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bjsniderBUGabundo, are you using any btrfs partitions at the moment?00:13
BUGabundoand boot is slow as never00:13
bjsniderreally. how slow?00:13
BUGabundolike over a minute boot time00:13
bjsniderjust with natty?00:13
BUGabundolet me upload the logs00:13
BUGabundodon't have anything else00:14
bjsnideryeah but you had a btrfs partition with maverick right?00:14
BUGabundobjsnider: they will be at http://bootcharts.f.bugabundo.net/ soon00:16
BUGabundobjsnider: not sure :S00:16
BUGabundotooooo long agoi00:16
mrdeb1104 is #1 woohoo00:16
bjsniderBUGabundo, i wonder if this is bug 71673600:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 716736 in ureadahead (Ubuntu) "ureadhead slow down my boot using btrfs FS for root" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71673600:17
mrdebwho uses anything but ext400:17
bjsnideri'm not using it as root and it's clearly slowing boot times here00:17
searaymanjust installed natty, do i installed natty how do i set up dual moitors to not be mirrors?00:17
mrdebis ubuntu 10.04 64 bit worth it00:19
BUGabundobjsnider: started on BluBUG-natty-20110402-1.png00:21
BUGabundobjsnider: and copy files in BTRFS/SSD seem *extremely* slow00:28
bjsniderBUGabundo, i can't see the expanded version, so there's not enough detail00:28
BUGabundosure there is00:28
BUGabundoclick on the right side00:28
BUGabundobut I've uploaded them to the bug00:28
BUGabundo100MBs to upload00:29
BUGabundogonna take a while00:29
searaymananyone here usign natty with dual moitors?00:30
searaymanCause i got it to stop mirrorign but the bar on top appears on both screens00:30
mrdebdoes anyone kno how to purge banshee to heck00:30
bjsniderBUGabundo, there are a bunch of 85+ sec. btrfs processes in your bootchart00:31
bjsnidercan't be designed that way, right?00:31
searaymandoes compiz work with natty?00:31
bjsnideri mean it's not supposed to do that00:31
ali1234searayman: yes, unity uses it00:31
BUGabundobjsnider: if you look at the older ones, it doesn't00:32
ali1234searayman: so does classic00:32
searaymanali1234: how do i know if its on or not?00:32
mrdebcompiz is borken in 1104 searayman00:32
mrdebyou should use classic no effect desktop, then all is good00:32
ali1234since when?00:32
ali1234it's working here00:32
ali1234um... no00:32
mrdebyou must e lucky00:32
bjsniderBUGabundo, that bug was reported on feb 10 and no one has noticed it00:32
searaymanwell i am not on classic and things seem to be workign fine00:32
ali1234mrdeb: did you upgrade from maverick?00:33
mrdebi did a daily build00:33
ali1234what graphics card?00:33
mrdebwindows are blank and programs crash out to log in screen00:33
searaymani have no idea00:33
ali1234not tested nvidia yet00:33
mrdebdoesnt matter00:33
ali1234sure it does00:33
mrdebi use class gnome no effects00:33
ali1234compiz works fine on intel00:33
ali1234with both unity and classic00:34
mrdebhow much ram are you using00:34
ali1234i dunnno about 500mb?00:34
mrdebi get 700mb on start up00:34
BUGabundobjsnider: strange00:34
BUGabundoI had nothing that old00:34
mrdebwith nvidia drive installed, not even using compiz00:34
ali1234that machine is 32 bit00:34
mrdebwithout nvidia it was 25000:34
mrdebso what is going on here00:34
bjsniderBUGabundo, maybe you know who to ping00:34
ali1234on the 64 bit machine i see about 900mb in use00:35
ali1234but 200 of that is from gvfsd00:35
mrdeb32bit is 70000:35
BUGabundobjsnider: no idea who :\00:35
BUGabundoits like it btrfs.fsck on *every* boot00:35
BUGabundolet me try to downgrade btrfs tools00:36
bjsniderit's definitely doing a fsck, but so is fsck.ext400:37
mrdebi coudlnt run 1104 on a computer with 512mb ram00:37
mrdebhad to go back to 100400:37
BUGabundo-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  658K 2011-04-01 20:05 btrfs-tools_0.19+20100601-3ubuntu2_amd64.deb00:37
BUGabundodon't have an older one :(00:37
mrdebso is natty a sperm whale00:38
mrdebis that why those logos are in the background00:38
searaymanhow do i acces my firefox settings, i seee no files options etc at the top of the screen for firefox...00:39
bjsniderBUGabundo, if it's ureadahead it could be pitti. his name is on a couple of the uploads00:39
mrdebsearayman: tools options00:41
bjsniderBUGabundo, i wonder what would happen to boot times if you removed btrfs-tools?00:41
BUGabundoI wonder if it would even boot00:41
searaymanmrdeb: where are tools options? I dont see it anywhere00:41
BUGabundobtrfs has no native kernel support00:41
mrdebsearayman: edit, preferences from the mneu00:42
bjsniderthe fs driver has to be in the kernel00:42
BUGabundolet me try00:42
BUGabundoif I don't come back00:42
BUGabundoits all your fault :P00:43
bjsnideri think btrfs-tools is to create and fsck the filesystem00:43
searaymanmrdeb: thats the things i dont see anymenue for firefox at the top liek i do for other pplications00:44
BUGabundowish me luck00:45
mrdebsearayman: you hav eto move to where the gnome panel normally is, and it will show you those00:45
ddbt-nlis the snapping of the terminal to one half of the screen already reported as a bug? it does not snap completely and it still leaves some space around the corners. this looks sloppy.00:45
arandddbt-nl: I think all snapping is done like this, and by design.00:46
searaymanmrdeb: yea see they appear fofr other applications just not firefox00:47
ddbt-nlarand: please try it and see it is not the same as with other apps00:47
mrdebsearayman: that is weird. try maximizing maybe or not. or go ito classic desktop to chagne the settings00:48
mrdebi have to go now adios00:48
ddbt-nlarand: take a look at the space on the right size and at the bottom00:48
arandI'll check, I though it was for all apps00:48
ddbt-nlarand: *side00:48
BUGabundobjsnider: back00:49
ddbt-nlarand: nope, the terminal behaves differently to for instance firefox or nautilu00:49
BUGabundosafe and soun00:49
bjsniderBUGabundo, that was fast00:49
arandBUGabundo: btrfs issues I heard?00:49
BUGabundo(with no btrfs tools LOL)00:49
arandWhat does btrfsck actually do on boot when iit doesn't as in my case, just fail completely?00:50
bjsniderBUGabundo, of course without that package you wouldn't be able to fsck the partition should there be a problem00:50
arandWell btrfsck can't repair things anyways ;)00:51
BUGabundoarand: oh yes it can00:51
bjsniderarand, it seems to be slowing down boot times if there's a btrfs partition involved00:51
bjsnidereither that or ureadahead00:51
arandAfaik, current version is read-only00:51
arandI know the current btrfsck tool isn't particularly fast no00:52
bjsniderarand, it's being executed every boot00:52
arandIt was completely disabled from even checking on boot until the last update00:52
bjsnidernot just every 30 boots00:52
BUGabundostupid pidgin X stack00:52
BUGabundoleaving labels on my screen :(00:52
arandI guess it fails to fsck and mark it as clean then?00:53
bjsniderarand, you seem to know more about it than we do00:53
bjsniderarand, there's a bug related to this, 71673600:53
arandbug #71673600:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 716736 in ureadahead (Ubuntu) "ureadhead slow down my boot using btrfs FS for root" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71673600:53
ddbt-nland what about the terminal snapping bug?00:54
arandbjsnider: Well, I got https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/btrfs-tools/+bug/748340 In the recent update, due to messy snapshot tree strcture I can only assume...00:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 748340 in btrfs-tools (Ubuntu) "btrfsck fails with "unsupported option features", must [ignore] to boot" [Undecided,New]00:55
bjsniderarand, i think we're running into something different here00:55
bjsniderarand, that's more like it00:55
arandHmm, probably00:55
arandWhat, that's what you are seeing as well?00:56
BUGabundovery slow boot times00:56
BUGabundoslow copying files00:56
bjsniderit's doing an fsck and failing. and it's taking forever00:56
BUGabundo*very* slow apt00:56
BUGabundothough that was fixed00:56
arandHmm, that sounds possbly like a separate issue, I just get downright fail, not slowdons or such...00:57
bjsniderarand, you have to intervene to boot the system?00:58
arandddbt-nl: Ah, remebered I was using classic on the VM, can't check it I'm afraid, you should bugreport it though, on either, unity or gnome-terminal...00:58
arandbjsnider: Yea.00:58
ddbt-nlis that on launchpad? (it is my first time to write a bug report)00:59
arandbjsnider: Current btrfsck version on ubuntu just fails when run against my btrfs, If I grab the debian version, it works externally, but I can't manage to get it working nicely with mpountall it seems01:00
arandddbt-nl: Yes, but run "ubuntu-bug unity" in the terminal and it will automate a bit for you01:00
ddbt-nlthank you01:00
ddbt-nli will try and see what i can do01:01
BUGabundowhat the.... http://lxer.com/module/newswire/ext_link.php?rid=14980301:01
arandddbt-nl: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/71027101:02
ubottuUbuntu bug 710271 in compiz (Ubuntu) "invisible window border problems" [High,Fix released]01:02
arandddbt-nl: Quoted: "This bug can still be seen in gnome-terminal but I'm not seeing the effect as strongly in nautilus."01:02
ddbt-nli know.. so it isn't completeyly fixed?01:03
arandddbt-nl: It was apparently fixed for most applications, but gnome-terminal's way of using fixed-size resising seems to still be incompatible, you might want to ask on that bug report if a new bug should be filed against gnome-terminal or if the bug should be re-opened..01:05
ddbt-nlhmm, gotta create a launchpad account first then01:05
arandBUGabundo: If you run btrfsck from a liveCD, how long does that take?01:06
BUGabundoarand: usually seconds01:06
ddbt-nland what about the "ugly" wide wireless network icon.. we used to have such a wonderful small icon for it..01:07
arandBUGabundo: Seems like btrfsck is all kinds of wonky =) Might've been better to follow debian's example and just leave it disabled ;)01:10
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bjsniderBUGabundo, i guess we should leave the package uninstalled01:11
bjsniderarand, maybe there's a stable upstream version?01:11
arandThe problem is, upstream is working on the new spanking btrfsck, that can actually fix problems it discovers, so I'm not sure there will be much chance of good updates for this "old", read-only btrfsck01:12
