11:17
wgrant(except for private branches, which only work on HTTPS)11:17
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Chr|shey guys13:11
Chr|swhat happens if I am unable to access my account? I don't have access to the email tied to that account unfortunally13:12
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Chr|sI have filed a support ticket regarding this13:24
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xnoxI've emailed merge@code.launchpad.net with a merge bundle generated by $bzr send but nothing seemed to happen =( Did I miss something? Does the email needs to be GPG signed?16:21
maxbxnox: Yes, it does16:24
xnoxaha =) let me try again.16:24
xnoxOOPS-1922CMP2 what happened?17:11
xnoxdid launchpad not figure out that i wanted to propose merge not for the development focus but a leave branch?17:11
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maxbjcsackett: Hello, would you be able to provide me with xnox's OOPS info? I have stared at CMP ones before and can probably figure it out17:19
maxbquite quickly17:19
* jcsackett looks17:20
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jcsackettmaxb: probably, but first i have to go find it; it's not showing up in our Oops-tools.17:21
maxbjcsackett: crowberry17:21
jcsackettmaxb: i know, i just have to dig it up. :-)17:21
maxbAh. Last time this happened, we had people playing hunt-the-machine :-)17:22
jcsacketti think i know the time; i watched the hunt. :-)17:22
jcsacketthunt-the-machine. worst game ever.17:22
maxbxnox: The problem is bug 718723 - in short, mailed bundles for 2a format branches are broken17:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 718723 in Launchpad itself "fetch from merge directive to stacked branch unable to fill in chk pages" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71872317:35
xnoxmaxb: just great. I need to do a merge proposal for a non-dev-focus branch which is 500GB in size.17:36
xnoxsorry =)17:36
xnoxand when I push it, it takes ages from my connection17:36
xnoxwhen I do $ bzr push lp:~/project/new --stacked-on=lp:~/project/old-target17:36
xnoxit does it quickly, but the resultant branch is broken on launchad.17:37
xnoxwhat is the correct naming scheme for me to reconfigure the branch on launchpad after the push?17:37
xnoxbut that's the old bugs with stacking on launchpad. I might right a plugin to do those things if at all it is possible.17:38
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sin8h_http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-devel/annotate/head:/database/schema/trusted.sql isn't working19:43
jcsackettsin8h_: it's opening for me, have you tried reloading? loggerhead ocassionally errors the first time you try to access something.19:47
sin8h_jcsackett: yeah its working for me now. thanks :)19:48
jcsackettyou're welcome. :-)19:48
macoi have a question for an LP Admin, but it's a bit sensitive, so i'd like to ask it in a PM...20:15
macoi just dont know who the LP Admins are20:15
jcsackettmaco: i'm on help contact duty for lp right now, feel free to PM me.20:16
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Chr|show do I center the top table with my picture and info? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ChrisMcCormick20:42
benjiChr|s: I /think/ this will help: http://moinmo.in/HelpOnTables21:04
Chr|sbenji: thanks, can't seem to figure out how to center the table21:11
benjiChr|s: try margin:auto21:16
Chr|show do I center the top table with my picture and info? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ChrisMcCormickok21:17
Chr|sup arrow fml21:17
Chr|sok will try21:17
Chr|sahh that worked perfectly21:18
benjithis appears to work in my sandbox: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/590438/21:18
Chr|sthanks benji21:18
nessitahi there, any ideas why a launchpad build is failing with: dpkg-deb: error: control directory has bad permissions 700 (must be >=0755 and <=0775)?22:03
nessita(from https://launchpadlibrarian.net/68485456/buildlog.txt.gz)22:03
sinzuinessita: I do not know, but wgrant will be available soon and he may have insight into the matter22:05
nessitasinzui: thanks!22:06
sinzuinessita: I am aware that a change was made recently were builds were wrongly reported to be sucessful...they were in fact failing.22:06
sinzuinessita: have you built and installed this package from the ppa before?22:06
nessitasinzui: hum, I see. But I don't think that's our case, since we not only got 'build success' but also we got a new package available22:07
nessitasinzui: yes, everyday after every commit :-) (we have a bot)22:07
bigjoolsit doesn't like the permissions on your debian/control dir22:07
nessitabigjools: control is a file not a dir, so the error puzzles me22:08
bigjoolssorry thinko, I meant file22:08
