TheMusoIs there an FFE filed anywhere for the audio stack ucm patches? A quick review tells me that this is nfew functionality, particularly for alsa-lib.01:17
TheMuso...and for pulse.01:22
TheMusoI know this is for hardware enablement, but there is a lot of pulse and alsa code modified/added.01:25
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rsalvetiTheMuso: I don't think we have a FFe already for ti01:50
TheMusorsalveti: Right. I have also mentioned it in bug 746023.01:51
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GrueMasterShould tis patchset be attached to the bug?  I'd also be interested in reviewing it.03:12
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TheMusoGrueMaster: I can give you the URL if that helps.03:16
TheMusoWhere I got them from.03:16
TheMusoI'd attach to the bug now, but I currently can't resolve Canonical domains.03:17
TheMusoGrueMaster: http://afuera.cortijodelrio.net/~ddiaz/paucm/03:17
TheMusoOk nw that I have resolution of Canonical domains agin, I'll add the URL to the bug.03:37
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GrueMaster /17:22
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prpplagueogra_: ping19:38
prpplagueanyone familiar with the shutdown sequence in maverick for the omap4/twl6030 ?19:39

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