bjsniderarand, you're not giving me much confidence in btrfs-tools01:12
arandWell the easies way to diable btrfsck atm is just to unlink /sbin/fsck.btrfs so it doesn't point to btrfsck01:12
arandThat way mountall will just go "can't find it, fsck it" and move on, like it was before it was enabled in the latest version01:13
arandbjsnider: Well it's just the fsck tool that's lacking I guess.01:15
searaymanwhen I have multiple firefox windows open and minimize one or two I can not get them back unless i minimize all of them. ANyone else have this bug?01:52
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AnubArackwhen i try to run time and date settings nothing happens02:13
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ninwaHey all, does anybody know if it's possible to cause the launcher to take up the whole screen?02:30
ninwaOr whatever the name is for the ubuntu button in the top left :) (Natty)02:30
ninwaand of course I mean by default. I do know there's an expand button02:30
Kevin1aIt does on my netbook so yes02:32
Kevin1aYou mean the launcher you get when you hit the super button right?02:32
ninwayeah, it does on my laptop too02:33
ninwabut on my desktop it doesn't02:33
ninwa(larger screen :p)02:33
ninwa(and well, resolution, which is whats important :)02:33
AnubArackIt's annoying that you cant drag and drop from the lens to the launcher -_-02:34
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Kevin1aYep, I know it's supposed to decide automatically, based on your screen size.  Having said that, I'm almost certain there will be a config file somewhere you can edit to tell it to always open fullscreen.  Unfortunetly, there is no config utility yet. :(02:34
ninwaKevin1a, minor annoyance at worse so I'll poke around for a config file, but you're right if it doesn't already exist im sure there will be some way to change it02:35
ninwain a gui02:35
AnubArackUbuntu Tweak, dooh02:36
Kevin1aI'm searching / right now to see if I can find something.02:36
ali1234there's a button in the bottom right corner, if you click it, it fills the screen02:36
ali1234however, it doesn't actually show you any more useful stuff02:36
ninwait does, but it doesn't stay that way if you click it again02:36
ninwaif you close and open the window again I mean02:36
AnubArackan you guys access the Date and Time ?02:38
ninwaok, well maybe I can move on to a second problem :p, before upgrading to natty my speakers worked, now they dont. my usb headset has continue d working however. I've tried everything I can in sound preferences02:38
ninwamaybe I should reinstall alsa / pulse?02:38
ninwaAnubArack, the config app? works form e02:39
ninwafor me*02:39
AnubArackit does not for me :( not in the sys tray and not in the settings menu02:39
AnubArackjust won't start anything02:39
ninwaAnubArack, try reinstalling it using the software center02:40
ali1234can i turn off the "apps available for download" thing?02:40
Kevin1a@Ninwa: I couldn't find a config file.  Perhaps someone who gets on later will know, or maybe ask on the forums.  In regards to Pulseaudio, it's the closest thing to a linux virus.  I am a huge Fedora fan, but their use of Pulseaudio, is like a 10/10 hot chick that secretly has a penis.  Are you using a pretty typical soundcard, or do you have some kind of speacial hardware?02:41
ninwaKevin1a, I actually just discovered something kind of funny, the speakers actually work, it's just the "test speakers" button that doesn't02:42
ali1234if "a pretty typical soundcard" = intel HDA, then...02:42
ninwaI was making sure they worked in the preferences before switching back to my speakers without actually having played any audio through anything else02:42
ninwaso disregard :]02:42
ninwaKevin1a, that said, thank you for investigating the config file, if I find anything I'll let you know02:42
Kevin1aHmmmm, I wonder if it reverted to alsa or something, and that's why the test doesn't work.  Either way, as long as they work!02:42
ali1234if you remove pulseaudio you lose ability to adjust volume, at least you do on maverick02:43
h3sp4wnthere is no pretty typical intel hda they all need different quirks to get the jacks right02:43
ali1234so it's pretty easy to tell if that happened :)02:43
AnubArackwhat's the keyboard shortcut to toggle workspaces ?02:43
ali1234h3sp4wn: not just the jacks... the random drop outs ae pretty annoying too02:44
ali1234but strangely it only happens with pulse :)02:44
AnubAracknevermind. it's Super-S02:44
h3sp4wnso use oss402:44
ali1234yeah right02:44
Kevin1aIf you remove pulseaudio, you can install alsa-mixer and some other package that will put a different volume control in your panel.02:44
ali1234then instead of losing sound in 1 app, i can get a nice kernel crash02:44
ali1234good stuff02:44
ali1234anyway i'll stop trolling now :)02:44
ninwaKevin1a, it just occurred to me, such a setting would be someting configured in compiz02:45
ali1234i'm happy with just alsa, and using the volume control on my speakers :)02:45
h3sp4wnanyway what i need to know is r600 working properly on the beta02:46
ali1234one day i might buy a proper sound card to replace this onboard junk02:46
ninwaand settings for unity compiz plugin exist, nothing to make it full-screened though02:46
Kevin1aUbuntu has always been the best distro for recognising my hardware.  So far the only thing that is giving me problems is the bluetooth.  I always have to run /etc/init.d/bluetooth/ restart or something like that to make it work.  I'm probably just going to make it a script and set it as a startup program.    That's fruestrating, hopefully we'll get some kind of config tool before the final release.02:47
Kevin1aThe second part of my comment was in regards to compiz, no confusion. :D02:48
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mrdebhow often are 1104 packages updated daily03:22
ceed^Anyone tried to install Google Earth on natty (all updates)? I did and it runs but fonts are unreadable.03:22
mrdebno. google is evil03:22
rwwmrdeb: ... when changes are made?03:22
ceed^mrdeb: I know. Someone feeling the need to say they're not, are.03:22
ceed^Google Earth is a pretty amazing app tho...03:23
mrdebwho is running 110403:24
rwwmrdeb: Presumably most of the channel.03:25
mrdebnot based on them not answering my qs03:25
rwwmrdeb: Perhaps that's because they're not here, or don't feel a desire to answer questions that don't make sense.03:26
mrdebwell that rules my case out03:27
rwwIf all 243 people were around and talking at once, that'd be... interesting.03:27
mrdebdo you know if today's 38 kernel has the speed patch?03:27
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not intended for production systems.03:28
ubottuA schedule of Natty Narwhal (11.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule03:28
mrdebthe sound driver is improved03:31
ali1234mrdeb: check the gitweb03:31
mrdebi dont know what tmeans03:32
micahgmrdeb: are you referring to the scheduler?03:32
rwwThe speed patch that came out months ago? Yes, it does.03:33
somethinginteresgetting a prompt to enter a "keyring password" for my "login keyring" after login on 11.04. It says it is b/c it didn't get unlocked when I logged in. I have not set up any keyring or separate password to my a/c login03:37
eoin_somethinginteres: use account password03:38
eoin_somethinginteres: it happens when yoou have autologin enbled03:38
somethingintereseoin_: thanks,  I entered that, it didn't seem to work.03:39
arandsomethinginteres: Using an empty password?03:42
tonyyarussoAnyone else unable to start the installer on Beta 1, i386?  Bunch of terminal errors, even when just trying to do the integrity check.03:43
somethinginteresarand: perhaps. None was explicitly set. I am just going to disable autologin03:44
ninwaHow do I stop new windows from spawning with their title bars hidden by the top panel? It seems to happen pretty regularly and prevents me from being able to move them.03:55
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digitalfizninwa, hold alt and click the window and drag it down04:01
digitalfizthats the only fix right now i know of04:01
digitalfizyou can click anywhere in the window while holding alt and it will grab the window so you can move it04:01
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ninwadigitalfiz, useful tip, thank you :)04:03
ninwadigitalfiz, have you experienced the problem im referring to though?04:03
digitalfiznp it was getting me too the folders would do that to me almost everytime and its very aggrevating04:03
digitalfizgedit does too04:04
kubu2why is rekonq telling me to install flash when it's already installed?04:16
ninwa /join #imgur04:17
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searaymanis there anyway to re-order the launchers on the unity bar?04:41
thiebaudebug 72543404:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 725434 in cairo (Ubuntu Natty) "Nvidia drivers lead to extra memory usage for each process using libGL" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72543404:49
Chr|sanyone having issues activating video card?05:05
somethinginteresChris: not for my Nvidia card. If you get errors you should join #ubuntu-bugs and ask for help in submiting a report05:06
Chr|salright thanks05:08
j2coolwhere is enable desktop effects located in 11.04?05:24
j2coolit is no longer in appearance05:24
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ceed^Can't get to omgubuntu at all now. I know they were being attacked. Wonder what it is this time.05:47
c00lryguyAnyone know how i could install libasound on natty?05:48
woonixapt-get install libasound205:52
c00lryguyI have a ruby library that depends on libasound and isnt working with libasound205:52
c00lryguyif i change the dependencies in the file to libasound2.. would it work the same?05:53
woonixsounds iffy05:54
c00lryguylooks like im gonna actually need to program05:55
woonixhopefully that is less iffy05:55
c00lryguywhy is it so dead in here anyways?05:56
rypervencheBecuase we're all afraid of Unity O_o05:56
rypervencheIt could attack at any given moment. Guard yourself well friend!05:57
UndiFineDc00lryguy, it is near 7am here05:57
c00lryguyalright well imma ghost and try to figure that out =p05:57
rwwbecause #ubuntu+1 doesn't get really really busy until right before release05:57
c00lryguymakes sense05:57
rwwhttp://status.nullcortex.com/other/other/irccountall/_ubuntu+1.html is fun to look at :)05:58