nessitabigjools: and we're using the exact same branch to build maverick and lucid, and that builds properly22:08
nessitabigjools: also, the control file has perms 644, not 700 like the error is reporting22:09
bigjoolsdoes this help? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=647198622:10
* nessita looks22:10
nessitabigjools: not really. I requested the build of this recipe: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-hackers/+recipe/client-dailies, and it built fine for maverick and lucid, and failed for natty22:11
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bigjoolsit mght be a dpkg bug22:11
nessitano NTFS file system around here22:11
bigjoolsI would google the error and see what you can find22:11
bigjoolsI see quite a few hits22:12
nessitabigjools: but... would that make fail only one build? :-/22:15
bigjoolsno idea :/22:15
nessitayesterday that same recipe built fine on the 3 versions22:15
bigjoolssomething changed somewhere then22:15
lifelessthere's an amd64 buildd issue at the moment22:16
lifelesslamont was talking about it in u-d22:16
nessitalifeless: thanks! that makes more sense22:17
bigjoolsthat was an i386 build though?22:19
bigjoolswell it's getting i386 Packages files :)22:19
nessitabigjools: you're right :-/22:19
lamontbigjools: speaking of which, land https://code.launchpad.net/~lamont/launchpad/lp-buildd-77/+merge/56652 pls22:20
lamontnessita: what builder?22:20
bigjoolslamont: it's 22:20 here, but I am sure wgrant will do it for you when he starts22:20
lamontbigjools: i386 machines installed during march are likely to be affected22:20
nessitalifeless: any idea why i'm getting this build failure https://launchpadlibrarian.net/68485456/buildlog.txt.gz for the ubuntuone-client dailies?22:20
bigjoolslamont: aaaaa umask ....22:21
lamontnessita: what builder?22:21
lamontas in what's the build url22:21
lamontbuildlogs are useless22:21
bigjoolsnessita: it's *always* best to post the build URL, not the log URL22:21
lamontbigjools: speaking of which... could we get the builder URL into the build log?22:21
bigjoolslamont: file a bug on launchpad-buildd and send wgrant cookies :)22:21
lamontnessita: and in the meanwhile, retrying the build will fix it.22:22
bigjoolsactually we could put a dirty hack in the b-m to send it in the build start message22:22
lamontthe ones that retrying won't fix are the builds that "succeeded" because they silently failed22:22
lamontbigjools: couldn't sbuild-package do it?22:23
nessitalamont: natty for ubuntuone-client dailies recipe22:23
nessitalamont: build log https://launchpadlibrarian.net/68485456/buildlog.txt.gz22:23
nessitalamont: I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what you're asking. is this the build url you want? https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-hackers/+recipe/client-dailies22:23
nessitalamont: I retried twice, let's see if the third time is a charm22:23
bigjoolslamont: probably not22:23
nessitalamont: what URL are you asking me? :-)22:23
lamontof the build record22:23
lamontthe place where you clicked on the link that gave you the 'buildlog'22:24
lamontand that retry, was it less than 50 minutes ago?22:24
lamontnessita: basically, from the buildlog, we can get no where.  from the build URL, we can get everywhere22:26
lamontand I have to run, willread scrollback later22:26
nessitalamont: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-hackers/+recipe/client-dailies22:28
nessita(I linked that before, but seems like that is what you want?)22:28
lamontbigjools: sigh.  I'm going to bet that the recipe builder doesn't deal with umask either.22:30
bigjoolslamont: why is it suddenly a problem?22:30
bigjoolsdid the natty toolchain change?22:30
lamonthttps://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone/+archive/nightlies/+buildjob/2431983 <-- that's the actual URL I was after, yours got me there well enough though)22:31
lamontbigjools: underlying sudo on the builder guest got upgraded to 1.7.222:31
bigjoolsah I have recollections of some sudo thing22:31
lamontbigjools: I'll finish stabbing the sudoers version of the fix into things tonight22:31
cody-somervilleWhen I search for a user in the 'Subscribe someone else' modal dialogue, how do I open the lp page for one of the results to verify the result is who I think it is?22:31
lamontbut must flee now.  afk for a while22:32
bigjoolssinzui: did you get all that? :)22:32
cody-somervilleAlso, how do I search for a user by e-mail address?22:33
sinzuino, I am still trying to stuff the info into my head22:33
nessitalamont: third build request failed with the same error22:36
sinzuicody-somerville: search user in pickers and /people always searches email address22:38
cody-somervillesinzui, search from homepage doesn't22:39
