head_victimbradm: I'm pretty happy, ahve been meaning to do it for a while now just had to get a meeting to line up with my days off00:00
head_victimbradm: you're the one living in central qld right? What days did you say you'd be down in Brisbane around release time? I'm just seeing if the proposed 29th April was going to be a date you could make or not?00:03
bradmhead_victim: 2nd May I get into town00:03
bradmhead_victim: so I'll just miss it, no biggie00:03
head_victimAhh, just trying to work a date when people will be able to come00:03
bradmthat week's going to be pretty crazy for me, boy goes into hospital00:05
head_victimAh so not a good reason to visit, hope all goes well00:06
bradmwe're hoping so too00:14
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kaushalCan someone please guide me about https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2011-April/241948.html ?04:04
Cranmerhi guys07:30
Cranmerlooking for a bit of help07:30
Cranmeranyone want to help a complete n00b set up an ubuntu installation?07:30
Cranmerjust want to be pointed to the right file to download to set up a CD installation disc07:30
Cranmernot to worry, got it07:32

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