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zaeryanyone know if the ati proprietary drivers work on natty yet? specifically the 6970m06:23
LetoThe2ndhowdy! just noticed, since tomorrows morning my natty refuses to boot: it gets stuck forever when trying to get the disks to work.06:25
LetoThe2ndgnah, since todays morning.06:25
LetoThe2ndwhen i sysrq reisub, i see that it's stuck somewhere in udev.06:25
arandYou using btrfs?06:27
LetoThe2ndarand: yep.06:27
arandMight be the fsck hanging up, had a similar report of that.06:28
arandTemporary fix is to unlink /sbin/fsck.btrfs06:28
LetoThe2ndhm, how to do that without getting into the system?06:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 716736 in ureadahead (Ubuntu) "ureadhead slow down my boot using btrfs FS for root" [Undecided,New]06:29
arandA liveCD?06:29
Chr|szaery: I am having issues with my ATI drivers as well06:30
LetoThe2ndarand: hehe, i'm on a train and using a netbook :-/06:30
arandLetoThe2nd: Hmm, I wonder if the "fastboot" kernel parameter would do the equivalent...06:31
LetoThe2ndarand: is "wonder" like "you got a 99% chance" or more like "just guessing"? one try will cost me ~10minutes.06:33
LetoThe2ndif you say its more guesswork, i'll stick with $otheros for now and look into it once i'm back at office tonight.06:34
arandYea, it's just guesswork06:34
LetoThe2ndarand: ok, thanks. we'll see what the evening brings then.06:36
arandAlso seems like in plymouth you'd ned to use C or S keys whilst it's running instead, but yea, it sounds like the time for poking at this is later06:36
LetoThe2ndarand: yeah, i get offered these jeys, but only when using the previous version. the current version just gets stuck saying nothing.06:37
tonyyarussoHow do I move window buttons to the right for when the window is maximized?07:03
rwwtonyyarusso: I assume !controls doesn't work?07:03
ubottuIn Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/56407:03
htorquetonyyarusso, not possible07:03
tonyyarussorww: No, that only changes when it's not maximized.07:04
tonyyarussohtorque: WTF?  Really?07:04
htorquewell, not afaik07:04
rwwI think I'm going to ignore #ubuntu for the otter release cycle. It's going to be headacheful.07:04
arandMore headacheful because of?07:05
rwwno! i will not bring up yet another discussion of that in here :307:05
bazhangdefault unity07:05
htorquethe problem with moving them to the right likely is the variable size of the indicators on the right - you'd never have a constant place for the controls07:05
arandOh, well, maybe..07:06
tonyyarussoI've yet to see one of the indicators - what is this groundbreaking feature that justifies breaking everything else?07:06
arandGoing to be a bit tricky to give UI support since you can't run unity in kvm :/07:07
htorquetonyyarusso, the indicators aren't the problem. the problem is that you maximize the window to the top panel - that would also have been a problem with gnome-panel + applets07:08
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Kevin1aI think I found a bug, can someone try and replicate it before I report it?  When I am at the login screen after a restart I put in the wrong password and the "incorrect password" message showed under the "login" and "cancel" buttons instead of on its own line.  Can someone test this really quick.  I'm running the Natty Beta, just updated the packages right before the restart so everything should be up to date.07:32
Kevin1aHmmm, after logout, it doesn't do it again.  I hate dissapearing bugs more than normal bugs because they're harder to fix07:34
arandYea, I just get Authfail at the normal position07:35
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gordonjcphow can I get rid of that annoying "System problem detected" error dialogue?07:46
gordonjcpideally replacing it with something actually useful07:46
arandWell it's apport catching an application crash I assume, it can be turned off, though Ideally you should be reporting them bugs..07:51
arandgordonjcp: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed Instructions for apport presumably works in reverse...07:53
jussihas anyone else got issues with installing flashplugin in natty?08:06
micahgjussi: well, there were some issues with kpackagekit + flashplugin-installer, but I thought that was fixed08:07
jussimicahg: wait a sec, pastebin.08:08
jussimicahg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/590090/08:08
micahgjussi: do you have a coredump from the nspluginwrapper crash?08:09
jussimicahg: no idea - where would I find it? I can reproduce it everytime...08:10
micahgjussi: /var/crash?08:10
jussimicahg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/590093/08:12
jussimicahg: and: http://paste.ubuntu.com/590092/08:13
micahgjussi: that wasn't a good idea08:13
bp0ubuntu beta 1 cause vbox to crash08:15
jussiok, removed the google talk plugin, and now no probs. weird.08:23
jussiperhaps because it was an upgraded system, and a remnant from maverick08:24
micahgthird party libs seem to break stuff in weird ways08:24
jussiyeah :(08:24
jussithanks for helping me sort it out micahg08:24
micahgjussi: no problem08:25
* jussi goes back to watching rubbish on youtube insteqad of working :P08:25
micahgjussi: you can try the new gnash :)08:26
jussiis it worth a look now?08:26
micahgI uploaded 0.8.9 earlier today I think08:26
micahgseems to be pretty good w/youtube08:26
jussiok, so I remove flashplugin-installer and install gnash? or?08:27
micahgdoesn't seem to work with streamtheworld08:27
micahgjussi: you can just install gnash, it should be  used in place of adobe flash08:27
micahgit currently uses an alternative (yuck)08:27
micahgjussi: err, browser-plugin-gnash that is :)08:28
jussihrm, still uses flash08:28
jussiok, trifle slower to load than flsh, but works after removing flashplugin-installer08:30
Chr|sthis is the issue I have after activating my ati graphics driver. http://imgur.com/fGonM08:31
Chr|sit activates fine, but unable to do anything unfortunally08:31
Chr|sanyone having issues creating a PGP key?08:36
Chr|sI create one and try to export it to launchpad and get error08:36
Chr|sit is in my keyring08:36
MasterUbuntuI am currently testing counters on unity launchers08:40
MasterUbuntuIt it doesn't look like it works well08:40
MasterUbuntuhas anyone played with them before?08:40
MasterUbuntuhmm well will have to log the bugs with knowledge i have08:42
Kevin1aIt must be logging this information already since super+a brings up a most frequently used dialogue08:43
Kevin1ajust not displaying it08:43
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raphaHi all!09:44
raphaIs there a _sensible_ way of running Hamster-Applet inside Unity?09:44
akavlierapha, I have the same problem09:50
akavlierapha, not sure there is. Sounds like the app isn't really prepared for either Unity or Gnome 3.0.09:50
raphatoo bad he went away09:53
raphai KNOW there is - just did a reinstall and cant remember anymore09:54
raphawrong channel :P09:54
raphayeah, lots of apps arent09:54
raphaunity is immature, is what it is09:54
raphaand should be delayed one release09:54
raphacant understand shuttleworth's head-against-wall attitude with crazy changes such as this one09:55
popeyI can09:55
popeybut I wouldn't characterise it as "crazy"09:55
raphaask the "normal user" type and you'll get a couple thousand ppl who will09:56
raphawhich is unfortunatey since those are the ones jumping ship if they get too confused09:56
popeyi dont believe thats true09:57
raphame, i'll set up the classical desktop for every 11.04 install until unity becomes mature09:57
akavlieJust finished the 11.04 install myself; after trying Unity on a netbook I went straight to classic desktop here.09:57
popeyI know "normal users" who would like unity09:57
raphawell i've upgraded ubuntu for ppl who then complained about the sound menu looking "so different, why do they have to change it"09:57
rapha(9.04 to 9.10 i think that specific change was)09:57
popeywould they prefer to use CDE on solaris from 10 years ago?09:58
popeystuff changes09:58
popeythe best thing advocates and support people can do is help people through change09:58
raphayeah and with things like the sound menu i can explain and they'll be reasonable and adapt09:58
raphabut with something like unity it's just totally different. so at least it should work without glitches.09:58
popeyits not "totally different"09:59
popeythere are windows, menus, icons, alt-tab..09:59
popeysame apps09:59
raphait is if you put away your pink developer glasses for a minute09:59
popeythe launcher/shell is different, granted09:59
popeybut not so wild that it's unusable09:59
gordonjcppopey: completely different, and less usable09:59
popeythere's a big fat firefox icon10:00
popeyI wonder what that does!10:00
raphait is *so much* different that everyday software like Hamster won't work anymore10:00
gordonjcpis that the orange square?10:00
popeyits a firefox icon10:00
popeya firefox10:00
gordonjcppopey: I don't know what that is10:00
popeythe same icon they have had for ~years10:00
gordonjcpit's all just squares10:00
popeywe have had this conversation before gordonjcp10:00
raphathe "easiest tasks" stuff isn't the problem popey. the problem is the not-in-the-default-install everyday-software ppl use10:00
akavlieI actually really like seeing new UI approaches and concepts. But Unity seems to strip back functionality in a lot of ways.10:00
popeyrapha: such as?10:01
raphapopey: Hamster.10:01
popey!info hamster10:01
ubottuPackage hamster does not exist in natty10:01
gordonjcppopey: and we'll no doubt continue to have it until the Ubuntu "designers" get it through their thick skulls that removing perfectly good text labels in place of anonymous squiggles is going to have an impact on an admittedly probably small segment of the user community10:01
rapha!info hamster-applet10:01
ubottuhamster-applet (source: hamster-applet): time tracking applet for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.32.1-0ubuntu1 (natty), package size 426 kB, installed size 3096 kB10:01
popeywhats hamster?10:01
popeyahh, the time tracker doofer10:01
raphawhat's a "doofer"?10:01
popeya "thing"10:02
raphaah okay10:02
raphacool a new word, thanks :)10:02
gordonjcppopey: the ALT-F2 functionality is a step backwards too10:02
popeygordonjcp: the menu is still available10:02
popeygordonjcp: you can still press ALT+F2 and type "firefo..." and get firefox10:02
gordonjcppopey: no, you can't10:02
raphaanything that "still works, but differently" can be argued about and is a matter of opinion10:03