cody-somervilleand no link to /people from homepage either22:39
sinzuicody-somerville: I did not say that did. that is google22:39
sinzuicody-somerville: browser people and teams got removed I see22:40
ftawgrant, \o/ multi-PPA stats: http://people.ubuntu.com/~fta/chromium/stats/stats.html22:47
ftastill polling...22:48
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micahgsinzui: karma has been expired for several hours, is this a known issue?23:27
sinzui micahg: I cannot  say.23:28
micahgsinzui: should I file a support request?23:29
sinzuiI am down about 10,000 karma points over the last 2 months. I believe that is because worked with blueprints last year about this time23:29
sinzuimicahg: Can you verify you have maintained the same activity you had last year, doing the same comparable things?23:29
sinzuiThere are not reports of karma not running23:29
sinzuiwhat activities do you do?23:30
micahgsinzui: huh?  I'm just noting that it shows as expired on everyone's page, not quibbling about the value23:30
sinzuithat is stupid23:30
micahgsinzui: yours, mine, pitti's23:30
sinzuiit is not a support issue23:31
sinzuiit is a defect in the templates23:31
sinzuimicahg: This is bug 415346. The rules for PersonKarmaView.has_expired_karma look wrong23:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 415346 in Launchpad itself "Wording: "karma has expired." when none has yet been earned." [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41534623:34
micahgsinzui: well, something broke it in the last couple days23:36
sinzuiI do not think so. We stopped working on karma a couple years ago because we think we should remove it23:37
sinzuiI am annotating the code now23:37
micahgsinzui: it has been working and only showing that notice once a day on average when recalculating23:38
sinzuimicahg: yes. understood. that time though is actually several hours23:39
sinzuiSo nothing has changed, though a script may be taking longer to run23:39
sinzuithere are no karma script wanings in my inbox at the moment23:40
maxbAny reason not to simply remove that conditional message entirely, for a net better display of info?23:44
sinzuimaxb. I was just thinking that. The message doesn't seem to work in any case23:47
sinzuiI think the change was made about the time we decided karma was dead horse23:47
wgrantmicahg, sinzui: The karma script would have been killed half-way through last night for the rollout.23:51
wgrantIt's a bit of a silly script, so it will leave things in a terribly inconsistent state until it runs again in 8 hours.23:51
micahgah, so it probably started and never finished23:52
* maxb wonders when the losa assigned questions will next get processed :-/23:53
wgrantmaxb: We have a new LOSA this week, so things may start happening soonish maybe :)23:53
maxbthat would be nice23:53
maxbIt's a bit suboptimal that trivial jobs for one who has access get left pending for days at a time :-/23:54
Chexmaxb: that would be me this week, sorry, been pretty busy, will tackle those tomorrow23:54
maxbthanks :-)23:54
Chexmaxb: do you have one specifically you need done now?23:54
mbarnettthis iis very true.23:54
maxbTomorrow will be fine23:55
Chexmaxb: ok, thanks23:55
lifelessmaxb: we've new losas coming on board soon23:55
maxbthere are only two queued anyway :-)23:55
mbarnettmaxb: we might have to look at how we manage that task to avoid letting easy tasks slip for days.23:55
* mbarnett already has a couple ideas. 23:55
lifelessmbarnett: drive to zero, keep there ;)23:56
maxbThat sounds like a great idea :-)23:56
mbarnettlifeless: too easy!  i want something far more complicated with algorithms and processes!23:56
mbarnetteverything filed in triplicate23:56
mbarnettusing actual carbon paper23:57
maxbIs there enough capacity that someone could have a rotation each day for doing stuff that is trivial, and leaving a "This is complex, we'll get to it later" comment on things that are not?23:57
lifelessmonofilament carbon weave?23:57
lifelessmaxb: in a month or so, maybe23:57
mbarnettmaxb: that is how it is supposed to work right now, but once we have a few more heads actually trained up, we should be able to come up with a more failproof system to ensure that at least the easy stuff doesn't hang around.23:58
spmsurely not atm. trivial is kinda a misnomer as well. anything trivial or not, is a mental switch from whatever you're doing. given that for most of my day I'm typically doing 2-3 things in parallel, all day long. "trivial" isn't.23:58
* mbarnett says confidently speaking for everyone, which he has no authority to do. 23:59
mbarnettspm: 2 or 3 NOTHINGS!23:59
spmsush. lets not spoil the illusion I have cunningly woven here23:59

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