raphaproblem is if something doesnt work at all anymore10:03
popeygordonjcp: why not? F2 key broken?10:03
gordonjcpyou can type "firefox" in full then wait a couple of seconds while it searches through all its possible autocompletes10:03
akavlierapha, another problem I ran into with Unity: how do you access the Places menu? I use that all the time.10:03
gordonjcpif you type "firefox" and hit return straight away, it will do nothing10:03
popeyrapha: its not opinion that the features are still there, thats fact, its opinion as to whether those features are better or not10:04
raphaakavlie: click "Home" and then you have a Nautilus window with all you need. More difficult but works.10:04
popeygordonjcp: works for me10:04
gordonjcpI just want ALT-F2 to attempt to run the command I type in, exactly the way I type it10:04
raphapopey: Hamster not working anymore is not an opinion. THAT is a fact.10:04
popeyrapha: ok, i misunderstood10:05
popeyrapha: is there a bug filed?10:05
gordonjcppopey: although, Unity is much more usable now I've got rid of the horrible drop shadows on the window10:05
raphapopey: btw, one which would be easily solvable by programming some sort of gnome-panel-swallower thing for unity10:05
raphapopey: from what i could see, a dozen10:05
* gordonjcp -> do some work10:05
raphapopey: wont be done for the release tho.10:05
raphapopey: Unity brings Ubuntu into a KDE4 position.10:05
akavlierapha, yeah, I don't like that as it means you always have to start with the home folder if you want to connect to a machine via SSH for example.10:05
popeyyeah, its certainly got issues with some apps10:05
popeygood thing we have 10.10 and 10.04 :)10:06
raphaakavlie: same for me, but with that i can live for a while. these things will probably be ironed out by 11.1110:06
popeyyou don't _have_ to upgrade10:06
grawcho_hey dose someone know an alternative for kweb active dsktop for gnome ?10:06
raphapopey: it's just sad. but you'll see what i mean when the reviews start coming in hard.10:06
akavlierapha, 11.10?10:06
raphaer yeah10:07
akavliefunny thing is, half the reason I was eager to jump to 11.04 is that 10.10 was always crashing on me. Very unstable on my laptop.10:07
popeyrapha: some reviews already have come in :)10:08
akavlieanyway, off to bed for me10:09
raphapopey: and e.g. The Register's isn't exactly favorable... bad press for Ubuntu10:09
grawcho_sorry to interupt ... but anyone ?10:10
gordonjcp!anyone | grawcho_10:10
ubottugrawcho_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.10:10
grawcho_already did :dose someone know an alternative for kweb active dsktop for gnome ?10:11
popeygrawcho_: i have no idea what kweb even is10:14
popey!info kweb10:14
ubottuPackage kweb does not exist in natty10:14
raphawell anyway10:15
raphawith a bit of luck some of the quirks get ironed out10:15
popeyrapha: yup, but then again right now some of the reviews are "its broken, its beta"10:15
raphai've got to get on with work10:15
raphapopey: yeah right now that's the saving grace10:15
raphasee y'all and thanks for the discussion!10:15
grawcho_active desktop alternative foe KDE for showing url's or scripted images on the desktop10:19
MikeChelenhow do you show the full path in nautilus?10:44
zniavrectrl+l ?10:49
bullgard4 /etc/group shows the entry »video:x:44:detlef« on my Natty computer but why does it show »video:x:44:« on my Maverick computer?.11:02
susundbergDo you know what that lines means?11:03
susundbergI mean group file in general?11:03
susundbergplease see 'man group' if unsure11:04
mateo__I think Unity is quite nice, but I see a big problem, how can I make the launcher icons "flash" until I have attended them11:08
mateo__not just once, otherwise I miss the events11:08
bullgard4susundberg: Do you know the answer to the question which I have put here?11:08
susundbergNo i do not see whats the problem11:09
susundbergAnother line has one user defined in the group one does not11:09
bullgard4In one case the list of users  of the group is empty in the other case it is not empty.11:10
susundbergyes, and the problem with that is?11:10
susundberg(mine natty video group is empty also btw)11:11
bullgard4Yes, that's the question which I havew put here.11:11
susundbergThe problem is that its not empty?11:11
yofelbullgard4: well, *something* or *somebody* added detlef to the video group11:11
bullgard4yofel: Yes, and my question is why someone ore something added it to the video UNIX group but not in Maverick.11:13
yofelI'm totally clueless, maybe an package script of a package you installed? I'm not in the video group here11:14
robot__why the video shows in negative color when plays11:14
robot__why the video plays in negative color in any movie player11:16
bullgard4yofel: Thank you very much for commenting. (I have been experimenting with several video chat programs, and so far I did not pay attention to this Unix group entry yet. But I will watch it in the future.11:19
yofelrobot__: sounds like your HUE setting is wrong11:20
yofelI've seen that go wrong with the nvidia driver in the past, it's fine here though currently11:20
robot__yofel: how to correct it? I did no change in settings.11:21
yofelno idea, depends on where the setting is wrong11:21
yofelsomeone else might have an idea, be patient11:22
szoneki have a problem with Unity after update from 10.1011:24
szonekit starts but doesn't display any window11:24
szonekwhen i click where window should be displayed it gets displayed11:25
szonekso it sort of works but doesn't display a thing besides cursor and background11:25
szoneki tried to run unity with logging11:28
szonekand got:11:28
szonek<unknown>: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.0.11:28
szonekunity-window-decorator: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.0.11:29
szonekat the end of log11:29
=== timblechmann is now known as tim
AnubArackis kde usable on natty?11:41
yofelworks fine here11:42
AnubArackhaven't used kde in years. I see it's much more refined now11:42
arandRecent upgrdes messed with my boot bigtime...12:03
arandOh there we go, grub removed my btrfs boot-parameters, how pleasant :312:25
popeynot sure I'd use btrfs yet12:28
szoneki have a problem with Unity after update from Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 - it starts but doesn't display any window. when i click where window should be displayed it gets displayed. so it sort of works but doesn't display a thing besides cursor and background. i tried to run unity with logging and i got: <unknown>: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.0. unity-window-decorator: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavaila12:29
coz_ good day to all12:48
BluesKajany breakage with new kernel? I haven't rebooted13:00
arandBluesKaj: Are you running btrfs?13:02
coz_BluesKaj,  key guy13:02
coz_susundberg,  hey13:02
Chr|show do I access my launchpad page if I don't have access to my old email? I don't see any options13:04
szoneki have a problem with Unity after update from Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 - it starts but doesn't display any window. when i click where window should be displayed it gets displayed. so it sort of works but doesn't display a thing besides cursor and background. i tried to run unity with logging and i got: <unknown>: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.0. unity-window-decorator: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavaila13:04
Chr|soops wrong palce13:05
Chr|sszonek: patience bud :)13:05
szonekyeah i'm here for 2 hours know and your are the first one to respond ;-)13:06
szonekyou are*13:06
szonekomg :D13:06
Chr|sszonek: yeah, IRC isn't instant help. Sorry. Sometimes have to wait for the right people. I idle in here and many other channels :)13:07
szonekChr|s: know, but people are coming and going away so i try to repeat it13:08
szonekonce every 30 minutes or so13:09
szonekChr|s: sorry for typos, i'm not in the best condition today ;)13:09
yofelszonek: do you have a compiz crash in /var/crash/ ? That's what I get every time I try to login to unity13:13
szonekyofel: nope, only: _usr_bin_gnome-terminal.1000.crash  _usr_bin_unity.0.crash  _usr_bin_update-manager.0.crash13:15
szonek   File "/usr/bin/unity", line 72, in reset_unity_compiz_profile13:17
szonek     current_profile_schema = client.get_schema("/apps/compizconfig-1/current_profile")13:17
szonek GError: Failed to contact configuration server; the most common cause is a missing or misconfigured D-Bus session bus daemon. See http://projects.gnome.org/gconf/ for information. (Details -  1: Failed to get connection to session: Command line `dbus-launch --autolaunch=90248a76e5c2b081ce48657d4b8d96e2 --binary-syntax --close-stderr' exited with non-zero exit status 1: No protocol specified\nAutolaunch error: X11 initialization failed.\n)13:17
szonekat the end of unity crash file13:17
yofelhm, X error indeed then, no idea why you would get that though13:17
arandLetoThe2nd: Ping, does update-grub on the latest -8 kernel correctly produce the rootflags=subvol=@ entry for you?13:19
LetoThe2ndarand: pong - just had a small peek into IRC. will let you know today evening (CEST), for I'm at a trade fair today. (gone again now)13:25
arandHmm, anyone else with btrfs ouut ther atm care to test ^13:27
BluesKajhi arand, coz_ .no I'm sticking with ext413:38
coz_BluesKaj,  I like ext4 :)13:38
* yofel had too bad experiences with ext4 in jaunty to jump immediately on the newest and shiniest file system out there13:39
arandYea, I wouldn't really consider using btrfs on anything of importance, but it's a fun toy .)13:40
BluesKajI don't mind a bit of bleeding edge , one can heal small wounds , but btrfs is totally new to me and it could cause a wound that won't heal :)13:40
raniere_gomesI have troubles in ubuntu 11.04....can someone help me?13:41
jiohdiwhat are btrfs?13:41
arandjiohdi: newage filesystem13:42
jiohdiarand, you have to rub it or think to it?13:42
raniere_gomesI used btrfs on SSD disks13:42
yofelraniere_gomes: what's the problem? (we won't know if we can help until we know the problem)13:43
arandjiohdi: bitbucket sacrifices ;)13:43
raniere_gomesyofel: I have problems when I trying to reproduce videos on any player13:43
jiohdibtw, incase anyone is interested.... docky now works with icewm and other formerly incompatibles like lxde13:44
jiohdithe icons do not pop, but its still better than 10.10's useless bottom13:45
BluesKajraniere_gomes, , reproduce ? , do you mean copy or just play?13:45
raniere_gomesyofel: the problem is when I play the files, gdm crashes13:45
jiohdidocky with icewm really makes a netbook fly :)13:45
raniere_gomesyofel: and go back to login screen13:45
raniere_gomesyofel: very strange13:46
raniere_gomesI have looked on syslog for any information to solve this, without success...13:46
raniere_gomesyofel: have you seen this kind of problem?13:47
BluesKajraniere_gomes, do you have mplayer installed ? if not install it and run your video from the cli , "mplayer /path/to/nameofvideo"13:50
BluesKajthen look at the error message when gdm crashes13:50
raniere_gomesBluesKaj, yes, I have installed mplayer, smplayer, vlc13:51
raniere_gomesBluesKaj, gstream codecs packs...13:51
BluesKajraniere_gomes, in order to get an error message run mplayer in the terminal13:52
raniere_gomesBluesKaj, when I played the file on terminal, gdm crashes and go back to logon screen13:53
raniere_gomesBluesKaj, and show a msg on syslog13:53
raniere_gomesBluesKaj, gnome-session[1587]: WARNING: Detected that screensaver has left the bus13:54
BluesKajrun dmesg , raniere_gomes , and pastebin the output13:55
=== maxb_ is now known as maxb
raniere_gomesBlueKaj, I will send to you by private msg13:59
raniere_gomesBlueKaj, irc crops the msg....14:03
Piciuse a pastebin14:04
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:04
raniere_gomesPici, like: !paste msgmsgmsgmsg, that's it?14:05
Piciraniere_gomes: No. Read what ubottu just said.14:05
raniere_gomesPici, ok, I see now14:06
raniere_gomesBluesKaj, http://paste.ubuntu.com/590228/14:08
raniere_gomesI hope that my problem can be solved, I need to see videos on ubuntu 11... but, always when run videos on any player, gnome (maybe gdm) crashes and return to logon screen14:13
coz_    guys I have to break here  ,, I will try to be back in a while14:16
=== 14WAA18S6 is now known as grawcho
raniere_gomesSomeone can help with this?14:20
BluesKajraniere_gomes, I have to ask the obvious , have you tried other video formats or is it just one particular video or ?14:21
szoneki have a problem with Unity after update from Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 - it starts but doesn't display any window. when i click where window/icon should be displayed i see it works but still doesn't display a thing besides cursor and background. i tried to run unity with logging and i got: <unknown>: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.0. unity-window-decorator: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X ser14:21
raniere_gomesBluesKaj, I've tried with mkv and avi14:21
raniere_gomes BluesKaj, Can I send you my syslog?14:23
raniere_gomesBluesKaj,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/590235/14:25
raniere_gomesBluesKaj, any ideas?14:32
raniere_gomesBluesKaj, I'm thinking to try another grafic interface....maybe it is a solution14:33
BluesKajraniere_gomes, well, I think you're missing some gtk libs from the look of the log14:35
raniere_gomesBluesKaj, really? which ones?14:36
BluesKajdunno for sure , but maybe a ubuntu-desktop reinstall will fix it , raniere_gomes14:38
raniere_gomesBluesKaj, do I need to reinstall the distro or just ubuntu-desktop package?14:40
raniere_gomesBluesKaj, I will mark on synaptic to reinstall ubuntu-desktop pck, ok?14:42
BluesKajraniere_gomes, , just ubuntu-desktop14:42
raniere_gomesBluesKaj, ok14:42
raniere_gomesBluesKaj, I will try to play the files again, I will back ASAP14:46
raniere_gomesBluesKaj, Thanks for your time man14:47
drmorphis_droidhi guys15:11
bullgard4What is the UNIX group »rtkit:x:124:« entry for in my /etc/group in my T42 Natty15:25
rockywow compiz crashes on me a few times a day now :(15:26
bullgard4rocky: You better fetch an error message and report it-15:27
nemobullgard4: realtime kit15:29
nemowhat about it15:30
nemobullgard4: you're using pulseaudio no?15:30
nemopulse isn't that bad anymore15:30
nemoalso. that isn't just natty...15:30
nemoshould be maverick and probably lucid too15:30
bullgard4nemo: I asked "What is it for" I am using pulseaudio, yes.15:30
nemobullgard4: if you look up realtime kit in synaptic it says. "realtime scheduling for the pulseaudio dæmon"15:31
nemosooo. I imagine it has to do w/ high performance sound :)15:31
nemoRealtimeKit is a D-Bus system service that changes the15:32
nemoscheduling policy of user processes/threads to SCHED_RR15:32
nemo(i.e. realtime scheduling mode) on request. It is intended to15:32
nemobe used as a secure mechanism to allow real-time scheduling to15:32
nemobe used by normal user processes.15:32
nemoand that one is from my maverick machine15:32
nemoI'm starting an ubuntu collection here :D15:32
bullgard4nemo: I found the description of the DEB program package »rtkit«. It is installed on my computer but the UNIX group »rtkit:x:124:« entry in my /etc/group in my Natty does not have any user. How come?15:38
nemobullgard4: could have been an incomplete uninstall I guess15:39
nemolemme look on my natty laptop15:39
* nemo fires it up15:39
nemooh. wait.15:39
BluesKaja v8?15:39
* nemo forgot15:39
nemobullgard4: your user group doesn't have your user either :-p15:40
nemobullgard4: that's true of most services15:40
szoneki have a problem with Unity after update from Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 - it starts but doesn't display any window. when i click where window/icon should be displayed i see it works but still doesn't display a thing besides cursor and background. i tried to run unity with logging and i got: <unknown>: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.0. unity-window-decorator: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X ser15:40
nemoszonek: dunno anything about the error, but could try  unity 2d or gnome classic15:41
* nemo just learned about unity 2d yestereday15:41
steveireHow can I enable the universe repo on a natty live cd? There is no /etc/apt/sources.list15:41
nemopersonally I'm on gnome classic15:41
szoneknemo: how can i try unity 2d? :)15:41
yofelszonek: apt-get install unity-2d ;)15:41
yofelthere will be an option at the login screen then15:41
szoneki will try that15:42
nemobullgard4: if you run grep rtkit /etc/group /etc/passwd15:42
nemobullgard4: you'll see (no surprise) it is the default group for that user :)15:42
Picisteveire: Is there anything in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ ?15:43
cryptkso, I am reading on the Natty features page under the known bugs section that Unity is kinda crashy, but it seems that all of the bugs reported are in Fix Released status, is anyone still having Unity crash issues?15:50
cryptkI am reading through all of the info and determining if it is at a state that I can "semi-safely" beta test it15:51
thiebaude11.04 is stable for me15:52
thiebaudeexcept for bug 72543415:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 725434 in cairo (Ubuntu Natty) "Nvidia drivers lead to extra memory usage for each process using libGL" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72543415:52
bullgard4nemo: I can confirm your predictions. --  Thank you for commenting.15:53
steveirePici: Hmm, not the sources.list file is there.15:58
mns`unity is fine here too15:59
mns`no crash yet15:59
invisiblekcrashed on my reboot here after installing virtualbox guest additions :(16:00
mns`and i'm using it with a intel Integrated Graphics 945GM16:02
cryptkand bug 684083 is another one that concerns me as well16:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 684083 in plymouth (Ubuntu Natty) "Plymouth hangs after installation of nvidia drivers on natty alpha1" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68408316:08
=== dziadu_ is now known as dziadu
cryptkbut it seems that setting GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=text and doing an update-grub fixes that one in the short term16:08
jt13is anyone using 11.04 yet?16:09
PiciMost of the people here.16:09
jt13sorry dumb question.16:09
cryptkok, I am satisfied enough, updating to the beta16:10
jt13i just upgraded from 10.10 and now have no keyboard or mouse functionality of any kind. any one able to possibly help?16:10
cryptkluckily /home is on a separate partition so worst comes to worst I can recover pretty easy16:10
* cryptk isn't sure if he will like unity or not, but is going in with an open mind16:11
jt13guess not16:11
cryptkjt13, did you check the logs for any hints?16:11
cryptkdoes the keyboard work in a recovery terminal?16:11
jt13i can't get into the logs. and yes it works in the recovery terminal. i just ran recovery to fix broken ppackages16:12
cryptkhow can you not get into the logs?16:12
cryptkboot into recovery mode and check the output of dmesg16:12
cryptkand go into /var/log and run `grep -i error ./*16:12
jt13wait, is there a different way to check logs then system> prefs> boot logs?16:12
jt13ok i'll try now16:13
cryptkrun dmesg in recovery mode... and all of the logs are located in /var/logs/*16:13
jt13ok thanks. i'll check now16:13
jt13oh cool16:13
cryptkgrep -i error /var/log/*16:13
jt13the repairing broken packages just finished and now it is running16:13
cryptkthat will find any lines in /var/log that has error in it16:13
jt13meaning i have mouse and keyboard back16:14
jt13so should i still do the logs?16:14
cryptkso all it was is some broken packages that were... uhm... breaking... things16:14
cryptkgo figure broken things break things16:14
=== rocky1 is now known as rocky
jt13i started the package repair as i was entering chat not expecting any results16:14
* cryptk can't wait until his company gets the Natty mirror going...16:15
jt13natty mirror?16:15
* yofel doesn't get any hangs with nvidia and plymouth, only with nouveau plymouth is corrupted16:15
cryptkOOOH!!!! IT'S UP!16:15
jt13ok, I REALLY don't like unity.16:16
cryptkor if you prefer the ISO's http://mirror.rackspace.com/ubuntu/dists/natty/16:17
cryptkenjoy all16:17
jt13oh so it's just a download location16:17
cryptkwe mirror both the install images as well as the package repos...16:17
yofelhm, the reboot right now gave me the text splash though o.O16:17
cryptkand our mirror tends to be MUCH faster than the standard ubuntu repos are16:17
* cryptk always gets the text splash for some reason... ever since I installed the NVIDIA drivers16:18
jt13is there a way to go back to GNOME with 11.04? I use my computer on a 50" and had it set up with docks to make it more visually appealing and I'm not really liking the unity16:19
yofelhm, *that* was supposed to be fixed with the VT changes in grub16:19
* yofel reboots again to check16:19
* BluesKaj rcommends kde to all unity and gnome users :)16:20
cryptkyofel, I am speaking about 10.10 on that one... I am installing 11.04 now16:20
cryptkjt13, at the GDM (login) screen, choose the Ubuntu Classic session16:22
cryptkdamn... just a minute too late16:22
yofelhm, I'm indeed getting text splash on shutdown if I don't set GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX so it doesn't seem fixed here :S16:23
yofeland for some reason I'm getting text splash on boot even when setting that :(16:23
yofeltogether with an '[    5.021202] intel ips 0000:00:1f.6: failed to get i915 symbols, graphics turbo disabled' error in plymouth16:24
yofelodd, with 2.6.38-6 plymouth is fine, but I don't get to X, with -7 and -8 I get X, but plymouth starts only in text mode16:32
cha0s2358can anyone help me with reverting back to gnome desktop manager?16:37
yofelwhat are you using instead of gdm?16:37
cha0s2358the standard unity that came with 11.0416:38
cha0s2358nut i hate it16:38
PiciGDM is standard.16:38
yofelerm, gnome desktop manager and gnome session are 2 different things. GDM is the login screen16:39
yofelyou can select ubuntu classic in gdm if you want to use gnome in natty16:39
cha0s2358ok thank you16:39
mns`after you enter your login name you can choose ubuntu classic16:40
cha0s2358i dont do a log in. i am only user.16:40
cha0s2358i want to get rid of the side dock and the way the window controls arein the upper bar.16:40
yofelah well, bbl16:43
mns`you choose to autologin ?16:43
yofelmns`: he's already gone16:43
mns`yofel, opz, thanks16:44
lcbwhere is Natty /daily-live/current for i386 now, besides (powers)?16:46
obscurant1sti am trying out ubuntu 11 beta. In ubuntu 10 i used to set the graphics details like extra custom, normal etc etc/ But in this ubuntu 11.04 can anyone tell me where it is?? i think it is compiz setting in 10.10, i suppose16:51
lcbfound it, cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and not cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current as i where16:52
lcbthat too, tks16:53
lcbobscurant1st, try under Applications | Themes & Tweaks16:54
obscurant1stlcb its not there, i tried that already! :(, there is a appearcne thingie in that. But when i open that, only 2 items are there, i mean, like themes, background and fonts!16:56
obscurant1st3* items16:56
lcbi'm not sure if CSM is installed by default, but i believe it make nothing bad if you install it - compizconfig-settings-manager + python-compizconfig16:57
lcbonly those two16:57
obscurant1stok i will try that thanks17:00
lcbobscurant1st, about the "3* items", if i understand what you are saying, you need to expand that section of apps to see them all17:00
obscurant1stlcb, yeah i just figured it out!! i feel soo stupid!! :P17:02
lcbdon't do it, we all are in certain way17:03
obscurant1st:) thanks btw!17:04
lcbyou're welcomed too (oops, before you correct me) :p17:05
obscurant1sthehe, lol17:06
obscurant1stone more thing, actually this new type or transparent menu is loading very slowly or sometimes doesnot load at all, i mean sometimes, i have to hover the mouse over there for the icons to be visible,  it ehre anyway i coule use the old type of menu?17:07
lcbobscurant1st, i'm not sure if what i'm going to say is right but... there are not too many ways of configuring it, yet (and as i saw somewhere) not planned. besides the shortcuts for using natty17:10
lcbi'm sure in near future the devs will accommodate some changes due to users requests17:11
obscurant1stoh ok! thanks. I gotta go now!, bye17:12
PhotocopyCould not calculate the upgrade17:13
lcbthat shortcuts url must be -> http://askubuntu.com/questions/28086/unity-keyboard-mouse-shortcuts/2808717:17
=== cmagina is now known as cmagina-lunch
Photocopywell update-manager offered me a partial upgrade before i ran update-manager -d17:21
Photocopyso i installed that first17:21
Photocopywe'll see if that makes the full upgrade work17:21
=== cryptk is now known as cryptk|offline
genii-aroundWhen kernel updates, why are the new kernel headers not also, if you have them for the previous kernel?17:22
=== cryptk|offline is now known as cryptk
Photocopywhy does "Setting new software channels" take literally like 20 minutes, and then give me an error screen? and >Terminal is unclickable17:37
Photocopyduring distribution upgrade17:37
Photocopyokay fine17:40
Photocopywhy does this happen:17:40
rockyhm, my window decorations just disappeared... is that a metacity thing? and do i need to restart it?17:41
Photocopytry restarting it rocky17:41
rockyPhotocopy: restarting what? metacity?17:42
Photocopyrocky, yeah17:42
Photocopyi'm not sure if you can run metacity --replace on itself but if you can that might work17:42
Photocopysorry, i'm not really an expert of anything, but nobody else in this room seems active so that's the best I got17:43
rockyPhotocopy: that worked, but now unity died17:43
Photocopyrocky: I've never used unity, or even 11.04 (Trying to get help with the upgrade) so I can't really help you there. Try restarting the whole machine?17:44
Photocopyasking yet again17:46
PhotocopyWhy is this happening: http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/180/omgaw.png17:46
cryptkPhotocopy, have you altered your sources.list?17:47
Photocopycryptk; by that you mean what exactly?17:47
Photocopycryptk: if you mean doing stuff like adding ppas and such, then yes, extensively.17:48
cryptkand have you tried running update-daemon -d from a terminal and seeing if there is any useful output there?17:48
cryptkmost of that would be in the sources.list.d directory17:48
Photocopynot update-manager?17:48
cryptkwhat I mean is, is your /etc/apt/sources.list file stock?17:48
Photocopyi have no idea what you mean when you ask that question17:48
cryptkoops, yeah, update-manager17:48
cryptkhave you modified that file, or no17:49
Photocopymanually no17:49
cryptkother than manually?17:49
Photocopybut i cant say for sure whether or not i've done anything that could have changed it17:49
Photocopycause i wouldn't know what would or wouldn't change it17:49
cryptkhave you just added more sources through synaptic?17:49
Photocopyi've added stuff from17:49
Photocopyadd-apt-repository ppa: blah17:50
cryptkthat should be fine17:50
cryptkhow about you check the log files17:50
cryptklook for clues there17:50
Photocopywhat about software installed by way of bzr branch ______ and then running their installation scripts?17:50
Photocopywhere are the log files?17:51
Photocopyoh for the record each time before the error17:51
Photocopyat some point it says Some third party entries in your sources.list were disabled. You can re-enable them after the upgrade with the 'software-properties' tool or your package manager.17:51
cryptkthe location of the log files is right in that error message17:51
cryptkthat message is about the sources.list.d directory17:51
cryptkcheck the log files in there17:52
Photocopywhich one of those files17:52
cryptkno clue, check them and see if any have any errors that may help17:52
Photocopytheres like an lspci.txt, a main.log, an apt.log, three folders named after today's date, a term.log and two tar.gz'sa17:53
iljijHow do I enable TTYs? When I do ctrl+alt+f* nothing comes out.17:53
cryptkPhotocopy, you would just have to check files and see if you can find the error17:53
cryptkI myself am just now installing 11.0417:53
Photocopycryptk: i found a line; 2011-04-06 12:51:38,728 DEBUG failed to SystemUnLock() (E:Not locked)17:54
cryptkbtw, I just want to mention that debugging and troubleshooting are required skills to properly beta-test17:54
cryptkthat's a debug message, not an error17:54
Photocopycryptk: of course, but how do I learn how to do that without beginning beta testing at some point?17:54
cryptkideally you wouldn't hone troubleshooting skills with beta testing17:54
cryptkit should go the other way around, get those skills first, then beta-test17:55
cryptknot knocking you at all, just making a general statement17:55
PhotocopyI don't really run into issues where I have a lot of troubleshooting otherwise17:55
Photocopywell im having difficulty finding anything in particular17:56
Photocopythe entirety of main.log is debug messages17:56
=== cmagina-lunch is now known as cmagina
Photocopyexcept for like17:56
Photocopy2011-04-06 12:23:09,356 ERROR doUpdate() failed completely17:56
Photocopyactually there's a significantly larger one than that above it17:57
Photocopycryptk: http://pastebin.com/NPQ9UFGG17:58
Photocopycould any of that be relevant? im pretty sure that stuff shows up almost every time i use apt-get17:58
Photocopysomethin gto do with opera, what appears to be gnome-do, and cardapio, all three of which I tried but don't use. Should I ppa-purge that stuff?17:59
Ian_Corneanyone know when the failed builds in this https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3/+packages18:42
Ian_Cornewill get rebuild?18:42
=== cryptk is now known as cryptk|offline
Park7Is there really only one installable package in Partners for Natty? (gstreamer0.10-fluendo-plugins-mp3-partner) its the only one i see in my software center18:53
Park7wondering if other have the same thing18:54
charlie-tcaUsually, they don't have much until the final release18:55
Park7aah...okay. no java until then i guess18:55
Park7i found a flash player in the regular repos18:56
Park7was hoping for a jre18:56
genii-aroundWhich reminds me, the last update reverted my java to IcedTea for some reason. Had to run update-alternatives and switch it back to Sun19:01
Park7will icedtea work in firefox?19:06
Park7may as well use that for the time being19:06
FoolishOwlHello. Does anyone know where the configuration file is for the applications in the Unity launcher?19:18
FoolishOwlI'd like to change around what apps are in the launcher, but I'd like to back up the current settings first.19:18
nperryFoolishOwl: Have you looked at gconf?19:21
FoolishOwlnperry, not yet. I find those folders a bit of a maze.19:22
nperryHmmm just had a look19:23
nperryDoesn't look like it is19:24
zniavre_it is no with dconf-editor ?19:24
zniavre_i do not remember if unity --reset resets also the launcher icons19:25
Daekdroomunity-reset-icons does19:25
Daekdroom*unity --reset-icons19:25
zniavre_i did not knew this one   (noted )19:25
zniavre_thnak you   :o)19:26
FoolishOwlHmm. There's a man page for unity. It mentions --reset, but doesn't mention --reset-icons. Good to know.19:27
FoolishOwlAlso good to know that "unity" is the thing to look for the man page for.19:27
nperryFoolishOwl: its in dconf-editor19:28
FoolishOwlOkay. Looks like I need to install that.19:28
DaekdroomFoolishOwl, it's in unity --help I think19:29
FoolishOwlSo far, I've run into no significant bugs in the beta -- just figuring out how to tweak the UI.19:29
FoolishOwlTwo OS X users in my household looked over at Ubuntu with Unity and said they'd like to try it.19:31
psusiFoolishOwl: try Docky19:33
FoolishOwlpsusi, I'd tried Docky mode in GNOME Do before. I like the Unity launcher better.19:34
ninjaiguys i have a problem with unity.  I need to hit F10 in my putty session, but it brings up the top menu for my application.  What do I do?19:36
trismninjai: this appears to be configurable in ccsm, selecting the unity plugin, and changing "Key to open the first panel menu" to something other then F1019:43
NijaboAnyone else have problems with wifi and Ubuntu 11.0419:46
AureiAnimusi was wondering, how long does it take approximately before canonical releases the list of compatiple hardware with a new version?19:49
macoAureiAnimus: they've only ever released a hardware compatibility list once19:49
macothat was a month or two ago, i think19:49
macoand its not a very long list19:50
AureiAnimusokay, thanks19:50
psusimaintaining such a list is inherently a futile effort19:53
=== marcos_ is now known as Daekdroom
trismninjai: unfortunately, this only seems to allow you to add another key, F10 still brings up the menu even if I change it (the new key combination will open it too though)19:55
Ian_CornePark7: you can just use maveric partner repo20:03
Ian_CorneIt's what I do20:03
trismninjai: actually, it should work for putty, it seems gtk captures f10 as well, so even if you override it in ccsm, gtk will still popup the menu, but the ccsm option does seem to disable it for non-gtk apps20:05
eagles0513875hey guys how can i upgrade over the network to natty20:06
eagles0513875i have the update manager core installed yet its not working20:08
genii-aroundCan you ping something outside of the network, like google.com ?20:08
eagles0513875hold on i just switched back to kde i forgot i installed ubuntu studio20:09
eagles0513875and it took me to gnome instead lol20:09
eagles0513875genii-around: i can ping20:09
eagles0513875i think there is a switch of some sort i need to pass to do-release-upgrade20:10
charlie-tcaIs there anything in the release notes about it?20:10
genii-aroundeagles0513875: Yes , -d20:10
eagles0513875got it20:10
eagles0513875thats what i was missing20:10
eagles0513875:) thanks genii-around20:10
eagles0513875charlie-tca: ?20:10
eagles0513875for upgrading -d isnt noted anywhere20:11
eagles0513875always forget the switch20:12
charlie-tcaThat's why they put that in the release notes20:12
eagles0513875tbh thats a strange place to look20:12
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade20:12
eagles0513875^ you would think there would be a mention in the 2nd link20:13
charlie-tcaNot for development releases20:13
charlie-tcaThat is for stable release upgrades20:13
charlie-tcaThey also put any iss20:13
charlie-tcaissues you might have in those same release notes20:13
eagles0513875yay the upgrade is broken :(20:35
zniavrescrollbar overlay landing ?20:44
eichihello, have installed 11.04 beta1 in virtualbox. unity was disable at first, how to enable it now?20:46
eagles0513875genii-around: the update is broken20:47
eagles0513875dependency hell :(20:47
eagles0513875probably do a clean install with natty20:48
OmegaIs it just me or does nautilus crash on exit?20:48
genii-aroundeagles0513875: Remove any ppa references from dir /etc/apt/sources.list.d  and if you have non-standard-issue repos directly in the /etc/apt/sources.list file, remove them.20:48
eagles0513875i only have one ofr playdeb.net20:49
Daekdroomeichi, install the guest additions first.20:49
Daekdroomand make sure your main system has proper drivers too.20:49
eichii did20:49
eagles0513875the problem is complaining about update-manager and python dependencies20:49
eagles0513875all my non standard repos are disabled20:51
OmegaDoes https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/752858 happen to anyone else?20:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 752858 in unity "Unity returns to the default configuration after upgrade" [Undecided,New]20:51
eagles0513875genii-around: ^20:51
genii-aroundeagles0513875: Are you on kde?20:53
eagles0513875yep kde20:54
eagles0513875not the unity bug above that lol i disabled any ppas and 3rd party repos like ogre3d20:54
genii-aroundeagles0513875: Maybe: sudo apt-get install update-manager-kde20:54
genii-aroundMy box here shows update-manager not installed but update-manager-kde is20:54
eagles0513875damn it20:55
eagles0513875i broke it20:55
eagles0513875dependency issues now20:55
eagles0513875blargage oh well20:55
genii-aroundeagles0513875: Before you ran do-release-upgrade -d    did you do first the recommended: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade      ..to make sure everything was up to date ?20:57
genii-aroundIs this channel +r ?21:11
IdleOneChannel #ubuntu+1 modes: +Ccntf #ubuntu21:11
guntbertIdleOne: what command did give you ^ ?21:13
IdleOneguntbert: /mode #ubuntu+121:13
guntbertIdleOne: thx21:13
Andre_Gondimwhere are the daily live desktop iso for i386? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/21:14
bobberti was told to ask here about 64 bit versus 32 for my upgrade to natty?21:22
ninjaiis there a way to make it so natty wont spawn new windows right where unity is, as it hides the unity bar every single time?21:23
IdleOnebobbert: how much ram?21:23
yofelthe upgrade will work for both 64 and 32 bits21:23
bobbertnot upgrade, fresh install, i heard upgrade was buggy and dont want to wreck my machine.21:23
bobbertidleone: 4gb21:23
IdleOneyofel: I believe bobbert is running 32bit now21:24
yofelAndre_Gondim: yesterdays build has some http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20110405/21:24
bobbertyes, i am21:24
yofelah ok, misunderstood ^^21:24
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info21:24
IdleOneyofel: nah you were missing some context from #ubuntu is all :)21:24
IdleOnebobbert: so yeah you can either use the PAE kernel on 32bit as described in the above link or install 64bit21:25
bobbertis it worth the potential headache of 64 bit for the little extra RAM?21:25
DaekdroomOr use only 3.2GB RAM21:25
bobbertit's a pretty good machine as is21:25
IdleOnebobbert: what headaches?21:25
IdleOnebobbert: well if things are running good for you on 32bit. Don't fix what ain't broke.21:26
bobbertlike some programs not working, being 32 -bit21:26
IdleOnevery few if any21:26
BluesKajbobbert, the probs /headaches with 64 bit are in the past , mostly21:26
bobbertso should i try it, or put up with only 2.9 gb of RAM?21:27
yofelbobbert: use the PAE kernel as IdleOne said21:27
bobberthow much will that enable?21:27
IdleOnebobbert: you could try it since you will be doing a fresh install and if you aren't happy do a fresh install of 32bit but yeah PAE if the ram thing is that important21:28
yofelbobbert: you should get the full 4G with pae21:28
* BluesKaj runs 64 bit on old amd cpu/compaq pc , and still runs fine , even with all that old HW21:28
BluesKajused the alternate install tho :)21:29
yofel64bit uses a bit more memory than 32bit, but yeah, 64 runs fine here. If 32bit works fine though I wouldn't really bother reinstalling21:29
yofelBluesKaj: why that?21:29
bobbertOK, thank you all, i'll bookmark that page and install it when i get natty!21:30
IdleOnewelcome bobbert21:31
BluesKajyofel, the live-cd doesn't recognize my HW , so it doesn't get past plymouth's blinking dots21:31
BluesKajno, the alternate is ok, I prefer it for it's more flexible partitioning options21:33
BluesKajthis media-server pc however is till 32 bit altho it has dual core 64bit cpu21:34
BluesKaj3G ram is ok for it's role in the media setup we have here21:36
yofelheh, the only 32bit system I have is an EeePC, since the N270 is 32bit21:37
yofelonly has 2G anyway21:37
searaymanCan somone help me figure out why  my proxy connection to the internet isnt working21:38
ubottuSeveral Ubuntu channels prohibit access from open proxies and other anonymous connections due to a high level of abuse. The supported ways to hide your IP address on freenode are to use !Tor or get a !cloak21:46
ninjaiis there a way to make it so natty wont spawn new windows right where unity is, as it hides the unity bar every single time?21:46
BluesKajguess that didn't help much eh, searayman21:46
ubottuTor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is not in Ubuntu's repositories. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl21:47
searaymannope it has nothign to do with irc21:47
frankweninjai: this will be fixed in the next unity release21:59
perscitusI put 11.04 on flash drive (live cd) and Compiz kept crashing every 3-5 minutes.22:04
perscitusi really enjoy ubuntu crashing.22:06
wolterwhat do I have to install to get gnome 3? I already have the ppa installed22:10
perscitusI think Ubuntu 10.10 will be the last good ubuntu release.22:15
ninjaifrankwe, thx22:16
ninjaiperscitus, 11.04 is still beta :P22:16
cha0s2358does anyone know how to or if it is even possible to change the arrearance and or location of the standard left side dock of 11.04?22:16
perscitusninjai,  and its worest beta ever in Ubuntu history22:16
wolterperscitus, ninjai : yeah, up to now natty is the buggiest software i've ever used...22:17
perscitusTheregister website has said this already22:17
cha0s2358does anyone know how to or if it is even possible to change the appearance and or location of the standard left side dock of 11.04?22:17
ninjaiperscitus, heh.. I know.  Every time I change a compiz setting it's like it reloads compiz.  And the annoying bug with unity hiding every time I open a window cause its too close to the screen edge.22:17
ninjaicha0s2358, I tried, couldn't find any answer22:17
cha0s2358oh, ok thanks anyway.22:18
cha0s2358I love unity but i also have cairo dock and the new dock is just too.....plain for my tastes22:18
wolterhas anybody here used gnome 3?22:18
perscitusninjai,  i hate unity launcher. its too intrusive, even when it hides itself.22:18
ninjaicha0s2358, you can turn off unity somehow.  I almost like it off more, but I'll give it an honest shot22:19
wolterperscitus, have you? it says reverting to vanilla 11.04 is not simple22:19
ninjaiperscitus, before I had my nvidia drivers installed, I liked how 11.04 felt.  Because unity wasn't able to launch ^_^22:19
cha0s2358you turn it off by going into login screen, changing the load to user prefference, logining out, and selecing ubuntu classic22:19
akavlieninjai, cha0s2358 -- you can choose "Ubuntu Classic" to get traditional Gnome UI on login.22:19
cha0s2358akavlie, see above22:20
perscitusninjai,  im not install beta on hdd cuz  compiz crashed on me every 3-5mins.22:20
perscitusUbuntu 'Classic' is gone in 11.1022:20
cha0s2358i've yet to have any bugs and i've been using all day.22:20
cha0s2358compiz included22:20
woltergnome 3 is looking pretty sexy next to a unity like this one we have up to now22:20
cha0s2358gnome 3? were can i find screen shots and docu??22:21
perscitusWhy is everyone moving towards app searching like gnome-d0?22:21
woltercha0s2358, everywhere!22:22
perscitusApplicatiom nenu is so much faster  to use22:22
wolterwow wow good news everybody!! compiz updates available!22:22
ninjairight now?22:23
perscitusoh yeah, i dont use keyboard shortcuts22:23
wolteryeah, there are a lot of compiz updates22:24
wolterin the update manager i say22:24
perscitusit takes longer to use keyboard shortcuts22:24
wolteri hope they have fixed the crashes by now!22:24
wolterperscitus, heh what do you mean?22:24
ninjaiwolter, after I'm done installing eclipse I'm gonna check that out22:24
perscituswolter,  i have a keyboard tray. i have to pull it out everthing i use keyboard.  i just want to use my mouse22:25
wolteroh i see, i guess you'd be better off with mouse gestures.. i have never used that though22:25
perscitusmouse gestures suck22:25
perscitusOpera tried that and failed22:25
wolterninjai, nice, i've been waiting so long for it... though if you allow me to ask, why eclipse and not geany?22:25
ninjaiwolter, wtf is geany? I guess that's my answer :S22:26
wolterninjai, haha, the nicest IDE for gnome22:26
digitalfizSome updates for natty this evening happened and when I reboot now it wont boot all the way up it stops at Checking battery state... this is a desktop so no battery how can i fix this22:26
ninjaiwolter, I am so checking that out.  Any idea if there's an android plugin for it?22:26
perscitusi think gnome will fail22:26
ninjaiwolter, google says no but it'son the wishlist :(22:26
wolterninjai, oh i don't think so. its very simple,, as in it doesn't try to manage your projects. You don't get that whole bunch of dialogs asking what your class' name is, where do you want to place it, etc.22:27
ninjaiwolter, sounds fine ;)22:27
wolterninjai, what do you need in an android plugin?22:28
ninjaiwolter, for developing android applications of course!22:28
wolteri once decided to install eclipse and as soon as I saw the bytesize I aborted22:28
wolterninjai, of course, but dont you need just libs? I mean what do you need in an IDE to be able to develop android apps?22:28
wolterIts so nice to hear that android is growing and taking space from iOS22:29
wolterperscitus, i'd say non-gnome will fail22:30
ninjaiwolter, because it has access to all of androids built in classes, can launch the android virtual machine, can push to my phone, etc22:30
wolterninjai, and there is no alternate software that could do that instead of your IDE? well then I guess you should use eclipse :s22:30
ninjaiwolter, yep.  Apparently there is one for netbeans too22:31
wolteri just hate java22:31
ninjaiwolter, why?22:32
wolternumber one reason? you have to name your files according to the class defined in them, seems so stupid to me22:33
wolterthe built-in stuff is good, but i don't know, hate for it just grew in me22:34
wolteri prefer to know good c++ than to know good java22:34
magevideohello all.  i need help getting ubuntu to detect my sound card as surround sound instead of stereo.  motherboard: asus m2v22:36
ninjaiyay for compiz update22:36
ninjaii wonder whats changed22:36
wolterninjai, is java the only language to develop android apps?22:37
magevideowolter, no you can use c# now that mono for android is available22:37
Chr|sninjai: working better? updating now :D22:37
wolterand is python going to be supported?22:38
gordonjcphow do I get the IM client to work?22:38
gordonjcpI've added my Yahoo! messenger account, and nothing happens22:38
digitalfizhelllllp :P ubuntu freezes after checking battery state after todays updates22:38
gordonjcpthere's no contact list or anything22:38
magevideowolter, i'm not sure22:38
gordonjcpI don't even know what Natty's default chat client is called so I can google for help22:39
magevideogordonjcp, it's called empathy22:39
gordonjcpmagevideo: that's totally un-googleable22:40
magevideogordonjcp, search "empathy im"22:41
gordonjcpmagevideo: okay, nothing that looks even vaguely like the lashup in Natty22:41
gordonjcpokay, I've got as far as having a green speech bubble with a kind of yellow dot and my name beside it, that appears to be the entry for my Yahoo! account22:43
gordonjcpwhen I select it in the list I get a yellow box with a thing that looks like spectacles and a grey box with off beside it22:43
magevideogordonjcp, uunfortunately i don't have empathy installed at the moment cause i managed to break it so i wouldn't be able to follow the screens with you22:44
gordonjcpmagevideo: I'm just going to delete it and install pidgin instead22:44
digitalfizi bet theres an #empathy channel22:44
TLFcan anyone please tell me what will be the default ubuntu theme in natty?22:45
gordonjcpdigitalfiz: there are a lot of empathy websites but none of them show anything liek the one in Ubuntu22:45
gordonjcpI guess it's still early days yet22:45
magevideogordonjcp,  i usually use empathy on ubuntu i just managed to break it and i haven't got around to fixing it22:46
digitalfizto get your buddy list click the little mail icon at the top next to the time and it should show empathy in the list and when you click it it should show your buddy list22:46
wolteromg.. this is why i won't even install gnome 3 now http://ubunturocking.wordpress.com/22:46
gordonjcpdigitalfiz: hm, I don't really know what that is22:46
wolter14 year old hindu breastfeed gnome 3 in that post22:47
gordonjcpI've got a clock and a kind of power button thing22:47
wolterput that in past tense haha22:47
gordonjcpis there a reason why tab completion doesn't work after sudo?22:49
ninjaigord, I've never experienced that... (testing)22:51
ninjaigordonjcp, it works22:51
gordonjcpninjai: type "sudo mount /dev/sd<tab>"22:52
gordonjcpor,  better, /dev/sd<tab><tab>"22:52
ninjai$ sudo mount /dev/sda22:52
ninjai/dev/sda1  /dev/sda522:52
ninjaiworks for me22:53
gordonjcpninjai: strange, 11.04?22:53
lcb'Ubuntu Software Center' not installing packages unless running '~$ gksudo /usr/bin/software-center %u' ' after a fresh install from daily (just in case... doesn't bother me)22:53
PiciDid anyone else lose the theming on their gnome panels (ubuntu classic) recently? Or do I need to go bug hunting?22:56
ninjaibizarre,  I can't click on my nexus one in the left pane of nautilus.  It just doesn't do anything.22:56
digitalfizninjai: when ever i click on mounted drive it opens 2 windows22:58
ninjaioh it's not mounted, wtf22:58
ninjaidigitalfiz, that's odd lol.  Mine just wno't mount, I'm assuming I'll have to do it manually :P22:58
digitalfizi mount my phone from the phone i didnt know you could do it in ubuntu22:58
lcbdigitalfiz, known issue.22:58
ninjaidigitalfiz, wtf? usually your OS auto-mounts it... the OS MUST mount something before it can be used.22:59
digitalfizninjai: well my phone pops up with a mount thing and it wont show in ubuntu until i do im on android 1.6 though i think in newer android it auto mounts on the phone end then the os usually automounts on its end23:00
ninjaidigitalfiz, nope the phone still needs to be set to mount :(.  Nexus one, gingerbread/CM723:01
ninjaiok wtf23:01
PiciEr... gtk theming seems to be broken on all my windows except for the appearance properties one.23:02
PiciThat is so weird.23:03
ninjaiwhy is it that i can never mount my phone as writable in ubuntu on THIS computer, but it works on my comptuer at home with ubuntu?23:04
thumperanyone here familiar with quassel-core?23:04
thumperMy natty upgrade had issues23:04
thumperand now all my old settings have gone :(23:04
delactried to update my system. there was some sort of error while configuring linux-image...  http://paste.ubuntu.com/590473/23:24
delacanyone able to decode that :)23:24
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blockyso natty/compiz/unity is supposed to be working with nvidia's proprietary drivers?23:37
nerdshellI donwloaded the first Natty beta, and put the ISO on a flashdrive, but when booting, grub doesn't show up even if I press esc, any idea?23:47
Jordan_Unerdshell: How did you put the iso on the flash drive?23:50
nerdshellafter downloading from the ubuntu main server23:51
nerdshellJordan_U: Click-drag23:52
Jordan_Unerdshell: You need to insall a bootloader of some sort before it will be bootable.23:53
Jordan_Unerdshell: You need to insall a bootloader of some sort before it will be bootable. The easiset thing to do is use unetbootin.23:55
roothorickI'm installing 11.04 beta 1 on a Dell Inspiron 640m, it has 1GB RAM right now but I'm gonna bump it to 4GB once I have my car situation settled. Other than the usual beta disclaimers, anything I should know going in?23:55
nerdshellin the software center?23:55
jiohdiroothorick, docky works with light manangers down to iceWM -- makes a good light combo23:57
jiohdiyou can move the iceWM to the top and docky at the bottom23:57
roothorickthis isn't a "light" laptop, heh23:57
Jordan_Unerdshell: Follow the directions at http://ubuntu.com/download (they apply for 11.04 as well).23:57
roothorick15" screen, decent dualcore... it's what the industry calls "mainstream"23:57
jiohdi1G is pretty light23:57
roothorickyeah, but that's temporary :)23:57
nerdshellJordan_U: okay, thanks =)23:57
jiohdiyou can always change the shell later23:58
roothorickit'll probably get the bump late next week23:58
delacwell, nice. After the above gibbersih from update manager, I was sure my system would be borged. However now, after reboot, there doesnt seem to be anything wrong (more than previously). Nice fallback mechanisms.23:58

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